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The Son Also Rises

Karen vacuumed the living room. She then looked proudly at the neat space. Everything in its place. She was house-proud.

She caught a glimpse of her reflection in the glass cabinet at the end of the room. She stopped to admire her naked body.

She was forty-five. Her body was however tight, and trim; part of her intensive exercise program. She admired herself, then feeling over her body she felt the bristles of pubes. “No” she spat. “This will not do”.

Karen made her way upstairs to the bathroom and took the razor and prepared to shave herself. She needed to keep herself looking ‘fresh’. It was one of the ‘rules’ of the house. The house rules are what she lived by.

Afterwards she checked herself out properly in the bathroom mirror. Her Irish-dark hair hung down to the small of her back. Her eyes flashed bright and blue. She looked about, making sure she was clean.

A chime from the grand-father clock downstairs made her check the hour. “Shit!” she said as she saw it was four.

A small chill of nerves made her shiver. There was still a tiny part of her that dreaded this time of day. She knew what was coming and she felt ashamed.

She looked out the front curtains and saw the car pull up into the drive-way. Kirk, her son, and Louise her daughter got out of the car.

There was Simona Smith, their neighbour at the drive-way edge. She watched as her son went over to speak to her.

Louise came inside

“Hey, mom” she called

“Up here, honey” Karen said

Louise raced up the stairs and saw her naked mom looking out the window.

“What’s up, mom?” Louise asked as she joined her mom’s side.

“I’m just watching Kirk talking to Simona”

“Ah, yes” Louise said, “I think he fancies her…”

“You don’t thin…?”


“He’s going to rape her too?”

“He might…” Louise smiled as she undressed.

“I don’t want her joining us” Karen said

“It’s not up to you, or I” Louise said, “Is it now?”

“No… I suppose not” Karen said. It was not up to them. Kirk was their master.

Louise kicked off her panties.

“Look at the mess!” Karen tutted as she went and picked her daughter’s clothes up. “You could put these away!” she said

She looked now at her naked daughter, who as checking out her own vagina.

“Is everything okay, honey?” Karen asked, a little concerned

“Sure, Mom” Louise said, “I’m just on the rag at the moment” she said as she pulled a soiled tampon from out of her vagina.

“Now don’t throw that on the floor”

“I’m not a pig, mom!” Louise snorted as she went over to the dresser and took out another packet.

“But as I’m on the rag, Kirk’s been up my asshole all day” Louise said to her mom

“Are you okay?”

“Just a little sore, mom…” Louise smiled, “You know he’s got such a big cock”

“Yes…” Karen said, wistfully thinking of her son’s huge cock inside her. It made her nipples harden.

She also knew that when Kirk came in he’d probably want to fuck her. She grew a little wet just thinking about that.

The front door slammed

Louise went to the top of the stairs, and then came back to her mom. “He’s got Simona!” Louise said excitedly.

“Mom! Louise!” Kirk called, “Come here”

Louise and her mom, naked, went downstairs to see Kirk

“What the hell?” Simona said seeing her neighbours come down the stairs naked

“Hello, Simona” Karen said, “We’ve met before” she said as she offered her hand

“What’s going on here?” Simona asked

“My mom and sister are my slaves” Kirk said

“Your what?”

“My sex slaves” Kirk said, “I made them obey me”

“This is fucking weird”

“And now you’re going to join them…”

“You’re kidding” Simona scoffed.

“It will be so good to have you join us” Louise said as she drew close to her brother. She slid her hand down the front of his pants.

Karen moved up along the other side

Simona thought that they were all on drugs

“You people are sick!”

“Take off your dress” Kirk said

“What the fuck…?” Simona spat as she found herself undressing, “Hey! What’s going on?”

“You are going to be my slave” Kirk said, “I told you”

“Stop this!” Simona said as she threw her dress to the ground

“Now your bra and panties!” he said

“No… hey!” Simona cried as she unclipped her bra

“Once I’ve taken you…” Kirk smiled, “I’m going to have you call your daughters over so I can fuck them too…”

“No! Never!” Simona spat as she pulled her panties off.

