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Synopsis: A hidden power converts a man into Roboman The Robomaster.

Thanks to SG-105 for her inspiration and ideas.

They all became Slaves and Robots for the Robomaster

Part Nine

At the Mansion of The Robomaster, Jennifer/#207 and Nadine/#1 pleasured their Master. As they pleasured him he said, “Ahhh my Robots, you please me…….”


The door opened and another robotized woman walked in, also clad in shiny black latex arm length gloves, thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots, low cut leotard, collar, and 38DD” breasts. She also had a dildo mounted on her front and a small earpiece in her left ear. A large number #27 on her outfit. She bowed fully to her Master saying, “MASTER WE HAVE DETECTED INVESTIGATIVE WORK INCLUDING SEARCHES OF RECORDS SEARCHING STELLA VAN HERRIN.”

“Thank you my Robot August, have StellaBot report to me and have Robot Pamela, the Policewoman call me” he said as the robotized woman said, “YES MASTER I WILL RELAY YOUR COMMAND.” And then she pivoted sharply on her heels and went out.

StellaBot reported as ordered and he had her join them.

Scientist Robot Stella clad in shiny white latex rubber had his erect penis in her mouth sucking and pleasuring him. “Ah yes Stella……….Ah-h-h-h-h-h” as he came again in her mouth. “You Robots please me so…………..It seems someone is searching for you my Robot. Use your old phone and allow them to contact you”

“MMMMPPPPFFFFF YES MY MASTER” as she swallowed her Master’s cum.

The robotized Policewoman Pamela/#S122 called her Master as ordered, and The Robomaster answered, “Yes my Robot, report.”


“Investigate if there are any other weird events my Robot, well done” The Robomaster said.

“THANK YOU MASTER. I EXIST TO SERVE YOU” as she hung up the phone.

* * *

The nosey airport worker was eating fast food and parked down the street from the mansion where Mel and her Robots were staying. She was bored and was curious about these shiny clad women. She saw several of them patrolling the grounds of this mansion. The worked watched them and a couple on mountain bikes rode by too close. She watched them as the man fell dead and she took the woman into the mansion. She saw them carry the man inside as well. She started to call the police when suddenly she turned to see one of the shiny clad women at her car window. She was sprayed with a gas in the face and everything went blank……………..

She found herself naked, in a holding cell with the mountain biker she saw, who was also naked.

“Oh you’re finally awake? I am Melinda” the mountain biker said.

“W-what happened? I saw one of those shiny girls and I felt like I had honey poured on my face? I-I am Beth” the wayward airport worker said.

“They use some sort of gas or something? They did the same to me—to us………(crying) m-my boyfriend………they killed him” Melinda said.

“I know I’m sorry………..I saw and tried to call the Police but……..hey I dialed I think? My phone………….I called 911?” Beth said.

“I think you did………….I saw a pair of Policewomen” Melinda said.

“Good then they will save us!” Beth said.

“No…………I saw them get turned into some sort of Zombie or Slave by those shiny clad women. They were bowing to this one woman, I think the one who controls them, and they left. So she has Police working for her now” Melinda said.

“Zombies?” Beth said.

“Well I saw them brought in as they were undressing me and the shiny women did something to them……………they knelt before them and began licking their sex areas…………as they held their gloves on their heads……….There was this weird glowing and then they acted controlled………….It was weird……..” Melinda said.

“Shit……… can we fight this? They are going to zombie-ize us?” Beth said.

“No…….I think they are going to make us into one of the shiny clad women, or they would have already zombie-ized us……………” Melinda said.

“Y-your boyfriend, where is……….his body?” Beth said.

“They did something to it………….I saw him disappear like in a movie……….one of the shiny clad women absorbed him or something………………”. Melinda said.

“Why?” Beth said.

“I don’t know…………..those shiny women don’t talk much…….one of them told me just ‘YOU WILL SOON UNDERSTAND’ whatever that means. She had this weird quality like monotone or like she was a robot or something. A-And I heard them talking another language one time like French I think…………..” Melinda said.

* * *

At the Mansion of The Robomaster, Nadine/#1 pleasured her Master again. He said, “Ahhh my Nadine…… Nadine Ahhhhh…….”


The robotized Nadine shuddered as she heard her absolute Master was pleased with her.

