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Son of Sleep — Chapter 4


Hypnos, Ancient Greek god of sleep and trance, sat on a barstool at the kitchen island and drummed his fingers on the marble countertop.

What is this? He wondered, focusing on the unsettling sensation that bubbled in his stomach beneath his rock-hard abs. He ran his fingers through his wavy brown hair and sighed. Is this what the mortals call anxiety? Or is it nervousness, perhaps?

With a soft growl, he stood up and brought a fist down on the stone. “No more!” he declared to the empty space. “It’s time to take your mind off this blasted date.” Because, deep down, Hypnos knew that he was worrying about his date with Mariah. It was that night, and somehow even the prospect was giving him these strange flutterings.

The god paused for a moment and focused. In mortal terminology, it was as if he was composing a text message, something like: Hey, babe. Wanna come over? Netflix and chill? But, as a god, he didn’t need to bother with that pesky technology. Instead, he sent out just a sliver of his power, the message conveyed on a strand of thought that reached across space and time to the intended receiver.

For several moments, there was no answer. Then, the equivalent of the ding of a text tone and the response flew back to him in an instant.

On my way.

Thank god most of these immortals never have anything to do, Hypnos thought to himself as he composed his features into a casual, relaxed expression. Most of them have never earned a night’s sleep in their lives.

The god was on the verge of summoning a glass of water, just to keep him occupied, when there was a shimmer in the air before him and Antheia stepped through the ripple and into his kitchen.

The golden blonde looked ravishing, as always, her hair tumbling down her back and over her shoulders, her body wrapped in a white and gold sari that shimmered in the bright morning sunlight. She cast him a glance and her bright blue eyes glinted with a suppressed gleam of interest as she furtively eyed him up and down.

Hypnos didn’t need to dress to impress. His chiseled figure was on full display as he leaned bare chested against the counter, a clingy pair of joggers scarcely doing more than emphasizing his sleek legs and the bulge of his package.

Antheias’ pink lips formed into a scowl. “Hmmph,” she snorted, practically turning up her nose at him. “So, this is what I am to you, huh? Just a booty call? Some silly bimbo you think you can summon with a snap of your fingers anytime you want some tail?”

Hypnos just gave her a cheeky grin, his own dark eyes seeking hers. He saw through her facade, just like always. Always the same, he thought. Putting on a show of resistance but secretly desperate to submit. He saw Antheia’s eyes flicker furtively to his crotch but didn’t let his smirk of victory show through. It’s like a drug. Their only chance to utterly give up control.

The handmaiden of Aphrodite avoided his gaze, knowing that if she met his deep eyes she would be unable to resist.

Hypnos stood slowly, like a jungle cat stretching out its spine on a tree branch and then unfolding itself to its full, powerful size. “Would you like to go?” His voice was slow and soothing as he stepped toward the goddess, his bare feet soft on the cool tile.

Antheia didn’t move, her eyes downcast.

The god of sleep could sense her inner, trembling desire, and knew what he needed to do to unleash it. “Because if you wish, now is your chance to leave.” He stopped before her, mere inches from her luscious body, and didn’t speak.

“No…” Her voice was a soft murmur of longing, and Hypnos felt a surge of triumph.

With the tip of one finger, he reached out and tilted back her head. As her eyes met his and he unleashed his power through the connection, her lips parted into a soft gasp of pleasure.


The blonde’s eyes glazed over as her will disappeared and was supplanted with only a burning desire to obey. Her eyelids fluttered and when they opened again they met the god’s with a look of utter submission.

Her voice was now low, throaty and completely erotic. “How can I please you, Master…?”

Hypnos felt the resonance of her voice strike straight through the worry that had been consuming him and touch a deep, primal part of his being. It sent a jolt of arousal straight into his cock, stiffening his length until it was pressing insistently against the material of his pants.

He stepped in closer, his hands rising to explore Antheia’s sari-clad body. The god’s fingertips roamed over her, the cloth delightfully light and airy to the touch.

Hypnos heard Antheia’s breath catch as he traced a fingertip across one full breast and around her nipple, before he bent his head to gently kiss the side of her neck. Then, his lips brushing against her hair, he murmured, “On your knees.”

The goddess slid gracefully to the floor, reaching up without being told to stroke and fondle the outline of his throbbing cock. Her skilled fingers coaxed and massaged, begging him to begin in earnest.

Feeling his own desire rising, Hypnos took a slow, calming breath, and then gently released his need for control. As the air escaped his lips, he opened up his power and it surged between them.

