The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Part 1

Giulietta slowly fluttered her blue eyes open, a wincing pain going through her head. She shook her shiny blonde hair, cut mid-length and curling up outwards at the bottom. She tried to get up, but quickly found out she couldn’t. “What?” She muttered, but only a muffled moan got through to the rubber ball gag in her mouth. Increasingly panicked, she tried getting her bearings. She was laying on some sort of chair, and there were...bindings around her wrists and ankles? She heard a soft giggle. Her eyes darted towards the sound, and she saw...Alessa?

The pretty brunette waved her back, a smirk on her delicate lips covered in deep crimson lipstick. Not much to flaunt about figure-wise, but Alessa didn’t really need to. She was royalty. A pretty low version of royalty, being the daughter of the ruler of Sicily, but royalty all the same. Which explained why her and Giulietta were at odds. Indeed, Giulietta was technically just a commoner, but that didn’t mean much since her family were the richest and most influencial bankers in Florence. That meant she got invited to high-profile parties in the most beautiful palaces in the city. She met Alessa at one of those parties, in the Palazzo Pitti. The seat of power of the Medici Great Dukes. A pretty humbling place, Giulietta thought, but Alessa clearly disagreed. While the florentine basked at the beauty of the paintings collected on the walls, the sicilian went up to her and asked...

* * *

“Have you no shame walking these halls?”

“...E...Excuse me?”

“You heard me. What is a commoner like you doing here?”

“I was invited, for starters...And, I’m sorry, I didn’t catch your name? I’m Giulietta. Giulietta Calla.”

“Alessa, of Syracuse. Skip the pleasantries, and don’t take me for a fool. Everyone here knows you’re the little Calla girl. Not one soul in Florence doesn’t know about you...And not one soul could dream of touching a hair on your head, either. Daddy dearest controls the whole town!”

Well...All of that was true, so Giulietta nodded. But she already knew what the brunette was getting at, and why she was so furious. Alessa smirked, seeing the guilt in her eyes.

“And yes, the whole royal family knows you’re using that immunity to sneak into our palaces!”

Alessa turned to her royal cousins.

“Yes, this little rat enjoys creeping into your rooms at night, open and read our letters, and draw on your faces as a prank! You know this, you all know this! And you let her go? You invite her into these hallowed halls?”

Giulietta sank to her knees.

“Yes, yes, you’re right, Princess! I’m sorry...It’s just...when you’re immune to everything within Florence’s borders, you have to really be daring to avoid dying of boredom. And spying on royalty is as daring as they come...” And then smirked. “But you know, there’s a reason why nobody’s saying anything.”

She snapped her fingers, and within seconds, the palace’s guards surrounded Alessa.

“You’re in Florence. We don’t care how royal you are. We don’t care how safe you think you are in your palaces. This. Is. Our. Town.”

She handwaved the guards away, and they carried Alessa along, kicking and screaming. Dukes and Princes from all over Italy looked, helpless.

“No problem?” Smirked Giulietta. “Good. Now let me look at some Caravaggio in peace.”

* * *

Now, Giulietta wasn’t so smug. She tried to break free, to scream, but her restraints held. The princess slowly walked to her and caressed her chin.

“Well, you’re not in Florence anymore.”

The florentine tried to lash out, to no avail.

“It took some going, but I whisked you away. Brought you here, to my palace in Syracuse.” Alessa giggled, and plucked away one of Giulietta’s golden strands of hair. “A very hidden place in the palace, mind you. My family expects your goons to show up and investigate, but even they can’t stay long enough to find this room.”

Alessa kissed Giulietta’s forehead and stepped away, giggling.

“That means you’re not the owner of Florence anymore. You’re just a little spy awaiting justice in front of her sovereign.” Another giggle. “Don’t worry, I’m magnanimous.”

Giulietta pulled at her restraints even harder. She didn’t know what this bitch wanted to do to her, but there was no way she would end up here, in her hands. She was Giulietta Calla, for fuck’s sake! Her word was rule!

“Feisty, are we? Don’t worry, I’ll cut to the chase. Dr. Waita, if you please.”

She stepped sideways, and the door opened to a gorgeous Asian woman. Busty, slender, with smooth and delicate features between curtains of silky black hair. She walked to the restrained Giulietta with a smile, and removed her gag. For a second, Giulietta couldn’t believe it. Was she going to be freed, or was this some trick? Her heart racing, she began to say...

“Look, we had fun, but you let me go right now, the Calla will forg...”

Before she could finish her sentence, the Asian woman gave her a deep, full kiss.



A kiss? Her a foreign woman in some prison? What the...

“A good reaction.” Giggled the woman. “I’ll be your doctor from now on.”


“Doctor Ikumi Waita. Nice to meet you.”

“...Where am I? Why am I strapped to this...”

Dr. Waita stroke Giulietta’s cheek as she said...

“You’re about to be brainwashed, Giulietta.”


