The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

“I am too old for a baby sitter mom, please!”

“Sorry Griffin, not negotiable. The sitter stands, End of story.”


“No buts Griffin, besides Stephanie’s a nice girl, always so polite.”

As far as his mother was concerned the conversation was over and to his credit Griffin knew when to quit, the teenage boy left his mother in the kitchen and went upstairs to his room. Being shouldered with a sitter was not his idea of a fun evening. He could see his friends at school now, laughing at “little Griffy” still getting a sitter when they were allowed to stay home alone. Mcauley Culkin never had these sorts of problems

“Damn, damn, damn,”

It wasn’t as if Stephanie was any fun, all she did all night was watch TV and talk to her friends on the phone. It wasn’t as if she took care of him or anything. He stayed upstairs. She stayed downstairs. End of story.

Of course Griffin had noticed that Stephanie was a real babe. She had long blond hair and her body looked like it had been put together with the sole purpose of making men’s temperatures soar. What’s more she knew it and used it to keep a long line of guys waiting for her to let them get to first base? As far as Griffin was concerned though, girls, Steffi in particular were to be avoided at least until such times that he had the balls to go up to one and string a coherent sentence together. If only it was as easy for him as it seemed to be for the others when they talked about girls in recess. Griff kind of guessed that most of the others were in the same position as him but they were just better at telling stories. Griff preferred to keep quiet. Steffi on the other hand didn’t even think of Griff except as a sort of money machine that topped up her allowance for doing nothing. This was how their relationship had remained since Steffi’s sixteenth birthday when she had first been allowed to thrust her sitting skills on unsuspecting families.

Griffin was still in his room when his mom popped her head around his door and said goodnight.

“You remember now Griff, don’t give Stephanie any trouble.”

Griffin just looked at his mom in disgust; she just smiled at him.

“Just be a good boy and make sure you’re in bed by eleven. Goodnight.”

Griff listened as hi mom’s footsteps went down stairs, he heard her speak to Steffi and then he heard his father shout to hurry her up. Then a couple of minutes later he heard the car pull off the drive and down the street. Griff let out a deep sigh; all he had to look forward to was a night with blondie downstairs. Maybe he ought to go down stairs and make the effort, who knows tonight might be the night she started to treat him as a member of the human race, somehow he doubted it.

Steffi turned her head as she heard Griff come down stairs, he cast a nervous smile at her Steffi said nothing and turned back to watch the TV, the remote cradled in her hands. Griff went through to the kitchen and got some juice from the fridge. That went ell, Griff said to himself. He heard the phone ring in the other room. Steffi picked it up and launched into some diatribe about these years’ colours. Griff paid no attention; Fashion was something that was definitely over his head. Having strict parents, who were more into the local church than in developing their sons wardrobe certainly didn’t help? Griff new he was more likely to get a part in a movie than a pair a Nike trainers. Maybe one day he’d get them, but he doubted it. He walked into the other room as Steffi put down the phone. He stood watching the TV in the distance; Steffi was still sat there not even acknowledging his existence that suited Griff fine.

Some cheesy music started on the TV, some sort of Magic show. A guy came on screen looking like someone from an old Dracula movie. He started talking to the audience. There was something about him. Griff moved closer, the juice still clutched in his hands. He stood behind Steffi and listened. It turned out the guy was a hypnotist, Griff thought that was cool. He asked for someone from the audience to come up, a young girl walked on to the stage and the guy started talking to her and then he pulled a large pocket watch and started swinging it in front of her face. Griff was riveted to the spot, watching the young girl’s face go slack and seeing her eyes just glaze over gave him the most amazing buzz. Griff shifted uncomfortably as his trousers became a little uncomfortable around his crotch. Griff stared open mouthed as the girl’s head slumped forward. The hypnotist started giving her instructions, Griff watched intently as the girl stood up and looked straight ahead. She was like a statue, she reminded Griff of someone from those old zombie movies he liked so much. Griff swallowed just beginning to understand that the excitement he was feeling was sexual. Griff was having his first real hard on. Griff smiled nervously and continued to watch the screen his hand rubbing gently over his trousers.

The rest was a little bit of an anti climax. The hypnotist got the girl to do some simple tricks like making her think that she was a dog and then he sat her down in the chair and started talking to her again. Griff could see that the hypnotist was going to end the trance. Then the phone rang. Griff continued watching the TV, the phone continued to ring. He looked at Steffi wanting her to answer it, but Steffi just stared at the TV. Griff reached over and touched her shoulder and Steffi jumped a mile.