At his feet, Antheia shivered, trembled and then, with a gasp, came.

* * *

Cock still slick from its time between the goddess’s lush pink lips, Hypnos slid inside of Antheia with ease.

Her lithe body arched beneath his own as she bent over the sink, her slim fingers clutching desperately at the edge of the counter. “Oh gawd yesss…” she moaned as he split her in half. “Please, Master, fuck your good little slut like she deserves!”

The god bottomed out inside of her tight snatch and then pulled back, barely hearing her desperate request.

Her sheer sari was in a tiny pile at their feet, the gauzy fabric no longer covering her fantastic figure, and Hypnos’ eyes devoured every inch of her smooth, golden-toned skin and every supple curve. Beneath his hands, Antheia’s hips shook as he pulled her back into his every thrust, her bubble butt rippling with the impact of his fast, hard strokes.

“Thank you, Master!” the goddess gasped as he stretched her tight tunnel wide open with his girth. “Thank you for showing me how to be a good little fucktoy…”

Hypnos grinned, his perfect teeth sparkling white as he pounded the goddess into submission. His cock was gripped in her snug body like a sword in its sheath, her inner muscles tightening around him and begging him to stay there forever.

Antheia came again, her orgasm shuddering through her slim frame and her cunt spasming around Hypnos’ driving length.

The god never slowed, pulling back and pistoning inside again with ever increasing speed. His body was on autopilot, his mind blank but for the singular need for completion. Grasping Antheia around the waist, he spun her around and lifted her into the air, his cock never leaving her volcanic core.

Instinctively, the goddess wrapped her legs around his hips and her arms around his neck, leaning down and covering his mouth in a hot, wanton kiss. Hypnos returned it with passion, their lips pressed together as each immortal rode the ecstatic waves of their coupling higher and higher.

Hands gripping the goddess’s round ass, Hypnos sank his fingers into the firm flesh and drove upward into her slick tunnel. Antheia’s thighs squeezing tight around his hips, he powered inside her over and over. With one hand, he reached up and grasped her long, golden hair, pulling her head back so he could stare into her blazing blue eyes. She was completely gone, the bliss of obedience and submission leaving nothing behind but a wanton sexdoll desiring only to be pleasured and used.

“That’s a good girl,” he grunted, his deep, dark eyes capturing hers as she fell even deeper into his thrall. The god of sleep could feel the power and rising need for release swelling in his core, but he battled it back long enough to give her one final order. “Now… Cum for your Master one more time…”

Antheia cried out, her head falling back as the goddess’s muscles seized and released.

Burying himself one last time all the way into her center, Hypnos felt his own body clench and then unleash his immortal seed. The pleasure was immense, greater than a mortal body could comprehend. Flashing heat and light, the vast power of creation mingling and surging through two immensely powerful bodies. With a growl, the god of sleep closed his eyes and rode out the sensation as it swept over his entire body from the top of his head to the tips of his curling toes.

Figures still entwined, Hypnos slowly knelt and gently laid their two forms down onto the cool, smooth tile. Then, panting, he slowly slid from Antheia’s body and rolled onto his back. His muscular torso was slick with a light sheen of sweat, and he could feel his heart hammering against the inner walls of his chest. With a flicker of thought, he released Antheia from his control, and immediately felt her stir by his side as another rolling crest of satisfaction broke over her.

“Mmm…” Her voice was thick, like she was pumped full of drugs. “So… fucking… good…”

Hypnos let out a sigh of agreement. Not bad, he thought with satisfaction.

There was a moment of silent stillness, and Hypnos was amused to notice that Antheia actually curled around to press her body against his.

It was surprisingly… sweet.

Then, with a quick kiss to his shoulder and a cheerful grin, Antheia rose smoothly to her feet. She looked down at him, meeting his eyes and knowing that she had nothing to worry about now that they had both been satiated.

“I’m going to go shower and nap in your bed,” she told him with a mischievous smirk. “It’s the least you can do after using me like that.” She winked, to let the god know she was only teasing. “I swear your bed is the most comfortable place I’ve ever slept.”

Hypnos smirked right back. “It’s like the designer knew a little something about sleep,” he joked easily.

Rolling her brilliant blue eyes, the blonde goddess turned and made her way with the ease of familiarity toward the bedroom.

