The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Trials and Trances

Synopsis: We rescue our Mistress from the Celibate Cells.

Trance Advisory: This story is written to entrance the reader. This chapter has a rather intense torture scene with suggestions of enjoying and craving pain. It’s also got a prison break orgy.

Chapter 4: Assault on the Celibate Cells

Greetings adventurers. It is I, Erik who has the honor of telling the tantalizing tale of tonight’s Trials and Trances extravaganza! It all started in the afternoon, about 2 hours before the game began. The moon was full in the sky, but the sun had not yet begun to set.

Brandy came over to my place again, to do her make up with me. She’s such a cutie, and damn, she got a booty. And let me tell you, that fine piece of ass can take a pounding. Last time, when Jeff and Danielle were busy playing with their good thrall, I sank deep into that tight little hole and pegged her like a horny little butt slut.

Needless to say, when I saw her today, working that sway in her hips in that way, back and forth so enticingly, as if to say, not with lips but with intoxicating wide hips, that she longed to play with me passionately, I could say that I wanted that ass against me. So without delay, all our clothes went away. She proceeded to splay those soft cheeks and say, ‘oh yes penetrate me’. But we could not be late again, so we agreed to have one little romp then deny all advances, until we escaped from that mislaying swamp where our minds were at prey back in Trials and Trances.

What’s going on? Where am I? Who am I?” Alice asked, the moment the session began. DM hadn’t even opened her mouth to begin to set the scene. All she did was snap her fingers and suddenly Alice was deep in trance with no memories in mind.

You’re a good thrall,” Jeff answered without missing a beat. “Now take off your shirt and get those nipples nice and hard. Play with your tits and put on a sexy show for us.

Alice complied immediately, obediently, while the rest of us looked on in Shock. We knew that Alice would lose her memories as she starting slipping into character, but we had no idea that the change would be so sudden. DM made sure to talk about it before the session began, so that Alice could consent and set boundaries before assuming the mind wiped character.

Jeff wasted no time at all, taking advantage of that consent. Everyone around the table was glad that he did.

Jolleff that’s my sister!” I interrupted, feigning anger. “I should be the one to control the mindless slut.

Ah, but I have the rod of command,” Jolleff answered, taking out the dildo and pressing the tip against my lips. “So close your mouth on the subject or I’ll fill it up for you.

“You don’t know how to use it yet!” I wanted to retort.

Instead DM made us both role dice. I don’t quite understand exactly what it was she said, about checking his mental prowess against my will to resist. I think that not remembering the rules is a rule of the game, or something like that. I’m not really sure. Once I drop into character I stop noticing all the rules and rolls, and focus instead on my own reality, inside our own fictional world.

Ten,” I said, instead of retorting, when all four dice betrayed me. “Reality shifting and twisting away as I feel that familiar enchanting sway.

Jolleff flashed a devious smile, as if he suddenly realized that he was attuning to the rod of command. I pulled out my rod of attachment and Thwapped his rod away from my face before he could get any funny ideas.

Don’t you dare use that rod on me,” I threatened, without mentioning Alphina. “Or I’ll attach my rod to your mouth and use your face as my personal dildo.

Then I hit him on the head for good measure.


Jolleff blushed bright red at the thought, and backed off, looking flustered.

Rungar laughed heartily at the two of us, then he searched around the shack.

Alphina stood there with a vacant stare, mindlessly fondling her tits.

The befuddling bog bubbles and pops all around you,” DM explained, finally setting the scene.“It constantly bubbles, as noxious fumes are, shaken, stirred, and released, but here and now the sound is intensifying, like a simmering pot coming up to a rolling boil. Something is agitating the bog around you. It seems to be closing in quickly from all sides. Through the many holes of the rotting shack you can see a familiar white cloud as hundreds of spore spurters swarm all around you.

Time to go!” Rungar declared. Then he scooped up a single severed thought slayer tendril and bolted for the door.

We rushed through the cloud of musky spores, brandishing our weapon at any of the phallic fungi who floated in too close. They avoided us this time, but we could not avoid their seminal cloud. We tried to hold our breaths and book it, but the thick mud clung to our boots. Every step we took further exhausted our worn out and weary bodies.

I couldn’t hold my breath long enough to make it through the musky cloud. There was no choice except to breath in deep and imbibe the intoxicating spores. I could feel them tingling in my lungs when I finally gave in and breathed in deep. And then with every deep breath I took my consciousness slowly dropped away.

Nine,” I chanted automatically, without really thinking about it. “Take a nice deep breath and drop into a far off world of dreams. Eight. Feel a calming warmth and know, not all is as it seems.

Then the hazy psychedelic colors returned and a chorus of familiar fungal voices sang out in my mind.

You killed our Master,” They cried out as one, in a sort of anguished confusion. “You have freed us of his cruel reign. Please leave in peace and accept our gift, in apology and thanks.

It’s hard to describe what happened next, except to say that I felt an overwhelming sense of connection and unity with the strange floating phallic fungi. Archaic knowledge flowed from all around, in invisible strands of swirling thought, spiraling round and coalescing in my dazed and hazy brain. A thousand lifetimes of learning and experience swirled and twirled around my head in an incomprehensible vortex of cognitive comprehension. I couldn’t possibly, in that moment, understand all they had to share, so they helped me, guided me, pushed me towards the thoughts they knew that I needed to know.

