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Trials and Trances

Synopsis: A quest for the Succubus’s Rods

Chapter 2: The Succubus’s Rods

More than a month passed before I got to play Trials and Trances again, and the wait was torturous, but at long last the day finally arrived. I was so excited that I could hardly think about anything else. My mind was filled with wonderful notions about the exciting adventure I was about to embark on. I almost got in trouble at work because my thoughts kept slipping away to the world of Trials and Trances.

The day dragged on for what felt like an eternity, but eventually I clocked out. My body felt exhausted, but my mind was excited and ready to play. I hurried over to Daniel’s house. Brad and Jeff were already there, along with a new face at the table. They looked familiar, but I couldn’t quite remember where I knew them from.

Hi,” I said, extending my hand in greeting. “I’m Alice, have we met?

Hello,” they replied, reaching out and shaking my hand. “I’m Erik. We’ve met and had a wonderful time together at the dungeon. It was a while ago and I was presenting as Erica that night, so I’m not surprised that you don’t recognize me.

Wow,” I replied, thinking back to an amazing party a few months ago. This guy looked so different from the cute brunette who had joined us that evening. I was feeling more than a little flustered. “So, uh, is this a new change, or um, what are your pronouns?

Thanks for asking,” Erik replied with a smile. “I prefer they/them. Some days I like to be Erik, and other days I like to be Erica. It’s nothing new, this is just your first time meeting Erik.

Erik will be playing as Alphina’s sister, Lycanna,” Said Daniel. “I have already filled them in on the details of last session. After some self discovery at the manor, Lycanna uses they/them pronouns as well. Now then, are we ready to begin?

The four of us nodded eagerly, excited to lose our minds in the world of Trials and Trances.

You find yourselves standing just outside of the gate that leads into the illusionist’s hedge maze,” DM began. “The sky up above is cloudy and the sun is starting to rise. Your thoughts are intact once more, though you can’t quite remember how you got here. The Illusionist stands before you. She addresses you in a commanding tone.

The four of you are going on very important mission. You must venture deep into the Misty Woods, where you will find the entrance to the Meandering Caverns. A cunning succubus lives deep in those caves. She has stolen something very important from me. You must travel to her lair, retrieve the Rod of Command, and return it here before the sun rises twice in the sky.

Why should we do anything you say?” Jolleff angrily demanded as he drew his dagger.

Oh come now pet,” The illusionist replied. “You’ll do everything I ask for one simple reason. You’re still under my SPELL.

When DM spoke those words, we realized that we were in fact still under her spell. Memories flooded into our minds from the previous session. We remembered the three of us kneeling naked at the illusionist’s feet. Or was it DM’s feet? the two worlds blended together so perfectly that we could hardly tell the difference. In either case we were completely under her power, willing and eager to do anything to please her.

I remember crawling on my hands and knees, following her back to her bedchambers. I remember the three of us touching and pleasing each other at her command. I remember being on all fours, sucking Jolleff’s cock while Rungar plowed my needy pussy. I remember our Mistress, standing above us with her magic crystal, whispering into our ears.

I remember us taking turns worshiping her sexy body, kissing, licking, and caressing as we begged for release. Every touch sent shivers of pleasure through our bodies as her spell sank deeper into our minds. I remembered and experienced an evening of passion condensed into a single wave of pleasure when she spoke her magic words. It overwhelmed my mind completely. All I could do was stare with a blank obedient expression, completely enthralled by her power.

Of course Mistress,” Jolleff said, snapping out of his trance with a bow as he stowed his dagger. “You can count on us to retrieve your rod of command.

The Misty Woods are known to be deceptively disorienting at night, so we left at once down a long and winding road. Our pace was quick, racing against the sun as it drifted across the sky. DM told us to make a physical check in order to keep up the pace.

I completely failed that check, and was breathing heavily by the time the manor faded into the distance. My consciousness level dropped down two steps as the tiring journey exhausted my weary body.

Ten,” I began, “feeling it all begin to drift away. Nine, reality is starting to fade as I slowly drift, deeper down.

Around that time I became winded and stopped to catch my breath. We rested for a minute, then continued on at a slower pace where I could breathe at a steady and comfortable rhythm, that we could easily maintain for the remainder of the otherwise uneventful journey. Hours seemed to slip by in a flash as we ambled down the road. In what seemed like no time at all we were staring at a beautiful sunset, above the Misty Woods.