“What the hell are you doing?”

“The phone it’s ringing”

“What, Oh right, the phone”

Steffi picked up the phone and Griff just stood there looking at her.

“Well! This calls private Griffin, get lost.”

Griff retreated to the kitchen and closed the door. Leaning against it Griff stared at the ceiling aware that he had just undergone a life changing experience. He played the events of the last few minutes over and over in his mind until Steffi became the girl on the TV and he became the hypnotist.


Griff’s mind was working overtime, had Steffi really been in a sort of trance just from watching the guy on TV.


Griff stayed in the kitchen for half an hour before almost running through the room and upstairs. He didn’t dare look at Steffi who was still on the phone to her current boyfriend. Griff went into his room and locked the door. The rest of the evening sped by in a flurry of new thoughts and emotions, all of them centred on Steffi. More precisely they were centred on Steffi hypnotised, hypnotised by him.

Griff woke up the following morning from a very fitful sleep. The first thing he felt was guilt. Guilt that he had harboured dark thoughts, guilt that he had been aroused by those thoughts and then guilt about what his hands had been doing under the sheets and guilt about the stains on the bed that he had to make sure his mother never saw. It was a little easier to see things in perspective in the warm morning sun. He knew he could never hypnotise Steffi, the realisation that he wanted to hit him like a runaway truck. He didn’t know the first thing about hypnosis. If he started swinging a pocket watch in front Steffi’s face she’d laugh at him, give him a good slap and then take great delight in telling his parents. He could see it now, his mother ranting on about the devils work, his father looking concerned and holding his mothers hand and the priest shaking his head and tutting. They’d probably perform a friggin exorcism. Griff knew that the whole thing was stupid and he resolved to forget about it.

But adolescent imagination being what it is Griff’s memory loss lasted less then thirty minutes when out of the blue he came up with a plan. It was only a game though it would never work. Minutes later he was thumbing through the TV guide looking at the previous nights programmes, locating the one he was looking for he scanned the guide for re-runs, there were always repeats. Ten minutes later he found it. It was on later today, thank god for repeats. Griff ran upstairs and programmed his VCR. He was smiling, thinking to himself that it would never work in a million years, but with the optimism of youth he decided to give it a try anyway.

For the rest of the day Griff stayed in his room doing his “homework”. His moms looking in from time to time only saw his monitor full of text and open books on his desk and she was more than happy to let her less then academic son develop a sudden interest in his schoolwork. It was the only reason she had allowed the computer into his room. She didn’t hold with them really but in this day and age she realised that they were essential. She wanted Griff to get a good job after all. Griff was learning that much is true. But he was learning about hypnosis, reading everything he could find and some of it, adult in nature made his eyes pop.

It has to be said that parental control software is all very well, but if your father uses his favourite baseball team as a password then it might as well not be there. Griff’s horizons were widening by the second. Almost by accident Griff had stumbled across a goldmine of erotic fiction and it was all about mind control and hypnosis, he read story after story and each one he read made him more and more determined to proceed with his plan. Admittedly the nature of the plan had changed, as he read more of the stories he no longer wanted to make Steffi bark like a dog or wait on him hand an foot, he wanted to make her do other things, things that he didn’t understand himself yet. Griff’s hard on was now a permanent fixture, he found himself playing with his cock as he read the stories and then without warning as he reached a particularly erotic induction scene he shuddered and watched as a damp patch appeared on his trousers. Griff remembered the stains on his bed and his mother’s surprise when he had offered to wash them himself. Three pairs of underpants later and Griff hit play on the VCR.

Griff watched the video three times still finding it hard to believe that Steffi had really gone under just watching this guy with a watch. Griff set up his dad’s video camera and started recording and in a little over two hours he was watching a video of himself swinging a big watch and talking. The results sent a shiver down Griff’s spine, he thought he was at least as good as the guy on the TV. Griff connected the VCR to his computer; it was time for a little creative editing. Griff had watched his father do these dozens of times although after this. Watching his father edit footage of the next church barbecue would seem a little lame.

Griff watched the results, it was scary halfway through the induction the hypnotists face began to morph and gradually turn into Griff which in turn ran seamlessly into his own footage. Griff had edited out all of the footage of the audience except at the very beginning and most of the close ups of the girls face were gone as well. All he was left with was around eight minutes of watch swinging and staring eyes with a little twist at the end.