She stood there trembling, covering her nakedness

“Don’t cover yourself” he said

She suddenly dropped her arms to her sides.

“Please…” she cried, confused.

Louise had her brother’s pants off now and she sucked him. Karen knelt down behind him and licked his ass-hole.

“Help me!” Simona yelled out, “Help!”

“Be quiet” he said

Suddenly Simona’s mouth slammed shut. She murmured her fear and tried to prize her own mouth open with her fingers, but it was like it was locked shut.

“You can speak…” he said, “Only you’ll not try and call for help… understand?”

“Yes” she said

“Call me Master”

“Yes, Master” she said. She realised she’d said this… “Please, how are you doing this, Master?” she cried

“I have these powers…” Kirk smiled,” passed on from my dad…”


“Enough of this…” Kirk said, “Come, suck my cock”

“No” she cried, but still stepped forward and got to her knees.

“Out of the way, Louise” he said

Louise stood up and stepped back, a little annoyed that she would not be allowed to continue to suck her brother’s penis. “Please” Simona cried as she took his cock and her mouth opened up over it… her protests were muffled; gagged as she took him into her mouth. She cried as she compliantly sucked him.

“Simona?” he said

She stopped and looked up at him

“Yes, Master?” she asked… “Please, Master… I mean… Master… I…. “ she tried to voice her protests but she was compelled to call him Master “Please, Master… stop making me do this…”


“Yes, Master”

“You enjoy sucking my cock”

“Yes… I mean nnnn… Yes” she said


She took him back into her mouth. She loved the feel of his shaft in her mouth. She ran her tongue down his length and then sucked the tip.

She cried as she sucked, a part of her wanted to leave, but now she wanted to suck him. She’d never wanted cock in her mouth like this before.

“Oh, fuck, mom” he gasped as he felt his mom’s tongue dig up into his anus.

Her tongue was long and it stabbed him.

It was enough to go over the edge and he erupted into Simona’s mouth. She cried as she felt him shooting in her a big load of cum.

He pulled out of her turned and finished on his mom. Karen’s mouth greedily ate his jizz

“Kirk” Louise whined

“What is it, Sis?”

She pointed to the floor where Simona had opened her mouth and let his jizz out.


“Yes, Master”

“Did I give you permission to do that?”

“No, Master” she said…. “But I’m not swallowing your filth”

“Yes you will” he said, “Eat it up”

“Yes, Master” she said, “Please…” she cried as she bent over and started licking at the pool of semen on the floor “Please…. don’t make me” she cried as she lapped at the sperm on the floor “Please, this is disgusting…” she cried as she continued to eat the man-cream.

Karen sucked her son clean and then he turned to make sure that Simona had not missed any of his cum.


“Yes, Master” she said

“You will always swallow my cum”

“Yes, Master” she said, “Please I… I don’t want to…”

“Say it…”

“I will always swallow your cum, Master”

“You love my cum”

“Yes, I love your cum, Master”, and she did. She now enjoyed licking it up. A part of her mind screamed it was not right.

When she was done she got up on her haunches. She was actually awaiting now his next instructions…

“Now I want you to fuck my sister”

“Nooo…. please, Master” she whimpered, as, still on her knees she waddled over to Louise.

Louise smiled wickedly as Simona drew near.

“Eat me!” she said as she held her pussy open. She dripped with juice.

“Nnnnn” Simona groaned as she buried her face into Louise’s hairless hot snatch.

“You want to fuck her” he said over the top. “You like the taste of my sister’s pussy”

Suddenly Simona loved the taste of Louise. She enjoyed lapping at the younger woman’s hot fleshy lips.

Louise herself was delighted—but not because of the feeling between her legs—it was because she was pleasing her brother, her Master by having Simona eat her.

Kirk loved the feel of his mom’s tongue inside his ass. He even let her put a finger in. She massaged his prostate and he got hard again. He went to Louise. He spun her around. She knew where he was going. He pounded her asshole.

His sister cried out for joy when he came in her sphincter. Then he made Simona clean it all out… only now Simona loved the taste of his sperm.

