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Son of Sleep — Chapter 5


I slid the tight, bright yoga pants down her long legs, my fingertips touching only the fabric. I was savoring the moment, my mind blocking out everything but sight of smooth skin and a lush, fuckable body.

I wanted to touch her. To grab her hips and slam inside her tight, dripping pussy. To make her scream my name as she came all over my cock.

I didn’t want to touch her. I didn’t know what would happen if I did. It might be something neither of us could come back from.

“Mmm, baby...” she moaned, on her hands and knees, tossing her wavy blonde hair over her shoulder and looking back at me. She wiggled her ass invitingly as her adoring eyes met mine. “You know you want to...” Her lips were wet and full as her tongue slid across them, her gaze dropping longingly to my rock-hard length. “Use that big, manly cock to fuck your mommy into the mindless, obedient trance she needs...”

I threw the leggings to one side and they fell to the floor of my bedroom on top of a pile that consisted of three haphazardly discarded outfits. Glancing around, my eyes met a pair that was bright and blue and also hazy with lust.

Paige, my only confidante, looked on thoughtfully through half-closed lids as she spread her legs and fingered herself lazily. She alone I had hypnotized and programmed, leaving her with all her mental faculties but utterly devoted to me and my will.

“What do I do...?” My question was soft and vague, but the meaning was obvious. After my mother’s betrayal, Paige was now the only person I could trust.

It had been surprisingly simple to bend my best friend’s mind to my will, all things considered. In my investigations into her subconscious, I had learned that when she and I had first met Paige had had a desperate crush on me. My natural lack of charisma and dorkiness had made her give up and accept me as a friend, pursuing other men instead, but all that I had needed to do was nurture the old flame back to life. Now, with the rippling body of a Greek god — well, a Greek demigod — and the growing confidence of an unstoppable Don Juan, Paige had been my first conquest.

Paige slowly slid her hand up her body, squeezing a shapely breast on the way to her chin, which she then tapped thoughtfully with one finger. Then, she stood gracefully and slowly stalked across the room, her eyes burning into mine.

I somehow felt the coiling tension of heat and need within me grow even stronger, my heart beating in my throat as the girl I’d fantasized about for ages, my best friend, sashayed across my bedroom and knelt next to me.

Paige leaned forward, still silent.

Her breath was intoxicating, her starry blue eyes inches from mine as her hand reached down and circled around my girth. My skin was hot and sensitive, but I barely moved as she began to stroke, except to release a soft gasp. For the first time, it felt like I was the one hypnotized.

“This woman betrayed you...” Paige murmured, her lips brushing against my ear as she leaned in.

I shivered, heat flushing across my skin.

“But now... She’s begging your forgiveness. She’s begging you to use this powerful, masterful cock...” my best friend squeezed gently, “to fuck her mind right out of her head...” Paige slowly pulled, easing me forward.

I looked down, breaking eye contact for just a moment, and saw my best friend guide the head of my prick right to my mother’s hot, ready entrance. As I watched, I parted her outer folds, and then Paige let go.

“Only you can know what to do...” she murmured, and I didn’t look back up to meet her eyes. Instead, my eyes wandered over the submissive, wanton body of the woman on her hands and knees before me.

My mother tried to lean back, to push herself onto my stiff rod, but my arms flexed and I held her hips firmly in my hands. No, I thought. This is my choice to make.

“Babyyy...” my mother moaned, her body trembling with barely controlled need. “Do it... Slide that thick cock right inside me... Fuck me until I can’t think straight... Fuck me until my only thought is your will...” Her eyes were already glazed, her mind barely dangling by a thread.

This was what she wanted. This was why she had wanted Hypnos back so badly. Because on a deep, deep level she wanted to submit. She needed to submit.

“Make the choice...” Paige whispered, her voice a command.

I can’t believe this...

With a grunt of lust, I thrust my hips and plunged my cock deep into my mother’s dripping entrance.

“Yesss...” Paige murmured in my ear.

“Ohmygawdyesss...” my mother groaned as her eyes rolled up and her mind went blank.

Ohfuckyes... I thought as my shaft slid effortlessly into her tight, hot tunnel.

My fingers sank into her skin as I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her back onto my length, her body trembling as every muscle sang with ecstasy. I could feel it too, jolt after jolt of adrenaline and lustful satisfaction.

I felt her around me, snug as a glove, fitting my cock like the perfect sheathe. I grunted and moved, thrusting in and out with a mindless abandon of my own. My mind was locked onto the bouncing, luscious body before me, no distractions or thoughts marring the perfect coupling.

Paige slid around behind me on the bed, her words of encouragement tumbling into my ears as her fingers stoked my skin, massaged my hunched, flexed shoulders and arms.

“Yesyesyes!” My mother came with a cry, her body shuddering and pleasure wiping her mind completely blank.

“Fuck!” I grunted, clenching down tightly as my balls roiled. I felt the tension struggling in my core, clawing for release, but I held it down. Drawing away and sliding from my mother’s molten core as her muscles twitched and spasmed, I gave myself a moment’s respite by twisting my hands and flipping her onto her back.

My mother flopped to the mattress, her eyes going wide as they stared blankly up into mine.

My jaw was hard, my expression tight and controlled as I lined up once again. “You’re mine...” I growled, my fingers sliding up her thighs and settling on her hips.

The woman nodded obediently. “Yours...” her perfect lips murmured, spreading her legs wider.