A few days later a miracle happened, Grandma was ill and Mom and Dad needed to go and visit. They were going to be gone a whole weekend. Friday to Monday morning. Mom was staying on longer if she was needed bit dad had to come back for work. When they told him that Steffi was staying over he did his best to sulk and stare at the floor. But secretly he was already planning what he was going to do, he knew that it was probably now or never and now had a weekend rather than a few hours to carry out his plan.

By Friday Griff had every last detail planned. Although the plan had continuously been off and on as Griff’s good and bad sides vied for control. In the end it proved to be no contest though. He would do it that evening to give him as much time with her as possible. He would be downstairs when his parents left with the video in his pocket. As soon as his parents left he guessed Steffi would switch on the TV, then she would go to the kitchen and make a sandwich. While she was in the kitchen he would remove the batteries from the remote, place the video in the machine and unplug the phone. Then with the spare remote control he had bought he would wait for her to sit down and then start the tape. Then in a few minutes it would all begin.

Within five minutes of his parents leaving Steffi went into the kitchen taking the phone and the remote with her and then before Griff could even switch off the phone it rang, Steffi was still talking ten minutes later when she came back into the room clutching a sandwich. So much for planning. All Griff could do was watch and wait.

Griff was angry now, but he was also adapting his plan to meet the challenge. He was in the kitchen in seconds and seconds later the batteries from the remote were in his pocket, the video was already in the machine so that was two down. He could still hear her on the phone. Griff dropped a glass and shouted. He heard Steffi coming towards the kitchen and smiled.

“What’s going on out here I was on the phone?”

“Sorry dropped a glass.”

“Clear it up and be careful.”

Can I use the phone; I have to ring grandma. Please.”

Griff put on a sad expression and watched as Steffi’s expression softened just a little.

“OK, but I’m waiting for a call so keep it short.”

“Thanks, I will.”

Steffi walked back over to the couch and sat down. Griff fired up the VCR and then switched off the phone. Griff watched as the credits rolled Steffi watched for a while and then raised up the remote to change channel, by the time she realised it wasn’t working the hypnotist was already swinging his watch. Griff edged closer watching as Steffi’s hand feel back to the couch. He moved slowly to the other side of the couch, careful to stay out of her field of vision. He watched as Steffi stared at the screen a look of confusion crossing her face. He watched with increasing interest as her jaw dropped slightly and her eyes began to follow the watch. Griff could see that her eyelids were already beginning to flutter, he knew without looking that that the subtle changes in the magician’s face were starting. It was really working. Griff couldn’t really believe how susceptible she was. Steffi’s face was completely devoid of all emotion; he could hear her under her breath repeating the hypnotist’s words, now she was repeating his words now. He was the hypnotist now. It was Griff’s face behind the swinging watch on the TV, his words entrancing her and making her no more than a puppet. Griff listened to her repeat the final words

“Must love Griff, must desire Griff, Must obey Griff.”

Then Steffi finally closed her eyes and fell into a deep hypnotic sleep.

Griff switched off the TV and stared at her, expecting her to open her eyes at any time and start laughing at him. She didn’t move. It was time for some tests.

“Stand up Steffi”

Steffi stood up.

“Open your eyes Steffi.”

Again Steffi obeyed. Griff fetched the phone and switched it on.

“Does your boyfriend know you are here?”


“Are you expecting him to visit here.”



“Tomorrow night”

“I want you to ring him and tell him not to come. You will not give him a reason. You will tell him that you will explain to him on Monday.”

Steffi dialled the number.

“Hello, Matt. Hi it’s Steffi; you can’t come over tomorrow. No, I’ll explain on Monday. Goodnight Matt.”

Steffi put the phone down.

That was fine Steffi, now if any of your friend’s ring you will tell them not to ring back as my parents have been checking up on you. Do you understand?”


Steffi had passed those tests but Griff knew that he needed something a little more concrete just to make sure so swallowed hard and gave her another command.

“Steffi, I want you to undress, take all of your clothes off.”

