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Subliminal Toys

Chapter 1

“Happy Birthday hun,” his step-mother said as she came into the kitchen, giving him a peck on the cheek. She had been his mother for as long as he could remember. His dad had remarried when he was 4, so she was the only mother he knew.

It was early, but he’d always been an early riser … preferring to get breakfast out of the way before getting ready for school. It was like I had a whole in my lower lip and I always hated having a spot on my shirt and not realizing it till lunch hour.

She was moving about the kitchen getting herself ready for her day. He was about average height, dirty blonde hair down past her shoulders. She was a couple inches shorter than him, but she was in better shape than most women half her age.

“Do you have plans today?” She asked as she backed up out of the fridge, trying hard to have a real smile and show that she was happy for him. He knew it had been a rough 6 months for her and it had been for all of them since his dad had died. They had been in love, it was obvious to everyone that meet them. She was as dedicated to him as anyone could be.

“Yea it ought to be an interesting day at school today.” He said as he put his dishes in the dishwasher.

“Well make sure your home for dinner tonight so we can have some cake and ice cream.” She said as she kept wandering in circles like a lost kitten. “Besides I have a present for you.”

“Mom you know you don’t have to give me anything.” He watched as she tried so hard to keep from crying while she searched thru the kitchen trying to put herself together before she got to work.

She didn’t say anything, so he continued. “I’ll be home before you are mom, don’t worry.” He reached down to grab his back pack before heading out the door.

He didn’t really want to see his mother have another break down this morning. It was always about his missing his father and it was happening more often lately, not less. He knew that today would be hard on her, birthday’s and holiday’s where always a family event.

“No, no, I’m okay.” Stopping as she locked eyes with him before coming over and giving him a big kiss and a bone breaking hug. She was so soft and warm, lately these kind of hugs where getting his heart racing more often as he realized that his mother was such an appealing woman. He was beginning to understand what his father saw in her.

He quickly broke the hug, giving her a peck on the cheek so she wouldn’t notice his reaction to her hug. “I’ll see you tonight mom.” He said as he finished heading out the door.

Behind him the front door banged shut and he spun around expecting to see his step-mother chasing after him for one thing or another. Coming at him was his step-sister. Same age as him, a senior in high school. Only an inch shorter than himself and yet taller than her mother, it was always awkward when she wore her heels. She looked drop dead gorgeous in them but it was odd looking up to her instead of down into her soft brown eyes. He figured he had another inch or two to grow and she seemed to be at her adult height already, so heels wouldn’t be a big deal much longer.

“Hey little guy.” She said as she headed towards her car. “You wanna ride?”

He had to stop and think about what she had just said, because looking down at her legs gave him a whole set of other ideas about getting a ride.

Heather was his step sister and not his half sister, so it didn’t feel to weird when he noticed how hot she was and his friends agreed with him. Her hair was a bit darker than her mothers, unless she had it dyed. Her breasts where about twice the size of her mothers, but just as firm and on a cold day she poke an eye out if you where not careful.

As much as the guys in school chased after her, he had never seen her go out on a date with any of them.

“Hey you in there, little bro?” She snapped her fingers in front of his eyes

“Yea, Yea. I’m coming.” He said as he climbed into her car. He usually walked to school. It wasn’t far and he enjoyed the fresh air, it got him going in the morning before his first class.

Sasha looked like she wanted to chat, as she climbed into the drivers seat and started up her car.

As she begin to pull out of the drive way they could see their step-mother coming out the front door, she waved to them as she made her way to her car.

As they drove away Sasha spoke up. “Your going to be home tonight for dinner, right?”

“I told mom I would, why?” He asked as he looked over at her a little bit concerned now that more than one person had brought this up in 10 minutes. “Is this a surprise party or something?”

“No, no” She glanced over at him as they made their way down the road towards the school. “Mom is just having a hard time this week and I just wanted things to go right tonight.”

