The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Too good to be true

Part Two

Ten minutes later in the fitting room Jayne Hamilton was bored. She had been fired-up and aroused to let Debbie explore her breasts, but now the excitement was waning. She looked around the room and in the corner noticed a curtained area. Jayne walked over and moved the curtain. Behind it and built into the wall was a metal door. Next to it was a keypad with an LCD display which read UNLOCKED. Jayne looked around and as the room was empty she pushed the door. It swung inwards and cautiously she entered. Jayne gasped at what she saw. In the centre of the small room was a strange padded red leather couch, it was an inverted Y-shape with rubber straps and forward facing metal arms which also ended with the same straps. In each corner of the room there was a video camera mounted on a tripod and each one was trained on the strange and disturbing couch in the middle. Jayne’s pulse raced, she moved to the nearest video camera and looked closely at it. There was a tape in the mechanism and without thinking she opened out the view panel and slid the selector from record to play. Jayne could hear her own breathing as she pressed play. The camera beeped and whirred and the lcd screen lit up. Jayne recoiled in horror. In front of her she could see a naked woman strapped to the couch and a buxom black woman was fucking her with a strapon. From the rear facing angle it was pretty obvious too that the woman was being fucked in the ass. Jayne stopped the tape, shaking she moved to one of the front facing cameras and repeated the process. It whirred into life and continued to show the woman being pounded by the black woman. From the look of discomfort on the woman’s face Jayne surmised that this was forced sex, even rape perhaps

Her mind racing, Jayne closed the door to the room and made her way to her clothing. She had to get out of here and fast. She removed the white bra and thong and was about to replace it with her own when Debbie re-entered the room. “So sorry about that Jayne” she said and slowly Debbie began to unbutton her blouse. “I’m, I’m sssorry, but I need to go now” Jayne blurted out. “I need to go right now”. Jayne crossed her arms over her huge boobs. Debbie looked puzzled, but then smiled. “Of course Jayne, still it’s a shame you didn’t try on the lime collection” she motioned to the ultra bright lingerie in the corner. “I think you would have found it more pleasant than what you discovered next door” Jayne looked horrified at Debbie and was shocked to see two naked black women enter the room. Each black woman had the most enormous breasts that Jayne had ever seen, in fact they were so big that it took a moment for Jayne to notice that each wore a large strapon. Debbie smiled and ordered the 2 black slaves to restrain Jayne. With that done she stood in front of the struggling blonder

“Unfortunately Jayne, I lied to you about two things today, firstly that you were going to have a pleasant time and secondly about your breast size, as you can see” she looked at her two black amazons, “you can see that Carmen and Cleo out gun you Jayne”. “What the fuck is going on here” cried Jayne. “Oh don’t worry Miss Hamilton, all in good time. Ladies, put her in the training room”. The two black women dragged Jayne kicking, screaming and struggling back into the secret room and forcefully pushed her onto her stomach on the couch. Jayne’s huge breasts squashed out either side of her and she struggled violently to break free. It was a futile action. One by one the rubber straps were fastened holding the helpless woman’s legs apart in a crude position with her arms strapped and secured out to the sides. Their job done they stood in front of the helpless woman, giving her time to notice their blank expressions and enormous breasts.

Jayne struggled against the tight restraints and recoiled in shock as Debbie ran her hands over her large fleshy buttocks. “Mmmmm’ sighed Debbie, “oh you have a lovely big arse my dear”. “Fuck you bitch” snarled the defiant blonde Debbie slapped Jayne’s ass cheek hard causing the surprised blonde to gasp. “Silence you insolent cunt” snarled Debbie. “I think it’s time for you to experience what my training room is used for”. Jayne defiantly challenged Debbie, “I’ve seen the tapes you twisted bitch....” “Mmmmm sighed Debbie again, then you know what’s coming next don’t you my dear”. Jayne was frightened, but she had to fight her captor, “so you get some kick out of raping women then you sicko” she retorted. “Oh no Miss Hamilton” smiled Debbie, “it’s much more sophisticated than that” she replied. “But we’ll talk about that later, once Carmen and Cleo have loosened you up a little”. Debbie stood between her black slaves and commanded them. “Ladies, begin Miss Hamilton’s training”. Jayne watched the two Amazonian black women disappear behind her. She felt hands on her buttocks and the cold sticky feel of lubricant being rubbed between her them. “Please, God no” she blurted out, but the massaging between her buttocks continued. Jayne clenched her bum with all her might, but the restraints on her thighs limited how hard she could hold them together. A firm pair of hands spread her bum cheeks wide and Jayne felt the tip of a bulbous dildo against her anus. She screamed out as the black slave penetrated her quivering arse hole and began to push inside her. Jayne moaned “Nooooooooooooo, take it out, take it out”. It was a futile response as the brainwashed black slave began to pump deeper and deeper, building up a strong rhythm fucking Jayne’s ass. Jayne grunted and moaned loudly as the black girl screwed her and began to push deep inside Jayne’s bum. Jayne panted and groaned from the ordeal. In her mind she could see the previous victim of the couch from the video cameras being raped, now it was her turn!