Steffi started to remove her jeans. Griff watched open mouthed as his young slave stepped out of her figure hugging jeans and began to undo her shirt. He fell back into the chair in amazement as without comment she undid her sports bra and let it drop to the floor. Griff had just been introduced to his first pair of breasts. Sure over the last few days he had looked at enough on the net, but here in 3d in front of his face they were a whole different ballgame. By the time Griff had recovered from the breast thing his breath was taken away again as Steffi lowered her panties to the floor and stood there naked and magnificent. Eventually Griff stood up and looked her up and down.

“Turn around, slowly.”

Steffi began to turn and each new angle brought new thrills to the agog teenager. He marvelled at her pert self supporting breasts, he looked in awe at her tight buttocks, he had her bend over as he felt her backside, gently at first and then with an increasing fervour as his mind accepted that she would not object to anything. But every time she turned to face him he was amazed by her breasts, he couldn’t keep his hands away from them. They were her best features, not too big and not too small. In fact in Griff’s mind they were perfect. No she was perfect. Griff could not believe that he had until now lacked the courage to approach a girl, any girl, what the hell had he been thinking about. The phone rang. Steffi simply picked it up and continued turning.

“Hi, Cindy. Look I’d appreciate it if you didn’t call this weekend, I think the Randall’s are checking up on me. Griff, no he wouldn’t have told them he’s far too nice. Bye.”

Steffi put down the phone and continued to turn.

“Stop turning and sit down.”

Steffi obeyed and sat waiting for Griff’s next instruction.

“Steffi, are you a virgin?”


Griff was amazed


“Men are idiots and until I find one that’s not I won’t sleep with one.”

“Do you think I’m an Idiot.”


“Why not?”

“I..I love”

Griff noticed for the first time that Steffi had hesitated. He had to find out more.

“Does that make you feel uncomfortable”



“Until tonight I thought you were a stupid kid and suddenly I find I love you, that’s not natural.”

“But you will obey me?”


“Without question?”


“In that case you can forget about lo.... No ignore that.”

Steffi sat there saying nothing.

“Every time you obey one of my commands you will love me a little more. Do you understand?”


“Will you obey?”


Griff was now extremely satisfied with his progress so far but now he had to move into uncharted territory. He was going to have sex with her now, but the fact that they were both virgins wasn’t going to help any. Looking at pictures was one thing but actually doing it was another matter.

“Steffi, follow me upstairs.”

Steffi trailed obediently after him as her mounted the stairs. By the time they had reached the top Griff was down to his underpants, he hesitated at the door to his room and then walked past and into his parent’s room. Griff had surmised that they were going to need a little more space than his single bed was going to offer and besides that he had no wish for his first foray into sex to be watched over by a giant poster of the South Park boys.

Griff closed the door of his parent’s bedrooms and told Steffi to lay down on the bed, at that point Griff looked down at his sopping underpants, not believing that he had shot his first load by just thinking about it. He dropped the soiled clothing to the floor and found to his delight That his recovery time was more than adequate; his cock was already rising to the challenge. Griff had a rough idea of what he was doing and as he rested on the edge of the bed he could see tonight’s target glistening in the darkness, apparently Steffi was as ready as he was. Griff moved between her legs, parting them gently with his knees. He gently lowered himself towards her waiting pussy.

“Make love to me Steffi, We’re both going to enjoy this.”

Steffi moved her body to meet his, cock met fanny and Griff pushed downward. The tip of his cock found her secret entrance but went no farther, he pushed again but Steffi’s body seemed intent on denying him access. Griff pushed again and this time made a little more progress. And then with each push he buried his cock farther and farther, suddenly as he pushed down Steffi pushed up and his cock buried itself deep within her and Steffi her cherry well and truly popped widened her lags involuntarily and let Griff begin to thrust. It was the first time either of them had tasted forbidden fruit and it was quickly over. Griff lay beside her panting, but Steffi was far from finished she had not even come close to orgasm and so obeying her last command she sat up and took his cock in her mouth and began to tease it back to life. Griff gasped in surprise at this amazing new feeling. God this girl might be a virgin but she must have had some interesting talks with her girlfriends. Again the newness of it all brought it to a premature end, with Steffi ending up Covered in his juices. She snuggled up close to him and he could feel her nearness, he could feel the wetness between them the intimacy of it all was amazing Griff realised that if she could bring him off then he could do the same for her. He moved his hand between her legs and began to feel for her secret place and each time he got close her body gave him directions until finally his fingers deep inside gave Steffi an explosive release that rocked the bed.

