The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Trials and Trances

Synopsis: Jolleff abuses the rod of command.

Chapter 5: Reversal of Fate

Welcome back friends. This time I, Danielle, will tell tonight’s titillating tale of Trials and Trances. Usually I’m too busy controlling the game to be notekeeper, but tonight I lost control.

Jeff took charge in wonderful ways that we all wanted.

I could tell from the smirk in his eyes that Jeff had something wicked in mind from the moment he first walked into my apartment. He was 20 minutes early and seemed eager to speak with me.

Jolleff wants to go on a little power trip,” He explained. “I want to take control of the group and make them all obey me. Have some fun you know, but eventually I think he needs a dramatic change of heart.

That’s why you came over early,” I inferred. “To get my blessing first, before Jolleff rapes our minds with his commanding rod?

Jeff nodded sheepishly.

Well you’ll have to ask the other players too, as you know very well,” I continued. “Alice will love the idea no doubt. But what about Eric and Brandy? Plus you haven’t given me much time to figure out how to put the plot back on the rails after you have your little fun.

I know,” He shook his head. “It was stupid fantasy of mine, but I just...

He trailed off, looking dejected, then sort of slumped down on my couch.

I sat down next to him and set my hand gently upon his knee. We had a delightful conversation, but enough about that.

Lets jump ahead to the part where our plucky heroes, plus the rescued Lady Morgana played by me of course, all flee for their lives from the city of Cumalot.

The city was in chaos, escaped prisoners scampering in all directions, chased by groups of confounded imperial guards. Amidst all the screaming and chasing we were easily able to sneak our way out to the outer wall. Then just as we were slipping away through the gate, we witnessed two knights take control.

Sir Pierceahole and Sir Gladlyhard rode forth from the royal phallus. They appeared suddenly, from that large spire of a castle, and galloped all the way down main street, tossing nets and barking commands. Soon the soldiers were organized and performing a city wide sweep.

We didn’t stick around to see that happen.

The five of us dashed towards Surlywood forest, running as fast as our legs would carry us. It was a long way to the tree line though and we needed to make it quick before the soldiers expanded their search outside the city.

Unfortunately Alphina stumbled and stopped to catch her breath. Fortunately Rungar was ready to help.

We aint got time for that lass,” He said, scooping her right up in his arms.

And in a distant world, an already blank and thoughtless Alice sat down sensually in Brandy’s lap.

You’re so strong,” Alphina said, gently caressing Rungar’s muscular biceps and wiggling seductively.

Rungar ran on for several minutes with Alphina in his hands, gratuitously coping a feel of that soft and squishy elven ass.

Then just as we reached the concealing safety of the girthy hard oak trees, we watched the city of Cumalot begin to glow. Torchlight flooded out from town as throngs of soldiers amassed outside the city.

The knights were no doubt under orders, to capture or even execute Lady Morgana. They were about to split their forces up to comb the forest and surrounding lands.

We just kept on running, trying to gain as big of a head start as we could manage.

Actually, only some of us were trying to run away. A couple of us had other plans in mind.

It was no accident that we stopped to rest at a mossy clearing. Indeed it seemed like the perfect place for us to pause a moment and catch our breath.

There were thick woods all around to keep us safe from prying eyes, plus a soft bed of moss to rest our tired toes. In the center of the clearing, a curious pair of long smooth stones were embedded flatly and purposefully into the earth. Oh and there was also a familiar and terrifying tentacle faced humanoid, waiting patiently for us.

Perhaps we might have noticed the creature sooner if Jolleff hadn’t turned around at that exact moment, and whipped out his rod of command.

We’re going back,” He asserted, completely oblivious to the fact that we weren’t alone. “We’re going to wait until all the guards are scattered, then we’re going to sneak into the royal phallus.

What? NO!” I protested. “I got myself captured and tortured to learn where Arthur is being kept. Now we are going to the Chamber of Eternal Torment to rescue him.

Subtly as I protested, I shifted my fingers below my tunic, grabbing hold of the rod of Agony. None of my thralls saw me loot this treasure as we fled from the Celibate Cells, and I wasn’t yet ready to reveal my secret weapon.

We’re done taking orders from you,” Jolleff insisted, lounging forward with his rod.

He caught me off guard, swinging a vicious swipe that might have left a bruise on my tender skin if Lycanna hadn’t intervened. Instead, the perky elf got a long hard rod between their tits.

Mistress, Nooo,” Lycanna screamed and dived. Then their eyes went wide and glossy and their vacant head nodded up and down obediently as Jolleff whispered irresistible suggestions.

