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Stop Watch: Genesis

Chapter 3

Author — Sidia

I eased myself into bed beside the sleeping girl, sighing happily as I felt her smooth and cool skin against me. I slid my arm under her large t-shirt and around over her waist—tightening my grip over her taut stomach and pushing my face into her slender neck; taking a deep breath of the sweet scent of her hair.

Emily murmured sleepily as she began to awaken; stirring her body languidly against mine in a most pleasing manner. I felt her muscles tense when she realised she wasn’t alone in her bed, but they relaxed when she saw that it was me.

“Mike?” Emily asked, her voice still fuzzy with sleep. “What are you doing here?”

“I just felt like seeing you that’s all.” I smiled to her, leaning down and kissing her gently upon the lips.

“Mmm ...” Emily murmured, her lips curving upwards into a pleased smile.

Although I hadn’t given her any extra trigger phrases like I had done with her parents, Emily had been included in my direction that I was a trusted and close friend of the family. So, like her parents, she wasn’t exactly surprised to find me in her house. I wasn’t really sure how she reconciled the fact that she was also fucking my wife and I; maybe it just added an element of spice for her that she was sleeping with a friend of her parents. That said, apparently it was taking liberties too far to join her in her childhood bed at home—I knew exactly the moment that she become fully aware of her surroundings.

“Mike! You’re naked!” She whispered hoarsely, almost scandalised in her alarm. “My parents are right downstairs! We can’t do this right now!”

Emily tried to struggle upright, but I was holding her too firmly. I hugged her slender body to me even tighter, gripping one of her small breasts in the palm of my hand and pressing my erection into the side of her thigh.

“Relax.” I said in a normal voice—the volume sounding far too loud in the hushed quiet of her bedroom. “I’ve already seen them and they know I’m up here.”

“You’ve already ... what?” Emily muttered, giving up trying to escape my arms and instead rolling within them onto her side facing away from me so she could reach over to her phone. She looked at the screen to see the time. “They might come up and see what we’re doing—you have to stop!”

The girl had relaxed somewhat when I had told her to—curtesy of the instilled desire within her to want to obey any direction my wife and I gave her. It still wasn’t enough to fully quiet her though—which I didn’t mind in the slightest.

“Don’t fight me Emily.” I said, sighing happily as I pressed my cock between the cheeks of her lovely ass. I felt her settle down a little as I gave her a direct order. “It’s fine—we wont be interrupted for a while at least.”

Emily was still clearly uncomfortable, but she was beginning to react to my presence. I was kneading and squeezing her small breasts at the same time as I steadily pressed my cock into her rear. When I leant forward and kissed the side of her neck, I heard her give a long and shuddering sigh of pleasure.

“This isn’t smart, Mike.” Emily whispered. She had paced her hands on my forearm that was wrapped around her and was gripping my arm tightly. “I have no idea what I’d say if they found you in bed with me.”

“Let me worry about that.” I growled, taking one of her nipples between my finger and pinching it roughly. The interplay I’d had with her parents had made me horny as hell and, getting lost in the midst of my perverted arousal, I made a mistake and went a little to far. “I could carry you downstairs and fuck you like a bitch right in front of them and it would be fine.”

“What?!” Emily exclaimed in a startled voice. She twisted around in my grip as only a young and flexible girl could so that she could look me in the face incredulously. “Why the fuck would you say something like that?”

She began to struggle in my grip again, trying to get away.

“Stop fighting Emily!” I said to her firmly, but apart from a brief cessation of movement, it had no lasting effect.

Giving up for the moment, I activated the Watch and froze time around us.

I flopped back on Emily’s bed and frowned up at the ceiling. I was more annoyed at myself than at her—I had got far too ahead of myself and acted stupidly. The controls I had placed within John and Carol had no effect on their daughter. I had wanted to enjoy the more relaxed influence I had on Kara’s old babysitter; having half formed plans of playing upon her sense of having to keep our trysts a secret from her parents.

After the fun I’d had with John and Carol earlier, I’d gotten carried away with how much I could actually make Emily do. I’d not bothered to place within her commands that would make her accept or overlook a new family dynamic.

I sighed loudly to myself—this was the problem with just winging things. Hadn’t I learned enough from my efforts and plans with Kara and Linda?

I rolled over to look into Emily’s frozen and shocked face. That was so stupid of me. Still, it wasn’t anything I couldn’t easily fix. I thought about what I could say to the girl—for a moment I toyed with the idea of increasing the strength of her compulsion to obey me—but soon dismissed that. It had the potential to get messy, and there was also the problem that I couldn’t be sure how it would affect her every action.

In the end I decided to just keep it all simple and give Emily the same trigger phrases that I had given to her parents. It wasn’t like it was a compromise in any way—I could have a hell of a lot of fun adding Emily to the mix. In addition to that, I kind of liked the idea of placing restrictions upon what I could do; it made things more interesting and I didn’t want to fall into the same mistakes I’d made in my own home.

