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Synopsis: girls are joining a new group that has sinister plans

The Society

Colin Coleman pulled his car up and switched off the ignition. He reached over to the passenger seat and picked up his binoculars. Colin was a private investigator and now he was investigating again, only this time it was personal.

Through the spy-glasses he saw his sister Colleen with Becky Flint as they approached Morgana Fay’s house.

Becky was his girlfriend of four years. Only just the previous night Colin was in bed with Becky. She sucked his cock. She still loved it, the feeling of giving satisfaction. She took him in her and drank him down when he released in her.

Then as they held each other he mentioned how odd his sister had become. He couldn’t define it. Just something strange. Becky had noted that co-incidentally Colleen had asked her to help her shop. Colin thought this was odd too. Colleen had never liked Becky.

Colin was suspicious too, but Becky didn’t share this suspicion—they were after-all practically sisters-in-law, despite Colleen’s animosity.

“Maybe she’s finally accepted me?” Becky had said. Colin decided not to say anything further… but it had lead him to follow them… to where they were now.

Now he watched them together. They weren’t at the shops! Colleen was practically dragging Becky up the footpath. “What the fuck are you up to?” he said as he looked at his sister and Becky.

The front door opened. Morgana stood there in a black hooded robe. She held her arms out in welcome. He had know of Morgana since she arrived in town two months ago. She had caused quite a sensation—her gothic appearance, and outlandish demeanour.

Becky seemed even more reluctant as Morgana appeared there. Morgana’s hand touched Becky’s forehead

“Fuck, what was that!” Colin said as a light seemed to burst from Morgana’s hand. He was blinded for a second; it was that intense.

Suddenly, he noticed, Becky stood still. She was no longer struggling

Morgana stepped aside and Becky walked in. As Morgana spun to the side, her robe opened a little. “Fuck!” Colin gasped as he saw her naked thighs. She was clean shave around her vagina. He had to admit she was hot

Morgana stood and ushered Colleen in as well and then followed them inside. The front door shut.

Colin made a vocal note on his device. He recorded his observations; noted the time.

An hour later the door opened. Becky and Colleen emerged. Colin grabbed his binoculars.”Shit” he gasped. Becky and Colleen were holding hands. They turned to wave goodbye to Morgana

As she stood there her robe opening to again reveal her nakedness underneath.

Becky smiled. Colleen smiled

Colin did a U-turn and went over to Becky’s house. Only, she didn’t go home. He checked her phone—he could track it. She was at Colin’s home.

Colin called and she ignored it.

He tried calling again as he started to dive there.

He returned to his home.

At twenty-four Colin still lived at home with his mom Julia. Julia was just under fifty. His sister Colleen was in college, but locally. She commuted from home to school every day of term.

Julia was at the moment staying with his own sister Lisa, so Colin and Colleen had the home to themselves; adult siblings who didn’t get in each other’s way.

Colin drove up his drive-way. Becky’s car was still out on the street and Colleen’s car was in his space in the carport.

He checked his tracker again to confirm Becky was there too.

He opened the door. Immediately he heard moaning. “What the fuck?” he gasped

“Oh, Colleen!” Becky cried out

“Becky? Is that you?” he called up the stairs

“Shit!” he heard Colleen cry

He charged up the stairs just in time to glimpse his naked sister slams the bedroom door…

“Colleen? Becky?” he called

“Go away!” Colleen cried out

“Becky? Are you in there?

“Fuck off!” Colleen yelled

“Becky?” he called again “Are you in there?”

He heard a bit of a commotion too, all this time. He banged on the door

Suddenly the bedroom door opened

Becky stood there, her shirt hanging out of her jeans. Behind her Colleen was balancing on one leg as she pulled her own pants up.

“What do you want?” Becky asked coldly

“Becky? Are you alright?”

“Of course I am!” she said

“You and I were supposed to meet up at your place…”

“Oh?” she said dispassionately “I must have forgotten”

Colin tried to look into the bedroom and Becky stepped out, blocking his view

“Can we talk, downstairs?”

“What about?” Becky asked, as if it was a really odd thing for Colin to request.

“Just about ‘stuff’” he said


“What do you mean ‘no’?” he gasped

“I mean—I do not want to talk to you” she said


“You heard her!” Colleen said, coming up behind and placing her arm around Becky’s waist. Colin noticed that his sister seemed overly familiar now

Becky turned and stepped back into the bedroom with Colleen. Colleen smiled snuggly at her brother as she closed the door in his face. She locked the door.