Giulietta broke out of her confusion. Everything fell into place. The kidnapping, her being in a strange chair, the look of complete victory on Alessa’s face. She started to struggle against her bonds in panic, and only then she realized she was stark naked, with devices on her nipples and vulva.

“! Get me out of here? GET ME OUT OF THIS THING RIGHT—”

With a giggle, the Asian woman put the ball gag back into Giulietta’s mouth. As her captive kept struggling, the doctor laughed.

“You don’t need to understand the words yet, honey. Just focus on the pleasure and the pain.”

Dr. Waita lowered a mask onto Giulietta’s face, and a sweet smelling, pink gas started pouring. Giulietta’s struggling grew sluggish. Then words started pouring in her ears.


“You are nothing.”

She weakly tried to struggle, but the gas was making her slower than molasses. She had already heard five demeaning commands before she began frowning and struggling. At which point Dr. Waita pressed a button, and Giulietta howled in pain. After a few agonizing seconds, the pain subsided and the words came back.

“Princess Alessa is your Mistress”

“Mistress’ words are absolute”

Dr. Waita pressed another button, and Giulietta was assaulted with pleasure. She groggily shook while breathing in more of her sweet smelling gas and slumping deeper into her chair.



“Don’t think, just do what mistress says”.


“No, please, let me...let me at least th...”



The pain subsided, and she slumped in her chair again. A new scent was added to the gas making her world a dizzy mess. Giulietta didn’t like it at first, but then she shook all over she came.


And she came

“Princess Alessa is your Mistress”.

And she came.

“You obey your Mistress without question.”

Everything started to fade...Her tries to get back to consciousness were met with atrocious pain. But then pleasure would confort her, along with a voice and a scent.

* * *

Giulietta gasped awake, who knew how many hours later. A mask was raised from her face, pink smoke flying up from its edges, allowing Giulietta to gasp for air. After a few seconds of getting her bearings, she noticed a girl in front of her, smiling triumphantly.

“Huuh...where are you, where am—”

“Shh. Be silent.”

Giulietta fell silent, though her mind was still racing. She slowly recollected everything. The girl—Alessa of Sicily. Bitch had kidnapped her. Taken her to a dungeon in her palace. The asian woman in the corner of the room, she said she was her doctor? Giulietta didn’t need any...

“Giulietta. You’re going to raise two fingers, giggle, and then jam them as deep in your pussy as you can.”

What...what was this bitch say...

She giggled, the two fingers of her right hand in front of her eyes. With a wet sound, she felt pleasure. She cried out, in utter confusion and lust. Alessa giggled, and turned to Dr. Waita.

“It worked.”

“I told you it would, princess.” The busty asian said in a smug tone, bowing.

“What’s happening...” Giulietta cried, trying to get her fingers out of her pussy and failing.

The princess caressed her blonde hair.

“What’s happening is that you spent the last five days being conditioned to obey my orders. You won’t question them, you won’t think about them, you’ll just hear and obey. For instance...don’t just stand there. Work those pretty little fingers up your snatch.”

With a whimper, Giulietta felt her fingers move, giving her waves of pleasure she didn’t want, but sure as hell couldn’t ignore.


“Yes, that’s it!” Laughed Alessa. Go nuts, really jam them in, you little arrogant Florentine cunt! You’re under my orders now!

Giulietta whined as her fingers went faster and faster inside her wet pussy, without question or thinking, as Alessa said. She tried to fight it, but she couldn’t. Something just made her deeply afraid of even questioning Alessa’s orders. With a giggle, Alessa reached to her ears and whispered...

“And that’s the phase where you are helpless and in despair and unable to control yourself. You do need a little punishment for trying to rise above your station.” She frowned. “This. Is. Our. Town? Please. I am royalty. I decide. And you must be close to cumming by now...So look at me! Look at my body!”

Alessa disrobed, revealing her slender body, untrimmed bush, and C-cup breasts.

“And now, cum, looking at me!”

Giulietta couldn’t help it. She came staring at Alessa’s tits. Even after she did, she just couldn’t stop fingering herself. Alessa giggled.

“Your method really is foolproof, Dr. Waita. Be certain you’ll have your full payment.”

“Thank you, your majesty, I do my best.”

Alessa turned to the halfway delirious Giulietta, whispering in her ear.

“You can stop now. At ease.”

Giulietta’s fingers plopped our of her pussy, and she tried to calm down, get her bearings, forget that sweet smell the chair gave her.

“As I said, this is just a moment to give you a bit of a punishment. If I was angrier, I’d make you rise from this chair and order you to clean the room. I would have a good laugh as you’d be helpless to resist picking up a feather duster and start dusting your own brainwashing chair, still thinking yourself as an important heiress, trapped in your own body.”

That...That was right, Giulietta was an heiress. She could make it out through the fog, barely. She was kidnapped, she had to...

Her Mistress took her chin. She couldn’t help but look into her green eyes.