With that thought in my mind, I grinned and started to give the frozen girl the three trigger phrases I had designed for her parents; to accept what I was doing as just the way things were when I said the phrase ‘don’t mind me’, to answer me truthfully when I included ‘be honest’ in a question, and to follow my direction absolutely without any memory of my saying it when I started a command with ‘pay attention’.”

Repeating this phrases over and over to Emily took some time—but it wasn’t like I was on a schedule here. When I was done, I eased myself back next to her and restarted time.

“Don’t mind me, Emily.” I said easily, holding her struggling form tightly in my arms. “This is fine—just relax and trust me.”

Emily had gone tense and blank as I spoke—letting all the new information hit her psyche. She soon started responding to what I was doing to her again, moaning and pressing herself backwards into my cock.

“That’s better, good girl.” I murmured approvingly. I just loved the control I had over her. I wondered what Emily would think if she knew what her parents were getting up to in the kitchen downstairs.

“What are you thinking about?” Emily gasped, feeling my lips smiling against her neck.

“I might tell you later.” I laughed softly. I rolled Emily over onto her back and roughly stripped off her t-shirt before moving myself over her; covering her willowy body with my own far larger form. I forced her slender thighs apart with one knee before settling down between her legs. Once there, I shifted my hips forward—nudging her moistening entrance with the head of my dick. “Before I forget, Linda wants to know if you’d like to come over to our place tonight.”

“What?” Emily blinked up at me above her dazedly; everything happening a little too rapidly for her to take in.

“She wants me to invite you over to our house this evening.” I reiterated, grinning down into her pretty face. It wasn’t as though she had a choice in the matter, but she didn’t need to know that. I moved my hips until I felt her nether-lips part around my invading cock. “Are you interested?”

“Fuck yes, I am.” Emily groaned, reaching up and wrapping her arms around my neck. She caught her bottom lip between her teeth and rolled her hips in an attempt to get me inside her. “I’ve wanted you both again for so long—I thought you’d changed your mind.”

“Far from it.” I growled, pushing an inch of my shaft into her tight opening. Emily gasped in pleasure at feeling me start to stretch her open. “There’s been a few developments at home and I’m looking forward to seeing what you think of them.”

I still didn’t know what Linda had planned with Emily and how she was gong to incorporate our daughter into the mix, but I was sure I was going to enjoy it immensely.

“Anything, as long as I get to play with you and your wife again.” Emily whispered hoarsely.

“You don’t get to play.” I said to her firmly, beginning a long and deliciously slow thrust into the girl. I stared into her widening eyes as I inexorably buried my entire length into her snug little pussy. “We get to play with you.”

“Yes! Use me!” Emily cried out in a strangled voice, shuddering when she felt me bottom out in her. She locked her arms around my neck to brace herself as I withdrew—sensing rightly that I was getting ready to give her quite a thrashing. “Anything you want!”

“Count on it.” I whispered, as I rammed myself all the way inside her as hard as I could.

I started pounding the girl as though I was attempting to drive her right through the mattress. The headboard on the bed started knocking against her bedroom wall, and I was sure it would be rather obvious to her parents what I was currently doing with their only daughter.

Since I had used the trigger phrase on them, they had to accept whatever it was I was doing upstairs with Emily ... but it amused me to think how they rationalised it to themselves. Although it was possible they didn’t hear it at all since they were in the midst of their own little fuck session.

I wasn’t going to last all that long with how turned on I was, and I figured it didn’t matter in the slightest. I wasn’t bothered if Emily came or not—even though going by the little squeaks and moans that were escaping her lips she was enjoying herself quite a bit. I was starting to take on board my wife’s views on the roles of playthings; they were to be used.

I put my hands on Emily’s slender shoulders and raised my torso up so that I could get more leverage. My weight pushed the girl deep into the mattress and I was sure I was going to leave bruises on her ... but I didn’t care. Using this better position, I started to hammer into her with rough and brutal strokes; Emily’s hands scrambled ineffectually at my arms and she couldn’t seem to catch her breath. Seeing her in such distress pushed me over the edge and I started to unload deep inside her, groaning in pleasure as I came.

“Come on, let’s go down so I can say goodbye to your parents before I go.” I said to Emily, taking her by the hand and hauling her out of bed where she had laid dazed while I had been getting dressed. I led the freshly-fucked girl all the way to the door before she realised she was still naked.

“Wait!” She yelped, her voice panicked. She tried to pull away from me but I kept a firm hold on her hand. “Are you crazy? Let me put something on first.”

“Emily, it’s okay.” I said, keeping my voice light and amused. I pulled her into me and enfolded her nude and trembling body in a bear hug. “I think that worrying about something as trivial as clothing in your own home is silly. I know it’s just my own views, but don’t mind me.”

