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How do aliens transform the Earth?


Jeana watched the comet whizz across the night-sky. She sipped her hot chocolate and then pulled the blanket up closer.

The fire-pit roared. She loved sitting there ou the back of her house on a cloudless night. Champ her golden retriever however was not so impressed. It was getting cold.

Suddenly the horizon lit up…. where the comet had gone beyond the hills. There was a red-golden glow.

She found herself on her feet. “Fuck!” she gasped…. was that a plane that had gone down?

“Come, boy” she said and she went inside. The cable news had nothing.

Jeana took her tablet and checked the news. Nothing about any crash.

She put the radio on and kept it going in the background as she sat down on the couch with her hot chocolate.

Jeana Davidson was twenty-two. She lived alone at the end of Drury Lane. The top half of the lane was now built up by new houses, but as the dead-end lane moved up over Copes Hill it had retained its old rural character. Small farms and spread-out properties.

Finally, at the end of the lane was a driveway that split into two. One going to Jeana’s property… a small cabin-like house. The other going to ‘the witches’ as Jeana called them; Myra Sprockett and Maddy Crumb.

Neighbours who did not get on well. Myra and Maddy were not that much older than Jeana but were poles apart in personality.

Myra and Maddy were vegan famers… that is, although they kept animals they did not ‘exploit’ them. They eschewed modern conveniences. Jeana thought it disgusting that they used a pit-drop toilet.

Jeana was not a Luddite. She loved her tech. She also liked men. Yes, she’d had sex with two women, but she preferred men. She always felt that Myra was out to jump her. The two lesbians kept to themselves, but Myra—may have been promiscuous—if the opportunity popped up.

There was a report on the radio about the ‘fire in the sky’. Jeana pricked her ears up… but they were only preliminary reports.

Then… nothing. Maybe some people had reported in what they thought was a crash… but there was no more about it on the news.

Jeana went to bed. She grabbed her vibrator and massaged herself… sending Champ out of the room first. She could not stand to see him watching her as she masturbated.

Jeana came and went to sleep.

In the morning, (Sunday) she and Champ went for a walk. She heard the sound—two Blackhawk helicopters swept low over her towards the hills.

“Fuck!” she screamed as she watched Champ run off scared.

“Fucking army!” she cursed, “Here, boy!” she cried. She ran off after him.

Through the bushes… over a small creek… through more bushes. Bramble that tore at her skin

“Here boy! Champ!” she continued to call.

She stopped atop a small crater. There was a small cylinder in it. “Fucking missile!” she gasped to herself. She thought there before her was the remains of a rocket or missile sticking out of the ground

Suddenly it opened at the back as if unscrewing.

“What the fuck…?!?” Jeana gasped.

Then… the ‘lid’ fell off.

Jeana stayed back for a moment but curiosity got the better of her. She moved forward and from a distance tried to see down the tube that remained.

She drew in closer and closer… then suddenly from within, a small cloud of spores sprayed out into her face

She choked, and stepped away, clutching her nose, but she’d inhaled a lot. She coughed for some time before staggering through the bush and collapsing.

She woke up and it was dark. She had no idea what time it was. She heard the sounds of men near-by… from their talk she gathered that they were soldiers.

She leaped up into the air and found herself twenty feet up a tree. She was amazed. She looked at her hand holding the tree. her fingernails were dug into the wood, like claws.

And, as the soldiers approached, she could see them clearly, even though she knew it was night.

There were four of them.

They talked at finding the tube in the ground.

One dug around it with his hands till another ordered him to stop “fucking with it”.

Jeana noticed the heat patterns of the soldiers. One was a female. The other three males.

They took orders on the radio to secure the site.

Jeana felt a need to act…

She dropped down to the ground like a cat… on her hands and feet.

“Hey, what the fuck?” a man said as he spun around.

With lightning fast reflexes, and razor sharp claws she slashed at the soldiers. There were screams. None were fast enough to get a shot off.

