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Straight Man’s Long Journey: Part I

Disclaimer: This story, while highly sexual, does not have much (gay) sex in it. For that reason, you may not like it. I would very much like to hear from you if you do. Because this is an extremely arousing story for me. Email:

Day One.

After a long day taking orders at the brokerage, Jason walked into the gym six blocks from his office. It had suddenly occurred to him to join. He was in good shape-at 23, Jason still had the trim, tight physique he’d had all through high school and college, and didn’t have to do anything particular to keep it. Softball and touch football with his buddies, occasionally jogging, the hectic pace demanded of a new college kid at the firm all kept him trim.

But it had come to him out of the blue: why not be in even better shape? Why not work out with weights and get some definition? So just that quick, Jason had bought a gym membership and picked up a combination lock on the way home yesterday and, before leaving for work that morning, packed some gear for the gym. Finding an empty locker, a little uneasy as the new guy, Jason soon realized nobody was paying any attention to him as he undressed. Before long, he’d replaced his still-new business suit with some well-worn shorts, t-shirt and sneakers and had headed back to the workout floor, where Mike, one of the guys at the desk, met to show him around.

“Don’t worry, Jason,” the short, red-head said with a quick smile. “Before long you’ll be an old hand-you’ll be the one showing the new guys the ropes!” Jason followed Mike around the gym, dutifully noting where folks warmed up, where the aerobic equipment was, the weight machines, the free-weights, and-after all the work was done-where he’d find the sauna and whirlpool.

“My advice for today and the next few days-give everything a try, take it slow, get used to the equipment-then start pushing yourself.” Two hours later, Jason had pretty much done what Mike said, and found himself relaxing in the whirlpool, feeling pumped from a good workout.

Day Ten.

The first week Jason had hit the gym every other day. But after a little more than a week, it wasn’t enough. Now, in his second week, he was starting to go every day.

Jason couldn’t remember when he’d felt this driven-and every day his intensity grew even more. The first day he’d spent maybe 10 minutes on the stair-stepper. Now he pounded out 20 minutes, and was working up to 30 before he hit the weight machines. And every minute he fixed his intense gaze on his reflection in the mirrors that surrounded him, watching his muscles work, noting with satisfaction as a sheen of sweat formed over his bare neck, arms and legs. Looking to his right, he followed the motion of his legs and approved of the way it was tightening his butt. “They say girls like guys’ butts,” Jason thought as he pounded out the miles.

Two hours later, soaking up the heat in the sauna, Jason looked with pride at himself as he flexed his biceps and tightened his abs. Amazing-he could already see his muscles growing!

Day 21

Jason admired his chest in the washroom mirror. Even though he hadn’t had much hair on his chest, shaving what he had had been the right move. He’d noticed other guys’ pecs at the gym, and realized that the ones with really stand-out chests didn’t have any hair on them. It had seemed strange when the idea of shaving his chest first occurred to him-he’d had rejected it without a second thought only a few weeks earlier-but all that had changed since he started working out. “I’m watching a new ‘me’ emerge,” Jason said to himself with pride. Once he’d shaved his chest the first time, he didn’t feel weird about it. And when he’d gone out with Jennifer the first night after he’d shaved his chest, boy did she make a fuss over his chest! She couldn’t keep her hands off it! Now it would seem more weird not to shave his chest.

Actually, he was just showing off better what was mostly due to the weights. Jason couldn’t believe how fast his pecs were swelling and tightening! At the same time, his lats had widened, his shoulders built up, his neck had grown a size, and his arms were beginning to “pop” like he’d seen some of the guys around him do.

The first few days working out, Jason had envied what he noticed about the body’s of the guys around him: the wide-to-narrow V-shaped torsos, biceps that rippled, six-pack and even eight-pack abs, round, hard butts that were tight with muscle, and slab-like pecs crowned with prominent nips. Again, he felt kind of weird at first about how he “checked out” the other guys. Only gay guys do that sort of thing, he’d always figured. But after a few days, it didn’t feel so weird after all. He was just admiring the work other guys-further along in their program than he was-had done with their bodies. And he was getting inspiration for where he wanted to be.

Jason was careful not to stare—“don’t want anyone thinking I’m gay”—but he didn’t give a thought to how he now regularly studied every inch of other guys’ bodies. And it seemed a natural enough next step to pick up magazines like Gym and Burn that went out of their way to put guys’ bodies on display. Jason knew that gay guys bought these magazines—“but they buy them to get off. I’m buying them to give myself something to shoot for,” he said to himself as he’d flip through the pages, studying the men pictured there.

Day 22.

Jason shot out of the gym after only two hours. He’d cut his workout short tonight, because of his date with Jennifer. Things were developing nicely with her. “Maybe she’s the one,” he thought as he raced down to catch the subway.