Enough of this foolishness,” I declared. “You’re still under mymmphf-

I tried to reinvoke my SPELL of dominance and control but I could only FREEZE in place as Lycanna turned and shoved the stopgag into my mouth.

That’s when Rungar finally noticed our uninvited guest.

It looked just like the last thought slayer. The shape of the body and every detail in the face looked exactly alike in every way except with one single glaring difference. The tendrils which had previously sprouted out in all directions from the brain, were now contained tightly to the chin. The creature moved far less threateningly, announcing its presence with a guttural growl and stepping slowly from the shadows.

Fuck!” Rungar exclaimed. “It’s the thought slayer!

Then he pulled out his axe and braced himself in a battle stance. Jolleff turned and stood beside his dwarven ally, dagger in one hand and rod of command in the other.

The rest of us just stood there motionless.

Lycanna was following orders to hold the stopgag in my mouth until the moment Jolleff gave her another command.

I was helplessly transfixed by the paralytic gag.

Alphina was equally paralyzed in fear. The obedient thrall had no commands to follow at the moment, and even the tiny shred of consciousness inside her empty head was far too frightened to make a move. The sentient fungal spores infecting her brain were all scared stiff at the sight of their former Master standing here, alive once more.

The thought slayer slowly advanced, raising his hands in a peaceful gesture that was immediately misinterpreted as motions meant to invoke an arcane attack. Then he spoke in a guttural growl, trying in vain to make peace with us through a slithering mouth full of chaotic tendrils that twisted and mangled his every utterance into inane and unspeakable words.

Jolleff lunged into action, stabbing aggressively with his rod. Rungar followed up with a vicious axe swipe from the other direction.

The beast twisted to the side and ducked down low, deftly dodging both their blows before reaching out with its squirming tendrils.

There was a blast of light and sound as the thought slayer trapped us all in another illusion, this one far more realistic than any of us realized.

We were standing in the exact same forest clearing, in the exact same poses and positions, except that all the tendrils were gone from the thought slayers face.

Wait, stop, please,” The creature protested, talking now in inexplicably intelligible speech, which both combatants promptly ignored. “I mean you no harm. I-

Shwoosh, shink. Jolleff and Rungar sliced through a pair of invisible thought slayer tendrils that weren’t really there.

Ya won’t fool me with the same trick twice,” Rungar declared, falling for a different trick instead.

The illusion of a pair of severed thought slayer tendrils dropped to the ground, and then six other tendrils suddenly appeared from the illusory thought slayer’s chin, giving off the impression that Jolleff and Rungar had broken free from the illusion, when in fact we were all caught in a mental trap.

FREEZE,” Jolleff demanded, stabbing his rod into the illusory beast.

Then Rungar leapt in for the killing blow against our magically immobilized illusion of a foe. The creature screamed in agony, and fell forgotten from the illusion.

To avoid any confusion I remind you that things were not as they seem. In truth the thought slayer stood quite safely to the side, silently laughing at his antics from the outside of our dream.

We’re going back!” Jolleff declared, assertively this time. Then he turned to Rungar and said. “We never agreed to go on any dangerous rescue missions for this sorceress. She bewitched our minds and forced us on a deadly quest with no rewards. Now the city is in chaos and all the soldiers are spread outside of town searching for her. This is our chance take the throne and take anything we want in this world.

As Jolleff spoke the words “anything we want,” he gestured broadly at us with his rod, thusly promising untold riches and indulgences to Rungar.

However, Lycanna, myself, and Alphina were only offered undeniable obedience.

Jolleff held out his hand and Rungar shook. Then the two of them walked towards us, wearing wicked grins on their faces and obvious bulges below the belt.

There was nothing I could do as Jolleff cupped his fingers below my chin, effortlessly shifting my helpless body. He guided my head up to meet his sultry gaze.

Help us take complete control of Cumalot,” Jolleff commanded. “Act as our obedient subjects, eager to do anything and everything we require to seize the throne and the title of King.

I knew in that moment, I could not disobey him. I would do anything and everything he asked until the moment he became king. Lycanna and Alphina shared this fate. Such was the power of the rod of command::

Take off your underwear and touch yourself,” Rungar demanded, and the three of us obeyed. “I want a nice view while we climb.

Then suddenly, the green and brown colors of the forest clearing seemed to shift about like mist and swirl into a lazy spiral all around. Before anyone could realize exactly how it happened, we were back inside the city of Cumalot, climbing quickly up the shaft of the Royal Phallus. We needed to reach the penthouse tip, where king Christian was waiting, sitting on his gilded throne.