Sweet! I’m leveling up my Mental stat to three,” Jeff declared, breaking character. “I mean, um, how weird, the fungi shared their secret knowledge with me.

Aye they gave me a good talking to too,” Rungar answered with a wink, “to tutor me intuitively on language and linguistics.

Their spores infused my body with strength,” I chimed in. Then I turned towards Alphina. “Tell us sister. what did they give you?

They gave me the will to make choices again,” Alphina answered, still mindlessly fondling her tits with a ditzy expression on her face. “But like, I still really love obeying and being told what to do.

Very good thrall,” Jolleff encouraged. “Now take off your pants and slide a hand down to pleasure yourself, as a reward for being so obedient.

teehee, okay” she answered with a giggle, touching and pleasing down there as we slowly walked on.

The rest of the bog went by in a flash. With the spurters’ help we went straight through and quickly reached the other side. By midday we arrived, at the capital city, Cumalot.

* * *

Come again?” I said, to the pair of guards, guarding the front gate with spears crossed, barring us from entry.

You lot can’t come in here,” The guard explained. “Not looking like that. It’s against public decency laws.

Oh, um, sorry,” Rungar said, then he turned with a frown to Alphina and asked, “do you know where your clothes went?

My what?” Alphina replied. Then she looked down at her body and suddenly realized that she was naked. This silly realization elicited a ditzy giggle, making her perky breasts jiggle around and playfully bounce.

“Not her, You!” the guard retorted, pointing a finger at Rungar. Then he explained. “Only smiling faces are welcome within the walls of Cumalot.”

Oh right, how silly of me to forget,” Rungar answered with a grin. Then we walked exhausted through the front gates and made for the closest Inn.

We walked past countless rows of merchants peddling their wares, and throngs of smiling people walking around in every which direction. Luscious smells wafted through the air, of savory roasts, exotic spices, and fresh baked bread. Everything looked oh so happy, yet something sounded amiss. What with all these smiling faces I heard no joy, cheer, or bliss.

Morgana’s forthcoming trial was the talk of the tawdry town. Tomorrow at high noon she’d face the judgment of the crown. There she would be sentenced to a burning at the pyre, lest she confess and then renounce all her twisted desire.

Our Mistress would die in a day if we didn’t do something daring about it. Tonight would be our only chance to free her from the infamous Celibate Cells. That left us with less than a day to plan and pull off a prison break, against the most well guarded facility in the entire imperial kingdom.

First things first, we needed a place where we could privately plan.

One room with a bed for four please,” Alphina asked with a wink a minute later, checking us into the Bottom’s Up Inn.

I- I- Imperial law says t-that y- you’ll have to s- settle for two beds,” The frightened attendant informed us in a shaky voice as a pair of town guards walked towards the counter. The poor lady stared down frightened, at the guards’ hands clutching their weapons. Then she added with a painfully forced smile. “Limit one male female couple per bed as mandated from up on high.

Of course, two beds, our mistake” we lied and complied. Then they escorted us to a room with a pair of queen sized mattresses, covered with two large pillows and a fancy purple sheet, covered in questionable stains.

It didn’t take long at all for us four to formulate a formidable plan for our forthcoming farce. We decided to strike at midnight when the rest of the town was asleep. In the meantime we split into two separate groups, supplies and information.

Jolleff and Alphina returned to merchant row for supplies.

Meanwhile Rungar and I hit the tavern to gather information.

He ordered us two of something called a gargle blaster, and, just, wow! Let me tell you, they pour it strong here at the Punctured Chalice.

I drained my glass too fast, enjoying the subtle lemony undertones. It went down smooth and it went down fast, like drops of irresistible nectar pouring down from my cup and then WHAM! I felt it in my head like an unexpected garden rake, Thwapping in the dead of night.

Seven,” my lips moved automatically, as the deceptively tangy golden ale hit my brain like a brick. “Breath in a new reality and drop deeper into the game. Six Breath out all distractions as consciousness slowly slips away.

Suddenly the world was whirling like a wobbly carnival ride. My thoughts slowed down like I was trying to think them slowly through molasses colored ale, so potent that it twisted every thought I thinked right back around on itself, making my mind feel loopy and lazy like I was struggling in vain to think through some thick syrupy alcoholic sap, that sapped the think from my thoughts as I struggled in vain to slowly think them through said thought swirling sauce I’d slurped, intoxicating my swirled thoughts.

Then the arousal settled in, and oh fuck I wanted to fuck, like some kind of wanton slut, desperate, eager, craving pleasure, needing to please. I lusted after everyone in the room, like a hypnotic subject lusts for their lovers after downing an enchanted cocktail filled with hyperhorny fuckslut juice.

What’s everyone ’ere so smiley about?” Rungar asked a handsome stranger, as my world spun round and round, out of control. “I mean, what’s the worst they could do to me, for simply wearing a frown?

Not so loud!” The man replied, struggling to maintain his smile. Then he answered in a whisper “They’ll throw us both in the celibate cells. We’ll be tortured by Sir Gowin.

