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Slut Coffee

Recap: Adria is an employee of Alsen&Alsen, a global chemical conglomerate that deals with drugs that alter the mind and body, along with many other product lines. Society in general is more accepting of sexual body modification, with rules and laws surrounding it. However, heavy sexual modification is also fairly unusual, and it is normal to look down on such women. Adria was recently promoted at work. Debbie, who was vying for the same promotion, has been nice enough to bring her coffee every day. That was the good news. The bad news: last week Adria began showing symptoms of being on some sort of sex drug. So far, her symptoms are excess arousal, minor breast growth, and a tendency to freeze helplessly in place when anyone, even herself, touches her in a sexual way. Adria needs to figure out how she got dosed, keep her symptoms from getting worse, and find a way to cure or reverse them. Her doctor may be able to help her at her appointment on Tuesday.

Disclaimer: You’re a freak for reading this story. Nothing about it should be, or physically could be, tried in real life. Contains unwanted sexual transformations and sex acts of dubious consent. Any similarity to any real life people is accidental.

Chapter 2: The Doctor

“Good morning, Adria!” said Debbie brightly, passing her a cup of coffee on Monday morning. “Morning,” grumbled Adria, stealing a glance at Debbie’s tight shirt. She knew it was just the sex drug (whatever it was) influencing her thoughts, making her attracted to women as well as men. Disgusting.

No, wait, Debbie was doing that deliberately! She was posing, squeezing her tits together! “Can you, can you not do that?” asked Adria.

“Do what?” asked Debbie, placing a hand on her chest. Adria scowled and looked away. She was ashamed at how Debbie was making her feel.

“Oh, do you not want me to put my hand there?” asked Debbie. “How about here?” And Debbie hovered her hand over Adria’s chest. Adria slapped it away. “Don’t do that!” she warned in fear. If Debbie touched her she would have frozen in place!

Debbie laughed, as if she knew. Did Debbie know? Who could have told her? Were Christopher or David blabbing? What was their connection to Debbie? But mercifully, Debbie left.

Adria sipped her coffee resentfully. Her pussy was wet after Debbie’s visit and she couldn’t do anything about it. She pinched a nipple, which felt good for a split second, then made everything worse.

On her way to lunch, a hand slapped her ass. Adria would have whirled to see who it was, except—she could not move, she could not turn. Her back straightened to perfect posture, her mouth opened in an O, her eyes opened wide in surprise and stared glassily at a point. And she was stuck like a doll, in the middle of the hallway. Just like when Christopher had squeezed her tits.

Her heart pounded. Who could see her? Oh, shit, who could see her, could her boss see her like this? How could she explain this? Who had slapped her ass?? Through her peripheral vision she could see the backs of several people passing her in the hallway. That was—was that Vanessa? Was that Arthur or Lem?

And then she could move a little. It must have only been ten or twenty seconds. No one had seen her frozen cocksucking doll face from the front. Her secret was still secret. Adria started to hobble forward, stiff-legged, before realizing how odd it looked. Best to wait a few seconds until she could walk naturally.

Her boss passed her in the hall and started talking to her about the Beelee toy, and she followed him to lunch.

To be home after work was an aroused torture again, but she endured it. Until Christopher walked through her door, uninvited.

“Oh, I see you’ve recovered. I’ll just drop off your spare key,” he said.


“You were frozen like a doll for a long time, I figured I should have a way to check on you later in case that was permanent.”

“It wasn’t. Give me my fucking key.”

“Alright. Hey, do you want to... you know...”

Adria took a breath, about to tell him to fuck off, then reconsidered. God, she wanted a fuck. She took another breath, about to tell him yes, then reconsidered. She was so pissed off with this whole situation.

“Fuck off,” she decided.

She watched him go, regretfully. She could have had his strong hands on her, she could have had that cock.

* * *

Tuesday morning was Adria’s doctor’s appointment. Off from work, she sat in the waiting room, nervously looking at the patients around her. If any of them touched her in the wrong way she would be completely helpless. Just a... toy, at their pleasure. It made her nervous. She tried not to stare too much. She imagined what they looked like naked.

“So, I see here you are having some problems with excess arousal. Can you tell me in your own words?” asked Dr. Lieson, in the examination room.

Adria briefly related to him the details. “So I think I’ve been dosed against my will with a sex drug of some kind,” she explained.

“I see,” said Dr. Lieson. “Have you thought that you might have taken it voluntarily, and the drug made you forget?”

“What? A drug can do that?” asked Adria.

“Oh, yes,” said Dr. Lieson. “Some people find it exciting not to know what’s happening to them.”

