The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Chapter 5: The Memory Modulator: Good Girls Don’t Fight

The day was sunny, but that didn’t make it perfect.

Megan was crying, slumped up in a messy bundle along one of the school’s brick walls. Her recess had already been ruined. It didn’t matter that her blue jumper, one of her favorites, was getting dirty as she sat there. Megan only wished she could sink deeper into the earth. She pictured it swallowing her, taking her away from Matt Bradley and his goons.

Matt was a tall, aggressive boy in her class. He got in trouble plenty, but that only made him even better at hiding his bullying. It didn’t take longer for some of the other boys to start following him. Matt and his gang loved trolling recess. Today, however, they’d decided on a pick-up game of kickball.

She should have known better. Megan was aware of Matt and his gang and their reputation. But, as it was only Matt and his four friends, they were a little light on a kickball roster. As it was, one of the teams would be short a man.

“Why would we want to play with a stupid little girl like you?” The sneer in Matt’s voice was almost cartoonish it was so overdone.

What was worse was the fact that Megan had run away crying. Her father had always told her to stand up for herself. You couldn’t expect others to do it for you. But Megan hadn’t stood up, she had done the exact opposite.

“Megs?” Someone asked.

Megan sniffed and looked up into the twinkling green orbs and bright red hair of her friend, Ally. Ally’s full name was Allyson, but they’d each developed nicknames for the other when they first met. Ally and Megs, the indomitable spirit of feminine optimism on the playground. Ally was the outgoing one though, she was “everyone’s” friend. Megan brought Ally back to earth.

“You okay?” Ally added, after Megan didn’t respond.

Doing her best to wipe the tears from her eyes, Megan tried to look a little less pathetic.

“I- I’m fine.” Was her response, quiet, barely uttered.

“Come on, spill it.” Ally smiled wryly, even as concern flooded her eyes like the tide coming in.

“It was no-nothing really,” Megan dropped her gaze, she couldn’t bring herself to face Ally after how she was asking, her voice softened to a hushed whisper, “I- it was Matt... he- he called me a stupid girl. A stupid little girl.”

Ally frowned.

“Why? Why were you even talking to him?”

“I just- I just asked to play kickball with them.”

“Them?” Ally’s brow furrowed, then her eyes danced with an intense curiosity, “Matt and his ‘crew’, right?”

Megan nodded.

“I don’t know why you’d want to play with them anyways. ‘Sides, boys are gross.” Ally grinned and Megan couldn’t help but return it and giggle.

“Forget them,” Ally continued, “Some of us are playing on the merry-go-round, see how fast it can go. Want in?”

A few more tears leaked out from Megan’s eyes, burning as they fell down her cheek. In spite of that, Megan nodded faintly and began to smile. Ally extended a hand, which Megan took, smiling brighter.

By the end of recess, Megan had almost forgotten about Matt.

“Look at those loooooosers. Merry-go-rounds are for BABIES.” Matt called out.

The kids on the merry-go-round responded back with shouts of their own.

“Are not!”

“Stop being a bully!”

“YOU’RE the loooser!”

“Shut up!”

Megan, however, wasn’t satisfied with just calling back. Matt was a bully, and he’d always be a bully until someone stood up to him. Megan stomped up to Matt, the lines of her face drawn deep into a frown. Everything that happened came rushing back to her. Real, physical pain clenched in her gut as she realized what she was about to do, only a fraction of a moment before she actually did it.

There was no hesitation as Megan hauled back and swung hard, punching Matt across the face. Her hit was wild, savage, but it hit the mark and she heard the distinct sound of crunching coming as her fist came in contact with Matt’s nose.

For a long moment it was as though time had suspended itself. No one said a thing, and no one moved.

That brief reverie was quickly lost, however. Cheers went up from her friends, along with “Megan!” and “You go girl!” Her friends’ praise filled her with a warm glow. Matt’s friends simply looked shocked. Blood was dripping from Matt’s nose.

“I- I shink she broke ish-t.” Matt called out, and then he began to cry.

Beside her, Jake Langlan broke into a grin. Megan returned his smile shyly.

“That was AWESOME!” He said, and Megan felt as though she’d begun to float.

