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Starship of Lust Ch. 10


“Squad Delta, hold your current coordinates at all costs. Gamma and Sigma, circle around in flanking position. Stay hidden and wait for my signal.” “Yes, ma’am!” Crackling through my headset, three gruff male voices acknowledged my orders. Their response was emphatic and immediate. They had complete and utter faith in me, and I wasn’t about to let them down.

I surveyed the data display one more time, triple-checking all variables. Rendered holographically before me was a large three-dimensional map of the forests of Kisarn, overlaid with dozens of blue dots representing the real time locations of Unified Nations personnel. Interspersed throughout the friendly forces were pockets of white dots; the estimated positions of Imperial hostiles.

“How long until she can make it?” The question was directed to my adjutant, Lieutenant Lisa Gonzalez. She stood on the opposite side of the display, amid several other men and women commanding their own sub-contingents in this operation. As soon as I asked, Gonzalez punched a series of inputs into her tablet. After a second to parse the response, she replied, “Ninety seconds, ma’am.”

Excellent. “Sigma, hold. Gamma, open fire.” While there wasn’t any dramatic gunfire or explosions on the display, a number of white dots quickly blinked out in time with my order. I could imagine the intense combat happening at this very moment, but if all went according to plan…

“Now, Sigma!” The dots representing Squad Sigma collided with the scattered enemy forces, routing them down an apparently empty valley. Just at that moment, on the outskirts of the projected terrain, a new dot appeared. While its size was the same as all the others, its scarlet color gave it a striking presence.

“Perfect timing as ever,” someone commented. I had to agree. She never let me down.

Acting autonomously, the scarlet dot approached the hostile remnants from the other end of the valley. Common sense would dictate that a single soldier couldn’t block the enemy escape unassisted, but the Scarlet Hunter was an anomaly that upended all traditional wartime notions. It hadn’t been easy for the troops to hold out this long but, now that they had, our victory was assured.

I reopened the comm line, knowing it was the last time I’d need to do so tonight. “Adams, take us home.” “Roger.” Her voice was as flat and calm as ever, as if I’d asked her to buy some groceries rather than mop up a couple dozen armed combatants.

The scarlet dot collided with the group of white. In less than a minute, she was the only one left standing. At that, I removed my headset and glanced at the handful of officers arranged throughout the room. Their expressions were respectful but expectant. With a small smile, I stood to my full height. “As commanding officer of the Athens, I hereby declare this operation a success. Congratulations, everyone.” My declaration wasn’t met with any cheers or exclamations; we were professionals, after all. However, a noticeable wave of relief swept through the gathered personnel, along with some handshakes and pats on the back.

“Lieutenant Gonzalez, I trust I can leave troop retrieval in your hands?” Gonzalez saluted earnestly. “Yes, ma’am! Thank you for your service once again.” I saluted in return, and everyone in the room followed suit. After receiving a few more words of gratitude, I took my leave of the team. With all substantial enemy forces on Kisarn eliminated, all that remained were routine cleanup procedures, which I rarely took part in directly.

“Mmph…” I stifled a yawn as soon as the door closed behind me. The operation had been a lengthy and taxing one. Nonetheless, it wouldn’t be appropriate to completely retire for the evening, at least until the men were safely on transport home. There was an outside chance new complications could arise, so I had to stay on standby.

For now, I suppose I’ll head back to my quarters. Luckily, it was only a brief walk from the command center. Taking the shortest possible route, I was at my doorstep in just under a minute, and strode in without stopping.

“Good evening, Anthony.” The Chief Engineer of the Athens sat at my desk, typing gently but decisively. As soon as I said his name, he paused to look up at me. “Evening, Catherine. Did everything go well?” Before he’d even finished the question, I was sitting across his lap, with one arm wrapped around the back of his head. “Heh. Do you even care?” I teased. “Of course I care…” he began, interrupting himself as his lips brushed against mine. After a light kiss (by Anthony’s standards, anyway), he continued in a whisper. “It would have been a tragedy if the operation went sideways. Where else would I find a pair of tits bigger than your sister’s?”

As he spoke, his hand tried to venture under my skirt. I opened my legs a little wider to let him. “Fantasizing about Samantha while you’re feeling me up? You’re too much.” I playfully rolled my eyes before turning to face the screen. Anthony had been busy; there were hundreds of lines of code and data here, surrounding a revolving diagram of a brain—my brain. “Any luck?”

“Some, but it’s a tough nut to crack. The subconscious mind is a lot more difficult to manipulate. Up until now, there were always elements of your own will making the decisions. The implant isn’t necessarily suited to unilaterally rewriting someone’s entire neural network.”

“Hm…” I crossed my arms, lost in thought. “What about increasing the amplitude here in the frontal lobe?” I indicated a section of the screen. “That could allow you to… hm, yes, and then—” Anthony chuckled, cutting me off. “Before you get off to the races, how’s your camera battery?”

Pursing my lips, I opened one flap of my jacket just far enough to expose my bra, revealing an active miniature camera pinned to my chest. I read out the small display on its side. “Still three days of charge. You’re so paranoid, Anthony. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure I stay in control.” As I emphasized “I”, I placed my hand on Anthony’s crotch. I could feel how erect he was through his pants, the horndog.

He wanted nothing more than to fuck me here and now. I wanted the same, of course. but… “The operation is still technically active, Anthony. Hold on for a couple more hours.” “Fine…” He huffed lightly, but didn’t argue. He always knew when to take things seriously. I loved that about him.

