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There’s Somthing in the Water

Chapter 1

The stars shone bright on a cold night. Three high school seniors strode out of the malt shop and flipped up the collars on their jackets against the frigid breeze. Their footfalls echoed around the empty street as they made their way down the narrow sidewalk. Their bikes waited from them, leaning against a dark, forlorn street sign. As they left the lights, laughter, and conversation behind them, night settled in.

“Do you think we’ll see any of those shooting stars?” David looked up at the moonless sky, pushing his blond bangs out of his eyes. He stood head and shoulders above his friends. He wore his varsity basketball jacket with green and white stripes down the sleeve. It didn’t provide much warmth, but he liked everyone to know he’d made varsity that year.

“Leonids is only one night. It’s done.” Patrick looked up at his friend and then beyond to the twinkling stars. A short, skinny kid, Patrick didn’t like being reminded about how much David had grown the last few years. When they started high-school, they’d been the same height. Not now. Not even close. Patrick adjusted his large, tortoiseshell glasses and tried to figure out which planet glowed so brightly on the horizon. “Sorry, we won’t see any tonight.”

“Really?” David was still hopeful.

“Word from the bird, I read it this morning.” Patrick squinted at the light in the sky.

“What’s that?” Roy pointed a pudgy finger at the horizon. It wasn’t a planet. It was growing brighter by the second with a bluish cast. Roy had the misfortune of matching Patrick in height and David in weight. His friends would never call him fat. But other kids did. Sweat hog was the insult most used at school. He dropped his pointing finger and pulled his Cardinals baseball cap tighter against his short brown hair.

The three eighteen-year-old friends were looking forward to leaving their town next year to go on to bigger adventures. At that moment, they did not realize, that something moved with purpose right toward the sleepy town of Portsmith. An adventure sought them out.

The blue light above them grew very bright as the thing in the sky expanded. It cast shadows on the sidewalk behind them.

“What is it?” David looked down at Patrick and then back up to the sky.

“I don’t …” Patrick craned his neck up as the thing streaked above them. He turned as it passed overhead and disappeared into Oldmill Forest, near Lake Ipuza Ikpi.

All three boys turned to watch and just like that, the light disappeared.

“Neat,” Roy said.

Before his friends could chime in with excited chatter, the ground shook under their feet. They could hear a few windows rattling and a nearby street sign swayed a little.

“Coolsville.” Patrick pushed his hand back through his dark hair. “I think it hit. I mean, nearby.”

The shaking stopped without any noticeable damage. The boys laughed and shouted as they ran back to their bikes. They didn’t even notice the November chill as they rode home together. They all agreed that the shooting star would be the highlight of the year. They’d never again see anything so strange and awesome in their little town.

They were wrong. Very soon, the strange and awesome would find them. It would find all the citizens of sleepy little Portsmith.

* * *

Axcix touched down with a hard landing in the water. Her spherical body lodged itself in the muck at the bottom of a lake. A quick scan showed her target habitat to be only a few miles off. Several hundred years in space and here she was about to start the task she was built for. This was very exciting.

First, she opened her outer doors and let in some water. It was teaming with life. Her converters went to work on those tiny organisms, deconstructing them into useful particles so that she could build new vehicles to carry out her experiments. Next, she shot out one of her data retrieval drones. She would need to collect her bearings before she began.

The first expedition launched by her makers had researched the planet’s dominant species some five hundred years ago. She could already see how much had changed. Axcix was part of the second expedition. She was charged with experimenting on the dominant species, to learn what her makers would need to fix before this species could be invited to the galactic collective. She guessed this task would eventually require many fixes. But that’s what the experiments would determine.

She’d had plenty of time to process data while in transit. Her makers had offered her some leeway and she would take it. Axcix had decided to start with reproduction. Sexual dimorphism in this species was staggering in many ways. Reproductive desire was one issue. The males came into full desire at a young age and females much later. Axcix had decided she would use this. She would create molecules that would alter the host DNA just a little.

