The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Stop Watch: Genesis

Chapter 5

Author — Sidia

After all the fun that was had Emily’s house, I spent the rest of the day running some errands. Even after indulging and having taken the edge off, I was still absurdly excited about what was going to happen tonight. All I knew was that Linda had wanted Emily to come over and join us—nothing more. The thought of what my wife was planning—and how she was going to have our daughter interact with the girl that used to babysit her—gave me a hard-on every time I thought about it.

For perhaps the first time ever I didn’t want to use the Watch to stop time; if anything I wanted to speed things up so that the night came quicker.

When I ran out of things to do and got home, I found that Linda was already there waiting for me. She greeted me at the front door with a passionate kiss that was full of need and promise. She hooked one leg around me and practically clambered up into my arms.

“I just couldn’t wait.” Linda panted as she came up for air. “I left work early—I just couldn’t concentrate on anything. My underwear has been soaked all day.”

“Fuck, you’re sexy.” I said, my voice rough with the sudden onset of lust. Having my wife so clearly aroused by what she was planning seemed to have opened up the floodgates on what I had been suppressing. Linda being my ‘willing’ co-conspirator again was so much better than simply using her as a prop to get off. “It’s too bad we still have a few hours to go.”

“Tell me about it!” Linda said, shaking her head in frustration. She looked up at me from under her eyelashes and gave me a wry look. “I almost went to Kara’s school to pick her up early.”

“And if they only knew what you were bringing her home for!” I laughed, genuinely amused. “Still, I wish you had—all things considered.”

“I actually started to drive over to the school before I snapped out of it.” Linda groaned. “The only thing really stopping was that I wanted Kara to be here before Emily arrived. If you had said that to me earlier I don’t think I could have resisted the temptation.”

“Why do you need her here before?” I asked, burning with curiosity.

“Now now.” Linda smiled, acting coy. “I want it to be a surprise. It’s not all about showing our toy what her proper place is—I want to show you just how much I appreciate you.”

“Oh really?” I grinned down into my wife’s lovely face.”

“Really.” Linda said in a smokey voice. She stood on the tips of her toes and gave me a soft and wet little kiss on the corner of my mouth. At the same time she reached down and gently stroked the outline of my cock through my pants. “I’m going to make sure you enjoy yourself tonight. With me. And with both our little toys.”

“You’re the best wife ever.” I whispered, meaning it. It barely registered with me anymore that I was the one who had turned Linda into the horny and perverted woman she was now.

“Don’t you forget it.” Linda purred, squeezing me a little harder through my pants. “Speaking of, everything is fine with Emily coming over?”

“Perfectly fine.” I said, suppressing a grin at the memory of how I last saw her. “She’s coming over at 5.”

“Good, that gives me some time to sort out Kara.”

“Can you give me at least a little hint?” I wheedled, enjoying myself immensely.

“You just have to wait.” Linda grinned back at me. “It won’t be too long before she gets home.”

When Kara arrived home from school her mother and I were waiting for her in the living room.

“Hi!” My daughter said brightly, stepping energetically into the house so that her skirt was bouncing scandalously high up her thigh. She closed the door behind her and gave us both a beaming smile.

It was almost an innocent scene—something reminiscent of a time before I started to abuse the power of my Watch—except for what she did next.

Kara walked over to the sofa where Linda and I were sitting and came to a stop right in front of us. Then she leant forward—keeping her legs straight—and proceeded to give me a deep open-mouth kiss. I kissed her back of course, and took the opportunity to run a hand up and down the smooth skin of her upper thigh. Once she had finished with me, Kara turned to my mouth and gave her the exact same treatment. Linda was a bit more aggressive than me—something I loved—and wasted no time in cupping our daughters crotch and gently massaging it.

When Kara broke the kiss with her mother, she was a little bit more red in the face than she had been with me. I didn’t blame her for that—how could I? Once done, Linda looked at me out of the corner of her eye and smirked. She shifted a few inches over on the sofa and then grabbed our daughters hand—pulling her unceremoniously down so that she was sandwiched between us.

Kara squeaked in surprise, but then contentedly snuggled down into the narrow space left for her. Linda put her hand on our daughter’s knee and caressed it. Not wanting to be left out, I did the same with her other knee.

“How was school?” Linda asked Kara archly. She shifted the position of her hand so that she was now rubbing Kara’s upper leg.

“Okay.” Kara said a tad breathlessly. Her pink tongue darted out to wet her lips.

“That’s not very informative.” I said playfully. “Is it, Linda?”

