The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Stop Watch: Genesis

Chapter 4

Author — Sidia

“It must be nice to see that your parent’s still want each other.” I said conversationally to Emily as I still held her naked body in place with my hand on her shoulder; trying to keep the amusement out of my voice.

Emily didn’t answer me. Unable to face away from the sight of her father panting after he’d just finished forcibly cumming down her mother’s throat; her head was hanging down and she was looking to one side. The knowledge that it had been her vulnerably nude body which had tipped her father over into his orgasm must be doing a number on her and I was honestly looking forward to seeing how it would all pan out. Wasn’t this why I had installed these triggers in this family? To just enjoy myself? Even though I hadn’t planned it at all, this had turned out even better than I had expected.

The fact that I was standing here in my old babysitters house—holding her naked and immobile right in front of her parents—was even better because I hadn’t actually changed how they thought. They didn’t want this situation—although judging by how had John had cum maybe he secretly did—they just had to accept it. I wondered if John and Carol knew that I had fucked their daughter only a few minutes earlier; common sense would tell them that I had—Emily was nude after all. But that was a small question in comparison to what I really wanted to know—I really wanted to know what was going through John’s head right at this moment.

“Honey, you should probably get some clothes on.” Carol said hesitantly, her voice a little hoarse from the rough treatment her husband had given her. She laboriously got up from between John’s parted legs—he was still recovering from his climax and was now studiously avoiding looking at his naked daughter—and the fact that she was also naked seemed to hit her. “I should put something on as well since we have company. I’m not sure what came over me.”

Even while saying this she seemed more confused than upset. I hadn’t specifically told the attractive woman that she should be naked—I had simply used the trigger phrase of ‘don’t mind me’ and had stripped her. I guessed that now that I wasn’t actively involved some sort of rationality was coming back to her. It must have been for John as well; he’d started surreptitiously stuffing his softening cock back into his pants—trying to make the awkward action as natural as he could.

“Mike said I shouldn’t worry about clothes when I’m in my own home.” Emily mumbled, still looking away from her parents.

“Oh.” Carol blinked. She glanced around uneasily and picked up her robe from the ground where I had discarded it. She didn’t seem up to putting it on; simply holding it bunched up to her chest in an attempt at modesty. “I’m not sure—I mean, if Mike feels that way I guess it’s okay. But you shouldn’t make a habit of it, dear. Let me go upstairs with you and we can both get changed.”

Carol gave a wan little smile in no-one in particular and started walking towards where I was standing with her daughter. She put her arm out as if she was going to usher Emily upstairs as though nothing was out of the ordinary—nothing to see here folks. John glanced up at his departing wife’s back, saw Emily again, and flushed a dull shade of red. He looked away quickly, but I could see that he was ogling her out of the corner of his eye. I didn’t blame him in the slightest; his daughter had an absolutely fantastic body even if I personally preferred more curves on a woman. Emily must have been able to sense the gaze of her father because I felt her shiver under my touch.

“Come on.” Carol said in a forcibly jovial tone of voice, flapping her hand as if shooing Emily back upstairs. I got the impression she was trying to protect her daughter as much as she could. “We have to show a little decorum —”

Her words cut off abruptly when I had reached down and grabbed a handful of her ass-cheeks just as she was about to pass me. She looked up at me, wide-eyed and shocked, and Emily was also staring at me incredulously; she had never seen me interact with her mother before.

“Oh, don’t mind me.” I said to the room in general. I dug my fingers deep into the soft flesh of Carol’s buttocks in enjoyment; groping the woman right in front of her family. Emily glanced up at me with a worried furrow in the brow, but it soon faded into almost a look of confused resignation. Carol stood there frozen as she let me squeeze and rub her shapely ass; what was going through her head I didn’t know but I certainly enjoyed the riot of conflicted emotions flickering across her face. “Emily will be coming over to my place tonight for dinner—I’m not sure what time I’ll have her back so don’t worry about that. Carol, can you pick out an outfit for her? Some kind of nice dress with some sexy underwear. Get her to model all your choices for you and then pick out the one you think works best on her. We all want her looking her absolute best don’t we?”

Carol looked up at me and opened her mouth as though she wanted to protest, but shut it with an audible click before she swallowed. She nodded her acceptance at me and turned with slumped shoulders to go upstairs with her daughter before she hesitated.

