The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Trials and Trances

Synopsis: Four friends begin a hypnotic roleplaying game.

Trance Advisory: This is a story about a hypnotic roleplaying game, designed to entrance the players, the characters, and the reader.

Chapter 1: Trials and Trances

The beginning of our adventure was not very memorable. We created our characters, and described how they met at the Deepwater tavern. I created Alphina, a smart and sexy elven maiden on a quest to find her missing sister. Brad created Rungar, a strong and surly dwarf on a quest to earn some gold pieces to repay his ever growing bar tab. Jeff created Jolleff, a perfectly average human on a quest to find some motivation. Jeff was not the most creative person, but he was good at games.

Danielle took control of things from there, and drew us deep into a magical adventure. She said that she would run the game because her initials are ‘D M’. We couldn’t think of any way to refute that logic, and none of us wanted to. DM just has a way with words. Once she starts talking you can’t help but go along with whatever it is she’s saying.

Back at the Deepwater tavern, our characters met an enchanting sorceress who told them about an evil illusionist living on the outskirts of town. She told us to travel to the illusionist’s manor and confront them. We don’t remember exactly what she said after that. We were too busy staring into the shiny gemstone that she offered as payment. It was something about people venturing into the manor and losing their will completely to the illusionist’s spell.

We gladly accepted her offer, then finished our drinks and rushed off towards the manor. The air was thick and foggy that night. It clung to our clothing, coating us in a cool relaxing layer. We could barely see 10 feet in front of our faces, but the road was easy to follow. In no time at all we arrived at the manor.

Our first challenge was a large and heavy gate set into the outer wall of the manor. Rungar approached the gate and tried to push it open. ”Roll me a physical check,” said DM. Brad rolled four dice, but not a single one of them landed on a four or higher.

Tough luck,” DM commented. “No successes on a difficulty three check. You manage to push the massive door inwards, but the effort saps you of your strength. Every muscle in your body feels tired and heavy. Your consciousness level drops down three steps. Count them down for me.

Brad counted down from ten to eight, describing how each step affected him. I don’t remember exactly what he said. I think that’s one of the rules of this game. We only experience what’s happening to our own character, and only keep track of our own consciousness level. The more we focus on the game, the less we notice the things we aren’t supposed to know. I probably shouldn’t have even noticed Rungar’s consciousness dropping to, um, whatever it was at.

When the resistant barrier finally yielded, a flock of ravens took flight from a nearby hedge. They cawed at one another as they flew over the manor, announcing our arrival. Beyond the gate we encountered a massive hedge maze filled with twisting turning passages that looped and spiraled back on one another. We agreed to just keep turning left, in hopes that eventually we would reach the center.

The twisting turning passages daze and disorient your mind,” DM explained. “You come to a four way split and think ‘Have we been before? Are we looping back to the same place again and again or are we delving deeper into the labyrinth?’ It’s so hard to tell, so hard to focus on anything through the fog. I need each of you to make a mental check.

This time I was the unlucky one who failed the check. Jeff rolled a four and a five, getting two successes on just two dice. Brad lucked out and rolled a six, getting two successes despite having only one point in his mental stat. I rolled three dice, but couldn’t come up with a single success. DM told me that my consciousness level dropped two steps.

Ten,” I began, “feeling it all begin to drift away. Nine, reality is starting to fade as I slowly drift, deeper down.

Jolleff pulled out his dagger, cut a branch from the hedge, and left it at the intersection. He continued marking every intersection this way, using branches to indicate which paths we had traveled down. Eventually we realized that turning left brought us in a big loop around the perimeter. In order to go deeper into the maze we had to turn right.

That’s when we stumbled across the fountain. The statue in the center depicted a beautiful naked elven maiden down on all fours. A dwarf stood behind her with his hips pressed firmly against her ass. He was clearly grunting in pleasure. A human stood in front of her and held her head inches from the bulge in his crotch. Her face was locked in a hungry stare. His was smiling in pleasant anticipation.