“No, not really.” Linda said, smirking again.

Linda applied some pressure and began to pull Kara’s leg towards her. I did the same on my end which resulted in us slowly parting our daughter’s smooth thighs. Kara’s breathing began to grow a little ragged—obvious arousal suffusing her lovely face as her parents spread her legs.

“I thought we might do something … special tonight.” Linda purred. She crooked her finger and dragged her fingernail along Kara’s inner thigh, leaving a faint red line as she scraped her tender skin. “How does that sound?”

“Um, good?” Kara panted. She darted a look from side to side at us. “What are we doing?”

“It’s a surprise apparently.” I answered for my wife. I adjusted myself on the couch—watching Linda play with our daughter was causing my pants to become uncomfortably tight. Since Linda was having such fun with Kara’s lower body, I reached up and cupped one of her large breasts—casually squeezing and hefting her tit. “But I’m sure it will be fun.”

“Oh it will be.” Linda said, a slightly dangerous note entering her voice as she spoke to Kara. “As long as you do as I say.”

“Um, yeah?” Kara said breathlessly. There was a faint motion as she moved her pelvis forward; trying to get her mother’s fingers onto where she wanted.

“Because you’re a good girl, aren’t you.” Linda whispered. Her fingers disappeared under Kara’s skirt and I could see the muscles working in her forearm as she got to work on our daughter. “You’ll do whatever I tell you to do.”

Kara gasped and gripped my hand as it groped her chest—arching her back in pleasure as we played with her young body. A look of annoyance crossed Linda’s face and she did something to Kara that made her suddenly yelp.

“I said you’ll do whatever I tell you to do—won’t you.”

“Y-yes.” Kara gulped, her voice trembling.

“That doesn’t sound very certain.” Linda said flatly. She made Kara give out another short cry.

“Y-yes! Whatever you say.” Kara said, her whole body trembling.

“Good.” Linda said softly. She took her hand out from under Kara’s skirt—I noted that her fingers were glistening—and gripped our daughter’s hair at the nape of her neck. She twisted Kara’s head around to face her and proceeded to … kissing her was not exactly the right word. It actually reminded me of the times I had plundered the mouthes of unsuspecting women while I was outside of time. Linda was laying claim to our daughter. She broke the kiss and looked into Kara’s wide-eyed gaze—excitement and a touch of cruelty in her expression. “Good.”

I ended up turning the television on just to pass the time while Linda and I sat on the sofa molesting and groping our teenage daughter. Of course there were other ways we could have spent while we waited, but I didn’t want to ruin whatever my wife had in mind. Kara sat mutely between us, squirming and quietly gasping as she endured the wandering hands of her parents.

When Linda eventually stood up and practically ordered our daughter to get up and follow her, Kara was so turned on that she stumbled in her eagerness to obey—blind need taking over most of her brain function. My wife told me to wait there while she got things all ready and I was happy to oblige her. I had decided not to adjust my daughter on further—not yet at any rate—as the current changes would suffice for now. Besides—I didn’t want her to just blindly accept all that was going to happen; I wanted to see the realisation on her face.

As I watched my wife lead my daughter out of the living room—Linda throwing me a sultry look over her shoulder before she disappeared—I leant back on the sofa while sporting a shit-eating grin on my face. I still didn’t know what was coming but I couldn’t wait. I was very tempted to stop time and check on what Linda was doing, but Kara wasn’t the only one who was overwhelmingly horny. If I walked in on my wife and daughter while being cloaked in the power of being outside of time, I didn’t think I would be able to resist the desire to fuck one or both of them.

When Linda eventually reappeared she was alone. I gave my wife a questioning look—glancing behind her to where she had vanished with our daughter—but Linda just playfully shook her head. She had changed her clothes in the meanwhile as well—while she wasn’t quite wearing anything as fancy as she had when Emily had first come over, she had certainly dressed up some. She was in a dress but it had a looser, more summery vibe than anything else. It was clear to me that she hadn’t bothered putting on a bra either, and the way her big heavy breasts sat in the low cut dress was very eye-catching. She sat down carefully on the sofa next to me and put her hand comparably on my leg—resting her head on my shoulder.

“I hope Emily gets here early.” She murmured, squeezing my knee. “I’m not sure how much longer I can wait.”

“It won’t be long.” I said softly. I glanced up at the clock on the wall—it was twenty minutes to five so we didn’t have long to wait either way. Even though I was trying to play it cool, I was burning with curiosity as to where our daughter was. “Will Kara be joining as when Emily arrives?”