“Um, sexy underwear?” Carol asked me as though she didn’t want to know the answer.

“Yes, sexy.” I smiled at her. “Going by this morning, I guess you don’t like wearing it at all! But I’m sure you know what I mean.”

Looking into Carol’s attractive face after telling her to go get her daughter ready for the fun tonight made me feel very powerful. In fact, it sounded like something I’d like to be a part of! However I wanted to get both of the women out of the way so I could find out what exactly John was thinking at the moment. Still, I might as well go further even if I wasn’t there. I could always check on them before I left.

“Pay Attention, Carol, Emily.” I said, lowering my voice so that John couldn’t hear. “When you go upstairs Carol, you have to physically dress your daughter. Emily, you have to let your mother dress and pose you however she wants until she is satisfied she has chosen the right outfit for you. Carol, move your daughter around and thoroughly inspect all of her so that you make the right choice. Neither of you have to like it—it’s a special occasion today and it must be done. Now go.”

I watched the two naked women as they immediately turned and started up towards the stairs, appreciating the rolling movement of their hips and ass. I immediately saw the moment that they both realised what they were about to do with each other—even if they didn’t know the reason for it they didn’t have any choice. I grinned to myself at the thought of what was about to happen between the mother and daughter in a few minutes; barring actual sex I couldn’t imagine anything more intimate.

Now that the women were out of the way I turned my attention to John. While I had been talking to his wife and daughter, he had gotten up and moved into the living room and had sat down on the sofa. While he wasn’t quite sitting with is head in his hands he still looked quite dejected and morose. I walked over and sat companionably in a single-seat sofa chair to one side of him. I leaned back to make myself comfortable and grinned conspiratorially over at the other man.

“Don’t mind me, John. But, damn—you are one lucky sonofabitch.” I said winking at him. “I’m pretty envious to tell the truth. Sorry for interrupting you.”

“Uh, yeah.” John mumbled. He looked like he wanted to be alone but had no recall other than to talk to me once I had sat down. “It’s alright.”

“You can really tell where Emily get’s it from.” I said, musing. “Seeing them both together like that. She really takes after Carol, doesn’t she?”

John flushed beet red and looked away—mumbling something noncommittal. I stifled a grin—I was really enjoying myself this morning. I had what was sure to be incredible night to look forward to that my gorgeous wife was arranging—with both our daughters as the starring attraction. I almost laughed at wondering what John’s reaction would be if he knew what I was going to do to Emily and my own little girl in a few hours time. Speaking of, I was fairly sure I recognised the underlying look on John’s face; it was that of a man wrestling with the new found thoughts of lust towards his own flesh and blood. It wasn’t that long ago that I was suffering the same plight after all. Under usual circumstances there would be nothing this man could do about this taboo attraction; not everyone was blessed with the power that I had. Which wasn’t to say I was suddenly going to make the both of them fuck—what would be the fun in that?

Luckily for John, I was also fairly sure he was going to appreciate my meddling.

“Come on, man.” I urged, raising my eyebrows and looking around like we were sharing a dirty secret. “You have to admit Emily is quite the looker.”

“… that’s not appropriate.” John muttered, but there was an edge of defiance in his voice. “That’s not—leave it please, Mike.”

“There’s no need to hide anything.” I said, grinning in a friendly manner across at him. The amount of resistance he was mustering was pitiful really. I decided to push a little harder. “I know you were checking her out—who wouldn’t? There’s nothing wrong with ogling a tight body like her.”

“Mike, that’s my daughter you’re talking about!” John whispered loudly in a hoarse voice. “I did not ‘ogle’ her!”

“Hey, John—there’s nothing wrong with appreciating.” I said, waving my hands out in emphasis. “I just thought you got turned on by her that’s all.”

“I didn’t—I mean —” John stood up and looked around in frustration as if searching for a way out. His face was scrunched up in conflicting.

“Are you sure you weren’t turned on by Emily?” I pressed him. It was all a moot point—going by how hard he had come as soon as the naked Emily had appeared in front of him he at the very least thought she was hot. “Be honest, John. Tell me what you thought of your daughter just before.”

John gaped at me for a moment before sinking back down onto the sofa. This time he really did hang his head in his hands.

