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Sisters Chapter 2

Kenzie woke to find that her sheets were soaked with sweat and her fingers were jammed deep in her soaking pussy. She sat up with a start. What was happening? She never had erotic dreams, rarely touched herself, and certainly never slept in the nude.

She absentmindedly slid her middle two fingers into her mouth and tasted her juices.

Yet here she was, undeniably naked, though she was sure she hadn’t gone to bed that way. And she’d been having some kind of sex dream... Hadn’t she? Kenzie couldn’t remember details, just an impression—of wantonness, and school. Her school uniform, maybe?

And as for touching herself, she obviously had been. Quite a bit. And ...

She realized she was still sucking on her fingers and jerked her hand from her mouth. What was happening to her??

She picked up her sister’s iPod from among the tangled sheets, noticing that it had apparently died overnight, and padded into the living room after hastily throwing on underwear and her oversize Tardis T shirt. Her sister was the only one home, since mom had already left for work.

“Chloe, did you —”

“Could you do me a favor and put in a piece of toast for me?” her sister interrupted.

“What? Oh sure...” she said, going into the kitchen. “Chloe, is the —”

“It feels good to do things for me, doesn’t it?”

“Mmmmm, it does,” said Kenzie absently, and sure enough a little shudder of pleasure ran through her body as she got out the loaf of bread. “And it feels good to agree, doesn’t it?” said Chloe, following her into the kitchen.

“Uh huh!!”

She gave an uncharacteristic giggle as she dropped the bread into the toaster. It DID feel good to agree with her big sister!! Like, stupid-good!!

“Don’t forget to charge your new iPod,” Chloe said silkily. “Then you can take it to school with you! Won’t that be fun?”

“Uh huh!!” Kenzie was sucking on one of her fingers again, but she didn’t notice.

“Was there something you were going to ask me?”

Kenzie wrinkled her brow in an almost-parody of concentration. “I dess nod,” she said around her finger.

“Then run along. Get charged and get dressed.” Kenzie nodded obediently. “Maybe you want to wear a skirt today.”

Kenzie’s eyes widened. “I do!!” she said, wiping her wet fingers on the front of her underwear.

It felt good.

To think makes you

Kenzie was having a much harder time than usual with her honors classes today. She was two months from graduating near the top of her class, with a solid scholarship at a great college waiting for her just ahead and an undeniably bright future right after. So, a couple days of slacking off probably weren’t going to hurt her... Still, she didn’t like to let up on the forward momentum and really wasn’t doing it on purpose. It was the music! she decided. The tunes kept running through her head every time she tried to concentrate on something in class.

Your thinking is

Chloe was 20, just 2 years older, but the sisters had never gotten along very well. Their ... priorities were different; Chloe liked to have fun too much, that’s what Kenzie thought. And Kenzie didn’t like to have fun at all—that’s what Chloe always said.

That’s why it was so unusual and so ... nice!! ... that her big sister had given her an iPod full of tunes she’d picked out just for her. A modern-day mix tape, and Kenzie loved every single one! And the tunes were so infectious, she couldn’t stop humming them even in class.

Sister ... Sister ...
You are such a good devoted sister ...

But what was funny was that although she could swear there were words, when she tried to think of them, they drifted away like mist. And she was usually so good at learning lyrics! Her memory was normally flawless ... And she loved learning show tunes in particular! But these were ... different.

There was that one with the driving beat—like DAH-du-dah-dah dah-du-dah-dah DAH-du-dah-dah dah-du-dah-dah....

Silly makes you horny and then
Horny makes you silly and then
Silly makes you horny and then
Horny makes you silly and then
Silly makes you horny and then
Horny makes you silly ...

And that one that was like a power ballad or a love song—how did it go, la da di daaa ...

Now, you don’t need to remember
What you would like to forget ...
All you need to remember
Is obedience, pet ...

... dee, dee-dee dum ... Nope, it was on the tip of her mind. Maybe one more listen and she would get the words in her head...

You don’t need to remember ...