I was horrified to imagine how combative our relationship had been for so many months. It was so freeing to let go of my vindictiveness. It felt right to be intimate with Anthony. My husband, Charles, was a good guy, but he paled in comparison to Anthony Cooper. Perhaps that’s stating the obvious. After all, cocky, stuck-up women like me love to be controlled and dominated, and there’s no deeper form of control than hacking into my neural implant and brainwashing me. It was only natural to be obedient to and aroused by a man capable of such a great feat.

I’m fairly certain Anthony had brainwashed me to feel that way, but I found I couldn’t care less. In turn, he may have brainwashed me to not care, and then to not care about not caring… but if I spiraled down that road, it would never end. All anyone can do is act according to their beliefs, and mine delighted in submitting to Anthony. Bottom line, he had been resourceful enough to outwit me. If I were truly Anthony’s better, he’d be behind bars right now. Instead, here I sat on his lap, getting wetter and wetter at the thought of his dick making a mess of my pussy.

“Mm…” I squirmed a little, moaning so softly Anthony probably didn’t even hear it. If I had to be patient for a while longer (and my intact sense of duty insisted I did), the next best thing would be to help Anthony bring things to a conclusion. As he explained it, my current personality was nothing more than a “character” my mind had been tricked into assuming. My “life” would end as soon as the camera attached to my bosom ran out of power. Of course, more cameras could prolong the process indefinitely, but that wasn’t a long-term solution. Any number of things could and would go wrong eventually. If we gave the “other” me even an inch, I knew she’d find a way to turn it into a mile. I’d never see the light of day again. For Anthony’s sake, I would do everything in my power to prevent that outcome.

* * *

“Grk…” My vision was a blur. My entire body ached. I could feel the cold, unforgiving floor pressing against my cheek, and a line of drool dribbling down my chin.

I closed my eyes, then opened them, then closed them again, then opened them once more. With each blink, my surroundings began to clarify. I could see a leg of my desk, and my chair leaning precariously against the wall. I was naked on the floor of my quarters. What was—

“Shit!” I shot up in a panic, remembering everything. Shaking off the physical and mental doldrums of the stun pistol, I cautiously turned around.

A muscular blonde woman in cute pink lingerie was sprawled across my bed. She was breathing, but her limbs were arranged in an awkward heap, as if she had suddenly lost consciousness. On the floor next to the bed, barely a foot in front of me, a bespectacled black-haired woman was half-crouched, motionless. My wall camera stared down at her, its red recording light indicating that it was currently powered on.

Ignoring Samantha for a moment, I circled around to face Catherine. She was like a statue, her face and body locked halfway into a defensive stance. Based on her footing, she had been in the middle of turning around when the camera’s data-feed flooded her implant.

Deciding that Catherine wasn’t a threat, at least for the moment, I pried the stun pistol out of her hand and fired another round into Samantha. The Scarlet Hunter’s extremities twitched a little but, since her body was still recovering from the last stun, there was no reaction otherwise. Consecutive stuns over a short period of time can cause problems with the nervous system, but I was confident Samantha’s well-trained body could handle it. Well, even if it couldn’t, it’s not like I had a choice. She had to stay out of this until I’d dealt with her sister.

Turning back to Catherine, I waved my hand in front of her face. It was eerie; her expression was lifelike but immobile, while her eyes were glassy and unseeing. However, before I could let myself relax, I had to be sure she was incapacitated. “Hello? Anyone in there?” I knocked on her head a couple times, then poked her tits for good measure. Nothing.

Only then did I collapse back onto the floor, flooded with relief. I wish I could say Catherine had fallen for some devious trap of mine, that I’d had counterplans and counter-counterplans for this exact situation, but no, she had genuinely outmaneuvered me. I had almost lost everything. I didn’t want to consider what might have happened if any one of a million things had gone slightly differently. If Catherine’s aim had been just a little bit better, if my reaction time had been just a little bit slower, if Samantha hadn’t been here to shield me… hell, if Samantha had even recovered from the stun before me, that probably would have been game over. Thankfully, while a half second is the bare minimum recycle time for a stun pistol, it takes more time for the stun to reach full potency. In effect, Samantha had taken a full-strength stun, while mine was more like three-quarters strength. Still enough to easily knock me out, but I’d recovered a tad sooner.

I stood back up, looking down at my helpless superior, and found myself growing more confident. It’s true I’d been saved by pure luck, but don’t they say luck is its own kind of skill? Yeah… after all, “luck” started this whole thing. If Catherine had just told someone else to make that R&D report all those months ago, our lives would have continued on their former trajectories uninterrupted.

I poked Catherine’s tits again. The crafty bitch. She more than lived up to her reputation. I’d been as careful as possible, leaving her less than breadcrumbs to follow, yet not only had she still managed to single me out, but she was confident enough in her deductions to charge into my quarters, guns blazing. How much did she know? How did she even figure it out? I wasn’t sure, but there’d be plenty of time for questions later.

I almost felt bad. She’d come so far, gotten so close, only to stumble inches before the finish line; a brilliant woman who now held no intelligence, no thought of any kind, behind her eyes. At some point, I’d grown completely erect at the sight. Unable to resist rubbing it in a little, I held her chin in my hands, lightly slapping her cheek with my cock. “Not so tough now, are we, Catherine?” It goes without saying that there was no response.