The water flowing from her luscious tits looks so crisp and refreshing,” said DM. “You’re so thirsty from your travels that you can’t help but take a drink. I need each of you to make a willpower check.

Willpower is Alphina’s weakest attribute. Fortunately I managed to roll a success on a single die. Unfortunately the check was difficulty three.

You can’t help but drink deeply from the fountain,” DM explained. “As the sweet intoxicating water reaches your lips, you realize that the statue bears an uncanny resemblance to Alphina, Rungar, and Jolleff. You grow more and more aroused as your body absorbs the pheromones in the water. You wonder what it would feel like to act out the lewd scene depicted on the statue. You can’t resist acting on those desires. Alphina’s consciousness level drops down another two steps.

Eight,” I continued, barely aware that Brad was also counting down. “Thoughts are forming slower now in my hazy foggy mind. Seven. Feeling my body relax as I continue to sink, deeper down.

Alphina strips off her blouse, drops to all fours and starts begging,” I said, without really thinking about it. “Please Rungar, Jolleff, I need to feel you inside me.

Rungar takes off his pants and gets behind Alphina.” Said Brad as he unbuckled his jeans and dropped them to the floor.

You two need to snap out of it. We have an illusionist to defeat,” Said Jeff. He was staring, unblinking, at my chest. That’s when I realized that I was naked from the waste up.

“You manage to pull yourselves away from the fountain,” Said DM. “However, you cannot seem to find the missing articles of clothing. It’s like they disappeared the moment they hit the ground. It doesn’t matter though. You feel completely comfortable without those restricting layers of fabric.

I looked under the table for my shirt, but couldn’t seem to find it anywhere. I was going to ask if anyone saw where I put it, but then I realized how nice it felt to just let my breasts hang free. I decided not to worry about it, and dropped back into character.

As we wandered deeper into the maze, Rungar and Jolleff felt lost and confused by the twisting turning pathways. They were so turned around by the looping spirals of the labyrinth that they almost wandered off alone into the fog. Fortunately Alphina was able to guide them to the center.

At long last we arrived, at the door to the illusionist’s manor. It was locked by some kind of magical puzzle. Nine square wooden pieces formed a jumbled picture. Alphina tried moving and rotating the images to fix the picture.

Make a mental check,” DM told me. My dice did not cooperate. She looked at them and said “The more you twist and turn the puzzle pieces, the more twisted and jumbled your thoughts become. You manage to assemble half the puzzle before losing yourself in a pretty spiral on your favorite piece. You slowly spin that spiral round and round as your consciousness drops another three steps. You can do nothing but stare at that piece until one of your allies completes the puzzle.

Six,” I said in a slow monotone voice. It was so hard to form thoughts right now, but somehow it was easy to describe how my consciousness slipped away. “Dropping into character as all other thoughts fade away. Five. Becoming Alphina as I descend, deeper down. Four. So hard to keep my heavy drowsy eyelids open.

I must have zoned out for a minute thinking about that spiral. The next thing I realized the puzzle was complete. We were staring at a picture of ourselves, kneeling naked in front of a gorgeous woman. We were all entranced, staring at a shiny gemstone that the woman held in her hand. There was something so familiar about that gem, something that pulled our attention in deeper and deeper the longer we stared.

Everyone make a willpower check,” DM said with a devious smile. “The version of you in this picture looks so happy and so complete, kneeling in front of their master. You wonder just how good it will feel to present yourself, kneeling and naked at your master’s feet. You can’t help but remove your clothing in anticipation of your inevitable surrender. You know deep inside that soon, the moment your consciousness drops to zero, you won’t be able to resist seeking out and submitting to your master. Speaking of which, Alphina, your consciousness drops down another two steps.

Three,” I chant, blissfully unaware of the words that are leaving my lips. “Mind and body completely relaxed as I inexorably drop, deeper down. Two. Barely hanging on to that last shred of resistance.

The doors opened up automatically, revealing a grand entrance hall. A slender elven maiden, naked except for a golden collar around her neck, is lounging on comfy red sofa. She bears a striking resemblance to Alphina.