“Well I don’t,” said Adria firmly.

“I see, I see,” said Dr. Lieson, looking at Adria’s chart. “Now, if you don’t mind, I’d like to test this freezing reaction you mentioned.”

“Ummm...” said Adria. Test it? But that meant... unconsciously her gaze drifted towards Dr. Lieson’s crotch. She jerked away and shook her head when she noticed what she was doing.

“You won’t have to do a thing, don’t worry,” said Dr. Lieson. Before Adria could make up her mind either way the doctor had reached up a hand and touched her breast. She gasped in shock, and then assumed the open-mouthed blow-up doll expression, staring vacantly and unblinkingly, nipples tightening, face turning red that this was happening in front of her trusted doctor.

“We’re just going to time how long it takes you to release,” said Dr. Lieson. Adria thought he might have had a stopwatch in his hand, but she couldn’t tell for sure because she couldn’t turn her eyes to look.

After maybe half a minute Adria was able to wiggle, and by forty-five seconds she was free.

“Do you really need to,” Adria began, but Dr. Lieson reached out and gave her breast a firm squeeze this time, instead of just a touch. This time it was about two minutes before she could move.

Dr. Lieson insisted on repeating this test with grabbing Adria’s ass, pressing on her crotch through her clothes, and briefly inserting a finger into her mouth. Adria kept trying to tell him he could stop testing, there was no need for this, but she couldn’t get the sentence out before he’d touch her again and she’d be stuck.

She was having trouble thinking straight by the end of it. It was upsetting but that took a back seat to how good it felt to be poked and prodded like this, how much it was turning her on. This was out of control. She tried to keep in mind that it was just a clinical exam, there was nothing truly sexual about it. Why was it having such a strong effect on her? It was just a clinical exam! She ran her tongue around her lips.

“Okay, and now we’re just going to check on your sexual response,” said Dr. Lieson.

“Wait!” said Adria. “What does that—" but Dr. Lieson gripped her thigh high up, silencing her again. He lifted her skirt and lowered her panties, then apparently took a few pictures of Adria’s wet vagina.

“Very good, very wet,” said Dr. Lieson, when Adria could move again, upset and embarrassed and horny and at a loss for how to react. “You’re perfectly healthy and responding well for someone in your condition. You have a strong sexual response to the doll effect, which is normal.”

“What?” Adria asked incredulously. She pulled her panties back up. “Doctor, I want to get rid of this! How can I get back to normal? ... and what do you mean, the ‘doll effect’?”

“But you are perfectly normal for a Dolly-S subject,” said Dr. Lieson. “That’s the medication you’re on, by the way: Dolly-S. It’s quite rare, still in trials, you know. Perhaps only fifty subjects nationwide. You’re lucky I’ve heard of it. I take an interest in these things.”

Adria digested this. “But, isn’t there an antidote? Isn’t there something you can do?”

“No, I’m afraid giving you the antidote right now would go against my medical ethics,” said Dr. Lieson. “As I said, you may have taken it voluntarily along with an amnesia drug. So, reversing it could go against your own prior consent. But there is one thing I can help you with. There is a drug that will help you move, under certain conditions, when the doll effect is active. I must warn you this is not a perfect fix, but it is the best option to restore some mobility.”

“That sounds... good...” Adria said cautiously. That was some bullshit about her “own prior consent,” but not being totally stuck sounded good.

“I have some here, in fact,” said Dr. Lieson, opening a drawer. “Lie back in that chair, there,” he ordered.

This was happening very suddenly, but Adria did as he said. Dr. Lieson approached with a small spray bottle. He sprayed it right up Adria’s nostril. Then the other nostril, and then he repeated it three times.

“And that’s it!” said Dr. Lieson. “How do you feel?”

Adria inhaled to tell him, and then had a sneezing fit. Dr. Lieson held a sympathetic hand to her back. “Perfectly normal, perfectly fine,” he assured her. Adria took a breath to thank him and again broke down into sneezes.

“Yes, the total immobility is the problem with Dolly-S subjects. They’re fine as far as they go, but they just lie there passively, which frankly makes for a poor fellatio experience. The S stands for Stop, after all.”

“Wait,” said Adria. “What does that have to do—”

“Now don’t take it personally, my dear. It’s no fault of your own.” He patted her shoulder reassuringly. “I’ve given you a healthy dose of Dolly-R. You’re lucky I got my hands on it,” he beamed at her. “The R stands for Reactive. So even under the doll effect, you’ll move and react to what your user wants you to do, according to a set of programmed responses. You’ll be a fine cocksucker, don’t worry about that.”

