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Sisters Chapter 4

Kenzie lounged on the studio couch, one leg thrown over the back of the couch, her fingers strumming at her clit as she sang along to the song in her headphones.

Super Silly
Fragile Minded
Giggly Fuckslut
Even though you’d BE ashamed
To be a mindless cumslut
Singing this song long enough
Will turn you to a dumb slut
Super Silly
Fragile Minded
Giggly Fuckslut
Cum silly silly silly
Cum till you’re high
Cum silly silly silly
Cum till you’re high

She wondered for a moment what it would feel like to be high. But then thought, I doubt I could get any higher than this!

The woman in the song was speaking:

“You know, you can say it backwards, which is
Mindfucked Giggly Cockslut Pothead
Fragile Silly Rupus,
but that’s going a bit too far, don’t you think?”

To which a man with a funny accent said: “Indubitably.”

Then they were singing again! Kenzie bounced her head, getting ready for her favorite part.

So when the cat has got your tongue
There’s no need for dismay
Just giggle, smile, and bare your boobs
They won’t care what you say.
But better sing this carefully or it could change your brain ...

Kenzie said it right along with the silly girl in her headphones, who sounded so much like Kenzie (at least how Kenzie sounded these days, with a head full of bubbles!).

“For example!!” giggle
“One night I sang it for my sister ...
And now I’m her ditzy drooling stupidhead horny sex slave!!!”

There was a pause, where you could almost picture the others looking at her with amused condescension, looking at each other, shrugging ... Then:

Yooooou’re ...
Her Super Silly Fragile Minded Sexpot Giggly Fuckslut
Super Silly Fragile Minded Sexpot Giggly Fuckslut
whispered Super Silly Fragile Minded Sexpot Giggly Fuckslut

Chloe’s shadow fell over Kenzie, and Kenzie pulled her earbuds out with a pop. It was important to listen to her music, but it was even more important to listen to her sister.

“I’m done with the next playlist, slut,” she said affectionately. “Let’s head back to the house. We’ve got some fine tuning to do, and I’m hoping this is going to do it.”

Whatever Chloe wants ... Chloe gets ...

Lydia had barely registered that it was her sister at the door before Helen was giving her a full-body hug.

“Hiii!! I couldn’t stop thinking about you, and missing you, so I thought I’d come over and say hiii!!”

Her voice, Lydia couldn’t help thinking, sounded very different from usual, and not just because she was talking very fast into her ear while hugging her hard. She sounded breathy, and high-pitched.

“Helen? You OK?”

“I’m great!! I’m in such a strangely crazy good mood today ... and I wanted to share it!” giggle

“OK, can you ... can you let go?”

Helen had been clutching her so tightly, and was so ... she’d been almost rubbing herself against her sister. “You sure you’re all right?”

Helen ran her hands up and down Lydia’s back. “You just feel so good, I can’t stop touching you,” she said, and giggled again.

Lydia took two steps back so she could finally shut the door, then held her sister’s shoulders and pushed her back to arm’s length.

“You’re drunk, aren’t you.”

Helen’s eyes were wide. And ... misty? Clouded? A little vacant?

“What happened. Did Dave call again? Is he still dragging his feet about the divorce? Wait, what are you wearing??”

“Wait! Stop!! Too many questions!! My thinker doesn’t work that fast.”

Helen—mature, responsible, divorcing mother of two adult women, Helen—hop-skipped into the living room, and flopped down on the couch, her legs splayed like a teenager.

“OK, so I was housecleaning? and I found some of my old clothes? and I wanted to see what fits!! And lookit this!!”

Lydia was looking. She could hardly help it. The capris that were a little tight were not bad, but the thin clingy top showed too much cleavage, and didn’t come anywhere near reaching her waist ... and from the bouncing as she landed on the couch, Helen was apparently not wearing a bra either. She’d just noticed that Helen had put her hair in pigtails, too.

“But no no I haven’t heard from him. I haven’t heard much of anything today, except for some fantastic music! It really put me in a good mood, and helped me get a LOOOT of cleaning done!!”

Really?” Lydia smirked. “Wow, I could use some of that ...”

Helen jumped up. Where did she get that energy? “Well it’s funny you say that cuz I wanted to share this music with you!!”