Poor Emily. I almost felt sorry for her in that instant—she looked up at me with such large and panicked eyes but was completely unable to muster up any follow up protest. I smiled at her before turning and leading her out of her bedroom and down the stairs.

We were only half way down the stairs when I could hear the sounds that told me that John and Carol were still going at it. I glanced behind me and saw a flash of puzzlement cross Emily’s face at hearing the same noise. It was overtaken by numb shock when we arrived at line of sight into the kitchen and she saw what her parents were currently doing.

John had pushed his chair away from the table and was reclining backwards—his face showing obvious pleasure. Carol was still naked and was crouched between his legs—her lips wrapped around her husbands cock. John had two fistfuls of his wife’s hair and was roughly forcing her head up and down over his shaft. I had told Carol to let her husband do whatever he wanted and for John to enjoy himself; clearly he was enjoying the novelty of the situation.

They both froze though when we appeared at the entrance to the kitchen. I actually had to stifle a laugh—it was hilarious how they looked over at me standing there with their naked daughter while John’s dick was still in Carol’s mouth. Emily was trembling next to me and she appeared to be looking everywhere but at her parents.

“Don’t mind me!” I said, grinning at the rigid and horrified couple. “We didn’t mean to interrupt you both.”

Even with my trigger working its magic, I almost didn’t think I would get away with this one. I was considering whether or not to directly tell them to continue, when I noticed where John was looking.

It was out of the corner of his eye, but it seemed as though inevitably his gaze was drawn to his naked daughter. He would glance away as if to deny himself, but seemed unable to avoid looking for very long. I found this very interesting even if I didn’t blame him—hadn’t I found my own daughter irresistible once I’d had her presented to me in the right way? I hadn’t changed John’s thoughts in regards to Emily, and I wondered if this was the natural progression in seeing a hot young woman naked when told that he had to accept everything that was happening around him, or if this was an already existing attraction.

Emily was standing with her arm across her middle—her thighs were pressed together and she was slightly turned away from the direction her parents were. She was unable to leave my side, but she clearly didn’t want to be there. That was the beauty of ‘don’t mind me’; they all had to accept the current situation even if they didn’t like it or want to. It simply became the new reality that they must accept.

John, his eyes surreptitiously roaming over all the lovely bare skin of his daughter, tightened his grip on Carol’s head and purposefully pulled her mouth back down onto his dick.

I saw Carol’s eyes flare open for a second before she tightly closed them in acceptance; letting her husband do whatever he wanted. I think Emily could feel her father’s eyes on her body. My young lover blushed and turned around entirely to face away from him. This didn’t really accomplish anything apart from giving her father a chance to check out her pert buttocks and her slender back.

“Linda wants you to come over around 5pm.” I said casually to Emily in an attempt at small talk. I put my hand possessively on her hip and I could feel her trembling beneath my hand. “Is that okay with you?”

Emily glanced up at me with very round eyes before nodding her head jerkily in agreement.

“Good girl.” I smiled. I allowed my hand to slide back a bit so I could rest my palm on her right buttock. I saw her father focus intently on the sight of someone close to his own age groping the ass of his little girl and stifled a wide grin. When I purposefully squeezed Emily’s ass-cheek—digging my fingers deep into the taut flesh—I saw him subconsciously lick his lips. I recognized the flash of shame that crossed his face momentarily before it was stifled by the growing amount of lust. I squeezed Emily’s ass harder. “You won’t be late will you?”

“No.” Emily squeaked. I saw her shudder when she heard the slight groan coming from her father. She glanced back over her shoulder and happened to meet his intent gaze that was locked onto her vulnerable nakedness. She hurriedly turned back to face me and I saw that her cheeks were flaming red from embarrassment.

Carol started to make little gagging noises as her husband began to use her a little rougher. John was opening ogling his daughter now as he manhandled his wife’s face up and down over his crotch—pretty much fucking her face at this point. Through it all, I made sure to keep Emily in a prime position for him to see—enjoying the sadistic thrill it was giving me to warp this family for my own amusement.

When John’s breathing began to grow beleaguered and rough, I decided to give him a little treat to finish with. I placed my hands on Emily’s shoulders and then forcibly turned his naked daughter around to face her parents once more. I saw John’s eyes widen when he took in his girl’s cute little breasts, and then he started to grunt—shooting his cum down Carol’s throat.

I held Emily in place, watching her father hold his wife’s head in place over his dick. Carol was spluttering and choking at this point but I don’t think that John even noticed. He was still staring at Emily—his eyes mere slits; sated with this unexpected thrill I had provided for him.

I surveyed all that I had wrought—being pleased with it all. I glanced at Emily out of the corner of my eye and then back to her recovering father—deciding I wanted to find out exactly what he was thinking. I had never really considered that being a voyeur would be a turn on, but I suddenly very much wanted to find out if John was harbouring any secret lusts and desires for his sexy daughter.

Fanning that spark could prove to be very entertaining and rewarding.