The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

We’ll Just Have To Fuck

by Pan

“What do you mean you ‘don’t like giving head’?”

Cody raised one eyebrow, lowered her glasses, and stared over them at her boss.

“Mr. Monaghan,” she said, her smile audible. “May I remind you that you are my boss, and that we are at my place of employment.”

Jason laughed, and waved one hand at her.

“Mrs. Levine,” he said back, taking on a faux-haughty tone, “I am just expressing bewilderment at your statement of sexual preferences.”

The two of them laughed, and Cody leaned back in her chair. They hadn’t had any customers for half an hour.

“You’ve never met a girl who doesn’t like giving head?” she asked, and he scrunched up his forehead.

“No,” he answered, after a pause. “I really haven’t.”

“Well,” Cody said, striking a pose. “I guess I’m unique.”

A customer entered the store. As Jason talked him through the range of bookshelves they had available, Cody watched, a half-smile on her face.

“What’s to like, anyway?” she asked as soon as the store was empty.

“What do you mean?”

“Giving head. What’s the appeal meant to be?”

Jason chuckled.

“You’re asking me? Fucked if I know. Never done it, never want to.”

“Not even to a girl?”

Jason threw a pillow at her.

“That’s not giving head, you knuckle duster. That’s…”

He trailed off.

“Well, fine. I guess that’s giving head as well.”

“Do you like it?”

“Well enough,” Jason shrugged.

“How often do you…—”

“May I remind you, Mrs Levine,” Jason said, cutting her off. “That you are…—”

“Ha ha ha,” Cody said. “Seriously though—how often do you go down on your wife?”

She didn’t catch his reply.

“What was that?”

“When she asks me to,” he repeated. She thought she could see a tinge of red beginning to make its way up his neck. “How about you?”

“Never,” she said, looking him dead in the eyes. “I never go down on your wife.”

She ducked, but the pillow still hit the side of her head.

“How often do you go down on Bradley?”

“Never,” she said. “Seriously. I don’t like doing it.”

“That’s so weird,” Jason said, staring into space. He turned to her and shrugged. “So I guess we’ll just have to fuck.”

Cody blinked twice.


“You don’t like going down on guys, I’m not really that into going down on girls. So we’ll just have to fuck.”

Cody stared at Jason.

“Oh,” she said. “Oh.”

There was a long pause, before she shrugged back at him.

“I guess you’re right.”

“Come on,” Jason said, shucking his jacket and beginning to unzip his pants.

The young woman hesitated.

“You don’t like to go down on guys,” he repeated, staring into her wide eyes. “I don’t want to go down on girls. We’ll just have to fuck.”

“Okay…” she said slowly. One of her hands reached up and undid her top button.

“Do you like anal sex?”

“No,” she replied immediately. “But…”

Jason pulled his T-shirt off over his head as he waited for her to finish her thought. She didn’t.

“That’s fine,” he finally said. “We’ll just have to do it the old-fashioned way.”

Cody pulled her shirt off, and blushing slightly, unzipped and lowered her skirt as well. She was standing in front of her boss wearing nothing but a pair of black boots, a black bra, and a pair of white panties.

“You like it when a guy cums inside you?”

“Yeah,” Cody admitted. “But I always make my boyfriend wear a condom.”

“I’m not your boyfriend,” Jason replied. Cody nodded. He wasn’t.

Cody’s boss pulled his underpants down, revealing his erection. Cody’s ears were starting to feel warm.

“Last chance,” he said with a grin. “You sure you don’t want to taste this?”

She shook her head.

“Well then,” he said, grabbing his cock with one hand. “We’ll just have to fuck.”

Cody could feel the chill of the air conditioner on her skin as she undid her bra. As Jason stared at her hardening nipples, she smiled at him. She thought she was his erection thickening as she lowered her panties, and stood in her place of work, naked but for her boots.

“Bend over,” Jason ordered, and Cody nodded.

In a room full of furniture—including bedding—she thought that fucking her over a desk was an odd choice, but as his cock entered her, she closed her eyes and focused on the sensation. Inch by inch, his hardness entered her; her soft lips parted as she gave an unwilling moan of pleasure.

“You ready?” Jason asked, when he was halfway inside her, and she nodded.

“Oh!” she exclaimed, as he pushed the rest of his erection into her.

“Do you like that?”

“Yes,” she moaned.

“You like being fucked?”


“Good,” he said, and began fucking her.

Jason grunted every time his public hair pressed up against her ass. Cody soon found herself huffing loudly, as she began breathing faster and faster.

“I’m…cumming…” she panted as she climaxed.

“You really like being fucked,” Jason groaned, and Cody nodded fervently in response.

She came twice more as she was fucked over the desk, alerting her boss each time. It was almost fifteen minutes before a red-faced Jason began twitching and bucking arhythmically; even though he didn’t announce it like she had, Cody could feel his cock spasming inside her, and knew that he was pumping a load deep inside her.

Cody shuddered with a fourth, much smaller orgasm as Jason pulled his cock out. Looking down, she could see globs of his cum on his dick.

She smiled at Jason, and he smiled back. The two of them started getting redressed.

“Oh, duh!” she said, as she pulled her panties back up.

“What is it?”

“I just remembered…”


“Hand-jobs. I don’t like giving head, but I love giving hand-jobs. There’s something fun about having a guy finish on my face.”

Jason shot her a grin.

“You nincompoop,” he said, rolling his eyes. “Looks like we didn’t have to fuck after all.”