“Yeah.” John said quietly. “She turned me on.”

“Was that so hard? I asked smiling before continuing curiously. I wanted to know if this was a new thing or not. “Did she always turn you on?”

“No.” John whispered in an almost anguished voice. “I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with me.”

It had to jarring—not only to have to face the fact of a sudden sexual interest in his daughter but to then be forced to talk about it before he had even had a chance to process it. Who knows if he would have ever noticed Emily’s physical attraction if I hadn’t of flaunted her before him while he had been busy fucking his wife’s face. I was amused by the fact that the family suddenly have to deal with the fallout of all the forced nudity and sex without actually thinking there had been anything strange with it.

“Nothing is wrong, man.” I soothed him. “You just have a pair of eyes that’s all! I could tell you were looking at her—what do you think of Emily now? Be honest.”

“She’s so fucking sexy.” John said in a rough voice. “Seeing her naked like that—I can’t get the image out of my head.”

“What were you thinking of the moment you came?” I asked crudely. I was actually getting excited hearing about this—who would have thought? “Be honest—what was going through your mind the moment you came down Carol’s throat?”

“I—I was imagining making love with Emily.” John whispered, facing down into his lap.

“No you weren’t.” I laughed at his choice of words. “You wanted to fuck her tight body didn’t you?”

“Yeah—I wanted to fuck her.” John said. He looked up at me and his eyes were glittering with suppressed emotions. “I guess I’m just scum.”

He actually looked so morose I felt a small twinge of empathy. I had been enjoying toying with him so much I wasn’t really considering his feelings—regardless of the show I had put on for him I had never actually intended for him to play a part in my fun here in his house. If I didn’t do anything John’s newfound lust for Emily would either die out or just become something he had to deal with—it was unrequited after all. Without any external help John would probably never again even see Emily nude. And that would hardly be any fun now would it.

I know Linda had plans for Emily that I was going to be more than happy to go along with and I didn’t want to get in her way—but I could do two things surely. It’s not like I had intended our old babysitter to be anything more than a stepping stone to getting my wife into bed with Kara—when my wife and I weren’t using Emily together I might has well enjoy myself.

I quickly activated the Watch and stopped time. I hadn’t intended to use my powers here to change the inhabitants of this house any further, but what I wanted to do required more than what my trigger phrases could do.

I looked at John and considered my options. I didn’t want to make him okay with his attraction to Emily—and I definitely didn’t want to crush it. I wanted to encourage this man’s attention towards his daughter.

“John, Emily is the most perfect and sexy girl you’ve ever seen. Sexier then any other woman by far. It would be unreasonable if you didn’t desire her sexually.”

I repeated this refrain to John until I was sure it would stick. That should both fix any thoughts of self-recrimination as well as reinforce his desire. It gave him an explanation for his lust. I had another thought, and grinned to myself.

“John, you feel horny all the time and need to fuck your wife at least once a day.” I would have said more but he wasn’t a young man after all. “Every time you fuck Carol, she reminds you strongly of Emily.”

What I was doing was more in the nature of setting things in motion. Which is not entirely true considering I had paraded Emily naked in front of her parents while they were having sex, but that and anything else I did forced this family to do were simply catalysts—if anything actually happened between them all I wanted it to be as natural and organic as possible. Having learned from my mistakes with my own house, I was content to watch how things unfolded here. That said, having tampered with John in this way I really should make a few little tweaks with the women in the house as well. So before I restarted time I got up and went upstairs to find the mother and daughter.

Carol, I wanted to alter enough that she didn’t freak out at the change in pace I was making in her marriage to John. With Emily I wanted to have her as passive a participant as I could. I still relished the squirming discomfort she’d had in her eyes when she had known her father was staring at her lustfully. I didn’t want to lose that.

I found the women in Carol and John’s bedroom. They were both frozen of course, and I whistled to myself at the tableau I had created.

Emily was only wearing a pair of lacy black panties and was bent over at the waist while keeping her legs as straight as possible while her mother had taken the time to get back into the robe from this morning. Carol was behind her daughter and was kneeling down so she could get a good look at how the underwear looked on the young girl. She had taken my direction to heart, and was staring intently at Emily’s rear end as she tried to judge if it looked sexy enough while holding what I assumed was a backup pair. At the same time her mouth was twisted and set into a look of unease—this was not something she felt comfortable doing.