“I understand, I thought she would start feeling a bit more stable by now.” He glanced down at his sisters smooth legs as they continued driving, wondering how legs like that would feel. She wore her skirts just an inch or two above the knee, just low enough that when she wore her knee socks there wasn’t but a thin line of skin between the two.

But he continued on. “She seems to be getting even more distracted and disorganized. It’s getting a bit weird to be honest with you.”

“I know what you mean,” Sasha said, “She’s even been out on a couple of dates, which I thought was a bit fast to be doing that.”

“Yea and she got even weirder after each date.” He commented as hey pulled up in the school parking lot.

As he walked off towards his first class of the day he looked back over his shoulder, “If you want, you can give me a ride home and make sure I get there on time.” he chuckled as she flipped him off as she slung her bag over her shoulder and headed into the school. Again wondering why she never seemed to go out on dates or have a boyfriend.

Not really paying attention to what he ate, he watched as people filtered in and out of the lunch room. “Hey … your not listening again are you?” Roger smacked him on the shoulder.

“What?” he said as he rubbed the spot in mock pain and outrage.

“Catherine is siting over there,” Roger pointed off into a corner of the cafeteria where he had missed one of the prettiest girls in school sitting quietly by herself reading and eating tots.

It was kinda weird because as he stared at her she looked up and looked straight back at him making eye contact instantly. Like she knew she was being watched and from where. She slowly smiled as he watched her. She brushed a lock of hair back over her ears, never loosing eye contact with him.

Suddenly he felt another smack on the same shoulder. “What.” He snapped as he looked back at his friend Roger.

“Stop drooling.” Was the only reply he got. When he looked back up Cat was heading out the door with one of her friends. She did look back at him for a quick moment as she passed thru the door and gave him that small smile again as she vanished around the corner.

“See I told you she likes me.” He smacked Rogers shoulder this time, just as he was trying to take a bite of food and Rogers fork and food went skidding across the table … He got up quickly, leaving Roger to figure out how to finish his lunch. “And with that I’m off.” and without looking back he headed across the room and out the door to his locker.

* * *

‘Finally the end of the day’ He thought. ‘I wonder what mom got me for my birthday?’ She had been acting so oddly the last couple weeks he was actually surprised she had remember that it was his birthday at all today.

Heading down the hall he spotted his sister chatting with one of her girlfriends. He watched them talking as he approached, weaving around other students so he could keep an eye on the two. He realized how distracted he had gotten when he tripped over someones backpack laying on the floor just feet from his sister.

“Good going bro.” His Sister said as she stepped over to him.

“Now don’t bother to offer a hand,” He said as she just stood there watching with her friend Heather watching over her shoulder. “Hi Heather.” He said as he struggled to right himself, she just smiled and waved her greeting back.

“Whenever your ready bro we’ll get going.”

“Na I’m pretty comfortable.” He tried to stretch out with his head on his backpack, pretending to get comfortable, she gave him a kick in the foot and he jumped up grabbing his bag and started following his sister and Heather out the door and to her car.

Heather jumped into the front seat before he could get to the car. “You coming home with us?” He asked her, watching as her red hair fell in tight little curls down the front of her shirt. She was barely 5’2 and maybe a large A cup. Petite as could be, with green eyes and almost elfish features.

“Only if it’s chocolate cake.” Heather said, closely the car door as she settled into her spot.

When they got home they saw that his step-mother’s car was already there … “What is she doing back- so early?” He asked of no one in particular

“No idea.” His sister said, “But it is you birthday.” She smiled over at him. “Let’s go find out.”

He looked at Heather as he got out of the car. “I smell a setup.” She chuckled a little as she walked up to the front door behind them both.

Inside the front door. No screaming people, no wild decorations. Just a wonderful step-mother trying to appear that she hadn’t been crying for the last hour. “Oh your all home, wonderful wonderful.” She said as she came over to hug us all as we came in the door.