It was embarrassing for Jason to recall how awkward he’d been around girls all his life. His best buddy, Erik, had always had so much more confidence, so much more poise-right from the beginning. Fact was, if it hadn’t been for Erik, Jason would have had a lot fewer dates all through high school and college. But fortunately, Erik-who took charge of Jason like a little brother-had set him up time after time with girls.

At first, it had been embarrassing to have his best buddy-who was his same age-take him under his wing. But he soon got used to playing second-fiddle, and after awhile, following Erik around seemed natural to him. And that’s how it stayed all through college. Even now, fresh out of college, Jason couldn’t help feeling a loyalty to the best friend who’d done so much for him. They were both busy in their new careers, but they got together every week or so, and Erik still took time to call his “little brother” several times a week. And no matter how busy Jason was at the firm-even when he didn’t take anyone else’s calls-he always took Erik’s. And even when they only spoke a few minutes, and even when Jason couldn’t remember minutes later what they’d spoken about-he felt that same, deep connection they’d made when they first met in high school.

And yet, even though it had been Erik who had set Jason up with so many girls-and invited him along on so many double-dates-Jason blamed himself for not making more of all those opportunities. Still a virgin-even after four years of college! Jason’s face burned at the embarrassment. He remembered so many fumbled dates, where he’d been scared off, or he’d come on so strong he’d scared off his date. It wasn’t as if he hadn’t been horny enough all that time. But somehow, something had always messed things up, and he never got much beyond a lot of kissing and touching, and had to finish it later, by himself.

Jason was sitting on the train now, still continuing his train of thought. “That guy I used to be is gone,” Jason thought. “I’ve got so much more confidence these days.” It had to be the workouts, he told himself. He marveled to recall how his body had filled out in just three weeks. He was starting to look more and more like the guys in the workout magazines. Especially the one guy-the one whose picture Jason had pulled out and put up in his room.

Jason had picked him because of how much he looked like himself. Same blond hair, cut short the way he liked it; same green eyes and ruddy complexion; same clean-cut, All-American look. Only the guy in the picture-dressed only in a pair of boxer-briefs (which Jason wore too!)—had an amazing build. Every morning and night, Jason looked intensely at the picture, each time studying a different feature. And every time, after only a few minutes of intense focus on some part of the guy, Jason was hot with a strange, new energy he’d never felt before. If he wasn’t straight, he’d have called it being turned on.

Jason was shaken from his reverie when the subway car jolted and his hand brushed across his lap-he had a hardon! His face flushed till he realized nobody could see it under his arm, but he was surprised at himself. “Guess my little guy is pretty excited about seeing Jennifer tonight too,” Jason said to himself, grinning. This was his third date with Jennifer, and what’s more, he hadn’t seen her for two weeks. Sooner or later, he thought, sooner or later. Jennifer was the one-he was sure of it.

Day 23.

Jason pounded his pecs on the fly machine. For only the second time, he’d gotten up early to get in a workout before going into work, and the place was pretty empty. He was alone with his thoughts, especially the disappointment of the night before.

“I can’t believe she put me off like that!” Jason muttered as he slammed his arms forward, pumping 15 pounds more than his usual top weight. “I’m not sure I’m ready,” he said mockingly, attempting to mimic Jennifer. “Well, I sure am-fucking ready,” Jason said to himself, as he finished his fourth set. He finished his usual workout in record time, and arrived at work 15 minutes early.

By 6 o’clock, Jason’s dark mood hadn’t lifted. He was still furious at Jennifer and still feeling pretty horny from the frustration of the night before.

As he walked from his office to the subway, he noticed the video store twice every day. He’d gone in once only to realize it mainly carried X-rated videos. Now, as if to spite Jennifer, he stopped and walked in. After filling out the form for a membership, he started browsing the video covers on display. The first two rows he entered appeared to be all-gay titles. That wasn’t what he was looking for-though he couldn’t help noticing in passing how built some of the guys are. After lingering a few minutes over some of the covers on display, he remembered what he came for, and moved on until he found the straight section.

“I don’t know how you pick one of these,” Jason said to himself, looking at cover after cover. He moved down the aisle, passing over videos that displayed naked women on them, while picking up those featuring both a girl and a guy on the cover. He grimaced at pictures with older, hairy or flabby guys—“who wants to look at that?” He found one with a hot blonde making it at the same time with two guys-both of whom were very much in shape. “Biway to Heaven,” Jason read in passing, as he headed for the counter. “Some of these titles don’t make any sense at all.”

