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Sovereign, part three

“Are you ready, my sweet Zaffira?”

The slave cooed and nodded, slumping in her chair, her fingers deep inside her cunt.

“You’re going to get your new body, and forever escape your old life.”

“Mmmh mmmh! ’mready, Mistress! I wanna be yours and forget the cold people.”

“You will, my sweet, this I swear.”

She patted Zaffira’s head reassuringly, then turned to Dr. Waita.

“You can inject her now.”

The Japanese doctor nodded, and stuck a needle into Zaffira’s right arm. She winced for a moment, but didn’t dream of complaining. She was getting her new, true body. She would forever be safe from the family she hated.

“So, bigger breasts and butt, completely different, but attractive features, and long hair, is that it?”

“Yes...add to that bright, shining blue hair, from roots to tip. Not tinted. Natural.”

Dr. Waita raised an eyebrow.

“Isn’t the goal to make her pass as an attractive, but common maid, so her family’s spies would look the other way? Such an unnatural hair color would surely raise red fl...”

“I don’t care! My Zaffira deserves hair befitting her name! Give her shining blue hair or you’ll spend the rest of your life in our prisons!”

“...By your will, your Majesty.”

Ikumi turned around, hiding a smile. Her majesty had obviously fallen in love with her slave. This was very much to her liking. She created slaves for a living, yes, but she loathed the idea of their doe-eyed obedience going unappreciated. It seemed there was no risk of that happening here. She could make the finishing touches without concern. She opened the valve. Zaffira winced as the mutagen poured into her.

“She did have her treatment masturbating herself in the chair, right?”

“Yes, every day while she wasn’t in my bed.”

“Then her libido is permanently set. Good, I was accounting for that. I’ll just have to change the formula for the hair...”

“I did take the liberty of making her watch maid-oriented content.”

“Oh, did you, your majesty?”

Waita smiled. Once Zaffira was transformed and unidentifable as her former self, of course she would become a maid and fuck the palace’s servants. This specialization made perfect sense, and further confirmed her Majesty was a good mistress.

“There should be no problems whatsoever with that. And...Here we go.” She let go of the IV bag and kissed Zaffira on the cheek. “You’re going to have pretty blue hair now, honey. On top of the sexiest body in this place.”

“Thank you, Doctor!”

“All you have to do is let the magic juice work, sweetie, but your body has needs now, so here’s your old friend.”

The Japanese handed Zaffira the glittery pink dildo that had started her on the path of becoming a permanently sex-crazed nympho. True to form, the slave snatched it with a smile and jammed it inside with a moan.


“Have fun, sweetie.”

But as Izumi was ready to leave the room, Zaffira stopped masturbating.

“Doctor...wait...can I, like, tell you something?”

“Certainly...What is it?”

“I...I know you changed me. The made thinking hurt, made me need to cum all the time, and to feel so good thinking about Mistress...”

Alessa gasped. She would never have thought her dear slave was this aware of her transformation. Was this going to be a problem? Reverting to Giulietta would hurt her, she would not allow this! But...just as she thought this, Zaffira smiled, slid the dildo inside and shudder.

“Thank you, Doctor...Thank you, Mistress...I love you.”

With a giggle, she pounded harder and lost herself to the pleasure. Alessa breathed a sigh of relief. Izumi closed her eyes.

“Your Majesty...A word?”


The Japanese doctor took the princess aside, and talked in a hushed voice.

“Usually, patients that go through that kind of procedure are completely annihilated. It’s kind of the point, which I imagine you were fully aware of when you ordered it.”


“Giulietta is unusually strong of heart. The core of her being managed to survive through such a change. Usually, this would mean I failed at administering the treatment you ordered. But...I can change the mind and the body, but the soul, I can only smother.”

Waita then presented Zaffira, as she needed a new introduction.

“Giulietta’s soul has survived, yes, but accepted her new body and mind. Accepted her change. Accepted you.”

Then, she went to caress her hair.

“Cherish her, your Majesty, for she is a true slave.”

“Oh, I do, Doctor. Believe me, I do.”

“Now, let her cum...The mutagen should start to leave her quite stunned for a while.”

* * *

“Oh by the lord, my sweet Zaffira, look at you!”

Zaffira’s eyes fluttered open, looking dreamy at first, then overjoyed as she saw her Mistress again. Then, she obeyed, and looked at herself. Sapphire blue hair hung on the edge of her vision, but her new, gorgeous DD-cup breasts filled it. She was smiling already, but then, without a word, Mistress brought a mirror. Zaffira gazed into it, and saw her new face. Sultry, with a tighter nose, a more pronounced chin, long eyelashes and full lips. And, of course, her blue hair, long, wavy, and so bright. Zaffira was finally herself. There was no need to even consider stupid old Giu anymore.