The door opened and Robot #27 walked in again. She bowed fully to her Master saying, “MASTER FORGIVE THE INTRUSION WE HAVE NEW INFORMATION FROM ROBOT PAMELA. A 911 CALL AND MISSING MOUNTAIN BIKERS.”

“Thank you my Robot August, join us” he said as the robotized woman said, “YES MASTER.” And then she laid with her Master and kissed him. They continued for two hours.

Also during this time, Scientist Robot Stella clad in shiny white latex rubber received a call, “YES THIS IS STELLA……………MEL……….YES IN GERMANY OF COURSE…………” as she collected information pretending to be free and then hung up the phone to report to her Master.

* * *

Then Beth and Melinda were joined by other naked women as Mel’s Robots were capturing any stray women or desirable woman in the area. She already added ten more Robots and many more Slaves. Mel had Beth and Melinda brought to her.

Mel sat in a makeshift throne chair and had her Robots Guarding her and flanking the walls of the room. Her Robots forced the two women to kneel before her and she questioned them;

“Why did you follow us from the airport my dear? I could have had you robotized already but I am curious, you followed us. Then you staked out the mansion and only after you saw Melinda and her boyfriend here grabbed did you try to call the police? Why?” Mel asked.

“I-I was curious…………I heard reports of women in shiny outfits………….and they are all so beautiful………..I am not beautiful………..I am plain……” Beth said, “but then I saw them grab them and kill that man………..I snapped out of it and called 911. What happened to him?”

“He was………..absorbed for us………use as raw materials……….I suspect one of these Robots are wearing him hahaha” Mel said.

Beth was puzzled and Melinda was crying.

“Melinda enough of that! No crying. Crying is weak. You will not cry ever again after today my dear. You see these robotized women, they will stay young, beautiful and powerful for centuries, and they will never feel pain or sadness again. Thanks to Beth calling 911, the police came and I gained new Slaves and they are delivering me all kinds of information and new Slaves and Robots. And it seems my old mentor Stella is under the control of this person responsible for the Hollywood abductions…………..Stella thinks I am a fool, but I can tell she has been Robotized. She taught me well. And she told me of a male assistant, and I know she hates males hahahaha. So both of you, who knew you were here?”

“My-my mother knew Bill and I were going riding in this area………….she will call the police and………..she will………” Melinda said stopping herself.

“No I think not………….because you will call her and have here come here” Mel said.

“No I will not!” Melinda said defiantly.

Mel motioned and one of her Robots walked over and she put her gloved hand in front of Melinda’s face and there was a green flash and then Melinda’s face changed and she went to work licking the sex area of the robot and the Robot placed her gloved hands on her head. There was a glowing from the gloves and after a short time, Melinda stopped and said, “I am your Slave Mistress! I will do anything commanded” Melinda said.

“Excellent Slave, and you Beth?” Mel asked.

“Y-you don’t need to do that to me…………I did not tell anyone……….I want to serve you willingly. You—they are so beautiful, so sexy. I want to be like that and serve you………..Mistress” Beth said.

Mel was surprised, a little. She thought that was why Beth did not call the Police right away. “Very well, show me” Mel said pointing at her own sex.

“I-I am not a lesbian……….?” Beth said as she moved close to Mel and went to work.

“You will learn…….” Mel said as Beth licked and at first was slow and awkward but soon had a rhythm and was enjoying it. Enjoying serving the beautiful French model. And Mel learned the last name of her newest Slave Melinda, “Slave your last name is Evanson……….as in Evanson Aerospace?”

“Yes Mistress! The company was my fathers and when he died my Mother runs it now. The one you want me to bring here” Melinda said lowering her head in submission.

“Hahahaha excellent! Yes you will lure her here, it seems we are about to have a company takeover and you will both give it to me” Mel said laughing.

“Yes Mistress!” Melinda said eagerly.

“Hello Melinda? Where are you? You and Bill failed to come back and so I have a security detail looking for you, you know I have that big government meeting today? That Space contract is worth millions, get your butts home” she said.

“I can’t mother…………I am with a new friend, she wants to meet you. You’ll like her………..she is very pretty and smart” Melinda said in a weird monotone her mother picked up on.

