The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Part 2

After an eternity, Giulietta woke up on a bed, and immediately moaned. There was a warmth down there, in her was it called again? Thousands of smutty images recalled themselves to her mind’s eye in a split second, and she moaned again. Without thinking, she slid two fingers into her cunt. Ooh, that was right, it was her cunt!

Without her really taking notice, two women slid into view. The bigger one spoke first. Giu didn’t really care, she just wanted to feel good.

“She’s pretty much a mushy mess right now. Make no mistake, your three demands have been completed. She can barely put two and two together, she should feel bliss just seeing you, and she should want to finger herself constantly. but...How should I put it. She’s fresh clay. If she’s left like this, her psyche will collapse into a basic creature, a cat in heat. You don’t want that, do you, your Highness?”

“No...I do not.”

“Then I suggest you take care of her for a week, make her do what you want her to do, make her feel what you want her to feel, gently shape her into the servant you want her to be. But it will take a week for her mind to properly coalesce.”

“That’s fine, I have all the time in the world.”

The smaller one came to Giu and brushed her finger against her cheek.

“Hey, baby girl...Your punishment is over. Now starts my forgiveness. It’s time to be happy.”

Giu didn’t mind the finger, but she wished it was in her cunt.

“HaaaAaah! Nyaaah...”

What good was her cheek? She kept seeing porn and wanted release.

“Shh...You’ll cum. I promise. But look at me.”

Giu blinked. The wetness in her cunt turned into a deep wamrth throughout her entire body just laying eyes on this woman. Hundreds of voices came back to hit her. The only one who cared. The only one who loved her. She smiled wide.


The royal smiled, glad to see her project was a success. She pinched the formerly uppitty girl’s clit, and rubbed it.

“That’s right. And Mistress brings you pleasure.”

“Huuh...? HaaAAAAH?”

“You’re not that loathsome little shit anymore. You’re my beautiful pet.”

Beautiful...Pet...Both those words sprang forth from Giu’s mushy brain, from the images and words she saw and heard while she came and came endlessly in her chair. She looked into Alessa’s eyes, grateful to hear those good, pleasury words as the pleasure in her cunt sent her over the edge, guided by Mistress’ sleek fingers.

“Nyaaaah! Nmmmmhh...Y...YeeeeeEEESS!”

“Yeah, you little slut, cum for Mistress!”


As she came, trembling, eyes rolled back, Alessa gently took her into her arms and pressed her against her body. For the first time in her life, Giu felt warmth. Her eyes fluttered close, she went limp. Alessa felt it, and smiled.

“Yes, that’s right, this is your Mistress’s embrace.”


“Go ahead, hug Mistress, and experience Happiness.”

Giu obeyed, gently hugging Alessa, and a wave of deep warmth covered her, recalling her lessons in the chair. She understood she was home, and grinned blissfully.


“That’s right, honey. What do you care about Florence now? You have everything you can want here, in my arms.”

“Huh huh...!”


Alessa turned toward the Japanese woman, smiling.

“Our little Giulietta will have a little trouble remembering her past life. Her memories weren’t erased, but her new mental age makes them difficult to understand, so she’ll instinctively turn to her brainwashing. The porn, the instructions. She’ll remember her past properly if you tell her to focus, but otherwise, her soft mind will be drawn away from it.”

“Oh, is that so?”

Alessa seemed pleased, as she caressed her slave’s golden locks, much to her delight.

“Don’t throw those nasty memories away, my sweet, but do focus on the wonderful present, with me. I will make sure to reshape you just right.”

“Oooh...Thank you, Mistress!”

“Are there any other details I need to know, doctor Waita?”

“As a matter of fact, yes...She can recover somewhat from her brainwashing in the coming week.”

“What? Can she regain her intelligence or shake off her conditioning as my loving pet?”

“Oh, no. Her intelligence is gone for good, her brain has been melted on a physical level. And unless she has a second puberty, she can’t regrow her neurons. Similarly, since her brainwashing is what she understands over her memories, she has no realistic way of relapsing to her older self, no...”

Dr. Waita took Giulietta in her arms and started masturbating her.

“It’s the sluttification part you need to make sure sticks, your highness.”

“Oooh! Hmmmh...” Moaned the newly minted pet.

“Her brain is done. Forever as you asked for. But her body is still as before.”

“Not for long, if I’m correct? After all, we can’t have her look like her old self, her family would obviously notice.”

“Quite. She has one final treatment left—changing her body. But I’ll need time to prepare that...Just about the week you have to reshape her as you want, and she needs to keep up with her conditioning if she is to be permanently addicted to constant pleasure.”

“Hmmmmh! Huaaaaah...Yeees...”

“And so? What do I need to do?”

