The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Three Crates

by TheHandsThatLead, copyright © 2018

Chapter 9 — Settling Up

I looked out over the back yard as SolarGirl knelt down and gave me a blow job, she had gotten quite a bit better over the last few months, but then again she hadn’t been very good to start with so that wasn’t saying very much.

I grabbed her long blonde hair, the extensions were still required but it had been growing out well enough, and pushed her down my shaft and held her there. She wiggled her ass as I could feel her try and giggle in joy until I pulled her off of me once more.

She looked up at me with such love and bliss that I almost hesitate in denying her the cum she so desperately wanted. She tried to go back down on my shaft but I held her firmly away, even though if she had wanted to she could have easily overpowered me.

“Like, please baby!” she cried out, her lips smacking as she tried to retake me in to her mouth.

“Later, I have other plans right now.”

She pouted but relented and stood up, walked behind me and wrapped her arms around me, pressing her giant tits in to my back and giving them a shake, “You promise?” she pouted.

“Yes, now go get ready.”

“Yeah! giggle” she replied and tottered off on her heels toward her bedroom.

For my part I smiled as Miracle Maiden and StarFlare came in to view. StarFlare had her latest poodle suit on, it was pink and made of latex, it covered her entire body and her arms and legs bent in two and wrapped around themselves. She was still wearing the training corset, trying to get her waist down to provide me with an even more realistic dimensions of a true poodle and I did appreciate that.

Her hair was tied in to a braid and was pulled tight down on to a loop where her hands met at her neck, forcing her head to always be upright. There was a poodle tail sticking out from her ass and several frilly wraps around the appropriate places to give the best illusion of a poodle she could muster.

Also attached to the loop at her neck was the leash that lead back to Miracle Maiden. It was Miracle Maiden’s job to walk StarFlare three times a day, as well as clean up after her and provide food for her in her dish.

The two of them walked along the path in the back yard until they once more reached the house and entered. By the time they did, I had arrived there and awaited them.

“How’s my good little poodle?” I asked and bent down to rub her head, StarFlare wiggled her ass, sending her tail from side to side as she let out a little bark and stuck her tongue out in a mock pant.

I rubbed behind her latex ear and she let out a little whimper as I stood back up.

“Is she still giving you any trouble?” I asked Miracle Maiden.

“No Master, not since I applied the newspaper to her nose. She has been perfectly well behaved since them.” Miracle Maiden said and bowed her head to me, extending her hands out with the leash in it.

“Well that’s good news.” I replied and once more turned to StarFlare, “Sit.” I commanded.

StarFlare set her ass on the ground and pushed herself up as far as she could with her arms.

“Shake.” I said and she raised one of her arms for me to take hold of.

“Roll over.” StarFlare quickly dropped back to her legs and arms and rolled over as best she could.

“Play dead.” she rolled on to her back and let her arms and legs fall to the side.

“Good girl!” I said, reaching down and rubbing her tits through the latex that covered them.

“Does my good little poodle want her reward?”

StarFlare yapped and rolled over on to her arms and legs once more, hopping up and down as I took the leash and lead her toward the living room, she followed perfectly two steps behind me until we reached the couch.

“Up... up.” I commanded and patted the coffee table in front of the couch and StarFlare jumped up on to the table. No human would have been able to do such a thing, but between her ability to fly and her inhuman strength, StarFlare could do many things a normal poodle girl would not be able to.

I grabbed her hips an lined her up to the edge of the table, then pulled her tail from her ass and rubbed my thumb round it.

StarFlare began to pant, her ass wiggling from side to side right up until my dick pressed up against her rear opening and I pushed in to her.

“Arrrroooooooo! Arf! Arf! Arf!” she cried out as my pelvis came up against her ass cheeks and I pulled out slowly until I was near the end and then drove back in to her.

Her howls filled the house as I pounded in and out of her until my cum filled her ass and her orgasm crashed over her, sending her legs out from under her as she plopped down on to the table top, pulling my dick from her ass as well.

“You keep being a good poodle StarFlare and you’ll get a treat every day.” I said and StarFlare let out a low whimper and yap, a smile on her face.

* * *

I had to admit that when I first saw the three heroins in their stasis tubes, my first instinct had been to dispose of them, but now that I had broken all three, that seemed like such a wasteful idea.

I walked out of the living room, StarFlare still splayed out on the coffee table, cum dribbling from her ass and Miracle Maiden was waiting, “She needs a bath, make sure to scrub her out throughly too.”

“Yes Master.” was her only response as she walked in to the living room, picked up the poodle tail I had removed and replaced in to StarFlare’s ass.

