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Son of Sleep — Chapter 3


The grass was soft and tickled at the soles of Hypnos’s feet as he shoved the dryad up against a tree and slid inside of her from behind. Beneath his fingers, her skin was hard and a little rough, but he reveled in the unique sensation. A soft breeze stirred the forest around them, and he could hear the bubbling of the nearby stream at the edge of his senses.

The tree spirit moaned, her fingers scratching at the trunk, and murmured, “Yesss, my lord… Take me as hard as you like.”

Hypnos tightened his jaw and sped up, admiring how the woman’s body, while supple and slim, had the strength and sturdiness to withstand whatever punishment he threw at it.

I wonder what Mariah’s skin feels like… he suddenly wondered, then scowled internally. In the past few days Hypnos had come to terms with the fact that Mariah wasn’t going to leave his mind, but he still didn’t like the image of his sexy assistant butting in every time he fucked another woman. After all, he couldn’t just pine after her like some foolish mortal — he had an image to maintain among the Olympians… and an insatiable libido.

At his feet, the nymph moaned and continued to suckle at the dryad’s clit. Her tongue lashed, and Hypnos could feel it on the underside of his cock every time he pulled back before ramming inside of the dryad once again.

“Fuck…” he grunted, feeling his balls tightening. He’d been fucking these two for almost an hour, the skilled pair taxing even his immortal stamina and endurance.

The dryad felt his cock swelling inside of her and pushed back against him, her round, muscular ass slapping against his hips with every pounding thrust. “Oh gawd…” she groaned, and the god felt her already-tight pussy clench around him as she came again.

He wondered, for a brief moment, if it was possible to get splinters from fucking a tree spirit, but he quickly discarded the thought. Too late to worry about it now, anyway. Leaning forward, the god of sleep wrapped his hands around the dryad’s thighs and lifted her into the air.

Her hands still pressed firmly against the tree before her, she was now being held parallel to the forest floor while Hypnos pounded her tight slit with his thrusting cock. His muscles flexed, but his strength held.

Throwing back his head, the chiseled god powered into her over and over, his eyes closing as he lost himself in the heat of the moment and the tight confines of her lithe body.

“I’m close,” he grunted, eyes twitching open as he felt the unstoppable tidal wave rising up inside of him. He plunged into the dryad once, twice, thrice…

Then, he stepped back, sliding out of her volcanic pussy and tossing her to one side.

The tree spirit landed gracefully on the grass and rolled, coming to a stop on her back with her body still trembling from the powerful sensations of Hypnos’ masterful cock. Her eyes clenched shut as her muscles spasmed and relaxed, a final orgasm shuddered through her.

Before she even hit the ground, the god of sleep was turning his attention to the other minor nature deity.

The nymph hardly had time to meet his deep, compelling gaze before he was parting her lips with his cock. She gurgled in surprise and then relaxed, her eyes glazing over as she fell into his entrancing eyes.

“That’s a good girl…” Hypnos groaned, gripping her by the sides of her head and thrusting down her throat. This was no mortal woman, and so he felt no need to be gentle as he fucked her face, bottoming out in her throat with every plunging movement.

The woman, whose skin was the pale blue of a clear morning sky, spread her entrance open with one hand while the other thrust wantonly inside of her. Her thumb circled her clit and she moaned in ecstasy while her lips stretched wide to accommodate the god’s girth. Her eyes, a deep, dark blue, were empty and thoughtless as she gave herself over to the sensations.

“I’m cumming…” the god of sleep grunted calmly, burying himself one final time in the nymph’s hot, willing mouth. His balls tightened and then his cock twitched and he was over the edge, his spurting length sending rope after rope of cum deep into the nymph’s belly.

She swallowed, her throat massaging his shaft and milking every last drop of spunk from his body.

Finally, he stepped back, his deflating cock slipping between her full lips and hanging free in the balmy air. Hypnos stood panting above her, the nymph’s obedient, entranced gaze staring up into his own.

