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Mr. Burke’s class of senior bad boys continue to strip him of any of the remaining illusions of dignity, authority, or control to which he so desperately clung.

All of my stories take place in a parallel world, very similar to our own, where STI’s do not exist, so my stories are filled with practices that are highly unsafe in this world. I’m not going to say don’t try this at home, but take care of yourself.

All of my characters are of legal age, and you should be, too—do not read my stories if you are under the legal age in your country/area. Any resemblance to real persons, locations, or events is entirely coincidental.

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The Student Becomes the Master: Spin the Wheel

Nicky Noxville

I sat at my desk the next morning, nervously holding my steaming cup of coffee under my nose as the loud clock on the wall above my desk clicked closer and closer to the start of the school day. They were going to start arriving any moment. How was I going to face them? And why was I excited? I was dreading seeing them, yet I was hoping for a repeat of the day before.

All those cocks.

All that cum.

I choked down a spontaneous urge to start clucking and thought back to the day before. After I’d gotten home, I’d opened my fridge to make dinner and saw a rotisserie chicken I’d bought a couple of days ago. I’d stood there, in the open door of my fridge, staring at the herb coated bird and started to cum as I came in my pants again. I’d stood there, enjoying the afterglow and thinking about all the cocks I’d taken that day. All of my students’ cocks.

“Baaaaaaaaawwwwwkkkk,” it slipped out before I could stop it. I hunched my hips and rocked in my chair as I started to pump my first load of the day into my, until now, clean pants. “Bawk! Bawk! Baaaawk!” I regained control of myself once the orgasm ended, just in time for the door to burst open and let sexy boys start pouring in. I didn’t take attendance today. I just couldn’t bring myself to face each of them one by one in that way.

The bell rang and the seats were full. I looked up at the boys… They had all dressed to show even more skin today. More than was usual, and technically more skin than was allowed, even with the lenient dress code this school had. I could see hairy teen armpits, smooth, solid chests, tight nipples, muscular thighs, and rippled abs. Some of them were trying to look innocent, and some were openly grinning at me as they spread their legs and slid their shorts a few inches higher up their thighs.

“Um, continuing on from, uh, yesterday, if you…” I cut off as Francisco stood up. I stared at him as he stretched and reached down to scratch at his… at his… My eyes fastened to his crotch.

It didn’t seem like he was wearing any underwear.

Casually, he stepped forward and walked up to my desk. He leaned in and picked up my keys before walking over to the door to lock it.

Why was he locking the door?

What was he going to do?

What was going to happen this time?

Were they going to fuck me again?

My mind was racing, and I was breathing heavy in my seat as I watched Francisco turn and walk back over to me, nonchalantly tossing my keys back onto the desk before walking back to his seat.

“Too many distractions from out there,” he explained to the room, leaning back in his desk and locking his eyes back on me. “Well, keep going,” he commanded, his voice full of authority and devoid of respect.

“C-continuing from yesterday,” I began again, “If you will—”

“Stand up, Mr. Burke, so we can all hear you,” Francisco ordered, echoing words I’d spoken to them in the past. I didn’t want to do it. I knew I’d done worse yesterday, but I didn’t want them to see that I’d already jizzed myself this morning without them even having to do anything to me.

Yet I got to my feet and stepping out from behind my desk to face my students.

“Haha, Mr. Burke’s happy to see us again,” Roger said from the left side.

“Couldn’t even wait for us to get here,” Neil commented from the right.

“Keep going, Mr. Burke,” Francisco’s voice cut though the din.

“C-c-continuing from yesterday, if you’ll take out your—”

“You know what, Mr. Burke?” Francisco cut me off again. “I’m finding your clothes distracting. I think you should just take them off.”

Someone wolf whistled.

“Yeah, teach us naked, Mr. B!” Chad encouraged me. Cheers and claps broke out as the boys all focused on me. I started to unbutton my shirt, my eyes darting from crotch to crotch in front of me. I could feel my ass throbbing as I thought back to how many of them had fucked me yesterday.