“Whenever you’re not with her, leave her back in her chair and order her to watch the porn and masturbate. By the time her next treatment is ready, her body should need constant sexual gratification, as you ordered.”

Alessa smiled again, taking her slave back from her therapist’s hands, and kissed her forehead.

“Very well, I’m certain she’ll like that anyway.”

* * *

The next week was very simple for Giulietta. Mistress would cradle her in her arms.

“I know we left you quite at a loss with words, my little sweet. But can you try to say what you feel when you’re in my arms like that?”

“Uuuuh...Like, Mistress is so...huh...whut’s, loves me. ’swhy I love, really really big!”

“It’s not even a question to you...” Said Alessa, charmed, kissing her cheek and hugging her tighter. “Mistress loves you very much too.”

“He he...Thank you, Mistress.”

* * *

Mistress would take her to her bed.

“I bet you’d very much like to lick me down there.”

“Oooh, can I eat your cunt?! Really?!”

Alessa put her finger on Giulietta’s lips.

“No no, my sweet. You’re the slut, you have a cunt. Your Mistress is very important, she has a temple of pleasure.”

“Huh...Sorry, Mistress., didn’t mean to...”

“I’m not angry, sweetheart. Not anymore. I’m just teaching you.”


“Now, lick my temple of pleasure.”

Giulietta giggled and crawled to between her Mistress’s legs. Alessa breathed in deeply and prepared herself. She had never been pleasured before. And now, she was about to be, by another woman...One that used to be...

A moist tongue lapped her slit, and immediately, her hips buckled.


Giulietta licked her Mistress as gently as she was fingering her slut cunt furiously. Alessa cried out, moaning, clawing at the luxurious linens. By God, if this what a carnal act felt like, no wonder the florentine completely lost herself after so much of it! She felt her head swimming, her voice rising, and in mere seconds, she had the first orgasm of her life.


As she was left panting, barely able to believe how good it felt, Giulietta crawled back up to her and hugged her. Still somewhat hazy, Alessa stroked her hair.

“Y...Yes, good girl. You...You crave Mistress’ touch...Sh...Shit, that was...”

She looked at the blonde and saw her jam her fingers into her pussy almost savagely. She was nearing orgasm too.

“Yes, go ahead. You...You deserve such pleasure. Cum for your Mistress.”

And Giulietta certainly did. She came fast and hard, with the delicious taste of Mistress on her tongue. The look on her face was that of pure bliss. Alessa stroked her hair.

“Cum, my sweet, cum...I knew giving you this life was doing you a mercy.”

* * *

Mistress would take her to the chair with the big screen in front of it.

“Here, sit down, my sweet.”

“Yes, Mistress!” Squealed Giulietta, sitting down without a question or thought.

Her beloved Mistress locked restraints around her ankles. Giulietta remembered flashes. A woman with a big chest bending over, stroking her cunt. Love your Mistress. A big, erect dick with big manly hands to seize her hair. Be a slut for your Mistress.

Mistress started playing the tape Dr. Waita had left her, then handed Giulietta a pretty, glittery pink dildo.

“You can jam it in your cunt and cum as many times as you want, sweetheart.”

“Oooh...!” Moaned Giulietta, immediately doing as instructed, as the screen flickered to life. It showed sexy, young, sultry french maids bending over luxury tables and being fucked by well-dressed young masters, humble chefs and lowly gardeners, and licked by her fellow maids. Giulietta moaned, her eyes riveted on the screen, and her hand fucking her cunt.

“That’s right...Keep at it if you want this desire...this hunger to remain with you...Forever.”


Mistress giggled, kissing her forehead.

“Already lost in the pleasure? I wish you many orgasms, sweetheart.”

* * *

And when she returned, Mistress would smile, seeing her transfixed in front of the screen, sliding the dildo in and out.

“It’s a relief someone in this palace is able to properly do a ordered.”

Alessa smiled as she undid Giulietta’s restraints. The brainwashed blonde hadn’t even noticed her, so she gently covered her eyes with one hand, and took back the dildo with the other. Giulietta let out a little whine, but her frustration didn’t last long. That voice...her Mistress’ voice.

“Mistress...You’re back!”

She reached for Mistress, and Mistress pulled her off the chair, into her arms. Giulietta trembled in pure elation, feeling her warmth, smelling her scent.

“Mistress...Oh, Mistress, I love you...”

“I know, I made you love, adore me. And this next part is your reward for taking it so well.”

“...Huh? What do you mean, Mistress?”

“It’s time we go to my bed. Well...Our bed.”

“Huh? Bed for Mistress and me too? What kinda bed is it?”

“Ha ha, easily confused, are you? Just the way you should be. Come with me, you’ll understand...”