“Melinda are you okay? How is the weather there?”

“Fine mother. Are you going to come? I can give you an address?” Melinda said.

“um……….sure honey give me the address…….” Her mother said as she signaled her own security. The phrase ‘How is the Weather there?’ was a code phrase they had worked out. And the fact that her daughter was too zoned out or unable to answer it meant trouble. Even if everything was fine, the correct response was ‘Fine thank you’ and ‘it’s supposed to rain or storm’ meant real trouble.

“She will come Mistress. She will be there” Melinda said.

“Good and we will be waiting for her hahahaha. You please me Slave. You will make an excellent Robot………..once I am finished with you as my Slave. Will your mother come alone?”

“No Mistress. She will likely have a security detail of women. She prefers women to work for her. They will be suitable for your use Mistress” Melinda said.

“Hahahaha excellent! I am pleased you are thinking correctly, and more than a mindless Slave. I will add them to my forces. Another woman in France tried to ambush me and make me one of her Robots. But I turned the tables on her;”

Mel was in France in her black Audi, parked clad in a sleeveless PVC mistress dress, wrist length PVC gloves, and thigh high stiletto heeled platform PVC boots and sat smoking her odorless cigarettes. Her hair was back and she looked extremely beautiful. She watched for suitable females add to her Robots. Tourists were always the best—beautiful women on school break, no attachment, and when they came up missing it was assumed another stupid college girl got drunk and drowned or was killed. She watched as nearby a van of four of her own Robots waited for the order to grab a woman she saw. Her Robots all clad in shiny black PVC bodysuits with arm length gloves and thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots as the Robots she had with her now.

But then she saw them - two tanned PVC clad women. They drove up to a girl coming out of a hotel and grabbed her. They were clad in shiny black minidresses with long sleeves, thong bottoms with camel toes and pantyhose under the bottoms with ankle high stiletto heeled boots, wrist length gloves, and their hair was pulled back into pony tails. Their breasts were big and firm 36D and their minidresses showed cleavage. Their skin was tanned like they had been in tanning booths or to Hawaii. They wore black framed glasses 60s style glasses and their eyes were fixed and unmoving. Mel watched as the women grabbed her and injected her with something and she stopped fighting them. They then drove off. The woman in the passenger seat looked at her as they drove off.

She realized she had competition. But more than that, Mel was spotted and she was to be targeted next.

Mel added two new Robots herself that day.

Mel was out maintaining the facade that she was just a model with two other models, when a four of the tanned PVC clad women attacked them.

Her two fellow models were grabbed easily and injected them with something and they stopped fighting them. They actually tried to help them grab Mel. Mel hit one of the PVC clad women and it seemed to not affect her at all. Mel pulled a gun she carried and fired into her, and it seemed to bounce off the PVC material so she ran. And ran and signaled her Robots for assistance. When she returned the women were gone.

She told the Police when questioned, “They were clad in shiny black minidresses or coats with long sleeves………pantyhose I think and ankle high boots and wrist length gloves. Their hair was pulled back into pony tails and they were tanned……..really tanned and they had these old style retro glasses. They tried to get me but I have a gun—and a permit since I was attacked before………” Mel said.

The Policewoman started to ask her to see the permit but she pulled out a small perfume bottle and instead of spraying it on herself, sprayed it in the Policewoman’s face. “Hey?........cough cough………you need to……………” as her face lost expression and she shuddered in orgasm.

“Yes Officer?” Mel said smiling, “You don’t need to see my permit, since I have none anyway, and what else is it that you wanted to say to me?”

“How may I serve you?” the Policewoman said in a monotone voice.

“I want all the information you have on these tanned PVC clad women, and I want you to work for me” Mel said.

“y-yes of course” the Policewoman said.

“Of course what?” Mel said snydly.

“Of course Mistress” the Policewoman said, orgasming again as she said it.

“Good. Now do as I said and report back to me quickly” Mel said. Mel knew the perfume only enslaved a woman for a short time. The Policewoman would come out of it with only a headache, and no memory of what she did while under the effects. So if Mel wanted her for more, she would have to be robotized within 24 hours.

Mel also knew those other robot women would try to grab her again. Stella trained her well. She would be ready for them. The Policewoman gave her Mistress a full report, then she was taken to the Robotizer. Mel took a squad of Robots including this new Robot, to the area where the most sightings occurred of the PVC clad tanned women.