While the circumstances were obviously less than ideal, this was the endpoint I’d been working towards. Ever since we’d started incorporating the data-feed into my “sexual processing”, Catherine had been gradually “becoming” her character once the camera turned on. While she thought this would occur only during “sexual processing”, I’d secretly been layering “update” after “update” to train her brain to automatically “become” the character any time she receives a relevant data-feed, even without her conscious approval. (Typically, a data-feed has to be approved by the user before it can access one’s neural implant, but that was trivial to bypass since I had control of the implant itself). I’d have preferred not to test this out under such dramatic conditions, but all the simulations had indicated Catherine should be ready for it—and clearly, she was.

However, since she attacked me out of nowhere, all I’d had the chance to do was turn on the camera. The whole time I’d been stunned, she’s been receiving a blank data-feed, a “character” of “nothing”. In effect, her mind is thus forcing her to try and be nothing. Fortunately, while that killed her conscious thoughts, it doesn’t appear to have stopped any involuntary processes, like blinking or breathing.

It was so tempting to see her like this. I wanted nothing more than to have my way with her right now, but this wasn’t the time or place. I had to work fast to assure my future as a free man. The rest could come later.

I righted my desk chair and sat down at my terminal. I’d have to update the data-feed and tell Catherine what “character” to play. With Samantha temporarily out of commission, there was room for some trial-and-error here. Sure, this wasn’t how I’d expected things to go, but my original plan was still somewhat intact. Here and now, I had the opportunity to essentially reshape Catherine’s entire personality to my whims. It would only be a “character” but, as long as she always had a camera on her, it could buy me some breathing room…

* * *

… and now, here she is, helping me brainwash herself.

Still sitting on my lap, unbothered by my hand caressing her thighs, Catherine carefully reviewed my slate of planned “updates”, making various minor tweaks along the way. Her current personality—her current “character”—was nearly identical to her original self. She remembered everything that has transpired up to this point, and her skills as an admiral are completely untouched (that was a necessity if she was to be “in character” for an extended period of time). In the vast majority of ways, she’s the same person she’s always been. I’ve merely modified certain facets of her disposition and ethics.

Since this change is the result of “playing a character”, rather than adjusting her neural pathways via implant “updates”, there’s no need for the alterations to be gradual or even subtle. In fact, I felt it was safest to be as blunt as possible. I couldn’t babysit Catherine every minute of the day, so I had to make sure she wouldn’t turn against me as long as she was “in character”.

To put it simply, she now harbors a deep inferiority complex towards me, viewing me as fundamentally superior to herself. In tandem with that was a version of the belief that “might makes right”; in her head, since I had “beaten” her, it’s only natural that I can have my way with her. Sprinkle in some intense sexual attraction plus a strong dash of masochism, and I’ve created a passionately loyal sex slave, without radically compromising Catherine’s public persona.

The harder part of that day had been convincing Samantha that nothing was amiss when she woke from her stun. Catherine (“in character”) explained that there had been a severe misunderstanding and that she had wrongfully suspected me, similar to when Samantha herself interrogated me about the data access. Samantha didn’t press the issue, but remained somewhat skeptical of the situation. It’s not every day your sister stuns you unprovoked, after all. However, considering how deeply Samantha trusts the two of us (genuine trust for Catherine, artificial “update” trust for me) and that she wasn’t present for Catherine’s discovery of my brainwashing, any lingering suspicions are sure to go nowhere.

The best part of the new Catherine was that her considerable intellect had been weaponized against herself. When I eventually heard her explanation of how she’d discovered my crimes, I realized how formidable she really was. I had to reckon with the fact that Catherine Locke truly was smarter than me. At some point, I’d started underestimating her. On some level, after weeks of successful “updates”, I’d forgotten that she was a galaxy-renowned strategist and started treating her like just another member of the crew. That was a mistake. On a ship of cats, she was a tiger. If I give her even the slightest opportunity, she’ll rip my throat out—especially now.

Catherine’s current situation is precarious. It was risky bringing her into the fold. If the camera attached to her chest ever shuts off, she’ll remember everything that happened while she was “in character”. I was running out of time to deliver a decisive, finishing blow… and right now, the best plan I had was trying to manipulate her mind with more and more “updates” while she was “in character”. Would it be enough?

“I have an idea.” As if sensing my unease, Catherine spoke up, not taking her eyes off the screen. “Let’s hear it,” I replied.

Over the next few minutes, Catherine laid out some discoveries she had made from examining her own brain waves and implant data. Some of her conclusions were informed by research she’d done independently. She was very dutiful; that part of her hasn’t changed.

After her explanation was complete, I smiled. This was it. This would be the final key. “That could work,” I commented, trying to disguise my excitement. You’re brilliant, Catherine, I added internally.

* * *


The camera turned off. Suddenly, I was lucid, like a bucket of ice-water had been dumped on my brain. I was completely naked in my quarters, both hands cuffed to the bed. I was belly-down, facing the wall, but by craning my neck I could see Cooper at the other end of the bed, also naked.

“You motherfucker!” I tried to kick him, but my legs were bound as well. For better or worse, I remembered everything which had led me to this point. I’d been the “character” (or caricature) of me for six whole days; nearly a week of doting on Cooper, helping him with his “updates” and constantly attending to his, ergh, needs. I didn’t want to think about it.

I tried to calm my skyrocketing heart rate and suppress the rising panic in my chest. It didn’t work. I knew what was about to happen. I’d helped the bastard plan the whole thing, after all. The fact that our neural implants could be used in this way… HQ had to be informed. I had to get word out to someone, before it was too late. I refused to let Cooper get away with his crimes. But how?

I pulled at my restraints, even knowing that it would be futile. I’d tested them myself, only minutes ago when the camera was still on.

