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Subliminal Toys

Chapter 2

After she finished him off for the second time, she was beginning to look a little tired and as he looked over at the clock on the wall he realized it was getting a bit late and he was feeling like he had a lot to think about.

He stood up and adjusted his pants so that he could walk without tripping.

He looked over at her as he walked around the couch to head back to his room. She was just kneeling there watching him, waiting … for something.

“Stand up and take off your clothes.” He said as he looked over at her. “Put them all there on the couch and then go to your room and get some sleep.”

She hesitated for a moment and then looked like she gave herself a small shrug.

She stood up pulled off her top, unhooked her bra and tossed both on the couch where he had indicated.

He had never known exactly how big or small her breasts actually where, he rarely had seen a nipple poke through her shirts. It had never crossed his mind what they looked like.

He watched them come free from the bra, they didn’t sag or hag down. He didn’t know bra sizes, but he could tell they where just a little bigger than what he could hold in his hands.

Her nipples stood straight out. Well one did and the other pointed off to the left just a little like a lazy eye he’d seen on someone once before.

But her nipple where hard, but not to large. “Come here.” He said to her before she had taken anything else off.

She approached him slowly, obviously not sure what he wanted, but as she stood there in front of him she saw where he was looking.

She took one of his hands, taking two of his fingers and placed them on one of her nipples and then squeezed his fingers together so that they pinched her nipple. Even though she was helping him do it, she still sighed deeply, feeling a mans hands upon her breasts again was such a good experience.

He got the idea pretty quickly and he pinched and pulled on one of her breasts with one hand and gently squeezed the entire breast in his other.

He leaned over and licked the one pinched between his fingers, enjoying the soft yet slightly abrasive texture.

Her response to the lick nearly sent her to the floor as her knees about gave out from under her, as he tugged on it and licked it again. The feelings washing over her. It had been so long, it was hard to come to gripes with what was happening as much for her as for him.

He abruptly stopped what he was doing. “Go on, get some sleep.” He said.

She looked rather disappointed.

“Go on, I have a lot to think about and I need some proper sleep to figure you out.”

He knew he could’ve done more right there, right then. But he wasn’t ready yet. He really did need to think about this and where he wanted it to go.

He picked up his laptop and headed back to his room. He sat there for maybe an hour thinking about what had happened that evening.

“Well obviously that worked out much better than I ever thought it could have.” He said to himself as stair at the folder with all the files his father had put in there.

He now understood better how his father had found such a beautiful woman and had kept her for so long. They had always seemed so happy and maybe that was all that mattered in the end was that they where both happy.

His step-mother never wanted for much, she had an active life and a man that cared deeply for her. He never held her back or stopped her from doing anything she wanted.

In the end his dad did make sure that she wanted only him and that she would take care of him and his needs and in exchange he would make sure she was always happy and content.

And now obviously after tonight his step-mother was will to do the same for him.

She’d always been a great mom to him and taken care of him as he grew up, but now there was more.

At some point he must have fallen asleep because next thing he knew he heard his step-sister and her friend Heather, loudly whispering as they came down the hall.

He got up and opened his door to see the two of them stumble into her room. Each leaning on the other as they barely got through the door.

Her door closed loudly and he heard them giggling as it sounded like they where bumping into things in her room and then silence.

He heard another door open down the hall and saw his step-mother Claire start to come out of her room. She was still topless, but she had removed her skirt and she started down the hall only in her panties.

She saw him watching her and stopped. She looked to him and then to Lea’s room and then back to him.

“Was that your sister?” She asked as she stood there.

As he watched her, her nipple started getting firmer and pointing out more. “Uh, Yea. Lea and Heather just got home.” He couldn’t help but watch stare at her chest and remember how good they felt in his hands.

She noticed where he was looking and started to move her arms up to cover herself and then appeared to think twice about it and lowered them again.

“They sounded like they where drunk.” She stated. “I better check on them.” She started to move down the hall toward Lea’s room.

“No, go back to bed and get some sleep.” He stated matter of factually. “I’ll check on them.”

An idea just came to him and he didn’t need her getting into a fight with Lea again about underage drinking.

She stopped and looked at him, a momentary look of confusion and indecision on her face as she looked from him to Lea’s room.

So again he let her know that he would do it. “I’ll go look in on them in a moment and make sure they are okay Claire. Go back to bed.”

He had almost never used her name and it caught her by surprise. Her hands and arms moved around a bit like they didn’t know where to be or what to do. They obviously wanted to cover herself up, but never quiet made it into place.