Debbie watched silently for the next 25 minutes, she felt the soaking wetness between her thighs. The sight of a woman being taken this way was so arousing and Debbie positioned herself to see Jayne being violated. By now Cleo was pumping into Jayne hard. Each stroke pulling back and plunging 12 inches of thick black dildo and air into Jayne’s arse. Debbie savored the sight of Cleo’s large black bum clenching as she screwed the helpless Englishwoman. Jayne was loosing control of everything, she felt exhausted, such was the intense screwing and to her disgust she was unable to stop the feeling of arousal. Debbie sensed that Cleo was having the desired effect on her victim and motioned Carmen over to Jayne’s restrained body. The second black girl positioned herself underneath the couch and beneath Jayne’s sticky cunt and without registering the dildo ramming into the blonde’s arse hole above her began to finger Jayne’s swollen clit. For Jayne, things happened so quickly. The clitoral stimulation drove her past the point of no return and unable to hold back she orgasmed powerfully gasping and moaning as her ass was pounded. The orgasm was blinding and uncomfortable, Carmen continued to finger Jayne’s white hot, boiling sex and the unfortunate woman screamed with pain and unbelievably overwhelming sensations.

Cleo withdrew abruptly from the sweating blonde’s bum and the prone woman farted noisily from the exertion. Her soaking and slimy buttocks amplifying the noise.

“MMMmmmm good girl” smiled Debbie running her finger along Jayne’s gaping bum hole, she pushed three fingers into her victim’s glistening anus and then fondled Jayne’s sweaty arse cheeks. Moving round to Jayne’s sweat soaked face Debbie placed her sticky fingers near Jayne’s nose. Jayne looked at her tormentor and summoned up enough strength to spit at Debbie. “You’ll regret this you bitch” she gasped exhaustedly . “I am going to make sure that they throw away the keys you sicko”. Debbie smiled, “Mmmm good, you are nice and defiant aren’t you. However, they will only throw away the keys if anyone discovers what I do here in my house – won’t they Jayne!” “So you’re going to kill me Bitch!” snapped Jayne. “Oh no Miss Hamilton”, replied Debbie. “It may take time, but soon you’ll be a willing and appreciative visitor to my training room”. “Go fuck yourself” said Jayne, “what kind of a twisted idea is that. You had me raped and the last girl too......”. “Oh I think you need to meet the last girl” said Debbie and with that she clicked her fingers and said “Carmen, go and bring Raquel”. “Yes Miss Keogh” replied the black slave and Jayne watched her leave the room. Jayne panted, she was recovering her strength from the violation and ready to fight her captor. Carmen returned with a slim hispanic woman. Jayne recognized her from the shocking video, except for the fact that her breasts had been massively enlarged. “Ahhh Miss Vasquez” said Debbie, “Raquel meet Jayne, Jayne meet Raquel”. Jayne looked in horror as the beautiful brunette starred blankly into space. “My God, what have you done to her...... to all of them?”

“Oh, just a little intensive re-education Miss Hamilton, you see Jayne, all the women in my house have a very simple view on their lives. Let me demonstrate for you”. Debbie motioned Raquel over to her and the naked slave stood in front of Jayne. “Tell me Miss Vasquez”, she commanded, “what is your sole purpose in life”. “I must worship and obey Miss Keogh”, replied the young woman in a monotone voice. “Why must you obey me?” continued Debbie. “Because your breasts are so big and I must obey them”. Jayne looked at Debbie in a horrified way. “You’ve hypnotized them to worship you” she exclaimed. Debbie smiled, “oh my dear Miss Hamilton, hypnosis is a pathetic procedure and far too crude for my purposes. I don’t think you grasp the seriousness of your situation. Raquel, tell our guest what I am going to do to her”. The hispanic woman looked at Jayne’s sweating face and smiled. “You will be made to worship and obey Miss Keogh” she replied.

