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Synopsis: A hidden power converts a man into Roboman The Robomaster.

Thanks to SG-105 for her inspiration and ideas.

They all became Slaves and Robots for the Robomaster

Part One

Nadine was having sex with her lover and best friend Vera. Vera was moaning as Nadine was licking her pussy deeply as the two lovers were close—very close and had been friends since grade school in Belgium.

Nadine was a raven haired woman with short black hair. She had moved from Europe—Belgium a couple of years earlier.

Vera was here visiting Nadine while her husband remained in Belgium. Nadine had fantasized about being lovers with Vera and so she was trying to make this a reality.

Vera was married to Karl, and Vera and Nadine grew up together, went to the same school, shared all each other’s little secrets, and were on the same swim team where Vera was the better of the two. Vera got married while Nadine stayed single. Her husband Karl was good friends with free Nadine and they had no kids. They had met for years at least once a week and talked about everything except Nadine’s fantasies about being abducted and robotized (which was one reason why she made such a superior Robot) and now she would share this with Vera in real like. She was the sweetest person free Nadine knew. Vera was about the same height as Nadine 5′2″/1.70 MT and very athletic. She was a beautiful redhead and just had her teeth done. She was a paralegal at a law firm.

Vera ended up leaving Karl for Nadine, and the two now lived together and were going to be married. Nadine had a little help as she had used techniques from a woman Nadine met named Stella. Vera had resisted Nadine’s advances, but then gave in.

She loved Nadine now and had divorced Karl.

Nadine had loved men and women and had an ex-boyfriend James who lived close to the couple. Nadine and James were close as they talked frequently and both had met at a club through a German woman named Stella Van Herrin.

James and Nadine were still an item and Nadine met him for frequent sex. They met like usual while Vera was at work and within two minutes the Nadine and James were fucking hard and kissing. James came inside her and they kept going.

James and Nadine fucked and passed out from exhaustion falling asleep inside Nadine.

But as he slept a strange presence entered his sleeping body…………………A presence alien and powerful.

When they awoke they kissed and Nadine said, “I still love you James…..but I love Vera, we must stop this.”

“Nadine…………I feel strange” James said.

“I’m leaving James” Nadine said as let her start to leave.

“Please Nadine listen to me! There is something wrong?”

“Yes there is James, goodbye”

Nadine was starting to get dressed when James said, “No! You will stay here Nadine please………I want you to get on top of me and tell me you love me” as his eyes glowed green.

Nadine stopped, blinked and turned and climbed on top of James saying, “I love you Master” and they fucked again even as James contemplated what Vera had said.

(Master? Nadine?)

James and Nadine fucking again, this time Nadine was robotic and re-invigorated.

“Nadine why did you call me Master?”

“Because you are my Master, Master”

“Nadine? Are you pretending?”

“No Master. I love you Master”

“So James is your Master Nadine?”

“No Master. You are my Master”

“I am James Nadine?”

“No Master. You are Roboman The Robomaster…………Master”

“Who is this Roboman Nadine?”

“You are Master”

“What IS The Roboman Nadine?”

“You Master”

“No……….Nadine…….stop for a minute” and Nadine stopped, her face now clearly controlled he noticed but still riding his erection as he was inside her.

“Nadine. Who is the Roboman, this Robomaster you say that I am?”

“You Master”

“No…………ugh…………….” Then James realized he was thinking strange, alien thoughts. Thoughts of turning women into his Slaves and Robots. Strange vivid thoughts, wilder then anything he had before. He came hard inside Nadine and she moved off of him and sucked him, taking his seed in her mouth. She eagerly swallowed it. And licked him clean as he came again as she took his seed he embraced his new side, his new powers. “Nadine will you do anything I say?”

“Anything Master”

“And if I told you to kill Vera?”

“I will kill Vera Master. Is that what you want me to do? Kill Vera?”

“Yes Nadine”

“Then I will kill her for you Master” as Nadine reached into the dresser and pulled a 9mm and cocked it, she was going to obey her Master.