She came back down to earth almost immediately. The rest of the day had been a whirlwind. The principal called her father while the nurse checked on her wrist. The principal came in after that, talked to Megan, and then left again. Megan could feel discomfort tingling along her spine as though someone had poured cold water down her back. She was in deep trouble, and she knew it.

When Megan’s father picked her up, he seemed disappointed.

“Three day suspension, Megan.” He said on their way back to the car, and on the way to the hospital to further check on her wrist.

Three days... it hardly seemed fair. Matt had been suspended before, but never for three days. Though, she supposed that he’d never quite punched someone as hard as she punched him. That gave her something to smile about.

Her father had managed to give her something to smile about too. On the way to the hospital, her father asked what happened, and why she had punched Matt. After a brief silence, during which Megan wondered if she was going to be grounded until middle school, her father responded by snorting.

“I’d prefer you not get in trouble next time, Sweetpea, but I’m glad you stood up for yourself and your friends.” He caught her gaze and winked.

The rest of the day didn’t seem quite so bad. Megan had sprained her wrist, but it wasn’t broken, and her father only grounded her from watching TV.

* * *

The man watched the screen monitor. Even though this invention was old, it was by far one of his more impressive works. Decoding brain waves and building a composite image from them was technology well ahead of its time. He watched the memory as though it were an old video. There was some distortion, but he could still see and hear what was going on.

Megan had been raised as a fighter, clearly.

More watching would only confirm to the man that Megan’s father ensured that she had the motivation and confidence to stand up for herself. If his plan was going to work, the man would have to modify those memories with a slant. If, instead of encouragement, Megan’s father reinforced stereotypical gender roles, then she could prove to be more docile and compliant.

The man clicked away from the screen and brought up a new window. He immediately began typing, the words appearing on the screen looked very much like code. They were instructions, instructions that would be translated into signals the brain could understand.

It was time to see Megan Parmenter again.

* * *

The day was sunny, but that didn’t mean it was perfect.

A lonely cloud on the sunny day cast its shadow over next to the four-square area. Alone, Megan was crying, slumped against a brick wall. Recess was supposed to be the best part of the day, but only five minutes in, it had already been ruined for her.

Matt Bradley. It was ALWAYS Matt Bradley. Matt was a tall, pugnacious boy who stomped around the playground as though he was its king. Matt and his ‘crew’ had decided to play kickball. Curious, Megan went over to watch. It didn’t take long for one of the boys to spot her and he hurried over to Matt, whispering.

Matt crossed the field, his little gang of misfits trotting after him.

“Go away.” Matt said.

He was easily half a foot taller than her and Megan couldn’t help but tremble a little. Would he hit her if she refused to leave?

“B- but I just... I just wanted to watch you play... " Megan’s voice trembled, and she felt pathetic for it.

“We don’t want a stupid little girl around,” Matt’s lip curled as he gaze her a cruel look, “Go play with the rest of the babies.”

Megan couldn’t help it. Tears welled up in her eyes and spilled down her cheeks. She tried to turn around as she got up, but it was too late, Matt had seen them.

“Look at that, the baby’s crying!” Matt roared and his crew laughed.

It made Megan feel even worse that she’d simply run away. Her father had always told her to stand up for herself, to talk it over with the bully and, if necessary, get a teacher. But what would a teacher do about Matt and his friends barring her from watching their kickball game? All that would happen is that Matt would call her a snitch, and that was just the worst thing she could imagine. No one wanted to be called a snitch.

“You okay, Megan?” Someone asked, it was a boy.

Looking up, Megan found herself staring at Jake Langlan. Megan was pretty sure she’d stopped breathing. Most of her friends still thought that boys were gross, and Megan played along, but she saw Jake differently. She couldn’t help it. He was cute and nice and smart. Even now, Megan felt a little like she wanted to faint.

“I- I- I’m fine... " was all that Megan could stammer out.

“Okay then. So don’t ask why you’re crying?” Jake asked, he got down and sat next to Megan.

Megan flushed. There were so many things she could say to Jake. So many things she probably shouldn’t say. She’d seen the two main characters of “Palm Beach Patrol” kiss once, she wondered if it would be nice to kiss Jake.

“Megan?” Jake was looking at her with concern.


“Do you not want to talk ’bout it?”