“What??” shrieked Adria. “A set of programmed responses” and “a fine cocksucker” wasn’t what she had in mind when he said she would be able to move!

“I know, it sounds too good to be true!” said Dr. Lieson. “I wish I could demonstrate it for you, but it takes hours for Dolly-R to fully integrate with your system. Hmm... would you mind waiting around here for a while?”

Adria gaped at him, unable to believe what she was hearing. She stood up to leave. That was the only sane response in this situation.

“Oh, I know!” said Dr. Lieson. “We’ll just store you here until you’re ready.” Halfway through Adria opening the door to the exam room, she felt Dr. Lieson’s intrusive hand cupping and squeezing her ass. She let out a strangled croak of surprise before her limbs stiffened mid-stride.

“Now, we need you to stay put for, uh, four or five hours I should think,” said Dr. Lieson to the frozen, mute, outraged doll. “I’m sure you’d like a good fucking right now, but that would only freeze you for an hour or so. Besides, I don’t have the time this morning. But fortunately, I have just the thing.”

Dr. Lieson rummaged in the drawer behind her. Adria strained to move one muscle, to take one step, to get out the fucking door and away from this crazy “doctor.” But she was frozen in place like a blow-up doll, physically aroused against her will.

“Ah, here it is!” said Dr. Lieson. The doll’s empty eyes stared without blinking, open unnaturally wide, eyebrows frozen in permanent surprise. Dr. Lieson removed the doll’s blouse and bra.

“Nipple clamps!” he announced. “There you are, dear,” he said, attaching the painful clamps to the doll’s nipples. He stepped back to appraise his handiwork. “They’ll keep you sexually stimulated and helpless for a good long while. Sadly these won’t be enough novel stimulation to keep the doll effect going forever, but certainly they will work for five hours.”

Dr. Lieson nodded, satisfied. He dragged the aroused doll over to the corner of the room where it wouldn’t be in the way, then left for his next patient.

* * *

“What’s that?” asked a middle-aged woman suspiciously, pointing at the glassy-eyed woman frozen in the corner. The glassy-eyed woman’s tits were bare and the nipples firmly clamped. She wasn’t blinking.

“Ah, just some doll,” said the medical technician. “Pay it no mind.”

“I don’t like the way it’s staring at me,” said the patient. The medical technician walked over and turned the doll to face the other way.

* * *

Adria couldn’t stand it. Her nipples hurt, they were so sensitive and they hurt so much from the clamps. She was so wet and slick and hot but she couldn’t touch herself. She stared open-mouthed into the corner. There was a poster on the wall to the left that she could barely make out in her peripheral vision. Something about “call don’t fall.”

She heard someone enter the room behind her and her adrenaline spiked. “Who is it?” she reflexively tried to say—of course, no sound came from her mouth. Maybe they would fuck her, god maybe they would slide a hard cock in her doll pussy, or right up her butt. Adria was so fucking wet for so long that she was thinking crazy. She didn’t want to be screwed by some fucking stranger in the doctor’s office! Of course she didn’t, that wouldn’t make any sense to want that! She wanted it so much. She was so aroused she couldn’t stand it. Whoever it was approached her from behind.

Her heart jumped when she felt a touch on her ass, up under the skirt. It was more than her heart—she herself had jumped in place a little! She could move?

No, no she couldn’t move. All that had happened was that she stuck her butt out a little when the hands touched her. Now she couldn’t move again. It had to be a programmed reaction from the Dolly-R. That fucking doctor. Firm hands were feeling up her ass and Adria was pushing her ass back into them, as if to invite them. Adria shuddered and tried to straighten back up, stand up straight, but it wasn’t her choice. The hands did what they wanted to her, and her ass responded by itself to encourage them.

A hand snaked around from behind and touched her bare breast, and Adria jerked slightly again. This time her chin went up and her back arched subtly, thrusting out her chest. A soft grunt escaped her mouth when fingers pulled on her painfully clamped nipple. Adria couldn’t think, she was so aroused she could only feel and need.

The hands stopped feeling her up and immediately Adria returned to attention, standing stiff and straight the same way she had for hours. She had a moment to try to pull together her scattered thoughts, and then the hands were lifting up her skirt and again she couldn’t think straight, too focused on what was being done to her. Her heart pounded as the hands pulled her panties down to her ankles, and her ass jerked backwards again as a finger found its way inside her slick hole.

Then strong hands picked her up and dragged her across the room, to the mahogany desk in the corner. The person walked in front of her and she saw it was a young man wearing a white coat. It wasn’t Dr. Lieson. Through her peripheral vision, unable to move her eyes, Adria watched him clear a space on the desk.

