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Straight Man’s Long Journey: Part II

Disclaimer: This story, while highly sexual, does not have much (gay) sex in it. For that reason, you may not like it. I would very much like to hear from you if you do. Because this is an extremely arousing story for me. Email:

Day 24.

“I guess I was pretty drunk, and pretty horny,” Jason said to himself as he walked into his living room the next morning, Saturday. After he’d blown his wad the night before, and realized what he’d been watching when he did it, he was pretty shaken. How could he get off watching a guy suck another guy’s dick? Why did he keep watching it, even after he discovered what the video was about? How could he be so naïve in the first place?

Well, he’d just take it back today, rather than keep it till Monday as he’d planned. He’d drop it off on the way to his workout.

Jason, wearing only grey CK boxerbriefs, felt his morning erection stir as he remembered the intensity of the night before. Instinctively, he reached to stroke himself as he surveyed the mess from the night before-a half-eaten pizza, six empty beer bottles, and the video box empty on the table. He’d left the tape in the VCR. He started to eject it, then remembered he needed to rewind it. Turning on the TV, he hit “play” then-shaking his head at himself, he quickly hit “rewind.” As a result, the last scenes he’d watched reappeared on the screen, only now in backwards and speeded-up motion.

Before he knew it, Jason was absorbed by what he saw. As arousal rapidly swelled inside him, he silently hit the “play” button, stopping the rewind-and the now the scene that he’d watched both with disgust and transfixed arousal the night before played again before his widening eyes.

“I can’t believe how horny I am,” he said to himself as he stroked his swollen, rigid, throbbing cock. “Even if it does have some gay stuff in it, it’s still pretty hot,” Jason soon rationalized to himself, soon forgetting the disgust he’d felt only minutes earlier. The intensity of the night before came back, at once dulling his conscious mind and inflaming his body with astonishing sexual energy. As the two men made love on the TV screen to the woman, but more to each other, Jason fell into a kind of trance, absorbing scene after scene of man-to-man sex, along with the scenes he’d expected. His arousal rose and rose as he witnessed two men suck and caress each other. Something far down inside him protested as the dark-haired guy moved between the blond’s legs, lifting and spreading them-but Jason was trapped-he could not stop himself from looking, from absorbing, and from his own mounting desire. He didn’t even notice the absence of the girl. The camera focused on the intensity of the blond guy’s face-and Jason felt his own intensity swell. The camera panned down to the blond’s cock as it throbbed with longing-and Jason felt his own throb violently. Without realizing it, Jason had leaned far back on the couch by this time, and lifted his spread legs into the air He gasped along with the blond guy as the dark-haired guy teased the exposed rose-bud while the blond begged. Jason watched the massive cock press and take its place inside the blond boy, the boy’s cries soon overcome by his own as his cock exploded and his body convulsed.

It took even longer this time for Jason to come back down. When he did, he felt guilty once again-though not as much. When he looked at the TV again, the girl had rejoined the action; no wonder he’d come when he did, Jason assured himself.

The day was new, yet Jason was exhausted. He fell asleep on the couch, only waking up at the urging of a full bladder. Noticing the clock as he walked to the bathroom, he was shocked to see it was past noon! Where had the morning gone?

“I’m too wiped to work out,” Jason told himself-and yet, something in him refused to let him off the hook. It was as though an instinct had been planted in him these last few weeks that he had to obey. Tired or not, he must work out. He grabbed his gear and headed for the gym. His earlier resolution to return the video was forgotten. When he finally returned it on Monday, he’d watched it through twice, bringing himself to intense orgasms twice more on Saturday and three times on Sunday.

Day 26.

“Well, I don’t know what got into me, but I just won’t rent anything like that again,” Jason told himself after he dropped off the video. Already, his conscious mind had rearranged the events of the weekend. He’d been drunk, he’d been a total horndog, and it was all Jennifer’s fault. That’s why he’d gotten off despite the gay stuff the guys in the video did. The straight sex had gotten him off-the guy-to-guy stuff had just been unwanted filler that, if he hadn’t been so horny, he’d never have put up with in the first place. “Next time, I’ll be careful to get something normal,” Jason reassured himself.

Even so, Jason took a sense of guilt and self-disgust over his shocking behavior with him through the morning. No matter how busy work was-and it was a hectic day as a sudden spike in oil prices sent the markets into a tailspin-he felt low all morning.