Afterwards all four sat down to dinner. Karen had that day prepared a nice meatloaf. “We are going to be a family” he said to Simona

“I have my own family, Master” she said, still unable to address him any other way.

“We are your family now” he said

“Yes, Master”

They made love after dinner, upstairs in the main bedroom. The master bedroom had been changed… all the furniture had been removed and a whole lot of mattresses covered the floor. It was like one very large bed. It was, Kirk planned, necessary for the harem he was making.

It was about 2am that Simona woke up. She’d been fucked in all her holes. She’d licked out Karen’s anus and eaten Louise’s pussy. She trembled at how easy she’d obeyed Kirk. A part of her wanted to just cry… but she knew she had to get away.

Kirk had told her of the powers his father had. He was some kind of god. And yet, not immortal. He’d lived thousands of years, but eventually he passed on, and then his powers became Kirk’s. Kirk had felt it, the power coursing through his body. And he liked it. He’d raped him mom, and then his sister, and made them his. He’d done it in a fashion far faster than with Simona. With he was stringing it out, both because he was testing the limits of his power, and it amused him to have a part of her still aware that what she was doing.. she could not help doing.

Now all Simona could do was carry out her night-time escape.

She stayed still; lying as she listened intently. They were asleep. She sat up. She was naked. She got quietly to her feet—having mattresses on the floor made for a muffled track across to the door.

She snuck down the stairs and went to the front door. When she reached for it her arm suddenly became limp. She tried to move it but it wouldn’t work, as if it was paralysed

She stepped back a step and her arm suddenly worked again. She reached for the door again and it fell limp. She tried her other arm and the same thing happened. Then she remembered he’d told her “You cannot leave here”. Try as she might her body would not obey her, it obeyed him.

She went to the phone and the same thing happened to her arms each time she tried to pick up the phone. “You will not call for help” he had said to her.

Then she had an idea; a literal interpretation. She decided she would NOT call for help, but rang her daughter Jane to speak to her. She prepared it in her mind… “I am not calling for help” she thought to herself

The phone rang a few times…


“Hi, mom?” Jane gasped, “What time is it?”

“Nevermind…” Simona said “I need to see that YOU are okay…?”

“I’ve been asleep. What did you think I was up to no good at this time?”

“Yes” Simona said

“Is something the matter?”

“I…” and then Simona’s mouth closed over. She cursed the fact she could not keep her mind disciplined. She knew she really wanted to escape and now her body obeyed the house rule. She tried to speak. She could only murmur

“Mom?” Jane asked, sitting up “What’s wrong?”

Simona could only make sounds

“Where are you?”

Simona continued to make sounds.

She looked up and saw Karen there. Karen walked over and took the phone from her and hung it up.

“I…I didn’t call for help…” Simona said

“My son is your Master” Karen reminded her

“Yes, he is my Master”

“If I find you’ve tried to endanger him I’ll kill you”

“How sweet” Simona said sarcastically. She admired maternal protection but not in this case.

“Are you coming back to bed?”

“I’m going to make myself something” Simona lied.

Karen eyed her suspiciously.

Simona turned and went into the ktichen. She shivered a little, naked in the cool morning air.

She listened to Karen going back up the stairs

She snuck back out and waited by the front door.

“What do you think the matter is?” Jane asked

“I don’t know…” Beth said to her sister, “But I’ve got my ‘special’” she added fingering her .38 in her purse. Jane lived a few doors from her sister and had picked her up. They only were a short way away from their old family home

The two sisters drove up the driveway to their house and went inside. Simona wasn’t there.

They looked around everywhere for her.

Then Beth noticed in the dark next door’s front porch light flashing.

Simona has almost got blisters on her fingers as she flicked the switch on and off, on and off, on and off. Ever since she saw her daughters drive up.

She also guessed that they would be armed. She and her late husband had taught them how to look after themselves.

Beth and Jane stood out the front of their mom’s neighbour’s house. And now the lights were flashing a lot.

“What do you think?”

“It’s Morse Code” Beth said suddenly realising a pattern.