Jayne blurted out, “and how exactly are you going to do that you twisted bitch”. Raquel continued on, “It must become your sole purpose in life to obey Miss Keogh. You will be taken to Miss Keogh’s basement for preparation”.

“Preparation, what the fuck are you on about” said the defiant blonde “There’s no way I’m ever going to do what you want......”, to Jayne’s surprise the two black women started to unfasten her restraints and Jayne was held up in front of her captor. Jayne struggled against the amazonian guards and fiercely directed her anger at Debbie. “Let me go now bitch” she demanded. Debbie smiled and slapped her across the face. “Silence!” she barked. “It is time you had an attitude adjustment , and it will be my pleasure to give it to you”. She beckoned the 2 black slaves to the doorway and said. “Take her to room 1”. Jayne looked shocked as she was dragged away, her cheek stung from Debbie’s slap and the 2 black women held her arms tightly.

She found herself rushed down the staircase and towards a bookcase in Debbie’s living room. To her surprise the bookcase opened and she was dragged down a narrow staircase and into a dimly lit corridor. The three women were joined by Miss Keogh and Jayne watched as she opened the door and commanded her slaves to bring her in.

The room was a bright white and tiled from floor to ceiling, in the center was an imposing metal frame specifically designed to hold a woman on all fours with strong restraints. Jayne was unable to prevent her black guards from positioning her on the frame and once again leaving her exposed bum vulnerable. She was held prone and her larger pendulous breasts dangled below her. Jayne’s head was held in a padded V, forcing her to look in front of her. Debbie stood in front of her victim and smiled. “Mmmm now we can get started Miss Hamilton”. “Ladies, leave us now” the two black women left Jayne alone with Debbie. “So what now?” said Jayne defiantly, “you’re going to shag my bum again” she retorted. “Oh my dear Jayne”, said Debbie, “you just don’t get what is going to be done to you do you”. “Enlighten me you cunt” Jayne snapped back. “Oh I will” said Debbie, “but I think I’d like you to have the pleasure of some more of my ladies first” she said. With that she clicked her fingers and and Jayne was joined in the room by Raquel and the receptionist from the entrance. “Raquel and Nadia will work on you for a while Jayne” said Debbie, “while I ensure that you stay with us”. “Ladies” said Debbie, “Miss Hamilton is a very strong willed individual. Make sure that you explore her thoroughly”. “Yess Miss Keogh” came the monotone reply.

Jayne knew what was coming next, the beautiful strapon wearing redhead Nadia disappeared behind her and roughly penetrated her anus. Jayne grunted and as the programmed redhead began to fuck her. Raquel fitted a pair of golden headphones over Jayne’s ears. This done she walked to the wall in front of Jayne and while the helpless blonde grunted and moaned from her violation, Raquel pulled down a panel to reveal a large white disc.

Jayne looked puzzled as Raquel disappeared behind her to assist Nadia, only this time she positioned herself underneath Jayne’s floppy breasts and began to suck and lick her nipples, working each one deep into her wet mouth. This torture was exquisite, Jayne grunting with discomfort from the anal and moaning from her boob pleasuring. Suddenly in front of Jayne the disc began to rotate and a pattern of strobing lights flashed into her eyes. Jayne screwed her eyes closed, no way was she going to watch some hypno-light show. She gasped out loud as the headphones blasted into life with a deafening crescendo of sound. Her eyes snapped open in recoil from the intensity of the sound. It burned into her mind surging and pulsing with unstoppable fury.

Debbie smiled as she watched from her control room. Miss Hamilton had a strong will, it would be interesting to see her level of initial resistance to conditioning. She would give Jayne like all previous subjects 2 hours of the initial conditioning and then review just how tough she was.

