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Sisters Chapter 3

by Sleepytimeslut

Helen bumped the bedroom door with the laundry basket, and it opened slightly.

“Kenzie? I’m coming in! Hide the naked men and drug parephrenalia, here comes Mom!” The door swung open. “Actually, just looking for dirty laun ...”

She blinked. The bedroom was empty. And unlike her normally neat daughter’s usual habits, it was a pigsty.

“Now where is she off to, so early on a Saturday,” she murmured. “And what is going on with this mess?”

She moved carefully through the room, picking up scattered clothing and discarded underwear as she went. But there seemed almost a progression, a time capsule of a week of changing tastes: jeans gave way to skirts, sensible shirts were gradually replaced with crop tops ... but it was the underwear Mom really started to notice. Thongs? Lace? Since when did her smart and more-or-less asexual daughter care about dressing like this? Chloe, sure, but Kenzie?

“I guess it had to happen sooner or later,” she sighed at this evidence of her younger daughter’s sexual awakening. “She is 18 now, after all. As long as she doesn’t start dressing or acting TOO slutty ...”

Her laundry basket full, Helen was on the way out when she saw the iPod, abandoned on the desk. That’s strange, she thought. Kenzie had rarely been without her music lately. Turning it over, she noticed a scrap of masking tape on the back marked with a “1” in pen. Ah, that explains it. She must have more than one ...

And, curious about what fantastic music had so obsessed her daughter lately, she went to find her own earbuds. No harm in giving it a listen while she continued doing the housework, she thought.

Helen hadn’t noticed that several of the panties seemed crusty with dried secretions, or that there was an odd stain on a couple of the tops, too. It hadn’t registered with her that there was only one bra in the whole room—Kenzie hadn’t worn one in days, from one of her sister’s many suggestions.

Leaving Kenzie’s bedroom, she glanced again at the sexy underthings on top. Sighed at her baby growing up. And said aloud, “Well, as long as it doesn’t interfere with her studies ...”

Singing this song long enough
Will turn you to a dumb slut
Super silly fragile minded
Sexpot giggly fuckslut

At around the same time, Kenzie was bent over between two college-age boys, a short red plaid skirt bunched around her waist and a simple white schoolgirl shirt hanging off one arm as she was slammed into from both ends. Her hair was in pigtails and her perky breasts bounced as the thick cocks fucked her drooling cunt and her drooling mouth, her eyes vacant and glassy as her brains dripped out of her holes. Her iPod lay near her panties several feet away, the masking-taped “3” just visible under the blue lace.

Her sister Chloe watched eagerly, rubbing herself occasionally, as she filmed the further debasement of her formerly goody-goody sister. “Yes, fuck her, boys,” she moaned. “Rape the IQ out of her a point at a time.”

The boys slammed into her harder, and Kenzie’s choking noises filled the video camera’s microphone for a moment. “How do you like being my compliant little fuckslut, Kenzie?” she called. “Your brain all fuzzy and floaty? Your libido buzzing and never satisfied, my entranced, docile, suggestible little sister?”

“Glukk gukk guhk gugg glukg gggghhhhhgg ...”

They were in the recording studio at the radio station where Chloe worked, in relative privacy. Sure, she’d had to bribe a couple of the studio techs to let them have some space to work, but since the price had been her sister’s body, the boys had been super willing to not only take the bribe, but appear in the amateur porn video that followed.

“You’re going to make me so much money,” Chloe told her mindwiped sister. “And you’re going to be so embarrassed to know that people are getting off watching you. You’ll feel such shame knowing that your reputation is being trashed. That people will come to know you as nothing but a stupid slut. But that embarrassment, that shame ... that will turn you on ...”

Kenzie’s body seemed to shudder as the idea took hold. (Though maybe that was just from the final slam of the cock in her mouth, as one of the techs emptied his load down her throat.) In her vulnerable state, her mind took in every suggestion as a really, really good idea. Her sister’s commands often—not always, but often—took root as solid facts, core personality traits.

The long cock pulled out of her mouth, covered in her drool, and Kenzie panted, trying to catch her breath as she was still being pounded from behind, strong hands pulling on her young hips. Her body wasn’t used to this kind of abuse, but Kenzie hadn’t felt anything to complain about in days. Even pain and soreness just made her giggle.

“You love that, don’t you slut,” growled the man who’d just painted her tonsils. “It feels great to be spit-roasted, and I bet you can’t wait to do it again.”

Kenzie suddenly shuddered again, as she gave in to a whole-body orgasm, shaking and screaming as the other man came in her unprotected pussy. “It does!! Oh fuck it feels great I love it I need it I love being spit-roasteeeeeedddd....”

Chloe raised an eyebrow, looking to the man now rubbing his slick cock across Kenzie’s slimed face, then back to her climaxing sister. Suggestible ...

