The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Too good to be true

Part One

A continuation from the story Unnatural Desires. Please feel free to contact me and chat about my story. (Kim)

For Debbie Keogh the acquisition and brainwashing of a lingerie assistant as her latest slave was to provide immediate dividend. A week after returning the programmed woman to the department store Debbie’s cell phone rang. At the other end the soul less voice of Natalie Jones relayed some information to the evil dominatrix. “Subject Jayne Hamilton, age 42, bust size 36JJ, address – No6 Cedar apartments, Woodway Drive 57002, telephone 8834671”. Debbie acknowledge the information and demanded a photograph. She moved over to the laptop in her bedroom and Natalie sent an image from the department store changing room. It showed a statuesque blonde with massive breasts. Debbie smiled to herself, Natalie had done well on her return to work and it was only fitting that this blonder should experience what Natalie had just been through. Debbie put down the phone and clicked a key on her laptop. “Yes Miss Keogh” came the reply. “Mai-Lin” said Debbie, “report to my bedroom immediately.“Yes Miss Keogh” replied the soft Chinese voice at the other end of the intercom.

Thirty minutes previously, Natalie had served a well endowed customer and sold her two JJ-cup bras. Her intensive brainwashing had conditioned her to report all big breasted women to Miss Keogh and Jayne Hamilton certainly fitted that criteria. Unbeknown to her, she was going to become the target of an evil lesbian brainwasher and suffer same the fate that the salesgirl who had served her had recently experienced. Whilst the well endowed blonde completed her shopping, Debbie was starting to put her plan in place to acquire Jayne Hamilton.

The petite Chinese woman entered Debbie’s bedroom and awaited her instructions. “Mai-Lin” snapped Debbie, “strip”. At once the Chinese woman removed her clothes and looked at her mistress. Debbie lead the nude woman over to a door adjacent to her bedroom. In any other house it would have been an en suite bathroom. But in Debbie’s house it was something far more sinister. Mai Lin entered the small room and on Debbie’s instruction, sat down in the metal chair. Debbie placed a pair of gold coloured headphones on Mai-Lin and left the room. She sat at her dressing table and accessed her laptop. As she clicked a few on screen prompts she place a microphone headset on and looked at the picture of Mai-Lin’s face. In the room Mai-Lin’s headphones began to vibrate and hum, at the same time a flat panel television directly in front of her burst into life. Swirling pulsating colours spiraled in front of her mesmerizing the captive Chinese woman and as the lights played across her face the headphones pumped into her receptive mind powerful ultrasonic stimulation. Debbie spoke into her microphone and issued Mai-Lin with a series of instructions to which the petite woman mindlessly nodded. When the conditioning was complete, Debbie placed Mai-Lin over the side of her bed and proceeded to roughly penetrated the mindless slaves ass with her

favorite strap-on. A few minutes later the young Chinese woman orgasmed powerfully, just as she was programmed to do.

Two hours later Debbie picked up her cell phone and dialed Jayne’s number. It was time to put an exquisite trap in place for her. To her surprise it was answered and from the response Debbie was pleased to discover that Jayne was an Englishwoman. “Oh good afternoon, is that Miss Hamilton” said Debbie, in her most charming voice. “Yes it is” came the reply. “Oh I am so pleased to speak to you Miss Hamilton” said Debbie, “my name is Deborah Keogh and I am the customer relations manager for Elegance lingerie, I believe that you made a purchase today Miss Hamilton, is that correct?” “Yes it is” replied Jayne, “I bought two bras this morning, is there a problem with them?” she replied in a puzzled voice. “No, far from it” Debbie responded. “We are currently engaged in a major customer satisfaction program and I wanted to invite you to a personal fitting and trial”. “Oh I see” said Jayne. “Yes Miss Hamilton, if you are interested, we would like to offer you a personal fitting, try some of our new prototype garments and complete a survey on our range. In exchange for doing that you would be treated to a VIP fitting day and receive a Spa voucher with our compliments”. Debbie paused, waiting for her victim’s response..... “Oooooh” came the reply, “yes I would be, what do I need to do?”. “Well” smiled Debbie, “I can arrange for you to be collected by limo and brought to our regional fitting centre where you will spend the day with us VIP style. We have a space for tomorrow if that is convenient”. “Oooh yes” came the excited reply. “That’s wonderful” replied Debbie, “then I will arrange for our driver Mai-Lin to pick you up at 10.00am tomorrow Miss Hamilton”. The two women exchange closing greetings and Jayne put down the phone. She paused for a moment and checked the number that had called her, carefully she hit redial and a few seconds later was greeting by a woman’s voice—“Good afternoon Elegance lingerie, how may I help you”. Jayne apologized for a wrong number and put the phone down. Excitedly she started to pack an overnight bag.

Debbie watched Mai-Lin put down her phone and the Chinese woman turned to face her mistress. “The Hamilton woman was checking the number mistress”. Debbie smiled and left her bedroom. It was time to get ready for Jayne.

She made her way to her secure basement and unlocked the door to her control room. She accessed the control laptop and pulled up the image of her conditioning room. The closed circuit revealed 4 naked women who were seated facing a rotating disc which glowed and pulsed slowly. Debbie paused the disc and made her way to the room. She methodically visited each chair and lowered the same headphones onto each motionless subject. Returning to the control room Debbie activated the same sequence of controls and smiled to herself. In the conditioning room the 4 headphones hummed into life and the disc rotated quickly, pulsing a stroboscopic light across the faces of the 4 slaves. Their willing minds being filled with what they would do to Jayne Hamilton.

