The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Power

by Pan

The evil cackle was what should have given it away, Emily reflected.

When the witch had said that the Power would come at a cost, she’d agreed nonetheless. Not foolishly or impulsively—no, quite the opposite. Emily had vowed to use her new talents slowly, carefully. She’d intended to work out what the cost was, and then evaluate each use of her power on whether or not it would be worth the cost.

But that cackle.

Emily should have paid more heed.

The first time she’d used the Power, she’d found herself getting turned on by it. That’s power, she’d told herself as she drove through the string of green lights she’d given herself for life, idly running her hand across her leg. They say it’s seductive.

She’d watched carefully for the cost, but hadn’t been able to detect it.

The idea that her arousal was the cost had never occurred to her.

Over the next few weeks, she’d only used it twice more. Just on little things—acing a test (and indeed, all future tests) at school, and fixing her eyesight.

Emily noticed that the answers in class came easier to her, and she definitely noticed not needing to worry about glasses any more.

But she didn’t notice that she was near-constantly rubbing her legs together.

She didn’t remember that she hadn’t always masturbated several times a day.

In an attempt to seek out the cost, she’d given into temptation. When the quarterback broke up with his girlfriend and asked her out, she’d noticed the thrill that ran through her body, but had put it down to the attention of a boy she’d had a four-year crush on.

Even as she climaxed in her car, rubbing one out in the parking lot, she didn’t notice anything strange.

The date.

That was when she’d started to piece it together. Benjamin’s attention, it was…electric. She wanted it. She wanted it with an intensity that surprised her.

And so even though she hadn’t worked out the cost yet, she started to make changes.

Her bust. Her hips. Her legs. The last of her acne.

With each small change, she felt more and more turned on, more…wild.

This is what it’s like to be wanted, she told herself, preening as Benjamin’s eyes openly devoured her body. God it feels good.

Benjamin had fingered her to orgasm on the date, and she’d gone home to get off twice more.

The next day at school, it felt like everyone was staring at her.

She loved it.

Unable to resist, she made a few more changes. Just a glance at her was now enough to turn a woman bi. Morality about cheating was eradicated by her touch. Any reason not to want her, not to have her…gone.

And with each change, she found herself wanting more, more, more.

That was when she realized. Her arousal was the cost. Each time she used the Power, her will was weakened, her resolve crumbled just a little bit more.

Emily tried to go the rest of the day without using the Power.

She failed.

Benjamin found her at lunch—as he ran his fingers through her hair, she almost came on the spot. She needed him, then and there. Biting her lip, Emily used her Power to ensure that she wouldn’t get pregnant, that nothing transmittable would be transmitted. A burst of Power meant that the room would watch her and Benjamin without judging, watch him take her, watch her squeal with pleasure under his muscular body.

As he came inside her, her whole body trembled.

It was the best sex she’d ever had.

And she wanted more.

Emily couldn’t resist using the Power again in her next class. She didn’t need to study, after all—not while she had the Power. And so she’d taken her two lab partners in Chemistry, one of them taking her (now ultra-lubricated) pussy, the other fucking her throat. In Biology, she’d had two women sucking on her tits while she bounced up and down on the largest cock in her classroom. And in Ancient History, she’d given up on any pretense of class, and fucked the teacher while the entire room masturbated.

Had fucking a teacher always been a fantasy of hers, or was that the Power at work?

With each change, with each use of the Power, she felt like she was spiraling further out of control. She needed to be touched, to be wanted, to have as many eyes and hands on her skin as possible. Crashing the cheerleader practice after school, she had all nineteen of them worship her body, bringing her to screaming orgasm after screaming orgasm. At the football game that night, she was coated with the cum of both teams and half the crowd.

By the time sunrise came, Emily was a sex goddess. She made every change she could think of to make herself more desirable, more able to bring people pleasure. Her soul was chipped away until she was nothing but walking sex. Everyone wanted her, and she wanted them.

As the sun rose, she heard it again.

The cackle.

“Well well well,” the witch said.

Emily was surrounded by half the town, in a naked pile of lust. As she stood, the dried cum slid off her perfect skin. As she smiled, everyone in the room immediately felt revived, replenished, ready for more.

But the witch was unaffected.

“Thank you,” she said. “I’ve never been this happy.”

The witch waved off her words dismissively.

“Happy isn’t what I do,” she said. “The Power has a cost, but you’ve nothing more to pay.”

“What do you want?” Emily asked.

“I too used the Power,” the witch replied gleefully. “I used it frugally, but my cost was ambition, and I’m nearly out. You took the Power to get into law school, yes?”


“People will come,” the witch said. “You’ve corrupted more than yourself; you’ve put the entire town at risk. But I will protect you. You may keep the changes, you may keep the town. All I ask is your ambition.”

Emily hesitated. Her ambition? Ever since she was a little girl, she’d dreamed of saving people, putting wrongs right, doing all she could to make the world a better place.

She glanced around. Would she rather follow that dream, or spend every day of every hour being fucked from all sides, used for pleasure?

“Take it,” she said quietly.

The witch cackled as she left. Emily dove back into the pile of flesh, a smile on her face.

She had no regrets.