Hypnos raised himself onto his elbows to watch as her tight ass swayed out of the kitchen. Not bad, he thought. Then, with seeming inevitability, thoughts of his date with Mariah returned.

She said not to expect her to put out on the first date… he mused. But she also told me what turns her on… A good father.

The god scratched his chin and laid back on the tile, feeling the smooth stone on his broad back as he stared up at the ceiling. It was Saturday, which meant no Mariah coming in to work and no school for his mortal offspring.

Maybe it was time for some father-son bonding with young Alex.


I was still damp with sweat as I stumbled up the steps to the front door of my home, reeling from my Saturday morning workout.

When Hypnos had popped into my bedroom two hours earlier, appearing in the corner like a horror movie monster as I watched YouTube in bed, I had nearly screamed. Then, he had asked an odd question, Want to go workout?

I’m sure no one has had a stranger father-son experience than I did arriving at the gym to work out with a literal god.

Part of me wondered why I went. After all, I surely didn’t owe anything to the individual who had deserted me for the first 18 years of my life. But another part of me realized that this was a rare opportunity. Hypnos had told me that the physique he’d gifted to me on my 18th birthday would fade if I didn’t maintain it, and I wasn’t excited to lose this rockin’ bod. So, I reasoned, who better to teach me the ropes at the gym than a literal Greek god who had the anatomy to match.

Hypnos destroyed me, throwing me into the deep end with exercises and weights I was sure I couldn’t handle. Time and again, though, my newly-developed musculature proved up to the task.

That, of course, wasn’t to say that I was anywhere near my father’s level. It was clear to me that Hypnos wasn’t holding anything back, even to appear normal in front of us mortals. He slid weights on until the bar seemed to want to bend, and then lifted them in smooth, controlled bursts of exertion.

Despite all of that, the most astonishing thing to me at the gym was the women.

Hypnos had clearly chosen a hip, popular gym to take me to, and the women were almost all stunners. Almost more surprising was the fact that I was getting as many admiring looks as I was dishing out. I noticed several women appraising me when I glanced their way, and the distraction was all it took for me to feel a rush of blood run south. I was glad I’d worn a tight pair of compression shorts beneath my sweats, because from then on I was sporting a semi.

There was one in particular, a petite Asian woman in her twenties with sculpted legs highlighted by a pair of bright pink leggings, who I just wanted to take into a private room and fuck for hours. Then, I remembered that Paige was coming over at noon and I needed to get back to meet her.

“Hey, man,” I had said, still not sure what to call this mostly-stranger. (Dad was definitely out of the question, Father felt super formal and Hypnos was just not a normal name.) “I have to get home by noon. You think we could wrap it up?”

The god had nodded calmly, finished his lift, and walked me over to an empty group exercise room where he had snapped us through his weird interdimensional door and right onto the sidewalk outside my house.

“I’ll see you soon, boy,” he’d said, and offered me a fist bump.

Feeling exhausted and confused, I had bumped knuckles and then turned to struggle up to the front door. Even as I reached for the knob, the door opened and Paige stood there in the entrance with her arms crossed saucily across her chest.

She raised an eyebrow at me and then checked an imaginary wristwatch. “It’s 12:15, you dork,” she said, tossing me a mock glare. Then, she realized that I was wearing a workout outfit and my hair was damp with sweat. “Were you at the gym?” she asked, giving me a look up and down that I could tell was admiring.

Glancing over my shoulder, I was glad to see that Hypnos had done his teleportation thing again and was nowhere in sight.

No need to get into that explanation right now, I thought. “Yeah,” I said with a sheepish grin. “You wanna join me next time?”

Paige raised both eyebrows, this time in surprise. She had been trying to get me to accompany her to the gym for months. “Hell yeah!” she said, a grin bursting across her elfin face. Then, she seemed to remember something and reached out her hand to pull me inside. “Get in here,” she ordered. “I gotta tell you something.”

Her tone was almost furtive, and it had me furrowing my brow as I wondered what she could possibly have need to talk to me about.

As she led me up the stairs to my room, I admired her tight ass in the pair of form-fitting jeans that looked painted onto her slim legs. My eyes trailed up to the smooth skin of her lower back, which was bared by her white crop top. Maybe it was the adrenaline or post-gym hormones rushing through my system, but by the time I closed the bedroom door behind us I was hard as a rock.

Paige sauntered over and plopped down on my bed, brushing her short blonde pixie cut back from her eyes.

Man… I thought, my eyes admiring her elegant features, cute little mouth and the tight top that showed off her toned stomach and clung to her round breasts.