She was working hard to hide her tears, so we pretended to ignore them for her as well. “So Heather says she’ll only stay if the cake is chocolate.” He told his step-mother as she let him go.

“We’ll lovely.” She said as she moved off towards the kitchen. “That’s about all this boy will eat anyways. So are you going to stay?”

“For a bit.” Heather said and then looked over at Sasha. “It’s Friday and I think we are going out later.” Sasha nodded in agreement.

“We’ll that sounds like a fun girls night.” She said as she pulled out the lighter from the drawer.

They sang him a happy birthday and he blew out the candles and then both his sister and her friend Heather gave him a kiss on the cheek before heading out of the room …. he wasn’t sure which of them kissing him made him blush more, but he knew that he wasn’t getting up from his seat for a few minutes.

“Well look at that Sasha.” Heather said pointing as he turned away to look at what his step-mother was doing. “I think we broke him.”

“Well I always figured him for a perv. Sasha laughed a little as they walked down the hall to her room.

His step-mom turned back, handing him a plate and a glass full of milk. “How big a piece do you want?”

He held up a couple fingers indicating how thick he wanted it. She cut a couple pieces and sat down with him as they ate cake and had their milk, saying very little in the process.

“Where did you get this cake, it’s actually pretty good.” He asked his step-mother.

“ha ha.” She said. “Actually the bakery over by where I work.” She smiled.

After they had finished she gathered up the dishes and put them in the sink. She turned to him saying. “So I was cleaning up some of your fathers stuff the other day.”

“I thought you where having a rough time this week.” He said without thinking before he spoke.

“Yea, it’s not been easy. I really miss him.” She said picking up a bag out of the hallway and placing it in front of him. “I miss him so much, it feels almost like withdrawls. It just leaves me feeling sick most of the time and it’s hard not to think about how much I miss him.

“I’m sorry mom.” He said getting up now that the erection he’d gotten from his step+sister and her friend had subsided. “We all miss him a lot as well. It’s just not the same anymore without him around.”

She whipped at he nose and took a deep breath. “Well like I was saying, I was going thru his stuff cleaning things out a bit more and found a very affordable gift for you.” She pointed to the bag she had placed in front of him.

He reached in and pulled out his fathers nearly new and very expensive laptop. “Wow mom,” He said. “I was needing to upgrade my computer anyways.” He rummaged through the bag, finding things to go with it … a power cable, a wireless mouse and a couple of thumb drives.

“Thanks mom. I’ll take good care of it.” He pushed everything back into the bag so he could take it back to his room later on.

“What would you like for your birthday dinner?” She reached out and placed her hands over his as he thought about it. “I have to go run a couple errands and get some groceries anyways.”

“Meaty pizza.” He responded

“No Veggies?” She knew better, but she like to harass him about it anyways. He shook his head no. “Okay, I’ll be back in a couple hours.” She gave him a quick peck on the cheek as she grabbed her purse on the way out the door.

He grabbed another piece of cake, his new laptop and headed back to his room. He passed sister’s room and heard the two of them talking softly and laughing a bit.

With a deep sigh he headed into his room and sat down at his desk and powered up the laptop. “Let’s see what we have here.” He said to himself as the operating system finished loading. “No password?” Dad sure was trusting he thought.

“Hey Bro.” Sasha popped her head in his room. “Dad’s computer?”

Startled, he about fell out of his seat as he looked up to see his step-sister and her friend in the doorway. “Yea, mom thought it would make a good birthday present.”

“Find any porn on it?” She asked as Heather slapped her on the ass as she walked past her on her way back down the hall. His eyes following her thinking about her ass in the brief moment he caught sight of her in those tight tight jeans.

She followed his gaze and then grinned at him. “Pretty fine isn’t she.”

His blush deepening again from her comments. “No, no porn that I’ve found yet. I just got it started and besides yuk, that’s the last thing I want to know about.”