“Stop Nadine. I don’t want you to kill Vera”

“Yes Master” as she put the gun away.

“What should we do with Vera then Nadine, I want you to be with me like this?”

“Then Vera should be your Slave too Master” Nadine said coldly.

He pondered this and smiled, “Yes I agree. Vera will serve me too. But I need more than just Slaves Nadine. You said I was Roboman The Robomaster?”

“Yes Master you are”

“As in Slaves and Robots?”

“Yes Master”

“But how……………” as he thought of how to turn women into Robots he thought of Stella and the Club Lesbos and her Robot-like Servants. And ideas and processes filled his mind. “Yes hahaha yes Robots………….How would you like to be my #1 Robot Nadine, with bigger boobs?”

“I would like that Master”

“Very good Nadine………….” James said as he felt the power which had invaded him taking more and more control and subverting him. He had the power to control women now and he wanted to use it.

Nadine resumed pleasuring him as he came hard in her mouth she eagerly swallowed it down. But at that moment, his door opened and it was Melanie his current girlfriend and her best friend Tiffany. James and Nadine didn’t notice, but Melanie and Tiffany walked in on them and Melanie yelled, “You are disgusting! You betrayed me! Tiffany told me you were a pig! You are back with Nadine! I am out of here jackass!”

As Melanie and Tiffany turned to storm out, James said, “No I don’t think so……..stay, both of you”

Melanie and Tiffany stopped, and pivoted blank faced and stood at attention before him.

Nadine continued sucking him, and he said, “See isn’t this nice? Isn’t Nadine wonderful? Apologize to me Melanie”

“Yes Master. Yes she is Master. I am sorry Master”

“Good Melanie, now you and Tiffany will stay here with me, I have plans for the three of you. Tell me are you jealous of Nadine or angry at me?”

“No Master. You deserve Slaves to serve you”

“Yes………..We have a lot to do the four of us. I want to move slowly and carefully to slowly convert others to my service” James/Robomaster said as he arranged a meeting with an associate of Stella Van Herrin—Mistress Jessica.

* * *

In a newly purchased mansion, purchased with funds from dozens of Slaves, The Robomaster had a new home.

Standing guard in the house were a squad of fifty robotized women, led by Melanie and Tiffany, who stood clad in their Master’s bedroom clad in shiny black latex arm length gloves, thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots, low cut leotards, collars around their necks and their small breasts were now 38DD″. They had dildos mounted on their fronts and small earpieces in their left ears. Their eyelids, lips and nipples were silverized. Their faces were completely blank of all expression, their eyes wide open. Their hair was down and beautiful. In their boot tops were dildos, guns and other devices. On their uniforms were the numbers #2/Melanie and #3/Tiffany in white numbers.

Their Master laid naked in the bed as one of his Sex Slaves pleasured him, a black latex rubber clad redhead. The Sex Slave was naked with a neatly shaved pussy with black latex rubber arm length gloves, thigh high stiletto heeled boots and a collar. Her red hair was pulled back into a pony tail held by a black band and she worked robotically her Master’s penis sucking it and pleasuring him.


“Excellent my Slave……………..” The Robomaster said as the door opened and another robotized woman walked in, also clad in shiny black latex arm length gloves, thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots, low cut leotard, collar, and 38DD″ breasts. She also had a dildo mounted on her front and a small earpiece in her left ear. A large number #27 on her outfit. She bowed fully to her Master saying, “MASTER BREAKFAST WILL BE READY IN 20 MINUTES.” It was a missing model/porn star rumored to have killed herself by hanging. The Robomaster had “rescued” her and robotized her.

“Thank you my Robot August” he said as the robotized woman pivoted sharply on her heels and went out.

The Robomaster ate as the Sex Slave pleasured him under the table. The robotized Melanie and Tiffany stood guard over him then helped him shower and get dressed.

The Robomaster looked over at the two robots guarding him, the robotized Melanie and Tiffany. Standing at Robot attention, their eyes unblinking, their faces blank of all expression.