The many veiny grips all around the tall and girthy tower made it almost effortless to climb. It was as easy as crawling up a horizontal surface whilst pretending gravity was rotated. Rungar and Jolleff practically walked up the side.

The only difficult part was how embarrassed I felt at being so high up without any panties on. The entire city of Cumalot could look right up my skirt. Everyone could see how wet and horny I was, and believe me I was dripping. All the touching and rubbing and blushing about being on display like this had made a hot and horny mess down there.

The most embarrassing part of it all was how I could feel Jolleff’s possessive gaze upon my cooch the entire way up. It was as if his hungry eyes were blaring “You are MINE.”

Mere days ago I had him bound completely under my spell. He was helpless and oh so happy to be my obedient thrall. Now he was casually dominating, controlling my every action in ways that I could not resist. It felt as if in another world I was crawling on the ground, while he stood above me lording his absolute power and control over my blank and obedient body.

I wanted to show him that I was still a force to be reckoned with. Hell, I wanted to knock his presumptuous ass right off the tower, but I was under compelling orders and I could not disobey.

Still I managed to stick my ass out, like a slutty yoga pose, when Jolleff climbed a bit too close, giving him an unexpected collision with the mess between my legs. I rubbed my hot wet twat all over him, back and forth and up and down, using his face like my personal fucktoy to remind him of his place.

Then his nails dug into the tender cheeks of my ass, and I felt something long and hard probe gently below my clit. Fuck! I moaned as he THRUST his rod deep inside me.

Keep it moving” He ordered in a sultry whisper, and I felt his words throb deep inside me, forcibly compelling me to motion with his rod of command:: “Think about how good it will feel when I get a chance to take complete control of your mind and body and fill up those eager fuck holes, slut.

A shiver ran down my body, as I reached up for another veiny handhold. I stepped up with one foot then the other, steadily propelling myself higher and higher. And all the while I could feel Jolleff’s commanding presence down below me, like he owned me, and I couldn’t help but fantasize about what he might do to me later tonight.

In my head I played out all the ways that he could take me, and make me pleasure and please and serve him. I couldn’t help but think about all the sucking and fucking and obeying I would do once I let myself give in completely. Every grip and every step filled my lustful head up with more and more fantasies of sex and surrender until suddenly the climb was over. We were in penthouse tip, ready to take the throne in one swift strike.

Picture this. A large impressive circular room, ringed by windows that look down on all of Cumalot. In the center sits a big red throne trimmed in green and gold, atop a larger circular platform, elevating the throne even higher above the rest of the room. The circular platform has eight metal handles sticking out from the side. eight strong men hold onto those handles. They are rotating the throne to the west towards Surlywood forest. The smiles on their faces all look feigned and forced through the strain of heavy lifting and pulling.

We will strike when they sit down to rest.

King Christian Von Sichette IV lounges comfortably atop his throne, wearing royal robes trimmed in far more gold than the average Cumalot citizen ever owns. He has long locks of curly brown hair below a brilliant gold and gemstone covered crown. His angry lips are curled into a frown and he has a single fuzzy mole below his left cheek.

Sir Thrustalot the enduring stands stoically to the right of his king. He is wearing shining silver armor with a long gem encrusted scabbard on the right side of his hip. A mighty magical rod lays sheathed within. His left hand is cupped atop his eyes as he peers out curiously towards the forest. His right hand rests, always at the ready, on the hilt of his powerful rod.

The ceiling of the room is a giant dome with a massive mural depicting the largest orgy in Imperial history. Men with cocks of every shape and size are thrusting into beautiful women, fucking big busty tits, vaginas, and tight assholes. Many are in the missionary position, of course, some laying crosswise atop one another. And others are doing it doggie style, or bent over in all manner of sultry positions. Yet despite the tangled web of horny bodies atop one another, all the fucking is somehow both heterosexual and monogamous, in accordance with Imperial law.

I wanted to smash that mural apart but there was no time to dwell on that.

Rungar was already walking towards the back of the throne. He boosted Jolleff over, to ambush the king from above. Jolleff landed with a thud and had the king under his thrall before anyone had a chance to realize something was amiss.

Meanwhile me, Lycanna and Alphina crawled towards Sir Thrustalot. We tackled and pinned him to the floor, sliding the stopgag into his mouth before he understood what hit him.