A heavy cloud of fog expectedly rolled in as we passed the tree line. The air felt cool and refreshing as it coated my tired body in a wonderful tingling sensation. It felt kinda like playful tendrils reaching through the mist, touching and caressing my skin. When I thought about it, the sensation went away. But it came back, time and time again, as we wandered deeper into the dark and dangerous woods.

We made a lot of progress in our remaining hour of daylight. Then the sun went down and the fairy lights appeared. The blinking lights danced in the distance pulling our attention away as we delved deeper into the hazy woods. I succeeded on a mental check, and but my allies were not so lucky. They staggered, mesmerized, into a particularly cloudy fogbank.

I charged in to save my friends from the foul fate of fading into the fascinating fog. The mist caressed my sensitive skin, sending shivers up my spine as I steadied my mind and waved my arms. My friends were there, smiling and slowly coming to their senses as the fog cleared. They had lost their shirts and were wearing sheepish grins instead.

You need to be more careful,” I lectured as we walked on through the woods. “This forest is trying to daze and confuse us. We need to stay vigila-

My words of warning were interrupted when I stepped in something sticky and began to sink down. The ground gave way below me, pulling me deeper into a murky marsh. I failed a physical check and struggled as I slowly sank down to my knees. I was waste deep and sinking faster by the time Rungar pulled me up.

Eight,” I chanted as my consciousness level plummeted. “Thoughts are forming slower now in my hazy foggy mind. Seven. Feeling my body relax as I continue to sink, deeper down. Six. Dropping into character as all other thoughts fade away.

The murky muck clung to my pants, pealing them from my body as Rungar pulled me up and out of the bog. There was no way to recover them, so I walked on with my panties proudly on display. Lycanna had fell into a similar bog, and was down to just boxers and a binder. Rungar and Jolleff were both shirtless, chests glistening with beads of enchanted mist.

We stared lustily at one another and felt the sexual tension grow as thick as the fog that kept caressing our naked skin. The misty air felt like a magical aphrodisiac, sinking deeper into our skin with every deep breath we took. All we wanted to do was find a comfortable place to lie down and explore each other’s bodies like a bunch of hyperhorny fucksluts. Somehow we managed to trudge forwards through the temptation, determined to find our Mistress’s rod.

Suddenly the wind whistled like a sensual sigh through the cracks of a nearby cliff. That mesmerizing moan marked the midway point of our journey. We made our way upwards, carefully climbing toward the entrance. This is it, we thought excitedly, the entrance to the Meandering Caverns.

The path split into three directions the moment we walked inside. We chose the rightmost path, only to find a larger 5 way split. We chose the right most path again, and found yet another fork in the road.

That third right led us stumbling blindly into a giant spider’s web. Thankfully the spider wasn’t home, but we still got tangled in its trap. Jolleff and Lycanna had to wiggle out of their clothes to escape the sticky webs. Lycanna stumbled to the floor, as the broke free of their boxers, and rolled over just in time for Jolleff to land with his erection in their face.

Rungar flexed busted through the webs, in a proud display dwarven fortitude. He helped his teammates to their feet, noting that there was nothing accidental about the way that Lycannas lips were wrapped around Jolleffs rod. I walked through the path Rungar cleared, arriving just in time to wonder what everyone was smiling about.

Lycanna wants to stop for a few minutes to swallow a solid meal,” Jolleff said with a wink.

I, um, what?” Lycanna asked, sounding dazed and confused. Then she shook her head awake and added. “Don’t we have a rod to grab first?

Onwards we marched, deeper into the Meandering Caverns which continued endlessly branching, splitting, and reconnecting, becoming more and more confusing the deeper we delved. Our route of all right turns seemed to spiral in as we descended down. Whispers and moans echoed through the caverns, calling out to us and confusing our senses. The effect was quite disorienting as I failed a mental check to maintain my sense of direction.

Five,” I said, as the curving caverns confused my character. “Becoming Alphina as I descend, deeper down.

Lycanna was so confused by the twisting turning passageways that they wandered off on their own, following the voices with a blank and dreamy expression on their face. We chased them down and helped them wake up from the trance they had fallen under.