Since our first time together, when Paige had dropped into a completely obedient trance and fucked me like a woman possessed, I had planted in her mind several triggers and compulsions that I figured would be particularly useful now.

Locking the door behind me — I’d been walked in on too many times with my pants down (literally) for me to ever forget to do that — I undid my sweats and shoved them to the floor along with my compression shorts.

“Time to be a good girl…” I murmured and watched with satisfaction as Paige’s eyelids flickered and her expression went momentarily slack.

Her brilliant blue eyes fixated on my cock, red and throbbing with pent up lust. A finger rose to trace her lips, and the other hand unconsciously began to circle up her inner thigh. Then, she blinked, and her eyes were clear.

My best friend looked up at me with an expression that was both cheerful and provocative. “Yes, Master…” she purred. “Is there something I can do for you?”

Before I even had time to respond, she was on her hands and knees crawling toward me, her ass in the air and her eyes locked onto her target. She reached my feet and knelt, her fingers gliding sensually up my legs and then wrapping around my thick, heavy manhood.

“Uh-huh…” I grunted. “That’s it…”

“Of course it is…” she murmured, slowly wetting her lips. “A big strong man like my Master always needs a good little fucktoy to pleasure his cock…” She leaned forward, her breath hot on the head of my rod.

I loved this, keeping my best friend’s mind intact (mostly) while her body serviced mine with complete focus and enthusiasm. Of course, later on she would only remember our conversation and not the extra-curriculars.

“So…” I gasped, sucking in a breath as Paige lowered her head and her hot mouth enveloped my aching length. “There was something you wanted to tell me?”

“Mmm…” Paige moaned, her eyelids flickering closed as she savored the sensation of my cock deep in her sweet little mouth. She pulled back slowly, eyes opening and staring submissively up into mine. “Yeah…” She took a second to regain her focus and let one hand begin to slowly jack me off, using the other to unbutton and unzip her jeans. Her fingers dove beneath the fabric of her panties and she gasped as they began to gently rub her clit.

“What was it?”

My best friend shook her head slightly and looked up at me again. “Right…” she said, her voice still edged with growing arousal. “It was about your mom.”

“Oh?” I was surprised. Of all the things for Paige to bring up I hadn’t expected this particular topic.

“She was asking me about you…” Paige bent her head again to suck gently at the head of my cock, flicking her tongue across the tip as her lips massaged the first few inches.

Call me perverted if you want, but for some reason at that moment the mental image of my fit, well-endowed mother in her clingy yoga pants and vibrant sports bra made my cock twitch with a zing of lust. “Yeah…?” I asked, voice husky. “What happened?”

Paige reluctantly let my prick spring free with a pop, then stood and grabbed me lightly by my length. She gave me a cheeky grin and pulled me back toward the bed. “Maybe it’s better if we keep my mouth free.”

She released me long enough to pull the crop top over her head and toss it to the side, her perky breasts bouncing free and revealing her pink nipples were tight with desire. Then, she hooked her thumbs into her waistband and shimmied out of the pants, taking her lilac Victoria’s Secret panties with them.

Naked, she lay back on my comforter and spread her legs, one hand tracing her shaved pussy invitingly as her eyes bored into mine.

I gave a strangled groan and then swallowed, kicking my feet free of the workout gear. I pulled my workout tee up and over my head, my full muscles flexing as I dropped it to the ground.

From the bed, Paige’s eyes roamed over my chiseled torso with burning lust, and I felt a surge of arousal batter through my chest as she fingered her clit and shivered. A little gasp escaped her lips and then I was on the bed, kneeling between her spread thighs.

“Good idea,” I murmured, before placing my hands on either side of her shoulders and sliding into her with one smooth thrust of my hips.

“Ohfuckyesss…” my best friend gasped, her back arching up as she ground up against me. Her eyes clenched shut as she savored the sensation, then languidly slid back open as I pulled back and began to slowly slide in and out of her tight core.

“You were saying?” I asked, struggling to keep my voice even.

“Mmm… Right,” Paige agreed, nodding slightly. She sounded a bit distracted, but I was willing to let it slide. “So, when I arrived your mom was up here in your room.”

“Huh.” I wasn’t surprised. I was lucky — even though I kept the place tidy and did my own laundry my mother would frequently pop in to grab my hamper or do a bit of cleaning just to be nice.

“She was on your laptop.”