Alphina almost immediately unsheathed his enchanted rod and started playing with it, wondering curiously at its machinations. There was a long hard light red cock attached to a strange cylindrical contraption with a tiny cock shaped key sticking out the bottom. The red shaft seemed to stretch a little, growing longer when Alphina stroked her fingers over the phallic key.

Eep!” she exclaimed, as the red tip grew suddenly towards her cheek, almost alerting the nearby men to the presence of strangers on the throne.

Leave the room,” King Christian bellowed, obeying Jolleff’s command to order all his subjects away. “Everybody out! Guard the door and make sure nobody enters without my permission.

Everyone left except king Christian, who could do nothing but obey, and Sir Thrustalot who was paralyzed in place. Just like that we took complete control of the king and the royal throne, but I was not yet free from my commands. Jolleff had big plans that wouldn’t come to fruition until morning. In the meantime we had a grand victory to celebrate.

Well done lad,” Rungar congratulated Jolleff, raising his hand for a high five.

Thanks for your help,” Jolleff replied, completing the high five with a resounding Thwap.

It’s about time for some victory blowjobs,” Rungar suggested. “don’t you think?

Indeed,” Jolleff agreed. “You three strip completely naked, then crawl over here, and suck our cocks.

My body moved all on its own, stripping off all of my clothes and crawling seductively towards Jolleff and Rungar despite my best attempts to resist. Lycanna crawled to my right, and was soon kissing and licking all around Rungars short stout dwarven cock. To my left, Alphina opened wide and enveloped the tip of Jolleffs juicy member.

I was in the middle, which meant I had to alternate licking up and down the shaft and balls and making out around both of those big hard cocks. First I licked up Jolleff’s shaft, from the base up to the tip where Alphina was waiting, sucking gently. Then I twisted away as her hungry lips sank all the way down, balls deep. I turned and kissed Lycanna, with Rungar throbbing in between us. Our lips met on either side of him and our delicate tongues danced back and forth as we slid up and down together, milking his cock with our hungry mouths.

Then Jolleff tugged on my hair and I felt compelled to turn and pleasure him again. He was deep in Alphina’s throat, humping his hips up and down steadily, and for a moment he just locked his eyes with me. “You are MINE” he seemed to say with a penetrating stare before he pushed me down to his hairy balls.

I took advantage of the moment in between, where my mouth was empty enough to speak.

You have the throne,” I protested. “Why are you still in control?

Then I bit down hard on his inner thigh, knowing from experience that he’d enjoy the pain immensely. Sensual pain is one of Jolleffs favorite ways to make him whimper and crave to be my obedient thrall.

He pulled my head away and slapped my face THWAP!

This slut needs to learn her proper place,” He exclaimed, roughly pulling my hair, all the way down to the ground. Then he whispered an irresistible command into my ears. “Stick out your ass and present those fuckholes for me. Don’t move from that position until I command you to.

I couldn’t see what he did next because my face was smooshed into the carpet, but I know he must have grabbed the rod of thrusting. It’s no surprise that I knew that Sir Thrustalot’s rod could extend and contract, growing longer and shorter in powerful thrusting motions, like a fuck machine dildo attached to a magical piston motor.

It didn’t take long for Jolleff to learn how to fuck me senseless with his new toy. He set it up behind me, slid the tip between my vaginal lips and adjusted it to the perfect angle before powering up the rod. He watched it slide deep inside me slowly and pull out again. Bit by bit he amped up the speed, fucking harder and faster, in and out of me over and over.

Help me punish this bratty slut,” Jolleff must have been speaking to Rungar, who was deep in Lycanna’s throat and seconds away from blowing his load. “Use Alphina’s vibrating rod to edge Morgana mercilessly.

Wait a second,” Rungar protested. “You do it. That would make me need to pleasure myself until I cum.

That’s why I asked you to do it.” Jolleff countered, then he must have used his Rod of command on Rungar. “Now get to it. Edge that slut with the rod of pleasure.

And you two obedient fucktoys,” Jolleff continued moments later, now addressing the undressed pair of elven siblings. “Play with each other and keep my cock hard like good little sluts.

I couldn’t see it, but I could hear the sultry sounds as Alphina and Lycanna kissed each other. Lycanna’s hands must have pinched down hard on Alphina’s perky nipples, based on the delightful whimpering cries. Then I heard the gentle suckling and moaning sounds as Alphina took her sibling’s perky tit into her slutty little mouth. Then the two of them must have started stroking Jolleff together based on his lustful moans of ”oh yes, just like that.