With one firm hand gripping the doll’s waist, one gripping its thigh, the man lifted it a little and applied enough force to bend its stiff leg at the hip. He bent its knee and repeated the maneuver with the doll’s other leg.

Then Adria was being set face-down on the desk, legs stiffly forced apart behind her, the hard wood squashing her tits. There was no way for her to close her legs. Her weight was crushing the nipple clamps into her tit flesh excruciatingly. Her hands still stuck out stiffly past her hips until the man pushed them out of the way. She wanted him, she needed him inside her, she was an object to be penetrated, she had no other thought or desire in her head.

The man flipped up the back of her skirt, grabbed her hips, and plunged his hard, thick shaft deep. An involuntary grunt escaped Adria’s open mouth and her hips rocked back onto him. He was using her vagina and Adria’s body was helping him do it. Adria’s mind was shorting out. She just needed that cock. Grunts and gasps filled the quiet room, with the sound of slapping thighs and wet genitals.

The man finished and put the doll back where he found it.

* * *

Adria slowly faded back into awareness. It was like she’d been staring at the sun and only now regained her vision and ability to think. She—he—that guy had fucked her like a helpless ragdoll. She craved for him to do it again. The intensity of the craving scared her. It had felt so good. She had orgasmed so hard. What was happening to her was so wrong, immoral, disgusting. But Adria could not change what she was feeling.

She was still staring with blank, surprised eyes at the corner of the exam room, still frozen in place, mouth open. A trail of drool ran from her lip. She had nothing to distract her from remembering the experience, every detail of his touch on her and in her, her utter helplessness to stop him, her helplessness even to want to stop him. Her need to be used that way again. She couldn’t control it.

Dissociating in her fantasies, she barely even noticed when Dr. Lieson entered the room. She certainly noticed when rough hands forced her down to her knees. Heart pounding, mouth open, Adria was again an object ready and craving to be penetrated.

Dr. Lieson tested the doll’s new oral response. The doll’s mouth was largely satisfactory now, sucking and bobbing on his cock with robotic, automatic vigor. However, its teeth occasionally scraped his shaft. That wouldn’t do. After finishing, Dr. Lieson rummaged through the drawers until he found another nasal spray bottle he’d received from his industry contact at Alsen&Alsen. His contact had given him quite specific instructions for this patient.

Humming to himself, Dr. Lieson administered the needed medication. The doll sneezed and he gave it a couple more sprays for good measure. That should take care of its annoying scratchy teeth, though the process would take a few days.

* * *

Adria blinked in the dark. It felt like she’d been sleeping, only she was standing up? Her legs were sore—how long had... how long had...

Oh, god, it came crashing back to her. Oh, god, Oh, god.

Relief flooded her when she tried to move and was finally able to. Where was she? Was she still in the exam room? There was a light coming under the door, enough to barely see. Adria fumbled for the light switch.

The nipple clamps were still on, but apparently her body had grown used to their stimulation and it wasn’t enough to freeze her anymore. She had to... she had to get them off...

She was afraid of what might happen if she touched them. Sure enough, when she unclipped the left one, she was overcome with a rush of feeling as blood returned to her tortured tip. And she was stuck in place, clamp in hand, mouth parting in a fuckable O, eyes frozen in a surprised stare.

It only lasted a couple minutes. Adria took a deep breath and removed the other clamp, to the same result. For a moment she had the urge to put the clamps back on, just to feel it again. So stupid. She licked her lips.

Instead she put the clamps in her purse, which was in the corner. She wouldn’t use the clamps on herself, no way. She would... definitely throw them out as soon as she got home. Okay. Probably.

Adria dressed and left the darkened exam room. She found her way back to the reception desk, which was unmanned and dimly lit. She suppressed a fleeting, irrational feeling of disappointment that there was no one at the desk to fuck her and use her body. Her nipples were still very sore, hard, and irritated from the clamps.

Adria was slightly afraid the doors would be locked, but they did open from the inside. Adria got out to the parking lot without incident. It appeared to be the middle of the night.

* * *

Adria took an absolutely massive, gut-busting shit when she got home. She’d never pooped so much in her life. It was so abnormal she briefly wondered if this was yet another thing wrong with her.

She sent an email to her boss apologizing for missing work. She had only asked for the morning off to see the doctor, but she’d been gone all day. “Due to unexpected medical issues,” she said. He wouldn’t fire her for just that.

She didn’t feel like eating any dinner so she went straight to bed.

To be continued...