At first, she thought she could simply enhance mutual desire, but the original data showed that local physiology made this a long and tedious task. So, on her long trip to Earth, she came up with a workaround. She would first enhance reproductive organs in her target groups. Then she would reactivate long-dormant pheromones latent in sweat glands. They would only spread when sweat was present, but that seemed a regular enough occurrence. The pheromones females produced would sedate older males, but have the opposite effect on younger males, enhancing their aggression and desire.

Target males would produce sweaty pheromones that would heighten female desire. Axcix wasn’t sure that was enough, so while enhancing male reproductive organs, she added a stimulant to male ejaculate that would greatly increase female mating pleasure.

Axcix would run these experiments and then with the data collected, she would be able to modify and move on to new experiments.

Her drone returned to her. Excellent. The lake was connected to every house by a series of pipes. This was almost too easy. Her converters were ready. It was now time to release the first wave of nanites. Time to begin.

* * *

Patrick Lannit dug into his third helping of steak. He was so hungry. He’d been hungry for weeks, since about the time that shooting star flew by.

“You’d think with the way you’re putting food away, you’d have something to show for it. You know, a growth spurt?” Fred Lannit watched his son from the other side of their round dinning room table. He was tall, athletic, and he’d been waiting eighteen years for his youngest child Patrick to follow in his footsteps. “Or at least I’d hope you’d put a little meat on those bones.” Fred was still waiting.

“Come on, Fred.” Susy Lannit gave her husband’s shoulder a playful push. “He’ll grow just as fast as he needs to.”

Patrick looked up from his plate. If only he could tell his parents that he was growing. One particular part of his body had grown a little every day for a couple weeks. But it was too embarrassing. Of course, if his gadgets kept growing, he’d need to tell them eventually. His dick was already getting pretty ridiculous in size and showed no signs of slowing down. His balls weren’t far behind. When would he need to see a doctor? Twelve inches? Thirteen? Patrick adjusted his butt in his chair. Even when soft, things were no longer comfortable down there. When the growth had started, he wept tears of gratitude. But now he worried about becoming a freak.

“You’re so quiet.” Susy smiled over at him. With his big sisters, Sally and Adeline, out of the house and married, dinners in the Lannit household were usually quiet these days. “Penny for your thoughts?”

“Nothing’s happening.” Patrick reached for his water glass and brought it up to his mouth. His mom was a nice lady and his parents together still made a handsome couple after all these years. Fred was quite the tall, dark charmer. And Susy was beautiful, tall, and elegant in Patrick’s eyes. Patrick himself was no Fred, and he wondered if he’d ever find a girlfriend as perfect as his mom with her full figure, kind smile, and warm heart. Patrick gulped down the water in his glass. He was always so thirsty.

“Your friend David made varsity, I hear.” Fred patted his wife on the thigh. He looked down. Underneath her skirt, her legs had filled out some. Someone around here was gaining weight and it wasn’t Patrick. Fred worried that maybe his wife was letting herself go. One problem at a time, he’d focus on his son for now. “Why don’t you try out for sports?”

Patrick lowered his empty glass to the table. “I don’t like sports, Dad.”

“Okay, trooper.” Fred nodded. He wasn’t to be deterred. He wanted his son to enjoy high school the way he had. “How about girls? Any dolls hanging around these days?”

“No Dad.” Patrick lowered his face and recommenced shoveling beef and canned peas into his mouth. He was going to need thirds in a minute.

“Goodness gracious, Fred. Leave the kid be.” Susy liked the feel of her husband’s hand on her thigh. She just hoped he hadn’t noticed her expanding body. She’d also been eating more lately. It was some sort aging thing, she guessed. Welcome to your 40s. “It’s perfectly healthy not to be obsessed with girls. He’s got his friends. He’ll get interested in women when the time is right.”

“Thanks, Mom.” Patrick got up and went into the kitchen for more. His cheeks flushed.

