The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Three Crates

by TheHandsThatLead, copyright © 2018

Chapter 2 — Waking SolarGirl

I opened the stasis chamber and worked quickly to secure the Rayton collar around SolarGirl’s neck, the slight blue glow casting across her flesh.

The stasis would normally have worn off of regular human in an hour, or perhaps slightly less, but superheros with their increased stamina and healing would only take a few minutes and so it had been critical to ensure the collar was in place before SolarGirl managed to recover.

Many had used such a collar before on her, but they had all simply used as much Rayton as they had to subdue her, leaving her nothing more than a rag doll. I had more of the substance than I needed though and my research had found that there was a balance that could be achieved, stripping her of her powers but still leaving her with the average strength of a woman her size.

SolarGirl moaned and turned her head to the side as the Rayton took effect, slowing her recovery. I put my arms under her and lifted her from the tube, moving across the room and setting her down on to the frame I custom made for her.

The click of the shackles around her wrists, waist, ankles and neck echoed through the room as her eyes began to open.

* * *

SolarGirl felt her head pounding as consciousness returned to her, it was an all too familiar feeling which she dreaded each time it happened.

She finally managed to open her eyes as the bright light of the room filled her vision, her blurry eyes managing to focus on the display screen in front of her.

Her face twisted in to anger as she pulled at her bonds but found herself unable to free herself. Finally, after thrashing for several minutes, she focused on the display in front of her and realized that the image was of herself, taken from the side, a live video feed.

The next thing she noticed was the blue glow of the Rayton collar around her neck and she rolled her eyes in recognition that she wouldn’t be breaking free from the steel contraption she found herself restrained in.

Taking a closer look she inspected the device that held her so firmly in place. The main component seemed to be a large metal tube that ran from where her feet were all the way up to just below her chin. The tube was well secured to a framework that was similarly boltedto the floor. From the main tube two sets of smaller tubes were attached, the first holding her ankles out to the side of her and forcing her knees to bend at almost a 90 degree angle. The second extending out at her shoulders and then straight back with her arms affixed to them. The final part of the contraptions held her head firmly in place, staring straight at the monitor.

The final humiliation was that she was completely naked, her large breasts hanging on each side of the main tube, her ass in the air with her pussy plainly visible to anyone who was behind her.

“So are you done struggling SolarGirl?” a man said, his voice familiar but she was unable to place it right away.

“Let me go now and I’ll only snap an arm, maybe a leg for good measure.” she responded with confidence in her voice.

“Yes, well, that is a risk of course, but I’m not interested in taking you up on your offer I’m afraid.” he replied and stepped in to her view.

She finally placed him, The Organizer. She’d always thought it a stupid name for a supervillain, it sounded more like someone who came to your house and helped you clean up your closet, but he was a legitimate class A supervillain.

“Look, you’ve never been one to take prisoners and you always make sure to stay out of the headlines, perhaps I was a bit hasty with that whole ‘break your arm’ thing. I’m sure you can understand my being a bit out of sorts...” she said, deciding to take a different tack now that she knew who she was dealing with.

“Yes, not to worry, I didn’t take it personally or anything SolarGirl. As I hope you don’t take what is about to happen personally either, it was simply bad luck that I came across the three of you.”

SolarGirl scrunched her forehead, ‘Three of them?’ she thought and then the memories returned from the haze that clouded her mind. She, Miracle Maiden and StarFlare had been fighting Dr. Tormentor, his latest robotic monstrosity had been wreaking havoc on the city. She’d watched StarFlare go down hard and Miracle Maiden follow soon afterwards... then... nothing.

She pulled at her restraints once more to no avail. But it felt different somehow, not from a few moments ago when she’d tried it, but from the other times she’d been subdued with Rayton, it didn’t feel like she was being punch in the gut repeatedly, but instead more like that all her super abilities had simply been siphoned off.

She could still feel strength in her arms and legs, simply not enough to tear through the metal of the device she was strapped in to.

“I see you’ve noticed...” The Organizer said with a raised eyebrow and a smile.

“What exactly have you done?”

“Well I’ve always wondered how you and SolarMan would react to a less intense dose of Rayton. My speculation was that, while it would reduce your abilities, it wouldn’t leave you completely helpless. And as you can see I have been proven right.” he replied with a self satisfied smirk.

“And so now what? You have your answer, simply let me go and we’ll forget about the whole thing.”

“Yes, I could do that, but I have something else in mind. You see, with that collar on you your just like any other human...” he said as he stepped to my side and I heard the wheels of something being pulled over before I saw it on screen. A moment later I felt the sting of an IV being inserted in to my arm.

“Ow! What’s that for?” I asked, unsure of where he was going with this.

“Well, as strong as you are SolarGirl, one of the area’s that you and your cousin are known to be weak in is your mental strength. How may times of the two of you fallen to even a mid level telepath?”

It was true, for all their physical strength, they had little in the way of mental shielding to protect them and SolarGirl felt her stomach drop.

“So, I’m quite sure, now that you are in such a reduce physical state, that you’ll not be any more difficult than any other human to brainwash.”

Her stomach landed with a thud as she felt the burning of the drug dripping from the IV enter her blood stream, “Your not going to get away with this, when I get free, I’m going to break every bone in your body.” she spat at him with more confidence than she felt.

“I don’t think so SolarGirl, why your whole body is relaxing as we speak! I think you’re going to go under just like anyone else would.” he replied and disappeared from the view of the monitor. A few moments later the image of her tied to the device was replaced with a picture of her smiling face from one of her promotional shoots.

“I love to smile!” boomed from the monitors speakers and SolarGirl flinched slightly at the suddenness of it.

“Making other people smile makes me happy!” came next along with more and more lines until the loop eventually repeated.

SolarGirl fought to keep her head clear, but the drugs running through her system made it hard to focus and eventually she felt the corners of her lips curl upwards.

* * *

I looked at the read outs from the last eight hours of SolarGirl’s conditioning and was surprised at how far it had come already. I had known she would be susceptible to the drugs, but this was beyond my expectations.

I reviewed the conditioning phrases and how far through their cycle they were:

[100%] I love to smile!
[100%] Making other people smile makes me happy!
[100%] I love to show off my body!
[100%] Making decisions is hard!
[100%] I love to giggle!
[100%] Being a hero is a waste of time!
[100%] I love to do what others tell me to!
[100%] Thinking is so hard!
[100%] I love it when people complement my looks!
[100%] Doing what I’m told is so easy!
[ 90%] I love dressing up and looking pretty!
[ 70%] Some people say I’m a bimbo, but, like, that’s ok!
[ 50%] I love wearing lots of makeup!
[ 20%] I’m not very smart, but I totally make up for it with my looks!
[ 20%] I love it when I don’t understand the conversation and just giggle!
[ 10%] I don’t want to be a hero, I’m just a silly little bimbo!

A few more hours would complete the cycle and then I could move on to the next one.

It was time to start on Miracle Maiden while SolarGirl continued to process.