She produced two iPods from a back pocket—with just a bit of a struggle. They looked just the same except for the number marked on the masking tape.

“Thing One and Thing Two, huh?” said Lydia, an eyebrow raised.

“The kids have been listening to this a bunch, and it’s really good. So I found two of them in Kenzie’s room. And they’ve got different music on them but some is the same and it’s all real good and ... OK so what I did is! I got clever and dumped everything from number 2 onto number 1, and ... and then, uh ... well, you know what I mean. So they’re the same now!!”

“Are you sure you’re OK, Helen?”

It was like she was high. Like the kids had been smoking weed and their mother had gotten a contact high just from being in the house with them or something—because she was not normally the kind of person to do drugs. Or, to be this scatter brained and silly. Or to dress like a horny teenager, for that matter!

“I’m great! I haven’t been in this good a mood in like forever! I mean, I know I sound all silly and I DON’T remember giggling this much in like ever but ... I don’t care! I needed a good day, and I’m gonna enjoy it! You know?”

Lydia nodded. She had a point. Helen had been having a rough time lately.

“I understand, hon,” she said, as Helen fiddled with ear buds and cued up a song. “As long as you’re not getting yourself into something you shouldn’t ... then there’s nothing wrong with being in a good mood.”

Helen put one bud in her own ear, nodded in satisfaction, and moved to put the other earbud toward Lydia. “I just want to see you happy,” Lydia said, not really paying attention to what her sister was doing.

Helen slipped the other earbud into Lydia’s ear. The music poured into her with a suddenness that made Lydia forget what she had been saying.

So fun to be

“That’s good!!” Helen trilled. “Because I want to make YOU happy ...” She whispered with a new intensity into Lydia’s free ear: “It’s really important to me to make my sister happy.”

She popped the other bud in, and Lydia just swayed for a moment, her eyes a little glassy, then she said, “Uh huh, right,” distantly.

“OK, enjoy!” said Helen, waving to her. “Do some housework! And call me in a few hours! I want to hear how you like it!!”

Lydia sagged as the door shut, and smiled softly. Her sister was so sweet, she thought. And she giggled.

You love to be
And listen to

Chloe unlocked the door and called, “Mom?” She listened for a moment, then tried again. Nothing.

“Good, looks like we’ve got the place to ourselves for a bit. Get in here, slut, and quick.”

Kenzie scampered in, a long coat barely covering her inappropriate clothing. Her sister smacked her butt as she came through, then shut the door. “Let’s head back to your room. I want to plug you in.”

Moments later, Kenzie found that being “plugged in” meant not just listening to iPod #4, but that her tongue was plugged into Chloe’s cunt. She lay back on her pillows, soaking in her new tunes, while her sister rode her face, sliding her juicy lips slowly up and down Kenzie’s tongue.

“Good girl ... Now, what I’m hoping is that we can give you back a little bit of your brains—I may have overdone the dumb and suggestible!—so that you get a little bit of critical thinking back. I don’t want you following every suggestion. For one thing, that’s dangerous. For another ... mmmm ... I want to be the only one to have that much power over you ...”

Chloe stripped off her top and began pinching a nipple as she held onto the headboard with her other hand. “Right now there’s a lot of ‘you love to serve your sister’ and ‘you exist to please Chloe’ and those are fine, but the general ‘be dumb and giggly for everyone with a dick’ side effects need to be ... uunnghh ... adjusted ...”

She tried to think what toys she had in her own room—she was sure her goody-goody sister wouldn’t have anything to play with in here.

“First off, Kenzie ... you only want to be spit-roasted when I say you want to ...”

Sister ... Sister ...
You are such a good devoted sister ...

Helen walked home from her sister’s—it was only a couple blocks, fortunately, since she was feeling so spacy she didn’t think she could handle the car!—and puttered around the living room. She had told herself she was going to do some chores, but she couldn’t really focus. She just started humming to herself as she looked out the window, then rubbing her pants as she sank down on the floor ... after about half an hour, she blinked, and realized she’d been sitting against the wall, her mind far away, in a daze. She got up, still feeling fuzzy, and stripped off her top.

Aaahhh, that was better! She’d been so ... so tingly today! Floaty, and dopey, but also ... well, horny!! It was so strange!