It feels good to
Obey ...

Meanwhile, Mom was whistling as she hopped around Chloe’s room. She had been surprised to find her bedroom empty too, when she’d first entered—her 20-year-old “career woman” was a hard partier and generally slept in on a Saturday—but she wasn’t thinking about it anymore. She wasn’t thinking about much, really.

Don’t wanna be
So fun to be

Helen giggled. She couldn’t help it. What a fun, infectious tune! It made her want to dance while she worked. It filled her with happy little bubbles. She hadn’t felt so light in years! No wonder her kids couldn’t stop listening to this music ...

She tidied Chloe’s room, and moved down the hall. What could she do now? She had so much energy! But not paying the bills, no, that made her unhappy. Just thinking of it made her brain hurt.

Washing the dishes! That would be perfect. She wouldn’t need to think—just clean, and hum, and smile ...

You love to be

When she was almost done—and where had the time gone??—she suddenly splashed herself badly from the water hitting a skillet wrong. Ohhhh, her shirt was all wet. Better go change!

She unplugged herself from the iPod for the first time in an hour to pull her shirt over her head. But it was like she could still hear that happy little beat. What to wear?

She looked at herself in the mirror, in her bra and jeans. She was still attractive, only approaching her mid-40s. Getting out there dating again soon. She had nothing to worry about. (She HAD been worried, hadn’t she? But somehow, today, she couldn’t worry about anything!!) Dammit, I’m beautiful! she thought. And men are gonna want this ...

You wanna be

Helen felt a sudden tingle of arousal, looking at herself. Thinking of meeting new men. And had a strange thought—would there be anything in either of her daughters’ wardrobes, that might fit her? She wanted to feel ... sexy ...

She walked down the hall, humming to the remembered tune, idly stroking her breasts through her bra, pinching her nipples without really thinking about it. Yes, sexy. I want to be sexy ...

But thoughts of teenagers’ clothing fell out of her mind as soon as she walked into Kenzie’s tidied bedroom, and spotted something she hadn’t seen the first time: there, on the dresser. Another iPod. She snatched it up, barely registered the number “2” scrawled on the tape.

Her mouth fell open as she stared at it, and she almost drooled. She didn’t know anything about drugs, was against drugs as a rule—but her body reacted exactly like a junkie about to get their next fix.



Did I leave my earbuds...

Her bra was off before she left the room, but she didn’t even notice.

Don’t want to be

Alone now, Chloe stretched her sister’s nude body out, face-down, on the couch in the studio, and, straddling Kenzie’s calves, began rubbing her sister’s thighs and hips with her favorite lotion. Kenzie moaned at her touch, her soreness and ache being soothed away by her big sister’s strong hands.

“You took those cocks like a queen, my pet,” Chloe murmured. “What a good girl, I’m so proud of you ...”

“Mmmmm thank you ... You know I love pleasing my sister ...”

She massaged Kenzie’s perky round bottom, licking her lips. “Yes you do. It feels so good to obey, doesn’t it.”

“Uh huh.”

“You’re going to take lots of cocks for me, angel. But there’s only one pussy you’re addicted to, isn’t that right?”

“Yoursss,” whispered her limp, broken sister.

“Good girl.”

Chloe was feeling a lot more tender toward her sister than she used to. After all, the girl had given her so much pleasure. And she wasn’t the little genius, lording her brains over her anymore. Nothing wrong with a little aftercare.

And anyway, Mom had always taught her to take good care of her toys. Chloe giggled to herself.

“Turn over now, babe. I need a taste.”

Chloe luxuriated for a moment in the sweet taste of her sister’s juices, mixed with the tang of the boys’ cum still dripping out of her cunny. She sucked tenderly on her clit, grazing it over her teeth (to an arched-back moan from Kenzie) before plunging her tongue back into her folds.

She cupped Kenzie’s perfect bottom with both hands and feasted. Finally, she raised her shining face to say, “You love this don’t you.”

“Oh fuck I do ...”

“You’re my suggestible little dimwit, aren’t you?”

“Am I?”

She was about to say, “Yes, you are,” when she paused. Without saying another word, Chloe devoured her sister’s pussy thoughtfully.

She was giving suggestions every time she did that, she knew. Even asking the question was putting an idea into her head, and confirming it seemed to cement it even further. And she’d spent plenty of time making sure that any of Chloe’s suggestions seemed like very, very good ideas to Kenzie.

Should she lock it in, even more than she already had, that Kenzie was, by nature and by definition, suggestible? A suggestible dimwit, to be guided by ANYONE’s input?

She sat back on her haunches, two fingers working deep inside her sister’s pussy.