The god of sleep admired his handiwork. Fucking hot, he thought. After thousands of years, he still never got tired of seeing the thoughtless, subservient look in the eyes of a freshly fucked immortal woman.

With a wave of his hand, the nymph awoke. She immediately climaxed again as a fresh wave of electric sensations shot through her body, crumpling to the grass and mewling with satisfaction.

For a brief, strange, moment, Hypnos wondered how his son Alex was doing. How the boy is adjusting to his new gift? Then, he shook his head and frowned. Sentimentalism was not like him. The god had had children before and forgotten them. This boy would be no different.

Hypnos’s charming, rakish grin reappeared. Shooting a glance from one prone, satisfied nature spirit to the other, he nodded with vindication. Getting hung up on Mariah was just a momentary lapse. He hadn’t lost his touch.

“A pleasure, ladies,” he murmured, before turning and walking away.

A pair of satiated sighs was his only answer.

Then, between one step and the next, the Ancient Greek god of sleep was back in his home above the clouds. He had a new bounce in his step and a smile on his lips. It was good to be a god.


Paige couldn’t believe how much I had looked forward to detention.

“You’re insane,” she’d told me, giving me a look of confusion as I’d practically bounced up and down in my seat during our English class. “Sure, Ms. King is hot stuff, but it’s not like you get to just sit and leer at her for two hours.”

I had shrugged, not answering. I’ll be doing a lot more than just looking, I thought with a satisfied smirk.

“I still don’t even know what you got detention for, anyway,” Paige pressed, obviously noticing my smile and giving me a concerned look. “Since you’ve gotten back from the suspension you’ve been different. More rebellious.”

Right, I thought. Because I was supposed to be totally fine with the fact that the school blamed me when someone else played porn on the projector during assembly. I just shrugged again. “Maybe I have.” I avoided her gaze.

“I’m a little worried about you, Alex. That’s all,” she said, putting a hand on my elbow. “Is something wrong?”

I met her eyes now, and I shook my head with a sincere look on my face. “No, Paige. Everything is fine.” More than fine, I silently added. Because I found out that I’m the son of a god.

That thought had tided me over through the school day. Even when Jared Butler, my usual tormentor, had come up to me by my locker for his daily dose of derision, I had just looked him in the eye as I reminded myself, I fucked your girlfriend yesterday in the women’s bathroom and have a video of myself cumming all over her slutty face.

It wasn’t as if he could read my thoughts, but my calm, casual demeanor obviously threw him off, and the varsity quarterback had walked off after only a few weak remarks.

Now, sitting in an almost-empty classroom with Barbara King — the school’s new sexy, lesbian mathematics teacher — I found it almost impossible to contain my delight.

The situation was perfect. I had been worried that there might have been someone else in the detention with me, but it seemed that everyone else at school had been perfect little angels the past day or two.

So I sat at a desk, deprived of my phone and any other form of entertainment, while Barbara King sat behind the teacher’s desk in a swivel chair and read on her Kindle. Finally, just when I was about to stand up and set my plan in motion, Ms. King glanced over my way and then sighed, putting her Kindle down on the desk.

“I’m going to the bathroom,” she told me sternly, her lip curling into a look of distaste as she met my eyes. She had given me the detention because she’d seen me walking out of the women’s bathroom yesterday morning. “You are going to sit right there until I get back.”

I nodded, casting my eyes down subserviently. Perfect, I thought gleefully. By the time you get back, I’ll be ready. Luckily, Ms. King hadn’t checked the bathroom after accosting me. If she had, she would have seen Paige and Hailey, my best friend and Jared’s cheerleader girlfriend both deeply entranced and cleaning up after I had fucked Hailey’s tight little body into submission.

But, right after the door swung shut behind the math teacher’s tight, round ass, I was moving.