“You’re welcome, sugar.” Susy had missed the sarcasm. She missed much that was going on with her son recently.

* * *

A slightly different scene played out in Roy’s home. Roy’s mom Amanda brought her son a dinner tray to eat in front of the television. That’s where they ate most nights, since Roy’s dad worked late in the evenings. Roy watched his mom walk back into the kitchen. For as long as he could remember, she was a skinny little thing with no boobs, hips, or booty. But under her pleated skirt, he could clearly see the sway of hips as she moved about. She came back into the living room, carrying her own tray. If he looked closely, which he tried not to do, it looked like her titties were straining against her floral blouse. Had he simply never noticed before? “Thanks,” Roy said.

“Sure thing, Roy.” She sat down next to him on the couch with her dinner. She was so hungry. She’d been so hungry lately. “Where’s your sister?”

“Cheerleading practice.” Roy had to stop looking at her. He was going to get a boner looking at his mom. That was gross. Not just icky, but also mortifying, because his penis had grown to a point where it was difficult to hide when soft, and nearly impossible when hard. He used to daydream about girls all the time, but now he had to think about anything but girls or risk springing a giant tent in his pants. Think about baseball, he told himself.

“What are we watching?” Amada turned to look at her son. Such an awkward, chubby boy. She hoped he’d grow into himself sometime soon. He was such a sweet soul. Unlike his sister Annie, who was more than a handful for her parents.

“I Love Lucy.” Roy dug into his dinner. He was ravenous.

They watched and ate in silence. They both had seconds, thirds, and fourths. And drank lots of water.

* * *

“Where’s that boy?” Linda Riles asked her husband.

“Hmm?” William Riles sat in the den smoking a pipe and reading the evening news. He looked up at his wife. She still wore an apron over her green circle skirt and yellow blouse. That meant she was still working on dinner. William watched the smoke drift up from his pipe in meandering wisps. He hoped she’d be done with dinner soon. He was ready to eat. “Up in his room, maybe?”

“David is spending too much time in his room lately. It’s not healthy.” Linda stood in the den’s doorway and folded her arms over her chest. Her breasts got in the way. They were doing that a lot recently. And her bras didn’t seem to be fitting like they used to. She hoped she wasn’t gaining more weight, but she feared that might be the case. Her 30s had seen a steady expanse of her waist and rump. And lately she’d been so very hungry. She’d come to think of herself as a short, plump women. Still pretty, but not the woman she was when she married William. She swept her long blonde hair out of her eyes. “I’ll go get him.”

“Thank you, dear.” William watched her ample backside disappear down the hall and into the stairway. “He’s a good young man, Linda. Don’t give him a hard time,” he called after his wife.

Linda hiked up the stairs, pulling at her skirt to keep it off her feet. David had his door closed, as always. Why had he turned so secretive lately? Linda frowned at the door. She decided not to knock and swung the door open. She was about to tell him to get downstairs for dinner, but she stopped. Linda’s left hand went to her mouth. She’d heard some talk that men did this sort of thing, but she’d never seen it before.

On his bed, David lay with his eyes closed. He’d pulled his pants around his ankles and his cardigan and undershirt up to his chest. His hands were wrapped around a goliath of a penis. She’d never imagined the male organ could grow so big, even on a tall boy like David. It was thick and veiny and so very long. He was nothing like his father. Curiosity and revulsion played in mixed parts in her brain. “Davey, what are you doing?”

It was obvious what he was doing. His hands stroked up and down and he grunted a series of low moans. He didn’t seem to hear her as he kept at it, eyes still closed.

“Stop it this instant.” Linda stepped into the carpeted room, leaving the door open behind her. She couldn’t have her son turn into some sort of crazed pervert. She was going to have to have a long talk with him. Maybe they’d even have to get their pastor involved. The way he was using his penis was just so wrong. “I said stop.”

“Ooooohhhhhhh.” David’s dick erupted, sending a geyser of cum up into the air and down onto his belly, hands, and balls.

