The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Stop Watch: Genesis

Chapter 1

Author — Sidia

I’m sure you’ve heard the line—it’s from a well known movie after all. What happened to the man who suddenly got everything he’s always wanted? The answer given is that he lived happily ever after.

Reality is rarely so trite.

When you last heard from me it seemed like I had achieved it all; all my desires—no matter how deeply hidden from me they had been—had come to fruition. It was all thanks to my Watch and its ability to place me outside of the flow of time. My life seemed so perfectly complete that I should have been content—should have been happy. I had stepped willingly along the path to depravity—my conscience fading so quickly, that I had long given up the fiction of my being a ‘good man.’

My life had once had such purpose; I had worked so diligently towards the goal of having both my wife and daughter in my bed. I had forsworn temptation (in moderation of course) and had not simply fucked Kara while I had been outside of time. Instead, I had laboriously crafted a change in personality in both my daughter and Linda—moulding their behaviour until they had accepted a new perverted lifestyle that they would never have contemplated in a thousand years on their own.

Driven by my own lust, I had influenced Linda into treating our daughter as a sexual plaything; she now thought nothing of pulling Kara’s head between her thighs and commanding her to go down on her until she came. And Kara … Kara I had warped into wanting to be treated that way by her parents—that she would find it vastly arousing to be used in that way by both Linda and myself. I can still remember the triumph I had felt that first glorious time I’d had a threesome with my wife and daughter—it had been so, so sweet.

The days and weeks after the night that I had achieved my goal had been heady indeed. Having two beautiful women in bed with me … my wife and daughter’s naked bodies entwined with my own; both available to me whenever I wanted. I didn’t even need to stop time anymore—Linda was now a willing accomplice in our depravity. Hell, she even instigated things more often than not. However I soon discovered a problem.

I was bored.

It was a slow realisation, not striking me until I was well within the grips of its apathy. I was sitting in my bed one evening, my head resting upon my wife’s lovely, soft breasts. She was gently massaging my scalp while at the same time whispering dirty little words of encouragement into my ear as we both watched our daughter in action.

Kara’s naked body glistened with a light sheen of sweat as she skilfully rode my shaft—she had been riding me for some time, but was beginning to get tired. A side effect of my having so much sex each day meant that chances were I was going to last a fair while before cumming. Our daughter had been given a lot of practice in being a good little fuck toy over the past few weeks, and her stamina in having sex was quite impressive. It took a lot to wear her out now, but as I watched I could see that her breathing was starting to grow laboured and her legs were trembling each time she lowered herself onto my cock.

Incredibly, seeing my daughter fuck me—her large and perfect breasts jiggling with her motions, the muscles of her stomach tensing each time she impaled herself onto me, and the hazy look of lust on her gorgeous face—didn’t excite me. I mean it was objectively fantastic—being inside Kara felt divine—but there was no thrill.

I pondered what was the matter with me—barely paying any attention at all to my wife and daughter anymore. I couldn’t understand it. How could this not excite me? This was what I had been working towards, and now it was mine.

Kara, perhaps noticing my inattention, faltered in her movements.

“Dad?” She asked me, her voice soft and hesitant.

When I didn’t answer straight away, Linda took it upon herself to chastise Kara in my place.

“Who told you to stop, slut?” My wife said in stern voice. “Ride your father’s cock until he’s finished!”

“Sorry.” Kara mumbled, a shiver of pleasure running through her at being spoken to like that by her own mother. She started to fuck herself onto me harder—her rounded ass audibly slapping onto my thighs with each thrust. Her breathing descended into rapid pants, and she caught her bottom lip in her teeth; soft little moans escaped her, and she began to tremble—all the signs I had learnt to recognise that my daughter was close to orgasming on my dick.

Suddenly I was absurdly over it all. What was wrong that made me so indifferent to the gorgeous teenage girl grinding herself to an orgasm on my lap? I reached over to my wrist and activated the Watch and stopped time.