Wait… What? I furrowed my brow and waited for Paige to continue.

My best friend read my expression and nodded, sucking in a breath as I continued to drive inside of her with long, relaxed strokes. “I was weirded out too. It’s your private stuff on there. So, I asked her how she got on. ‘Oh, you know Alex,’ she said, and laughed a little bit. ‘He uses the same password for everything.’”

My mouth quirked into a little frown. “What was she doing on there?” I asked.

“I didn’t see.” Paige let out a sigh as one of her hands began to twist and pinch a nipple. “She closed off pretty quick when I came in.”

Huh… Weird. “Was that it?”

“Not even the strangest part,” the blonde nymph murmured, eyes now closed as she focused on the pleasure coursing through her slim body. “Then she asked me whether you’d heard from your dad recently.”

I stopped moving, my heart suddenly hammering in my throat. What the fuck?

Paige opened her eyes, looking up at me with concern. “I told her you hadn’t,” she said. “Even if you had, I wouldn’t have said anything.” Her brows furrowed in concern. “You haven’t… have you? I’m your best friend, and if something that big had happened you would have told me.”

I nodded distractedly. “Of course,” I said hollowly. What’s going on here?

But Paige was too distracted and just nodded gently, accepting my answer. “Then your mom said the weirdest thing,” she continued. “‘Not even since the suspension?’ She sounded almost… and I know this must be wrong… disappointed.

In a single moment of frightening clarity, everything snapped into place. It felt like everything around me spun once and then locked together in higher definition.

My mom was still in love with Hypnos…

Her obsession with fitness and health was her way of trying to remain young and beautiful for a studly immortal god.

Her forcing me to handle the suspension mostly on my own was her desperate attempt to get my father to involve himself.

My mom is the reason I got suspended… My mom is the reason I’ve been ridiculed, mocked and bullied by everyone from the students to the administration... The realizations sprang across my mind one after the other. She must have logged into a school server using my personal password…

And it’s all because she’s still after Hypnos, 18 years later.


Hypnos, as it turns out, was very much not thinking about his previous mortal lover in that moment. He was focusing on trying to drive a car.

“Fuck!” he swore, slamming the brakes once again as the light above turned red.

Around him, other drivers glanced at his luxurious vehicle enviously but at the same time hoped they would soon get away from this maniac of a driver.

“Chariots were never this difficult,” he muttered, glowering. Then, as quick as his frown had arrived, it was replaced by a smirk. “Then again,” he added, glancing sideways. “I never drove a chariot so distracted.”

Mariah smiled back, a little blush rising to her cheeks even as she rolled her eyes at his flirtatious tone.

The pair were gliding down the streets in a sleek black Jaguar, Hypnos dressed in a stylish grey suit and Mariah in a classy red dress that left her shoulders bare and offered up an expanse of mouthwatering cleavage.

The god had decided that instead of waiting all afternoon for their date, he would instead simply arrive early and take Mariah someplace it was already evening. The woman had momentarily protested, but at Hypnos’ persistence had changed into her dress and allowed him to take her on a quick jaunt through time and space. While he could have taken them directly to the restaurant, Hypnos had wanted to start off slow and easy (like a “normal” date, or so he hoped).

Thus, even though Hypnos had left Alex only an hour before, dusk was settling in around them, the dying rays of the setting sun shining between the tall, surrounding buildings.

Finally, they pulled up outside the restaurant and Hypnos stepped out, leaving the car’s engine idling.

Mariah’s face twisted in confusion as he walked around the hood and opened her door. “Parking?” she asked.

Even as she spoke, a young man in a red valet jacket approached Hypnos from behind with an anxious expression on his face.

“Sir?” he asked. “Will you be needing help parking?”

The god of sleep barely glanced his way. “Oh, no, thank you…” he muttered distractedly, taking Mariah’s hand and helping her out of the car. His focus was all on her.

“But… Sir…” the valet insisted more vehemently. “You can’t park there!”

Rolling his eyes, the besuited immortal turned to face the other man. “Fine,” he sighed, then snapped his fingers.

Instantly, the black car behind him vanished, leaving nothing behind but a faint, momentary shadow. Even as the valet’s eyes widened and his mouth started to open in amazement, he met Hypnos’s gaze. His eyelids drooped and his face went slack as the god flicked a jolt of power through him.

“Don’t worry about it…” Hypnos muttered, brushing past the young man. “We were never here.”

