The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Three Crates

by TheHandsThatLead, copyright © 2018

Chapter 3 — Subduing Miracle Maiden

My concern over SolarGirl recovering too quickly had been well founded, however Miracle Maiden, for all her strength, was easily enough handled by using her own lasso against her.

Dr. Tormentor’s minions had placed it on her hip, where it normally sat, when they had prepared her to be released. I quickly grabbed it from her side, wrapped it around her wrists, then her ankles and swiftly pulled her from the tube and carried her over to the second custom built frame and laid her in to it.

Taking the other end of the lasso, I wrapped it around her throat and then unwrapped the rest of it, placing her limp arms and legs in to the frame before using the lasso to once more secure her.

The entire process had taken just a few minutes, in which she had not been able to recover from the stasis, but even if she had, the lasso would have made her powerless to resist.

* * *

Miracle Maiden grunted and moaned as her head pounded from what she could only assume was the massive energy weapon Dr. Tormentor’s creation had fired at her.

It had been foolish of her to turn her back on it and go to help her friend StarFlare, but it had been an instinctual reaction more than anything.

She felt the rope around her neck, wrists, waist and ankles but something was out of place, she wasn’t siting or laying flat.

She managed to open her eyes and found her answer, her legs where in stirrups, ratcheted out to the sides, her arms were pulled under her and tied together and the rope glowed a bright gold and she knew it was her magic lasso that bound her. To make things even worse, she was naked as well.

From between her legs she could see The Organizer smiling down on her, “By Hera, let me go villain!”

“Ah, a classic refrain Miracle Maiden, but I think not.”

She tried to recall how she had gotten in this position, but the last thing she could remember was the battle with Dr. Tormentor. She looked from side to side, but the room was empty except for a table and something that was behind The Organizer, but she couldn’t quite make out what it was.

“What do you want then?”

“Well, actually, I want your help. You see I have your friends as well, SolarGirl and StarFlare. SolarGirl is coming along nicely already, but I’m still a little stuck on what to do with StarFlare.”

Miracle Maiden pulled at her bonds, useless as she knew it was and manged to rock the device she was tied to.

“Oh, go ahead, struggle all you like, you know it won’t help.”

After another minute of pointless struggle she relented, “My help... what do you mean?”

“Ah, yes, well I know SolarGirl’s weakness and am exploiting it even as we speak. When I’m done with her she’ll be only too happy to help me with StarFlare. And I know how to deal with you as well, but StarFlare... she’s another story all together. I think I’m going to have to use your lasso on her, to ask her some questions and figure out a plan, but to do that I first have to take it off of you.”

“Oh please do... I won’t try and stop you.” she replied with a grin on her lips.

“Yes, yes. I know you won’t, but first I have to make sure your in a more co-operative mood.” he said and stepped to the side revealing what she had previously not been able to identify.

It was a large piston with a dildo attached to it.

He stepped behind it and pushed it forward until it was just at her pussy lips, he then attached the unit to the frame she was suspended on so that it would not push away when activated.

“You see I’ve done a lot of research on the Amazons over the years, they fascinate me really. Beings created by the gods to be perfect warriors, you would think that they would be... how should I put this... less attractive.”

“How dare you, the gods created us to be perfect in every way!”

“Really? Do those large breasts make you a better warrior? I don’t think so and through my research I realized that the gods are pretty darn lazy when it comes right down to it. After all, why create a whole new Amazon race when you can start with something you’ve already created?”

Miracle Maiden arched an eyebrow but the truth of his logic resonated with her. She’d met all the gods and to say they were slothful was an understatement. They seldom did more than absolutely necessary and never wasted their time if they could find a short cut.

“Tell me Miracle Maiden, if you had to say, what earlier creation do the Amazon’s most closely resemble?”

Miracle Maiden’s eyes widened as the answer came to her, “By Hera no!” she cried out as he smiled and chuckled in response.

“That’s right, the Nymphs. Created by the gods to satisfy their carnal desires, submissive and eager to serve their gods in any way they desire.”

“It cannot be true! Zeus would never...” she cried out but couldn’t finish the thought as something deep down stired at the idea.

“Oh he would and he did. So you see, while on the surface the Amazon’s are the perfect warriors, buried deep beneath that, somewhere, is the heart of a Nymph. This device is going to help me find it.” he said and flipped a switch that started the machine running.

The lubricated dildo pushed forward and in to Miracle Maiden’s exposed pussy, it slide in and out as she fought the pleasure building in her loins.

“Now, I know this isn’t going to be quick, I’m sure Zeus buried it deep down in there, but I’m not in a rush so I’ll leave you two alone for a while.” he said and tapped the top of the device before he walked out of the room.

Miracle Maiden struggled against her lasso once more, but the incessant motion of the dildo eventually distracted her and her breathing quickened as she felt an orgasm building.