“Where is Robot #1?” Robomaster asked.


“Where is my morning Report?” Robomaster asked.

“ROBOT #4 IS PREPARING IT FOR YOU MASTER” Melanie/#2 reported.

Then another Robot walked in, a redhead, also clad in shiny black latex arm length gloves, thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots, low cut leotard, collar, and 38DD″ breasts. She also had a dildo mounted on her front and a small earpiece in her left ear. A large number #4 on her outfit. It was Vera.

She bowed fully to her Master handing him the report saying, “MASTER HERE IS THE MORNING REPORT. PLEASE FORGIVE MY TARDINESS.”

“You failed to report on time Vera……………you disappoint me Vera…….was I wrong in letting Nadine Robotize you for my service?” Robomaster said and the robotized Vera knew she had failed her Master.

“NO MASTER” the robotized Vera/#4 said.

The Robomaster remembered how he had robotized Nadine and Vera two weeks earlier;

Using knowledge gained from his new “hitchhiker” James/Robomaster created a Robotizer to convert women into Robot servants and Slaves. Nadine, Melanie and Tiffany were undressed and placed in the Robotizer Chairs which there were four chairs.

The three were completely cooperative as they were enslaved to him as he strapped them into the chairs, their arms and ankles with bands.

Then he said, “I need you each to be free for the best Robotizing so I free you now……….”

“W-what the fuck? Why am I naked?” Melanie said.

“James what is this?!” Nadine asked fighting the restraints.

“Melanie? What? How did we get naked? And why is my pussy feel like I have been having lots of sex?!” Tiffany said.

“Hahahaha because you have been Tiffany. You are naked because you undressed for me as I commanded. You have been my Slaves for several hours. WE have had lots of sex, all four of us. You even helped me build this device. And once it is finished, you three will be the first of my Robot Army” James said laughing like a Bond Villain.

“Robots? You are fucking crazy!” Melanie said, “What has happened to you James!?”

“You might say ‘something’ got into me hahahaha” James said referring to the alien presence now clearly in control. He turned on the power and activated and the chairs on a table, were being slid into a large chamber and a door was going to close them inside. The chamber, a modified pressure tank for maturing beer and cider, it was now a robotization chamber. And through a combination of energy, gases and injections the three would become powerful human Robots.

As the door was closing, he said, “I would advise you don’t hold your breath. The gas is designed to help make the process more pleasant. If you miss that it might not be so pleasant for you………….When I see you again you will be my Robots” he said as the door was closing.

“Fuck you! You bastard!” Melanie exclaimed as the others begged for their freedom.

“Please no James no!” Nadine pleaded, “My Vera……….”

“Don’t worry about Vera Nadine, she will soon be joining you hahaha” Robomaster said, “And Melanie…………..yes you will, often hahaha.”

“No please!!!! I am sorry James!!” Tiffany pleaded.

“Sorry James is gone Tiffany…………there is only The Robomaster” he said as the door closed and sealed, and their pleas were silenced for him, but inside they were crying and screaming.

But as he said the chamber filled with gas and Melanie and Tiffany breathed it in and went silent, their faces lost all expression as a sound was heard as their bodies let go as they came and peed. Their eyes went wide as they were as promised in lala land of bliss and orgasm.

Nadine however, a stubborn Belgian, held her breath and the gas faded and was evacuated. She breathed and realized she was safe from the sweet smelling gas. But then she felt dildos ram into her vagina and anus. One lowered into her mouth and she tried to turn away but she couldn’t and it rammed deep in her throat. Nadine gagged and looked at Melanie and Tiffany out of her peripheral vision and the two were eagerly taking the dildos deep in their mouths and sucking hard.

Cups attacked to their breasts and needles injected green liquid into them.

“Mmmppppfffff!!!!” Nadine screamed as the needles pumped her breasts full of a LOT of liquid, expanding them. For Melanie and Tiffany they felt nothing as promised.

