The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Stop Watch: Genesis

Chapter 2

Author — Sidia

“Linda, our daughter is a plaything for our pleasure—she is ours. A plaything is something to be used. A plaything is something to be degraded. The more perverted—the more taboo—an act is, the more arousing it is.”

I repeated this refrain to my wife over and over, letting it sink into her subconscious and take hold—wondering what this new command would make her do. I was more excited now than I could remember being in a long time.

After I had given the directions to Linda and Kara, I returned to my place at the table. This time it truly was a good thing that I had directed them both to not notice anything untoward once I restarted time; I had never spent so long in my own private world before. In addition I had added the direction to clean themselves up without worrying why they had to. Apart from having no real idea if I was in anything close to the same position I had been in when I had activated the watch, I also had no idea how many times I had fucked and abused both of my lovely ladies. The cumulative sensation of the countless thrusting they had received was going to hit them all at once—and I have to be honest I was looking forward to seeing them react to it.

I settled myself comfortably in the chair to watch the show and then deactivated the Watch; letting time thunder into being around us once more.

As soon as I had restarted time, Linda and Kara both collapsed; their legs buckled and gave way—causing both to fall in a heap on the kitchen floor. They spammed and twitched—their hips thrusting upwards unconsciously as the mother of all climaxes ripped through their bodies. On top of that, Kara was hunching her shoulders and giving great heaving coughs—her throat working as she tried to swallow. I realised that she was dealing with all the loads of cum I had pumped down her gullet.

Linda had one hand between her legs—her thighs clamping down strong around it—and the other was roughly squeezing her breasts. Her eyes were rolled so far back in her head that only the whites showed, and she was wordlessly gasping. Kara had rolled over to her belly, and her body was shaking as she took deep, wheezing gulps of air—trying to get her breath back.

I watched my wife and daughter recover from what they had unknowingly endured with a certain degree of satisfaction and awe. I had taken advantage of having sex with them outside of time before, but never to this degree.

Eventually though they regained control of themselves. Linda and Kara looked around blearily—their faces somewhat blank—before they heaved themselves back to their feet and set about cleaning themselves up.

Once they had finished, it was somewhat jarring in a way—how they both acted like nothing at all had happened. To me, it had been days of time since we had eaten breakfast together. Still, I played my part—putting on arm around Kara’s waist and walking my daughter to the front door. She turned to face me before leaving—looking up and giving me a bright smile.

“Bye, dad.” Kara said brightly. Her voice was a bit hoarse from all the coughing—it sounded rough and sexy; completely at odds with her innocent-looking demeanour.

“Bye, sweetie.” I replied, my own voice rough but for a different reason. I allowed my hand to dip lower so that I could reach under her skirt. I caressed her soft ass—bare except for a tiny thong. “Have a good day.”

“Don’t I get a goodbye kiss?” Kara licked her lips and shifted on the spot while looking up at me hopefully.

I didn’t bother to answer—I bent down while at the same time gripping her ass tightly and lifting her up onto her toes; pressing my mouth to hers and kissing her hard. I slipped my tongue between Kara’s lips; roughly swirling my tongue around her mouth. She pressed herself into me—the bulge of my erection poking her in her belly.

“Get going young lady.” I pretended to growl once I broke the kiss. I turned her around to face the door and lightly swatted her rear end. “There will be plenty of time for that when you get home.”

Kara shot me another bright smile and then let herself out.

I turned to see Linda watching me over by the kitchen bench; an intent look on her lovely face. When she saw me watching, her lips curled up in a wry smile.

“Any of that left for me?” She asked me in a heated voice.

I walked over to my wife and gave her the same treatment; pulling her up into me and kissing her thoroughly. I left my hands on her ass—casually groping and rolling her rounded buttocks.

“You look thoughtful, Linda.” I asked. It was a leading question; I wanted to see what was going on in her mind with what I had instructed her.