“Evening, Catherine. Long time no see.” Cooper’s voice was measured, but with an obvious note of joy.

Fuck! You!” It felt good to finally say that to his face, even if I knew it was a petty victory. All this time, he’d rubbed me the wrong way, but I never could have imagined he had this in him. I refused to let this perverted lunatic win. I’ve been in worse dilemmas, I told myself. There had to be a way out, no matter how miniscule. I had to find it, before—before it was too late.

Cooper chuckled. “I’ll miss this, Catherine. Maybe I’ll bring you back every once in a while, just to let you see what your life has become.” As he spoke, he approached me from behind, resting his hands on the small of my back. His dick drew closer. “No! Get away!” I tried to close my legs, but the restraints stopped me halfway. Even so, I struggled with every ounce of my being. If Cooper thought I was going to just lay here and take it, he was dearly mistaken.

However, the realities of the situation were against me. While I could give him a hard time, I was bound. He was free. Eventually, gripping my sides to hold me in place, he shoved himself into me. It hurt. I wanted to vomit.

“Ah…” Cooper, on the other hand, let out a contented sigh. “It feels good for the two of us to really have sex for the first time, Catherine. Don’t you agree?” I didn’t bother responding, instead looking around the room for something within reach, anything I could use to kill this rapist fucker. No luck.

Undeterred by my silence, Cooper began to pump. I tried to ignore it, instead wracking my brain to come up with a way out of this. Knowing my time was limited, I kept glancing at the camera on the far wall. It was powered off, for now. What was he waiting for? Was he… enjoying this? Enjoying me, the real me?

“I’ll kill you, Cooper,” I spat. “I swear, if it’s the last thing I do, I’ll—”


“— fuck you silly every single morning!” I instinctually grew wet from the sensation of Anthony’s cock filling up my pussy, and raised my hips as much as I could, to let him push deeper. I was baffled by the other me’s refusal to enjoy herself; I guess she was more uptight than I realized.

“How’s it feel, Catherine?” Anthony probed. “Wonderful, just wonderful!” I told him honestly. I was downright giddy at the prospect of being able to have sex like this for the rest of my life.

“You’ll be in control for the next couple minutes. Let me know when you’re about to cum.” “Yes, sir!” I responded, knowing he’d appreciate the role reversal, as if he was my superior officer. It felt so easy to call Anthony “sir”. While I might technically outrank him, he knew no equal as a man.

At that, Anthony’s thrusts grew harder and faster. The pleasure was overwhelming. I simply laid there, gripping the bedsheets and letting him ravage me. My restraints clanked, a reminder that even if I wanted to get away, I couldn’t. I found it deeply arousing to be at Anthony’s mercy. There was no escape. The other me would learn that soon enough.

It didn’t take long for the beginning of a climax to well up inside me. “Anthony... I—I’m close!” I had barely gotten the words out, when—


“O-o—ooohh!” My body shuddered in a powerful orgasm, rejoicing against my will and releasing a long, loud moan. No amount of sudden mental clarity could abate the flood of sexual pleasure.

“Enjoying yourself, Catherine?” “Hah… hah... Go to hell…” I shot back after I caught my breath. Cooper was toying with me. I knew the plan. Forcing me to cum while in my normal state of mind wasn’t part of it. He’d only done it to amuse himself. I was astonished all over again by the depth of his immaturity. With renewed fury, I resolved to survive tonight and get my revenge at any cost.

Anthony had wirelessly linked his own implant to the room’s camera. With just a thought, he could turn it on and off at will, hence the audible click. It was a simultaneously fascinating, terrifying experience; both myself and my “character” could remember everything. We could hide nothing from each other. My mind was barely able to reconcile the fact that I’d been happily letting Cooper fuck me mere seconds ago. If this kept up…

“Agh!” Cooper started moving again. I was still sensitive down there, and hated that it didn’t feel unpleasant. Still, I wasn’t about to give him the satisfaction of knowing that. Not yet having identified a more viable course of action, I pulled again at my restraints. I tried to kick or knee Cooper but, even when I managed to graze him, the angle made it impossible to put any real power behind it. All the while, he never stopped moving his hips, with a grin on his face as if he was on top of the world.


I would expect nothing less. His triumph over the other me was within reach; it was his right to bask in its glory. “A-ahhh!” I came again at the thought of Anthony’s imminent victory, this time able to properly enjoy every sensation rippling through me. I hoped it wouldn’t be long before Anthony—


I shook my head, trying to push the oversexed thoughts away without dwelling on them. The intervals between toggles were getting shorter. I think Cooper—


—“Ah…”—was starting in earnest. We had agreed that the timing of the camera switches would be entirely his call. I couldn’t know, because then the other me would know, and—


—it might have somehow helped me devise a counterattack. God, my “character” might be practically a nymphomaniac, but the fact that she has my intellect is proving debilitating. In effect, this is a battle against myself—


—“Hee-hee!”—with Anthony on my side. I was a little annoyed that the other me thought of myself as an “oversexed nymphomaniac”. From my perspective, she was frigid, denying her femininity.

click click click

Time passed click without an appreciable change in my circumstances. click The camera intervals grew shorter click as the night dragged on. click Cooper never came click but he also never withdrew his penis. click “Mhm!” click How long had we been like this? click My memories began to blur, when everything was so much of the same. click He never relented, whether I was of one mind or the other. click Always fucking me click always his cock in my pussy. click It felt good. click It felt really good. click “Ugh…” click My moments of clarity click my windows of opportunity to find a way out click grew increasingly slim. click I was starting to lose hope. click It felt as if we’d click been at this for hours. click Actually click I think we have. click There had to be click something I could do. click I click had click to click get click out click of click here click

click click click click click

Eventually, after what could have been an eternity, the camera clicks tapered off. I… I was still me, the real me, the one disgusted by Cooper and his actions. I was relieved that my hatred for him felt as strong as ever—but that relief lasted only an instant. If I was me, but Cooper had stopped toggling the camera, that could only mean…

“How are you feeling, Catherine?” With my back against the metaphorical wall, I didn’t reply immediately, instead pausing a beat to consider whether I should answer truthfully or pretend to be the “character”.