A pair of town guards turned towards Rungar, to tune in on his conversation. They seemed to be drinking happily. That is, until they heard him say the word frown. Now they seemed intent on enforcing the king’s royal decree.

Fortunately I was a horny slut here to make a sexy distraction. I stood up quickly and accidently stumbled in their direction, landing on my knees with a face full of town guard crotch.

Ooopsie” I giggled, “I tripped and fellate um, no wait. I mean, I swallow, um. Swallowed too much ale and now I’m a drunken horny slut.

With that mumbled apology I stood up and stumbled again, purposely accidently landing in the other guard’s lap this time, with his hand gently cupping my chest.

Whoopsie” I giggled. I wiggled my soft cheeks into his lap and slowly rose to my feet. “Sorry about that. can I make it up to you with a drink?

How about you stay right here and drink one with us,” The guard replied, wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me down into his lap. I couldn’t say no to that, so I picked out something a little less potent. Then I waited, slowly nursing it down and enjoying the firmness in my seat, buying Rungar plenty of time to extract information from our new friend.

At first it was easy to play my part and distract the guards, by smiling and obeying and slowly swaying back and forth seductively in his lap. I could feel his body responding to my lustful undulations. Every twitch of excitement I Incited sent a wave of lust washing over me that made it so easy to smile and obey and sway my hips and my chest, back and forth, with the room all around me.

Sir who?” I could just barely hear Rungar ask from across the crowded bar.

Sir Gowin, The Arsehole,” our new friend replied. “The most sadistic fuck of a knight who ever sat round the twelve inch table. He’ll tie you up, torture you, make you scream and promise to smile obediently forever.

I see,” Rungar replied, faking his smile in earnest “And these cells are heavily guarded no doubt. Inescapable even?

That they are!” The man answered. “There’s only but one way in and it’s heavily guarded don’t you doubt. The only way out is to submit. To smile and do as you are told.

I’m sorry you had to go through that my friend,” Rungar consoled. “A place like that sticks with a man. Why I bet you remember it well enough to draw a map.

He did.

Meanwhile, the guard below me slid his hands into my clothes. He didn’t ask. He didn’t heed my wiggling attempts to keep him outside of my clothing. He just reached right in and took what he wanted, grabbing my crotch in one hand and fondling my chest in the other. The other guard narrowed his eyes at me when I opened my mouth to protest. He silenced me because he could, because all guards are bastards in this fascist empire.

Instincts told me to just keep smiling and being a horny slut until Rungar finished talking. The guard was gross but I could manage it, if I just pretended that I was an eager, needy, horny slut, being consensually nonconsensually molested. I could even flirt back and stay aroused by just pretending that I was in another world, grinding on my kinky friend Jeff, slurping on a ginger soda, mixed with a splash of lemon and a strong hypnotic suggestion.

Rungar’s new friend had clearly been to the celibate cells and back. Though his smile made it clear that he was quite unwilling to admit how upset he was, he was quite clearly willing to admit every last little detail that we needed, to clearly plan and carefully carry out our seemingly impossible plan.

Rungar had all the time that he needed to learn everything that we needed to know, thanks to me knowing just when to smile and obey and seduce like a good little slut. Afterwards Rungar must have noticed me, sipping steadily through my second glass and grinding sensually with my ass. He saw the guards hand, possessively wrapped around my waist, and he knew that I was in trouble.

What he didn’t know is that I didn’t know that the guards had unknowingly switched my glass with more of that lovely golden ale. You know, the one with that perfect hint of sour lemon. Lemon which should have reminded me that I was sipping on something that soon would be knocking the last few intelligent thoughts from my lustfully intoxicated mind.

There you are!” Rungar interjected, “I finally found you, you little minx. Did you forget about your big performance tonight? Come on. it’s time to go.

Right about then all the alcohol in my drink suddenly Thwapped into my head like an intoxicating brick, dropping down from above and knocking the consciousness right out of my head.

Five” I don’t quite recall saying, but I think I must have had no choice except to say it out loud. “Slip steadily closer to that undeniable surrender.

Needless to say I just smiled and followed Rungar out the door. We met back with Alphina and Jolleff at our room in the Bottoms Up Inn.

Alphina looked disheveled when she stumbled into bed. Her golden hair was a knotted mess, of roughly handled strands. Her tits were a little bruised and coated with something pale and sticky.

It’d be nice if we had some more coin,” Jolleff grumbled at no one in particular, like he was staring down the cosmic being responsible for his fate.

Fortunately I’m an expert negotiator,” Alphina added, bouncing excitedly. She opened her bag and pulled a bottle of lube. A massive bra came next, then three big bottles of Gargle Blaster.

I see that,” I chimed in. Then I saw Alphina’s vacant smile, and couldn’t help but add. “Such a good thrall.

Alphina blushed and smiled happily at those words, as good thralls aught to do. Then we got serious about planning the perfect prison breakout.

Six long hours and one short sobering cup of coffee later, we knocked on the front door to the Celibate Cells. We asked to see Sir Gowin. They declined. We frowned, and that got us through the front door at least.

Eight guards rushed out and arrested us. They grabbed us, and roughly pulled us inside of the tiny entrance room. There they pinned us to the ground. One held each of us down, while another forcefully strip searched.