Alessa took off, and Giulietta obediently trailed behind, her finger on her clit, admiring her beautiful Mistress. When Mistress led her to a beautiful canopy bed with blue silk sheets and big, fluffy pillows, Giulietta was confused. How was this bed any special? But then Mistress laid down, and gently pulled her to her side. The blonde tumbled, and fell right on Alessa’s naked body. With a few strokes on her back and gentle whispers in her ear, the princess made her slave relax.

“You are my slave, Giulietta. One of your roles is to keep me company at night.”

“At night? What, like, the whole night?!” It couldn’t be true. She couldn’t be that lucky. Yet, her magnificent Mistress nodded.

“That’s correct, pet. Now, hug me to your heart’s content.”

And she did. She wrapped her arms around Alessa, ever so softly. She would have hesitated, fearful of sullying such a divine being, if it wasn’t her order. And as she began to feel her warmth, she melted. The chair had taught her to fear, then love her Mistress, but it was nothing compared to being with her like this. Happiness overwhelmed her as she nestled her golden locks on her Mistress’s breasts and locked her legs with hers, clinging to her as close as she could.


“Ooh! I knew the brainwashing made you love me, but...this is certainly a demonstration.”


Alessa lovingly caressed her hair.

“And more than welcome a relief from social obligations. Yes...this is right where you belong, slave Giulietta.”

She gently grabbed the blonde’s chin, pulled her to her lips, then kissed her. Not on the forehead, not on the cheeks, but a full kiss, like Dr. Waita had given her. It wasn’t as deep. It felt shallow, like the hesitant first kiss of a sheltered princess, because it was. But it felt so much better than Giulietta’s first. Warmth surged within her. Not arousal, but a sense of true belonging. She didn’t feel like loving her Mistress because of the ironclad words etched in her ruined brain, but because it felt so good being with her. She was bonding with her mistress.

* * *

Alessa was reading a book by candlelight. Normally, she would have covered herself, but the cuddly blonde slave felt warmer than any linens. More beautiful...and the way she kept fingering herself, shuddering in pleasure, but keeping tigh-lipped to not bother her, was more compelling than any prose. She was the mistress, and she had decided to be merciful by giving the Florentine a slavery of pleasure, but she had expected Giulietta to be just a convenience, an amusing toy, perhaps. She never thought she would come so quickly to actually care for her. She, too, was bonding with her slave.



“Do you remember Florence? Your old life?”

“Huuh? Huh...”

Giulietta winced. It was all foggy, and the effort of thinking gave her a headache.

“, glittery place, with pretty, pretty paintings, cold...”

She began to sob.

“I tried to have fun, but Daddy always, like, kept a leash on me, kept giving me teachers who told me to, like, be powerful and mean, and I never got to touch my cunt and cum...Huaaah...I hate it.”

“Do you like it better here, in my arms?”

“Huuh... Sniffle Yes, Mistress, very much...Don’t let me go...please?“

The princess hung her head. So Giulietta’s arrogance wasn’t as gratuitous as she thought. She suffered because of her status and just provoked her out of duty, rather than conceit. She wasn’t that much different than her, really. Alessa gulped. Maybe her slave didn’t have to go through such a cruel procedure...Maybe she didn’t have to lose her intelligence, control and dignity to wind up in her bed, accepting her sovereign’s will with adoration and love. But, what was done was done. Regret were behind both of them.

“I won’t let you go. And don’t worry about those memories. You have a new life now, safe in my arms.”

The sparkles in Giulietta’s eyes assured Alessa she was right. That she could trust both her slave and her own nascent feelings for her.

“And my guess is you don’t like the name Giulietta that much anymore, do you?”

“Nnnh nnh.” Answered Giulietta, shaking her head.

“Then forget it. Forget everything but me. From now on, you are Zaffira.”


“That’s right, the sweet little pet who will always be there for me by nightfall. My warm, slutty, sexy servant...So sweet and loyal there is no way I could forsake her. My beloved little gem...My Sapphire.”

“...I’m Zaffira!”

Intensely happy and grateful for her Mistress’ kindness, Zaffira hugged her again, tighter than ever.

“Your doctor is concocting an injection that will change your body. You will be more attractive, shapelier, but more importantly, it will change your features so much no one will ever identify you as Giulietta and take you away from me.”

She intended this as a safety measure initially, imagining Giulietta would become too dumb to care either way, but the way she beamed with happiness...

“For real, Mistress? I really can forget the cold and be with you?”

Her Zaffira was a miracle. Alessa was both so sorry to have done that to her, and elated to have her by her side. The least she could do was to live up to her role.

“Listen, Zaffira. Mistress will never, ever let you go.”

She kissed her slave. Lovingly, passionately. Zaffira responded in kind, so, so happy her Mistress gave her such an honor.