“Fuck you’re brother’s a pest” Becky said

“Don’t I know it” Colleen said, “Come here…”

Colin couldn’t believe it. He went to his bedroom and grabbed his drone. He flew it so he could see with the camera into his sister’s bedroom

There on the bed Becky lay with her knees up on her chest, and her jeans rolled up revealing her now shaven pussy

Colleen was between Becky’s legs, eating that pussy. Colin was aghast. He hadn’t picked his sister for a lesbian and he knew his girlfriend wasn’t—especially as she and two friends had attacked a lesbian class-mate back in high school

But there she was, on her back; his sister slurping at her slit

Colin recorded this.

He called up Mark Flint—Becky’s brother. “Mark, I need to speak to you right away”

“I’m in the middle of something” Mark said

“When can I see you?”


“Sure. Sure” Mark said as he put the phone down

“Who was that?” Susan asked

“Just a guy I knew back in high school—I think he’s dating my sister”

“Oh” Susan said “Don’t stop!” she demanded as Mark slid his cock back up her asshole

She took the phone off him and turned it off and threw it onto the floor


“Don’t stop!” she gasped as she pulled him down into her.

“Fuck” Colin said, not knowing what to do.

He gathered his notes, and the videos and put them in an envelope and marked it to Mark.

He went down to the street and walked across to the post office and dropped it in the mail

When he came back Colleen and Becky were there in his room, trashing it

“What the fuck?” he growled

“We know you’ve been spying on the goddess!” Becky screamed

“What the fuck are you talking about?”

“Where is it?” Colleen growled

“Fucking stop that!” he yelled as his sister picked up his laptop. He went to grab her when Becky grabbed him

She held his arm in her left hand. He couldn’t move. She smiled. With his other hand he tried to free himself. Her one hand held him no matter how much weight he put on it

Colleen smashed the laptop

“Stop that you crazy…!”

Suddenly Becky squeezed on his wrist. He felt the bone grinding against bone. He cried out in pain

“You’ve been spying on us you fucking male!” Colleen screamed as she made a lunge at his digital camera

“Please… you’re hurting me…”

He punched Becky in the side. He heard a floating rib crack. She cried in pain and released him.

Colleen turned around to assist Becky. She squeezed her breasts and white fluid shot out onto his face, only it wasn’t milk

Colin screamed in agony as his skin burned

Becky now did the same. They sprayed him with their poison.

* * *

In the morning Mark rang Colin. There was no response. He decided to go over. “I’m coming too!” Susan said

“You sure?”

“Yeah…” she smiled as she raced him to his car.

Mark drove over to Colin’s house. “Stay in the car” he said

“No chance” she smiled

He pressed the doorbell. He pressed it again

“No one’s home?” he said

Susan stepped back and looked up “No… I can see the curtains move!”

“Try it again” she added

Becky opened the door in a nightdress. “Becky!” Mark gasped surprised to see her there

“Is Colin in?”

“Colin had an accident” Becky said

“What?” he gasped “When?”

“Last night…”

“I was just speaking to him last night…”

“Yeah” Becky said as she fought to hold her silk kimono closed. She noticed Susan and suddenly smiled

“Who’s this?”

“This is Susan, my girl…”

“Fiancee” Susan interpreted

“Look, what happened?” Mark asked

“It was a car accident”

“A car accident?”

“Yeah… he got badly burned…cops couldn’t recognise his face—it was like it had melted… they were able to identify him by his wallet… look…”Becky continued “Why don’t you come in…” she said, only looking at Susan.

“Um…” Mark began

“Please, I’d really like to get to know this beautiful young woman …”

“Ah…” Mark said… He began to feel a little ill at east

“Say, who’s this?” Colleen said, coming to the door wearing only panties

Now Susan sensed something wrong too. She didn’t know Becky, but she knew that Becky was in a relationship with Colin. And standing there with another woman didn’t seem to be behaviour that matched what she knew.

“Please, come in….” Colleen said

“No, maybe another time…” Mark said

“I insist” Colleen said

She turned to Becky and Becky nodded

Becky lunged at Susan and grabbed her. She wrestled her quickly spinning her around she brought her hand up over Susan’s mouth, gagging her and holding her in a powerful lock

“Let her go!” Mark spat.

Colleen lunged at Mark. She punched him sending him flying backwards, knocking him out.