I inched forward. “Completely mindless and obedient...”

“Mindless and obedient...” she whispered.

I slid slowly into her pussy, splitting her in half with my cock. “Open and honest... You will never lie to me again...”

“Never again...”

“Submissive, horny and completely controlled...” The throbbing, aching need in my body was growing, barely held back as I began to thrust with abandon, closing my eyes and letting the darkness fall around me.

“Completely controlled...”

“No mind, no thoughts, no will...” The pleasure was like a lightshow around me, my nerves firing like a thousand firecrackers.

“No will...”

I came, my eyes flying open and a ragged gasp escaping my lips. Pulling back, I sprayed cum across my mother’s flat, tan stomach, my seed hot and sticky and marking her as mine.

She gasped as it did, eyelids fluttering as another wave washed over her. Her full, round tits shook, her body writhing as strand after strand shot from my spasming cock and coated her skin.

“Yes, Master...” she moaned. “Anything you wish...”

I coughed and sucked in air as my body finally unclenched, releasing the last few drops. Sagging, I fell back onto my heels and dropped my head back to rest on Paige’s shoulder.

“Mmm...” my best friend murmured in my ear as I breathed slowly and deeply. “That was hot as hell...“

I felt a lazy smile grow on my lips. “Thanks, babe...” I murmured. “You’re next.”

“Good,” she told me in a sultry whisper. “I can’t wait for your cock to fuck my mind right out of my head...”

I could feel my deflated demigod prick beginning to stiffen once again at the thought.

Of course, it was at that precise moment that I heard a crashing knock on my front door.

Paige and I looked at each other, startled, as the door downstairs was struck again with a crashing blow. I wasn’t sure if someone was trying to knock on the door or knock the door down, but I scrambled out of bed, grabbing my sweats as I raced to the window. Peering down, I saw a familiar car parked haphazardly in the driveway.

It was the Mustang owned and driven by none other than Jared Butler.


I feel good, Hypnos thought, stretching his sculpted physique and sitting up on the edge of the rumpled, white mattress. It wasn’t just the good feeling that came after fantastic sex, the god reflected as he scratched at his chiseled jawline — though the sex had been fantastic — but something... wholesome. Something that he couldn’t put his finger on.

“Mmm...” Mariah groaned as she rolled over, her thick, dark hair tangled and splayed across the pillows. Her eyes met his without fear, and Hypnos didn’t bother to send a surge of power through their connection.

For the first time in decades, Hypnos had let a woman keep her free will for the entirety of their coupling. He hadn’t felt the need to take it. For whatever reason, he had wanted his first time with this mortal woman to be innocent and simple.

Or, he told himself with a soft chuckle as he watched his train of thought adventure back through their night. As innocent and simple as I can be.

Time passes differently in the kingdom of the gods, even for a god whose job revolves around the celestial cycles of the mortal world, and Mariah could sense that it was somehow morning. Sitting up, the stunning brunette rubbed a hand across her face and narrowed her eyes at the god of sleep. “I told you I don’t put out on the first date,” she told him, without malice.

Hypnos gave her a teasing grin. “I guess I was just impossible to resist.” Then, he smiled wider as he realized something. I haven’t flirted after sex in almost 20 years... With any of the immortals he met for sensual encounters, the interaction would generally begin with flirtatious banter, culminate in a passionate coupling and then end with, at most, a brief, fond farewell. Having someone stick around afterwards was novel.

“Coffee?” he asked brightly, standing and beginning to walk, still naked, toward his kitchen.

“Ugh...” Mariah grunted in assent. Resigning herself to the consequences of her actions, she flopped back down into the bed and pulled up the covers over her head. “It better be the weekend.”

Hypnos laughed softly as he heard her muffled complaint, and was once again surprised at the lightness of his heart as he padded across the cool tile. Here he was, a god with centuries of experience and hundreds (probably thousands, he reflected) of women in his past, but he felt giddy as a young man.

Snapping his fingers, Hypnos felt the comfortable weight of his usual grey lounging joggers form around his legs, and then leaned casually against the counter to grind some beans. If there was one thing Hypnos enjoyed more than earning a good night of sleep, it was waking up with an exquisite cup of caffeine. Waiting for mortals to discover coffee had been a total pain.

Several moments later, the chiseled Olympian had a double shot of espresso in one small cup, for himself, and a mostly-full mug of black coffee, for Mariah, sitting on the counter before him. With embarrassment, he suddenly realized he had no idea how Mariah took her drink.

Some all-powerful god you are, he told himself with a snort. So, he filled a miniature pitcher with some milk and grabbed a bowl of sugar cubes out of a cabinet. Placing everything on a tray, which he held in both hands, he passed carefully through the corridor and back into his expansive master bedroom.

Mariah was still under the covers, dozing, but the amazing scent of wafting coffee drew her out as Hypnos pushed the door shut with one foot.

“Mmm...” she said, holding out her hands eagerly for her mug and letting the comforter fall to her waist. She was naked beneath.

Hypnos’s gaze naturally fell to her exposed body, admiring the swell of her tits and her firm, smooth stomach. He remembered kissing across her skin, the feeling of her long legs wrapped around his waist...

Mariah flashed him a grin as he met her eyes again, her face lighting up with the laughing warmth of the expression.

Hypnos shrugged without embarrassment as if to say, I may be a god, but I’m still a man.

