The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Doctor, Doctor

by Pan

“Not at all. This should be a routine check-up, nothing to worry about.”

Dr. McGill smiled comfortingly at her patient. Her concern was understandable; not all doctors were as tolerant as her. For many, an eighteen-year old woman with a penis between her legs would have been a medical anomaly, but she’d always ensured that Joanne felt comfortable when she came to visit her practice.

“Okay, doctor.”

Dr. McGill bustled around for the next few minutes, performing the standard tests. Temperature and pupil dilation were both normal, and nothing looked unusual when she looked deep into the woman’s throat.

“Yes,” she eventually concluded. “It looks like everything is fine. Unless, of course, you were worried about any particular condition.”

“Not at all, doctor.”

The middle-aged doctor opened her mouth to dismiss her patient, but she hesitated. Normally she’d conclude that everything was fine, but…well, it was always best to be safe.

“One last test,” she said confidently, and Joanne nodded obediently. “Just need you to take that off.”


“That’s right dear,” Dr. McGill said, trying not to let her annoyance show in her voice. “Hurry up now.”

Without another word, Joanne slipped her thin blue dress over her shoulders, and soon the young woman stood in front of her physician wearing nothing but a white bra and a matching pair of panties, against which her flaccid cock strained.

Again, the doctor moved around her patient, checking every inch of her exposed skin. Again, nothing looked amiss. Again, Dr McGill was about to let her put her clothes on again, when that same thought struck her.

She was a doctor, after all. She couldn’t let her patient go without being one hundred percent sure that everything was okay.

“Remove these,” she said, breaking the silence. Joanne jumped slightly—it was clear to the doctor that her patient’s mind had been elsewhere.


“Remove your bra. Panties, too.”

Without a word, the young woman completely disrobed, a slight flush in her cheeks as her doctor’s eyes ran up and down her body. Yes, she seemed to be completely healthy. Truth be told, there was very little more that she could ascertain about her patient’s health from seeing her completely nude.

The doctor suddenly found herself mirroring her patient’s blush. She had just asked a patient to strip nude. It had seemed medically relevant at the time, but now, she couldn’t remember why. If Joanne decided to tell anyone, another doctor, she could find herself having her license taken away.

What was she doing?

No, she told herself. Better to make it seem like this was totally intentional. After all, she’s a hermaphrodite—she’d expect a routine checkup to involve a close inspection of her penis.


To sell the inspection, Dr. McGill dropped to her knees in front of the nervous young woman. Reaching out with one hand, she lightly prodded her patient’s penis. It seemed to be a normal, healthy penis—and quite an attractive one at that. Thick, veiny, but not cartoonishly so.

She was about to get up and conclude the checkup when she remembered a new technique for checking the sexual health of young men. True, Joanne wasn’t a young man…but she did have a penis, and to ensure her patient’s wellbeing, she would have to perform the test.

“Don’t be alarmed,” she said, in the most professional voice she could muster. “But for this next test, I need to make you erect.”

Joanne nodded, and blushed deeper. Dr. McGill found herself blushing as well. Making her young patient erect? That couldn’t be right…but no, it was part of the procedure. She remembered it clearly.

Without hesitation, the doctor removed her glove, and wrapped her soft hand around her young patient’s penis. She’d never done anything sexual with anyone but her husband before, and she was relieved when Joanne’s penis started reacting in a similar manner as a result of her ministrations.

“There we go,” she said comfortingly. “Almost done now.”

She smiled up at the young woman, whose face was bright red. Her cock was fully erect in Dr. McGill’s hand—it had grown to be about three inches longer than her husband’s, and she was embarrassed to find that she quite liked the look of it in her hand.

“Almost done,” she repeated. “To ensure that absolutely nothing is wrong, I just need to taste your semen.”

Both the doctor and patient’s eyes widened simultaneously, and Dr. McGill briefly questioned her own sanity. Taste the semen of a patient? Was she mad?

No, the more reasonable part of her brain reminded her soothingly. It’s the only way to ascertain that there was no chemical imbalance.

It’s medically necessary.

With a deep breath, Dr. McGill leaned forward and engulfed her patient’s penis with her mouth. Joanne let out a small squeak—a mix of pleasure and embarrassment—but Dr. McGill tried to ignore it as she began fellating her patient with gusto.

The faster you go, the sooner this is over.

To her great shame, Dr. McGill found her body responding to the fellatio she was performing. Despite being for purely professional reasons, it was still a cock—and rather a nice cock at that—in her mouth, and she had always enjoyed going down on her husband.

Fortunately, it wasn’t long before the nervous young woman reached orgasm, reaching down and grabbing the doctor’s head as she did. Dr. McGill allowed Joanne to guide her mouth as she shot a thick, healthy load of cum into her mouth.

She stood up, a smile on her face.

“You’ll be pleased to know, you taste absolutely normal.”

“Thank you, Doctor,” Joanne mumbled, and looked around the room nervously.

Dr. McGill was about to dismiss her, when a final thought struck her.

You’ve gone this far, she realized. It would be foolish to send her away without performing a fertility test.

A smile appeared on the doctor’s face.

“Now, Joanne,” she said calmly as she began undoing her white lab coat. “How quickly do you think you could get hard again?”