* * *

When Barbara King returned, she found me sitting behind her desk in the swivel chair. Her eyes narrowed, her red lips tightening into a disapproving line.

“What do you think you’re doing, young man?” she asked, taking several steps forward. “Go back to your seat and accept your punishment before I go even further.”

What an uptight bitch, I thought to myself calmly. I didn’t respond, just turning back and forth a few inches to each side in the swivel chair.

“Alex…” The teacher’s tone was dangerous. “I’m warning you…” Then, as she took a few steps closer, she glanced down and suddenly realized that my belt, jeans and shoes were in a pile at her feet.

She looked back up at me, her lips parting in a shocked gasp, but before she could say anything I stood. My cock was hard as a rock, standing at attention and immediately capturing her focus. She opened her mouth to speak, but then her eyes locked onto my manhood and she dropped. Her eyes glazed over and her mouth fell open, her gaze fixed on my throbbing length as I slowly moved around the teacher’s desk.

I hopped up onto the edge, one leg dangling down and one hand holding my cock at the base and slowly moving it back and forth, side to side.

My teacher’s eyes followed. Back and forth, left and right… It reminded me of videos I’d seen of people being hypnotized, unable to resist as their eyes followed the pendulum and it drew them deeper and deeper into the trance.

“Now, Ms. King,” I told her, my voice strong and confident. “It’s time for this afternoon to really get started.”


Mariah was waiting for Hypnos as he strode into his massive living room, the beautiful brunette seated on one of the comfortable leather sofas and tapping the end of a pen pensively against her lush lips. Her usual grey suit was impeccable, as always, and was tailored to her figure to draw attention to her full breasts and fit physique.

Hypnos, of course, saw the pen and could only imagine Mariah’s mouth making a perfect O to accommodate his long, hard cock.

“How was your outing?” Mariah asked, eyes flashing mischievously as she rose to her feet.

Hypnos just grunted, pouting attractively and running his fingers through his dark, mussed curls. Why can’t she just fall all over herself trying to please me? he wondered moodily. No one else seems to have any problem with it.

The clipboard in her hand had several sheets clamped to it, and she began to flip through them.

Hypnos caught a glimpse of charts, to-do lists and columns of figures before he sighed and looked away, waiting for her to ask her inevitable questions.

“So, we have a logistical problem in China and India…” she began, launching the god of sleep into a half hour of dedicated decision-making.

Hmmph, Hypnos thought around the fifteen minute mark. Not even Zeus works this hard.

Of course, by the time India and China were abed it was time to plan for Africa, then Western Europe.

The pair sat down at a large table in the god of sleep’s dining room to confer, other assistants passing in and out of the room sporadically to drop off or pick up papers and reports, or to receive various assignments.

Finally, several hours of fruitful labor later, Hypnos leaned back in his chair and let out a slow breath. “That’s enough for today,” he said, a tone of finality in his voice.

Mariah looked up, brushing a stray hair from her face. “Are you sure?” she asked. “We still have the insomnia problem in the Hawaiian islands to deal with, and that’s just barely finishing the United States.”

Hypnos shook his head, leaning forward onto his forearms. Before he had met up with Mariah following his diverting morning with the two nature spirits, the god of sleep had donned a tight-fitting grey v-neck and a pair of clingy sweatpants to lounge in. The clothes clung to his muscular figure, and he saw Mariah unintentionally running her eyes down his body — from his dense, full biceps to his V-shaped torso where it disappeared beneath the table.

“Go out with me,” he said suddenly, fixing her with his most straightforward stare. “Let me take you out on a date. Dinner, a movie, something that mortals do these days…”

Mariah looked up, her expression surprised.

Hypnos admired her face, the way the light played across her defined cheekbones and lit up her eyes. “Come on,” he said, smiling playfully. “You’re being asked out by a literal god.”

“Who also happens to be my boss,” Mariah pointed out, finally gaining control of her features and regrouping into a neutral expression.