“I was thinking.” She said, looking to one side and biting her bottom lip. She reached behind her and gripped the countertop.


“… are we really doing enough with Kara?” Linda said after a brief pause.

“I think we are doing alright.” I said neutrally, leaning down and nuzzling her neck affectionately. My heart was thumping in my chest in anticipation.

“I know—obviously we are stud.” Linda said, her face colouring. “You in particular. Its just that …”

“What do you mean?” I pressed her.

“I think we could be doing more.”

I looked down at Linda. My wife had a heated expression on her face and was obviously feeling horny. Treating Kara like a plaything was something that aroused her—was imagining further depravity to inflict upon our daughter affecting her this much already?

“Well, I suppose we could always do more.” I said eventually. “Are you thinking anything in particular? Some new toys or something? It’s been a while since I watched you fuck her with that strap-on of yours.”

“No, not that.” Linda gives me a small smile laden with shared meaning.

This was what I was missing. The sense that Linda was my willing accomplice—not just another player in our run of the mill fucking.

“Then what?” I turned Linda around and hugged her tightly from behind. I hunched my knees slightly so that I could press the bulge of my cock into the swell of her ass, while at the same time slipping a hand down the front of her shirt so that I could paw at her heavy breasts.

“I don’t think we are treating her how we should.” Linda said breathlessly. She pressed her rear back into my crotch and hung her head.

“Go on.” I said softly. I found her nipple and gripped it through the fabric of her bra—pinching it roughly.

“Ah!” Linda gasped, and started to breathe heavily. “Well she’s our plaything, isn’t she? And she loves it …”

“She really does.” I murmured. I slipped my hand inside her bra and started to roll her nipple around between my fingers.

“So, I don’t think we are talking it far enough.” Linda said in a rush as if she needed to get the words out quickly. She was getting more and more excited. “We still treat her like our daughter. We are coddling her too much.”

I thought back to how we interacted with Kara in the bedroom. How Linda would bark orders at her—sometimes even physically moving her up and down on my cock on occasions when she was too exhausted to move any further. Hearing that my wife thought we were being too soft on her boded very well for the future—I couldn’t wait to hear what she had in mind.

“I suppose I see what you mean.” I said, pretending to muse along with Linda. “But what can we do about it?”

“I have a few ideas.” Linda panted. She bent forward and gripped the edge of the counter—pushing her ass back into me even harder.

“Care to share?”

“Let me —” Linda gasped again. “— think about it some more. I don’t want to rush things with her.”

“Now im really intrigued.”

“Trust me, lover.” Linda straightened and turned around in my arms. “It will be worth the wait. I promise.”

“I’m sure it will be.” I growled. I looked down and watched as Linda undid my robe and fished out my cock. “Still—waiting will be hard.”

“I know.” Linda said, breathing heavy with exertion as she started to wank me. “But in the meantime I think we’ve been neglecting our other toy.”

“Oh?” I said, genuinely surprised. I had only had Kara in mind but apparently my wife was thinking further afield. It was getting hard to think; Linda was using just the right amount of force on me and it felt incredible.

“Why don’t you see if Emily can come over tonight?” Linda said huskily. “It’s about time we introduced Kara to her fellow toy don’t you think?”

“Fuck yes.” I growled. This was what I wanted—what I had needed. I put my hands on top of Linda’s head and gripped her hair in two tight fists and started to push down on her. “Get on your knees for me, baby.”

Linda licked her lips and sank down before me. Her eyes were bright with arousal; I had implanted into my wife a love of being face-fucked and clearly that compulsion was still affecting her. She opened her mouth obediently and took as much of my length as she could, before allowing me to roughly force the rest of my cock into her throat.

It was different from when I was outside of time, and in some ways it was better. The resistance, and the way her eyes watered as she choked and spluttered, was a beautiful sight—as was the way she slipped a hand down her underwear and started to masturbate. I loved the fact that I was crudely fucking my wife’s face and she found it so arousing.