“Just giggle, smile, and bare your boobs...”

What was that ... a snatch of song ... She could almost remember it but not quite! Maybe it was a tune from the collection she’d been listening to? There did seem to be a lot of earworms in the playlist ...

Helen had a sudden flash of inspiration. She grabbed the iPod and plugged it into the Bose, and turned it up. The music surged from the speakers, and she was swept away, dancing and spinning ...

Super Silly Fragile Minded
Sexpot Giggly Fuckslut

Some time later, she turned down the music and listened. Was that the door? It was! A frantic knocking turned out to be her beautiful, wonderful sister Lydia ... It didn’t even occur to her to put her shirt back on before opening the door.

Lydia was entranced. She came into the house, her head moving a little to the music from the speakers, staring with her mouth a little open at Helen’s full, gorgeous breasts. “Omigod Helen I couldn’t take it anymore!” she said, when she could refocus on something other than those nipples. “I vacuumed and I washed, and I just kept listening to the music, and you’re right, it just puts me in such a good mood!! And I suddenly felt this compulsion to come over and thank you!!”

“That’s great!” Helen hugged her tight. “But don’t thank me, it’s the least I could do, I love you so much!! I’d do anything for you!”

Lydia was almost crying. “I’d do anything for YOU!!” God, all the times they’d been cross with each other, the cool distance they’d allowed to grow between them ... she couldn’t remember how or why, all she knew was it felt so good to love her sister again. “Tell me what to do, I’d love to do something for you!”

“Ummm ...” Helen giggled with a silly thought. She’d just noticed she was topless. And instead of putting her own top back on, maybe they should be even. “OK, take off your shirt!”

She howled with laughter, because it was such a silly idea. She hadn’t really thought—but there! Without a moment’s hesitation, Lydia pulled off her blouse, right over her head, and stood there in her bra!

Helen was shocked for just a moment, then she doubled over, laughing. After a moment, Lydia roared with laughter too. It was SO FUNNY!!

“You little airhead!” said Helen.

Lydia had a wave of pleasure that left her dizzy. “Wow! That felt so good, doing what you tell me! Um ... do it again!”

“OK, uh ... Take off your bra!”

She barely thought about it—in moments, her bra was on the floor. She shuddered. “Ohhh my goddd ...”

Helen giggled. “You like doing what I tell you, don’t you?”

Lydia nodded. Her brain felt fluffy. “It’s nice,” she slurred. Words drifted through her head—compliant ... submissive ...

Suggestible ...

She focused on her sister’s face, as she touched her bare arm. She moved in closer, and put all of her thoughts into looking into Helen’s eyes. They were soft, warm ... and a little vacant. She was smiling. She ... wanted her.

“I bet you’d like doing what I told you, too,” Lydia murmured.

Helen looked mildly quizzical. Their bare breasts touched. Her mouth opened slightly at the contact.

“Kiss me,” said Lydia.

And Helen did.

Fireworks shot off in Helen’s brain. “Fuck that feels so good!!” she said, as they pulled back. “I mean ... fuck I can’t kiss you you’re my sister but fuuuck it feels good to obey ...”

They danced to the music, touching, giggling, singing along to snatches of the songs when they thought, just for a second, they could remember a few words.

“I dare you to lick my nipple.”

“Think I won’t?”

“Ohh! Mmm ... that feels good. You dirty girl!”

“I dare you to suck on MY nipple!”

“It’s so pretty I can’t leave it alone!! Mmmm! Damn, it makes my pussy wet following orders!! Isn’t that weird??”

“Me too!!”

The corrupted, suggestible sisters groped each other, kissing and giggling at their daring. Another song came on, and Helen sucked obediently on Lydia’s tongue.

So when the cat has got your tongue
There’s no need for dismay
Just giggle, smile, and bare your boobs
They won’t care what you say.

Their eyes widened. “I love this song!” “Me too!”

They looked each other in the eyes and said together, “For example!!” and giggled.

“Yes?” said the woman on the iPod.

They chanted it together, staring directly into each other’s eyes.

“One night I sang it for my sister ...

And now I’m her ditzy drooling stupidhead horny sex slave!!!”