Hello sister,” She said, waving at Alphina. “I’m so glad you and your friends are here to serve our master. You may not think of her as your master yet, but every time you hear the word master the desire to obey your master grows stronger. Soon you will succumb to master’s power. Soon you will kneel at master’s feet and feel master’s words echo in your mind. Doesn’t it feel so wonderful to just let go and submit to the will of your master?

I’ll need each of you to make a social check,” Said DM. “Her words sink deep into your mind and you feel an irresistible urge to serve your master. The urge sinks down to your subconscious and waits for that blissful moment when your consciousness drops to zero. You know that master will be waiting when that wonderful moment arrives.

Alphina succeeded so brilliantly on her social check that she was able to convince her sister to take them directly to their master. They travelled deep into the manor, all the way to the master’s chambers. Along the way they passed through a hallway of enchanted mirrors. Each one depicted the observer in a different submissive posture with a blank expression on their face.

Alphina was able to see through the trick. She told her companions to close their eyes and let her guide them forwards. They eagerly accepted her suggestion, letting their eyes drift shut and perfectly following her words. ”We made it!” She declared as they reached the other end of the hall. “You can open your eyes now.” Rungar and Jolleff just stood there, motionless, as if waiting for instructions. Their eyes were glazed over and their expressions blank and thoughtless.

Wake up guys,” Alphina said, sounding worried. “We’ve got an illusionist to defeat.

Brad and Jeff each rolled a die, then adjusted their consciousness levels up to their new values as Rungar and Jolleff slowly woke up from their trance. Just up ahead, Alphina’s sister waited patiently by a large ornate door. She knocked as the party approached. Moments later the doors opened. An attractive woman in a flowy purple dress stepped forth.

The illusionist waggles her fingers at Alphina,” DM explained. “Then a swirling spiral appears in front of your face, drawing your attention in deeper and deeper. Make me a willpower check. Oh dear. Your consciousness level drops down another three steps. You have an irresistible desire to seduce your allies into serving your master.

One,” I counted “Knowing that my mind will go completely blank with the next step I take, deeper down. Zero. So incredibly relaxed. So deep now that I’ve lost all control.

It’s okay to give in completely to master,” I heard myself whisper seductively to Brad. I could feel how aroused he was when I straddled his lap, and I knew that he couldn’t resist the sensation of my breasts caressing his face. “Just give in to the pleasure of master’s control.

Master told me to keep at it, and not to worry about the game anymore. She was in control of Alphina now, and would roll the dice for my social checks to seduce Rungar and Jolleff. She was such a kind and considerate master that way. All I needed to do was focus on showing them the pleasure of submitting to her will.

I sank down to my knees, then gently massaged Brads balls and his growing erection. ”Obedience is pleasure” I said, seductively stroking his cock as I spoke the word pleasure. “Submission to our master is pleasure.” I took the tip of his cock into my mouth and teased it with my tongue, showing him how wonderful that pleasure could feel. “You can’t resist the unending orgasmic pleasure of giving in to your master.” I sank all the way down, feeling the tip of his cock filling up my throat.

He patted me on the head and said ”Good girl, thank you for showing me that I belong to master.” Then we both turned towards Jeff with a lusty look in our eyes. I crawled towards him, under the table, as Brad stood up and walked around. Master spoke before either of us made it there.

Jolleff’s dagger pierces the illusion’s heart. She screeches in agony, falls to the floor defeated, then melts into a puff of smoke. The lady from Deepwater tavern emerges from the room and thanks you for defeating the foul illusionist. She pulls out the gem that she offered as payment. The three of you can’t help but kneel down to get a closer look at your reward.

* * *

When I woke up from my trance, the events of that evening were a wonderful blur of passion and excitement. I blinked my eyes and slowly took in my surroundings. We were all lying naked on Daniel’s bed. She had told us that this game might lead to a hypnotic orgy. I just wish I could remember how it happened. All I know for sure is that I had fun and that I felt excited for the next session of Trials and Trances.