Mistress had to pull her out of her chair, and out of her bliss. She embraced her sweet Zaffira. She felt so soft, so warm. Just running her fingers against her naked skin were a lifetime’s first discovery of softness. It gave so easily to her pressure, yet resisted just enough to remind Alessa that Zaffira was a slave, not an object. The princess realized she had to get back on track.

“Now, come here, my sweet. I have something even better in store for you.”

Alessa walked to the wardrobe, fully trusting her Zaffira would follow her every step...And her trust did not go unwarranted. With a sense of duty, the princess handed her gift to her brainwashed servant.

“Here, put this on.”

Zaffira did not waste any time. She loved how she didn’t second-guess Mistress’s orders, how her will just flowed right through her. She no longer had to fight, just to obey. No, not even that. Obeying implied a choice, an action. Zaffira was a marionette on strings, and she had put on Mistress’ gift without even realizing it. Before she knew it, she was facing a full-length mirror. Her slender legs were covered in sheer pantyhose. A short skirt adorned her hips, the deep black fabric contrasting with a short, white, laced smock. Her top, too, was black, thin, delicate fabric espousing her large breasts and thin wast with a deep cleavage. One thing was distinguishing her outfit from a normal maid’s—a pink satin heart sewn right between her jugs, two ribbons flowing from it. Finally, she wore a white headband over her azure hair.

“What do you say? I say you’re beautiful.”

Yes, such beautiful clothes...She was so glad to be pretty, for her Mistress’s sake. Her hand slid naturally to her wet slit, but Mistress’s hand stopped her.

“Far from me to deny you from your dear orgasms, my sweet, but just your hand will seem paltry to you soon. It’s time for your debut.”

* * *

All the palace’s little hands had answered the Princess’ call. They didn’t know the reason why they were summoned, only that it wasn’t their place to ask. The arresting, blue-haired beauty by her Majesty’s side, though, wasn’t exactly a bad sign.

“Everyone!” Barked the Princess. “This is your new colleague, Zaffira.”

Years of protocol drilled into their heads, the maids and butlers bowed deeply, even though their gazes could scarcely detach themselves from the strange hottie. Her Majesty smiled.

“Are you already picturing yourselves fucking her?”

In an instant, all eyes were on the floor. Did her Majesty just use such obscene language? The princess only took a step forward.

“That’s right, you gutless little sycophants, I just said fucking. FUCK-ING. And there’s no need to be ashamed of wanting to be doing that to Zaffira. As a matter of fact, I want there to be no misunderstanding here.”

The princess pulled the shapely, blue-haired maid to her side, and kissed her deeply. She faced the gasps in the audience with a steely gaze.

“Zaffira is my favorite. My special one. And I will not have her toil in mere housework. Neverending pleasure is what she deserves. So I hope you want to fuck her, because you will.”

Silence. Alessa furrows her brow.

“Do you think this is a prank?” She points to a butler and a maid, and barks. “You, you, come here!”

An unassuming, chestnut-haired boy and a mousy redheaded girl obeyed their sovereign’s command and presented themselves.

“Good. Zaffira, my sweet, disrobe them, then be on all fours.”

“Yes, Mistress!”

With boundless enthusiasm, the blue-haired maid went to town removing her fellow servants’ clothes. They stood still, not daring to defy her highness’ orders.

“Good. Now, obey your instincts and FUCK THE HELL OUT OF HER!”

The boy could not resist. He was rock hard just looking at Zaffira raising her butt. Her majesty’s order definitely didn’t feel like one. Zaffira’s wet pussy felt like home, and groping her huge titties was the softest he’d felt in a long time. Her sweet moans were only a bonus.

“Oooh! Mnghaaaaaaah!”

“Aaargh! She...She feels so nice, thank you, your Highness!”

“Huaaah this...Shis ish so much betteer shis waaay, Zaffira can feel his...Warmth...Mistreeesssnghhh...”

Meanwhile, the girl closed up. Sure, she had the duty to obey her Majesty, but still...

“What are you waiting for? Part your legs.”

“Y...Your highness, please...I...I’m not a lesbian...”

“Indeed? I’ve found my sweetest can quickly change that. Part. Your. Legs!”

The servant grit her teeth, closed her eyes, and obeyed. This wasn’t any different from the lifetime of servitude she had always known. At least, she thought so, until Zaffira’s tongue caressed her clitoris so gently. Just for an instant, she was gone the next. Just a whisper of pleasure. Zaffira looked into the girl’s eye with a smile, even as she was being shaken by the boy’s rough fucking. It told only one thing—Don’t worry, I’m here for you. And so, the servant girl parted a little wider. Maybe her sovereign was right after all.