Suddenly the sound was drowned out by a powerful buzzing and I felt the incredible need to pleasure myself up to orgasm except I couldn’t seem to move my body at all.

Rungar’s vibrating cockhead pushed upon my tight asshole, as the rod of thrusting fucked me again and again. I tried to relax as he pressed into me slowly, filling me up gently at first.

Rungar pushed in deep, then held himself there, hips squished tight against my ass, and magical rod caught in between, every inch of him vibrating oh so sweetly deep inside my tight fuckhole. Then his hips rocked in and out, gently at first in little motions that grew harder and longer into full blown strokes, fucking all the way in and out of my horny ass.

Take it you naughty fucking slut,” He said, pounding me harder now with urgent thrust after THRUST, in and out of me, his cock twitching and throbbing and leaking precum.

Suddenly Jolleff’s hand grabbed hold of my hair. He twisted my face to the side and gave me a mouth full of the rod of command::

Let yourself get right up to the edge, but stop each time before you can orgasm.” He spoke, and I felt his words pulsating through my mind and body like a wave of pleasure emanating from his rod of command:: “Remember to feel more thoughtless and horny and eager to obey with every edge.

Then he left his rod in my mouth, gagging me so good, as the rod of thrusting fucked me hard and Rungar fucked my ass to completion with his girthy vibrating cock.

The burly dwarf, tensed up and fucked me harder, urgently pounding in and out of my ass with a passionate need for lustful release. His vibrating cock throbbed and spurted inside me enjoying a powerful orgasm that I so desperately craved.

I tried to ride out the wonderful sensations, rubbing my horny body against the lustful rods, but Rungar denied me at the very last moment. He turned off the rod of pleasure and the rod of thrusting just before I could reach my climax.

Moments later, after the first of many mind numbing edges, he turned both the rods back on and moved the wonderful vibrations around to tease my tender clit. Oh fuck yes! It felt so good. I needed to be teased and fucked like this. Oh so badly, desperately, I needed and craved to cum, but I knew that Rungar wouldn’t let me until Jolleff had his fun.

From this position I could see that Jolleff was a bit busy playing with his other subjects at the moment. He had Alphina bent over the throne, with his cock deep inside her throat, as Lycanna fucked her wet pussy with the rod of attachment. Every THRUST of lycanna’s hips pushed Alphina’s throat down deeper on Jolleffs erection.

Then Jolleff snapped his fingers and Alphina turned around. She sat down on his cock and bent down low to suck Lycanna off.

Lycanna grabbed hold of their sister’s hair, and helped her bob that obedient head up and down.

Watching them fuck so obediently made me incredibly horny and I would have cum again if Rungar hadn’t been there to keep me right on the edge like a needy lustdoll plaything.

Alphina seemed to be on the edge of cumming as well, bouncing her hips up and down so eagerly on Jolleff’s long hard dick. She sucked Lycanna’s cock so good like an empty headed hypnoslut who could only bob up and down unthinkingly and get THRUST full of pleasure from both ends.

Jolleff snapped his fingers again before his obedient plaything could climax.

Alphina turned around and started licking her juices off Jolleff’s cock.

This time lycanna shifted positions too, placing their feet around my shoulders. They fucked Alphina right above my face. I could see every inch of Lycanna’s cock sliding in and out of that dripping fuckhole.

Are you my obedient fucktoy?” Jolleff asked, and then he must’ve lifted Alphina’s head up off his cock.

Yes,” Alphina answered in a whimpering moan. “Oh yes. Oh YES! Oh please yes just like that.

The horny fucktoy slut began to shake and clench and squirt and cum so hard. Some of the mess landed on my back, in my hair, and on my face. It would have pushed me over the edge if Rungar hadn’t been there endlessly denying me my sweet release.

All I could do was helplessly watch, and get covered in the juices. Then I watched the elven siblings trade places and swap the cock. Lycanna bent down over the throne and Alphina fucked them up the ass.

A good fucktoy obeys,” Lycanna and Alphina sang out together in harmony as they fucked. “A good fucktoy I’ll stay. A good fucktoy obeys. A good fucktoy I’ll stay. A good fucktoy obeys. A good fucktoy I’ll stay...

They chanted over and over again, until the words became a hazy white noise in the background, looping over and over again like a mantra reminding me of what I was slowly becoming.

Jolleff pulled his rod of command out of my mouth and gently caressed it across my skin. He slowly walked a circle around my deeply aroused and helpless body.

I could feel his eyes upon me, like a prize he was about claim, and I was far too blissed out and horny and desperate for release to resist him now.