“Never here…” the valet murmured, before blinking and looking around, wondering why he was standing halfway in the street instead of back on the curb.

“Poor young man,” Mariah muttered in a lightly scolding tone as they approached the door. “Just trying to do his job.”

“Hmm…” Hypnos answered, opening the door for her and ushering her into a dimly lit restaurant that could immediately be identified as Italian from the artful decor and the delicious, wafting scent of sauces. “And getting in the way of my job.”


“Making sure that no one inconveniences our perfectly-planned evening.” Hypnos smiled, gratified, as his date laughed softly.

“Alright, Mister,” she replied. “But no more using your powers tonight. I want to pretend, just for a little while, that I’m not out on a date with a goddamn superpowered immortal.”

Now it was Hypnos’s turn to roll his eyes. “Fine…” he sighed but gave her a smirk to show that he may or may not comply with her request.

The pair approached the podium in the small foyer, where a tall, balding man in a black jacket and red tie was standing ramrod straight with his hands on an ornate leather book.

“Mr. Somnus, party of two?” the maître d’ asked, before either of them even had a chance to speak.

The god of sleep nodded. “Indeed,” he replied, while Mariah looked surprised and impressed.

“This way, sir,” the man replied, his nod of deference deep enough to almost be considered a brief bow.

“Somnus?” Mariah asked Hypnos in a whisper as the man led them to the back of the restaurant and up onto the balcony that overlooked the main floor.

The god smiled lazily. “I’m incognito,” he replied with a wink. “Somnus is my Latin name. I figured it was appropriate for someplace Italian.”

Mariah’s lips curved into a smile once again, and Hypnos found that as his eyes were drawn to her lips his mind flashed forward to what he wanted to be doing to them…

Pressing her up against the wall, his mouth covering hers in searing kisses. Thrusting his cock between those full lips as the pleasure boiled inside of him. Bending her over his bed and pounding her into the pillows…

“And here we are,” the maître d’ interrupted Hypnos’s momentary visions with a flourish of his hand and the presentation of their table.

Frowning momentarily and feeling as though he had been woken from a very lovely dream, Hypnos pulled out Mariah’s chair and then sat himself.

As soon as he did, Mariah leaned forward and asked conspiratorially, “So, what have you done?”

The god raised his eyebrows in an unspoken question.

“You know…” Mariah sat back and looked around. “To take total control of the evening like the Type-A control freak you are… Did you plant all the other guests? Is the maître d’ secretly another one of your employees?”

Hypnos frowned slightly. This type of Inquisition wasn’t what he had expected. “Nothing,” he told her in a wounded tone. “I wanted to take you someplace where we wouldn’t be disturbed, so I arranged to book the entire balcony of an extremely selective restaurant. That’s all…”

Mariah narrowed her eyes and gave him a suspicious, if joking, glare. “Alright,” she told him, but her tone suggested that she wasn’t quite convinced. “I’ll play along with that.” She smiled, seeming to let go of the thought, and began to examine the wine menu.

Meanwhile, Hypnos pretended to browse the menu (he’d already chosen exactly what he wanted to order) as he actually browsed her.

While Mariah’s dress clung to every delicious curve, the rest of the package was equally stunning. Her makeup was light and masterful, accenting her cheekbones and drawing attention to her bright eyes. Her hair cascaded down her back, with a few tendrils falling to frame her face.

For the rest of their dinner, Hypnos was captivated by his date, reveling in the conversation and the witty back-and-forth banter they engaged in.

“It’s been so long that I’d forgotten how diverting it can be to go out,” he admitted to Mariah as they dug into their main course. “I may have to do it more often.”

Mariah smirked playfully as she took a bite of pasta. Once she’d swallowed, she wiped her lips. “Once every two decades wasn’t frequent enough for you?”

Hypnos was trying to come up with a way to explain that, to a god of his age, two decades was almost like two weeks, when disaster struck.

Approaching with a bottle of wine to offer refills, a young waitress accidentally stumbled on her heels and teetered dangerously. As she struggled for balance, the wine bottle upended in her hands, glug glug glugging a third of its contents directly over Mariah’s shoulder and down the front of her dress.

She gasped, pushing back in her chair and springing to her feet even as the waitress righted herself and goggled, speechless and mortified.

Hypnos was on his feet in an instant, napkin in hand, desperately dabbing at the wine as it ran down her smooth skin. Fuck! he thought. My entire evening… ruined.

But, instead, he was surprised.