“I’ll arrange for Emily to come over—don’t worry.” I gasped as I rutted away into Linda’s mouth. “It’s Saturday tomorrow, so there won’t be a problem with her staying the night.”

Linda made a muffled gurgle of agreement as her head started to strike the back of the counter with a dull thunking noise. I didn’t let up on her until I had shot a load of cum down Linda’s throat.

After Linda had left for work—later than she had originally intended—I got dressed and walked down the street towards Emily’s house.

I didn’t bother to knock—simply walking up to the front door and letting myself in. A while back I had made a few changes to the household here—In Emily’s parents eyes I was now a dear and trusted friend of the family, and they were completely comfortable with my coming and going whenever I wanted. It made it a lot easier to get access to their lovely daughter.

I walked into the kitchen to see Emily’s parents both seated at the table having breakfast. They were sitting across from one another and both of them were dressed in robes. As always it struck me how attractive her mother was—she had the same willowy build as her daughter; her curves slightly more pronounced with age. Emily’s father John was reading the morning paper, and when he saw me appear in the kitchen unannounced his only reaction was a warm smile.

“Mike, how are you?” John greeted me. “Care for some breakfast?”

“Cant complain. I said easily. I waved at him to stay in his chair when it looked like he was getting up. “No, no—don’t mind me. And thanks for the offer, but I’ve already eaten.”

“Fine. Fine.” John said calmly. “What can I do for you?”

“Is Emily home?” I asked him baldly.

“Emily?” Emily’s mother Carol asked, her brows furrowing slightly in puzzlement. “I thinks she’s still asleep in her room. Do you need to ask her something?”

“It’s fine I’ll pop upstairs and see her myself.” I smiled.

“You will?” John asked, his tone slightly uncomfortable at the idea. Across from him Carol shifted about on her chair and looked upwards towards their sleeping daughter’s bedroom.

“Yeah I will.” I said calmly. I smiled again at John. “Don’t mind me.”

I watched as John hesitated as he exchanged a look with Carol, before they both nodded at me—their postures relaxing.

“Thanks.” I grinned at them both. In addition to being welcome in their home at any time, I had implanted within them three trigger phrases. It had been somewhat in the nature of an experiment, and I’d had some grand plans of what I was going to do before my apathy had set in. The first had been that I could get away with anything I wanted as long as I said the the phrase ‘don’t mind me’. I hadn’t made it so that they would be happy about whatever I did—just that it was my right to do so and they just had to accept it. Regardless, it was a great deal of fun watching them squirm before the trigger took hold. I walked around to stand behind Carol and placed a a hand familiarly on her shoulder. “Carol you seem very tense. Don’t mind me—I’ll see if I can relax you.”

I started to gently massage Carols shoulders right in front of her husband. John gave me a slightly uneasy smile but turned his face down to his morning paper as if in resignation.

“Thanks, Mike.” Carol said softly, hanging her head. Her shoulders hadn’t been tight when I started, but when I slipped my hands under the collar of her robe to rub her bare skin she certainly tensed up.

“My pleasure.” I said cheerfully. “John—you should really take better care of such a lovely woman.”

“Oh, I do my best.” John said, looking up and giving me a weak grin. “Isn’t that right honey?”

“Yes, he’s very good actually—ah!” Carol gasped in surprise as I reached forward and slipped my hand down the front of her robe to cup her left breast.

“Don’t mind me.” I said again, as I captured Carols hardening nipple and tweaked it between two fingers—eliciting another gasp from the woman. I looked into John’s goggling eyes. “I just couldn’t resist. With a woman as sexy as your wife you can’t blame me can you?”

“No—I suppose I can’t.” John said, looking away as I pulled Carol’s robe open so I could fondle her breasts properly.