He prodded my tits, sliding his long firm commanding rod between them. Then he traced little circles around my stiffened nipples, drawing my attention down to my own intense arousal. It was like his control and every command made me feel more aroused and eager to obey.

You’re going to be my obedient fucktoy,” Jolleff reminded me, “no matter how much you try to resist.

He smacked my ass with his rod THWAP to emphasize his point, and the thought of being controlled this way almost pushed me over the edge again.

Rungar pulled the vibrating rod away skillfully at the last second, making me moan and whimper, desperate to cum.

Up above me, Lycanna moaned even louder as their sister fucked them hard up the ass. The two of them continued chanting like a blank and obedient choir, singing an ode to mindless lust.

A good fucktoy I’ll stay. A good fucktoy obeys. A good fucktoy I’ll stay. A good fucktoy obeys...

I couldn’t help but let the words become an endlessly echoing thought inside my mind. Just like I couldn’t help but shiver in anticipation as Jolleff traced his rod possessively up my spine. Then I gasped as he sat down next to me and slapped my face with his cock.

Are you ready to behave like a good fucktoy?” Jolleff asked, rubbing his sex across my face.

Yes,” I admitted, nodding my head and looking up at him as I gave in.

Good girl,” he said patting my head. Then he slid his cock between lips.

I still couldn’t move at all, as he grabbed hold of my hair and bobbed my head, up and down on his erection. All I could smell was the musk of his sex and the taste of his lustful cock. All I could see was his crotch and the shaft of his beautiful manhood sliding in and out of my fucktoy lips. And all I could hear was the elves up above chanting endlessly like a mantra stuck in a blank obedient mind.

A good fucktoy obeys. A good fucktoy I’ll stay. A good fucktoy obeys. A good fucktoy I’ll stay...

Rungar turned off the thrusting and vibrating rods one final time, denying my orgasm yet again as Jolleff pulled me deep and fucked my throat. This time though, he never turned the lovely rods back on.

Jolleff sent Rungar away to play with the other fucktoys now, so that he could have his way with me. Then he stood up and positioned himself squarely in front of my needy dripping fuckholes. He pushed slowly into my pussy, while rubbing his fingers gently on my clit.

I was so on edge that even the slightest sensation could make me moan out and whimper and beg for more.

When he started fucking me hard and fast all of the sudden, I just couldn’t hold it back any longer. He must have known that I was about to explode in ecstasy because he timed it perfectly with one final command::

Chant the mantra, then you can cum for me,” He grunted, fucking me harder and deeper now.

I couldn’t help but say the words ”A good fucktoy obeys,” as he pounded me oh so good and pushed me over the edge “A good fucktoy I’ll stay.” I began to CUM hard, and I couldn’t stop. I couldn’t stop cumming and I couldn’t stop chanting those delightfully orgasmic words “A good fucktoy obeys,” Admitting what I had become made me CUM harder and continue chanting on and on. “A good fucktoy I’ll stay,” I needed to say the words over and over as I rode out a seemingly endless orgasm.

Then just as I thought it was over, Jolleff throbbed inside me. He pulled his hot flesh rod all the way out of me and squirted a hot sticky load down my back. A second climax hit me, like a hypnoslut responding instinctively to the hot sticky CUM raining down on my body. I clenched and I moaned and I kept repeating ”A good fucktoy obeys,” as a splash of slut juice landed on my cheek. Another trail of it spurted all the way down my back, and Jolleff leaked the last of his mess as a sticky glob on my ass.

As I lay their shaking and chanting ”a good fucktoy I’ll stay,” and moaning out in ecstacy, the whole scene shifted suddenly.

The sun began to rise in a brilliant glow that lit up the skies. The room felt so bright all of a sudden, and we could hear the bustling sounds as the city of Cumalot began to awaken down below.

It’s time for your big speech,” Jolleff demanded, poking the king on the cheek with his rod. He aimed right at the mole, the only one on that smug royal face, you know the fuzzy one below King Christian’s right eye.

Trumpets blared suddenly and bells rang out all around us. Soon the whole town was assembled down below. Thousands of smiling faces looked up and bore witness as Jolleff became the new king of Cumalot.

Ladies and gentlemen,” King Christian began, leaning out of the window slightly to look down on all his subjects one last time. “I have a very important announcement to make. Recently I learned that both my children are bastards, and worse yet plotting against my life. In light this news, I choose to name a new heir. Meet Sir Jolleff the wise and powerful. May he rein peacefully over Cumalot for many years after my rule.