The sound burning into Jayne’s ears seemed, like the fucking, to be coming in strong waves. Over and over again, the hypnotic stroboscopic light show also seemed to mirror this. As Jayne tried to shut out as much as she could she felt Nadia’s finger move onto her clitoris. “AAAAhhhhh” cried Jayne, as her tormentor stroked her sex. As she tried to re adjust to the new stimulation she heard Debbie’s voice in the headphones interspersed with the surging dominating sound. “You must obey me, You must obey me” came the soft voice with firm insistence. “No fuck you!” cried out Jayne. “Relax and accept, relax and accept” came the voice. “Never you bitch” shouted Jayne at the top of her voice. Debbie’s commands continued, “You love anal, you love anal”. “No I fucking don’t!” cried Jayne. As before the unstoppable penetration and stimulation pushed Jayne over the edge and she ceased her defiant replies and shuddered through an uncomfortable, but overwhelming orgasm. There was a momentary pause while the two women changed places and then Jayne was plunged into a second cycle of the cruel procedure, only this time it was Raquel’s turn to fuck Jayne hard in the bum and Nadia to give her breasts and pussy some unwelcome attention.

Debbie checked the timer, the first cycle had taken 20 minutes, that meant that Jayne could look forward to 5 more rotations of the procedure. Debbie left the control room and returned to the upstairs room to collect Jayne’s purse and clothing. Time to ensure that she had Miss Hamilton all to herself. Debbie tipped the purse out and sifted through Jayne’s belongings. She located an ID card and smiled to herself. Jayne Hamilton was a university lecturer. Excellent, once she had submitted to the brainwashing process she would be able to locate young nubile students for Debbie to control . A swift phone call to Jayne’s employers and a cover story of an illness bought Debbie three days, enough time she hoped to work on Jayne’s mind and ensure Miss Hamilton saw everything the way Debbie wanted her to do. The task done she tidied up Jayne’s possessions and placed them in a large cardboard box for safe keeping. Debbie then retired to her room for a rest, after an hour she felt refreshed and ready to return to the downstairs corridor to monitor her victim’s progress.

In the preparation room Jayne Hamilton was exhausted, she was numb from the restraints and her private parts were sore. Her ears were deafened and the sound of Debbie’s voice was impossible to filter out. Over and over it droned in time with the surging wall of noise and the intense spiral of strobing light. She had been through what seemed like an eternity of anal sex and was loosing the battle to concentrate. The fifth painful orgasm passed off as a series of shudders and she felt unable to control herself as she peed a stream of hot yellow piss. Suddenly the torment stopped. For the fifth time the dildo shaft was withdrawn from her ass and Jayne farted sloppily from the exertion.

Her two tormentors moved to stand in front of her and she heard the door open and Debbie Keogh came around to face her and removed her headphones. “Well Miss Hamilton”, sighed Debbie, “I trust you have had a pleasurable experience”. “Go fuck yourself Debbie” she said. “Whatever this ‘preparation’ is bitch no way am I going to obey you , you twisted cunt”. “I see said Debbie, perhaps we need to give you some more convincing”. Jayne was fearful of the way Debbie said the word convincing, but carried on with her defiance. “This fucking hypnosis is useless” she goaded Debbie, “I will never give in to you Bitch”. Debbie smiled, she so loved defiant strong women, it made their breaking so much more rewarding. “Very well Jayne”, she smiled “I think your attitude adjustment needs stepping up, ladies” she said (addressing Nadia and Raquel) “return in one hour to take this insolent slut to room 2 for conversion”. “Yess Miss Keogh” they responded and promptly left the room. “Preparation? Conversion? What the fuck are you talking about” snapped Jayne. “So far” said Debbie, “I have done a little loosening up work on you Jayne. You have performed admirably my dear, your stamina has protected you. Where weaker subjects have started to submit to the process you have taken the physical ordeal and rejected the initial conditioning. But you must realize Jayne that my process will continue on and on and become more intense. You will submit Jayne and you will be brainwashed”. “BRAINWASHED” spluttered the captive blonder “you can’t do that to a person” she replied with a note of uncertainty. “Oh I can Miss Hamilton and you will conform like my other slaves” smiled Debbie. “When I am finished with you your mind will be washed clean and you will obey me without doubt or resistance. It is easier to comply and submit Jayne, the process will only escalate and become more unpleasant the more you try to fight it”. “FUCK YOU BITCH” screamed Jayne, “I’ll see you in hell before I obey you” she defiantly responded.

