The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Stepford’s Agony Aunt

Coming straight from the pages of Stepford Gazette and Stepford’s Women’s Magazine is our Local Agony Aunt: Agatha Henderson.

Aunt Agatha is ready to offer advice for the confused or wayward girls and boys in our modern age.

Reprinted here (and with certain passages uncensored for the first time) is a selection of correspondences throughout her long career.

Please enjoy.

Chapter 1

Dear Agatha

My Mom is angry that I’m a tomboy. I mean I’ve been a tomboy ever since I was five and it’s always been a source of friction between us but now ever since moving to Stepford, she’s amped up her game. Always on my case to act girly!

I just don’t see why it’s that big a deal, yeah, I haven’t got any girlfriends, but I’ve got a ton of guy friends. Growing up I was always playing with action figures instead of dolls, because hey, it just came naturally to me.

Jeans are more comfortable when you’re running around right? Short hair doesn’t get caught in brambles or a motorbike helmet. And the stuff the boys are in to, action movies, rock climbing and all, is way cooler than anything found in girl world. No, thanks ladies, I’m not going to waste my time with lipstick or hair styling.

So how can I get my mom to see that there’s nothing wrong with being a tomboy? Just let me be me.

Harry (but Mom insists on calling me Harriet)
* * *
Dear Harriet

Nothing wrong with being a tomboy? Goodness! What are you thinking? Your mother is only trying to help. I know, I know when you’re young you’ll never be seen dead in a dress but there will come a time when you catch yourself eyeing up that skirt in the store window or when you secretly buy a box of cosmetics, torn between trying the stuff out or throwing it in the trash.

Soon your guy friends will hang out with their girlfriends and then those shredded jeans and dirty sneakers you were once so proud of, will suddenly feel embarrassing to wear. And you’ll wonder if that pair of heels you keep staring at will help you catch a cute guy’s attention.

Yes, my dear as you get older a little voice in your head will get louder and louder, telling you to quit swearing or acting aggressive and to try lipstick and high heels. That little voice? Why my dear, it’s called your femininity, embrace it, earn it. Trust me honey, soon the tomboy phase will be over, and you won’t be happier.

So why not go out with your mom for a little mother-daughter makeover. You might love it.

Hugs and kisses
* * *
Dear Agatha

My job is a pain!

Let me get this out of the way. I’m a proud hardworking career woman with little interest in dating, and my job has in a sense become my life.

A lot of people say this is unhealthy but whatever, if it’s a mistake then it’s mine to make.

So anyway, I’ve been transferred to Stepford Inc. I’m the only woman in an all-male environment and none of the boys take me seriously. They keep telling me to make everyone coffee or whatever whilst they handle the plump important tasks.


Anyhow my boss is threatening to fire me for being a woman in the workforce. No honestly, he actually flat out told me it’s wrong for a woman such as myself to have a job, told me that getting married and staying at home is healthier.

How punk is that!

I’m thinking about having him reported for basic sexism, but I don’t want to be a snitch, and I’m frightened if I cause too much trouble, I’ll be let go.

But at the same time, I want my male colleagues to take me seriously, I want them to understand I’m as hard working and committed as they are if not more so!

Or should I just quit and find work with a more enlighten company?

* * *
Dear Zoey

Goodness, that boss of yours seems so sweet. He’s got your welfare at heart. Think about it honey, men go out, work themselves silly at the office or the sawmill, whereas all we pretty women have to do is stay at home and keep the house clean.

He’s sending you a hint dearie that you should really think about finding a husband, and by the sounds of it, a young woman such as yourself, working amongst so many rich hunky gentlemen, has a golden opportunity to find the perfect man. Just spread yourself out and I’m willing to bet a number of them will fall over themselves to get to know you a little better.

Best wishes,
* * *
Dear Agatha

My professor is driving me mad!

I’m attending a gender studies course at my local college. Everything was going fine until the previous professor quit and a new instructor fresh from Stepford Academy took over the department.

I’ve had the displeasure of being taught by her and agggh…

I thought this level of retrograde sexism would have been stamped out by the 21st century. We wouldn’t have to debate over women being allowed to vote at least! Seriously what’s up with this idiot?

What should have been a lesson on dealing with harassment in the workplace instead became tips for catching a man’s eye.

What should have been a history on the suffragette movement instead became cookery class!

This stupid woman is teaching us how to be good little housewives and the syllabus had been thrown out of the window.

I’m angry here. Oh sure, do what the professor says to get a passing mark but crap! That means embracing everything I hate!

I’m driven totally insane by how backwards she is. What can I do?

* * *
Dear Brix

Ah bless, it’s about time someone with her head on her neck told you about the facts of life. My advice? Quit getting angry, sit back and just listen to her! You’ll soon find out she’s a lot wiser than you gave her credit for.

Love and kisses
* * *
Howdy Agatha

First time writing into a Stepford publication and I’m really curious about your town.

I’m in my second year of college, aiming to get myself a degree in journalism and I see myself as a feminist to be sure, but as for my dad. Let’s say he had the rotten luck of being born in the wrong decade.

Stuff like political correctness, feminism and the internet makes his blood sizzle and I can recall earning my allowance by mowing the lawn with an old fashion steel drum. All the other dads let their kids ride modern lawn mowers, but my dad would say “If it ain’t hard work, it ain’t worth doing.”

Anyhow he’s moved to your town of Stepford and sent me a brochure. So, I have to ask:

Is it a joke?

It appears that all the men spend way too much time at the gym, all the women are a blend of June Cleaver and Marylin Monroe.

I mean everyone there looks like they’ve strolled out of those vintage illustrations from the 1950s, you know the ones I mean, women ecstatically washing floors and baking pies whilst their husbands, stand in the background looking firm and manly.

My dad’s excitedly saying stuff like “This is it son, this is how life should be, how it was before the feminists came and made us lie about ourselves.”

So, I really don’t mean to be rude here, but I’ll ask again, is this a joke? The web searches seem to suggest it’s all sincere but why would an entire town cosplay like it’s the 1950s?

Please fill me in.

* * *
Dear Thad

Oh, don’t worry, we are very sincere, everyone who lives here loves our town. And as for our “way of life,” if everyone’s happy, what’s the problem? We’re just a bit more traditional then what you’re used to. And really what’s wrong with 50s culture? It’s just made a come back in our town. That’s all.

I know why you’re a little perplexed, because I used to be a feminist myself, I can tell you when you first try out traditional values, they only hurt for a minute but then they feel just great.

Best wishes,