Jolleff walked to the window and smiled down on the crowds below, content in the knowledge that they were all about to become his loyal subjects. He waved at them and waited in sweet anticipation of that moment when he would finally be king. Then he gasped in SHOCK and surprise as king Christian ruined his well laid plans with one final act of spiteful vengeance.

Furthermore,” King Christian continued, speaking his final words before dropping out of this elaborate illusion. “The traitors Prince Christian Von Sichette V, and princess Artemis are both hereby sentenced to death.

Then King Christian stared a wicked death glare at me, before releasing his grip on the window and toppling out.

He was just as quickly forgotten as our dream erupted into chaos.

This is your fault,” I screamed at Jolleff, already mourning prince Arthur’s death. Then I grabbed hold of Lycanna and disappeared from the scene in a puff of magic.

Sir Thrustalot stood up a moment later, and thoroughly wiped off his rod before sheathing it. Then he whipped it out again dramatically and rushed towards the window where Jolleff stood.

We heard footsteps on the stairs below and pounding at the door before Sir Gladlyhard, Sir Gowin, and Sir Piercehole all burst into the room. They gathered around Jolleff, brandishing their magic rods, and looking down upon the crowd gathered below. Except Sir Gowin who’s rod had been stolen, held only a sword made out of Steel.

Sir Gladlyhard unstrapped a curious flat wooden dick from his back. He folded out four wooden hinges from the bottom and set it down upon the ground like a tiny table. Then he and the other knights sat down Cross-legged around it. The four of them packed tight together, leaving an open space at the base for one more to sit.

I call this emergency meeting of the knights of the 12 inch table to order,” declared Sir Thrustalot. “Our first order of business is the death of the king and the succession of his heir Sir Jolleff the wise and powerful.

As is customary, we raise a toast to our new king,” Declared Sir Pierceahole.

Then the knight reach into his sack and pulled out five of the tiniest tankards I have ever seen before. They seemed almost comically small. But I realized the practicality when he managed to fit all 5 of them on the tiny twelve inch long and cock shaped table. Next he pulled out a miniaturized keg, and poured a thick brown foamy liquid into the glasses.

We invite you now to sit at the base of the table,” Said Sir Gladlyhard. “Join us in toast to our new king.

Jolleff happily took the invitation, sitting cross legged with the knights.

Here here,” Said Sir Gowin, cheerfully whilst looking daggers at Jolleff.

Then they tried to clink their glass but the cups were so very small that they ended up bumping knuckles instead.

Here here,” The knights repeated, then they drained their tiny glasses in one gulp.

Thank you,” Jolleff said, draining his glass with them. Then he tried and failed to take control of the dialogue. “What we need now is look past this tragic death. Lets not bicker and argue about who killed who, or dwell on the past with silly things like investigations and revenge. May we instead focus our limited resources on the betterment and pleasure of all.

Oh cut the crap,” Sir Gowin cut in. “We all get an equal say around this table, and I say we vote already on who is responsible for the death of our late king.

The rest of the knights all nodded in agreement.

Fine,” Jolleff conceded, “But first I wish to introduce the newest knight of the 12 inch table, a powerful fighter who saved my life in many battles. I present to you Sir Rungar the eruptive, binder of succubi, and slayer of the vicious beast of the Befuddling Bog.

Rungar bowed down on one knee and Jolleff tapped his shoulders with the rod of Cumming, making him the newest knight of Cumalot. The other knights all cheered and scooted out to make more room around the already crowded table.

Sir Pierceahole pulled out a sixth tiny tankard. Then he recharged all our glasses so we could toast to the newest knight.

Here here,” we all sang out.

Now on to the dreadful business of who killed the king,” poke Sir Gladlyhard. “There weren’t many people in the room when it happened, so logically we ought to be able to deduct who done it.

What about her?” Sir Pierceahole asked, singling Alphina out as the only person in the room who wasn’t seated around the table.

That’s my queen,” Jolleff explained. “Lady Alphina the obedient and insatiable slut. You are all welcome to interrogate her any way you wish, but I assure you of her innocence.

That won’t be necessary,” Said Sir Pierceahole. “But it will be fun, and since Imperial law dictates we do it 1 on 1, I claim first dibs.

The other knights grunted and groaned at this. All of them stared hungrily at the naked elf, but none of them could challenge Sir Pierceahole’s claim.

