The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Too good to be true

Part Three

Nadia and Raquel obediently returned and met them in the corridor. “Ladies” smiled Debbie, “take Miss Hamilton to room two and prepare her for phase two”. “Yes Miss Keogh” replied the two slaves. Debbie dismissed Danuta and returned to her control room to activate the appropriate commands for the next cruel procedure. Debbie had always had a three step process for breaking and brainwashing her victims. Stage one exhausted them physically and began to break their spirit, but it was stage two that Debbie had worked on the hardest over the last few years. Once a woman was subjected to the second stage her mind was left wide open for it to be washed away under the third stage in Debbie’s third room – her brainwashing chamber.

Debbie returned to the corridor and looked into room 2. She was very excited to see Jayne restrained in a menacing looking chair. Since her last conquest Natalie had been processed, Debbie had made significant changes to the second room. Gone was the metal pole and toys, instead there was a custom made metal chair specially designed to hold a woman in an upright seated position and prevent movement. Jayne’s arms rested on padded arms with metal straps over her wrists. Her legs were wide apart and the same straps held her ankles. A similar strap crossed her stomach and her neck was held against the chair back by a rubber collar. Underneath Jayne’s seat was a hole that gave access her her ass. Above Jayne’s head was a large metal helmet which was supported by a swivel mounting from the ceiling carrying cables into the top of the device. “The subject is ready Miss Keogh” replied her two slaves. “Good” replied the aroused captor. Like Danuta she dismissed the two slaves and left her victim to come round.

Later Jayne Hamilton stirred and found herself tightly restrained in a cold metal chair. She couldn’t move and the room was difficult to fathom out. Unlike the first room and it’s surgical whiteness, room two was tiled in mirrors and was hard to determined it’s size. Jayne could work out that she was held in a chair and above her seemed to be a hairdryer hood. Was this Debbie’s brainwashing machine? She didn’t know. Debbie let her victim pant and struggle for a while before entering the room with Mai-Lin beside her, the Chinese woman had a black holdall with her. “So what’s next bitch” said Jayne sarcastically. Jayne looked up at the helmet and continued her mocking stance, “so you’re going to give me a new hairstyle are you”. Debbie smiled, “my dear Miss Hamilton welcome to phase two of your re-education”. “Oh fuck you Debbie” said Jayne, “you mean brainwashing don’t you, that’s what you said you’d do to me isn’t it – you’re going to brainwash me!” . Debbie smiled again. “Inaccurate my dear, you can only wash a brain when it has been thoroughly prepared. After all, she sighed I’d hate you to regain your free will my pretty”. Jayne stared fiercely at Debbie, “fuck you, fuck you , this is all just some twisted BDSM game you bitch. Let me go!” Enough shouted Debbie, Mai-Lin kindly explain the purpose of this room. “Yess mistress” replied the diminutive Chinese woman. “You’re mental resistance will be eradicated by the helmet and stimulation devices. You will then be ready to comply with Miss Keogh’s every instruction”. Jayne stared incredulously at Mai-Lin, “screw you bitch she laughed”. “Silence” snapped Debbie , “before Mai-Lin joined me” she smiled “she was a promising young doctor. Now she assists my conversions. Mai-Lin my dear why don’t you install the devices”. The Chinese girl nodded and unzipped the black holdall. She reached round the back of Jayne’s chair and produced a multi-way connector panel. Firstly she attached a sticky electrical probe onto Jayne’s left temple and then she knelt beneath her seat and released a panel in the floor. Mai-Lin pulled up a stubby dildo attached to mechanical gearing and guided it between Jayne’s buttocks and into her ass. “Agghhhhh” said the helpless blonde as it pushed into her. When all 6 inches were inside Jayne. Mai-Lin locked the mechanism to hold it in place. This done she removed two perspex cylinders from the bag, connected the clear tubing joining them and plugged it into the connector panel. Both cylinders hissed with suction and as she brought them close to Jayne, the helpless woman realized they were going onto her boobs. Debbie helped feed Jayne’s big breasts into the open ends of the suction cylinders and stood back to admire the view of Jayne’s boobs encased in the suction stimulator’s. “Begin the physical stimulation my dear” smiled Debbie. “Yesss Mistress” replied Mai-Lin and with that she activated the panel. “OOOOOOooooooooh” moaned Jayne as the stubby dildo began to throb and move up and down in her ass. A second long moan emminated from her as the cylinders on her breasts began to pulse from one breast to the other, each pulse massaging her boobs and tugging on her erect nipples. “Good girl” sighed Debbie, “it is good for you to show pleasure my dear, just as you will show obedience to me”. “Fuck you fuck you fuck you” screamed Jayne, summoning up the strength to defy her captor again. Debbie slapped her across the face and barked, “you insolent little slut, Mai-Lin position the brain disintegrator”. “Yess Miss Keogh” she said with pleasure and with that the Chinese girl lowered the helmet onto Jayne’s head so that it rested above her eyebrows. “I will make you pay for your disobedience Miss Hamilton”. She led Mai-Lin out of the room and locked the door. The two women moved into the control room and through one-way viewing panels in the room they observed Miss Hamilton struggling in the vice like chair. Mai-Lin activated her laptop and looked at the victims readouts. “Her pulse and respiration are elevated Miss Keogh”. “Good” replied Debbie, “will will begin her first cycle”.