That is, until Erik called. Somehow, that’s how it happened-whenever Jason needed a boost the most, or needed guidance-somehow, Erik would call or show up at just the right time, and say just the right thing. Even as sell orders piled up on his desk, Jason took the call. And while he couldn’t remember later what they’d talked about, or even how long they talked-it’d seemed endless, yet when he hung up he saw it had been only a couple of minutes-Jason was a changed man afterward. All the negative baggage of the weekend was gone and forgotten.

Day 28.

At first, Jason had told himself it wasn’t possible. Then, he told himself, he’d just been really horny and a little bit drunk-he was imagining things.

But finally, standing before the mirror in his boxer-briefs, staring at his crotch-he couldn’t deny it anymore. Somehow, some way-he’d gotten bigger down there.

It was now obvious enough when he got hard-but what made it undeniable was how big he now was soft. His penis had always been a respectable size when hard-over six inches-but when he was soft, he was only a little more than three.

But this morning he measured himself. First soft: five inches! After a few strokes, he was a now over seven! How in the world had this happened?

When he got to the office, he called his doctor’s office He begged for an appointment—“right away if possible.” A puzzled, irked nurse offered him a lunchtime appointment. Jason quickly agreed.

Jason arrived 15 minutes early-he couldn’t wait. The nurse took him through the usual drill-weight, blood pressure, and handed him a cup. After doing everything asked of him, Jason sat, fidgeting, till the doctor came in.

“Well, well-I didn’t expect to see you again so soon,” he said, shaking Jason’s hand. Jason had been to see him six months earlier, for an insurance physical. “What’s this all about?”

“Well, uh . . . I don’t know how to say this, but-well, something really strange has happened. You’re not gonna believe me.”

“Try me,” the wizened doctor said.

“Well-okay.” Jason shut his eyes and blurted it out. “I’m getting bigger-down there,” he said, gesturing.

“Really? You mean, your penis is bigger?”

“Yes.” Jason opened his eyes.


Jason waited for something more. Finally, he said, “Well, isn’t that pretty unusual?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact. But it doesn’t sound like a reason to panic.” The doctor was trying to calm Jason down. “Let’s just see what the situation is.” After a moment, Jason realized that meant he should drop his pants, which he did with some embarrassment. After a silent visual and then hand examination, the doctor spoke again. “So, when did you notice this?”

“I think it started about a month ago. It’s been gradual. I finally became sure the last few days.”

“The change is that obvious?”

“Yes!” Jason described the dimensions.

The doctor asked a series of questions-while Jason stood, foolishly, with his pants and underwear at his feet-about his diet, his habits, his “function”; “had he changed anything lately?"—which prompted Jason to explain his new-found interest in weight-lifting.

“Are you using any, er, ‘substances’ to enhance your development?”

“No!” Jason blushed.

“Were you, ah, trying to make yourself bigger? I mean, with a device of some sort?”

“No!” Jason reddened further.

The doctor gave Jason’s member one last look and another squeeze. “Most remarkable,” he said, with a faraway sound. “Ahem-you can pull up your trousers now, my boy.”

Jason rearranged himself, zipped himself up and buckled his belt, all under the watchful eye of the doctor. Finally, he asked, “So, doc-what can you tell me?”

“Hmmm-oh, yes. Well, I think you should count yourself a lucky young man!”


“Well, other than the fact that you’ve grown-significantly, it appears-there’s no sign of any malignancy or dysfunction. On the contrary-you report your function is, if anything, enhanced.” At this Jason blushed again.

“You’re a young man still. Barely out of boyhood, really. Most likely, this is a late spurt of puberty. Rare, yes, but not unheard of. Usually it means you get taller, or some general change in secondary sexual characteristics. In this case, well, it seems Mother Nature has smiled upon you!”

“So, I shouldn’t worry?”

“Not if everything works. Not if there’s nothing else wrong. My boy-you’re the picture of good health. And there are a thousand men within a mile’s radius that would give their arm to have happen to them what’s happening to you!”


“But-what if it continues?”

“Then, my boy-then you should get down on your knees and say ‘thank you!’”

Day 29.

For some reason, the doctor’s last words stuck with him. His mood changed completely after that. Instead of being alarmed at what was now obvious growth in his “endowment,” he started to feel pretty lucky. What’s more, while Jason had been pretty drained, and even a little sore, after the previous weekend, now all that was disturbing about it had been completely pushed from his conscious memory. And as Friday neared, the 23-year-old’s energy was back on par, he felt his passion stir, and his mind turned again to Jennifer. At lunch he called her office; by quitting time, they’d hooked up by phone and made a date for Saturday. Jason walked on air as he headed for the gym.