“Alright,” Mariah said, laughing softly at the god’s stricken expression. “I believe you now. There’s no way you would have someone dump wine all over me just to prove that you weren’t puppet-mastering the whole evening.”

The god forced a smile, suddenly aware of how close they were as he brushed at her wine-soaked skin with the cloth.

Mariah was silent, as well, and Hypnos realized suddenly that her eyes had flickered down to focus on his lips. She looked back up at him even as he was leaning forward into the kiss.

The woman melted into it, her head tilting up to present her mouth for the moment that Hypnos had not known he needed. Without thinking, he pulled her closer and leaned through the air, a single thought flickering them up above the clouds into his palace.

The cloth dropped from his fingers and vanished before it landed on the spotless tile floor of his kitchen, his fingers deftly weaving into Mariah’s thick brunette mane. His lips pressed against hers and she opened up, her hands gripping his shirt and pulling him closer against her.

The god of sleep felt his assistant’s lush curves against his body, her round tits mashed against his chest and her hips grinding against his rapidly lengthening cock. Wrapping his hands around her waist, Hypnos gripped her to him and gave himself over to the intoxicating sensations.


I padded down the stairs toward the kitchen with bare feet, Paige following behind me as light on her feet as a cat.

There was only one way to get to the bottom of this. There was only one way for me to know the truth.

My mother was bent over the kitchen counter, her round, muscular ass on display as she bent over a cookbook in a pair of bright, tight leggings.

For a moment, I hesitated. Could I really do this? Then, my jaw tightened and I knew the answer. “Hey, Mom?” My voice was carefree, and she answered without turning around, and shifting her weight from one foot to the other. I watched as the muscles in her legs shifted distractingly.

“Yeah, Alex?” She sounded relaxed, but for the first time I could almost imagine a hint of deviousness to her tone. As if she were waiting for me to go on, to tell her that something had happened.

“Paige says you were asking about my father…?” I asked, my tone now quizzical. I was watching her carefully, and only because I was watching her carefully did I notice her posture shift ever so slightly.

Now she did turn around, starting to speak. “Alex, I have been meaning to talk to you—” she froze as she realized that I was standing in the doorway totally naked. Her eyes tried to resist the natural tendency to check whether I was covered, but they slid down almost inexorably to the fork of my legs where my cock was standing straight out, hard as a rock and glistening with Paige’s juices.

My mother’s eyes widened, her lips parting as she sucked in a breath of air. “No…” she whispered, her tone containing not so much surprise as recognition. “The power…” Then, her eyes glazed over and her hands dropped to her sides.

“On your knees…” The words were trembling out of my mouth before I had conscious control of them, and my mother slid gracefully to the floor.

Her brilliant blue eyes were fastened on my cock and I swear there was a glimmer of heat in her gaze.

“Your mind is mine.” The words almost didn’t feel like mine as I declared them with the authority of a god.

“My mind is yours…”

“You cannot lie to me.” I need the truth, I reminded myself. That was the only reason I was doing this.

“I cannot lie…” Her lush lips breathed out the words and imbued them with an almost sexual quality.

My mind spun out of control, twisting into images that were so wrong but so fucking hot…

I snapped back to reality and realized that my mom’s hand was circling between her thighs, playing with herself through her clothes. She moaned, and I could see that her breath was coming in short gasps. Through her usual sports bra I could tell that her thick nipples were hard with arousal and I could see her tits trembling with every shaking breath.

“Did you get me suspended?” I asked, my voice thick. I barely recognized it, feeling like I was experiencing everything through a long, echoing tunnel.

“Yes…” The word was a surrender in and of itself.

“Why?” Anger tried to break through, but my body wasn’t having it. The only sensation it could feel was mounting heat, a flush in my cheeks and across my skin.

“To get his attention…”

“Whose attention?” I knew. I knew already. But I needed her to say it. I needed my mother to admit to everything she had done.

“Hypnos…” And with that, my mother had admitted everything. She had hidden the truth about my father for years. She had selfishly used me in an attempt to bring him back to her. Her cheeks flushed at the name and her eyelids fluttered, as even the thought of him was sending her deeper into the trance.

My cock throbbed pointedly, and I suddenly realized that the sight of my mindless, horny mother was turning me on like nothing else.

“Get over here.” My voice was rough and harsh in my throat. I had entirely forgotten Paige, standing only a few feet behind me. I had forgotten everything, to be honest, except for the burning, fiery desire that was rising unstoppably inside of me.