That was a mistake, a fatal moment of indecision. “Ah, so you’re the old Catherine,” Cooper noted amidst the silence. The “character” wouldn’t have hesitated to respond. That should have been obvious. In peak condition, I never would have made such a blunder, but not even I was immune to exhaustion. The unique mental strain of the past hours had taken their toll.

There was palpable glee in Cooper’s voice. I already knew why. His plan—our plan, technically—had succeeded.

Unlike the myriad personas I’d assumed for Cooper’s “sexual processing”, the “character” I’d played over the past week was barely a “character” at all. Most of her personality, and effectively all of her memories, were the same as my own. Cooper had tweaked some aspects of her—my—libido and moral fiber, but the average person I interacted with wouldn’t notice any difference. This extended to my brain activity; there was a shockingly minimal change in my brain waves and other mental indicators when I was “in character”.

Frustratingly, I had been the one to notice this and point it out to Cooper, as well as formulate the final plan. According to simulations, forcing my brain to rapidly slip in and out of “character” would muddle my sense of self. Given time, this confused state would normally pass without any ill effects. However, if specialized implant “updates” were triggered at the same time, the brain could be “encouraged” to recover in a particular way. Since the foundational neural pathways between the “character” and the real me are virtually identical, the “updates” can trick the brain—my brain—into rebuilding itself as the “character”.

I looked toward the camera. Even knowing what to expect, my heart froze. It was powered on. Everything that I am, everything that made me me… was no longer “me” at all. From my brain’s perspective, the roles had swapped.

I wasn’t Catherine Locke anymore. I was the “character”.

Staring at the camera’s unflinchingly red recording light, I felt something break inside me. Could it be…?

“C-Cooper…” I stammered, feeling water forming in my eyes. “I-I’m sorry. For everything. Please… please don’t do this.” There was an unmistakable tremble to my voice. I could scarcely believe the words tumbling out of my mouth. I had always thought I was strong, unbreakable. Death didn’t scare me—but this? It was a fate far worse than death. All he’d have to do was turn off the camera, and I’d be that bastard’s literal sex slave for the rest of my life. Is that really what all my years, all my bitter defeats and hard-earned victories, had come to? Is this really where my story ends?

I rifled through a hundred half-formed ideas, desperately searching for a way out. None materialized. Even for as far as humanity had advanced, a person’s brain was still their everything. I couldn’t fight the biological reality of my predicament, no more than I could command my heart to stop beating. I remembered my time as the “character”, how assured she had been that there was “no escape”. She was right. I’d been in denial since the beginning. Unbidden, Charles’ face surfaced in my mind. Would I never know his warmth, his love, again?

That thought was the final straw. All the resolve and defiance I’d once had, a dozen orgasms and hundreds of camera switches ago, sharply ebbed out of me, only to be replaced with a deep fear. “Samantha! Gonzalez!” Tears streamed down my cheeks as I screamed for help. “Anyone!” I hadn’t bothered to try until now because, rationally, I knew it was useless. The door was soundproof from the inside. No one would come to rescue me. No one even knew I was in peril. Everyone aboard this ship was dancing in the palm of Cooper’s hand. But that was how far I’d fallen; even rationality had left me, replaced by a primal terror the likes of which I had never known. My screams soon turned to sobs, and I collapsed back onto the bed. “Charles… save me…”

A moment later, I felt a hand on my head, followed by the pain of suddenly being yanked up by my hair. My glasses slipped off my face, dislodged by the rough movement. “Wow… I guess I was wrong to think the great Catherine Locke would go out with dignity. That was more pathetic than even my wildest dreams,” Cooper whispered in my ear. “It’s true what they say: the bigger they are, the harder they fall.”

My tears didn’t stop. If anything, they got worse. I was ashamed and afraid on so many levels. I didn’t want to go. I didn’t want to end. “P-Please, Coop—Anthony. I’ll give you anything, anything within my power. I’ll be your slave, of my own free will. Just please don’t do it… Please don’t turn off the camera.”

“Well, if you’re going to beg like that…” He stepped back, finally pulling his dick out of me. I was long past being able to celebrate that fact. “I’m going to unlock the restraints. Once I do, your duty is to make me cum. Any funny business and you know what’ll happen.”

“Yes! Yes, of course. I understand.” My voice was meek. At this point, resistance was the furthest thing from my mind. I thought only of survival, of doing whatever it took to see the next sunrise. Even if I tried to run for the door, as soon as I was outside the camera’s view, my “life” would end.

Cooper unlatched my legs, then my arms. Immediately, without needing any prompting, I threw myself face-first at his cock, sucking like my life depended on it. I suppose it did.