“So anyways,” She was saying as she rapped on the door frame catching his attention. “I’m heading over to Heather’s before we go out tonight. Let mom know please.”

“Okay.” And he looked a little closer at her. One breast inside his room and the other on the other side of the door. Making the fabric of her shirt pull a bit tighter, showing him her shape and how firm she appeared, one nipple straining against the fabric.

She backed out of the room, tapping on the door frame again as she slipped out of sight. He stared a moment longer at the doorway, imaging the slap on the ass Heather gave her. Deep sigh, thinking on those asses, very firm and not to big, but very defined.

He turned back to his ‘new’ laptop. It was really a nice computer and appeared to have been barely used. He spent the next hour looking at the specs and the few programs on it. Browsing thru the files his father had left on it and the thumb drives his mother had provided with it, when he came across a folder titled conditioning.

It only had a few things in it, a couple audio files and a couple of text files.

He hit play on one of the audio files, a program loaded and appeared to be playing, but he heard nothing, so he turned up the volume, still nothing. He kept turning up the volume to nearly max before he heard this high pitched sound that was started to hurt his ears so he quickly turned the volume down and shut the audio player off.

“Okay … that was strange.” He said to himself. So he opened the text file labeled step one and he began to read.

A half hour later after reading a couple of the text files, he was beginning to get a feeling about what had been going on between his dad and step-mother all this time and perhaps why she was acting so strange these days. There where several more text files he’d have to read at some point soon and several audio files there as well.

‘Lots to explore.’ He thought.

Basically it was withdrawals that she was going thru. His father had been using subliminal programming on her for who knows how long. The exact wording wasn’t in either of the two files he’d read so far, but it gave him an idea of what was in the subliminal audio tracks.

The first audio file was called oral addiction and he then he found the text with the same name and began to read it. Another 15 minutes and he heard the front door open, indicating his step-mother’s return and he now had a little more knowledge about what kind of shape his step-mother was in.

He knew she was pretty, but in a subjective, hey man your step-mother is hot, kind of way, but now knowing what his father had done to her, he started to think of her a little differently.

He couldn’t help but start thinking about her on her knees in front of himsucking his cock whenever he wanted her to. Having her addicted to his cum to the point where she would do practically anything he wanted of her.

“Pizza’s warm.” She rapt on his door as she poked her head into the room. “Coming to eat?”

“Sounds good.” He smiled and without a second thought he picked up the laptop and headed down to the kitchen.


He walked into the kitchen to find his step-mother putting the groceries away and a pizza on the counter. “Hey sweetie,” She smiled at him and the thought about her on her knees in front of him as he sat there eating pizza.

He quickly moved behind the counter so she wouldn’t notice his reaction to her smile. He coughed to clear his throat. “Sounds good.” He said, trying hard not to look at her lips or anything else that came into view on her.

Before he could think about it and talk himself out of anything, he put the computer down on the counter and lifted the lid, clicking on the audio file titled Blow Job to start the file his father used to condition his step-mother into needing to give him blow jobs.

He turned on some regular music to cover the subtle sounds from the subliminal file, adjusting both so that the subliminal was as loud as possible but not painful to the hearing.

“Oh good,” His step-mother said, “you got it up and running.” She looked at it for a moment, a momentary look of confusion crossing her face. Then she smiled and a look of contentment came across her features as she turned back to finishing putting away the groceries.

And before his eyes as he watched her she began to relax, almost appearing to finally be at ease for the first time in a long time.

The file was only about 10 minutes long and it was beginning it’s second run through now.

His step-mother turned back to him and sat down on the stool next to him, rather than the one on the other side of the counter like she normally would.

She placed a hand upon one of his knees as she grabbed a slice of pizza and beginning chewing on it.

He couldn’t move, he couldn’t speak, he just watched her putting that pizza in her mouth as she chewed, watching as her lips moved and as her tongue licked her lips after each bit, all the time her hand was gently rubbing up and down his leg, slowly getting higher and higher up his thigh.