“Do you do this for all the women you sleep with?” she teased, gesturing to the coffee situation in the immortal’s hands.

Hypnos mock scowled and narrowed his eyes, placing the tray carefully on the bed as she sat up. “I wasn’t sure what you liked,” he said with a vague gesture, not answering her question. “So I decided I’d let you doctor it up your own way.”

Mariah bit her lip as though holding in a smile, but didn’t make a comment as she reached for her mug.

Hypnos knew that she was as aware as he was that she was getting special treatment, and was grateful she didn’t mention it further. What is it about this mortal that makes me act like this? he wondered. Then, he shrugged internally. If there was one thing he’d learned over the centuries, it was that sometimes matters like this shouldn’t be overthought.

For the next few minutes, the pair enjoyed their coffee in silence. Only after they had both emptied their cups and placed the tray safely on a bedside table that Mariah folded her hands in her lap and turned to face Hypnos purposively.

“So,” she said in a businesslike tone.

“So.” the god mirrored back. What is she thinking? he wondered. Will we be doing this again? For some reason, the question bothered him.

“That was fantastic,” Mariah began, and Hypnos let out an exaggerated sigh of relief that nonetheless reflected a (slightly smaller) internal sensation of increased ease.

“Well thank the gods for that,” he said with a chuckle, smirking to let her know he hadn’t really been nervous about her answer.

“But...” she continued, raising one finger.

Hypnos kept the smile on his face while his heart plummeted. What’s wrong?

“We still need to talk.”

The god shrugged. “Sure,” he said nonchalantly. “What’s up?”

“I just want to make sure that we’re on the same page,” Mariah told him. “Obviously, this is the 21st century, and we aren’t dating or anything serious at this point. Nothing binding on either side.”

Hypnos shrugged again. “Obviously,” he agreed, as though it were as evident as she made it sound.

“But if you did want to keep seeing me outside of work...” Here she paused, and Hypnos nodded vigorously. Unbeknownst to the god, Mariah gave an internal sigh of relief herself. “Good,” she said with a bob of her head. “Then I’d like to be the only mortal woman you’re going out with. I’m not the jealous type, but I also don’t like to share. And what with the fact I’m already working for a literal god, I don’t need relationship drama or potential jealousy messing with my head on top of my other stress levels.”

Hypnos nodded thoughtfully, downing his espresso as his mind whirled. On the one hand, Mariah was the only mortal woman he’d felt attracted to in more than a dozen years. On the other hand... “And immortals?” he asked, placing his cup carefully on the tray and meeting her eyes.

Mariah shrugged. “I don’t think I can find it in myself to be jealous or competitive with a super-hot immortal babe.”

Hypnos raised his eyebrows. “So I can...?” he asked, gesturing vaguely.

The brunette grinned mischievously. “So long as I’m there to supervise.”

“Supervise?” he asked, surprised. This was a development.

Mariah’s eyes sparkled and she smirked suggestively. “Supervise...” she agreed, running her gaze down the god’s rippling physique.

Ah... the god thought. That kind of supervision.

Hypnos thought about it... Did he mind, even for a short time, being bound to this mortal woman in such an intimate way? Being subject to her rules?

Mariah sipped her cup and watched his expression, her ultimatum made.

He considered a moment longer. Then, as he was about to answer, the god felt a sudden ping on the edge of his consciousness, and he felt an uncharacteristic stab of worry. This could be awkward..

The worry manifested on his face as a slight, brooding quality, and Mariah felt her heart drop. He wasn’t going to go for it, she thought.

Then, a sly grin touched the edge of his mouth. “That’s good,” Hypnos murmured, leaning forward and, to Mariah’s surprise, kissing her full on the mouth.

It was not a quick peck, but rather the sort of kiss that leaves heads spinning and hearts racing. Mariah melted into it, Hypnos’s centuries of experience dizzying and delighting her senses. His lips were strong, controlling, intoxicating. “Why? What’s good?” she asked breathlessly, straightening her hair and trying to compose herself back to the sensible, businesslike persona she’d been projecting. “Are you saying you agree to my terms?”

The god of sleep grinned down at her. “I will,” he told her, eyes dark and deep as an ocean. “And it’s a good thing, too... Because Antheia is about to arrive.”


“Fuck!” I swore, not loud enough to jolt my mother out of her trance but loud enough to get Paige’s attention.

My best friend padded across the floor on bare feet and stood next to me, slim hands resting on my tense shoulders as my fists clenched. She, too, recognized the car and rubbed my back soothingly. “You were going to have to confront Jared eventually,” she told me pragmatically. “Consciously or unconsciously, that’s why you had me film Hailey last week in the bathroom. Once he found out, it was only a matter of time before he showed up. Better here than at school.”

I hissed out a sigh. Maybe... I thought, clenching my jaw tighter. But I still didn’t have to like it. “Alright,” I said, taking a deep breath and tugging my sweats onto my legs. “I guess I’m going to have to do this.“

Paige kissed me on the cheek. “Right behind you, lover,” she murmured, support brimming in her stormy eyes. Heading to the pile of clothes by the bed, she fished out her jeans and white crop top, tugging the top over her head. Once she had wrapped her legs in the form-fitting jeans, I nodded.

I didn’t bother with a shirt, myself. For some reason I felt more confident this way, hair mussed from sex and chest bare, with my pump from the gym still evident in my muscles. I could use all the confidence I could muster. Jared Butler had been the primary antagonist in my life for the past 4 years.