My mother crawled on her hands and knees, her eyes fixated on my manhood as I unconsciously began to stroke myself. Her ass swung back and forth in the neon yoga pants, and I could practically feel myself sliding them down her legs before entering her from behind.

The thought simultaneously sent a shiver of fear and lust through my body, the knowledge of its wrongness only making it that much hotter.

“Stop…” The word trembled as she halted and knelt at my feet, her hand resuming its position between her spread thighs.

“Please…” she whispered, her eyes singularly focused. “Please…”

“What do you want?” My question was a tremulous whisper.

“To submit… to obey… to please…” Her voice was a pant of need, of barely-controlled yearning.

“How?” I asked. I could barely believe what I was hearing. It was like my mind had left my body and I was looking down from outside of myself.

In answer, my mother leaned forward and opened her lips, caressing the head of my cock with her pink tongue.

I gave a strangled grunt and my eyelids fluttered, my hand coming down to rest on top of her head.

Her mouth made a perfect O as she took me deeper, her fingernails dragging lightly across my thighs. Up and down bobbed her blonde head, cheeks hollowed as she sucked me like a pro.

Ohfuckohfuckohfuck… My brain went blank and clean as a sheet of paper, nothing left but the pleasure radiating through my body.

“Do you like that, baby?” she murmured, her hand pumping up and down my shaft. Her lips were wet and full, perfect. “You like your mommy being a naughty little slut for you?”

“Fuck…” I breathed. This was so wrong, and hotter than anything I’d ever experienced. “Yesss…”

“Mmm…” She leaned forward again and enveloped me in her hot mouth, her eyelids fluttering with pleasure as she took me into her throat in one smooth plunge. She moaned around me, her throat massaging my length like a dozen stroking hands. Pulling back, she reached down and pulled her bra up and over her head in a smooth motion. Her tits bounced free, round and full with tight, thick nipples at the tip.

“Mom,” I started to gasp. “What’re you—?”

Pushing me back against the wall, she raised herself up and wrapped the twin globes around my girth.

I grunted again as my mother began to titfuck me, my cock disappearing in the valley between two massive handfuls of titflesh.

“That’s a good boy,” my mother groaned, leaning down to flick her tongue across the head as it appeared between them. “Fuck your mommy’s titties with your big, manly cock.”

I felt myself thrusting between two perfect pillows, the tunnel of her breasts tight but yielding. My balls were roiling, tightening as the pleasure mounted inside of me.

“Use her body like a toy for your pleasure…”


“Take control like the big, dominant man that you are…”

I reached down and twisted her nipples in my fingers, then heard her gasp as she came, my mother’s body surging with electric ecstasy as she pleasured me, giving herself over entirely to the mindless obedience that washed over her.


“Turn me into your submissive little sextoy… The perfect canvas to paint with your delicious cum…” She licked her lips, savoring the taste of my precum on her tongue.

So close…

“Cum for me, Alex...” my mother moaned, her eyes staring up into mine with the desperate hunger of a mindcontrolled fuckdoll.

And… Over the edge.

I grunted and came, my knees trembling as I leaned back against the wall and my body surged with release. My cock twitched and spasmed, shooting strand after strand of cum onto my mother’s tits, which she pressed together into a perfect, inviting target.

As my seed splashed against her skin, my mother came again, her bright blue eyes fluttering closed as she savored the ecstasy of submission. Her hands pressed her round breasts together and up, one finger slowly beginning to make lazy circles in the cum spattering her body.

I finally sighed and sagged back, completely satiated and my mind momentarily blocking out the endless questions that threatened to break through.

Could anything be more perfect than this moment?

Behind me, I suddenly heard the buzz of a cellphone. Taking a breath, I glanced around to see Paige picking up my phone from the counter with a confused expression on her face. She was still triggered, of course, and wouldn’t recall anything out of the ordinary that occurred.

“Who is it?” I asked, reaching out my hand.

“Unknown number…” she said, passing the slim device to me.

Glancing down, I opened my phone and read the message. As I did, I felt my heart skip a beat and then drop through the floor.

You fucking punk. I’m coming for you.

Attached to the messages was a video of Hailey Martin, captain of the school cheer squad, grinning happily and mindlessly up at me as I came explosively all over her gorgeous face.

Jared Butler, my longtime enemy, had learned that I’d fucked his girlfriend. And now, he was coming for me.

Oh shit… I thought. What am I going to do now?

To be continued…

* * *