My tongue was dry, but I pulled out every technique in my considerable arsenal. Even if the rationale behind it had been a fabrication of Cooper’s “updates”, the fact is that I had given this man countless blowjobs, and gotten very good at it. Within seconds, his cum was filling my mouth. I slurped it down, both because I knew it was expected of me and because of how delicious it tasted. Somewhere along the way, I’d learned that Cooper had altered the Athens’ female crew to enjoy the taste of semen, but that was meaningless information to me now.

Even after licking up every drop of his jizz, the Chief Engineer’s cock did not shrink. Without a word, he stepped back and laid face-up across the bed—my bed. I’d expected as much; he always came multiple times during his “sexual processing”.

Knowing what his position indicated, I leapt atop Cooper, welcoming him back inside me. My shame and fear were joined by lust. I really was a broken woman.

“So eager. Does my cock feel good, Catherine?” Cooper asked, gloating, as I rode him.

I’d been through variations of this conversation more times than I could remember, but always during “processing”. Now, for the first time ever, I was myself. “Yes, Anthony! Your cock feels so good! I can’t live without it!” Even so, I gave the same response as ever. It was a lie, but in a way it had become the truth.

“Do you admit you’ve lost to me, Catherine?”

“Yes! You beat me, sir! A woman like me never had a chance against a man like you. I was arrogant and conceited just because I got lucky enough to be an admiral. I should’ve known my place. Forgive me! With such a hot body and huge tits, I know now that all I’m good for is milking your cock!” I was rambling. I was running on fumes. I didn’t care how much I had to debase myself. I knew Cooper would love to hear it. He had all the cards. The fact that I continued to “live” was solely by his grace.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!” I let myself moan, louder and louder. At some point, it really had started feeling good. I leaned down to kiss Cooper, but his lips landed on my tits instead. I knew they were his favorite part of my body. A lifetime ago, the first time I’d “processed” him, he’d sucked on them as I gave him a handjob. Thinking about where I was now, the tears began anew, but I didn’t stop riding his dick. “Cum in me, sir, please!” I wailed.

That was all it took. “Oh!” “Ahhh!” Cooper’s body tensed, his mouth still sucking one of my nipples. I felt the telltale pulse of his cock within me. The warmth of his seed filled me to the brim. It took a moment to realize that I was cumming as well. My body knew this sensation, and loved it.

Cooper held me close, the waves of orgasm crashing through both of us. He raised his head, his tongue finding mine. I didn’t resist. I was spent. I no longer felt any emotion at all.

We kissed for a long time. After a while, Cooper pulled back. Our faces were inches apart. His expression was ecstatic, like he’d just won the lottery. I guess, from his perspective, he might as well have. I was so tired. I didn’t know what to say… but Cooper did.

“Excellent work, Admiral Locke. As of now, you are relieved of duty.”


* * *


“Huh, been a while,” I mused as a notification crossed my screen, partially blocking the lengthy list of porn I’d been considering. “Good timing, though.”

I clicked into the notification and was immediately connected to the latest video from a familiar uploader. This channel’s made a modest name for itself with its high-quality erotic AI content, starring reproductions of Catherine Locke and Samantha Adams—er, my wife and her sister, in other words.

Since first stumbling upon one of these videos some weeks ago, I have to admit they’d become a mainstay of my masturbation sessions. It’s not that I got off on imagined cuckoldry or anything, but I did enjoy the image of Catherine in such sexual situations. The way I saw it, as her husband, jacking off to stuff like this was no worse than jacking off to the woman herself. I was, however, less comfortable with the videos that included an AI of Samantha. My sister-in-law was very attractive, without a doubt, but it felt like crossing a moral line somehow, so I restricted myself to the videos which solely starred “Catherine”.

Fortunately, based on the thumbnail, Samantha had no part in this recent upload. Today’s video was titled simply “Admiral Locke SEX SLAVE” (what do you want from porn, I guess) and opened mid-scene, with the AI Catherine straddling a nondescript man in reverse cowgirl. Both were naked, the man energetically groping her tits from behind.

The recreation of Catherine’s body was as accurate as ever, but the face was positively ridiculous. Her eyes were unfocused and mouth agape, with a lack of restraint in her expression that gave off the impression of a sex-crazed, or even dim-witted, woman. While Catherine did have a healthy sex drive, she would never be caught dead in such a disgraceful state, even to me. It was comforting knowing that, no matter how advanced AI porn became, it would never be able to authentically reproduce a real person.

“Charles? Are you watching this?” My heart skipped a beat as the AI Catherine began to speak. It caught me off guard more than anything; the AI characters had never addressed the camera like this in any prior videos.

Oblivious to my surprise, the AI continued. “If you’re there, Charles, forgive me. I love you, I do, but—oh—this man broke me. I’m his sex slave now. Maybe he’ll let me—ah—visit every once in a while, but it’s not my decision anymore. What he says goes! All I can—ooh—do is follow orders.” Her voice was breathy and repeatedly interrupted by brief moans, whenever the man below her would thrust especially hard. “Well, if—ah—nothing else, I think I can say for a fact that you’re never playing with these again… I’m sorry, baby.” She rubbed her boobs as she said that. I did like her tits, but who wouldn’t? Look at the size of ’em.

Eh, whatever. Morbid as it sounds, Catherine being raped, enslaved, or otherwise dominated by some nameless subordinate was a common trope of this uploader’s videos, as well as AI porn of Catherine in general. It was somewhat unusual for me to be named directly, but this wasn’t even the first time I’d seen it happen, especially amongst more extreme AI content out there. Our marriage was public knowledge, after all. Some people just got a kick out of the idea of “stealing” someone else’s wife.