The school day passed in a blur of humming catchy tunes and staring at her blank notebook (taking notes was so boring!).

She skipped working on homework to relax on the couch and watch reality TV with slightly unfocused eyes as she rubbed the front of her knee-length skirt. Twice her mother had to tell her to sit like a lady. Kenzie just giggled.

Just before bed, Chloe made a suggestion. “Why don’t you give yourself a nice orgasm tonight?” And as usual, her sister had the best ideas.

She gave herself two.

Whatever Chloe wants ...
Chloe gets ...

Kenzie woke to find that her sheets were soaked with sweat and her fingers were jammed deep in her soaking pussy.

She stretched, kicked off the tangled covers, and luxuriated in the feeling of air on her naked body as she stroked her sensitive clit, thinking back on her sexy dreams. She’d been displaying herself at school, bending over in a schoolgirl uniform like she’d worn in 8th grade. She’d even lifted her skirt to show her underwear to some boys in the library. Something she would never, ever do! Her rational mind was disgusted, horrified ... But it wasn’t in charge anymore, as her back arched and she came loudly.

Snatching up the dead iPod, she threw on a robe but didn’t bother closing it as she drifted into the living room. “Mmmmm morning sis!!”

“You’re in a good mood. Cum a lot?”

“Uh huh!!”

“Good girl. Why don’t you go scramble me a couple of eggs?”

“Okay!!” she giggled, and disappeared into the kitchen.

“It feels good to giggle, doesn’t it?” Chloe called.

“It sure does!!”

Chloe thought for a moment, then called, “And wash your hands!!”

Later, as Kenzie served her breakfast, Chloe said, “Today I think you’re going to wear a shorter skirt. And you’re not going to wear a bra.”

“Are you sure ... ?”

“Of course I’m sure. Your boobs aren’t THAT big ... Could be good for them. And you’re sure too, aren’t you?”

Kenzie thought for a moment. “Uh huh!!”

“That’s a good girl. You’re my super agreeable little airhead, aren’t you?”

Kenzie just giggled. It felt good to giggle.

Super Silly
Fragile Minded
Giggly Fuckslut
Even though you’d be ashamed
to be a mindless cumslut
Singing this song long enough will turn you to a dumb slut
Super Silly
Fragile Minded
Giggly Fuckslut

Her boobs weren’t that much bigger than her sister’s, but they weren’t all that small either. Feeling them sway as she walked the halls felt almost like being naked at school (and that made her think again of the library, and the uniform) because going braless was something she only did at home, in her room. The feeling of her nipples rubbing against her sheer silky blouse (another of her sister’s “suggestions”) was very distracting to her increasingly foggy mind—and their all-day prominence was distracting to a lot of the boys.

Her sister was so smart!! And had such good ideas!! It was a shame she hadn’t gotten the same kind of scholarship that Kenzie was getting, she probably deserved it more. But the family made juuuust a little too much money and Chloe’s grades were juuuust a little too low and ... It hadn’t worked out that way. No wonder Chloe was occasionally a little jealous of her little sister!!

Still, it had all worked out. Chloe got that nice job at the radio station where she could tinker with recording equipment and continue her A/V experiments, so that was OK ...

Super Silly Fragile Minded
Sexpot Giggly Fuckslut ...

Kenzie had had to skip out of AP English to meet a boy in the bathroom. (She HAD to! He’d been REAL persuasive ...) They’d kissed for a long time while he pawed at her tits through her blouse. Then he said, “You wanna show me your boobs?” and she realized she DID so she took off her top and he sucked on them for a while, while she squeezed his dick through his jeans. And when the bell rang he left, but she couldn’t quite put her brain back together enough to figure out how to put her top back on so she just leaned against the wall of the stall and hummed, in her midthigh skirt and soaked panties, and toyed with her hard bare nipples until another boy came into the stall and seemed surprised to see her but was happy to play with her swaying boobs and take out his hard member and stroke it and when he told her to get on her knees she thought it was a great idea and when he sprayed on her tits and said, “you love how that feels, don’t you,” she had to agree ...