The god rolled his eyes. “I know that that doesn’t matter to you,” he said. “If it did, you would have said something before about me checking you out every couple minutes.” Hypnos wondered if he was being too straightforward. Maybe, in the past two decades since he’d been with a mortal woman, norms had changed and people suddenly needed to use innuendo and insinuation to say what they meant.

But Mariah just laughed softly.

Hypnos enjoyed the sound. There’s something about them, he reflected as he did. Mortals just sound different than immortals.

“You’re right,” Mariah told him. “I’m flattered, of course, that a god would consider asking me out on a date. But is it really a good idea? For you?”

Hypnos raised an eyebrow. “What do you mean?” he asked. This was a concern he had not expected.

Mariah shrugged. “You have a tendency to lose interest soon after something catches your attention. It’s like Divine ADHD. How do I know you won’t just decide I’m not worth it and fire me to keep things simple?”

Hypnos wasn’t sure how to answer.

Mariah chuckled at his apparent surprise. “I may not be the first to admit it,” she told him. “But it’s kind of fun working for a Greek god. And the pay is good,” she added. “You Olympians don’t have any idea of mortal currency, and you’re paying us great money. I don’t want to risk all that on some silly fantasy of yours about fucking a mortal woman.”

Ouch, though Hypnos, but he tried to take her perspective to heart. “I won’t fire you…” he said carefully, hoping that he was telling the truth. Do I really have Divine ADHD? he wondered.

Mariah eyed him carefully. “You promise?” she asked. “Swear on your power?”

Hmm… Hypnos thought. More observant than I realized, this one. “I swear on my power,” he said, hoping he wouldn’t regret invoking a god’s most potent oath. “I won’t just fire you after you go out with me. Even if I have Divine ADHD.”

Mariah considered.

“Unless you stop doing your job,” Hypnos added, covering his bases. “Then, of course, I will make sure to punish you quite severely.” He smirked, to let her know that he was mostly joking.

The human woman gave him a look. It lasted several seconds, but to the god of sleep it felt much longer. “All right,” Mariah said at last. “We’ll go out.”

Hypnos felt a strange sensation of accomplishment at her words, and immediately a thousand thoughts and plans began to fly through his immortal mind.

“But,” his assistant added, giving him a smirk that would have rivaled one of his own. “Don’t expect me to put out on the first date.”

Hypnos pouted cutely. “We’ll see about that.”

The woman just laughed and then gave him a thoughtful look. “Of course, you want to know what really turns me on?”

The god of sleep tried not to look too excited as he raised his eyebrows questioningly.

Mariah smiled playfully at him. “A good father.”

Hypnos narrowed his eyes and stood. “Hmmph,” he said sullenly, and walked out of the room, knowing that the mortal was grinning at his back.

I’m a great father, he told himself soothingly. Still… Maybe I could be a little more present for my son…


Barbara King was on her knees, her brown eyes wide and blank as she stared at my cock. I loved the look of utter emptiness in her face, her mind completely transfixed and under my control.

My prick was just inches in front of her face, and I could practically feel her breath on the sensitive head as I continued to move it left to right and back again.

“In a moment, Barbara,” I told her, my voice soft and soothing, “you’re going to suck my cock…”

Something stirred in her eyes, then, and a slight frown touched her expressionless face. “Suck… your cock…?” She sounded uncertain.

Luckily, I had anticipated some small amount of resistance.

“That’s right,” I told her matter-of-factly, struggling to control the exhilaration that was rising up in my chest. “You’re going to take my hard dick in that perfect little cocksucking mouth of yours and you’re going to suck it like it’s your favorite thing in the world…”

“But…” The math teacher was struggling, her body trembling as it tried to resist. “I don’t like men…” Her chest rose and fell, and I admired her cleavage in the blouse that was too tight to button all the way to the top over her massive tits.

“You don’t like men,” I agreed, and her shoulders relaxed slightly. I watched her breasts sink down as she let out a sigh of relaxation.

