The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Taking a Minute

Chapter 2

By Sacrip and Coolmind

“Hey!” Roxie said excitedly as Simon entered the house from work.

“What do you want?” Simon asked.

“What? I can’t be excited about my brother coming home?” Roxie played like she was hurt.

“You never get excited about me coming home except on payday. It always means you want money. As we both know, today isn’t payday. You want my powers for something.”

“Okay, I want something,” Roxie groaned in defeat, “I’ve been thinking about everything you told me yesterday and I need you to help me raise my grades with the sexiest professor I told you about. The one who only gives good grades to girls in short skirts.”

“Why not get a short skirt and raise the grades on your own?” Simon smirked as he grabbed a soda and sat down to drink it, “After all, Mom did offer to buy you one remember?

“Come on Simooon,” Roxie whined, “I really need my grades to come up or mom’s going to cut me off my spending money.”

“You know I hate it when you say my name like that Roxie,” Simon said in mock anger, “I’ll help you remove the professors tendency to give good grades based on looks, but I won’t help you cheat into a better grade. You need to earn it, otherwise it’s useless for you later on in life.”

“Oh come on Simon,” Roxie pleaded, “Just this once? My summer spending money is at stake here.”

“And once becomes twice, and twice becomes three times, soon you’ll be getting me to cheat for you every time. Roxie I think it’s time you grow up,” Simon said as the world around him froze.

Simon set down his cola and walked over to Roxie. Her eyes were full of desperation to raise her grades so she could continue to get her monthly allowance. Simon leaned his head in so his mouth was next to her ear and took a small breath.

“Roxie, we are going to go to the college and remove the professors tendency to give better grades based on looks. You will then put yourself more towards your studies to raise your grades on your own. You will work hard to see them raised,” Simon whispered and then sat back down as time resumed.

Roxie looked around a bit with a confused expression on her face. Finally she looked back at Simon, “Okay you win. I’ll study harder, but can we still go and change the professors attitude about how he distributes grades based on looks?”

“Sure thing Roxie,” Simon said as he sipped his cola, “Let me just finish this and we will head off to the college to meet this professor of yours.”

* * *

“Question!” Roxie chirped in the passenger seat, and Simon rolled his eyes. As kids, Simon and Roxie’s father always told them that questions should be ‘often asked and always answered’. Since it amounted to a household rule, five year old Roxie took immediate advantage of this new way to bother her ten year old brother: Follow him around and ask any question about anything she could think of, no matter how ridiculous. And it always started with, “Question!”, loud enough so Dad could hear she was asking something that Simon had to answer. Despite himself, Simon smiled a little at the memory.

“What is it, brat?” Simon said, giving the traditional reply as he drove.

“So, you find out you have this awesome new power, so the first thing you do paperwork for, like, six hours? What’s up with that?”

“I think...everything was just so unfamiliar, I had to do something that WAS familiar: Work. People take refuge in familiar places during stress. For me, it’s my job. For you, it’s Twitter.”

“Oh, that reminds me, I gotta tell Renee about this, she’ll be so OWWWW!!!” Roxie recoiled her hand from Simon, who just slapped it hard. “What’d you do THAT for?”

“To remind you what you already should know: NO TELLING ABOUT ANY OF THIS TO ANYBODY! Not Renee, not anybody! I’d still like some semblance of a normal life, here.”

“Not even Mom? I mean, she started this, after all.”

Simon sighed. “We don’t know that for sure. Mom’s ALWAYS saying heartfelt greeting card stuff to us. She told you last week that guardian angels would always watch over you and protect you, but you still managed to T-Bone a UPS truck.”

“That wasn’t my fault! The freaking guy cut me off. And I think a deer ran out in front of me, too, or something.”

“Point is, I’m not ready to give her credit for any of this. Yeah, I know, she’s into witchcraft now, but we’re WAY beyond the scope of the New Age section of Barnes and Noble. We’re talking about MOM here.”