“Oh,” Megan was pretty sure her face was burning this time , “— it was- it was Matt Bradley.”

Megan chanced a glance at Jake, who had taken the opportunity to roll his eyes and laugh. She instantly felt silly, and joined in, laughing as well.

“Why? You know who Matt is.”

“I don’— I don’t know, I just... thought maybe- " Megan glanced away, feeling a few fresh new tears forming, " -thought maybe if you saw me watching- then maybe you’d come watch too.”

“Watch that buffoon?” Jake looked incredulous.

“Well- you- you... I know you like that sort of stuff.” Megan felt increasingly more stupid. There was no way Jake would like her now.

“I like playing,” Jake flashed Megan another one of his smiles, “it’d be too easy against Matt and his crew.”

Megan giggled at that. She’d seen Jake during recess, and he was pretty good with that sort of thing. She could picture him going up against Matt’s team all by himself and winning. Then Matt would be the one crying, not her.

They spent all recess there, together, talking. Jake kept cracking funny jokes and, before long, Megan had forgotten all about Matt and his kickball game. Jake had noticed her, and he was talking to her, and all she could think about was Jake.

Then the recess was getting close to over. Megan and Jake got up together, heading for the entrance. Without thinking about it, Megan snuck her hand into Jake’s, and he simply smiled.

“Ooooooo,” A wry, annoying voice said, “looks like the stupid little girl has a boooooooooooooyfriend.”

Megan turned and saw Matt. He was laughing along with his crew, pointing his finger straight at her. She felt something pulse red and hot within her. Megan was tired of Matt, tired of his bullying, tired of being made to feel like she was stupid or useless. She let go of Jake’s hand and stomped over to Matt.

Without even thinking, Megan swung. She had a brief moment where she pictured her fist slamming into Matt’s gut, knocking him backward and on to his butt. However, that moment passed as her fist flew wildly left, toward Matt’s face. He stumbled a little, managing to just get out of the way.

It took Matt a moment to realize what had just happened, but only a moment. With a roar, he aimed a punch at Megan’s gut, hitting her in exactly the way she had imagined hitting him. Matt hit hard and pain shot through her body as she collided with the ground, bottom-first.

Just as Megan looked up, she saw Matt ready to lob another punch her way, and only just had a moment for her eyes to widen as she sat there, helpless. Then, out of nowhere, a body collided with Matt’s. It took Megan a little bit to realize what had happened.

Tangled in a mess of limbs were Matt and Jake.

The two boys grappled with each other, rolling over, each getting the upper-hand for mere seconds before the other one fought out of it. By the time the teachers’ aides were able to respond, Matt had a bloody nose, a cut above his eye, and one on his lip as well. One of Jake’s eyes was beginning to purple and he too bore a cut lip, but seemed to have fared better off than Matt.

Eventually, one of the aides came and got Megan too. She had expected as much, Matt had begun bawling as soon as the fight was over, and she knew he would blame her as much as he could. The trip to the nurse’s office was terrifying, she kept wondering if she would be expelled. After all, even though Matt had taunted her, she was the one who started the fight.

The nurse checked Megan out, but the pain in her stomach was already fading. Matt sat at the other end of the office, glowering, while Jake sat next to Megan. He continued to grin that foolish grin of his, even as his lip became swollen beneath the cut.

The glow that Megan felt as she sat there next to Jake was replaced by a dreadful chill when her father entered the office. His disappointment was pronounced, it was a punishment in itself.

“Three days,” Megan’s father said, “that’s how long you’ve been suspended. Why?”

Megan knew her father had talked to the principal, but he’d asked and so she answered. She didn’t spare one detail about how awful Matt had been to her, how awful he was to everyone, but her father said nothing as she retold the story.

Her father sighed.

“Megan, when I told you to stand up for yourself, I didn’t mean getting in to fights. You’re just a girl, that kid Matt could have done a lot worse if it weren’t for Jake.”

“I know,” Megan whispered, and she did too. She didn’t ask Jake to protect her, but he’d jumped right in.

“Next time, use your head first. You’re grounded, and I have plenty of chores for you to do.”

Megan’s father was true to his word. She washed dishes, scrubbed toilets, vacuumed and swept, but the whole time, all she could think about Jake, and how he saved her.