“I don’t like men…” she repeated, her voice smooth as she let go, her resistance fading away as I gave in to her preferences.

“But you like me,” I added with a smirk, springing my trap.

“Wait…” She sounded confused, her subconscious trying to remount the defense that she had just given up. “I… can’t…” But she was already sinking, my cock swaying back and forth and filling her mind.

“I’m not a man,” I told her. My father’s power surged through my cock and into her thoughts, capturing it and bending it to my will.

“Not a man…?” she sounded confused.

“I’m your master.” I explained, as if it made all the difference in the world.

“My…” she tried to struggle, but had gone too far. “Master…?”

“I am your master,” I said again. I watched as the last glimmer of resistance disappeared and her face relaxed.

Her tongue wet her lips, making them a shiny red in the overhead lights. “You are my master…”

I shivered at the sound of her words, at the sound of her submission. “That’s a good girl…” I told my teacher, leaning forward and running my hand through her wavy brunette hair.

She shuddered with pleasure at the praise.

“Now,” I ordered. “Suck your master’s cock like a good girl should…” As I spoke, my fingers tangled in her hair and pulled her forward.

Her lips parted instinctively, and then, before she could stop, my cock was sliding over her tongue and into her hot, wet mouth.

“Mmm…” Barbara moaned, her full, red lips making a seal around my shaft as she began to slowly bob her head up and down. Her tongue began to circle the head and one of her hands rose up to squeeze her breasts, tweaking a nipple through her blouse.

I suddenly realized that my teacher wasn’t wearing a bra.

I groaned as she leaned forward even further, the dam of her resistance shattered and her inhibitions totally subverted. She gobbled down my length like it was the most delicious thing she’d ever tasted, making up for her lack of experience with utter enthusiasm and focus.

“Ohfuckyeah…” I murmured, my head dropping back for a moment as I reveled in the sensation. Almost as good as the hot mouth bobbing up and down on my throbbing prick was the knowledge that it belonged to my stuck-up bitch of a teacher.

I let Barbara continue uninterrupted for several moments, glancing down and admiring the red of her lips as her lipstick rubbed off on my prick.

“Now, Barbara…” I finally said, leaning down and cupping her cheek with one hand.

She stopped but continued to stare at my cock, totally captivated, as I withdrew and let the tip hover just before her lips.

“Once again, you’re going to repeat after me. And remember, everything I say is absolutely true. Understood?” I watched her face, but there wasn’t a flicker of resistance. Her mind was totally gone, her only desire to obey my will.

“Yesss…” Her hands were on her body, my teacher so turned on by the thoughtless obedience that she couldn’t stop herself. One hand slipped up under her skirt and began to move, frantically trying to bring her to climax.

“Fuck you’re hot…” I murmured. “What a good little cocksucker you turned out to be…”

“I’m a good little cocksucker…” Barbara agreed, nodding slightly and wetting her lips. She leaned forward, opening her mouth. “Please, Master…”

“Good girl…” I told her, and I shuffled forward, releasing her face and letting her dive forward again and onto my cock with her eager mouth.

“Mmm…” Her moan of pleasure rocked my world.

“You love to suck my cock,” I told her.

Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked hard, slowly pulling back until I barely slipped from her lips.

“I love to suck your cock…” She meant it now, I could hear it in her voice. The husky shiver of arousal in her intonation sent a matching shiver down my spine as she began to bob up and down, only hesitating momentarily to repeat my words in a slow, monotone voice.

“You’ll suck my cock anytime I ask.”

“I’ll suck your cock anytime you ask, Master…”

I had a sudden vision of Barbara in the middle of class, her eyes going blank as she lowered herself to her knees and took my shaft deep down her hot throat. Fuckkk…

“You want to be a slut for me…”

Barbara slowed slightly. Her mouth popped off my wet dick. “A… slut…?”