Mel was out making herself an easy target. It did not take long. She was grabbed by two of the PVC clad women, who held her in their vice-like grips. She recognized them as the two fellow models who were grabbed previously, now dark bronze tanned and in the PVC, obviously robotized or under control.

She struggled but then another injected her in the neck with something. Mel managed to say, “Robots………..Oh putain Ahhhh………” as she stopped fighting them. Mel then went with them obediently.

As the injection had gone into her neck, any pain changed to mindlessness and she came in her panties. She felt compelled to do whatever she was told.

Mel was taken to the mansion of the Robot’s Controller/Mistress and was led inside. She was stripped down naked and placed in a holding cell. But not before the locator in her purse helped her Robots follow them.

Mel was taken out to be robotized. She cooperated until the injection began wearing off. She knew she was in the hideout of the Robots but they dragged her up to a platform over a tall glass tube. She knew she was about to become one of the Robot women. She struggled but it was useless against the robotized women.

Mel yelled “No please!!!!” as two of the PVC tanned women shackled her wrists to a board and as it raised up a trap door opened and Mel found herself hanging over a tall thick glass chamber. She could feel the heat and smelled noxious gases coming from the chamber as she saw a beautiful blonde woman at the robotizing controls. She began lowering her in as Mel thrashed around screaming.

Just then her own Robots attacked and she saw this but struggled to maintain herself. Mel was lowered slowly into the chamber and she could feel the heat and electrical shocks on her feet. As she was lowered this moved up to her thighs then crotch then her whole body as she thrashed around, hard to breathe. She felt shocks in her head as she finally passed out. Like a puppet on strings she was limp and cum and urine drained from her pussy area.

As Mel hung nearly lifeless in the tube, gas and mist sprayed on her naked body as the shocks continued and her skin began to take on a rubbery texture and tan.

Mel awoke some time later, unrobotized but she felt strange as though the process did do something to her. Her emotions seemed more distant, she was colder and more calculating now. Even more so then after Stella Van Herrin had brainwashed her.

She saw her Robots in control and the tanned Robots were stopped like statues or mannequins, their control system turned off. Without direct control they were unable to function.

She saw her Robots holding a blonde PVC clad women, clad in a shiny white PVC short sleeve V-neck top and matching knickers. High heeled white shoes and wrist length PVC gloves. Her blonde hair was pulled into a bun.

“Stupid Robots! Get me my clothes! And you, you are the one behind these tanned Robot women?”

“Yes. I am Lady Abella Gauthier, these Robots are mine. I took them from another named Cecelia Addington Court. You were almost one of my Robots………but I see I underestimated you and you have your own? We should work together” Lady Abella said.

“We will. Explain your process and control methods to me” Mel said.

“No. Not until you agree we will work together as equals. I want some guarantees” Abella said.

Her Robots handed her all of her belongings and Mel said, “You should have searched my purse” as she pulled out the small perfume bottle and instead of spraying it on herself, sprayed it in Lady Abella’s face.

“What the?........cough cough………I-I…….ahhhh” as her face lost expression and Abella shuddered in orgasm.

“Now tell me what I want to know. Tell me everything………Mel said coldly.

Lady Abella then told her new Mistress everything she knew, every aspect, every detail. Mel then ordered her Robots to convert Lady Abella into one of her Slaves/their Slaves. This process was permanent and made the woman a Slave to her and a Roboslave, or Slave to the robotizing Robot.

Mel watched as her Robots “converted” Lady Abella to serve her forever as a Slaves. After five minutes, Abella wore only shiny black PVC arm length gloves and thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots. She had new unusual earrings and her face was blank of all expression. Abella said, “Mistress thank you for enslaving me. Now I understand my place and my purpose. May I pleasure you Mistress?” Abella said lowering her head in submission.

“Yes Slave of course” Mel said smiling.

“Yes Mistress thank you. I am honored to serve your will” Abella said subserviently as she knelt and pleasured Mel.

“Ahhh yes………you please me Slave…….” Mel said as she came in Abella’s mouth and she eagerly lapped it up.