Jayne Hamilton wondered what Debbie had meant by brain disintegrator, she was fearful of the way her captor was treating her. And although the sexual stimulation was flooding over her in waves she tried to prepare herself for what the sick bitch had in store for her. Debbie looked at Jayne’s captive form and commanded Mai-Lin. “Level one for 60 minutes”. The Chinese woman selected the program and executed the key stroke.

In the chamber Jayne felt the breast and anal stimulation intensify and in front of her a swirling pattern of light began to rotate, at the centre of the swirl was a single strobing beam that flashed at a high frequency. At the same time the helmet hummed and Jayne found herself surrounded by the same intense surging sound that she had been exposed to before. She couldn’t shut it out and it seemed to be everywhere. Debbie knew that physical, audio and visual stimulation could in time make a subject do anything, after all Jayne had defecated against her will in the previous session. The purpose of room two was to eradicate resistance permanently and prepare her mind to be brainwashed.

Debbie checked the timer, Jayne had been exposed to the sequence for 30 minutes, now to attack her mind fully. She dropped a menu down and selected brain conversion. In the room Jayne arched her back as an unstoppable white noise purged through her mind, behind it the same relentless surging sound continued and the visual light show accelerated. The helmet focused the sound into her head and Jayne screamed and sobbed as it carried Debbie’s voice deep into her mind. “Obey me, worship me!” said the voice over and over with relentless pace. “NNNOOOoooo NNNnnnoooooo I won’t” screamed Jayne. “NO I WON’T!”. The assault continued for 10 minutes and Jayne felt herself spiraling out of control. “Nooooo NOOooo” she sobbed. Suddenly the noise and assault stopped. The breast and ass stimulation slowed to a gentle pace and in front of Jayne the light show faded to reveal an image of Debbie fondling her breasts round and round. “You want to obey me don’t you Jayne” said the image, “you want to obey my breasts and worship me. You will submit my dear”. The erotic breast imagery cycled round for 20 minutes with Jayne looking at Debbie’s large breasts, her mind numb from the attack. She recovered her composure and shouted obscenities into the room.

In the control room Mai-Lin turned to Debbie. “Cycle one has had limited impact Miss Keogh. Her resistance level is very high”. “Very well” smiled Debbie. “Increase the intensity and commence cycle two, this time we will extend to two hours”. In the room Jayne groaned as the stimulation cycle began again harder and longer than before and she tried to hold out. At the hour mark Debbie opened the menu again and selected brain conversion level 2. This time the intense white noise pulsed through Jayne’s mind each pulse carrying the message “I must obey, I must obey”. She screamed, but this time she couldn’t cry back. The noise and Debbie’s voice seemed to merge and in front of Jayne the surging lights became irresistible. For the second hour Jayne writhed in agony from the intense sexual stimulation and the dominating, cruel sounds and visuals. She had to look at the lights and she had to listen to Debbie’s voice.

“Subject approaching conversion” Mai-Lin announced. Debbie looked at Jayne’s readout her pulse was racing away and her breathing increasing.

Debbie looked at Mai-Lin and ordered her.. “go to cycle three intensity for an hour Mai-Lin” and at the same time she selected brain conversion level 3.

In her chair Jayne Hamilton felt the dildo throb and thrust in her ass, her boobs were pulsing wildly and her mouth was wide open. In her head all she could hear was Debbie’s voice saying “I must obey, I must obey....”.

The process tore into her for another hour. Jayne seemed to be out of her body as a huge orgasm slammed across her and Debbie’s voice was so clear.... “I must obey, I must obey, I must obey”.

Debbie watched with quiet satisfaction as her victim shouted out the words. Jayne desperately wanted to obey Debbie, she had to obey Debbie. Her captor let the third cycle conclude and left Mai-Lin to close down the procedure. Jayne Hamilton was the first woman to need level 3, now she was ready to be brainwashed.

Mai-Lin joined Debbie in the room and removed the devices from the sweat-soaked woman. Debbie released the restraints from Jayne and looked at the blank faced subject. “Mai-Lin escort Miss Hamilton immediately into the brainwashing room and will we begin her re-education”. “Yes Miss Keogh” replied the Chinese woman. Debbie watched Mai-Lin lead Jayne into the red tiled brainwashing room and smiled as the woman was seated, restrained and helmeted. Debbie left Mai-Lin to initiate the sequence and retired upstairs to attend to her empire.

In the soft pastel red room a hypnotic patterned disc rotated slowly in front of Jayne with a single flashing light at it’s centre. She stared blankly at it and above her head the brainwashing helmet hummed, filling her accepting mind with new thoughts and her new role in life. In her mind’s eye all she could see was Debbie’s enormous breasts and she must obey them. It was her sole purpose to obey them.