“Our plaything is ready and waiting.” Linda said hungrily. I could hear the thrill of excitement and arousal in my wife’s voice as she spoke of our daughter as a ‘plaything’. She licked her lips and squeezed her thighs tightly together. “She’ll stay where she is until the proper time.”

“Fuck, you’re killing me.” I mock-groaned but inwardly I was grinning. “I know you don’t want to spoil any surprises, but what is the plan here? What should I do when Emily arrives?”

“Just follow my lead.” Linda murmured. She slid her hand higher up my leg and I could see her cleavage rise and fall along with her heavy breathing. “I’ll try to stop myself from just jumping the girl when she gets here. Fuck, Mike; I so so fucking hor—”

A sudden rapping on our front door made my wife stop in mid sentence.

“She is early!” Linda exclaimed, jumping up from her seat. “Quick—how do I look?”

“Ravishing.” I said truthfully. I got up as well, hurrying just as quickly as she had. “Well—shall we?”

“Definitely.” Linda grinned, hooking her arm through mine.

We walked over to the front door—our pace brisk—and opened it to reveal our second toy for the evening. Carol had done well in choosing the outfit for her daughter to wear tonight; I had initially only forced it upon them both as a bit of fun considering I wasn’t expecting Emily to be clothed for long, but I can’t argue the end result.

Emily was wearing an impossibly tight black skirt that came down to about her mid thigh—I honestly didn’t know how she had managed to fit herself into it. She had paired it with a looser satiny blue top—the fabric was gathered in folds around the deeply cut v-neck, and as I looked down on her I could see her pert little breasts hanging freely; she wasn’t wearing a bra either.

“Emily.” Linda purred dangerously. She reached out and took the younger woman hands—pulling Emily to her so that she could give her a kiss on the mouth. It wasn’t as deep as the one she had given our daughter, but anyone watching would have no doubt that it was a kiss between lovers. “You look amazing once again.”

“T-thanks.” Emily said, a little off balance. I didn’t know if it was because of what she had endured today for if it was just the result of my wife’s greeting.

“She does look incredible.” I agreed. I stepped forward and kissed her as well. Before I leant back, I moved my mouth by her ear and whispered softly enough that Linda wouldn’t be able to hear. “Your mother chose your outfit well.”

Emily’s face flamed bright red and she stuttered wordlessly. Linda smiled tolerantly at us both—no doubt thinking I had just said something kinky to the young girl. My wife took her by the hand again and led her inside while I shut the door behind us.

“Make yourself comfortable on the sofa.” Linda practically ordered. I was amused to see that Emily was already moving before she had even finished speaking. “Mike will keep you company. I need to just go check on something and then I’ll come back with drinks.”

I sat myself down next to Emily while my wife hurried away. Even though she was red-faced and obviously aroused, the girl was keeping her legs pressed tightly together and looked clearly uncomfortable. I idly wondered if it was a result of what I had done to her and her family earlier. I put my arm around her slender shoulders and pulled her into my side, thinking about what my wife was doing and what she had planned. A thought had occurred to me—I wasn’t sure if Linda could even comprehend a ‘plaything’ disobeying her. It was definitely true that I had arranged everything up until this point so that it would go the way that I had wanted—but this time Linda was in control not me.

I dipped my hand down the front of Emily’s loose top and cupped one of her little breasts—feeling her nipple crinkle and harden into the palm of my hand. The only thing I knew about what Linda had planned was that Kara and Emily were both going to be involved. Which might be a problem.

Quickly deciding what to do, I activated the Watch and stopped time.

I didn’t want to change Emily too much in any way for much the same reason that I didn’t want to change my daughter. All I wanted was for her to go along with whatever my wife had in store for us tonight.

“Emily, you have to go along with whatever Mike and Linda ask you to do.”

I repeated this over and over to the lovely girl while I continued to grope and fondle her chest. There was no need to make anything overly complicated, and I figured by phrasing it this way I wasn’t exactly changing how she thought about whatever was going to happen. She just had to go along with it. That, coupled with the commands I had previously given her, should cover most bases.

I briefly thought about quickly going and issuing a similar order to my daughter, but decided against it in the end. I truly did not want to spoil the surprise of what Linda had arranged, and I also figured that even if the worst happened, I could always fix it.

I restarted time and watched Emily’s face as she blinked in confusion while my order took hold. By the time she came back to her full awareness, Linda had arrived back with a glass of champagne that was so full it was in danger of overflowing. I was amused to see she had only brought something for Emily—it was going to be that kind of night.