It had actually been a while since I had done this; I had been a little preoccupied ‘enjoying’ all I had wrought. I looked up at Kara—her face frozen in an expression of pleasure. I looked back at my wife—Linda wore her arousal proudly as well as a look of approval at how well her daughter was following her instructions.

Strangely, I was feeling more aroused now that I had stopped time. I casually pushed Kara off of me—watching her fall to one side with her limbs mostly staying in the same position as before. A small thrill ran through me at treating her like a thing. I started to remember all the times I had used both my wife and daughter since I had discovered the abilities of the Watch. From a mostly sexless marriage, I had quickly influenced my wife into giving me a blowjob. I had groped my daughter’s bare tits the very first time I was outside of time. I had played and toyed with the both of them for my own enjoyment—inexorably working towards turning them into my puppets.

Those weeks had been the most arousing times of my entire life.

I reached over Kara’s prone body and gripped one of her breasts—sinking my fingers cruelly into the soft orb and squeezing it hard. I had mistakenly believed that it was the goal of getting them into bed together that excited me the most, but that wasn’t the case at all. It was the control I had over them, the power I had to influence and change them. No wonder I had become indifferent to being with them in many ways—I had lost track of what had been the driving force behind it all.

I had told myself that I was taking it slow so that I didn’t make any mistakes and harm my wife and daughter. That wasn’t entirely untrue, but it wasn’t the whole story either. The steps I had taken had been slow and gradual—each milestone in their path to corruption something to celebrate.

The anticipation had been something to savour.

And in lieu of learning from what I had done, I had instead settled down to live my newly modified ‘family life’ as if I had accomplished everything I wanted.

Aroused and excited in truth for the first time in what seemed like ages, I grabbed Kara’s legs and pulled her towards me so that her ass was hanging off the edge of the bed. I then pushed my daughter’s knees up to her chest, bending her double, and pressed the head of my cock at the entrance to her vagina.

I cursed happily as I thrust all of my length into her with one hard push. She felt the same as she had before but it was somehow infinitely better. I started to rut into my daughter with short and brutal thrusts—finally letting go and just enjoying myself as I fucked my lovely little pet. Her frozen expression and unseeing glazed eyes stoked my lust, and my breathing grew heavier as I started to really pound into her.

It was as though my pent up desire was unleashed all at once—my orgasm hit me out of nowhere and I began to unleash thick ropes of cum deep into Kara’s pussy. I shuddered through the last remaining parts of my climax, feeling relaxed for the first time in a long while.

I unceremoniously pulled my softening cock out of my daughter’s cum-soaked vagina, and walked out of the room—leaving my Kara and my wife laying frozen upon my bed.

I made my way down stairs, thinking about what this all meant. Did this mean that I could only really enjoy myself with them when I was using the Watch? I went to the kitchen and grabbed myself a beer—sitting down on the couch and taking a long pull. I leant back and gazed upwards—staring as though I could see through the ceiling to the bodies of the frozen women upstairs.

It was possible I suppose—there was no reason why I couldn’t make things work that way. Live my life as normal, and when I wanted some excitement I just had to use the Watch and take what I wanted. I took a second long pull of my beer, finishing off the can, and then getting up to grab another from the fridge. Of course, if that was how I was going to live I sure wasted a lot of time in gradually changing my family’s behaviour.

I paused in bringing the second beer up to my mouth. It hadn’t been a waste though—I had relished the slow process of getting what I wanted. Even now, remembering the tortured look of lust on Kara’s face the first time she had kissed me, sent a surge of arousal through me. To my surprise, my cock began to harden once more.

I quickly drained the second beer and made my way back upstairs to my bedroom. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do about what I had realised tonight, but at the moment I had other things on my mind. I was slightly tipsy from two beers in such quick succession, and also relishing my reawakened libido.

I wanted to fuck some more.

When I got back to the bed, I jumped up onto the mattress and stood over my wife—my legs straddling her frozen body. She was seated leaning against the head board, and was at a perfect position for what I had in mind. I bent my legs slightly—lining up my target—and at the same time tilting her chin up so that her head was at a better angle. Then I placed the head of my cock on Linda’s soft lips and began to apply pressure.