Alphina lounged on the floor by the throne, staring blankly back at the silly knights with a lustful smile on her face. The horny slut was mindlessly masturbating, obeying Rungar’s last command. On some level she might have understood that Jolleff had just offered her up as a fucktoy for the knights.

Sir Thrustalot was here the entire time,” Rungar chimed in. He fake coughed loudly whilst discretely elbowing Jolleff, jostling the rod of command suggestively. “He could have extended that rod of his and you know given the king a little push.

Rungar locked his eyes with Jolleff for a moment. He looked down at the rod of command, then over to Sir Pierceahole who still seemed quite distracted by the busty naked elf across the room.

Jolleff must have understood what Rungar was suggesting. Take advantage of the distraction and use a simple command to gain another vote on our side. Jolleff must have understood the plan, but he didn’t want to play along.

I failed in my duties as a knight,” Sir Thrustalot admitted, breaking the silence. “But only because I was overpowered before I could even whip out my rod, taken by surprise by the lady Morgana. The witch escaped from Sir Gowin’s care and used a stolen Imperial stopgag to immobilize me.

Sir Gowin raised a finger towards Jolleff. He was obviously about to make an accusation, but Jolleff cut him off before he could speak.

Many of us failed last night thanks to evil Morgana,” Jolleff interjected. “Even I have been bewitched by her spell. We could sit around and blame each other, but we know that she’s to blame. I vote that Morgana is responsible and should be recaptured and brought back here alive.

Rungar and Alphina looked betrayed, and then the scene shifted and swayed. The colors twisted and swirled, reforming into Imperial soldiers marching towards the Heartswood once again. Massive armies were on the move, dressed in armor, carrying blades, shields, torches, and weapons of war.

The dwarves stand with the elves!” Rungar declared. “Against the overbearing control of Cumalot.

He and even Alphina turned and vanished from the illusion, leaving Jolleff all alone.

King Jolleff the wise and powerful stood at the head of army he could not control, watching helplessly as it marched on a deadly warpath towards his former comrades.

For once in his life Jolleff looked back and regretted the ways he had treated his friends. He wished he could take it all back, and go along with the plan to rescue Arthur instead. He wish with all his might that he could just reset the day and have his companions by his side once more.

And then suddenly he was back in the forest clearing again with all his friends. Each of us stared blankly forwards with a thought slayer tendril gently touching our heads. One by one we began to wake up from our dream.

Please allow me to explain,” The thought slayer spoke again. “My name is Merle, and I live backwards. I was cursed by an ancient being of lust and chaos to live reversed. Your tomorrow is my yesterday. I’ve known you all my life and you have warned me that very soon this squirming mass of tendrils on my chin will take complete control of my brain and turn me into the creature you had to kill in the bog.

Merle paused for a moment to let us all take in his thrilling tale, and then he continued on with his exposition.

Even now I can barely control the chaotic tendrils,” Merle explained. “I’ve lost control of my speech and I can feel more and more control slipping away from me each day. From your perspective though, I should seem to get a little younger and more in control of my powers every day. That means I am no longer a danger to you, and you couldn’t kill me now if you tried without violating causality, because I’ve got be alive by the time I fight you in that bog. Though I’m fairly certain you’re going to try to kill me in a moment. Which means you must have already done it from your perspective. Am I making sense?

We nodded uncertainly, feeling almost as twisted and backwards as Merle’s fate.

If you’ve known us all your life,” Alphina started, as a panicked expression spread across her face. “And your past is our future... Does that mean... He’s not coming with us is he?

Worry not,” Merle answered. “I could not join you on your raid of the Chamber of Eternal Torment because I was busy tomorrow, preparing gifts for all of you. Oh, but I’ve already given those to you which means you won’t receive them from me until we walk out of these woods. And on that note I think It’s time to let you out of this illusion.

Then there was a flash of light as Merle’s tendrils retreated from our heads and I woke everybody up from our fifth session of Trials and Trances.

One,” I said, beginning to count us up to wakefulness. “Blink your eyes and feel your thoughts returning more with each number up. Two. Take a look around and ground yourself in your reality as every word helps wakes you up a little more. Three. Stretch your arms and legs and take a nice deep breath as you let your mind continue to awaken. Four. One last step to go and you’ll be wide awake, aware, and alert once more. And five. All the way up for me now.

And just like that we were back in my apartment, five friends waking up from a truly fascinating game.

That was intense,” Erik exclaimed, “But next time I want a turn with the fuck machine.

You’ll get your chance,” I assured them knowingly.

The night’s still young,” Brandy added. “How about you bend that fine piece of ass over the throne.