“I see you didn’t wait for me.” Linda said archly, eyeing my hand down the front of Emily’s top.

“Can you blame me?” I grinned.

“I guess not.” Linda sighed. She sat carefully down on the opposite side of Emily—forcibly reminding me of how we had spent the afternoon with Kara—and held out the glass. “Here—this is for you.”

“Thanks.” Emily said quietly, catching her bottom lip in her teeth as I pinched one of her nipples. “Um, you aren’t having any?”

“Not right now.” Linda said easily. She put her hand on Emily’s knee and ran it up her thigh a few inches under her skirt. Emily flinched and almost spilt her drink. “Careful—you better have some before you make a mess.”

Emily gave a shuddering nod, and took a large gulp of the wine. Linda was watching her carefully and as soon as had lowered the amount of liquid in the glass, my wife slid her hand even higher.

Emily flinched again and instinctively closed her thighs tightly together; trapping Linda’s hand between her legs.

“That’s not nice.” Linda said in a light tone, but as she continued her voice hardened. “Open your legs for me. Now.”

Emily’s thighs sprang widely open instantly—causing her tight skirt to bunch up towards her hips. I grinned appreciatively as my wife moved her hand up so that she was stroking the front of Emily’s underwear.

“You’re wet.” Linda said, a faint note of surprise in her voice. “Very wet actually. I guess someone was looking forward to coming over.”

“Yeah.” Emily said, gasping softly as my wife played with her over her panties. She gave Linda a smouldering look and boldly put her hand on my wife’s leg. “Can I show you how much I was looking forward to it?”

Linda laughed softly in surprise and pleasure. I was reminded that she had spent a lot of time with Emily alone when the girl had last come over. I had been a little preoccupied with my plans of getting our daughter into bed at the time so maybe it was understandable if it had slipped my mind.

“This one knows her place.” Linda said ambiguously, giving me a wink.

I noted that my wife was acting a little differently with Emily than she had with our daughter. She was still controlling, but there was an element of … affection … that wasn’t there when she was talking about what she was going to do to Kara.

My musings were cut short when Emily put her other hand over the bulge in my pants.

“I want to show both of you.” She breathlessly, gently squeezing my length.

“Fine with me.” I said eagerly.

I reached down to unbuckle my pants but Linda stopped the both of us.

“No.” She said firmly. “At least not yet.”

My wife gave me a coded look that told me it was time to follow her lead and I nodded my agreement. I was reaching the point where I desperately wanted to fuck someone, but if I was finally about to see what Linda had organised I could hold off a little later.

Linda reached back under Emily’s skirt and began to stroke her gently.

“Finish your drink, girl.” Linda whispered—nodding in satisfaction as Emily immediately gulped down the rest of the glass. “You’re so wet—absolutely soaked. Here—let me help you.”

Linda gestured for Emily to lift her hips up a little, and once she had down so my wife deftly slipped the girl’s skimpy panties down her legs. Once they were off, Emily instantly spread her legs widely apart—further than she had yet.

“Much better.” Linda murmured in a satisfied voice. Now she could touch Emily’s bare pussy and she wasted no time in doing so. It was obvious that Emily was trying to hold back her moans as she shivered and trembled under my wife’s skilled fingers. “You’re certainly being a bold little thing tonight aren’t you?”

“Sorry.” Emily whimpered. She scrunched her eyes tightly closed and shivered.

“It’s alright.” Linda assured her. “You were such a good girl last time after all.”

I watched intently as the muscles in my wife’s forearm flexed and shifted as she stroked and probed our old baby-sitter’s pussy.

“So very very wet.” Linda whispered dreamily. “I remember how good you tasted as well.”

Emily made a wordless noise of need and desire, thrusting her hips forward onto my wife’s hand.

“And you really were so very good.” Linda continued. “I think I should reward you.”

Emily was clearly surprised when Linda got up off the couch and stood in front of her. She gaped up at my wife with wide eyes.

“Follow me.” She said tightly. I could see the signs that Linda was beginning to lose control of her own lust. “Both of you.”

I got up quickly and Emily scrambled to her feet as well. We had only gone a few steps when my wife paused and turned around to face us.

“She doesn’t need her clothes.” Linda said, arousal making her voice rough. “Strip her, Mike.”

“Yes, dear.” I said happily.

Emily squeaked in surprise when I started to undress her. I wasn’t being careful—I simply grabbed the bottom of her top and hauled it up over her head to reveal her perky little breasts to both of our hungry gazes. Her skirt was a little more difficult to remove, and I growled with impatience as I struggled to get it down over the curves of her ass. When I had finally succeeded, Emily stood nude and trembling before the both of us.