Nadine felt liquid being pumped into her anus and vagina as well as she tried to resist.

Liquid was pumped in her throat and she swallowed it in fear of choking.

She had no rest as hypos then injected the three with green liquid in their arms and the chamber filled with gas again. Cups on their breasts sucked and pumped as their breasts began to enlarge.

Nadine began to feel dizzy as she breathed in the gas through her nose and she began to feel “funny” as helmets lowered into their heads covering their eyes and images began being flashed on a small screen as their brains were altered with magnetic energy by the helmets.

They were shown images and in earbuds over their ears were told, “YOU ARE A HUMAN ROBOT. YOU EXIST TO SERVE THE ROBOMASTER. YOU MUST OBEY. YOU WILL OBEY ALL ORDERS WITHOUT QUESTION………..”

Melanie and Tiffany repeated the phrases in their minds instantly, but Nadine still tried to resist but she was losing herself to the process. (No………..I am free………I am………….fr………………must….resist………..must……obey…….no). As for Melanie and Tiffany they were well on their way to becoming robot servants each now with 38DD breasts and strong, enhanced bodies. Their memories were intact but their free wills were gone—erased forever. Their minds were “enhanced” as they were reprogrammed to obey. Only to obey.

Nadine felt her boobs swelling from 34″ to 35″ to 37″ to 38D″ to 38DD″ as she realized at last she had boobs like she wanted but she was becoming a Robot. With her boobs swelling, her mind was shrinking, fading to nothing but blank, obedient bliss. Nadine’s last free thought was of Vera as her mind went blank……..………..

The Robomaster watched the women on a monitor and displays showed the steps of the process. In addition to the Robotizer, there was a processor for Sex Slaves and Slaves.

The final steps in the process began as the dildos retracted from their mouths, anuses and vaginas and new shiny black latex rubber outfits began forming on their bodies, “sprayed on” by applicators as the helmets raised showing their blank faces with silver eyelids and lips. Their areole was silver as well. The cups retracted from their breasts revealing their new 38DD breasts and silver tattoos on their left breasts with a barcode and the words “PROPERTY OF THE ROBOMASTER”, and below “ROBOT #___” and their number, 1, 2 and 3.

As they sat blank minded, staring blankly ahead, the outfits formed on them;

For Nadine her short black hair matched her shiny black outfit as did Melanie’s long straight blonde dyed black hair. But Tiffany was a blonde, and it contrasted against her new outfit.

Dildo panties formed on them with a dildo in the anal opening and the vaginal opening, and a clitoral stimulator over their clits. They fit tightly giving them camel toes and they here thong bottom.

Shiny black latex arm length gloves formed onto their arms as did the thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots, which added 6″ to their height.

Then shiny black latex low cut leotards formed on them over their dildo panties or “Sex Control” panties. On their leotards were the numbers #1/Nadine, #2/Melanie and #3/Tiffany in white numbers.

Belts formed around them with several buttons on them to activate devices and powers.

Then shiny black collars snapped around their necks and made a power-up sound as they closed. They were magnetically locked and could not be removed.

Then small earpieces formed in their left ears.

Their hair was down and beautiful.

In their boot tops were placed dildos, guns and other devices.

Outside the display showed green and “ROBOTIZED” as the chamber opened and the table-like platform the chairs were on slid out. The restraints popped open and each of the three women stood and walked off toward their new Master.

They stopped before him, bowed and each said in turn;




“Excellent! Perfection all three of you! State your Primary function and protocols” Robomaster said as he fondled his new toys.






“Stop. That is sufficient, your programming seems complete. Perhaps one test. Pleasure me, all three of you” Robomaster said, “Extend dildos.” Then each of them had dildos extend on their fronts with a “POP” and he said, “Excellent! You will use them to convert the next batch of Robots as you can enslave and Robotize women with them. And use them for pleasure…………….”

The three human robots then pleasured their Master in a wild Robot orgy. And after they all got cleaned up, Robot #1 was sent to pay a visit to Vera.

To be Continued