I walked around so that I could see Emily and smiled to see how flaming red her face was. It must have been mortifying to have your mother dress you like you were a child and also inspect you so intimately. Still, I better do what I came here for before I got distracted.

“Emily, whatever he does or however uncomfortable he makes you feel … you won’t do anything to avoid your father.” That was nice and unambiguous. I turned to her mother. “You are a good wife, Carol, and a good wife supports her husbands sexual desires. You will make yourself available for him whenever and however he wants you.”

I reached out and absently groped Emily’s hanging breasts as I thought while looking at the two women. The fact that they were both going through the motions and doing this even when they didn’t want to gave me an idea. If John had realised how sexy he found his daughter by just seeing her naked then what I had planned next would supercharge it.

With one last pinch of Emily’s nipples, I went back downstairs and sat opposite John before restarting time.

“I’m glad we had a chance to have this talk, John.” I said jovially as I stood up, ignoring the fact that the man was blinking in a confused manner as his new directions took hold. “Let’s go upstairs and find your family shall we? It would be rude to leave before saying goodbye.”

“Um. They are … changing?” John mumbled, trying to get his bearings.

“Oh, they won’t mind!” I said. “Come on, let’s go.”

I ushered John before me up the stairs—almost running into him when he came to an abrupt stop at the entrance to his bedroom. I looked over his shoulder to where Carol and Emily had turned around to look at us in shock. I was amused to see that Emily’s whole body was quivering with a desire to cover herself up and hide her body from her father but she couldn’t. Carol however, was unchanged and knew that it wasn’t right for us to be watching.

“John!” She exclaimed. Emily was still bent over at the waist and Carol placed her hands over her daughter’s crotch in an attempt to block it from our view. “What are you—take Mike downstairs! We are getting changed in here!”

“Don’t mind me, Carol. Emily.” I called out from behind John. “I just wanted to say goodbye.”

“Oh … right.” Carol said confusedly. She looked to where her hands were on her daughter’s rump and then slowly let them fall away. “Bye, Mike. It was good to see you.”

“You too.” I said. “Emily, I’ll see you later tonight, okay?”

“See you later, Mike.” Emily said, giving me an awkward shamefaced grin. She was still bent over—unable to move without her mother’s say so for the time being.

“Pay attention.” I stated, with no lead up. This was going to be for all of them. “Because it’s so important that Carol picks the perfect outfit for Emily, John is going to help. Carol, you pick the clothes for her to wear and decide what poses Emily has to be in for you to best judge the clothes. John, you have to be the one to change and dress Emily—as well as to move her into whatever position your wife wants. Emily, you are playing the part of a mannequin; you will let your father have complete control over moving and dressing you. This is just something you all have to do and put up with because what Emily wears tonight is so important.”

I gave it a few seconds for all of what I said to hit them all and moved to one side so I could get a good look at the family. Carol looked resigned but also slightly happy that she was no longer doing something that was so awkward by herself. John looked momentarily horrified before a quickly hidden flash of lust and anticipation crossed his face. He turned his expression into one of stoic resolution and squared his shoulders. Emily’s reaction was the best—absolute mortification twinged with horror was written large over her lovely features. She squeezed her eyes shut before setting her face carefully blank—whether it was just a way for her to get through what was coming or if she was playing the part of a mannequin very realistically I didn’t know.

“It’s good you’re here actually, dear.” Carol said as if trying to convince herself. She swallowed. “I need your help with Emily.”

“Okay, Carol.” John said, trying not to sound eager but he walked into the room a little too fast. “Sorry, you have to go Mike, but it looks like we are going to be busy. You’ll just have to let yourself out, sorry.”

“That’s quite alright.” I said, smiling faintly at the way John was hovering next to his mostly naked daughter. “I’ll see you all again soon.”

I turned around and walked towards the stairs and out of sight of the family.

The problem with playing things by ear is that you’re a little unprepared when something like this springs up. Even though I had intended to leave—I had a few errands to run before all the fun tonight—I definitely didn’t want to miss out on what was currently happening in this house.

I looked at the Watch on my wrist and grinned to myself again.

I stopped time.