“For someone who can bend the laws of physics and make anybody do whatever you want, you sure are a skeptic. So, will you be moving into a bigger house? You know, to make room for all the slave girls you’re gonna have? Cause, seriously, I don’t need any more competition for bathroom time in the morning.”

“Slave girls? Come on.”

“Bro, you hate women. Mom still treats you like a kid, Katie used you like a cheap whore...”


“...and Lord knows I bug the hell out of you. If anyone deserves a brainwashed giggly girly girl or two to attend to his every mannish whim, it’s you. Trust me, those girls in my women’s studies class could really use some sausage in their diet.”


“On the right, bro, pull in. We’re here.”

* * *

“Roxie, hold my hand,” Simon said as they began their journey to the professors office.

“Why? I’m not a two year old,” Roxie complained. “Um, you’re not going to make me think I am, are you?”

“Perhaps another time,” Simon said. “But, seriously, I want to try something.”

“Use me as a guinea pig? Not a chance!”

“Roxie, I just want to see if I can bring you into timestop with me.”

Roxie stopped walking as she began to ponder it, “What makes you think that’ll work?”

“Well, I’ve experimented with bringing things into timestop with me. Most inanimate objects work whether or not I’m touching them to begin with. Things like cellphones, laptops, or other small electronic devices work if I touch them as I go into timestop. Man, it’s really a pain because my watch is always out of sync when I go....”

“Okay, okay, what’s your point?” Roxie was getting impatient.

“Point is I tried it out with living things as well. Just insects and stuff, but it seems to work. I haven’t tried anything as large as a human and as I said I don’t exactly want to reveal my power to the general public. So I would like to try it on you and see if it works.”

“Would I be able to do everything you can?”

“I don’t know. Like I said, you would be the first human I’ve brought into timestop.”

“Mmmm, Okay! Let’s do it!.” Roxie reached out and grabbed a hold of Simon’s hand.

Roxie looked around waiting for the moment to come. It was not as she expected, everything just stopped. Nothing slowed down, there was no funny feeling except the sudden loss of sound, Roxie almost thought she missed the exact moment by blinking.

“Woah, this is so cool!” Roxie tried running off, but was held onto by Simon, “Hey! Let go!”

“No can do, there are two very big problems if I do that. I want you to understand them before you go running off,” Simon explained, “First, I can only remain in timestop for a full half hour like this before I need to recharge. Second, if I let go of you, you just freeze like everyone else. So, don’t let go of my hand. Not for anything. Got it?”

“Fine,” Roxie mumbled, “Way to take all the fun out of it, killjoy. And here I thought you could do whatever you wanted in timestop.”

“I can since I can safely enter and leave as I want. You need me to enter and have to hold my hand to remain. Also consider the implications by messing with things in timestop. You could cause serious accidents if you mess with the wrong thing and time resumes.”

“But you played pranks your first time!” Roxie countered, “You told me so yourself.”

“And I was very lucky someone didn’t get hurt from me doing the wrong thing. I didn’t bring you into timestop to play, Roxie. I brought you in so we could avoid being seen by people and security cameras. Had it not worked, I would have left you right here so no one would think anything strange was going on. Now we’ve already wasted a few minutes arguing. You wanna come, or should I take you out of timestop and you can stay here?”

Roxie grumbled some more as she began leading Simon through the campus. She took every opportunity to stop and take a quick look at the frozen people and things. Simon kept her on task, however, to make sure that they didn’t lose too much time. They finally reached the professor’s office with ten minutes to spare before the half hour was up. Outside was a young and pretty teachers assistant grading the last assignment.

“Who’s she?” Simon asked.

“Melisa, she’s the teachers aid for this class,” Roxie answered, “I think she only got the job because she looks good. Hey, I saw something move over there!” As Simon spun around in the direction she pointed, Roxie quickly bent down and whispered into Melisa’s ear, “You will do everything Roxanne Arbeit says from now on.” Straightening back up, Roxie half expected to find Simon glaring at her, ready to chastise her for her lame trick. But just as she thought, he was still peering into the other room, thoroughly looking for anything amiss. Roxie saw her term paper on the top of the stack and frowned at the D+.