In the common shower after his usual, 3-hour workout, Jason casually scanned the shower room, as usual “checking out the competition.” He’d learned how to do it “so no one thinks I’m gay.” He noticed a younger guy he’d seen once or twice before—“a boy” he labeled him without realizing it-hang up his towel and enter the shower room. Jason noticed, approvingly, that the boy was in very good shape. He noted the curve of his butt, the muscles of his legs and back and-as the boy turned-he noted as well the definition of his hairless chest and stomach.

Careful to look away and then, casually, to look back, Jason noticed the boy’s “equipment,” as he called it. Somewhere during the past few weeks, as he grew accustomed to “checking out” other guys’ “definition,” it had seemed natural to check out “down there” as well. Not like he was into guys-he was just curious, like any other guy, Jason told himself.

The boy, while dark-haired, was otherwise similar to himself, Jason noticed-about the same build, height, weight, definition, etc. And “down there,” he looked close to Jason’s size-though while Jason was cut, this guy was uncut. But something was different-what was it?

After stealing another furtive glance, it came to him-the boy was hairless down there! Not completely-just his balls. And the hair he did have there was minimal. Without further reflection, Jason was sure the boy shaved himself there. The thought stayed with him the rest of the day.

Day 30.

Jason gradually woke up as the hot spray pounded his body. Ever since he’d started working out, he got up earlier and had more energy than he’d ever had. This morning, he’d be in the office an hour early. His boss had noticed how driven he was lately, and even hinted about a promotion. So when Erik had called yesterday, Jason had been as eager as a puppy to tell his “big brother” all about it. When Erik added his own praise, it was even better-he even blushed. Jason was eager to prove himself everything his boss, and his best friend, said about him.

Jason finished his shower, as usual, with a shave. He liked how close a shave he got in the shower and it also was the best way to shave his chest. After he finished with his face and his chest, Jason remembered the boy he’d seen the day before. He looked down at his own equipment and, after a moment’s hesitation, filled his hand with lather and coated his crotch. Tentatively at first, then more sure, he scraped away every hair he could find on his ball-sac and then on the base of his penis. He stroked himself a few times to make himself harden, realizing that would make it easier to shave there. With the memory of the dark-haired boy as his guide, Jason used the razor’s edge to “trim” his bush until it was close-cropped, and then shaved the hair away from the base of his cock. The end result, after he’d washed away all the foam and hair-was a neat, minimal bush of hair above an otherwise hairless cock and balls. Jason had never felt inferior about the size of his endowment before, but now it seemed larger than ever. Just that fast, Jason resolved to keep his equipment “clean from now on.”

Day 31.

It was Saturday, so Jason worked out in the late morning. Without reflecting on it, he was hoping he’d see the dark-haired boy at the gym, now that he’d shaved himself “below.” If he’d thought about it, he might have wondered why it was important to have the boy see that he’d shaved himself-as it was, Jason never ask himself that question. In any case, even though he lingered longer than usual on the workout floor, in the sauna, and in the shower, the dark-haired boy never showed up. “Of course,” Jason remembered—“I see him when I workout after work.”

Jason met Jennifer for lunch as planned. He’d suggested dinner and a movie-she’d said, “oh, I need to get some things at the mall. Why don’t we do that, and then see what happens later.” Jason translated that to mean that if he spent the afternoon at the mall like a good boy, Jennifer might reward him with dinner, a movie and . . . dessert.

The day went as he expected. The shopping went on and on, and he got more and more impatient. “Easy, easy,” he told himself—“girls dig it when you put up with all this stuff, and ‘oh-and-ah’ over what they buy. Be patient, and the payoff shall be yours,” he leered inwardly.

Finally, Jennifer had bought, or thought about buying, everything she possibly could. There’d even been one point of real pleasure for Jason-when they stopped at Abercrombie. While Jennifer prowled the merchandise, the huge, black-and-white photographs in the store caught his eye. Here were guys he could respect-guys developed the way he aimed to be-defined, taut, not a bit of fat or flab. He stared with intense admiration at one picture: a group of guys playing touch football, most without shirts, their biceps popping, their pecs firm and round, their eight-packs rippling . . .