Both their mouths dropped open, as the music went on. They stared at each other.

Their conditioning locked in the suggestion.

Then their mouths met, and they were tearing off each other’s pants, pinching nipples, desperately groping each other as they fell to the floor ...


“Do you hear music?” said Chloe. She was standing in Kenzie’s room, leaning against the closet door.

She lifted her skirt—she’d been wearing skirts a lot more lately, it was just easier—and looked down at her sister. She tugged on her leash. “Hey, slut, I’m talking to you.” Kenzie obediently sat back on her knees, looking up with her shining face.

They’d been playing dress-up. Chloe had taken some photos for later publication on the internet, some for free, others behind a paywall. There had been costumes, toys, a little punishment. Now they were both getting their reward, with Kenzie licking her sister to orgasm. Kenzie would be able to cum as soon as Chloe did.

“Do you hear music?”

“Yeah, I’ve been listening to it for about an hour. It’s nice. Some of my favorites! From the living room, I think.”

Chloe nodded. She realized she’d been subconsciously aware of it for a while, but hadn’t processed it.

“That’s weird. So is Mom home?”

“I guess,” said Kenzie, standing up. “We should go see what’s going on.”

Chloe nodded, a little vacantly. Her mind was elsewhere.

“Yes,” she repeated. “We should go see what’s going on.”

Cum silly silly silly
Cum till you’re high ...

Chloe entered the living room, with her sister trailing behind her. Kenzie wore only a pair of lacy purple crotchless panties, and a black leather collar, which was attached to a metal chain. Chloe held the other end of the leash.

“What’s going on out here?” said Chloe. “Mom! Aunt Lydia! What are you doing??”

There on the living room sofa, where Chloe and her sister had teased each other in their nightshirts only a couple days earlier—there lay their mother, and their mother’s sister ... completely nude! And locked in an intense 69!

“What the fuck??”

Mom, on top, lifted her head from Aunt Lydia’s dripping twat, her face glazed with her juices, and smiled at her elder daughter, a little dazed. Chloe couldn’t help but watch the way her mother’s bare breasts swayed for a moment.

Then, Mom’s eyes focused with a snap. “Oh! Chloe!” She patted Lydia’s thigh, and Lydia’s face appeared around the side of Mom’s shapely ass. “Chloe! Oh!”

They both fumbled to stand up. It might have been comical under any other circumstances.

And suddenly there was a knocking at the front door.

“What ... what’s happening?” murmured Kenzie beside her. Chloe’s attention was being pulled in all directions at once; and she couldn’t quite focus, for some reason.

The music still poured softly from the speakers.

The knock came again, a sharp rat-tat-tat.

“Wh-what have you been doing, Chloe?” said Kenzie, as she gazed open-mouthed at her mother and aunt, naked, getting to their feet on shaking legs, their smiles lopsided and drunken. “Omigod, what’s happened to me?”

Chloe put out a hand, gently. Unfortunately, it was the hand holding the end of the chain. “We’re just having fun, Kenzie!”

“You’re having fun! I don’t understand what—what ... Ooh!! I cant think of the words!!”

She grabbed her leash from Chloe’s hand, and ran from the room, a single choked sob left in her wake.

The doorbell rang. Chloe’s head pivoted, wondering if she should check the door, or run after her sister.

Aunt Lydia and Mom had by this time disentangled themselves, and they were cooing over Chloe—stroking her, touching her, and seemingly unaware that her sister had just fled the room.

“Oh sweetheart, I’m so glad you’re home!”

“Chloe it’s so good to see you! Is there anything I can do for you?”

“No, please let me—I want to please you, Chloe, tell me what you need ...”

Both of them were pulling on her arms, and stroking her hands, touching her face and her hair—like zombies, or pilgrims at a shrine. Or fangirls at a convention.

“Get—OFF me!” she finally barked, with a wrench away from them. She ran to look out the window beside the front door.

A bearded face. A familiar face. As she watched, he looked impatiently at his wrist, then pounded on the door again with a closed fist.

“Helen?” he called. “Chloe! Anybody?”

Chloe turned from the window toward the other two, her eyes wide.

“Oh shit, we forgot,” she said. “It’s Dad’s weekend.”

* * *