I headed up to my bedroom to change, SolarGirl and I had an event to attend and it wouldn’t do to be late.

A quick shower and change of clothes later I stepped from my bedroom in a stylish, but understated suit. I walked down the hallway and opened SolarGirl’s door without knocking, she was standing there waiting.

She had poured herself in to a tight black dress that barely contained her massive breasts, but likewise showed off her tight waist and flared hips. Her hair was done up in a stylish bun and her makeup was classy instead of it’s usual over the top nature.

Of course, as always, there was a smile on her lips as she clutched her small purse in front of her.

“All ready SolarGirl?”

“Like, of course honey!” she enthused and giggled.

“Good, let’s get going. Can’t keep the mayor waiting.” I replied and extended my arm, she looped hers through it and nestled in close to my side.

We had become the talk of the town over the last few months. Solara, as she was known as outside of the four walls of my home, was a walking wet dream that had appeared on my arm of one of the fund raisers I attended. Not to donate money of course, but to make connections that would prove useful.

No one had even suspected that the once mighty SolarGirl had been reduced to nothing more than a giggling piece of arm candy. And with the way everyone stared at her tits, I doubted anyone would ever even look her in the face to have the slightest chance of recognizing her.

* * *

MindStorm sat on the edge of the property with Huntress and frowned as The Organizer walked from his front door with SolarGirl on his arm.

“Look, there they are.” the hawkeyed hero said.

“Yeah, I know.” MindStorm replied.

“Now’s our chance, we can sneak in and rescue Miracle Maiden and StarFlare!”

MindStorm shook her head, “No... there’s no point.”

“What! You can’t mean that!”

“I’m afraid I do. I’ve scanned all three of their minds, deeply, and they are all lost to us.”

“There.. there must be something you can do... maybe Miracle Maiden...”

“No, the only way to bring her back would be to block out all memories from the past six months, which I could do but has two problems. First it is illegal and second it requires constant reenforcement. Eventually she’d break through any wall I put in place and then we’d be right back to where we are.”

“But... he did this to her.”

“Yes, but what he did was only to take advantage of her true nature. She will always be this now, and would fight us tooth and nail to stop us from taking her from him.”

“And StarFlare? Is she the same?”

“Yes and no. In her case she is now genetically bonded to him. If I tried to block that from her mind, every cell in her body would fight it. She would never be happy, always in mental pain, her body would know that she should be with him. In the end, she would seek him out again and be right back to where she is.”

“Then surely we should try and rescue SolarGirl, right?”

“I’m not so sure about that.”

“What do you mean?”

“You know SolarGirl was never happy in her cousin’s shadow right?”

“Yeah, sure, but who wouldn’t be?”

“Exactly. She had come to me a few times to discuss it, to try and find the root of the problem with some light probing of her mind, but we had never found it. Instead what I found was a woman that outwardly was happy, but inwardly was not.”

“And so?”

“Well, scanning her mind now she is happy. Not just outwardly, but deeply, right down to her core. I’ve never scanned someone that happy before and it’s kind of scary to be honest. I could undo it, peal back the layers of brainwashing he applied to her, but she’d always remember the happiness she had with him. She would strive to achieve it again but she would never be able to, not in any meaningful way at least.”

“So... what... we just leave them there? Under his control? That’s not right!” Huntress exclaimed.

MindStorm shook her head again, “Right? After seeing this I’m not sure what is right or not. All I know is that taking any of them away from him would cause them pain and suffering. That all three are happy beyond words with their lives as they are.”

Huntress let out a huff, “Well, I’m going to get the others, they’ll help me save them!” she said as she stood up and started to walk away.

Suddenly she froze in mid stride as MindStrom took hold of her mind.

“Now Huntress, listen to me, we never found our teammates. They were not here, they have never been here. This was the last place they could be so it is pointless to look for them any longer. All we can do is hope they are safe and will one day return. Do you understand?”

“Yes MindStorm, I understand.” Huntress replied in a monotone voice and then blinked several times.

“Uh, what were you saying MindStorm?”

“Just that it was too bad we didn’t find SolarGirl, Miracle Maiden or StarFlare here. I just don’t know where else to look.”

“Yeah, too bad. I guess we’ll just have to hope that they one day return won’t we?”

“Yes, yes we will Huntress.” MindStorm said, laying a hand on Huntress’ shoulder as the two heroes walked back towards the awaiting jet aircraft they had arrived earlier in.

MindStorm threw a last glance over her shoulder and frowned as she stepped on to the jet, unsure if what she had done was right or wrong, only sure that it was the only thing that would keep her ex-teammates happy.