There was ominous silence from my front door as we descended the stairs, but I got the sensation that something, someone, very bad was waiting on the other side.

I hesitated for a single moment as I reached for the knob. “You think I can do this?” I asked Paige, stomach fluttering.

My best friend pushed a strand of blonde hair back from her eyes and grinned. “He won’t know what hit him.”

I nodded. Then, before I could stop myself, I turned the knob and yanked the door open.

Jared Butler was standing on the front steps, not three feet from me, his fist raised to hammer on the wood once again. His expression, as he saw me standing there, flashed from shocked at my sudden appearance, to even more shock as he blinked several times at my freshly-augmented, shirtless torso and then to murderous fury.

To my surprise, Hailey was right there behind him, the cheerleader’s arms crossed under her luscious tits and her mouth set in a frown of brooding anger.

Recovering quicker than he did, I seized the initiative before Jared could speak. “You know,” I managed to get out past the lead ball sitting in my stomach. “It’s not polite to break down a man’s doors while he’s fucking his girlfriend.” I leaned on the doorframe and gave what I hoped was a confident smirk.

Behind me I sensed, rather than saw, Paige shift her weight in surprise when I called her my girlfriend (she knew I wasn’t talking about my mother). Then, I felt a light touch on my back as she lent me her support. I hoped she would go along with it.

Jared was shook. I could tell, because it took him an extra second to get out his reply. “You little fucker!” he growled, taking a half step forward.

It took all of my willpower not to take a step back, but I held my ground. I felt a twinge of nervousness. Is he going to get physical?

“What the fuck did you do to Hailey?” he demanded, eyes blazing. “Did you drug her or something? Because she doesn’t even remember seeing you the other day!“

I frowned slightly at the accusation, and then composed myself. My heart was beating in my chest, but I felt somehow detached, like I was watching from outside my own body. My brain, usually sluggish and weak when Jared started coming my way, was fast and nimble as always, looking for the angle to turn this around.

My first instinct, amusingly enough, was to shuck my sweatpants and see if Hypnos’s power would work, sending him into a trance to deal with easily. I almost laughed at the thought, a sure sign that this was not a normal Alex-Jared interaction — That’s how I’ll win a fight with a super jacked football player, I thought. By showing him my dick.

Somehow, though, I knew that Hypnos hadn’t given me my power so I could win any fight or any argument. It went against his whole “You must earn a good night’s sleep” philosophy. He had given me the power so I could learn the confidence I needed to handle problems on my own.

So, instead, I crossed my arms and scowled back. “Get out of my face,” I told him in a bitingly level tone. Somehow, it worked. Jared didn’t calm, of course, but he did check his forward momentum. “I didn’t drug your girlfriend...”

Jared squinted disbelievingly at me, his fists clenched at his sides and his jaw still jutting forward aggressively.

I finished the sentence. “... I just showed her my cock and she begged me to fuck her into next month.”

Jared’s palms hit my chest and shoved me back. I stumbled, hands flailing, and caught onto the doorframe. In a flash, I righted myself and before I could consciously make the decision, I was pulling myself forward. My normal body, my pre-augmentation body, had been scrawny, weak and defenseless. My current body, gifted to me by a Greek god, knew how to throw a punch.

The power of my hips, shoulders and rippling arm all channeled into the blow and Jared’s head snapped back as my knuckles connected with his jaw. He reeled, yelping involuntarily in pain, and missed the step behind him. The football captain tripped and went down hard on his ass, falling to the concrete path that led from the driveway to the front door. He shook his head, startled and dazed. His eyes looked up into mine, and I could tell he was rattled. But he was also angry, and he started to scramble to his feet.

I didn’t give a fuck. Years of abuse were rising to the surface as cold anger. I gave him a poisonous glare. “That’s for every time you put me down to make yourself feel better,” I spat. “For every time I felt weak and helpless because of you. But I’m not helpless anymore. And if you fuck with me ever again, I will put you down twice as hard.”

I saw it in his eyes, the desire to come at me swinging. But I kept right on staring until I saw something else, a glimmer of uncertainty.

“That’s right,” I told him. “Get the fuck out of here.”

His eyes flickered to Hailey, who was still standing on the edge of the porch, hand raised to her mouth in a silent statue of shock. I could practically see the wheel’s turning in his head, weighing the odds and not knowing what to make of it. I could almost read his mind as he mentally shifted the blame for the situation onto his cheerleader girlfriend.

“Oh,” I added, almost nonchalantly. As Jared’s confidence waned, mine grew. I was in control, now. “And Hailey?”

The buxom blonde cheerleader looked back at me, a combination of confusion and nervousness in her expression.

“I think it’s best if we let Jared go home alone. We don’t want him venting his frustration at you, do we?” I was leaning casually, one shoulder against the doorframe, as I lowered my hands and hooked my thumb into the waistband of my sweatpants. With a tug, I pulled them down and my secret weapon sprang into view.

Hailey’s hazel eyes dropped instinctively to my semihard cock, and then she dropped down, down and down into the trance and into my power. Her expression went blank, her full lips parted ever so slightly.

Oh I am going to fuck that mouth so good... I thought.

“Come on up here,” I ordered. “Leave your ex down there in the dirt where he belongs.”