“Yes, Barbara,” I told her. “You want to be a perfect little cocksucking slut for me…”

“I…” The feminist within her tried to rebel, but stood no chance. “Yesss…” Her surrender was a delight to watch as her face relaxed and her lips parted, an obvious jolt of ecstasy running down her body. “Yesss… I want to be a perfect little cocksucking slut for you, Master…”

I grinned as another image struck me. “You can be my slutty, brunette Barbie,” I smirked. “Always ready to serve and pleasure me however I wish.”

“I’ll be your slutty, brunette Barbie…” the math teacher replied breathlessly before shoving my cock back between her lips. “Always ready…”

“Your mouth belongs to me…”

Mmm… My mouth belongs to you.”

“Your tits belong to me.” I grabbed onto one of her breasts and she moaned as I squeezed and fondled.

Pop as I slid from her mouth. “My tits belong to you…”

I stepped back and grabbed her hand, hauling her to her feet and sidestepping, pulling Barbara up to her desk and shoving her down on top of it. I flipped up her skirt to reveal a pair of lacy pink panties. Hmm… I thought. Interesting school attire…

“Your cunt belongs to me,” I grunted, ripping the panties apart in one wrench and baring her dripping wet snatch to my greedy eyes.

“Yes, Master…” The busty brunette pushed herself up and arched her back, presenting her ass to me at the perfect height on her high heels. “My cunt belongs to you…” Then, she cried out as I rammed inside of her.

I was not gentle. Any latent anger and frustration I felt toward the stuck up teacher was let out as I hammered her body.

Barbara King was tight, her hot tunnel feeling almost too narrow for me to fit.

I wondered whether it was a lesbian thing, wondered how many cocks had split this bitch’s body in half before mine. What if I was her first? I grinned at the idea.

Pulling back, I grabbed her by the hips and pounded inside her again. My body smacked against hers at a fast pace, and I was lucky the hallways outside were deserted now because Barbara wasn’t quiet as she climaxed all over my plunging length.

I felt my own body preparing, my balls tightening and my muscles twitching in anticipation. “Fuck yeah…” I growled, tightening my fingers on her flesh. “Take my cock, slut…”

“Yes… Master…” came the gasping response in between pants to regain her breath from the powerful orgasm.

I was so close, my length swelling in anticipation. All of a sudden, I knew what I wanted to do. “On your knees!” I ordered, sliding my rock-hard dick from the teacher’s body and stepping back.

With a desperate expression on her face, Barbara spun down and onto her knees, grasping me by the base with one hand before I could even give the order and swallowing my cock between her plush lips.

Oh shit… I thought, and then I was cumming. My cock spasmed as my legs clenched and released, unleashing the first rope of cum down Barbara’s willing throat.

The brunette moaned, her eyes closing blissfully as she sucked, my hot, sticky seed spraying down and into her belly.

My testicles lurched and I kept on going, strand after strand spurting out until I collapsed back against a desk. “Holy fuck…” I gasped, seeing spots of light dancing before my eyes. I don’t know if I’ve ever cum so hard before.

Mmm…” Barbara’s moan captured my attention, her glazed eyes still focused on my deflating cock as she leaned forward and planted a soft kiss on the head. “Thank you, Master…”

I decided that this might be the best moment of my life.


From the corner of the classroom, Hypnos admired the busty teacher as she knelt before his son and felt a twinge of an unfamiliar emotion…

Is that pride? he wondered, then dismissed the thought with a shake of his invisible head. Don’t be absurd.

Still, Hypnos was pleased to see his son was using his new gift. I wonder if this is how mortal parents feel when their child earns a good report card… he mused. Hmm…

Then, with a smirk and a shrug to himself, he turned and walked through the wall. His last thought before he stepped through time and space was that his son had done to the sexy brunette exactly what the god of sleep had done to the river nymph not eight hours before.

Like father, like son…

To be continued…

* * *