My shirt fell to the floor, and I had to fight hard for a moment to keep myself from clucking. It was all so fucked up, and it felt so good. Francisco had fucked with my brain, and now I was getting off on being my students’ bitch. I knew it was wrong. I knew I shouldn’t want it.

But I did.

I dropped my undershirt to the floor and felt my nipples go stiff in the cool air. I could feel the boys’ eyes sliding over my body and it was all I could do not to start clucking and pumping a second load into my pants while they watched. I reached down to unfasten my pants, and then paused, moaning and swaying on my feet.

I hadn’t worn underwear.

I could tell as my hands moved that I wasn’t wearing any. Why wasn’t I wearing any? How had I forgotten to put on underwear? They were all going to see, they were all going to know. I let my pants fall and stood there, on display, my dick rigid, a fresh round of clucks hovering on the edge of my lips. I wanted to give in, to cluck and jizz myself while my students watched, but I had to hold on… I didn’t know if I had any dignity left, but my only chance at keeping it, if it did exist, was to hold out…

Don’t cluck.

Hold it in.

Fuck, I wanted to do it!


“Tell us how you feel, Mr. Burke,” Francisco instructed.

“I… I… Baaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwkkkkkkkkkkkkk!” I began, my eyes crossing in pleasure. I felt my knees give out and sank down into a crouch, my cock spewing onto the classroom floor and my arms flapping spasmodically. “BAWK! BAAAWWWWK BAWK BAWWWWKK!”

“That’s what I thought,” Francisco sneered.

“Ohhh, Francisco, please,” I begged. “Please stop making me do this!”

“But you like it, Mr. Burke,” he stated matter of factly.

“Nooo, I don’t… I’m not… I don’t—bawk!” My eyes went wide and I stopped myself after just the one cluck, my dick on the verge of squirting out another load.

“Come on, Mr. Burke, you’re enjoying this more than anything you’ve ever done before. You like being a bitch for your students to fuck. Why else would it be so easy to do this to you?”

“Unhhhhh, fuuuuck,” I groaned in defeat.

“Yeah, think about it, Mr. Burke. You could just accept what you are and let yourself be a slut for your students to use whenever and however they want.”

“No! I c-can’t!” I protested weakly.

“You could just come in every day and sit at your desk until the door closes, then take off your clothes and bend over until one of us wants to use you. You can give all of us A’s every day from now on. Forget lessons and homework, just get fucked and give us A’s.”

“P-p-please, I don’t want to be a chicken!” I objected, aware that I would soon be clucking again whether I wanted to or not. “Please stop it!”

“Ohhh, so you don’t mind being our slut, you’re just tired of clucking.”

“Noooo, Francisco!”

“I tell you what, I’ll let you stop clucking. All you have to do is cluck one more time. Commit yourself to being our slut for the rest of the year and cluck one more time, then I’ll let you stop.” I was crouched down, dick rigid, staring at Francisco in fascinated horror.

I wanted to stop clucking.

I wanted to cum.

I wanted my students to fuck me.

I could stop clucking!

I just had to give in. I just had to willfully accept my role as a slut for my students’ cocks.

“Give in, Mr. Burke,” Francisco urged, his voice like molasses. “Be our slut.”

“Bawk!” A voice rang out from the back of the room, sending a shiver up my spine.

“Bawk!” Another cluck from the left.

“Bawk! Bawk! Bawk!” The boys were all clucking at random, their eyes locked on me, watching, waiting for me to give in.

Was I ready to do it? Was I readly to willingly commit myself to being nothing but a fuck sluts for my students? Was I ready to give them A’s and let them fuck me?


“Bawk! Bawk Bawk!”

“It’ll feel so good, Mr. Burke.”

“Bawk bawk!”

“BAWK!” My voice rang out. I couldn’t fight it anymore. I couldn’t hold it in anymore. They were all watching, grinning down at me as I made the choice to be their slut. “BAWWWK BAWWK BAWWWWWK BAWWWWWK!” I came, and flapped, and listened to them all laugh at me as I abdicated my position as an educator and became a slut for my students’ cocks.