“Sweetie, I hope you look at me that way,” came Jennifer’s voice, bursting his reverie.

“Huh? Oh . . . uh, er . . . I was just noticing how ripped those guys are. I mean-that’s what I’m aiming for in my workouts, that’s all.”

“Pretty boy,” Jennifer cooed, as she placed her hand on Jason’s chest. “I don’t know where you’ve been, but-you could be one of those models.” Cupping her hand around his left pec, and giving it a sudden squeeze, she dropped her voice to a whisper: “in fact, you look a lot more luscious than all those boys put together!” In an instant, Jason’s face turned beet-red and he felt his member quickly swell and harden.

“I should have thought of it before-I’m so dense! This is exactly the look for you!” And with that, Jason acquired a new wardrobe. With his recent raise, he could afford it. But he’d never seen himself as an “Abercrombie boy.” Jennifer even insisted he wear some of his new clothes out of the store. Standing in front of the mirror, with photos of the other “Abercrombie boys” surrounding him, Jason soon warmed to his new look. “My pretty boy,” she cooed as they headed for the car.

Through dinner, Jennifer got more and more affectionate, her hands on Jason’s, and her knee playing with his under the table. At first it turned Jason on. But then, as they prepared to leave for Jennifer’s apartment, Jason found himself feeling strangely nervous. After all his talk, all his plans-maybe it was finally going to happen-he was going to lose his virginity at last! As they closed the distance to her apartment, as they moved toward her door, Jennifer grew more and more romantic, more physical-and Jason got more and more edgy. He couldn’t remember when he’d been so scared.

Inside, Jennifer practically threw herself in Jason’s arms. He responded-they kissed passionately, his mouth exploring hers as he’d done several times before. And yet-something was wrong. It should have gotten easier, and yet Jason found it getting harder instead. When they embraced at the door, his member was rock-hard, throbbing against Jennifer, who giggled with delight. As they moved toward the couch, he sensed himself losing his intensity. He willed himself to stay hard-he touched himself, moved himself against Jennifer, to keep himself aroused-but before long, he realized he was fighting a losing battle. As Jennifer’s hands moved toward his belt, and Jason realized the situation, with a surge of humiliation, he stopped her.

“What’s wrong? I’m ready. Tonight,” Jennifer exhaled, her hand tugging at his belt.

“No, ahh . . . uhhh . . . oh gosh—”

“What is it, honey?”

Jason’s face flushed a deep red. “I-I don’t know how to say this. I can’t believe I’m saying it-but-I can’t.”

“No, it’s all right. I want to-I really want to this time. I’m ready.”

“I know. I-uh—” Jason couldn’t finish. He hung his head.

Jennifer looked at him, questioningly, then it clicked. Neither said anything for an endless moment. Finally, Jennifer asked, “are you-are you sure?”

After a pause, Jason responded, “yeah. I’m sure.”

Jennifer was as kind as possible. “This was my first time, too” she reassured Jason. Nothing helped. Finally, Jennifer decided to let Jason end his misery and go home. “Please call me tomorrow,” she urged as he walked down the hallway.

A black cloud hung over Jason all the way home. “Damn! Damn!” was all he could say. When he got home, he didn’t even turn on a light. He sat in the dark, still and silent, until his phone rang. “I can’t talk to her now. Not tonight!” He let it ring. After the machine played his message, he heard, not Jennifer’s voice, but Erik’s. “Jason,” came the reassuring voice. “If you’re home, pick up the phone,” his “big brother” commanded quietly.

“Good boy,” Erik said when Jason answered. Jason felt his mood lighten at the sound of Erik’s voice.

“How was your date tonight, Jason? Aren’t you home a little early?”

It didn’t occur to Jason to wonder about Erik’s questions. Of course he was home early. Jason had bragged to his friend about his high hopes for the evening. Jason was entirely too happy to talk to his friend to wonder how Erik would know he’d be home much earlier than planned.

Jason blushed to recall the evening’s failure. He answered generally. “Well, it just ended earlier than I thought, that’s all.”

But Erik refused to accept Jason’s hedging. And before long, Jason, tears in his eyes, was confessing everything to his friend, his mentor. And the more he unburdened himself, the more his friend’s calm, commanding presence soothed and reassured him. Just like always-his friend took charge and helped him find his way.