“What was it you saw, Roxie?”

“I, I don’t know. It was like, a shadow or something. It startled me.” Seeing Simon’s look of concern made Roxie feel bad. You’d think a 25 year old would finally learn not to fall for the ‘hey, what’s that over there’ trick, she thought to herself, but Simon always did. Roxie supposed that’s what made him such a success: Never leaving any stone unturned, no matter what.

Simon looked at his watch. “Only have a few minutes left, let’s do this.” Pulling Roxie by the hand, Simon led them to the Professor’s office. Once there, Simon pulled out a slip of paper from his pocket and bent down to the professor’s ear, whispering a prepared speech hurriedly. Roxie couldn’t make out quite what he said, but she heard some big words like ‘transcendental’ and ‘archetypical’ and ‘misogynistic’.

“Well, lets get out of here,” Simon said after he finished. “We’ll have to hurry if we want to get back to the parking lot on time. Hold on tight, can’t afford any accidents at this point.”

Roxie held tightly on Simon’s hand as they rushed out of the building. They made it halfway to the parking lot when people started moving again. Simon took a quick glance to make sure no one had spotted them and then finally took a seat on a nearby bench.

“So?” Simon asked.

“So what?” Roxie looked at Simon confused.

“How did you do on the assignment? I saw you look at your paper on the desk.”

“Stupid D+. No way Mom’s going to give me a summer allowance with a grade like that. Even if I work very hard I can’t raise my average grade enough to convince her.”

“Tell you what, I’m willing to give you a second chance. Make sure no assignment drops below an A or B between now and summer break and I’ll give you a small allowance. I can afford twenty dollars a week for that.”

“You hit your head or something? I didn’t even have to beg for that,” Roxie was very surprised.

“I’m in a generous mood today. Now let’s head home before I change my mind.”

“Actually, can I stay behind? I’ve got some friends I want to meet. I can get a ride with one of them.”

“Fine, just remember what I said about telling people about my powers. So much as a peep out of you and I can see that you have nothing for summer.”

“I promise I won’t say anything, good enough?”

“For now. Be home before dinner though. You know how Mom gets when we miss family dinners.”

“No worries bro, I don’t want to spend another family day out any more than you do,” Roxie said as she got up and headed away. “It’s too embarrassing to walk around with Mom like that.”

Roxie checked to make sure Simon got up and headed to the car. After she made sure he was gone, she changed direction and headed back to the professor’s office. Soon the TA came in sight and Roxie grinned.

“Well now, I certainly hope this works like he said it did,” Roxie said to herself as she walked up the desk. “Melisa how are you?”

“Hmm, Roxanne Arbeit. You missed class the other day. The attendance policy is very clear. One more absence and you lose a letter grade. And you, young lady, don’t have the letters to lose.”

“Yes, I know, it won’t happen again,” Roxie said, smiling sweetly. “So, could you give me a quick recap of the professor’s lecture? You know, a Cliff Notes version?”

“I’m sorry, Roxanne, but my job here doesn’t include helping girls who skip class to avoid the consequences of skipping. You’ll just have to find someone to copy from.” Melisa looked up and down at Roxie. “I would say to ask the professor himself, but you’re not the, ah, caliber of student he sees personally, you know what I mean?”

“Well, here goes,” Roxie said to herself. “Melisa, I need to know what the class was about. Tell me what he said.”

“Well...oh, fine,” Melisa said after a moment of hesitation. “Yesterday’s lecture concerned what the professor calls modern mythology, which includes not only works of obvious fiction in books, movies, etc...but the various hoaxes people will play on each other, and our predilection to believe them, in defiance to Occam’s Razor. Viral videos, in particular, often have all the trappings of a work of fiction: rising action, climax, falling action, conclusion, yet we all too often fail to see them as something other than the truth. The professor used, as an example, a famous viral from last year, called Dancerella, that...”