Five other guards were crowded into the room, two at each door plus one at the center wearing a fancier uniform and a red stripe on his hat. I could not get a good look from the floor, but I think he was the head jailor in this room.

If you want to see Sir Gowin that badly,” The head jailor yelled, “then you can wait in the cells like everyone else,

The guards had found my rod first, in place, and looking not the least bit suspicious.

What’s this?” I heard from across the room from a guard with his hand on Jolleff’s rod.

Thud. Thud!

Two loud noises filled the room before Jolleff could begin to answer. The guards arresting Alphina had unclicked her massive bra and down to the ground fell the heavy heads of Thwap and Shock.

It’s a rod of arousal.” Jolleff lied. Then he carefully recited three rehearsed commands. “It can make you feel, well. Feel so aroused that you want to fuck every single guard in this prison. Don’t believe me when I say it’s magical. Give it to someone with even the teensiest bit of knowledge about magic items.

That guard fell prey to the rod of command and absentmindedly handed it off as his arousal grew uncontrollably. He didn’t believe what Jolleff had said but he knew exactly what he wanted.

How’s it work?” the second guard asked, as he took hold of the rod.

If you say the words-” Jolleff began and then cut himself off “Well, I won’t say it, otherwise the rod might glow and then you would, um, uh. Crave a guard orgy so much that it’s all you can think about.

Stop that Stop that!” The head jailor interrupted, repeating himself, “This has gotten too sexual. We’ll have no talk of fucking and guard orgies here in the celibate cells. Bring out the stopgags and gag these prisoners before things go any further.

And just like that, our carefully laid plans steered into a moment of absolute chaos. I felt helpless in this instant, and helplessly aroused by my own helpless state. A knee pressed firmly down on my back, and a rough hand grabbed hold of my hair. I tried to struggle and squirm as a large gag forcefully filled my mouth. There was nothing I could do except lie there and take it like an eager little slut.

There was literally nothing I could do because the paralytic enchantment on the stopgag made me FREEZE up the moment that I felt it stuffed into my mouth. All I could do was lay there pinned, with my mouth forced open and stuffed full, drooling a little onto the smooth stone floor below me.

Four” I said without thinking about it, as I gave in just a little and let the guards manhandle me like the little bitch I want to be. “Know that sweet submissive bliss is waiting at the bottom. Three. Give in to the pull now and sink deeper into surrender.


I got my chance to fight back when Alphina’s rod began to buzz. She’d managed to get it trapped between her ass and her captors crotch. They both gave in to the buzz of the rod of pleasure and started grinding against one another as waves of pleasure compelled them to pleasure themselves until orgasm.

Every head in the room turned towards the enchanting sound of the magical vibrations mixed with the growing moans and groans of growing lust. Every head except for mine, focused intently on the cuffs. The pressure eased up on my back and the gag slipped slightly out my mouth.

Luck was on my side in this critical moment, much like it isn’t for a gambler who craps out on the line with double sixes. I somehow managed to snatch the cuffs and cuff the two guard’s wrists together before they even realized what I was doing.

They figured it out soon enough though, and looked down in disbelief. That’s when I rolled and toppled them down to the ground at Jolleff’s feet.

Jolleff had not been gagged at all. In fact he had been discreetly whispering suggestions to his guards. His puppets grabbed hold of the cuffed guards, and they stuffed those guards with rods and seductive suggestions that they just could not resist. I couldn’t hear what exactly he said, but I knew that he was slowly building an orgy of prison guards, with a set of compounding compulsive suggestions which would keep them busy all night.

Rungar, I knew had been watching, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. He saw it now and stood up suddenly before they could get the gag in his mouth.


A guard launched off his back, skillfully aimed at the guard still straddling Alphina.


They collided and fell to the floor, prone but still quite awake.

Rungar reached into his beard. He pulled out the rod of cumming and stroked it in a single fluid motion. A blast of hot sticky cum spewed forth coating Alphina and the guards around her.

The four of them erupted into moans of pleasure as strands of hot sticky cum rained down from above. The enchanted CUM from the magical rod made Alphina orgasm instantly and uncontrollably. Meanwhile the guards rushed absentmindedly to remove their soiled armor, compelled by the magical spell, lingering in the rod of cumming.

The plan was going well so far, but overwhelming forces soon proved to be too much for my tired mind to take. The guards from the doors rushed towards me and Rungar, drawing their blades as they advanced. Meanwhile, the head jailor boldly confronted Jolleff.

Two guards came towards me, two sharp short swords shimmering in hands. One slashed back and forth quite formlessly, with his angry mouth opened wide in a growl. The other slyly hung back, waiting for me to make a move.

Give in now or else” The angry guard commanded me.

I chose or else and managed to skillfully slip between the savage slashes of his swiftly swinging sword. A quickstep brought me in too close for the second guard to safely strike as I slid the stopgag right into his overly aggressive mouth.

I snapped it closed and smiled victoriously as I watched him FREEZE in place, and then the other guard’s gauntleted fist clocked me square in the temple.


The lights went out. I tumbled to the ground, unconscious but alive.

Two,” I counted down thoughtlessly in another world. “Easily slip deeper and savor these last sweet steps deeper down. One. A single thought is all that remains in my almost emptied head. Zero. Mind is gone. Submit to blank obedience.