As always, my wife’s immobile body became relaxed and pliant as I began to move her. There was no spluttering or coughing while I used the Watch—Linda easily took the entire length of my cock in her mouth and down her throat. I looked down into my wife’s face and smiled fondly at her—even though I had influenced her into enjoying getting facefucked, the appeal of so callously using her like this was a turn-on on a whole other level.

I won’t mince words—I fucked Linda’s throat like she was an unfeeling sex doll. I reached down and held her lightly around her throat as I thrust into her mouth; groaning when I felt her her neck bulging each time I bottomed out. I may have grown a little deranged in my lust—I didn’t realise what it was right away, but the ‘thunking’ sound I could hear over my harsh breathing was the sound of Linda’s head hitting the back of the bed each time I thrust my cock down her throat.

When I felt myself nearing my second orgasm, I quickly pulled out of Linda’s mouth and took my place sitting in front of her. I then manhandled Kara’s body back onto my lap—slipping my cock back inside her well-fucked little pussy—and got everyone into approximately the same position as before. I fucked my hips upwards into my daughter’s body a few times, getting even closer to cumming.

“Linda. Kara.” I grunted out as I raised my daughter’s small body up and down on my shaft—giving my standard command to cover them noticing anything untoward from my actions. “Don’t worry if you notice anything strange.”

Then, on the verge of an orgasm, I activated the Watch and restarted time.

Kara over balanced and collapsed forward onto me—her large breasts mashing into my chest. I heard Linda cough and wheeze behind me as our daughter started to wail and shudder as an orgasm ripped through her body. The effects of the hard fucking I had given her earlier hit her all at once, and the walls of her pussy rippled and clamped down on my cock deliciously.

I reached around and gripped my quivering daughter’s by her buttocks—jackhammering my cock up into her pussy a few times before I too started to cum.

Linda shook as coughed and clutched at my shoulders from behind me—her fingers stroking softly in encouragement as I filled Kara’s pussy with a second load. I wrapped my arms around the girl on top of me—holding her tightly as we both rode out the aftermath of our climaxes.

Feeling as though a before-unknown pressure had been released within me, I ignored the questioning murmurs from Linda and cuddled Kara to my chest even tighter—letting out a long sigh. I suddenly felt very sleepy—whether from the alcohol, my exertions, or everything else I didn’t know. Eventually Linda gave up and made herself comfortable next to me. Then, pressed up against my wife and daughter, I let myself drift off to sleep.

The next morning, I awoke more clear-headed than I had been in weeks. I still hadn’t reconciled with what I had realised last night, but I felt like just identifying what had been wrong was a good step forward.

Breakfast was the same routine as usual—It was Linda’s turn to have Kara, so I indulgently watched my wife softly moan her way to an orgasm while she clutched our daughter’s face into her crotch under the table. How often had I watched this scene play out? I remembered how much it had excited me the first time I witnessed it, as well as how many times I had watched it happen without feeling much at all.

Linda composed herself after she was done, and Kara went to tidy herself up before rejoining us at the table. We finished our breakfast, and the time was rapidly approaching for Kara to leave for school and Linda for work.

When Linda mentioned that they better get going and they both stood up from the table, a thought struck me out of the blue.

What the hell was I doing?

I was still thinking in the same frame off mind I had been for weeks. What—was I going to wave them off and then spend the remaining day stewing and thinking about how I was going to change things until they got back? Fuck that.

I activated the Watch and stopped time.

Still shaking my head at how stupid I was being, I got up and walked over to my wife and daughter. If I needed time to figure things out, I had all the time in the world. Why the hell was I acting like I didn’t have options—options that no-one else had?

I studied Kara and Linda—gorgeous and almost mirror-images of each other—and pondered. Nothing immediately struck me, and I sighed in annoyance. In the end I figured there was no point forcing it, and if I was going to spend a lot of time in my own private frozen world, I may as well have something pleasant to look at.