Mel then activated her new Robots, now programmed to obey her and Slave Abella and Mel left a squad of her other Robots to ensure Abella and the Robots remained her loyal Robots.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

“Ahhh yes………you please me Slave…….” Mel said as she came in Melinda’s mouth and she eagerly lapped it up.


“Yes Slave………I will turn your mother into my Slave as well. As a robot she would attract too much attention, but as my Slave she can blend in anywhere hahaha. As you will. I will use you to find out what has really happened to my old Mistress Stella” Mel said.

Melinda continued pleasuring her Mistress until it was time to go to meet her mother. Mel arranged another address, as not to give up her own. And right on schedule, Melissa Evanson, Melinda’s mother arrived in a limousine with two SUVs for security. The women in suits looked like Government agents with earpieces and sunglasses, as they went to the door. Melissa was surrounded by four of these suited women. But one of the suited women was dressed slightly differently. She sat in the driver’s seat of one of the SUVs as her squad was out. And underneath her suit she wore shiny black PVC gloves, and platform boots under her suit. She had been partially robotized by Melanie/#S1 for her Master, and she signaled, “ROBOMASTER THIS IS ROBOT #S546 WE HAVE ARRIVED TO MEET THE DAUGHTER OF MY EMPLOYER AS YOU EXPECTED MASTER. THE OTHERS ARE OUTSIDE AND UNAWARE OF MY COMMUNICATION. DO YOU WISH ME TO CONTINUE SURVEILLANCE OR NEUTRALIZE THEM MASTER?”

On the other end of the special earpiece communicator, The Robomaster was being pleasured by Nadine/#1 again. He said, “Ahhh ………yes my Robot I am pleased. I have a patrol nearby. Continue surveillance my Robot, I must know who is behind these abductions in that area……..Ahhh my Nadine…… Nadine Ahhhhh…….”

“YES MASTER I WILL OBEY” #S546/Shannon Kingston said as she obeyed. She heard her Master and only a short time earlier had his penis in her mouth pleasuring him. She existed to serve the Robomaster as did Nadine and the others.

The robotized Shannon/#S546 waited and all she heard were shots fired, moans and then silence. Then she heard her employer say in a monotone voice, “All security stand down. Everything is fine now. My daughter is safe. Those in the vehicles come in.”

She did as she was told, and once inside, she saw her employer Melissa Evanson, kneeling at the pussy of Mel as she came in Melissa’s mouth and she eagerly lapped it up. Her daughter Melinda stood at her side holding a tray with a drink for her Mistress.


“Yes Slave………you both make excellent Slaves. And you and your forces will make excellent robots hahaha”.

The robotized Shannon/#S546 saw her fellow security personnel being impaled by robotized women with large phalluses being Robotized to serve Mel. She knew she must leave and warn her Master. So she turned and ran in her boots, and Mel motioned and sent two Robots after her.

After five minutes they returned and said, “MISTRESS SHE HAS ESCAPED”

“What?! How is that possible?”


“Leaped or flew? Stupid Robots!” Mel said as she aimed a small control device she carried for her Robots and pressed a button and both Robots vanished in a flash of energy, disintegrated. Mel was taught well by Stella, and she did not tolerate failure. She mumbled, “Stupid Robots………….that woman must have been robotized by the one behind the abductions…….another to spy on you or me…………fuck! That means he knows about this………..about me……….How long did that one work for you Slave?”

“Mmmmmmppfff SLURP Several weeks my Mistress. She was on vacation until this morning” Melissa coldly said then resumed servicing her Mistress Mel.

“We need to return to the mansion quickly, leave no trace here of our presence” Mel said, as Melissa’s entire Security entourage were now new Robots for Mel.

Four Squads of Robomaster’s Robots led by Nadine/#1 and Jessica/#5 responded and reported, “NO TRACE OF ACTIVITY MASTER. WE DO DETECT RESIDUAL SEXUAL FLUIDS AND RADIATION. WE HAVE FAILED YOU MASTER” Nadine said.

“No my Robots, but they escaped, return to me and we will regroup. Watch for spies when you exit, this woman may have placed someone to watch for you” Robomaster said as he was pleasured by his loyal Robot Stella. “Ah yes Stella……….Ah-h-h-h-h-h” as he came in her mouth. “You please me Stella…… and the others………I want this woman, this French woman. You will enslave her for me my Stella. Then I want to watch Nadine or you to robotize her in front of me. Robots have Robot Jennifer come to me”

“YES MASTER” as a signal was sent.