“Good man.” I said as I casually groped both of his wife’s tits right in front of him. The fantasy of doing this had been born that day I had fucked their daughter right at the table in front of them. Of course in that instance I had been outside of time and they’d had no idea at all. This was better.“Have any plans for today?”

“I have a few errands to run this morning.” John mumbled.

He kept stealing glances down at Carol’s bare breasts in my hands. I saw him shift uncomfortably on his chair and I realised to some surprise that he was getting turned on by the display. I hadn’t made any changes in John to account for that. I wondered if watching his wife with another man was just something he was into, or if it was a result of just having to accept what I was doing.

“Some errands are better than others though, right?” I said, winking at John. I wanted to see if I could find out what he was thinking and decided it was time to try out the second trigger I had implanted. “From the look in your eyes I think I know what you’d rather do. Care to share John? Be honest.”

I tweaked Carol’s nipples callously, stretching them outwards and making her whimper. The second trigger was that if I used the phrase ‘be honest’ they would have to truthfully answer me. I hadn’t really found much use for it so far; only thinking it would be handy at some point down the line.

“I’d rather be having sex.” John said, his voice husky as he watched me.

“John!” Carol exclaimed, flushing with embarrassment at her husbands words.

I thought it amusing that she was more concerned with that than the fact that I was currently feeling her up. I took my hands off her chest and pulled Carol to her feet; moving her chair out of the way. She stumbled at suddenly being manhandled upright, her robe still gaping open with her modest breasts on display.

“Don’t mind me.” I murmured again as I reached around in front of her and undid her robe at the waist. It fell completely open and to my surprise Carol wasn’t wearing anything underneath it at all. I shrugged it off her shoulders so that it fell to the floor in a heap—leaving her standing naked and vulnerable in the kitchen with me and her suddenly horny husband. I glanced over at John who was watching me strip his wife naked with wide-eyed appreciation. I wondered how often he got to enjoy Carol … probably not as often as he would have liked. She was still a lovely woman—slender and elegant, with a nice firm body. I was suddenly feeling altruistic in a sense, and decided to take a little pity on him. I still had the third trigger up my sleeve, and I needed to go pay a visit to their slumbering daughter anyway.

“Pay attention.” I said, slipping an arm around Carol’s narrow waist as I invoked the final trigger. This one was a little different; it simply made them do what I wanted without any memory of my giving them the instruction. “I’m going to go upstairs now. Carol, once I’m gone get down under the table and give your husband a blowjob—at least to start with. Let him do whatever he wants. John—enjoy your morning with this fine piece of ass.”

Even though I don’t think he registered my presence just then, I winked at John as I slapped his wife on her bare ass—leaving a red handprint on her pale buttocks. I made my way out of the kitchen, heading towards the sleeping Emily—watching out of the corner of my eye as Carol sunk down to her knees to crawl under the table towards her seated husband; John already opening his robe and parting his legs in readiness for her.

The little interaction with Carol and John had excited me quite a bit, and I was a little disappointed to be missing out on the action if I was entirely honest with myself. Still—it had been quite a while since I had spent any quality time with our old babysitter, so I’m I was sure I could find something to amuse myself. Unlike her parents, I hadn’t instilled any triggers within Emily. Apart from her desire to be seduced and used by Linda and I, all I had added was a strong compulsion to do whatever it was we told her to do. I had figured it would make things more interesting in the long run.

Once I reached Emily’s bedroom, I silently opened the door and crept inside. The blinds on her window were closed and the room was only dimly lit. Emily lay in a tangle of long tanned limbs; her covers were half kicked off, and from what I could see all she was wearing was an over-sized t-shirt that was so threadbare that it was practically see-through.

Grinning to myself, I quickly stripped myself of all my clothing and walked over to her bed. I fisted my rock-hard cock a few times as I looked down on the sleeping girl. Emily was breathing steadily—her chest rising and falling gently. Carefully—not wanting to wake her straight away—I eased myself down and got into bed beside her.