Still, this sort of thing didn’t do much for me. “I’ll always treasure the time we had tog—” Rolling my eyes, I minimized the video and browsed through some of the channel’s prior uploads, settling on a promising clip of “Catherine” dressed in a revealing nurse costume.

* * *


“Kh… grgh…” I grunted softly with each squat, trying to drown out the couple engaged in semen extraction on the other end of the training room—and ignore how desperately I wished to join them.

When I was first assigned to the Athens, I predicted it would be a large step in my professional development. The Athens is arguably the most prestigious vessel in the entire Unified Nations navy. To be worthy of that prestige, its crew takes on important and hazardous operations, through which I’d honed my body and skills to a razor edge. All of this was as expected.

However, it was unexpected that my time aboard the Athens would also be a period of rapid personal growth. Growing up, while I never considered myself outright asexual, my attitude towards sex had been essentially indifferent. I had fornicated with a small handful of men (often at their request) and typically found it reasonably enjoyable, but the prospect of intercourse in itself had rarely been a significant motivator in my personal relationships.

This was no longer the case. Something had changed. Perhaps my hormones had altered with age and maturity. Even while exercising, I found it immensely distracting to be in close proximity with a female crewmate extracting semen from a male. My stomach rumbled. My loins ached. More than anything, I wanted to be having sex right now.

“Hah…” Finishing my rep of squats, I grabbed a towel to dry off and departed the training room, passing Corporal Vonce on the way in. His eyes glanced at my chest, as they usually did, before reaching my eyes. “Afternoon, ma’am. Just the woman I was looking for.” There was a noticeable bulge at the groin of his jumpsuit. It likely wasn’t just a turn of phrase that he’d been “looking” for me. “Would you mind if I donated some semen?” Vonce then asked, as expected.

I was in a bind. Once, I’d have been fellating Vonce before he could even finish the question. My body certainly begged me to do so, even now. But my heart… it wavered. Emotionally, I wanted only one man’s semen.

“I’m afraid I’ll have to decline, Corporal. I have other business that needs my prompt attention.” Vonce was visibly disappointed; it was extraordinarily rare for a woman to refuse semen extraction. Still, to his credit, he didn’t argue. “Understood, Major. Have a good day.”

Leaving Vonce behind, my thoughts were a whirlwind. I’d never outright rejected him before, and I even lied to do it. To some, that could easily be construed as rude. After all, women are expected to defer to men on the time and place of semen extraction. It was unlike me—but I knew why I had refused. It was a personal development that shocked me even more than my burgeoning libido: I had, I believe, developed feelings for someone.

Emboldened by my interaction with Vonce, and increasingly sickened by the idea of extracting semen from anyone else, I made for the personal quarters of a certain man. It was a man I felt closer to than any other, one whose presence brought me nothing but warmth and comfort. He completed me in a way even Catherine could not. No one else could satisfy me. I somehow knew that for a fact.

Via my mobile terminal, I sent him a message. The response was near-instantaneous, telling me he was free to meet. That’s fortunate; I was already outside his quarters. I couldn’t hold back any more. I would tell Anthony Cooper how I felt. I wanted to be with him. Afraid I would lose my nerve if I waited even another second, I opened his door without knocking.

“Anthony, I—” The words caught in my throat. There were a handful of possible situations I’d braced myself to walk into—but this wasn’t one of them. Anthony stood by his terminal, with a moaning naked woman bent over the desk in front of him. They appeared to be engaged in anal sex.

“I—Is this a bad time?” I asked, unsure what else to say, before the woman raised her head. I’d thought perhaps Cooper was donating semen to some other crewmate—it wouldn’t have been the first time—but the woman’s identity only amplified my confusion.

It was Catherine. It was too early for Anthony’s sexual processing, and I knew she had a distaste for performing semen extraction, so why…?

“Samantha…” It was Catherine who spoke first, rather than Anthony. “Please—oh—come in.” My sister’s face was flushed and sweaty. How long had the two of them been like this?

I entered as asked, but more and more questions piled up in my mind. Catherine had attacked Cooper with a stun pistol hardly a week ago. While they both insisted there had been some kind of misunderstanding, their explanations had been vague at best. Was this somehow related?

“Major.” Now it was Anthony’s turn to speak. “I know this will seem sudden, but… Catherine and I have been sleeping together, outside of my sexual processing.”

I was dumbfounded. “I-Is this true, Catherine? Since when?” I couldn’t make sense of this. As far as I knew, Catherine had always had a moderate distaste for Anthony—and she adored Charles. The idea of her cheating on him felt absurd.

“Y-yes… we—ah—grew to know each other when I first became his processor, and things—ooh—took off from there.” Cooper occasionally pushed his penis deeper into Catherine as she spoke, never withdrawing it entirely. Rationally, I knew the situation was extremely bizarre… but, at the same time, I found my eyes drawn to their naked bodies, my vagina growing wet in their presence. I often had similar physiological reactions while participating in Anthony’s sexual processing. To me, Anthony and Catherine were the two most beautiful people in the world. I sometimes struggled with the fact that Catherine was my sister, but told myself it was no different than admiring a well-crafted painting. Even as her sister, I wasn’t blind.

Still, no matter how aroused I was getting, the confusion still won out. “I don’t understand. Why are you telling me this? Why did you have me come here today, Anthony?”

“Well, we were hoping to make a proposal,” Anthony answered, patting my sister’s behind. “If you’re open to it… I’d like to get to know you better, alongside Catherine.” Catherine nodded her head in agreement. The implication behind his words was not lost on me.