Wake up,” Rungar said, shaking them awake “A succubus lives in these caves. You can’t just wander off into your own little daydream.

I, uh, hmmm. Thanks Rungar.” Lycanna replied. “I got overwhelmed by all those whispered seductions and my thoughts just wandered away. Or was it my body that was wondering away?

A little bit of both actually,” I answered “Now let’s go snatch that rod.

Deeper down we delved into the dark and dizzying depths. We knew we were almost there when we noticed the red glowing light. Just a little further, and we would reach the lowest cavern. Our Mistress’s magic rod would be waiting there, along with a sexy and seductive succubus.

We stealthily approached, and peaked inside. The massive chamber was bathed in the faint red light of three glowing crystals embedded in the ceiling. The aforementioned succubus was nowhere to be seen, but this was clearly her layer.

The floors were covered in an eclectic assortment of cozy rugs. Couches, pillows, and other comfortable seats were strewn about randomly in the cavernous room. In the back of the chamber, 4 magical rods sat on top of a luxurious and disheveled bed. One of them had to be the rod of command.

Lycanna rushed towards the bed and grabbed the first rod. Their hands shook for a moment, then moved on their own, taking the rod and placing it between their legs. The rod was curved at the end, and had a bulb which slipped into their vagina. It began to glow, then fused with their body, turning into a lifelike cock.

I was briefly distracted by the mesmerizing sight of Erik sliding their hand up and down a strapless strapon. I watched with amazement as they stroked and moaned, marveling at Daniel’s ability to make Erik feel sensation on an silicone cock. There were three other sex toys on the table, and including a powerful vibrating wand. I slipped back into character as Brad reached for a lifelike dildo.

Rungar selected the next rod, and couldn’t resist giving it a stroke. A thick strand of cum splashed out towards my chest. Some of it landed in my cleavage, sending a warm wave of pleasure that would have made me orgasm instantly had it landed on my skin. I felt compelled to remove the cum stained clothing, and secretly desired another blast of semen on my now naked tits.

I went after that, grabbing a rod which leapt to life at my touch. It vibrated with wonderful magical energy, filling up my brain with fascinating thoughts of mindless pleasure. I failed a willpower check to resist temptation.

Four,” I chanted, as I lowered the vibrating wand down to my clit. “So hard to keep my heavy drowsy eyelids open. Three. Mind and body completely relaxed as I inexorably drop, deeper down.

I laid down on the bed and rubbed the magic rod, round and round on my clit. I teased myself, rubbing up and down, round and round, occasionally stopping and pressing on a particularly sensitive region. The pleasure built up stronger, until nothing else existed but me and this magical rod. I knew that I would feel this way until I released that pleasure in a moment of pure orgasmic bliss.

Jolleff picked up the fourth and final rod. Nothing happened immediately, so he studied it for a moment then scrunched his face into a worried look. ”Oh Fuck” he grumbled. “We’re in trouble. This is the rod of command. It can only attune to one Master at a time, and that Master knows instinctively when the rod is touching someone else. Furthermore, the Master’s words are like irresistible commands to whomever the rod is touching.

That’s right,” a sweet and sensual voice spoke from the shadows. “You’ll obey my every command as you wield that rod for me, unable to resist as my words sink deep into your mind.

A demonic humanoid stepped into the room, wearing nothing but a wicked grin. They had the largest pair of breasts I had ever seen along with an equally massive and magnificent erection. Their soft and sexy face was adorned by a small pair of curvy horns. A prehensile tail swished back and forth above their curvaceous ass as they sauntered into the room. Bat like wings unfurled from their back as they pointed a sharpened fingernail towards Lycanna.

Stick that rod between your friend’s tits,” The Succubus commanded. Jolleff’s eyes glazed over then he stuffed the rod into Lycanna’s cleavage.

Use your Rod of Attachment to fuck your friend senseless” the succubus demanded, addressing Lycanna. This time she pointed at me, with a sly smile on her face. “Bring her right up to the edge, but stop before she cums. Edge her time and time again. Make her beg like a cock hungry slut, but do not let her cum.

Lycanna approached me and slid their cock into my pussy. All I could do was lie there and take it as I mindlessly moaned and rubbed with the Rod of Pleasure. They fucked me hard and rough, treating me like a naughty little fucktoy and getting off on my obedient surrender. I failed another willpower check and sank deeper into that blissful sensation.