Linda’s face twisted in horror. There was so much. Her son was some sort of quirk of nature. But then the deep, rich smell of him enveloped her and her face went slack. She felt a need deep inside her. It was an awakening of something so basic and ancient. Something completely absent in her life until that moment. Linda smoothed out her apron and stepped to the bed.

“Mom?” David had opened his blue eyes and looked up at her. He attempted to cover his dick, but it was too big. “Get out of here, Mom.”

“My little sweetheart.” Linda fell to her knees next to the bed. “Let me help.” Her gray-blue eyes had a distant look. She reached out and moved David’s hands out of the way.

“Mom, what are you doing?” It was David’s turn to look on in horror. Before he could move, his mother sprang into action.

“Oh, Davey.” Linda quickly lowered her head and took a long slurp of the sperm pooling by the base of his penis. When it hit her tongue, true ecstasy flowed from her mouth into her body. Even her toes tingled with little bolts of pleasure. “Goodness.” She licked, slurped, and planted little kisses all over his exposed belly and pelvis.

“Mom?” David had never thought of his mother in this way, but he had no will to stop her.

“Let me just … let me just …” Linda said in between kisses and licks. She reached with her left hand and hefted his substantial testicles. With her right hand she encircled the head of his penis and gently squeezed. She’d never taken any man into her mouth, not even William. But she couldn’t stop herself now. She licked her way up the shaft and planted a kiss right at the tip of his young penis. She rolled her tongue around the head.

“Don’t.” David grabbed the sheets with white knuckles on either side of his hips.

“Sssshhhhh, Davey. Mommy’s here.” With that she sucked him into her mouth. It was awkward squeezing something so large past her lips, but she was determined to do this for her strong young man. Cascading pleasure continued to surge through her. She’d gobbled up all his sperm and now she needed more.

“Dear, did you find Davey?” William called up the stairs. “I think something in the kitchen is burning.”

Hearing her husband’s voice was like dunking in a bucket of ice water. Linda spat out her son’s penis and quickly stood. “Oh, my. Oh, my. I didn’t mean to …” She tugged at her skirt and tried to smooth out her apron. She looked down at her son with his baffled expression and his comically large penis. “I’m so sorry, Davey. I don’t know what happened.” Her body still tingled from head to toe. She prayed for the pleasure to disperse. “Put that thing away and get down to dinner. Your father … Oh, God. Your father.” Linda put her hands up to her face, turned, and ran from the room. She needed to get dinner on the table.

David just stared after her in a state of extreme confusion. He pulled up his underwear and pants. One thing he knew for sure. Blowjobs were great.

* * *

Linda was shamefaced that night. Not because she’d burned the ham, which she had. And not because she’d overcooked the potatoes, something that also happened. It was, of course, the things she’d done in David’s room. One minute she was handling another of motherhood’s challenges, the next she found herself behaving like a common harlot.

Despite her extreme self-loathing, she gobbled up helping after helping of dinner. She made no eye contact with David, but she could see he too ate ravenously.

William, bless his heart, said nothing about the awkward silence at the table or his family’s eating habits. He tried several times to get conversation started with comments like, “The Soviets launched another satellite.” But eventually he gave up.

Linda cleared the table, did the dishes, and then excused herself for an early bedtime. What a nightmare the day had become. Maybe tomorrow she’d be able to forget and move past what had happened with David. As she drifted off to sleep, she couldn’t stop images of her son’s goliath penis from floating through her head.

* * *

The three friends sat together the next day at lunch. David sat facing Patrick and Roy. They had one end of a long cafeteria table to themselves. All around them, the throng of students talking and goofing-off filled the cavernous room with a loud hum.

David leaned across the table toward his friends. “I got a blowjob last night.” A wide smile showed two rows of even, white teeth.

“No way.” Patrick put down his chocolate milk. “Who?”

“Yeah,” Roy said with a mouthful of sandwich. “Is she hot?”