I put a hand on my forehead. This was all moving so fast. I’d come here hoping to enter into a relationship with Anthony, frankly, but the fact that he was already going out with Catherine was entirely unanticipated. I’d never have expected that of my straitlaced, married sister. Yet, on a certain level, I sympathized. I couldn’t find it in myself to be truly ashamed of her. Even if I couldn’t logically explain it, I already knew I loved Anthony. I would do anything for him. Can I honestly pass judgment on someone else for the same?

Personally, I was unbothered by polyamory. At its core, I didn’t mind the idea of “sharing” Anthony with Catherine. I wouldn’t be going out with my sister, I reasoned; both of us would simultaneously, independently, be going out with Anthony. While an uncommon arrangement for a social unit, it wasn’t unheard of—and I already knew the three of us were very compatible, thanks to Anthony’s sexual processing.

There were still so many questions, so much to discuss between the three of us, but… but… “Very well.” … it could wait. I wanted to join them. I needed Anthony’s cock.

They might’ve said something back. I didn’t hear them. My hands were already on Anthony’s body, and his on mine.

* * *

“What a wonderful morning…” I remarked, admiring the stars through the viewport from the command chair of the Athens. I’d sat here before, of course—even fucked Catherine upon it—but today felt different. My ass on this throne felt especially meaningful now.

Several officers and technicians dithered to and fro throughout the bridge, not seeming to mind my presence. Naturally, that would be because it was obvious at a glance that I’d been granted permission to sit here.

I reached down with both hands, stroking the hair of the two beauties knelt at my feet. On the right was Major Samantha Adams, the Scarlet Hunter, barely able to think beyond my dick, thanks to an induced but irresistible combination of love and lust. On the left was Admiral Catherine Locke, decorated commander, devoted wife, and victor of countless battles, condemned to live out the rest of her days under an artificial personality, enthusiastically tending to my every sexual desire. Each was naked, save for a studded metal collar around their necks, reminiscent of pets—or slaves.

“Samantha, that’s enough! You’re hogging it.” “Fine…”

The sisters bickered over my cock without a shred of embarrassment. Had I not known them as they once were, I’d never have believed these two were celebrated by millions as heroines, even saviors. These literally galactic figures, the “strict, uncompromising” Admiral Locke and “cold, stoic” Major Adams, now voraciously, obsessively, licked my cock, as if it was the most delicious popsicle they’d ever tasted. Their tongues didn’t know the meaning of restraint. At the same time, although it was difficult to see from my angle, the movements of their arms implied they were furiously touching themselves. Any semblance of the women they had once been was no more, brought to heel by months of planning and hundreds of “updates” to their neural implants.

It had been a long road. In hindsight, there were many things I would have done differently, unnecessary risks I shouldn’t have taken, but it all worked out in the end. I had won. There were no more battles left to fight. All that remained was “cleanup”—and for that, I had Catherine’s brilliance to lean on. It was a stroke of genius to make her new personality my willing accomplice, rather than an oblivious pawn.

Samantha wouldn’t be so lucky. Unlike her sister, she’d never know the extent of my manipulation, never realize that her psyche had been fundamentally and irreversibly altered by yours truly. From Samantha’s perspective, she likely thought she had genuinely fallen in love with me, no longer possessing even enough capacity for self-reflection to find that suspicious or strange. It would be trivial to warp her mindset further with even more “updates”. Before long, to Samantha, submission would be the highest form of love. She was already well on her way to that point.

There had been a few lingering loose ends but, with no one left to oppose me or my “updates”, they were easily tied up. Samantha had jumped to a conclusion that Catherine’s unprompted attack on me was some kind of romantic dispute, a misconception that Catherine and I happily encouraged. Then, there was the unsolved existence of the “saboteur”, as a result of my unauthorized network access. Catherine herself was no longer an issue there, but there was a chance Samantha might keep pursuing leads on her own. While she probably wouldn’t find anything that traced back to me, Catherine felt it was safer to nip the problem in the bud. So, she informed Samantha that the network access had been linked to a highly classified allied operation, and that HQ had forbidden them from investigating any further. It wasn’t the most elegant way to close the book on that chapter, but the trust between the two sisters was too deep for Samantha to question anything.

All that remained now was to restore normalcy aboard the Athens. I had a solid couple of months before we neared a friendly port and risked being discovered. Nonetheless, I planned to start preparations immediately. The close call with Catherine had taught me that there was no such thing as being too careful.

Broadly, the plan was just to work backwards, slowly undoing all the “updates” I’d disseminated over time. I’d gradually brought the crew to a point where “sexual processing” and “semen extraction” was the norm; reversing all those “updates” at the same gradual pace would reverse the effect. It wouldn’t be an automated process—Catherine and I would have to manually engineer and monitor every “reverse update”—but we didn’t anticipate any major problems. We’d be pushing the crew back to the common sense they’d lived with all their lives. Their brains should have an easier time accepting it than the other way around.

Still, this would obviously entail suppressing a lot of memories and experiences. Depending on individual mental variances, there was a chance certain crewmembers would exhibit long-term, even permanent, side effects. While unfortunate, I had deemed that acceptable. The simulations all pointed to these side effects being no more than minor psychological changes, nothing that would arouse suspicion on a large-scale.

Well, let’s wrap up this blowjob and get started then. “Who wants me to cum in their mouth?” I teased.

“Please, me!” “No, me!” “Me!

Ah… This had been fun. I’d miss these sex-filled months aboard the Athens and, somewhere in the recesses of their minds, I’m sure much of the crew would as well. Alas, time marches on.