Two.” I moaned, pleasuring myself with the vibrating wand while Erik fucked my brains out. “Barely hanging on to that last shred of resistance. One. Knowing that my mind will go completely blank with the next step I take, deeper down.

I knew that I needed to cum. My willpower was not strong enough to resist the Rod of Pleasure. Cumming was the only way to break free of the spell. I focused on the intense pleasure, falling deeper into the sensation as it overwhelmed my mind. Lycanna must have sensed my growing orgasm. They pulled out and pulled away my vibrating rod, just as I was getting close.

I whimpered in need, as they denied me. Then, when the moment passed, they went back to relentlessly fucking. It felt so good. I felt like such a mindless fuckslut. For a moment I embraced that wonderful feeling of helpless arousal. Then I thought up a plan to fight back.

Rungar.” I begged “I need you to make me cum so I can break free of this spell. Cum on my tits again. The sensation will send me over the edge. Please Rungar. Please cum on my tits.

Rungar stroked the Rod of Cumming and sent a blast of semen flying towards my chest. I felt a powerful orgasm roll through me as wave after wave of hot sticky cum landed my breasts. It felt so good to just give in to that pleasure as Lycanna plowed into my pussy.

Enough playing around,” Said the succubus, “Give me my rod.

I regained my wits as Jolleff walked towards to the succubus. ”This is also her rod,” I told him, as I knocked the Rod of Control out of his grasp and handed him the Rod of Pleasure.“Give it to her.” Jolleff practically threw it at the succubus as he lunged forward.

The Rod of Pleasure began vibrating as the demonic beast instinctively caught it. Their shape shifted before our eyes, cock inverting and transforming into a pussy as they pressed the rod between their legs.

Meanwhile Lycanna was reaching for me, still obeying the command to fuck me senseless. Jolleff regained control of his body when I knocked the rod of control from his hands. He stepped between me and Lycanna.

Your winged friend told you to ‘fuck your friend senseless’,” Jolleff reasoned. “Alphina is your sister, but the succubus is your friend. Shouldn’t you be fucking them senseless and edging them until they are a needy cock hungry slut?

Lycanna nodded with a vacant stare. They lunged forward and thrust their cock into the succubus’s cunt. The two of them collapsed backwards onto a couch. Lycanna starting humping and thrusting faster and faster as the succubus moaned in pleasure. Meanwhile Rungar searched through his pack for some rope.

The succubus lashed out with their tail and smacked me on the ass. ”Pick up my Rod of Command, and hold it against the dwarf.” They demanded. I failed a social check, and felt the weight of their words like an undeniable command.

Zero,” I said in a monotone voice, as I walked towards the fallen rod. “So incredibly relaxed. So deep now that I’ve lost all control.

No you don’t,” said Jolleff. He tackled me from behind, then flipped me over and pinned me to a large loveseat. “You can’t even think about grabbing that rod until you finish pleasuring mine.” Jolleff’s cock sprung to attention in front of my face. It looked so large and powerful. I couldn’t help but wrap my lips around it. I couldn’t do anything but mindlessly bob my head up and down on his cock.

Meanwhile Lycanna and Rungar worked together to tie up the succubus. The fiend fought and thrashed at first, but eventually gave in with a submissive sigh. Their will was sapped completely by the Rod of Pleasure’s unceasing vibrations and Lycanna’s relentless fucking. Rungar tied them up from head to toe, binding them down to the couch and gagging their mouth so that they couldn’t issue any more commands.

You manage to defeat the succubus and escape with all 4 Rods,” said DM, as she spat a strand of rope out of her mouth. “Now could one of you untie me?

The succubus has submitted to us,” said Brad, as a sly smile spread across his face. “But I don’t think we’re done here, are we? Don’t you think we need to wear this creature out before we leave? Otherwise they might escape their bonds and chase us through the caverns.

I can’t think straight enough to DM anymore,” said Daniel. “But I couldn’t agree more. You must thoroughly exhaust the succubus before you leave their chamber.

I slowly woke up from my trance with Jeff’s cock deep in my throat. He was saying something to me, but I only caught the last little bit of it. ”...senses returning to the world around you. 5 AWAKE. Welcome back.” He pulled out and gestured towards Daniel. “We have a succubus to thoroughly exhaust.