They talked for awhile. When the conversation ended at last, Jason felt none of his shame. Instead, he felt genuine, deep love-he wasn’t afraid to admit it-Erik and he were that close. As usual, at conversation’s end, Jason was hazy in remembering exactly what had been said-his spoken words and the feelings stirred inside him all seemed, somehow, merged in this mind-as though Erik had not only heard his words, but known his thoughts and feelings as well. But, no, that was impossible. Totally relaxed, Jason fell deeply asleep on the couch.

Day 33.

Jason had forgotten to call Jennifer the next day. The whole experience now seemed a distant, if unhappy, memory. As Monday wore on, he saw one, then another messages from her arrive on his desk. He was too busy to call now, he reasoned.

He remembered his intention to call her when he got to the gym. “Well, after I get home,” he told himself, as he began his routine. After an intense and productive workout, Jason lost himself under the steaming water in the shower. He opened his eyes, only to see a familiar sight-it was the black-haired boy! Just as he opened his eyes, the boy turned his head. After a moment, Jason realized that the boy had been looking at him-checking him out, as Jason himself had done on other occasions?

A moment later, their eyes met-for an instant. A flicker in the boy’s eyes caught Jason’s, before the boy looked away. Jason looked away, too. Looking down at himself, he thought he knew-the boy had noticed that Jason had shaved! He looked up again, and their eyes met again, this time with just a trace of a smile on the boy’s face. Without realizing it, Jason flushed slightly-not only his face, but over his upper torso as well. And his member stirred lightly. He did not see it, but another’s eyes did.

Jason looked away, resuming his shower. Eventually, his eyes glanced toward the black-haired boy. He, too, was busy with his shower. Unconsciously, unaware, Jason watched him shower. He looked at the boy’s equipment again. Ever since he found out how much his own equipment had grown, he’d noticed, with some pride, that he was almost always the “largest” guy in the shower room. Few guys were even close. One of the few guys who was close was the dark-haired boy. And yet, he seemed to remember observing the same thing the first time he’d seen the boy in the shower. But-that was impossible. He knew that he himself had grown-a lot-since then. Either the boy had been bigger than himself then, or he was misremembering how big he’d been the first time he’d seen him. Or else-but that was impossible. They couldn’t both be growing. It was just a trick of his memory.

The shower room was empty but for Jason and the dark-haired boy. Without realizing it, Jason had been caught up in another of his reveries-the whole time with his gaze on the boy. On his genitals, as a matter of fact. Something-a noise in the lockerroom-shook him out of his reverie, and Jason remembered himself. At the moment he did, it dawned on him-the boy hadn’t looked up the whole time. He’d kept his eyes downcast. Not by accident-intentionally. Without looking up, the boy knew Jason was looking. And he kept his eyes averted for just that reason.

At that realization, Jason quickly finished his shower and hurried to his locker. Jason did not see the black-haired boy in the locker room, but he couldn’t forget his last sight of him. Jason realized-the boy not only knew he was looking at him-he was, in fact, giving Jason permission to do so! That thought shook him.

Dressed again in his business suit, Jason headed for the street. A sight knocked him back. At the desk, talking to one of the gym staff members, was another man in a business suit-awfully familiar, but who? And then, to his shock, he realized-it was the black-haired boy! But he wasn’t a boy at all, he could see that now. He was obviously a man very nearly Jason’s own age. They wore the same, business-day uniform, carried similar briefcases! How had he ever labeled him a ‘boy’?

Day 41.

It had taken all week, but Jason finally called Jennifer. He fumbled an apology; she was kind about it. He had told himself he’d ask her for another date; and even as he spoke to her, he knew she was eager to say yes. But for some reason, he didn’t ask.

Day 44.

Jason had gotten in his workout before work; he’d gone home and changed out of his suit, then headed back downtown to a favorite watering-hole, the “Sign of the Whale.” He was going to meet an old college friend for a beer. He’d gotten there early, so he ordered a beer while he waited.

Jason might have been skittish about seeing Jennifer just yet, but he had completely taken to the new wardrobe she’d talked him into getting. He was every bit the “Abercrombie boy” he’d seen in the posters. And, he had to admit, he loved it-especially when he got approving looks from girls in the bar. Hell, he didn’t even mind it when an occasional guy looked his way. “Eat your heart out, buddy!”

Jason was watching the door for his friend; instead, another familiar set of eyes met his-it was the dark-haired boy-guy-from the gym! He felt a sudden flurry of butterflies in his stomach as he saw the boy-guy-walk his way. “What’s the big deal? I was bound to meet him sooner or later.”