Only moments later, Robot Jennifer/#207 entered and bowed to her Master.

He looked at his loyal Robot in her slightly modified outfit of shiny black latex arm length gloves, thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots, a low cut leotard, and she still had 36C” breasts. Her eyelids and lips were silverized, her hair down and beautiful. She had a small earpiece like a hearing aid in her left ear and no number on her outfit to “blend in” easier. She was a perfect Robot, like Nadine.

“Stella you may resume your duties” as he dismissed one Robot, and then sat with one of his new favorite Robots. “Tell me how is this batch proceeding? I let you have them as we discussed, you said you could make them new Slaves for me?”


Jennifer/#207 said as they discussed what happened;

The captives were undressed and about to be robotized, but inside the cells filled with gas which anesthetized them all. Jennifer/#207 then aided and all of them were “prepared”, the were bathed, their sex Shaved and they were dressed only in shiny black latex Dildo panties or Sex Control panties, with a dildo in the anal opening and the vaginal opening, and a clitoral stimulator over the clit. They fit tightly giving them a camel toe and they were thong bottom. Also shiny black latex arm length gloves and thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots, which added 6″ to their height. They were also dressed in matching collars but these collars were “training collars” which aided in brainwashing them.

Jennifer/#207 led their “re-education” as she developed techniques to turn women into Agents and Slaves for her Master. Beginning with these fifty, soon there would be hundreds then thousands of Slaves. Eventually all women would be enslaved or robotized to serve The Robomaster.

First the women were taken to a large room and told to kneel before a large screen. It was hard to kneel in the boots and many refused. The room was guarded by twenty Robots. Jennifer//#207 said, “YOU WILL KNEEL. YOU WILL OBEY.”

“What is wrong with you Jennifer! How can you be part of this!” one of the women yelled, Jennifer Garner.


Several women obeyed and as they did their faces showed pleasure as they obeyed. Those who still refused like Jennifer Garner, were forced to kneel by Robots. And then when they did, their faces too showed pleasure as they felt their dildo panties reward them for obeying.


“What is this Jennifer? A spiral? What is it supposed to do hypnotize us? It’s silly it’s……………………” Jennifer Garner said as her jaw went slack and her eyes wide open.

“YES IT WILL HYPNOTIZE YOU. WE WILL BEGIN YOUR RE-EDUCATION NOW” Jennifer//#207 said as they watched and learned. They watched and came again and again. And being uncomfortable kneeling in their boots meant nothing to them now. They felt only the reward of their collars and their Sex Control panties.

Robot Stella/#SR1 worked with Jennifer/#207 on perfecting the process.

By the first 12 hours only a few still resisted of the 50. By the first 24 hours there was no resistance, only obedience.

“MASTER WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE MY PROGRESS?” Jennifer/#207 said as she kissed and pleasured her Master.

“Yes show me my Robot” he said.

She activated one a small device and six of the Slaves walked in and knelt before them; The Robomaster had not really seen them as he was allowing his Robot to do this and serve him. Partially to see how her new Robot mindset served him.

He saw Jennifer Garner, Shannon Elizabeth, and four other he did not recognize.

They each said nothing and waited on a word from Jennifer/#207. They knew who “he” was but they said nothing.


“We are your Slaves Master. We exist to serve your will and the will of Robots over us. We will do whatever you tell us to do. We are nothing without you Master. Our former lives were pitiful and useless but now we have purpose and bliss of obedience and pleasure. We must bring others to this understanding. All women must serve you Master. We exist to provide pleasure to you and those you direct” all four said simultaneously, barely blinking and not taking their eyes off Jennifer or the Master.

“Excellent! You have done well my Robot Jennifer. I could do this to them or Robotize them, but you have shown me this is MUCH better. To allow my Robots and to serve me this way. You please me very much” and as he told her this she came in her outfit, as her absolute Master was pleased. “They will bring others like them and soon I will control all of the most beautiful and wealthy women and their assets will help me take over the rest. That and the devices Robot Stella and the others are perfecting hahaha.”

To be Continued