As I lay there, passed out on the floor I could hear the moans of the nearby guard orgy growing louder.

Stop that! Stop theeeeeck-” The head jailor, began to repeat himself. Then he squeaked and cut himself off as something heavy was shoved into a tight orifice. He probably said something cute and submissive next, like “Yes Master I obey”, but I couldn’t hear him say it over the sudden scuffle next to my face.

Conk! Thwap! Shink! Thud!

Two heads crashed together with impressive concussive force. Two bodies plummeted to the ground. Several drops of thick warm liquid splashed down on me. Then something heavy and dwarf shaped landed inches from my face.

My dazed and emptied mind was too blissed out to realize just how much danger my thoroughly punctured friend had gotten into this time. If I could think through the thought stopping dizziness, that permeated my empty head, then I might have had half of a hope of a chance to realize, that my down but not quite yet unconscious friend was wholly hurt.


The sound of the rod of pleasure turning back on distracted my mind and turned me on with wonderful wonderings once more. I wondered which lucky slut was caught in its thrumming trap, it’s stunning trap, it’s no move until cumming trap, that makes its victims need and crave the pleasure of release.

bzzzzzzzt ”Oh fuck yeah,” bzzzzzzzt “yesssss oooooooooh” bzzzzzzzt

I could practically paint a picture in my mind’s eye from the sound. It was Alphina, clearly, temporarily immune to the rod of pleasure having cum her own brains out just moments ago. She must have been standing, pressing her vibrating wand into a new victim, sending wave after wave of pleasure into a lust bewildered guard.

release them all, be a good thrall,” a chorus of guards began to chant as Jolleff’s growing guard orgy groaned and grabbed for bodies to add to the pile. “release them all, be a good thrall” the chant grew louder as more and more guards were pulled into the writhing pile of obediently fucking bodies. They groaned and grunted, moaned and Thrust, fucked and fingered, stroked and sucked and licked and chanted on and on. “release them all, be a good thrall.

Wake up Lycanna,” Rungar whispered weakly into my ear. He gently slapped the side of my face to try to arouse me from my slumber. “On the count of, ugghh five, feel your mind awaken. 1, 2, 3, wake up for me. 4, 5 refrooooough fuck, refreshed and awake.

I blinked my eyes and came to slowly. My friends were gathering by the door, preparing to go deeper to the cells below. All thirteen guards were mindlessly fucking and chanting ”release them all, be a good thrall” That meant we could relax and wait for the closest guards to investigate. We collectively unclenched our muscles and slid out the bottles of gargle blaster, from the desk where the jailor confiscated them from Rungar.

It seemed our cunning plan had worked, but at what cost? All of us were battered and bruised from our less than gentle arrest.

My brain felt dreadful, ringing, stinging, as I walked on, barely clinging to a little shred of consciousness inside my brittle head. Rungar limped along beside me, clutching down on his right thigh because the makeshift bandage he applied became completely soaked. Alphina’s ass was red and bruised, her tender skin sliced and abused. She struggled quite unused to breathing through a neck viciously choked. And lastly Jolleff somehow managed to get through it all undamaged, with a gleeful look that power quite primeval can embed.

We didn’t have time to think about that. Three guards rushed into the room, to investigate the groans and echoing chant. ”release them all, be a good thrall”. Fortunately for us they came at us one at a time. Each one was far too shocked by the growing orgy to even try to resist Jolleff’s instructions to join in and chant “release them all, be a good thrall.

We rushed out of there, and into the stairs, leading deep down to the cells. Those stairs slowly spiraled around and down. So around and down we went, one cycle after another, going deep into the underground prison. The echoing chant, ”release them all, be a good thrall”, slowly faded into the distance as we cycled around and down the large stairwell. Several cycles later we arrived the bottom, where a thick metal door blocked our path. It was locked up tight and far too heavy to even try to force open.

How are we going toooofgh-” Jolleff began. He bent over to inspect the keyhole, tilting his head.


The door opened suddenly, knocking him senseless and down to the ground. Another guard, in another fancy red stripped hat, stepped into the stairwell.

He seemed confused to see us standing there, like he was trying to figure out why we were naked, but unbound, ungagged , and wielding mysterious magical rods that were surely contraband.

You’re not supposed ta-” He began, only to sputter and trail off, interrupted unexpectedly by Alphina.

That naughty minx stuffed the rod of pleasure between her tits and turned us on. It buzzed to life and her bouncy breasts jiggled and wiggled around as she slowly advanced. The sight of Alphina’s bare boobies there bouncing and teasing, mesmerizingly appeasing, must have melted that guards feeble mind for a moment. He could do nothing but FREEZE into place as those pleasing tits bounced forward slowly enveloping, seizing his face.

Unlock every occupied cell in this prison.” Jolleff demanded, and the guard succumbed to the power of two rods at once. “Say nothing except what I specifically instruct you to say. Each time you unlock a door, say ‘you’re needed upstairs. Now.’ The first time anyone confronts you about releasing the prisoners, respond with ‘Do you want to explain their absence to Sir Gowin?’

Then Alphina turned off her rod and Jolleff watched from the doorway as his puppet walked away.