It wasn’t long before Griff was ready for the next leg, only this time he resolved to take things slowly. Once again he began the thrusting movements that had brought a premature end to their first coupling but this time Griff went slowly each thrust timed to meet with the demands of Steffi’s young body. Time after time their bodies met in the search for ecstasy both of them realising that in the search for mutual satisfaction that there can be no winners. Gradually their bodily movements became more and more urgent and with each thrust the intensity of their passions increased. Eventually with two screams that turned to one they both exploded in a mutual orgasm that left them still coupled but lying gasping in heap on the king-size bed.

Then the phone rang. Griff beat Steffi to it.


“Oh hi mom. Sure. She’s in the bathroom. I’ll get her.”

Griff flipped the secrecy button on the phone and whispered in Steffi’s ear.

“It’s my mom. She wants to speak to you, act normally OK.”

Griff handed the phone to Steffi.

“Hi Mrs Randall. Fine, me and Griff are getting to know each other real well.”

Griff gasped.

“Sure Mrs Randall, I’ll take care of him, won’t let him out of my sight.”

Griff grabbed the phone, and Steffi grabbed him.

“Night mom”

Steffi was reaching between his legs, Griff gasped and his mother asked what was wrong.

“Nothing mom, you take care now see you later.”

Griff slammed the phone down and wrestled Steffi to the bed.

“Not gonna let me out of your sight eh”

Steffi looked up at him through hypnotised eyes

“She needed re assurance”

“What about reaching for my cock.”

“You said we were both going to enjoy ourselves.”

“I guess I did.”

Griff slid between her legs once again and for the next few hours they screwed each other to the point of exhaustion.

The rest of the weekend went pretty much the same way. They had to eat of course and Steffi had to stonewall a few more of her friends and with each passing hour they got closer and closer to the time when Griff would have to wake his sleeping beauty up.

Sunday night came and Griff prepared to wake her up, he had given her some basic memories for the weekend explained to her about putting off her friends and her boyfriend. It all sounded kind of lame to him but he knew it would have to do.

“Steffi I blow this whistle you will wake up and switch on the TV and you will remember nothing about this weekend except for what we have just talked about OK?”


Griff blew the whistle and Steffi switched on the TV. Griff looked at her longingly while Steffi as usual ignored him.

“I’m getting an early night”


Griff walked up the stairs and looked into his parent’s room, remembering the lovemaking that had happened, he sighed realising that a chance like this might never come again. The room was clean now but for Griff at least there was a lingering smell, a smell he never wanted to forget.

Griff switched out the light and turned over, sleep wouldn’t come, and his mind was filled with visions of Steffi erect and naked and then lying beneath him, bucking with passion. Behind him he heard the door open and before he could turn he felt a naked body slide in beside him. Griff shook himself thinking he was dreaming.

“I’ve been waiting all day for this Griff.”

It was Steffi’s voice.

“I don’t know what it is about you, I mean you’re kind of young, but I think I love you.”

Griff tensed himself and turned to meet her, he was already hard.

“I can see you want me to, until I met you I thought all men were idiots.”

That phrase reverberated through Griff’s head, she’d said it before, that first night.”

“I just can’t stop thinking about you. I want to be with you, give myself to you.”

“You do?”

“More than anything, why do you think I put off my boyfriend and all my friends?”

Griff didn’t say anything.

“’Cause I want you of course. So come on Griff, Take me.”

That was the only encouragement Griff needed and for the rest of that night watched over by Cartman and the boys, on a bed that was far too small Steffi lost her virginity again.

* * *

To say mom had been a little concerned when she had found out they were sleeping together is an understatement and I guess we’ll never know what the Priest made of it all at confession. But at least he was sixteen by the time she found out. I don’t think she’ll ever forgive him but well mom’s being mom’s she made the best of it she could and kept it all between her and the old priest. Dad just kept winking at him and smirking, I guess the old dog just couldn’t help but admire what the fruit of his loins had been up to. Griff kept quiet about the whole thing and so did Steffi. He still listened to his friend’s stories of course, but took them with no more than a pinch of salt. Steffi and Griff made an unlikely couple at first, her friends thought she was mad going out with a dork like Griff, they got over it though like friends do. They got married of course, Griff got a good job and Steffi took good care of him.

Griff kept the tape and for a while when the kids were in bed and he wanted something a little special he popped it in the VCR but after a while you know he never really needed to.