“Move her head” Colleen said. Becky forced Susan to bend over.

Colleen drew forward and pushed a nipple into Susan’s mouth. She squeezed her breast. Becky held Susan’s nose in a pinch forcing her to swallow.

She fell unconscious.

Mark woke with a terrible headache

He looked around. He ran into the house calling for Susan. He could not find her

He tried her phone.

In a panic he looked around, then drove around the block.

He called the police

They were unresponsive. They didn’t believe his story about women attacking him and kidnapping his girlfriend

“I tell you it’s true!” he cried on the phone (they wouldn’t even send someone out)

“Mr Flint!”, Detective Krista Scholl said “We can’t do anything until 24hrs has passed anyway”

“I don’t fucking believe this”

“Call us in 24hrs” she said and hung up

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” he spat

Mark rushed home. Just as he arrived home the postman dropped off a large envelop. The return address was Colin.

Mark opened it in haste and was confronted by a wave of evidence of something awry that hours earlier he would have dismissed.

* * *

“Wha?” Susan gasped trying to regain her senses “Where am I?”

“You’re with the goddess” Becky smiled, now naked

Susan realised that she was also naked. She was lying on what might have been an altar. She sat up. Her head swooned

“What happened?”

“You tasted the milk of the goddess” Becky smiled, “It’s deadly to men, but to sisters… it’s… ambrosia”

“I… where? Where’s Mark?”

“Don’t talk about that cock!” Becky spat, “Men are vile. They are filth”

“What?” Susan said, her head still throbbing. She felt like she had a terrible headache.

Suddenly two large heavy doors opened. Morgana strode in, naked. She was followed by a gaggle of naked women. Some were young, some old.

“Is the gift ready to be given?” Morgana said

“Yes, my mistress” Becky said

“What? Who are you?”

“I am you mistress” Morgana said

“You’re fucking craz…” she began when Morgana touched her on the forehead

There was a blinding white light

Suddenly Susan felt warm. She felt safe. She smiled

She lay back and opened her legs

Her vagina grew moist. Her pussy lips glistened

A couple of women stepped forward, moving compliant legs they shaved Susan’s snatch.

Morgana watched approvingly

Susan felt she was on a warm high.

She couldn’t help but smile too

They shaved her and she simply lay there allowing them.

Morgana looked around at her minions who now formed a naked circle. “Sisters” she said “Men are vile”

“Men are vile” they chanted (other than Susan who lay there with a stupid smile on her face)

“Men are not needed”

“Men are not needed”

“The sisterhood is all”

“The sisterhood is all”

“You will worship me”

“We worship you”

Morgana looked around. Each woman had a clit engorged about two inches, now protruding like a micro-penis

The women started to play with themselves, strumming their buds

Morgana turned and climbed onto the altar. She moved up over Susan and offered her own engorged clit to Susan

“Feed” she commanded

Susan smiled obediently, content

* * *

Mark went over to Susan’s house. Her car was there. He pounded on the door. It took a while but eventually Susan answered

She was naked.

“Susan?” he gasped “Are you alright?”

“Why wouldn’t I be?” she smiled

“Can I come in?”

“NO!” she growled “Absolutely not!”

“But why not?”

“Fuck off out of my life” Susan said “I don’t want to see you ever again?”

“But Susan!?!?”

“I said “Fuck off”!”

“Who is that?” Becky called as she strode up naked behind Susan

“What? What have you done to Susan?”

“Nothing you pile of shit!” Becky growled “You piece of male scum!”

“Let mei in!” Mark insisted

“Tell him…” Becky said

“Fuck off” Susan smiled

“Im coming in…!” Mark charged through

Becky looked at Susan. Susan nodded she began to massager her breasts. Small drops of fluid formed like white beads on the end of her nipples

Becky closed the door as Mark began screaming

* * *


Detective Krista Scholl was on the phone to Beverly Hammond of the local Evening Standard. “Yes, another car accident” she said

“Another one?”

“Yes, and the driver’s face burned beyond recognition…”

“That’s so sad” Bev said “This will make tomorrow’s publication”

“Very well” the cop said as she hung up the phone

The police officer looked across her desk at her colleague—the newly promoted Sgt. Wanda Short.

“Such a shame” Wanda said as she felt her breasts

“Yes” Krista laughed too as she too felt her breasts. She squeezed one, directing the stream into a cup

Wanda drank her own one

They laughed…

The End