He looked at her a moment longer, trying hard to have a serious expression on his face, before she finally turned around without another word and went back into her own room.

“This is getting interesting.” He said softly to himself as he went back into his room.

He turned back on his laptop and grabbed his mp3 player and portable speaker. He copied over the same file his dad had made for his mother and he had used on her earlier that evening.

He set the mp3 to auto repeat and connected the speaker to it and then went down the towards Lea’s room.

He listened at her door, not hear a thing at the moment. So he quietly opened her door and went in.

On her bed half dressed was both Lea and Heather. He now had a good idea why he had never seen her with a boyfriend.

Heather’s top was off and Lea’s shirt was half open, like they where in the middle of getting undressed and then fell asleep.

Heather’s hand was inside of Lea’s shirt obviously holding onto on of Lea’s breast, her other breast was out and her nipples where as tight as her mother’s had been earlier.

Heather’s tit’s where smaller than Lea’s, about half a hand full he thought.

They never even stirred as he came in and without thinking about it reached and touched Heather’s nipple, pinching it slightly. He nearly jumped out of his skin as she shifted a little and let out a soft pleasant moan.

“mmm.” He said to himself. He reached over and opened Lea’s shirt a bit more so he could get a better view of what was in there.

He couldn’t help himself, he reached over and gently massaged her breast, pinching it just a little. It tightened quickly under his fingers as he rolled it around in his fingers.

She rolled over with her back to Heather and settled into a more comfortable position.

He took a moment longer and watched the two girl laying quietly next to each other before he went to finish why he was there. He placed the mp3 player and speaker on the dresser next to the bed, turned it on and adjusted the volume till heard a soft humming sound.

He backed up out of the room watching the girls breath. Watching as their breasts moved up and down. Wanting to touch them again but knowing that he just needed to be a bit more patient.

He got back to his room and noticed that it was almost morning, but he was now to aroused to sleep, his mind going a mile a minute.

He paced around his room for a few minutes wondering what was going to happen to his sister and her friend. Was it going to happen quickly like his mother? Was it going to take a long time? Was her being so drunk going to make it the changes happen or hamper the changes.

He suddenly realized that neither of them would be conscious for hours yet and in the end it would probably take a bit of time for them to change if they do at all.

‘But.’ He thought there was Claire just down the hall and she was willing and able and he wasn’t getting any sleep this morning. At least not easily.

He grabbed his laptop, turned on the file named deepening and headed down the hallway. According to the information on the computer deepening was a file his father used on a regular basis to strengthened Claire’s need to make him happy. He did know of a way to relax and maybe even get a bit of sleep.

He opened Claire’s door and looked in. She was laying there quietly, she looked up at him as he entered her room. A smile coming to her face as she saw it was him.

He placed the laptop on a dresser and looked over at her.

She layed there another moment or two and then pulled back the blankets and asked. “You coming to bed soon?” Just as if it was natural that he should be there.

“Yea, for a little while at least.” He said as he began to undress. It was an odd feeling undressing before her as she watched him, as she mostly watched his cock. She was behaving as if he belong in that bed and not down the hall in his room. I guess 15 years of deep subliminal training might do that to a person.

As he climbed into bed next to her and she begin to snuggle into him placing her hand down between his legs, gently caressing his cock, he wondered if either Lea or Heather would ever treat him this way as well.

After a few minutes of her attentions to is cock, it was so hard it was beginning to become uncomfortable. He watched her face as she touched him, her eyes where closed and the look on her face said she was enjoying herself. Eventually she opened her eyes and ask. “May I?”

“May you what?” He had a good idea what she wanted, but this was all still so new to him, but he knew enough to know that he had to lay down some ground rules at the beginning of all this if he wanted to maintain his control over her.

So when in doubt do has his father would have done in a situation.

“Well,” She looked down at where her had was at.

“I do know, but you are to ask permission and be clear in what you are asking for if you want something from me.” He stated what he was hoping clearly and plainly.

“I’m hungry and I will like to suck on your cock till you cum.” She said so softly, her eyes shifted away nervously as she spoke.

“Good girl.” He said. He remembered his dad saying that to her from time to time when he didn’t think there was anyone listening to closely. “Yes you can.”

She responded pleasantly to those words. If it was possible she got a little shyer and she blushed a little deeper. It was so cute on her, he was beginning to forget that just yesterday she was anything but this wonderful little toy and just about any thought of her being his mother or step-mother was completely lost as her mouth found it’s way under the covers and begin what he figured was going to become a morning ritual.