“But you have paid for your transgressions enough. You should become happy now. You won’t obey my orders because you’re conditioned to. You’ll obey because I’ll be the greatest thing in the world to you. Your beautiful and kind mistress. An all-encompassing force of love.”

Giulietta couldn’t really think all that clearly, but she did understand Mistress saying something about stupid. She weakly struggled against her chair as Mistress snapped her fingers. Dr. Waita stepped in, pulled out a metal container, held it up on the ceiling, and stuck a needle in Giulietta’s arm. The Florentine immediately starting fading again, but in a different way. Her head hurt a bit.

“My dear little patient. This is the last time you’ll ever think clearly. Your mistress wants to spare you the pain and despair of remembering your past life and having ever angered her. So we’re going to make you a complete idiot who can barely think of anything but her Mistress, okay?

Idiot? Mistress? No, Giulietta didn’t want this, she had to escape, she had...

“Don’t bother, honey. The magic potion is already flowing through your veins. It’s going to destroy your mental capabilities. Are you feeling a slight headache? He he...You’re wincing, I can tell. That means it’s working.”

“...Aahuuh...Stop...Gemme out of here...”

“Shh...Don’t fret. It might hurt now, but you should like this feeling. It’s the feeling of your brain cells dying.”

“Huuuh...Gemme out of here, please, please, PLEEAAse...”

“I know it sounds scary right now, but when you’ll wake up next, you’ll be barely able to think of anything but your Mistress.”

“P...please, ’turts...” Whimpered Giulietta, trying to hold her head, but Dr. Waita fastened them to the chair’s armrests, making sure the needle was firmly lodged in her veins and delivering the drug.

“Oh, and one more thing” Giggled the asian woman. “Your Mistress wants you to be three things. Loyal—partially done, though about to be improved drastically. Retarded—in progress. And one other thing.

Giulietta felt something enter her vagina. She winced, then gasped at it started vibrating and sliding in and out of her.

“gm’out...pls...Haaah...Don’t wanna...HaaAAaah...”

“Your Mistress wants you a complete slut.”

Dr. Waita lowered the mask over her face again, and the gas started pouring in. Giulietta twitched, the intraveinous drug starting to attack her brain, and her mistress’ voice ringing in her ears again as the dildo sent waves of pleasure throughout her body. Giulietta’s therapist caressed her hair.

“Whenever you won’t feel pleasure in your pretty little cunt, you’ll want to, desperately. All the while worshipping your Mistress.”


“Shh.” Said the Japanese woman as she lowered the headphones on Giulietta’s ears. Don’t fight. Learn and become. You’ll be a much happier girl when you wake up.”

And so Giulietta heard the words again. They weren’t so powerful and mean this time. They were more...caring.

“My sweet little slut.”

“Open your eyes wide. Giggle for me.”

She didn’t try to resist. Her head hurt too much, and her whole world was a swimming mess. Some part of her already recognized the voice as Mistress. When she was rewarded with the dildo, she came easier, and learned easier too.

“Mistress’s breasts are sexy”

“Mistress is the most beautiful”

“Mistress will forgive everything bad you do”

“You love Mistress”

“Mistress’s very presence calms you”

And she felt good. All of these phrases entered her mind with the association of pleasure.

“Mistress is the only one who truly loves you.”

“Mistress wants you to be pretty and have fun.”

She moaned, and already voiced the word Mistress, shaking. Alessa smiled, and nodded. “Hit her with everything.”

“With pleasure, your Highness.”

With a grin, Dr. Waita fixed Giulietta’s head in place with metal restraints. She didn’t resist. She was already soft and malleable, already learning. A screen flickered to life, and Giulietta’s vision was flooded with images. Lewd ones. Shapely breasts. A big, erect penis. A woman on her knees, sucking cock. A vagina spread by dainty fingers. Giulietta gasped, an orgasm growing from the dildo pounding her. A blonde woman in a thin pink negligée, pasties reading “FUCK ME” taped on her nipples. Several women in chains. And still the voice droned on.

“Baby, don’t worry if you’re a dumb slut. I love you just the way you are.”

“It hurts to think. It feels good to fuck.”

Giulietta moaned and slumped in her chair, only moving because the dildo was pounding her so hard.

“You’re pretty, it’s all that matters”

“Smile for Mistress”

“You love spreading your legs”

“What you have between your legs, it’s not a vagina, it’s a cunt...and it’s hungry.”

“You want to fuck everyone you see”

“Lick their cunt” Images of cute, pink wet pussies.

“Suck their dick” Images of beautiful, powerful cocks.

Her head hurt so much, and yet she felt so good!

“Cum! Cum, you slut!”

“You’re a whore! Your Mistress’s whore!”

She couldn’t hold on...As her brain was melting, she came, crying through her gag.

“Mmmhngh! MMMMNGH!”

“Mistress is home”

“Mistress is safety”