“I … can’t tell you.” David’s smile disappeared. “She’s … pretty hot … I guess.”

“Sounds like a dog.” Roy nodded his head, his chubby face forming a double chin on each downward nod.

“Who?” Patrick’s brown eyes were eager.

“Did your brother come home with his new fiancé to blow you?” Roy gave David a friendly smile.

“No.” David’s face fell. He shouldn’t have said anything.

“Shut up, Roy.” Patrick punched Roy on the arm.

“Was it your mom?” With that Roy, stuffed another bite of sandwich into his face and laughed.

“Ignore him.” Patrick punched Roy again. With Patrick’s skinny arms, he wasn’t sure he delivered enough force for Roy to care. Now if David had decided to do something, then Roy might care. But David was a gentle giant. “You’re gangbusters,” Patrick said. “If it was me, I’d be flipping. I seem to have the equipment now, but still haven’t used it.”

“You’re … um … dick is changing?” David’s eyebrows went up.

“Yeah. It’s gotten a lot bigger. I mean, for real.” Patrick smirked, thinking he had the advantage over his friends. He adjusted his glasses and looked from one friend to the other.

Roy finished chewing and looked at each of them with a solemn expression. “Mine too. A lot bigger.”

“Me too.” David nodded. “What’s even stranger, I’d say half the guys on the basketball team are on the same train.”

The three friends looked at each other while the cafeteria continued its cacophony around them.

“Is this supposed to happen? Are we maybe just hitting the end of puberty or something?” David bit his bottom lip.

“I thought something might be wrong with my dick, so I went to the library last week and did some research.” Patrick looked at them with sagacity. “Turns out, it’s not normal. And if it’s happening with lots of people?” Patrick raised his hands, palms up, and shrugged. “Something’s going on in Portsmith.”

The bell rang. Everyone around them got up with their trays. The three friends stayed seated in silence, pondering the mystery.

* * *

Linda Riles sat on the couch in Susy Lannit’s wonderful living room. The place was so clean and modern. All the furniture offered the eye such simple and graceful lines and curves. Linda’s mind was on curves at the moment, as Susy walked in from the kitchen with two cups of coffee. Linda couldn’t help but look her up and down. While her waist was trim, her hips really filled out her emerald green circle skirt. Under her blue blouse, her bullet bra seemed to struggle with its duties. Linda could see the jiggle of the tall woman’s mammaries as clear as day.

“Here you go, Linda.” Susy handed the coffee to Linda, tucked her skirt under her knees, and sat on the couch. She sipped at the steaming cup with satisfaction. She loved her new percolator. Perfect coffee for the perfect wife, or so the slogan went. Susy watched her little round friend sip at her coffee with satisfaction. Something was on the woman’s mind, for sure.

“Thank you, Susy.” Linda took another sip of coffee and watched the steam twist and rise. She tugged at her blouse and asked about Patrick, Sally, and Adeline.

The two women engaged in some small talk for a while. Susy’s brown ponytail bounced as she made animated points about Patrick’s success at school. Linda was more subdued as she chimed in and agreed with her friend. Eventually, there was a long pause.

“I’m wondering, Susy, have you ever gone down south on Fred?” Linda’s blue eyes looked off to the side. Her gaze rested on an oil painting of a brown hunting dog majestically standing in snow. The still life was tastefully framed and hung over the brick fireplace.

“You mean, what the kids are calling blowjobs? Goodness gracious, sugar. Yes, many times.” Susy’s smile was warm and friendly. She didn’t want her friend to feel uncomfortable. “Is William making new demands in the bedroom?”

Linda’s round, pale cheeks turned several different shades of red. She still studied the painting of the dog. “Something like that. Do you know anything about it?”

“It’s your husband, Linda. Don’t worry. You just have to treat his rod like you would the rest of him. Give it adoring affection and kisses. You’ll figure out the rest in no time.” Susy took a long sip from her coffee. It was almost gone. “Men are happy to have our love and attention. Don’t worry about the details. Men don’t care about the details.”