I stripped my wife and daughter of their clothes—discarding everything in a pile on the kitchen floor and leaving them both naked. I then moved their bodies around until they were posed how I wanted and then smiled in satisfaction at how lovely they looked. Even with their eyes glazed and unseeing, they were perfect. I then slapped Linda on her ass, casually groped Kara’s breasts, and went to go have a think.

I spent a long time outside of time. Longer than I had ever done before.

I’m not sure of the timeframe since I had no real frame of reference, but I got hungry enough to eat a few times.

I had set myself up in the living room, and I had moved Kara and Linda there as well. I had arranged my wife and daughter like they were dolls—placing them and using them just the way I wanted. Linda was on all fours on the floor in front of the couch; her back was arched, pushing her ass in the air, and she was in the perfect position to be fucked from behind—a fact I had more than taken advantage of.

I was currently using her as a footstool—my legs were outstretched and resting on the soft curve of her rump—as I absently trailed my fingers along the soft skin of our daughter’s thighs. Kara was laying on the couch next to me with her face up at the other end. I had tilted her head backwards over the armrest in the optimum position to be face-fucked; again, something I had enjoyed utilising many times.

I was in a very good mood because I had finally figured out what I was going to do.

What I had been doing with the two of them satisfied me in a visceral and immediate fashion—manipulating their unresponsive bodies and fucking them however I willed was great but didn’t actually fix the overarching problem I’d had. What I needed was to recapture that feeling of power—of them stepping all unknowing along to my tune. And I had found the key.

It had come to me while I’d had my cock buried down Kara’s throat. I had one of her breasts gripped in both hands, using them as leverage as I thrust away into her mouth. I was fully taking advantage of the fact that she was so relaxed and pliant, and was hammering her throat as hard as I usually did her pussy. I happened to glance over at the frozen body of Linda to one side of us, and I remembered how exciting it had been for her to take charge of Kara—to direct how things were going to go.

Even though I had been the one to instil it within her, it had almost been like my wife had been my willing accomplice in the seduction of our little girl. And that’s what I needed.

I could change Linda a little more—gradually walk her along the road to to utter and complete depravity—and then let her make the decisions. We would be a team, and only I would know that I was the true puppet master that was pulling the strings behind the scenes. And the best part was that in many ways everything would be new and exciting for me—I would take my ‘lead’ from Linda. I would get to enjoy the show as I watched my wife arrange scenes of obscene debauchery.

I looked down at Kara’s supine body as I fucked her throat, and wondered what lay in store for her. Linda had already shown an authoritarian streak in controlling our ‘playthings’—how she would act if I fanned that side of her new personality I didn’t know, but I couldn’t wait to find out.

The thoughts of what my wife would do to Kara was enough to tip me over the edge and I started to cum—shooting one more load down our daughter’s gullet.

Having decided on a course of action, it was time to take the first step. I gave the two women a cursory cleanup and then moved them back into the kitchen. I dressed them back into their discarded clothes and then moved them back into the approximate positions they had been in. I found the I couldn’t exactly remember how they had been, so I gave them the usual command to not pay any attention if things were out of place or weird—which was probably a good idea considering how much I had fucked the two of them this time.

Then work done, I moved over to Linda to give my first command. This first one was to ‘introduce’ her to a few more ideas and concepts in regards to our daughter; there were a few more ideas I had in mind that I was going to implement but there was no need to be greedy right off the bat. I had already decided I wasn’t going to change Kara any further; since she already wanted to be used by her parents, it was going to be fun watching her realise what that desire actually meant. I leant down and whispered into my wife’s ear.

“Linda, our daughter is a plaything for our pleasure—she is ours. A plaything is something to be used. A plaything is something to be degraded. The more perverted—the more taboo—an act is, the more arousing it is.”

I repeated this refrain to my wife over and over, letting it sink into her subconscious and take hold—wondering what this new command would make her do.