Corporal Marcia Hines woke. She took a moment to gather where she was. She was in a basement… that was quite well lit. She was naked.

She went to move… but noticed her right hand was stuck to the wall. “What the fuck…” she gasped as she tugged at it… it was like a spider’s web. She made no head-way against it.

Then… she noticed grunting.

She looked across and saw Sgt Felix Neumann on his back. And a woman (Jeana) atop him fucking him.

Jeana grunted like an animal as she thrust her pelvis back and forth on Felix’s hard cock.

Felix groaned. He looked over and saw Marcia gawk-eyed looking at him. He mouthed “Help me…”

Jeana noticed and looked and saw Marcia watching in horror

Jeana laughed and humped Felix even harder. And then, he came in her…

“Oh, fuck” he gasped as he came in her and her vagina clamped on him and started milking him like a pumping fist. “Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck” he cried

Then, he realised that she was still going “Please… you’re going to kill me… you’re taking too much…”

Soon he passed out.

Jeana rose from him, disappointed that she could not take any more from him. She patted her stomach and even as Marcia watched it swelled. In a minute she looked like she was nine months pregnant.

Jeana waddled over to Marcia. “What are you going to do?” Marcia cried.

Marcia tried scurrying away; useless effort as her arm was fixed fast.

Jeana squatted and out of her vagina oozed a wet olive-coloured, olive-shaped egg. She squeezed and another, then another, then another popped out of her.

Each, half the size of a football.

Jeana lay six eggs before rising up and going over to Felix. She kicked him. He didn’t move. She was clearly angered that she would be getting no more seed from him.

“Please let me go…” Marcia cried. Jeana ignored the woman and instead went up the stairs.

Marcia began to weep. She didn’t understand what was going on… it seemed like something out of a poorly written horror story… with no spell checker. She whimpered and sobbed.

About a half hour later Felix groaned.

“Sergeant!”Marcia called

“Huh?” he spat

“Sergeant!” she called again

He began to regain his senses

“Sergeant, help me”

“Huh? Where am I?” he gasped, “Is that you, Corporal Hines?”

“Yes, help me”

Felix stumbled to get up.

“What the fuck’s happening to me?” he gasped as he looked at his balls. They were huge.

Jeana had modified him with her toxin and his gonads were swollen.

“What’s happened?” Marcia said, unable to see…

“My fucking balls!” he gasped


“They’re enormous”… he stopped for a moment… “I… I’ve got to mate…”


“I need to come…”

“Pull yourself together…”

“No…!” Felix said, “I need to sire spawn”

“Help me”

“No” Felix said. He sniffed the air, “Ah, at last” he said

Marcia returned. She looked for a moment with disdain at Marcia.

Marcia couldn’t believe how this ‘woman’ looked. What was her vaginal crack ran up her front, almost to her navel

It was like she had a giant split

She went over to Felix. His cock wasn’t that much bigger… it didn’t need to be… instead he just needed to squirt his seed… a lot of seed

Jeana obliged by sinking down onto his shaft. She split along her vagina and seemed to swallow Felix into her

She rutted and it wasn’t long before he came and then, as before she rose, and became ready, and she laid more eggs.

She left them there and left the two captives there…

“Fuck that was good” Felix sighed, the pain he’d felt in his gonads was gone. He was relieved to have come.

“Please, Sergeant” Marcia begged, “Help me… help yourself to escape”

“I can’t” he said emphatically, “I’m made to sire eggs and you can’t carry them for me”


“Shut the fuck up” he said, “I have to rest before she returns to mate with me again”

“This is madness” Marcia gasped and she tried again to break herself free

Jeana went to her bedroom on the top floor. Her bed was shredded—from her claws. She’d hollowed out the middle and then put twigs there to make a nest, stuck together with her excrement and mud.

For a second she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. She hissed and her fingernails extended into menacing claws. She did not recognise the reflection as herself.