“Very well Jayne, I see I need to educate you not to be so rude to me”. Debbie left the room for a few minutes and returned with a new slave. “Jayne, this is Danuta”. The restrained blonde looked at the woman standing next to Debbie. Danuta was a petite brown haired beauty with large natural breasts, like the other ladies she was wearing a strap on harness, but this time there was a truly terrifying dildo attached to it. Debbie ran her hands over the thick shaft. “MMMmmm” she sighed. “12inches long and 3inches thick. I will so enjoy watching Danuta put this in your ass” she smiled. Debbie picked up the headphones and as she put them back onto Jayne she hissed, “as I have your ass fucked, time for some stronger mind fucking too. When Danuta’s finished with you my dear you will shit yourself for me” she laughed. With that the two women moved around to Jayne’s bum and Debbie helped support the monster dildo in a horizontal position ready for Danuta to mount Jayne’s bum hole. Jayne screamed and struggled wildly, but it was to no avail. Debbie gripped Jayne’s fleshy ass cheeks and guided the large dong against her anus. Danuta pushed firmly and Debbie smiled as the thick shaft began to enter the shiny entrance of Jayne’s asshole. Jayne gave an unbelievably large bellow and groan as Danuta pushed inside her ass, stretching it wider than ever before. Debbie squeezed lubricant onto the shaft to aid the rapid penetration and once Danuta’s cruel rhythm was established, left her slave free to ram it into Jayne’s helpless bum. Once again Debbie stood back to admire the sight and once Danuta was plunging in and out of Jayne with a steam train like pace she withdrew to her control room to give her victim the audio-visual fuck she wanted. Jayne couldn’t concentrate, the penetration was deep and brutal and as the headphones and disc started up, it completely threw her off guard. The burning insidious noise raped her mind and the rotating stroboscopic lights widen her eyes. “Oh God” she repeated “Oh God”, Debbie’s voice pumped in her head as the on slought continued. “You must obey me, You must obey me.....”. “NNNOOooooooo!” Screamed Jayne, “No, No, No I won’t, AAAAGHHHHHHHHHH No” she screamed and sobbed.

Debbie smiled to herself, shit Jayne was tough she thought to herself. Still she had dealt with tough to break subjects before. No woman had resisted her brainwash process to date and Jayne would comply, even if it took 3 whole days. Debbie decided that it was useless to continue implanting

commands in Room 1 Jayne would be escalated to the next level of conversion in Room 2. But before that she would humiliate her.

The voices in Jayne’s headphones stopped and the light show faded, Danuta’s fuck pace slowed down to a gentle rhythmic pump.

“I am so impressed with you my dear” came Debbie’s voice through the headphones. “Soon you will be moved to Room 2 for more intensive treatment, but before that my dear you will do something for me”.

Danuta withdrew from Jayne’s aching ass and moved to the side of the room, she unscrewed the dildo from her harness and replaced it with a longer 14inch version. This done she returned behind Jayne and resumed the deep hard fuck. Debbie barked into Jayne’s ears .... “time to clean out your bowels my dear”. Jayne shrieked “NNOOOooooo” and the crescendo of light and sound resumed at an unbelievably high volume and intensity. Jayne was horrified to hear one phrase repeating over and over ..... “I must defecate, I must defecate, I must defecate, I must defecate, I must defecate!!!!”

Over the next 30 minutes the evil message , blinding hypnotic light and deep brutal penetration relentlessly tore away at Jayne. By the time Jayne realized that she was repeating the conditioned command that she was hearing it was too late. Jayne screamed out “I must defecate, I must defecate” and Danuta, hearing that withdrew violently from Jayne’s ass. The poor blonder was helpless as she pushed with the explosion from her bum. Hot brown sloppy shit splattered out of her ass and the sobbing shattered woman collapsed against her restraints. When Debbie entered the room she found Jayne unconscious and wracked with sweat.

“Good said Debbie”, she unfastened the restraints and with Danuta supporting Jayne’s slumped body the two women dragged her out of the room. Debbie smiled to herself, time for phase two of the process. Jayne’s mind would be turned into soft compliant mush, ready to be totally receptive to Debbie’s brainwashing instructions.