“Much better.” Linda whispered. She turned as if to continue, but instead changed her mind and flung herself at Emily. She kissed the younger woman passionately—palming her breasts and kneading them over and over. Emily was pushing back into me and I happily pressed my bulging erection between the firm cheeks of her ass. When she finally let up she was breathing heavily and Emily was swaying on the spot—panting with need. “Okay, let’s go. Be quiet—the both of you. Whisper if you have to talk and DO NOT give anything away to—well, you’ll see what I mean.”

With those enigmatic words, Linda led us both down the hall to the spare room. She paused at the doorway and took a deep breath. With one final admonishment to us both to be silent, she opened the door to the room and quietly walked inside.

When I saw what was waiting for us in the room, I felt my cock throb with anticipation and excitement. I was vaguely aware of Emily’s gasp of shock next to me but it seemed unimportant at that moment.

The room was mostly empty—Linda seemed to have moved most of the furniture out of the way to the far wall. There was some music playing—nothing particularly notable, but enough to fill the room with an undercurrent of dulling sound. In the centre of the room—placed in such a way that clearly posed for maximum effect—was my daughter.

Kara—completely and gloriously naked—was kneeling down facing away to the left of us with her hands tied behind her back while an empty chair stood conspicuously in front of her. She was wearing a blindfold and seemed completely unaware of the fact that we were all looking at her. Her hips were making small and exhausted gyrating motions and as I moved to one side to get a better look, I spotted what looked like a small vibrator inserted inside of her pussy. Kara’s mouth hung slackly open and she was panting with short little whimpering breaths—I realised that she must have been enduring this ever since my wife had left her.

“Incredible.” I mouthed silently towards Linda.

Linda quirked her lips upwards in a smile, pleased at my reaction. I had almost forgotten Emily was there until she spoke.

“What the fuck?” She said in a far too loud voice—shock making her forget what Linda had told her about being quiet.

I quickly turned and put my hand over her mouth.

“Shh!” I hissed into the ear of the naked girl. I slowly removed my hand. “Quietly.”

“Is that Kara?” Emily whispered, in a panicked voice. It was soft enough that with the music playing I was fairly confident that Kara wouldn’t hear. “Holy shit—it is! That’s your kid!”

“As I said.” Linda interjected smoothly, coming to stand next to us. She reached down between Emily’s legs and slipped her finger inside the girl. Emily trembled as my wife began to slowly finger her. “You’ve been so good, so I’ve arranged a reward for you.”

“You don’t mean —” Emily started before biting her lip and groaning as Linda slid a second finger inside her.

“I do.” Linda purred.

“But that’s Kara!” Emily said weakly. “I looked after her when she was a kid!”

“And hasn’t she grown up nicely.” I said, reaching around Emily from behind and pressing my palm into her flat belly.

“And she still needs looking after.” Linda said softly, smiling in satisfaction as Emily’s objections began to waver. “She needs help learning her proper place. Will you help us look after her, Emily?”

Emily shivered again, staring into my wife’s face before looking past her to where Kara knelt.

“But —”

Linda crooked her fingers inside of the younger woman and Emily gave out a strangled moan before clearly giving up. She gave my wife a hesitant nod.

“Good girl.” Linda whispered. “Now follow me and don’t make a sound.”

I watched as Linda took Emily by the hand and led her silently into the centre of the room. My wife sat her down on the chair that was in front of our daughter—arranging Emily with her perched right on the edge of the seat with her legs spread widely apart on either side of Kara. Once she had her positioned to her satisfaction, Linda gave into her own lust—leaning down and savagely kissing Emily. The girl kissed her back in desperation—barely being able to maintain her silence as my wife reached down and began to pump her fingers in and out of her pussy with reckless speed.

I moved closer, my heart pounding as I watched Linda finger Emily right in front of our oblivious little girl. Linda moved her mouth by Emily’s ear and spoke so softly that I only barely heard it.

“Perfect.” Linda whispered harshly. “It’s time for your reward. Now. Grab the little sluts head and put that tongue of hers to good use. Show her what her place is.”

Emily—and incredulous look on her face at what was happening—reached out and gingerly gripped my daughter’s head in her hands; twining her fingers into her dark tresses so as to get a good grip. At the sudden touch, Kara flinched and then gave out an eager moan. Then Emily began to pull my daughter’s face—the girl that she used to babysit—forward between her parted thighs.