Jared’s expression was shocked, incredulous and now, for the first time, fearful. “What?” he practically gasped. “What the hell is going on...? Hailey? Hailey!”

He reached out his hand for his girlfriend, but the curvy cheerleader simply sashayed up the steps to stand right in front of me. She was wearing a short skirt and a blue top that was stretched tight across her ample cleavage. Her blonde hair tumbled down her back and I couldn’t wait to wrap my fingers in it while I fucked her harder than she’d ever been fucked before.

“Go upstairs, babe,” I told her, tucking my now raging erection into my sweats, just for the sake of public decency. There was a huge, impossible to miss, tent in my pants. “Then, I want you to make sure you’re nice and ready for me when I get up there. Understand?”

Hailey’s lips turned ever so slightly upward into a sensual grin. “Yes, Master,” she murmured, too low for Jared to hear.

“Good girl...” I said, not looking at her as she moved to obey. For good measure, I gave her ass a single spank as she passed between me and Paige on her way into the house.

“Mmm...” I commented to Jared, reveling in my power. I needed to end this once and for all, punish him so well that he never even thought of coming back for revenge. “Nice and firm. Just like I remember.”

Jared looked like he’d swallowed his tongue. “You...” he said weakly. “What the fuck...?” But as his girlfriend disappeared towards my bedroom all the fight had left him. “What the fuck...” He was practically whispering now, shaking his head in shock as he pushed himself to his feet. He was almost swaying.

I hit him with the hardest glare I could muster. “Now,” I ordered. I jerked my chin at his car. “Get lost.”

I closed the door in his face, not waiting to see his reaction, and then leaned back against it as a rush of reality hit me. I sucked in a deep breath, my heartbeat loud in my ears and my eyes squeezed shut, as I waited for him to sprint up the stairs and slam into my door.

There was nothing.

“Holy fuck, Alex.”

I opened my eyes.

Paige was staring at me with an unabashed admiration in her eyes. “I’ve never seen you do anything like that before. You just stared down Jared fucking Butler.“

I nodded, slowly. “Yeah... " I agreed. In the background, I heard a car door slam shut and then the revving of an engine. “Yeah I did.” I ran my fingers through my hair and then shook myself ever so slightly as if casting off the nervous tension in my body.

Paige stepped closer. Her stormy gaze fixated on mine and pulled me in. “And it was so...” She grabbed my face in her hands and stood on her tiptoes to kiss me. “Fucking...” She kissed me again. “Hot.” This kiss was longer, her mouth desperate for me as I grabbed her around the waist and pulled her into me. My tongue danced with hers, diving into her mouth and deepening the kiss even further.

We came up for air, both gasping, our faces scant inches apart. Our eyes met.

“Upstairs,” I ordered, and then I was kissing her again.

Paige jumped up into my arms, wrapping her legs around my waist as we continued to make out furiously. My hands were on her tight ass in those figure-hugging jeans, and I strode purposively toward the stairs. I appreciated, now, the strength of my body because I didn’t hesitate as I took them swiftly and confidently, despite the weight in my hands.

I bumped once into the wall and then dropped Paige lightly to the floor outside the closed door to my bedroom.

My best friend already had her hand down my sweatpants, fingers curled around my cock as she panted and stroked. “I need you...” she mewed softly, dark blue eyes blazing into mine. “I need you inside me...”

Fuck... This was the hottest thing I’d ever experienced. I shoved the door open and stepped inside, then froze... shocked by the sight that greeted me.

On my bed were two busty blondes, one leaning back against the headboard with her legs spread wide and the other with her head between the first woman’s knees.

“You told me to make sure I was ready, Master,” Hailey gasped, eyelids fluttering at the ecstasy coursing through her as my mother’s tongue lashed her dripping pussy. “And when I came in this hot little fuckdoll was just waiting to be used...” She shuddered then, and came, body spasming as her muscled tightened and released.

No. Fucking. Way... My cock twitched, and I could barely keep myself from leaping across the room to join them. Instead, I glanced from Paige to the scene happening on top of my queen mattress. “I’m going to need a bigger bed,” I commented dryly.

My best friend smirked, eyes roaming over the pair of undulating bodies. “Looks like it,” she agreed. Then, her gaze met mine once again. “Want to join?”

“Fuck yes...”

Hand in hand, now, we crossed the room. I released her only to shuck my pants, kicking my feet free and standing, naked, with my hands on my hips as I surveyed the scene.

“Alright, ladies,” I said. “Let’s get this party started.”

* * *

Hailey was eating out my mother now, her pink tongue lapping at my mom’s cleanly-shaven slit while my cock pounded into her from behind. One hand rested on the cheerleader’s hip, pulling her back into me with every thrust. The other was tangled up in her blonde mane.

Paige knelt by my mother’s head, kissing her furiously and muffling the older woman’s groans and mewls of pleasure at Hailey’s attentions.

God this is hot. Hailey’s pussy was heaven, hot and snug around my pistoning length. I could feel her every twitch and spasm of ecstasy as I drove her over the edge for the third time, muscles tightening around my girth. I never slowed, my hips slapping into her round ass every time I bottomed out inside her core.

She gasped, head rising from her task. “Thank you, Master...” she moaned. “Thank you for fucking me so good... I’ve never been fucked so good in my life.”

I didn’t respond, grunting as I drove into her. My prick was throbbing and ready to explode, but I held myself back with iron will. Pulling back, I slid from her body with a soft moan of my own.