He must have been more tired than he had thought, because he couldn’t remember falling asleep or cumming or anything after a couple minutes of her gently sucking away. He did remember it wasn’t anything forceful or rough. It was a soft suckling, like a baby on a teat or a animal at an udder. He felt so good and relaxing that after a few minutes he just drifted off to sleep.

Because now as he rolled over and looked at the clock on the bed stand it was way past his usual time to get up.

He sat up in bed feeling extremely rested even after the long night. He looked around but didn’t see his step-mother anywhere in the room … ‘Her name is Claire.’ He said to himself, she isn’t / wasn’t your mother, she was just your step-mother and Lea is just your step-sister and nothing is wrong or weird here.

He thought he heard a sound in her bathroom. “Claire?”

“Yes sweets?” She said coming out of the bathroom. She was drying her hair when she looked up at him, a momentary look of confusion came over her face like she wasn’t sure why he was there, but it passed quickly. “Your up, good. Are you hungry?”

He thought about a moment. “Yes starved actually.” He said as he got up and started looking for his clothes.

“I put them in the laundry hamper.” She said and then pointed to his fathers dresser over in one corner of the room. “I put your clothes in that dresser there.”

“What?” She took a startled step back as he replied here a little more force in his voice than he had intended.

“I’ll put them back in your room if you want.” She said a bit more quietly as she looked down at her hands.

“Yes, do that after breakfast.” He stated flatly. He had to keep control of this situation before it got away from him, he knew that much. This was all so new and she was still trying to be in charge and mother him on some level, but with the way things where going he didn’t want her to do that anymore.

This was his house now.

“I’m sorry.” She said as she tied to vanish back into the bathroom.

His heart melted a little for her as she looked so scared and confused. He had forgotten how strange and new this must be for her as well. Suddenly her step-son had taken the place of her dead husband and she now had these new but old emotions swirling around in her head. She was probably just doing the best she could.

“Come here.” He said as he opened up his arm and softened his expression on his face.

She came slowly at first, but then stepped a bit more quickly into his arms as he held her close and rocked her a little. “I’m not upset Claire.” He said quietly.

He put his hands on her shoulders and pushed her away just enough that he could look into her face. “Just ask me next time before you make these kind of changes.” He said softly, catching her eyes. “Okay?”

“Okay.” She said quietly. She looked like she needed a kiss, like to sign the contract. He bent down a little and kissed her softly on the lips. She melted into him brought her arms up and round his neck as he pulled her in tightly.

She begin to kiss him back in earnest like she wanted more, but he pushed her back a little. “Hey now.” She looked back up with passion in her eyes.

“I’m gonna go take a shower and get dressed.” He said. He pushed her back a little, spun her around and slapped her gently on that wonderful little ass of hers. “You need to get dressed as well and get breakfast started.”

She smiled back over her should at him and noticed what he was watching. She hiked up her robe just enough that the bottom of her ass was just showing a little of the very firm curve and then she wiggled it at him as she watched him closely.

He smiled and then she smiled even more as she walked back to the bathroom making sure he had something to watch.

He had to stand there for a moment before he got enough of the blood back into his brains that he could remember where he was going and how to get there. If he wasn’t careful he would spend way to much time being distracted by her.

He eventually turned away and looked into the draws she had indicated. Yep there was what looked like all of his clothes. ‘She has been a busy girl this morning.’ He thought to himself as he pulled out some clothes and headed out the door to his room.

He never even thought twice about being naked as he drifted down the hall to his room, when the door to his sisters, no Lea’s room, opened up and out came Heather. Still only half dressed as well.

He didn’t think she realized that she wasn’t wearing her shirt or bra, but a short skirt was unbuttoned on the side and looked like it was ready to fall of her at the wrong moment.

She looked up and noticed him watching her. She stopped moving down the hall and looked him up and down. He just watched her trying very hard to stand up straight without leaning on the wall. Obviously still very hung over.

“Your looking good today.” She said as she focused on his cock, which was beginning to become very hard under her gaze.

“As are you Heather dear.” He said as he watched her face looking for signs of her being uncomfortable with him like this. “Can I help you?”

She kept staring at his cock which was now fully erect. “Has that thing always been that big?” She looked back up at him with a bit of wonder in his eyes.

He looked down at himself and then back at her. “Yea for several years now.” He stated flatly, a small smile forming on his lips.