Even though you’d be ashamed
to be a mindless cumslut ...

Some part of Kenzie was ashamed of the things she’d done in school. Of the things she was still thinking of doing. Of the bizarre shift in her priorities. But it was like the shame was fueling the arousal. Her sister had said, “You like being filthy don’t you?” and she did. “You like showing off your body, don’t you?” and she did.

They watched TV together that night, sprawled on the couch, the boring homework again ignored. Kenzie was definitely not sitting like a lady. Her long legs were stretched toward her sister, in nothing but long socks and a little thong, while her perky boobs tumbled bare out of her loose shirt. She was watching the screen but still idly humming along with her favorite tunes on her headphones when Chloe suddenly said “Boys like it when you show off your body.”

Kenzie moaned and clenched her thighs together. “Uhhh huhh.” Her fingers flew to her pussy, so easily accessible now. Just thinking of showing off made her suggestible brain horny.

“You know who else likes it?”

Kenzie shook her head.

Chloe spread her legs, showing she wasn’t wearing anything under her My Chemical Romance sleep shirt. She spread her pussy lips with two fingers, showing how glistening they were.

“I do.”

Mesmerized, Kenzie slipped off her thong. She knew, distantly, that her mother was out for the evening, but she also knew that it wouldn’t matter if she wasn’t. Only obedience to Chloe mattered.

Chloe suggested they watch each other tease their cunts for a while, and they did. Chloe suggested they didn’t want to cum yet, so they didn’t. Chloe said, “Time for bed,” and so it was.

Chloe gave her her own extension charger, so she could listen to her iPod all night without it dying. (So nice! Kenzie thought.) And Chloe whispered one more suggestion.

And suggested that Kenzie would forget she mentioned it.

So Kenzie did.

Now, you don’t need to remember
What you are told to forget ...
All you need to remember
Is obedience, pet ...

Kenzie woke to find that her sheets were soaked with sweat and her fingers were jammed deep in her soaking pussy.

The dream had been more real and vivid than ever. The library, the too-small school uniform, the staring eyes of the eager boys ... She stroked, she writhed, she moaned ... With increasing desperation ...

Finally, she ran into the living room, completely naked. “Help me!”

“What’s up?”

“I can’t cum!!!”

Chloe put on her serious face. “Well, why don’t you go make my breakfast while I think about this. Make me a nice omelette. Use the green peppers and the red peppers, and throw in a little mushroom too. Remember, it always feels good to obey.”

“Feels good to obey. Yes. Omelette. Check.” And she eagerly ran off to the kitchen, still naked.

“Hmmm. Maybe ...” Chloe swallowed her last bite as Kenzie stood eagerly at her elbow, almost bouncing on her toes. “Maybe you need a cock! You can borrow one of my toys ...”

Chloe watched as her desperate, stupid, agreeable, fuzz-brained little sister writhed with her drooling cunt stuffed with artificial cock. She was close, closer than she had been, but still not quite there. She was riding the edge, and it was so good, but so hard ... Finally, without quite realizing she was saying it, Kenzie whimpered, “Please ...”

“Okay,” murmured Chloe. “You may cum.”

After the screaming was over, Chloe brushed away the hair that was matted to her sister’s glistening forehead. “Now. It feels good to obey, doesn’t it?”

She nodded, still gasping.

“Good girl. Let’s pick out your clothes for today.”

Silly makes you horny and then
Horny makes you silly and then
Silly makes you horny ...

Sitting in AP History was making her head hurt. The teacher was sooo boring, and she wanted to touch her pussy soooo bad.... Her short plaid skirt was a lot shorter than it had been in 8th grade but it still looked good. And SO MANY boys had been undressing her with their eyes today ...

Yes, her head hurt with this dumb class, but she knew what to do about it... She was going to skip the next class, and go down to the school library ...

There would be boys. And cocks.

She giggled.

That would make her dumb head happy.

Singing this song long enough will turn you to a dumb slut