“Paige,” I said quietly.

My best friend’s head turned immediately, disengaging from my mother’s desperate lips.

“Yes, lover?” she asked.

“Get over here,” I ordered with a spreading grin.

Her eyes flashed excitedly. “Yes, sir.”

She crawled over Hailey’s body, bare skin smoothly sliding across bare skin. I saw her nipples hard and tight at the tips of her pert breasts, and then I grabbed her and dragged her forward into a kiss. I could taste my mother’s lip balm on her mouth, vanilla and honey, sending a jolt of arousal right into my rigid length.

My lips caressed her ear. “Fuck me...”

I felt the groan of arousal in her throat. “Yes, sir...”

Her hand wrapped around my shaft, guiding me to her entrance. I spread my thighs a bit as I knelt, her body luxuriantly lowering itself onto me.

I split her in half, her slim figure slowly beginning to rise up and down on my stiff pole.

Paige’s head fell back and a gasp escaped her lips. “Ohfuckyeah...”

I grinned, baring my teeth as I grabbed her hips and began to move with even more speed. My muscles bunched as I raised her up and brought her down, my cock thrusting into her center and pushing against her innermost walls.

“Fuck me, Alex!” she cried, arms wrapping around my neck. “Fuck me, Master!”

I grunted in assent, my body tightening as she knelt astride me. I buried my face in her neck, kissing her so hard I left a mark. The sights and sounds around me were muted, my only focus the heat and sensation coursing through our bodies.

Up and down. In and out. Faster and faster.

Distantly, I felt Paige shudder in my hands and clutch herself to me as she gave over to the pleasure and came with explosive force.

My thoughts became fragmented as the world frayed at the edges.

So close...

And then, the world shattered.

I thrust one final time into Paige’s core and unloaded, my entire figure clenching and then releasing, my cock spasming over and over deep inside my best friend’s body. I sprayed like a fire hose, strand after strand of hot, sticky cum all over the walls of her womb. I couldn’t see, couldn’t think, couldn’t speak. The only sensation was the release of everything that had been building up inside of me.

Paige gasped as I grunted and tightened my grip on her hips, squeezing tightly as her pussy milked the last ounce of strength from my overworked cock. Then, with a gasp of my own, I collapsed to the bed.


It was only a few moments later when I felt Paige shift her weight and rub my shoulder, her fingers cool on my feverish skin. I cracked an eyelid and groaned, then pushed myself back up into a sitting position.

Everything around me was still.

“What’s up?” I asked Paige, realizing suddenly that my throat was quite dry from my exertion.

“We still have something to talk about,” my best friend told me, a teasing smile on her face.

I furrowed my brow. What...?

“Did you call me your girlfriend?” Paige murmured, eyes flashing.

Oh... That. I looked around at the limp figures of Hailey and my mother, slumped in the relaxation of well-fucked bliss. I bit my lip and smiled sheepishly, “I guess I should ask first,” I said. “’Hey, Paige. Want to be my girlfriend?’” I felt, for the first time in a while, a flutter of nervousness as I waited for her answer. I could have forced her to agree. But, while I had lusted after this girl for years, she was still my best friend. That counted for something.

“Hmm...” the slim girl said, tapping her chin thoughtfully with one finger while the other hand reached out and began to slowly stroke my length.

A growl of lust rumbled in my throat and she bit her lip as a grin spread across her elfin face. “I’m just teasing you, you dork,” she told me, dark blue eyes laughing. “Of course I’ll be your girlfriend!”

I smiled, genuine relief coursing through me. “Good...” I told her.

“Mmhmm...” She nodded in agreement. “You’ll have to take me on a nice first date, though,” she told me with mock sternness. “You know, since I’m already fucking you.”

I grinned. “Later,” I told her. My heart was beating quicker again, my body coming alive. “For now... Time to be a good girl...”

As I watched, my body tightening with lust, Paige’s eyelids flickered, and her gaze dropped to my cock, which was throbbing with need once again.

“Yes, Master...” she murmured, her mind going blank, thoughtless and obedient. “Is there something I can do for you?”


Aphrodite’s handmaiden blinked as she stepped through a ripple in the air and into Hypnos’s bedroom. Her blue eyes flickered from the half-naked god of sleep to the fully-nude Mariah. Then, she let her tongue slip out between her lips to wet them sensually. “A new plaything?” she murmured, eyes roaming over the mortal’s topless figure. “Hypnos, what a delicious surprise.”

Antheia herself was dressed only in a tiny pink bikini that left uncovered vast expanses of evenly tanned skin that glowed with vitality. The god of sleep, as always, felt a shiver of lust down his spine at the sight of the gorgeous goddess.

“Plaything? You wish,” Mariah answered scathingly. She ran a hand through her tousled brunette locks.

“Hypnos, darling, won’t you shut this mortal up?” Antheia asked nonchalantly, sauntering up to him and letting her fingers trace his chiseled torso. “As exciting as it will be to have a third, I don’t think she’s putting her tongue to the best possible use.”

“Girls, girls...” Hypnos chided, his cock swelling as he heard the two argue. For some reason, it was incredibly hot knowing that they were competing for his affections. For a moment, he wondered what Antheia was doing here. Then, he realized it didn’t matter. She had come to fuck, as was the nature of their relationship, and it was the perfect opportunity to test out how he felt about Mariah’s new rules.