“S-I-M-O-N-A, S-M-I-T-H” Jane read out the letters

“It’s mom!”

Jane went up to the door. She banged on it with the ball of her fist.

Simona tried again to get the door but her arm failed her again.

She tried to call out for help, but her mouth would not work to those ends. She tried to think of how to get them to help, but not break the house rules.

She went back to flickering the light in a code.

Jane beat on the door harder.

“What the fuck’s going on?” Kirk asked as he came down the stairs.

He saw Simona there “What are you doing?”

“I’m trying to escape” she said, unable to lie to him. She cursed this

“Oh, yeah?” he grinned as her heard someone pounding on the door

“Is our mom in there?” came one voice

“Let us in!” came the other

“And, who’s that?”

“Those are my daughters, Jane and Beth”

“Oh, I remember Beth…. same age as me!”

“Open up, or we’ll call the police”

“And how did you plan that they’d rescue you?”

“They’re both carrying” Simona said, then cursing the fact she had to confess to him

“Oh, I see” he smiled

“Well I’ve got news for you…” he said and then he gave her some more commands.

Jane and Beth were surprised when the door opened to see Kirk standing there naked.

“What seems to be the problem, ladies…?” he smiled

“Oh, hi Beth” he said to his old school acquaintance

“Where’s our mother?”

“She’s in here” Kirk said “But she doesn’t want to come out”

“Let us see her”

“Sure..” he smiled “Simona you dumb cunt, come here”

“Yes” she said. She went to the door

The daughters were equally surprised to see their mom standing there naked

“Mom!” Jane said, “Are you okay”

“Yes” Simona said

“See…” Kirk smiled

“Shut the fuck up!” Beth said suddenly drawing her gun “You think this is funny?”

“Oooo” Kirk grinned stepping back and throwing his hands up defensively.

“Mom…” Jane began

“I… I can’t leave here…” she said

“Why, what’s happening?

“I… I…I can’t tell you” Simona cried, “Only I can’t leave here”

Beth stepped in still brandishing the gun. Kirk moved backwards, eyeing her

Jane followed but went to her mom.

Her mom had scratches on her body and was dirty.

“What have they done to you?” Jane cried a she hugged her mom.

As she held her mom Beth lowered her gun. She was caught in his eyes. She dropped the gun.

Jane looked up to see her sister turned around, with a blank look on her face.

“Beth… what the fuck are you doing?”

“It’s okay” Simona said as she pulled away from Jane. She went to the door and closed it and locked it

“What the hell is happening?” Jane said, “Beth?”

“My master loves me, I love my master” she said in a monotone voice as she began to undress.

Jane reached under her coat and pulled her own weapon out.

Simona joined Beth and helped her undress.

“What are you doing?”

“I cannot escape” Simona said, “I told you…”

“Serving the master is all I want to do” Beth said

Jane raised her gun. Immediately Simona and Beth stood in her way.

“Get out of the way”

“Put the gun down” he said

Jane suddenly dropped it.

“What the fuck?”

“Stay still…” he said as she went to bend down and pick the gun back up

She found herself rooted to the spot

“What the hell’s happening to me?”

“Shhhh” he said

And then her mouth closed over

“I want you to watch this…” he smiled as he took Beth and bent her over

Beth’s pale ass flesh was soft to his touch. He pushed towards the wink of an eye that was her anus.

“Fuck she’s got a tight asshole” he said as he pushed into her

“Ooooo” Beth sighed as she was penetrated there for the first time. “Oh, yessss, Master”

“You’re going to be next” Simona said, patting Jane affectionally

Jane cried

“We are going to be a family” she smiled, wiping the tears off her daughter’s cheeks.

“Oh, fuck my ass” Beth groaned.

“Are we missing out?” Karen said as she and Louise came down, sleepily.

“You’re going to want to join in” Simona said as she went up to Louise and Karen and embraced them.

The three kissed and caressed, and then fingers penetrated each other’s pussies.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” Beth gasped as her Master rode her

Jane could only watch.

Nervously a small amount of wee ran down her inner thigh.

There was nothing else she could do.

The End