“Yeah, yeah, I saw it. Total slut. OK, forget about class. Tell me about you. All the juicy details. Go on.”

“Um, well...” Melisa looked very uncomfortable now. “I have a new boyfriend, and he’s nice, I guess. But..oh, you don’t want to hear about all this. Please?”

“Oh, I do. All the embarrassing details. So, what’s he like in bed, huh? Tell me.”

“I, he’s...” Melisa squeezed her eyes shut, as though she was trying to hold in the words by force of will. She leaned in and said in a low voice, “He likes me to spank him while he wears a diaper. It really gets him off. I can usually get him to take it off before sex, but sometimes he insists on keeping it on.”

“Oh dear,” Roxie said, giggling. “Anything else that’s embarrassing?”

“He um, likes to masturbate into panties while I watch.”

“Do you let him masturbate into yours?”

“No, no, I won’t let him. I wear expensive, uh, lingerie, and I don’t want them ruined. I go out and buy cheap stuff for him.”

“Ooh, I LOVE pretty panties. Wish I could afford them. Hey, can I see yours?”

“Um, NO! No way, get out of here before I call security!” Melisa picked up the receiver of the phone and moved her other hand towards the buttons.”

“Freeze!” Roxie said, and Melisa stopped so completely that Roxie thought for a second that time had stopped again. A quick look around showed her that time was normal and only Melisa was not moving. Seeing Melisa like that, helpless, waiting for her permission to move again, gave Roxie a very pleasant feeling. “Now, Melisa, there’s no need for this, is there? Speak. Oh, and start calling me Ma’am from now on.”

“No,” Melisa squeaked, her body still as a statue.

“No what, Melisa?”

“No..No, Ma’am.”

“Now, I asked you to do something, Missy. Do you remember what it was?”

“Oh, oh please...”

“You want me to walk away and leave you like this, girly girl?” Roxie stood up and took a step towards the door.

“NO, PLEASE! You, you want me to show you my, my underwear.”


“Ma’am. You want to see my panties, Ma’am.”

“Yes, yes I do.” Roxie sat back down. “On the count of three, you may move again. I HOPE that you’ll know what to do after that. One, two, three.” Melisa, now able to move again, dropped the telephone and ran towards the door. “Stop,” Roxie said, and Melisa skidded to a halt mid-stride. “Melisa, you’re a rather dumb girl, aren’t you? Speak!”

“Yes, Ma’am. I’m a dumb girl.”

“Stand up straight,” Roxie said, and Melisa came to a position of attention. “Now give yourself a spanking.” Bending over slightly, Melisa’s right hand reached behind her and slapped her own protruding ass repeatedly. Roxie sat and watched as this went on for over a minute. “Enough,” Roxie said, and Melisa stopped, tears now running down her cheeks. “We’re going to try this again, girly. I’m going to let you move freely, and I expect you, this time, to do what I told you to do. Got it?”

“YES YES YES Ma’am!”

“OK, here goes. Free on the count of three. One, two, THREE!” Melisa’s hands dropped to the hem of her floral pattern dress and yanked upwards as hard as she could, revealing her stocking tops, pink lace panties and matching bra as her arms held her skirts high over her head. “Good girl,” Roxie said. “Now turn around for me, let me see what I’m working with.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” Melisa said as she turned in a slow circle, dress still held up over her head. Roxie waited, curious to see how she interpreted the command. After returning to her starting point, Melisa paused, then, after a moment of indecision, continued to turn in a circle. Roxie reached out with her hand and lightly ran her finger over the lace textured material of Melisa’s panties, then inside the waistband, then inside the legholes. Melisa made a soft noise that was somewhere between a sob and a moan.

“Tell me, Melisa, how are you feeling right now?” Roxie said, now moving her fingers in between Melisa’s legs.