Both women broke off their death glares to shoot a look his direction. Mariah’s jaw was hard, but he could see the smile lurking behind her curved lips. She was enjoying messing with the minor goddess. Antheia, meanwhile, looked surprised and frustrated that a mere mortal would address her in such a manner.

“Don’t worry about anything...” he murmured, lust growing in the pit of his stomach as he let power surge through his words. His eyes met Antheia’s bright blue ones first and her eyelids fluttered as she felt her thoughts begin to slow.

“I’m in control now...”

Between one blink and the next, Antheia’s mind was blank and empty, her eyes glazing over as she fell deep into the trance. Her full, pink lips parted slightly as she sighed, and he recognized it as a sigh of contentment. The pleasure of utter obedience was her drug of choice.

A grin curving across his mouth, Hypnos turned his face to Mariah and was surprised by what he saw.

The woman’s eyes were clenched shut, her face screwed into an expression of fear and worry. “I’m not going to be one of your mindless playthings...” she murmured, sensing his attention. “If I let myself be like all the others you’ll just use me and toss me aside.”

“Mariah...” Hypnos used her name intentionally, caressing it soothingly with his mouth as he said it. He saw her relax, slightly. “You don’t need to do anything you don’t desire.” For whatever reason, the god of sleep cared for this mortal woman. He would do nothing to harm her, and even after a single night he couldn’t imagine casting the woman out. Still, as a god, he must demand his due. “But...”

Mariah stiffened slightly, fingers curling tighter around the silken sheets.

“Just like you had your conditions, I have mine. Sometimes, I will need you to submit to my will... It is for my pleasure, of course, but it is for yours as well, I promise you that.”

The brunette let out a deep sigh. Hypnos could see her eyes flickering back and forth behind her eyelids as she thought. Then, with a flutter of long eyelashes, she opened her eyes and the god of sleep dove into her deep, dark orbs.

While he couldn’t read her thoughts, Hypnos could sense them as tendrils of his power spread through her mind. They were fluttering fearfully, flickers of light and energy he could practically touch as she slid down into his trance. Hypnos could tell, with surprise, that her thoughts were surprisingly complex, more so than many of the immortals he dealt with, and for the first time he started to realize why he might be so taken with this woman. She truly was special.

Pulling his mind back and letting his innate, divine power do its work, the god of sleep stared into the mortal woman’s face as her expression went blank and her bright eyes gazed back at him without a flicker of thought behind them.

Gods this is hot... he thought, glancing from the mortal to the immortal and knowing that they would do anything he wished.

Antheia’s nipples were hard, poking through the thin fabric of her bikini, and Hypnos could see that her arousal was soaking through the snatch of cloth across her pussy. She loves it... he thought, smirking.

Mariah’s lips were parted slightly, and the god realized that she was beginning to pant ever so softly, her body flooding with pleasure as it submitted utterly to his will. Good... he murmured silently. Let the fun begin...

“Make out...” His voice was quiet, but commanding. He stepped back, a flicker of thought dissolving the pants around his legs to leave him completely naked.

Not sure how the pair would react to this after their initial, hostile interaction, Hypnos was surprised as Mariah purred hungrily and crawled forward on her hands and knees, kneeling before the standing goddess before gripping her around the hips and pulling her down onto the bed.

Antheia went down without a fight, her lithe figure bouncing just slightly on the downy mattress. Her own moan of lust was muffled as the brunette straddled her and covered her lips in a rough, passionate kiss.

His cock growing and thickening as he watched, Hypnos lowered one hand to slowly wrap around his girth. He began to stroke himself, a small groan of lust rising from the back of his throat as he watched Mariah slide her delicate hands under the goddess’s tiny bikini and begin to tug at her erect nipples.

Antheia gasped, sucking in a breath as Mariah sat up, still straddling the other woman and pinning her to the bed. Between Mariah’s legs, the goddess’s hand rose and one finger began to circle the mortal’s clit. Tugging, the brunette slid the bikini over Antheia’s head, blonde hair scattering across the pillows. Mariah bent her head, her back curving and her ass offered invitingly up in the air as she planted another searing kiss on the goddess’s mouth.

“Time for me to join the party...” Hypnos muttered to himself, his godly prick straining in his hand as he padded over to the end of the bed.

Mariah glanced over her shoulder as he knelt between her spread knees, and the god saw that her eyes were wide open and wonderfully, blissfully blank. Her shaved slit was dripping wet, and he could feel her heat as he pressed the head of his length up to her burning entrance.

Antheia’s hand continued to move, flickering across Mariah’s pleasure button and driving her closer and closer to the tipping point.

“That’s a good girl...” he murmured to the mortal, his words infused with power. “Even deeper for me now...”

He watched her as her eyelids fluttered momentarily and then her head dropped back down, kissing Antheia’s jawline and down her neck to begin suckling at her full, round tits.

God you’re hot... Hypnos told Mariah silently. Then, he placed his hands on the mortal’s hips and drove his full length into her tight slit.

“Mmmmm...” the woman moaned, her body shuddering as he filled her completely. Her luscious figure quivered as he bottomed out inside her, his rigid length massaging her deepest recesses. She sucked harder at Antheia’s nipples, and the goddess let out a tiny mewl of surprised pleasure.

“Ohgodyesss... Fuck her harder, Master...” the blonde gasped.

Hypnos was happy to oblige.