We took a much needed break to clear our heads. The ringing stopped and I was able to focus once again. We counted up prisoners one by one, as our mind controlled guard, let’s call him ‘the overseer’, released them all.

One, two, three of them walked by quickly in a row and Alphina told them they were free to just walk out. I was starting to think that this crazy plan was actually going to work. Four, Five, they just kept coming. It was going oh so smoothly. I was waking up to the possibility that we just might be able to free every single prisoner from these unjust cells.

That’s when we noticed the other guards getting suspicious. The overseer was walking by them, without so much as a ‘Hello.’ There was a blank and vacant look in his eyes, as he slowly and steadily emptied out the Celibate Cells like a hypnotist slowly releasing every last thought from a hypnotic subject’s mind.

A group of five guards gathered together, whispering amongst one another. One of them approached the enchanted overseer, and the other four followed a prisoner to the stairs.

Do you want to explain their absence to Sir Gowin?” The overseers angry voice echoed through the chamber just before the quartet of guards could reach our ambush.

The guards turned for a moment. We motioned the emancipated prisoner to run. Then Rungar got into position for some good orgasmic fun. The investigating guards predictably hurried to chase when suddenly their quarry sprinted up the grand spiral staircase. That is until Rungar surprised them, with a cumshot to the face.

Oh God! Oh fuck! OOOOoohhhhh Yes! I’m CUMMING!” A chorus of moans erupted at once as the hot sticky blast collided with the exposed skin of their faces

It was over in an instant, but an instant is all that the rest of us needed, to disable the guards and let Jolleff weave a spell of lust and control.

Three of the guards started passionately fucking, one on their hands and knees, spit roasted by the others.

The last guard got special instructions to take the rod of command and to walk in front of us through the door. He intercepted three more guards, who were rushing in to investigate the moans.

It’s some kind of sex sorcerer,” The controlled guard obediently repeated, then he obeyed his instructions like a mindless thrall and held out the rod of command. “Quickly take this to Sir Gowin.

The trio of confused guard looked skeptically back and forth between the phalic rod and door where the moaning and groaning was getting louder. The man in front saw the blank vacant stare in the eyes of Jolleff’s puppet guard, and wondered whether he aught not to touch the rod. Fortunately his foolish friend fell for the bait instead, and then fell prey again to a faintly whispered suggestion.

Touch your friends with the rod,” was all it took for Jolleff to take control and soon those three were humping and moaning like all of the others.

We gathered all seven of them at the base of the stairs, and of course two more rushed in by the time we managed to herd the growing orgy, so we actually had nine thoughtless fuckpuppets gathered for Jolleff’s next sherade.

Drink one shot each,” he said spreading the alcohol all around and then he picked out three slutty candidates for the trap. “You are part of Gowin’s newest torture. You indulge in lustful debauchery as the celibate prisoners walk by, sober and thoroughly cucked. Convince as many guards as you can to join in this new torture. Explain it to everyone who approaches and offer them the bottles of booze. Oh and do enjoy the orgy you naughty sluts.

Our little distraction went one direction and we went in another. We took the shortest possible path towards Sir Gowin’s torture chamber. Our moaning orgy was the perfect distraction for us to sneak unnoticed, deeper into the prison which was slowly emptying out and filling with lust.

Dozens of guards closed in from all sides, like an inescapable web, slowly encroaching, unstoppably ensnaring, carefully capturing the decoy that we set.

Meanwhile we made it, all the way down, to the stone archway which marked the entrance to the chamber of despair. Literally, the words ‘Chamber of Despair’ had been crudely clawed into the stone.

AAAaaaeeeeiiiiieeeeeee” A pained scream cried forth along with the sound of tearing flesh, as we stepped through the ominous archway. A blinding purple light flared forth for a moment, taking our sight before we could see what was going on within.

Cling Clang! Clatter Crash!

We heard the sounds of metal objects raining down all around.

Moments later my vision returned. I saw my mistress hanging there, upside down from a bunch of chains. She was locked into a pair of iron panties with a matching collar, anklets, and cuffs, all hooked to the dangling chains which held her locked, perpetually aloft. Her body was covered in bruises and scars from dozens of tiny punctures and slashes which were rapidly healing before my very eyes. Well actually, some of them were healing, but the spots where the iron touched her skin was getting worse.

The metal seemed to be glowing faintly purple. No. Not glowing, pulling, draining our Mistress’ magic away, I realized noticing the flow between her and the enchanted metal outfit. More of that very same metal was scattered all about the torture chamber. Little needles, hooks, and clamps were strewn haphazardly about. They were all attached to a long silky cord which coiled lazily about the room, ending in the hand of a man who could only be Sir Gowin, the arsehole.

He stood in front of Morgana, in assless chaps and a utility belt, which was filled with vicious torture tools all made of the same cruel magic metal.

You’re too late,” he lied. Then he laughed mockingly “ahahaha. She belongs to me now.

Mistress” I cried and I ran to her, scanning the room for some way to free her from this terrifying fate. I got halfway to her before anyone else recovered from the Shock of seeing our Mistress in this state.

Keys! I spotted them, dangling cockily from Sir Gowin’s belt. And also, Rungar! closing in quickly. He was clearly trying to tackle the sadistic jailor.