“Embarrassed, humiliated, frightened, Ma’am,” Melisa said softly.

“Hmm, anything else, girly?

“Oh, please, Ma’am...”

“TELL me.”

“Turned on, Ma’am. I’m so helpless right now and as much as I hate it I’m really really turned on by it.”

“Is that so? Well, let’s just see. Stop turning.” Reaching between Melisa’s legs, Roxie cupped her crotch with the palm of her hand. “Yes, you are quite moist down there. My my my, whatever will we do with you?” Unable to help herself, Melisa pushed down against Roxie’s hand, rocking back and forth. “Oh, you are SUCH a naughty vixen. Oh, these panties are ruined now. I think you’re dripping on the floor, sissy girl.” Unable to hold back now, Melisa openly sobbed now behind the skirt covering her face even as she grinded against Roxie’s hand even more. “So, crybaby, tell me what you want now.”

“I need to cum, Ma’am. Please let me.”

“Yeah, well, I dunno...I was kinda thinking of making you run home like this, with your dress up in the air. Boy, that stain is REALLY set in now.”

“Noooooooooo...” Melisa whimpered weakly, even as she shimmied against Roxie’s hand even more.

“I mean, I just don’t see what’s in it for me, you know...”

“I’ll eat you out! Oh, Ma’am, let me cum and let me go, and I’ll totally tongue fuck you. Please, please!”

“Well, I should point out, I’m not a lesbian, you know, so I don’t NORMALLY go for that sort of thing, but...well, since you asked nicely...” Roxie squeezed her hand against Melisa’s crotch, and Melisa’s whole body visibly shook as she sharply took in air, holding her breath until Roxie released her grip, whereupon Melisa went to her knees and crumpled to the floor, breathing heavily, moaning and sobbing all at once. “Well, Melisa,” Roxie said, unzipping her jeans, “I don’t mean to rush you, but I got a schedule, you know. I mean, you DID offer,” Roxie said, pulling down her cotton briefs.

“Oh, no, please, I can’t, no...”

“Oh, jeez, I don’t even feel like making up a threat anymore. Lick my pussy like your life depended on it, bitch!” Scrambling now to her knees, Melisa pulled off her dress and thrust her mouth in between Roxie’s legs in a matter of seconds. Eyes open wide, Roxie gripped the armrests of her chair as she felt Melisa’s tongue lapping and licking hard against her and inside her as far as a human tongue can go. Roxie rocked her pelvis forward even as Melisa pushed her head harder against Roxie, making her tongue go faster and faster. Finally finding Roxie’s clit, Melisa grabbed Roxie’s bare thighs for support while she buried her face even more into Roxie as she willed her tongue to go even harder and faster now that it found its target. Every muscle tensed as Roxie’s back arched against the back of the chair in the beginning of a blinding, soul shaking orgasm. Roxie couldn’t tell if it lasted a second or 10 minutes, but when it was over, she slumped down further in the chair, exhausted, even as Melisa eagerly lapped up the juices emerging from Roxie’s pussy.

Finally pushing Melisa away, Roxie slowly got dressed as Melisa stayed on her knees in her underwear, unsure what to do next. Getting up from the chair, Roxie took a brush from her purse and fixed her hair. Satisfied after a few minutes, Roxie went to the door and turned to address Melisa. “OK, a few things. First off, you don’t tell anybody what happened, or what I can do to you, got it?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Next, I get an A in this class. Oh, I’ll study and do my homework and all, but I see no reason to take chances. Will that be a problem?”

“No, not at all, Ma’am.”

Roxie reached into her purse, pulled out a napkin. “Address, telephone number, location of spare key for your apartment. Here.” Grabbing a pen from the desk, Melisa wrote quickly on the napkin and handed it back to Roxie. “I could come over at any time. Have cheez doodles and mountain dew ready.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

With the smallest nod, Roxie turned and walked out the door into the hallway. “Yup, it’s gonna be one hell of a summer.”