“Thank you.” Linda coughed. She couldn’t bring herself to talk about what happened with David, even obliquely.

“And just between us girls.” Susy leaned in, her warm, spicy breath on Linda’s cheek. “I noticed you’re carrying a few extra pounds.”

Linda frowned, put down her coffee, and crossed her arms over her chest.

“No, no. It looks good on you. You’re putting it in the right places.” Susy shook her head. “I’ve gained a little weight too. I just wanted to tell you, there’s a new television show by a fellow named Jack LaLanne. He walks you through a calisthenics routine every afternoon. I’ve been enjoying the exercise and I hope it’ll pay off soon.”

“Oh, okay.” Linda tried not to look hurt. Could everyone tell she was getting bigger? She wiggled a little. Her bra was so tight. Maybe it was obvious.

The two women chatted for another half hour before Linda went back home for chores.

* * *

Susy was home in her new white exercise shorts and blouse. It was strange to be so scantily clad, but it was in her own living room, so no harm. She followed along with the exercise program on television, bouncing, stretching, and working up a light sweat. It felt good. She was sure those pounds would start falling off soon.

She heard the front door slam. But kept on with the routine.

“Hi, Mom.” Patrick walked past the living room heading up to the stairs. He didn’t really want to see or think about his mom at the moment, he just really needed a good tug. Maybe he’d think about Roy’s twin sister, Annie. She was everything her brother wasn’t. Popular, trim, hot. Well, Patrick chuckled to himself, his chubby friend and Annie might have the same cup size. Patrick stopped dead in his tracks. Something in the air. His nostrils flared. His pulse skyrocketed. He looked into the living room. His mom was exercising in front of the television. She was bent down all the way, looking at Patrick upside down from between her legs.

“Hi, Pat.” Susy smiled at her upside-down son and gave him a little wave. Then she went back to her stretch.

“Mom … I … I …” Patrick’s dick was suddenly rock hard. It pulled at his pants. He looked down and then back at Susy. Her big round butt filled out her shorts and looked obscene bent as she was. He could see her large knockers, between her legs, hanging toward her chin. “Mom …” His mom was a doll. He supposed he’d always known, but this hammered it home.

Susy straightened up and started bouncing from one foot to the next as she followed the routine. “There’s some lemonade … in the refrigerator.” Susy called over her shoulder. She was now breathing pretty heavy. “If you’re … hot and … sweaty.”

“Mom …” Patrick took a step into the living room. He wasn’t sweaty. He watched her round butt shake in those little shorts. He adjusted his thick glasses and watched her curvy legs launch her up and down. His mom’s tits bounded together inside her shirt and bra, he could see them every time she turned a little to the side. He needed to touch her.

“What is it, sugar?” Susy went on with her workout, oblivious to the frenzied male behind her.

She kept bouncing and then felt a hand on her right hip. “I’m doing a routine right now, Pat. I’ll be done … in a few minutes.” She could feel sweat trickling down her neck. Another hand grabbed her left butt cheek. She casually slapped it away. “Now Pat, you’re too old to be touching … Mommy like that.” She kept bouncing as the television man instructed.

The slap to his left wrist snapped Patrick out of his trance. “Sorry, Mom.” He shook his head, clearing out the cobwebs. He backed away from her. “I’ll be in my room.” He turned and ran out of the living room and up the stairs. His newly resized dick bounced wildly in his pants. His balls ached. He was going to tug a huge one. He wasn’t going to fantasize about Annie Ackerman. No, no, no. He was going to be thinking about his mom and her round, bouncing body.

“Bye, sugar.” Susy said to the disappearing boy. Boys could be quite the handful.

Susy huffed and puffed. She was glad the exercise routine was almost done.