Mariah’s ass rippled as he pounded over and over inside of her, her tight tunnel rippling around him as she spasmed and came. He held back only slightly, knowing that her mortal body wasn’t meant to withstand the full measure of his strength, but even the tension of holding back added to the ecstasy of the moment. The god felt like the string of a harp, being pulled tighter and tighter as it played its note, the silent song playing higher and higher in his ears.

The scent of these two women mingled in the air with the rich smell of coffee into a heady aroma that ensnared his own mind just as his will ensnared theirs. It was sweet and dark, a scent of desire and lust and need.

Mariah’s head rose from her task and she once more met his eyes over her shoulder. He sensed her final walls of resistance crumble as he drove into her body, and with a rush she came a second time. His length throbbing inside of her, Hypnos pulled back and pushed her aside. She tumbled to the bed, eyes wide and empty as they stared up into space.

Her lips barely moved as one hand lowered and her fingers began to circle her clit. “Yes Master...” she whispered. “Yes Master... Yes Master... Yes Master...”

Barely pausing as he shuffled forward, Hypnos bent forward and stretched his body out to cover Antheia’s. Staring into her startlingly blue eyes, the god drove a spike of power into her mind even as he thrust into her dripping entrance. She was soaked, ready and waiting for him, her lust having built up to the tipping point after Mariah’s attentions. Her will was putty in his hands, and he bound her even tighter to him, his body driving inside of hers even as he penetrated her mind.

His rippling muscles taut, he gave himself over to the sensations, driving into her core with every pistoning movement. He let himself go, knowing that the goddess’s body could handle any punishment he delivered. His hands rose and wrapped around her face, pulling her lips to his. They were soft and sweet and he crushed his mouth to hers, the heat of their fucking burning on his skin.

Then, as Antheia’s body shuddered and climaxed, Hypnos felt his body rebel against him and tip over the edge. His muscles clenched and released, his cock spasming inside of the goddess’s hot, wanton pussy. He resisted only a moment before his will finally snapped and he felt the rush of pleasure overtake him. With a gasp, he collapsed atop Antheia’s body.

“Ohfuckme...” he gasped, clenching his eyes shut as the electric sensation roared through his body. His fists flexed and his toes curled, and then in a rush it was over.

Finally, the god of sleep rolled onto his back between the two women and stared up at the ceiling, his chest heaving from the intensity of the moment. Slowly, he released the ropes of power that bound the women in his thrall, and he felt them stir.

To his right, Mariah pushed herself up on one elbow and stared at him inscrutably, brushing a dark strand back from her eyes. On the other side, Antheia sat up as well and glanced over his body at the mortal woman.

“Not bad,” she murmured appreciatively, and Mariah met her gaze for a moment.

“No...” the woman replied. Her dark eyes met the god’s. “Not bad at all...” She smiled, then bit her lip playfully. “I’d do that again,” she whispered with a wink.

This is good... Hypnos thought as the pair of women shared a mischievous glance and then began to slowly kiss their way south down his chiseled physique. This is the life... His cock began to stir to life once again as the pair of buxom beauties played a trail of kisses across his taut stomach.

He closed his eyes and relaxed into the feeling, then realized that for once he was trusting himself to their plans instead of the other way around. A smile curved across the god’s lips. What a unique sensation, he thought. Not to be completely in control all the time...

He sucked in a soft breath as the women reached their target. I could get used to this.


She knelt on the bed before me, thighs spread as one hand slid in and out of her dripping slit.

“Hey, Mom.”

My mother was awake, now. She looked around my empty bedroom, blinking, blue eyes confused. She was naked, but I had told her not to worry about that, so she didn’t take any notice. “Alex...?” she asked, uncertainly. She ran the fingers of one hand through her hair. “What’s going on?”

So I told her. “I know about Hypnos,” I said. Straight to the point, no sense beating around the bush. “And I know you tried to use me to get him back.”

She didn’t try to protest. It was obvious as soon as I used his name that I knew everything. “Alex, honey...” she started to say, her tone cajoling.

I shook my head. “I’m going to be the one talking.” My tone shut her up. It wasn’t the submissive, self-conscious tone I had used in the past. I sounded confident, in control. And so I talked. I told her everything — from Jared Butler to Paige to Hypnos to her. As I did, her eyes got wider and wider, and then, I was finished.

My mother was still shaking her head in shock, her body shuddering ever so slightly as one hand massaged a full, round breast and the other circled her clit languidly. “Why are you telling me about this?”

“It’s okay, Mom...” I told her calmly, ignoring the question.

My mom’s expression of relief was tempered by the fact that my tone was still firm and unyielding. “It is?” she asked, her thoughts racing to take everything in. Her eyes were starting to glaze over as her body gave over to the pleasure, her mind still not aware of what was happening.

“It is,” I assured her. My hands were on the waistband of my sweats. “You were using me.” I shoved the pants down to my knees, and my cock swung free. “But now, I’m going to use you.”

“Wait. Alex... " my mother started to protest, but then her eyes locked onto my manhood and her lips formed a different word. “Yesss...”

“Now,” I ordered, my entire length throbbing with desire. “Use that mouth like a good little cocksucking slut...”

The busty blonde leaned forward, tits swaying, her sky-blue eyes vacant and obedient as her full mouth made a perfect O. Just before those pillowy lips wrapped around my thick length, they murmured my new favorite words.

“Yes, Master...”

The End, for now…

* * *