The urge to cluck returned, and I looked over at Francisco.

“I… I thought I… Bawww—you said I didn’t have to… Bawwww—to… to…”

“Oh, yeah,” Francisco laughed. “Relax, Mr. Burke, you don’t have to cluck anymore. I know just how to find out what you get to do instead.” He started digging in his backpack and pulled out an old See and Say machine. I watched from my crouched position, a tirade of clucks on the edge of my lips, as he pulled down the lever and let go.

“Arf! Arf! Arf!” Tinny sounding dog barks came from the little machine, and the urge to cluck vanished. At the same time, I felt my arousal back off a little, giving me a break from the overwhelming urges that had been driving me.

Wait, do instead?

Freed from my urge to cluck, I started to rise to my feet, feeling normal for the first time in a while.

“Thank you, Francisco. Thank y—”

“Are you a good boy, Mr. Burke?” He interrupted me.

“I… What?” I asked, confused.

“WHOOOO’S A GOOOD BOY!” He cried out playfully, slapping on his lap.

“Arf! Arf!” I felt my knees hit the floor again, and then my palms, and then I realized that I had just barked. My cock went rigid all over again, and I could feel each bark driving me closer to the edge, just like clucking had. I fought to stop, to hold them in, and ended up just staying there on all fours, hard and panting, my eyes glazed over.

“Is Mr. Burke a good boy?” I heard him ask again. I looked over to see him grinning up at me.

“ARF! ARF! ARF!” I trailed off into yips, grunts, and growls as my barking pushed me closer and closer to the edge. I just humped at the air, my erection flopping around, and kept barking. “ARF! ARF! AROOOO!” I cried out as I started to cum again, splashes flying in all directions as I continued humping the air.

“Good boy!” Francisco said, and I felt a little thrill of excitement, my tongue lolling out the corner of my mouth. “Yeah, good boy! Come here!” He whistled. “Here boy!” I scampered through all the desks until I got to Francisco. He reached out to pat my head, and the contact sent another rush of arousal through my body. I crawled under his desk and pressed my face into his crotch, sniffing.

Laughter broke out.

And words, maybe, but that didn’t seem important. I nuzzled Francisco’s crotch, enjoying the scratches behind my ear.

“Doggy want a bone?” He asked, pulling my head away from his crotch. I looked up at him and licked my lips.

“Arf! Arf!” I agreed.

“Good boy!” He said, reaching under the desk to pull up on the leg of his shorts, letting his cock slip free. “Get the bone!”

“ARF! ARF!” I dived forward and took Francisco’s bone into my mouth, sucking on it, enjoying it, savoring it. I felt hands stroking my back, and my mind melted away…

When I came to, my jaw and ass were both sore, and I was sitting at my desk. I was wearing my clothes, but my shirt was still unbuttoned and my pants were still undone. My ears were filled with the faint, lingering impression of a ringing bell, and watched all the boys in my class rise and rush out of the room.

A loud thump brought be back to attention, and I looked over to where Francisco had tossed the See and Say toy.

“Here you go, Mr. Burke. Give this a spin in the morning to see what you get to be tomorrow.” He took a few steps and then turned back with a final thought. “Feel free to give it a spin before you go home, too.” With that, he walked out of the room, leaving me alone. I looked down at the plastic toy, and started panting like a dog again as my eyes darted from animal to animal. I pulled the lever down and let go, eagerly watching the arrow spin.

What was it going to be?

Where would it land?

“Oink, oink, oink,” the machine said as the arrow settled pointing at a fat, happy looking, cartoon pig. The urge to bark vanished, and I quickly fastened my pants and buttoned

my shirt, rushing to my car.

I had to get home before I did it.

I already wanted to do it.

My nose wrinkled up, and my cock lurched as I sped down the road, desperately holding in the pig noises that I so desperately wanted to make.