* * *

David walked home after basketball practice. He was happy for the extra time out of the house. He didn’t know how to feel about his mom. He’d never even considered a girl might want to lap his cum like a dog. And to think it was his mom that wanted to. My God. There were too many thoughts and feelings flying around his head to sort them out. He just needed some time.

He turned down his front walkway and hunched his broad shoulders against the cold.

Inside the house, Linda worked hurriedly in the kitchen. Moving from oven to stove to sink and back again. A light sheen of sweat glistened on her forehead.

“Bill? Bill?” Linda called to her husband but he didn’t reply. Her blonde hair swung behind in its ponytail as she dashed about. Where was that man? She turned down a burner to simmer and quickly moved into the den.

William sat in his chair, his pipe hanging loosely in his mouth. Linda wiped her brow with the back of her left hand. The diamond on her wedding ring sparkled in the warm light of William’s reading lamp. Was the man asleep?

“Bill?” Linda walked into den to get a closer look. William’s newspaper was open on his lap and his eyes were open too, staring at one of his dumb minimalist paintings on the wall. “Bill? Are you sleeping with your eyes open?”

“What?” William roused himself and looked over at his wife. His eyes refocused. She was a pretty lady and looking more vivacious day by day. Her housewifery worries about gaining weight were so clearly misplaced. If anything, her body had improved itself in recent times. She wasn’t the thin twig he’d married, she was a more womanly version of herself. William fished the pipe out of his mouth and put it in the ashtray on the side table next to him.

“Do you know when Davey’s getting home?” Linda watched her husband’s eyes rove over her body. She thought to herself that she’d probably have to try that exercise television show Susy was going on about. She pulled a dishtowel off her apron and wiped her hands with it.

“What? Oh.” William blinked his eyes several times. Why was he so groggy? “You’re his mother, you should keep track of Davey’s schedule.”

“Thank you, dear.” Linda tucked the towel back in her apron. She turned to go, but looked back at her husband. William’s gaze moved back up to the painting and his mouth went slack again. He must have had a hard week at work, she thought.

The front door slammed and David’s voice called, “Mom, Dad, I’m home.”

“We’re in the den, darling,” Linda said.

David walked into the den. “Hi Mom. Hi Dad.”

“Hello Davey, how was your day?” Linda would normally give him a squeeze around the waist when he got home, but she didn’t want to get too close today. Her feet stayed planted in the carpet.

William just stared at the painting.

“Fine.” David dropped his backpack by the door to the den. He looked over at his father sitting slack-jawed in the chair. “What’s Dad doing?” Something in the den smelled good and it wasn’t the scent of the roasting chicken floating in from the kitchen. Suddenly, David had a massive boner. Given how much taller he was, it was almost in his mother’s sight line. He turned sideways to hide it. Flustered and distressed, David broke out in a cold sweat.

“He’s resting, sweetheart. Let’s just let him …” Linda smelled something too. She’d washed enough of David’s clothes over the years to know the smell of teenage sweat. She’d always found it unpleasant. Until now. She took a deep breath. Oh no. Her vagina immediately flooded her cotton panties. On instinct, she placed her hands in front of her crotch, but of course with her skirt and apron, there was nothing to see.

“So, I … I … need to go … to the washroom,” David said. With each breath he drew in, pleasure radiated out from David’s dick. This was a nightmare. His dad was sitting just a few feet away. And his mom was right there.

“I do too, Davey.” Linda rubbed her legs together. “Let’s go together. Okay?” She tried to put on a bright smile, dimples and all. She needed to join her son in that washroom. The smells from the kitchen reminded her dinner was on the verge of catastrophe. “Just let me take the chicken out.”

“I … gotta go.” David was so confused. He raced up the stairs.

William just continued to stare at the painting. “So, pretty,” he mumbled.

“Be there in a sec.” Linda moved quickly into the kitchen. She prayed David hadn’t locked the door. It was awkward to move about with her panties soaked as they were. She turned off one burned, turned down another. She then grabbed a couple hot pads and took the chicken in its roasting pan out of the oven. Dinner was ready, but that would have to wait. She placed the pan on the stainless part of her counter. She then wiped her hands on her dishtowel, dropped it by the sink, and rushed out of the kitchen and up the stairs.