She opened her mouth wide and her gullet spewed up a long stream of green goo onto the ‘intruder’ she saw. The glass hissed as acid melted the surface. Satisfied that the ‘intruder’ was gone she got into her nest to sleep.

Marcia watched as an egg, amongst the loose pile of eggs shook a little. It then rolled from the pile. She watched in horror as cracked. A small grey clawed hand punched through the egg shell

Then a head emerged. The size of a small monkey the grey hairless creature had a head with an over-sized forehead. It had slit eyes, orange. It opened its mouth; full of sharp teeth. It made a high squeal

It saw Marcia there and immediately moved towards her. “Sergeant!” she screamed as it drew closer “Help me for fuck’s sake”

“Leave me alone” he said, only concerned with getting his strength back

As it neared she lashed out with a foot. It scratched her ripping her flesh. She cried in pain, but then she kicked again and sent it hurtling back across the room. It didn’t move

But then, other eggs began to crack.

She watched as another emerged and it, sensing her went for her.

“Stay back!” she feebly threatened

She parried it again with her bloodied foot. They were not strong-bodied and the second did not move either.

But now three emerged.

“Get away from me!” she warned, “I’m warning you!”

She kicked the first of the three. The second buried its claws into her. She screamed in pain and tried kicking it free

And, in that moment there was an opening. The third charged up between her legs and pushed its head straight into her.

She screamed “Nooooo!”

It used its claws on her inner thighs as an anchor point and pushed itself into her.

“Nooo…. please”

“Shut up!” Felix yelled “Can’t you see I’m trying to sleep!”

“Please… noooo… nnnnnn” she cried and it pushed into her further, then it disappeared

“N-nnn…” she began “OH, fuck…” she cried and her back suddenly arched and she came. Her whole body shook

It nested in her and began modifying her right away…

Jeana returned some hours later. She looked at what was once Marcia

Marcia’s stomach budged from her pregnancy… the creature inside her growing large on her.

Marcia’s once olive skin was browner now, but hard like an exoskeleton. She had six legs. Her face, still discernibly human, on a long stalk-like neck.

Jeana released the trapped middle limb and Marcia scurried up the wall and onto the ceiling. Her weight was too much though and she fell back onto the floor

This amused Jeana who let out an animalistic guffaw

Marcia scurried up the stairs.

“Fuck me” the Sergeant cried, “For fuck’s sake before my balls explode”

Jeana went over to him and mounted him…

Shortly after she laid another half-dozen eggs.

The creature that had been Marcia was different from the one that had been Jeanna. Both were foreign to our planet, but right at home on an alien world.

Myra was tending her garden. Stopped over nursing some carrots. The six-legged creature came up behind her silently

Marcia opened her mouth. Two hollow fangs extended and she bit into Myra’s neck

She was so fast that the toxin knocked Myra to the ground before she could call for help.

Marcia waited as her toxin liquified Myra’s internal organs. Then, her tongue darted out, only it was hollow now, like a tube. She stuck this into Myra’s neck and sucked, drinking out the juices.

Maddy came out into the garden calling for her lover. She found a clump in what seemed to be Myra’s clothing. “Myra?” she tentatively approached. She rolled the ‘thing’ over and screamed.

Myra’s body was recognisable; desiccated. Wrinkly and dry.

At that moment Jeana struck.

Maddy woke in the basement, her arm fixed to the wall in a type of spider’s web

She tried to budge it.

“Uh! Uh! Uh!” Jeana grunted as she fucked.

Maddy watched in horror as Jeana climbed up off Felix.

“Jeana?” she called… the figure looked a lot like her neighbour; still female in form. But dirty, matted hair, instead of two boobs she had six nipples.

Maddy screamed as she watched Jeana’s belly inflate.

“No! What’s happening?” she cried

And then Jeana began laying her eggs


The creature that had been Maddy emerged from the cellar two days later. Different from Jeana. Different again from what Marcia had become.

Slowly this creature moved out into the woods to explore.

It looked to hunt.

It looked…. to mate…

The End