“I mean, I pretty much only like girls,” She stated as she wobbled a bit. “But that,” She said. “Is pretty impressive.”

“Thank you Heather.” He replied. “Do like the size and shape of your breasts as well.” This was a weird conversation he kept thinking even after all of this.

“Oh these little things.” She grabbed them and pinched a nipple, which got a slight shiver of a response from her as she did it. “A bit small?” They where about half the size of her hands, but her nipples where very firm, but not to long.

“Oh no.” He watched as she played with one nipple and then the other. “I think they look pretty good to me.” Small firm, a few freckles here and there. The area around the nipples not to big of puffy, allowing the nipples to be out on their own.

Suddenly she turned around, and head back down the hall to the bathroom like this was the most normal conversation she would have.

He turned back to his step-mother’s, no Claire’s room, to go take a shower because obviously he wasn’t getting into that one anytime soon and he didn’t want to push the programming yet because he had no idea how long it would take of it would take of if that was just a drunk encounter or something of his doing?

When he went back into what was now probably going to end up being his room, he noticed that she had already left and the room was empty. So he quickly showered and got dressed, wondering the whole time about that strange encounter in the hall.

As he came out into the kitchen there was Claire doing up the dishes and finishing putting food on his plate. She looked a little tense and didn’t say anything to him as he came in.

He sat down at the counter as she brought over a plate of eggs and bacon. “Thank you Claire.” He stated as he gently took hold of her hand and pulled her towards him and gave for a soft kiss on the lips. She began to melt into him as she relaxed and return the kiss.

As she pulled away he reached up and gently touched the side of her face as she smiled back him. “Tell me about your plans for the day.” He stated as he begin to eat.

She didn’t know where this was going or even why this was happening her, but it did feel right and she didn’t want it to stop. She cared more for this young man than she ever thought she could and she would do anything for him. Now.

“Nothing is set in stone.” She said. “Would you like me to do something for you today?” She just wanted to do more for him. It was all about him now and she understood that now. She wasn’t going back to those lost feelings of the last 6 months.

“Oh my head.” Lea came out of the hallway and into the kitchen. She had a t-shirt on, the bottom of which was about an inch above her belly button. Cute little inny. Her nipples as hard as rocks nearly pocking thru the shit straight at him, and then her panties. At least she was wearing some.

She never came out of her room looking like that. He watched her as she nearly stumbled over her own feet, making her way to the sink. He was wondering if it was his subliminal playing in her room or just the her being so drunk.

Claire looked at him with a curious expression on her face and he looked back her with a confused look on his face. “Do you want me to say something or do you want to say something?” She asked him.

“What?” He asked her, looking at Claire and then back at the nearly naked Lea.

“She’s your responsibility.” She said looking at. Everything she was saying seemed odd to be saying to an 18 year, but it seemed right as well. She decided then and there that anything that felt confusing she was going to go with what felt right. Yea, that felt right, it is was all his now, so it was his responsibility. His father wouldn’t have wanted it that way.

He still had a confused look on his but he turned back to look at Lea again, not really quiet sure how to deal with this. On the one hand he had no problem watching her running around without much on. But even if his programming had already started to kick in with her for some odd reason he would have to take control over the situation like he had with Claire and if it hadn’t Claire was giving him keys to the house and she would back him so he still had to get things under control.

“Lea.” He said sharply.

She turned to him scowly, holding her head with one hand and a glass of water in the other. “Not so loudly.” She staged whispered.

“Claire.” He looked back over at her, “Get her some aspirin.”

“Okay.” She grabbed the bottle and tapped out two and offered them up to Lea.

Lea just started at the open hand like she wasn’t sure what was going on. “Take them Lea.” He said a little softer. She looked up at him and then looked back at the pills. “Okay.” She popped them into her mouth and swallowed them down.

“Now go get some clothes or go back to bed.” He said.

“What?” She looked at him confused. “What are you talking about?”

He pointed at her at about waist level. She looked down. “Well shit.” She said and walked back out of the kitchen and down the hall to her room.

He looked back up at his step-mother, ‘Claire.’ He corrected himself. She was looking down at his crotch and she pointed at it and then looked him in the eyes.

“It’s okay, she is pretty.” Claire said, still looking down at his crotch. “Do you want me to take care of that?

She was willing to take care of his reaction to her daughter. Wow this just doesn’t end, He wasn’t sure what to do or what it meant. But he was enjoying the power and the control and the newness of it all.

“Come with me.” He said and headed down the hall to his room. She immediately followed him without a word.