The next day on the dot of 10.00am Jayne Hamilton’s intercom buzzed. The mature blonde answered and agreed to meet Mai-Lin in the lobby of her apartment block. Moments later she was greeted by the diminutive asian woman and whisked away in a black Mercedes S-Class. Mai-Lin welcomed her, but concentrated on the drive to Debbie’s house. It took well over an hour to reach it, but Jayne had time to admire the scenery and on arrival, the entrance to Miss Keogh’s isolated residence. Mai-Lin collected Jayne’s bag and lead her through the large front door and into the reception hall.

Debbie had spent the night before setting-up the lingerie deception. She had dressed her entrance hall as a reception and corporate front desk. Lingerie clad mannequins displayed lacy underwear and seated at a mahogany desk was a buxom redhead who smiled at Jayne. “Good morning Miss Hamilton, welcome to Elegance”. Jayne smiled back and the redhead continued, “my name is Nadia, Miss Keogh will be with you shortly. If you would like, Mai-Lin will put your bag somewhere safe whilst you are with us and we would love to offer you some champagne”. Jayne thanked Nadia and accepted her kind offer. Moments later the busty redhead returned with a flute of bubbling vintage champagne. Jayne thanked her and took a sip. Unbeknown to her, the drink was spiked with an arousal drug that would help to loosen her inhibitions.

“Miss Hamilton , so good to see you” said a smiling Debbie Keogh. Jayne turned round to see her hostess coming down the elegant staircase. Debbie was dressed in black trousers and a crimson sheer blouse that showed off her 36H breasts. The two women greeted each other and Debbie made corporate small talk about valuing her custom and wanting to get her opinions on the new lingerie products they had (Debbie wanted to get her hands on Jayne’s breasts and begin her conversion).

Jayne nodded and agreed to go for an initial fitting straight away. “Nadia, could you lead Miss Hamilton to the fitting room” with that Jayne followed the redhead up the stairs and Debbie followed 5 steps behind so she could look at her victim’s ass. Debbie imagined that Jayne was about 6ft in her stocking feet and given the strain on her trousers possessed a very big bum. With the fabric bound buttocks at her eye level, Debbie imagined those big fleshy cheeks and what she be doing to them shortly. She felt very moist and eager to begin Jayne’s conversion immediately.

Jayne was escorted into what resembled a ballet training room, with a full length mirrored wall and a bar. Each side to the room where displays of lingerie and boxes stamped with the company logo. “Now Miss Hamilton, what I’d like to do is measure you and fit you with a plain white set so that we get the fit perfect and then we can have some fun with our new stuff”. Debbie pointed to some fluorescent coloured bras and thongs and smiled at Jayne. “That sounds great, and please call me Jayne” said the blonde nervously. Debbie sent Nadia for more champagne and after she had left proceeded with the fake fitting. On the other side of the mirror a video camera recorded the two women. “If you have no objection Jayne, I would like you to go bare breasted for me” said Debbie, “as you are a large cup size, I want to make sure that you are supported properly”. Jayne nodded and removed her blouse and unclipped her cream lace bra. “Ah I see you bought the new goddess bra”. Smiled Debbie. “Oh yes” Jayne replied, “I loved the lace design and the comfort” she added. With that, Jayne removed her bra and in front of the mirror let her huge breasts hang free. “Goodness” voiced Debbie, “very impressive my dear” and with that Debbie proceeded to measure Jayne’s back. She asked the statuesque blonde to gently push her boobs together and ran the tape across the fullest part of Jayne’s enormous bosom. Debbie consulted a fitting chart on the wall and proclaimed to Jayne that she was indeed a 36JJ. “In fact Jayne, you are only a centimeter away from being a K-cup – you are definitely the largest bust I have ever measured!” Jayne blushed and thanked Debbie for the compliment. It hadn’t escaped Jayne’s drug induced notice how big Debbie’s boobs were underneath that blouse of hers.

Debbie proceeded to fit Jayne with a crisp white lace bra and helped ease her huge breasts into the capacious cups. And after selecting a white lace thong and giving Debbie a view of her large arse – Jayne stood before the mirror admiring her form. Debbie seized her chance (the drugged champagne would have Jayne aroused and she so wanted to touch her melons) and showing Jayne the support wiring reached in front of her and cupped her boobs. Jayne looked down at Debbie’s hands and in the mirror the lust in Debbie’s eyes and said “if you want to touch my boo” she was silenced by the door opening and Mai-Lin entering the room. The two women moved away and the young Chinese woman said “so sorry to disturb you Miss Keogh, but there is a problem with the new prototypes delivered this morning”. Debbie turned to Jayne and quickly apologized, “I’ll be back very quickly, just relax my dear”.

Jayne blushed profusely and acknowledged Debbie.

The two women left the room and Jayne found herself alone. In the corridor Debbie made her way to her bedroom, activated her laptop and sent Mai-Lin to collect 2 women from the conditioning room. Debbie sat down and watched the video feed from the fitting room. All she needed now was for Jayne to discover the horrific surprise she had bated for her.