Thinking quickly, I rushed in and lunged hip first at the cruel knight. I ducked my head back, aptly ducking under a slashing counter, and thrust the rod of attachment skillfully penetrating his key ring. Then I shifted my hips just in time to brace, as 300 pounds of angry dwarf came barreling in. There was an intense pulling against my most impressive phallic grip.

Pop! Clack! Wham!

Rungar and Sir Gowin tumbled intertwined to the ground. I watched, seemingly mesmerized, as the skilled knight rolled with the heavy dwarf in a most incredible acrobatic feat. Then a half dozen little clangs rang out as half a dozen little keys scattered about the already cluttered dungeon floor. The melody of the falling keys fascinated me as the pair of grappling fighters spun, around and around and around. Then suddenly Rungar flew face first towards the wall.

Crash! Thud!

The burly dwarf collided and dropped, unconscious, to the floor.

Jolleff was ready and waiting to step in next. He pinned then pressed his rod down firmly on the prone Sir Gowin’s neck.

let Morgana go free,” He demanded, triumphantly with a growl.

She may go,” Gowin laughed. Then a kick to the gut sent Jolleff staggering backwards. The sadistic knight rose to his feet and drew a spiky dildo from his belt. He clarified his statement before attacking “The keys on the floor, you may unlock her any time.

Aaargh, Eeeeeeh, Oooooh,” Jolleff was too unbalanced to properly block the first three glancing strikes. He cried out in pain at the first slice, whimpered pathetically at the second, and then moaned out longingly at the third one, wanting, needing, craving to feel the sting.

But maybe you’d rather stay here with me, and play with the rod of Agony,” Sir Gowin continued, going on the offensive now.

Meanwhile Alphina stood all alone, with a confused look on her face. She looked back and forth between the battle and our bound and beaten Mistress, with a blank look in her eyes like she was trying to think back and recall just what it was exactly she had last been commanded to do.

Help me find the right key” I pleaded to her, as I futilely tried to insert the wrong key into the wrong lock.

Then I slipped and the cold iron’s chilling enchantment pressed against my fingers. For a moment my will was pulled away painfully, forcefully down into the chilling metal. It got me, but I pulled away quickly before it could knock me out completely.

Three,” I absentmindedly began to chant aloud “Give in to the pull and sink deeper into surrender.

Alphina was beside me in an instant, trying out a key of her own. Her attempt went just about as well as mine. I watched the pretty purple light, painfully pulled from her, pulling her ever closer to thoughtless oblivion. I knew that a single mistake here could leave us helpless, unable to move a muscle, slumped over the cold Iron, which could agonizingly pull every drop of will away from our weak little bodies.

I wondered how Morgana managed to survive being bound in the torturous stuff. Then I pushed those distracting thoughts aside and searched for another key to try. Sifting through the scattered torture tools was not an easy task. There was dangerous metal everywhere, shimmering, sparkling, threatening to knick me and pull my will away as I searched carefully focused on picking out just the right glimmering details from the perplexingly cluttered floor.

Across the room the battle was not going well for Jolleff. Sir Gowin was slashing and stabbing with skill and precision, scoring minor nicks and cuts that slowly overwhelmed with little stinging thoughts of submissive surrender.

Every cut I inflict with this rod makes you crave pain a little more,” Sir Gowin unnecessarily explained. “Soon you won’t be able to resist me anymore. Soon you will kneel down and take it like a whore.

Stop!” Jolleff insisted, finally scoring a blow with his rod. He knew instinctively that he’d connected but his mind was so cut up that a single word was all he could manage.

Then he watched Sir Gowin FREEZE up like a statue. For a second he thought he’d won the fight. He let his guard down, and felt a delightfully agonizing pain.

Foolish boy,” The sadistic knight laughed, stabbing again and again. “You didn’t say how long. You don’t deserve the rod of command. You deserve to be on your knees submitting to me like a good little painslut.

Jolleff seemed lost in that moment, but he managed to hold on just a little while. While it’s true, he lost his little fight, his antics earned us the time we needed to gather the remaining keys.

I carefully tried out two of them as Alphina tried two more on a different lock.

None of them worked!

Not one single one of them opened the locks we tried.

How is this possible?

Did we miss one?

I scanned the room to no avail, frantically looking about, glancing back and forth between the fight where Jolleff was sorely pressed and slowly surrendering, back and forth to the wall where Rungar lay unconscious, and back and forth again to the chains which held our Mistress helplessly aloft

That’s when it hit me. Morgana’s binding has six locks. We were looking for a single Master key to open every lock, when we should have been looking for a single lock paired to each and every key.

Try each key on each lock!” I instructed Alphina. Then I held out my hand with three keys. “Oh and give me your rod first.

We exchanged then I rushed to help Jolleff win against impossible odds. He was kneeling, cowering, whimpering, wildly waving his rod back and forth in a desperate act of self defense, screaming repeatedly in case he scored a hit.

Stay back, Stay back, Stay back,” he commanded, in a shaky voice though he knew deep inside that he truly wanted to submit to the sharp stinging pain.