He didn’t think she knew what she was doing and if she did she would probably have stopped immediately. It seemed a an unconscious thought and action on her part.

But the longer the subliminal music played the better she appeared to feel and the happier she seemed to get, so he just kept letting the music play, watching her reactions.

She glanced over at him from the corner of her eye and noticed him watching her. She stopped eating and smiled at him …. way to seductively …. such a pretty smile, such wonderful looking lips, all the time wondering what they would feel like.

‘will feel like?’ He thought. ‘Not if they feel like?’ He corrected.

Well time to see how far his fathers programming went. He remembered reading about it’s effects on having her obey him and do as she was told by him. It was time to see if the old programming kicked back in and was now focused on him.

“You want to go watch a movie with me.” He told her

“Sure, sounds like fun.” She responded.

She wasn’t usually one to take requests from me or anyone else for that fact, but now that he thought about it, she did seem to do whatever little thing his father asked of her.

She was usually one to tell you to do it yourself, but it was his birthday so he’d have to push it a bit to test her and make sure she wasn’t just being nice.

So in an attempt to start testing how it all worked, he took the laptop over by where they where going to be sitting and turned off the music.

His step-mother looked at it but didn’t say anything when he didn’t shut it off or close the lid. And another thought struck him. He remembered now as he thought it about it, there was almost always a laptop near by when they where together.

“Grab me a beer.” He said boldly to his step-mother on her way into to room. She turned around without saying a word and headed back to the kitchen. He remembered his father saying that to her, just like that, from time to time.

He had read in that last text file that this audio file created a desire and even a desperate need to give a blow job so she could swallow all that would cum out. It was the under lying main need and desire he was trying to create with this audio file.

She was programmed to need to give blow jobs and to swallow whatever was given to her. To crave the feel of a cock in her mouth and the taste of the cum. It sounded just like a junkie and their need for their next fix is the way his father had put in his notes.

She came back into the room. She popped the cap and handed it to him.

“Sit here next to me.” He told her as she started for her usual recliner.

She obediently turned back and practically sat right on him. She placed her hand on his upper thigh again, just like it was a natural thing to do.

“So what are we watching birthday boy.” She said smiling as her hand began rubbing slowly up and down on his thigh, with each upward stroke her had kept getting closer and closer to his crotch, which was making him harder and harder. At this rate she’d be upon it before they ever started the show.

“Oh yea. I forget to let you know.” He said as her hand brushed the tip of his cock for the first time, causing him to nearly choke.

“You okay hun?” The look of concern on her face in clear contrast to the next brush against him.

“Yea, Yea. My drink just went down the wrong way.” He said as he placed his bear down on the end table next to him.

She looked at the beer strangely. “What are you doing with that.” She said point to the beer, obviously not remembering that she had just given it to him.

“You gave it to me.” He replied, wanting to test this a little bit.

“No way, why would I do that.” She replied.

With a clear and what he was hopping was an authoritative voice. “Because it’s what I wanted.” Oddly enough that seemed to settle her a little. So he decided to change the subject before she could debate it further.

“Go ahead and turn on a movie.” He told her.

She hopped up and grab a dvd off the shelf and loaded it into the player. When she sat back down next to him her hand went right back to rubbing his thigh, with the occasional brush up against his cock … now so stiff it was almost hurting. She looked back at him. “you where going to tell me about something?”

“Oh yea, Sasha went over to Heather’s a couple hours ago to get ready to go out tonight and that she was probably going to spend the night there as well when they got back.”

“Ok, sounds good.” She patted him high up on his thigh. Obliviously smacking his throbbing cock a couple times as she continued with a pleasant smile on her face.

“It’s just the two of us tonight then, wonderful.” She turned to watch the TV as the movie started and she snuggled down into his side trying to get comfortable.

Suddenly her hand stopped roaming up and down his leg and stopped right over his cock and it just rested there for what seemed like an eternity as the movie played in the background.