“The subliminals in my music have lowered your inhibions,” she mused aloud as Kenzie moaned, “and have been making you think less and giggle more. That by itself has been making you more horny, and in turn more suggestible even without the subliminals directly impacting your need for sex, and need for physical validation.”

Kenzie began pinching her nipples, writhing, lost in pleasure. She let the words pass her by without comprehension.

“Knees up, princess,” Chloe said, and Kenzie instantly lifted her knees to give her sister greater access. “Rub your clit,” she said, and she did.

“Let’s see, there have been messages about obeying Chloe, and about being a good obedient sister. Wanting to please your sister. But did I ever ... You know, what I didn’t think to do was make that connnection for you. So that you’ve been listening to suggestions from ANYONE, not just me, and thinking they’re great ideas ... I never said you only obey your sister. Is that right?”

“Uh huh ... uuunnggghhh ...”

Chloe hadn’t really thought that Kenzie was listening. “It is?”

“Yesss ... I’ve heard so many good ideas this week ... It feels good to do things for my sister, like stupid good!! And I love agreeing with Chloe, it makes me feel so warm and tingly, I’m such a good devoted sister oh fuck that’s good ...”

“But ... honey? Listen ... does it feel good to obey other people besides me?”

“Oh yeah!!!! Like, the other day ... ohhh ffffpleez I needa cum ...”

“Not yet,” said Chloe, slowing her fingerwork, watching her sister’s hands flit from her nipples to her clit to stroking her belly, her whole body on fire with need. “Who else?”

“The other day, some—some boy told me I liked it when he came on my titties ... and uunnghh ... an’ I realized he was RIGHT!! I LOVE it!! I came instantly, the next time somebody came on my boobies!!”

“You did??”

“Uh huh!! I just wish I had bigger titties, so it would feel even better, and I could get more cum on them!!! Oh godd, rubbing cum in my big giant boobs I’d cum over an’ over ...”

“Umm ... Wow. OK.” Chloe had removed her fingers completely, and was sucking on them absently, enjoying her little sister’s taste. “What else?”

Her corrupted sister was molesting herself mercilessly, her eyes pointed toward the ceiling but dazed and unfocused. “Ummm ... well just now I found out what spit-roasted means!! And I found out I like it so much it makes me cum buckets!!! I can’t wait to do it again!!!”

Chloe watched her for a moment. “OK, I gotta think about this. Go ahead and cum.”

When the screaming had subsided, Chloe brought iPod #3 to the limp form of the girl. She was completely drained in body as well as mind. “I’ve got some work to do, hun. You can listen to your favorite song while I work, okay?”

Kenzie barely stirred. Just stared at the wall, a little drool dribbling from the corner of her mouth.

Sisters ... Sisters ...
You are such a good devoted sister ...

At home, Helen was dancing around the living room, completely nude. Cleaning, more or less, but mostly just flicking a rag at knickknacks while she spun and kicked.

She had such energy! Her vision was all sparkly!! Being naked just felt so good!!

And she loved loved loved all the new songs she’d found on the second iPod. She liked humming along to the one that sounded like the Pina Colada song -

Now, you don’t need to remember
What you would like to forget—
All you need to remember
Is obedience, pet

—even though she could never quite remember what the words were. The words were different, but ... she couldn’t remember what they were? An’ it was funny, but there was other stuff she wasn’t so good at remembering right now! Like ... why she had ever NOT wanted to be naked! Or how long it had been since her pussy was soooo drippy ...

She giggled. That’s a funny word. Pussy pussy pussy.

You’re gonna be
Cuz dumber is

Actually, at the moment she couldn’t even remember what day of the week it was, or that she had ever married or had children. She just wanted to flop on the couch and giggle. So she did. She idly picked up the remote with one hand and turned on the TV. With the other hand she just as idly flicked her clit.

Mmmmm, that felt heavenly ...

The TV came to life, blaring suggestions at her. Commands.

“You should shop at Target! Only at Target!”


“You’re a busy woman! You don’t have time to shop! That’s why you NEED DiGiorno ...”

Click. Stroke.

“You’ve been good all week—treat yourself! Do something just for you! How about a spa weekend?”

Click. Stroke stroke stroke.

“That’s why you want —”

“That’s why you need —”

“Family is important! That’s why you always put your family first—and why you always shop at —”


“A dog can change your life!”

She clicked the TV off. In the sudden silence, the wet sounds from her fingers in her cunt sounded obscenely loud. Just like the roaring surf of the echoes of the commercials in her ears.






Dog ... Shop ... Family ... Dog ... Pizza ... Spa ...

One could almost imagine the universe spinning a roulette wheel above her head. Then another kind of echo:

“Such a good devoted sister ...”



Helen sat upright, still clutching her breast and her crotch. “I need to go see my sister!!! Right away!!!”

* * *