The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


by Meleva

Added 04 May 2019

Updated 06 July 2019

mc ff

Three young women set out on a winter’s journey, to prove their new adulthood or perish in the process. One trying to keep them fed, one trying to keep them safe, and one who’ll try anything to keep them all together.

Chapter Length Added
I: Who Wants Rabbit? 7817 words 04 May 2019
II: Creature of Nature 7882 words 11 May 2019
III: So We’re Finally Allowed to Get our Tits Out? 12280 words 18 May 2019
IV: Why We Are Not Alone 6587 words 25 May 2019
V: We Are Exposed 6197 words 08 Jun 2019
VI: A People of Many Traditions 6956 words 15 Jun 2019
VII: Brighter Than Any Torch 7484 words 22 Jun 2019
IIX: Here One Moment, and Then Not 5593 words 29 Jun 2019
IX: Bound As Our Braids 10149 words 06 Jul 2019