He couldn’t and wouldn’t move. He watched her, but she just sat there staring at what seemed like nothing as her had rested on his cock.

He had no idea what they where even watching because of her inadvertent attention to his cock.

After a couple of minutes she appeared to snap out of it, she gave his cock a squeeze as she smiled at him. It twitched a couple times and he nearly came right there, but he didn’t move an inch.

He had no idea what he should do. On the one hand he didn’t want it to end, but soon enough he’d make a mess and it would come to an end either way.

He couldn’t help it and but he shifted and wiggled a bit in his seat after what felt like another eternity of his step-mother playing with his cock as she split her attention with the tv and staring at him.

‘Dam.’ He thought as he did finally cum. It was done and she was going to stop now.

But to his surprise she rolled off of the couch as she brought both of her hands up to his belt and without a word she began undoing his pants.

She was on her knees in front of him. That was practically all he’d been thinking about for the last couple hours.

He looked down at her as she pulled his pants down just a enough that she could reach in and pull out his once again hard cock.

She never once looked up at him and he almost came right then as she slowly used her tongue to clean all of what he had unloaded in his pants already.

After several moments she stopped licking and cleaning him up and slid his once again engorged cock into her mouth. As the tip of his cocked touched her lips he nearly came again right there and then she slipped it inside of her mouth.

It was so warm and moist and soft as she slowly slid her mouth further over his cock. The most incredible feeling he had yet had.

As he watched her he saw that soon his entire length was gone, completely engulfed in her mouth and he assumed part way down her throat from the look of it.

Her head begin to pull back up and it created a bit of suction as she slid her mouth back up. Then down and then up. The feeling almost indescribable, so different than masturbating.

As he watched she begin to move a bit faster with each up and down motion of her head and soon he couldn’t sit up anymore and had to lean back into the couch as he tried to relax enough to make it last forever or at least longer than 30 seconds.

Soon enough he could feel the inevitable and he was about to cum. He sensed that she did as well because she begin to slow down as he got closer to the edge, but she kept up a steady rhythm even as she slowed down and that brought him even closer to the edge, but kept him from coming for a moment longer.

Then he finally did cum and she stopped completely and just started sucking and sucking. He couldn’t help it, but he began to thrust forward as he did cum, pushing further into mouth till his entire length was deep in her throat, but she didn’t miss a beat and kept on sucking till he was spent.

As he started to relax and the amount cumming out of him stopped, she pulled back just a little more and start licking the tip, getting every last drop. Which made him wiggle even more as he tried to pull away from the strange sensation, but she latched on and sucked out every drop she could get out.

Eventually though he went soft and she sat back licking her lips. Her eyes still closed but the look on her face was now so peaceful, so content, so satisfied, that when she opened her eyes and saw him sitting there with his pants down about a ⅓ of the way and his softening cock hanging out, she got this confused look on her face.

She finally felt satisfied and was feeling better than she had since his father had died, but she was a bit surprised that he was sitting there half dressed and that she was feeling like this because of him.

She had tried giving other men blow jobs, but it never brought on the safe content feelings that she had gotten from this young mans father. It was so devastating to her to give strange men BJ’s and then not get what she needed from it all.

But here sitting in front of her, looking nearly half asleep as he watched her stare at him. It was almost even better than before. It felt so good to please him.

“I’m sorry.” She begin to say to him. “But … “

“But?” He sat up and shifted around pulling his pants up so he wasn’t hanging out anymore.

“I’m not sure. I mean I know what just happened,” She was so confused but so so certain that it almost hurt her head. “I feel so much better after doing that for you and I enjoyed it immensely but … “

As she sat there on her knees trying to describe how she felt, he became hard again thinking about what had just happened.

“how are you doing?” She said finally, not really sure what else to say, but needing to do something, say something.

“Actually I’m ready for more. Do it again, now” He said and without another word she leaned forward and started again.