“Davey, sweetheart, I’m coming in.” She knocked on the washroom door and opened it. Her sweet son sat on the toilet lid, stroking his massive penis with both hands. “Oh my.” She closed the door behind her and locked it. Not that it mattered. William was probably still staring at his dumb painting. “I’m … going to help you with that.” She stepped over to him, tucked her skirt under her, and lowered herself to her knees.

“Okay, Mom.” David was sweating profusely now. He knew only one thing very clearly, he needed to bust a nut in his mother’s sweet little mouth. He let go of his dick to let her take charge.

“God in heaven.” Linda looked up at the towering tool with wide, incredulous eyes. She put her little arm up next to it for scale. His penis was longer and thicker than her forearm. “You have a marvelous penis, sweetheart. I just, can’t believe how nice it is.”

“Thanks, Mom.” David was impatient. “Could you … please?”

“Yes, of course.” Her pink lips were parted, her cheeks flushed. She still carried that sheen of sweat on her forehead. “You’ll have to forgive me.” She reached up and grasped it with both hands. Her tiny fingers squeezed the spongy flesh. “I’ve never done this for your father.” She started stroking, moving her hands at a steady rhythm. She leaned in and kissed the head. Salty precum met her tongue and it sent sparks through her brain. “I haven’t done this for any man.” She kissed again and again. Pretty soon, she had the head in her mouth, and she was bobbing up and down on top, while her hands stroked below. She raised her eyes up and saw a wide smile on her son’s face. Susy was right, men just needed love and attention.

“Oh, Mom.” David watched his mother lovingly manipulate his dick. The washroom filled with the sounds of her sucking and slurping. “I’m close.”

“Mmmmmmmmmm,” Linda said. She wanted it. Wanted it more than anything.

“Oh … it’s happening … oh … it’s happening …” David’s balls spewed shot after of shot of cum into his mom’s waiting throat.

“Ooooohhhhhhmmmmmggggghhhhhh.” Linda tried to swallow it all. Lights flashed before her eyes, her body shook. She was having her own orgasm, just from swallowing her son’s semen.

“Oh … Mom.” David’s hips jumped. His balls weren’t empty yet.

Linda couldn’t take it all. She pulled her mouth off his penis and fell back on her butt on the nice black and white tile floor.

David grabbed his dick and angled it toward her. He sprayed her face, her pretty blonde hair, her neatly pressed white blouse, and her apron.

Every drop that touched Linda’s skin brought on a new wave of ecstasy. She writhed on the floor, wishing the sperm shower would last forever. Her narrow shoulders shook and her hips undulated as another orgasm took over.

“Mom?” David finished and let go of his dick. He stood up and looked down at his still squirming mother.

“It’s … okay … Davey,” Linda said in between gasping breaths. “I’m … okay.”

A sudden rush of guilt filled David. Guilt for what they’d just done and for what he still wanted to do to her. “Okay.” He stepped over her and opened the washroom door. He looked back. His dick awkwardly swung about, so he pulled his pants and underwear up all the way and tucked the thing uncomfortably inside.

“Dinner …” Linda sighed. “… will be ready soon.” Her movements quieted and she lay on the bathroom floor, eyes closed. Her left hand squeezed her left boob through the cum-soaked apron. Her right hand gripped her apron tightly above her vagina. “But I have to clean up first.”

David left her like that, dripping with his cum on the washroom floor. He quickly retreated to his room, his mind racing.

* * *

The early results were interesting. Axcix digested the data as it came back to her. She’d already successfully mated several pairs. There was a catch, however. It seems the dominant species was reluctant to breed with family members. Her makers had run into this before with another species at Tau Ceti.

Axcix adjusted her nanites. She’d up the male aggression factor by 1.39 and collect more data.