“Hi-you alone?”

“Uh, yeah. I mean-I’m waiting for someone-but meanwhile... Have a beer?”

“Sure. Yeah.” The dark-haired guy caught the bartender’s attention and pointed toward the Lite Beer tap.

“My name’s Jason.”

“I’m Drew.” They shook hands.

“I feel like I know you already,” Jason said. At Drew’s questioning glance, Jason realized he’d said more than he wanted. He fumbled an explanation. “I mean, cause I see you at the gym.” Jason felt his face warm when he said that, remembering vividly just how he’d seen him.

“Sure, I feel the same,” Drew responded, innocently. “I mean, we work out the same time a lot, know each other’s routines, but never actually talked!”

They chatted awhile. In the friendliness of the conversation, Jason forgot about his earlier uneasiness. He noticed, for the first time, that the boy’s-Drew’s-eyes were blue. They were a particularly deep, rich blue, he considered, as they talked. After a few minutes, it was like they were old friends. They talked about routine stuff, and yet-there was an energy, an excitement-Jason felt sure Drew and he could be good friends-close friends even. Here was a guy just like himself, into so many of the same things, above all, working out and looking good.

So absorbed by the conversation was Jason he never realized how his eyes occasionally moved from Drew’s, to other part of his new friend. He’d never seen Drew in clothes for more than an instant-so this was a fresh sight for him. Without realizing it, he was approving of all he saw-including the fullness of his crotch, which Jason glimpsed once, then twice.

“Well, I have to go-I’m sorry your friend is late. I hope he makes it!”

With that, Drew put a five dollar bill on the bar to cover his beer and his tip, and turned to leave. Jason watched him go, briefly admiring his butt as he went.

He heard his name and looked up. “Hey, Kevin! Bout time, dude!” His long-delayed buddy and he shook hands.

After ordering Kevin a beer and Jason another one, Kevin asked, “say, who was that guy you were talking to just now?”

“Huh? Oh, just some guy I know from the gym. Never really talked to him before tonight. Seen him a lot at the gym-just happened to run into him here. Why do you ask?”

“’Just happened to run into you,’ huh?” Kevin said with sarcasm. “Yeah, I bet.”

“What do you mean?”

“Come on, dude, I mean, it’s obvious.”

Jason looked questioning.

“Dude-he followed you here, man!”

“What? No, I didn’t even come from the gym just now. I came straight from my place. Besides-he’s just a guy-I mean, why would he follow me?”

“Hello! Anybody home?” Kevin said, pretending to knock on Jason’s head. “I guess I have to spell it out for you. The guy’s hot for you, dude!”

“What?!? C’mon!”

“You mean you can’t see that? He’s so obvious!”

“Obvious what? You mean gay?”

“Well, duh! Don’t tell me you couldn’t tell!”

Jason shifted uncomfortably.

“Well, no, not really. I mean-I guess if they’re really obvious, but—”

“Well, that one was ‘really obvious.’”

“Really? Gee, I totally missed it.” Even as he said that, Jason asked himself just how he had missed it.

“Yeah, well, dude-I mean, you sure did!” Kevin said, making them both laugh. I mean, if I didn’t know you-I mean, know it was you-I’d have been sure you were know...”

“Yeah, right!”

“I mean, the way he was touching you, and you were touching him—”

“What??? C’mon, you’re pulling my leg. I wasn’t touching him...”

“C’mon dude, I saw you as soon as I came in. I called out to you, but you couldn’t hear me. It took me awhile to get to you, but I saw you guys talking. You were talking like best friends, grabbing his arm, he grabbed yours...”

Jason was genuinely puzzled. He didn’t recall touching Drew at all except for two handshakes. As Kevin kept talking, Jason gradually remembered more. How had he not been aware of touching Drew so many times?

“...well, as I say-it’s not like you’re gay. Even so-if you don’t want to have them following you around all the time, you gotta get rid of the A&F stuff...”


“Gee whiz, you are dense. Don’t you know they love that stuff?”

“Huh. You seem to know an awful lot about it, man...”

“Yeah, right. I read something about it in Detail. Enough for me to decide I’m not gonna wear anymore Fitch stuff...”

Kevin kept talking, as he usually did, while Jason mostly listened-which, as usual, suited Kevin fine. But Jason also thought back. Was Drew really that obvious? And if he was gay-how had Jason missed it?