Two hours later-after half a pizza, two beers, and 10 minutes of the video-Jason found out what the title meant. He was puzzled when the guys-one dark-haired, the other blond-started touching each other while they fucked the girl at both ends, his eyes widening as they went farther and farther. He almost turned it off when they leaned into each other and began to kiss-but he was too horny to stop the video. His rock-hard cock throbbing in his hand, the other hand gripping his aching balls, Jason watched impatiently as the two guys explored each others’ mouths, waiting for the action to shift back to the girl. And yet he kept stroking himself, feeling his arousal rise higher and higher. As the camera panned back, showing more of the scene, it was now second-nature for Jason to note and admire each guy’s chest and stomach. Jason knew he was close to shooting, and sighed with relief as the girl came back into view. “This is what I paid to look at,” he told himself, stroking faster. His tension mounted, but he didn’t come. He’d never been so turned on.

While the dark-haired guy continued fucking the girl, her legs up on his shoulders, the blond guy slid forward, while the girl moved from his dick, to his balls, and then slid from view. Jason’s eyes bulged-he’d never heard of anyone doing that. He moaned with anticipation as he watched her eat the guy out, sensing himself on the verge . . .

Then, as he felt his balls tighten, he watched with shock as the dark-haired guy leaned forward, toward the blond guy’s pulsating cock. Jason was too aroused to look away. He surged with a strange mixture of shock and arousal as he saw-for the first time in his life-one guy make love to another guy’s cock. At the instant the blond’s cock disappeared into the dark-haired guy’s mouth, Jason felt his body spasm like never before, he reared back, and lost himself in the most intense orgasm of his life. Untold minutes later, enough back to reality to remember what was on the TV screen in front of him, Jason turned off the video in a burst of guilty disgust.

Day 24.

“I guess I was pretty drunk, and pretty horny,” Jason said to himself as he walked into his living room the next morning, Saturday. After he’d blown his wad the night before, and realized what he’d been watching when he did it, he was pretty shaken. How could he get off watching a guy suck another guy’s dick? Why did he keep watching it, even after he discovered what the video was about? How could he be so naïve in the first place?

Well, he’d just take it back today, rather than keep it till Monday as he’d planned. He’d drop it off on the way to his workout.

Jason, wearing only grey CK boxerbriefs, felt his morning erection stir as he remembered the intensity of the night before. Instinctively, he reached to stroke himself as he surveyed the mess from the night before-a half-eaten pizza, six empty beer bottles, and the video box empty on the table. He’d left the tape in the VCR. He started to eject it, then remembered he needed to rewind it. Turning on the TV, he hit “play” then-shaking his head at himself, he quickly hit “rewind.” As a result, the last scenes he’d watched reappeared on the screen, only now in backwards and speeded-up motion.

Before he knew it, Jason was absorbed by what he saw. As arousal rapidly swelled inside him, he silently hit the “play” button, stopping the rewind-and the now the scene that he’d watched both with disgust and transfixed arousal the night before played again before his widening eyes.

“I can’t believe how horny I am,” he said to himself as he stroked his swollen, rigid, throbbing cock. “Even if it does have some gay stuff in it, it’s still pretty hot,” Jason soon rationalized to himself, soon forgetting the disgust he’d felt only minutes earlier. The intensity of the night before came back, at once dulling his conscious mind and inflaming his body with astonishing sexual energy. As the two men made love on the TV screen to the woman, but more to each other, Jason fell into a kind of trance, absorbing scene after scene of man-to-man sex, along with the scenes he’d expected. His arousal rose and rose as he witnessed two men suck and caress each other. Something far down inside him protested as the dark-haired guy moved between the blond’s legs, lifting and spreading them-but Jason was trapped-he could not stop himself from looking, from absorbing, and from his own mounting desire. He didn’t even notice the absence of the girl. The camera focused on the intensity of the blond guy’s face-and Jason felt his own intensity swell. The camera panned down to the blond’s cock as it throbbed with longing-and Jason felt his own throb violently. Without realizing it, Jason had leaned far back on the couch by this time, and lifted his spread legs into the air He gasped along with the blond guy as the dark-haired guy teased the exposed rose-bud while the blond begged. Jason watched the massive cock press and take its place inside the blond boy, the boy’s cries soon overcome by his own as his cock exploded and his body convulsed.

It took even longer this time for Jason to come back down. When he did, he felt guilty once again-though not as much. When he looked at the TV again, the girl had rejoined the action; no wonder he’d come when he did, Jason assured himself.

The day was new, yet Jason was exhausted. He fell asleep on the couch, only waking up at the urging of a full bladder. Noticing the clock as he walked to the bathroom, he was shocked to see it was past noon! Where had the morning gone?

“I’m too wiped to work out,” Jason told himself-and yet, something in him refused to let him off the hook. It was as though an instinct had been planted in him these last few weeks that he had to obey. Tired or not, he must work out. He grabbed his gear and headed for the gym. His earlier resolution to return the video was forgotten. When he finally returned it on Monday, he’d watched it through twice, bringing himself to intense orgasms twice more on Saturday and three times on Sunday.