I realized my mistake the moment that I took hold of the rod. It thankfully was not on, or I might have immediately lost control of my body. Instead I just felt an irresistible compulsion to press the switch. I fought the compulsion as best I could as I sprinted desperately towards to Sir Gowin, but even my impressive will could not resist that rod for long.

Two,” I said, as the rod’s imposing power cracked through my impressive resistance. “Easily slip deeper and savor these last sweet steps down. One. A single thought remains in my almost emptied head.

I purposely pushed myself right up to the blissful edge of giving in and then I leapt up, spreading my legs as wide as they possibly could go, and at long last flipped the on switch on the wonderful vibrating rod.


Sir Gowin looked bewildered, as I flew moaning towards him, vibrating rod of attachment aimed directly at his face.

I looked him square in the eyes, staring victoriously and feeling like I was flying in slow motion. This was it! He would succumb to the rod and the battle would be over. I knew it, yet somehow he managed to drop, unexpectedly at the last second, falling prone to the floor as I flew above. I landing cursing and turned so that I have a good view as I thoughtlessly pleasured myself to orgasm.

That was it. The fight was over and decided in that crucial moment as I flew over, missing with my last ditch effort to subdue our opponent. All I’d managed to do was distract him, from trembling Jolleff meekly dropping his rod. There was nothing I could do to change things as our last chance to win this encounter tumbled away from the crumbling fighter’s fumbling grasp. There was nothing left to do except watch and pleasure myself as the final moments of our fight played out.

Stay right there,” Jolleff commanded “Don’t move at all, except in the ways I tell you. Reach underneath you and grab my rod. Do not let go until I take it from your hand. You are not allowed to stand or move from that spot until you know for sure that we five are outside of Cumalot, alive.

That command seemed to stick, and just like that our desperate fight was over. Jolleff walked over and woke up Rungar as Alphina rescued our Mistress from the draining restraints. I masturbated and watched with a horny look in my eyes and an irresistible vibrating wand on my crotch.

You came, Thank you,” Morgana weakly murmured, as she struggled to regain her consciousness. “Now let’s get out of here before the king sends in more knights.

No!” Jolleff declined. He held out the rod of command threateningly under Morgana’s chin. “First you tell us why the king wants your head.

I tried to protect my Mistress from my misguided friend, but she flashed me a look that told me everything would be okay.

He wants me dead because I fucked prince Arthur,” Morgana explained.

Prince who?” Jolleff questioned.

Yeah,” Rungar added, looking confused. “Who the fuck is Arthur?

Let me explain,” Morgana insisted. Then she cleared her throat and told us everything we needed to know. “Queen Beth died giving birth to twins, as you all know quite well. King Christian named his first born child princess Artemis, and the second born prince Christian, in his name. Well, actually she faked her death and transformed into a succubus just to get out of her arranged marriage but that’s a different chapter of this story.

My friends all nodded along in agreement, as I sat there knowing exactly where this story was going. They knew our kingdom’s history quite well, and there was no such person as prince Arthur in our history books. I only knew the truth because of my time spent living with Mistress Morgana.

That doesn’t explain who Arthur is,” Jolleff impatiently pointed out.

Twenty three years later,” Morgana continued. “I fucked that first born twin. I also taught him a much needed lesson, about gender identity and living outside of the binary. Two weeks later he approached the king and had a little talk. He explained that he was male, and taking the name prince Arthur along with the rightful claim to the throne. The king forbade it. Arthur insisted. Now I’m locked up here and he’s locked up in the Chamber of Eternal Torment. And now it’s time to get out of these cells.

She tried to rise, but Jolleff pushed the rod into her throat.


I’d detached my rod of attachment and used it knock his obnoxious ass to the ground. Rungar helped him up and we all sprinted away together before more Imperial reinforcements could arrive.

We rushed out into a full blow orgy of passionate prison guard lust, as the last of the prisoners waited for their chance to slip away. It seemed they might not get that chance. The overseer was tied up and surrounded by a dozen guards who’d managed to resist the temptation of the orgy. They charged us when they realized that Morgana was escaping.

The powerful sorceress snapped her fingers and unlocked the remaining cells. She made it look easy but I could tell that the effort sapped her of all her remaining magic. We followed the last of the prisoners up and out through the stairs. Rungar was the last one up. He waited at the base for everyone, then pulled the bottle of lube out of his beard and lubed the steps as he ran up up up and out of the dungeon.

On our way out the front door, Alphina and Jolleff stopped to pick up the heads of Morgana’s stone golems. Meanwhile I grabbed one of those magical stopgags.

We easily made it out of the city in the ensuing chaos that followed. Then DM woke us up from the intense session.

Wake up on the count of five,” She said. “Return to the real world more with each number I count up. One. Thoughts returning as your brain awakens. Two. easily remembering all the fun you had as you awaken from trance. Three. Feeling the feeling in your body and your limbs as you wake up. Four. A final step and then you’ll be awake. Five Awaken completely, refreshed and aware.

The many aches and wounds on my body seemed to heal before my eyes as DM slowly woke us. ‘Was that all in my head?’ I shook myself awake and smiled to my friends.

Brandy noticed something quite foreshadowing before we called it a day.

Wait a minute,” She said, pointing to the sex toy that I was still holding in my hand “Is that a Naughty Dragon XCalibur insertable cock?