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This story was commissioned as an unrelated spin-off story for Decor and is set in the Decor Universe.


Ed uses device to decorate his home with lively trophies.

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Ed slammed back the last of his third pint of beer and wiped his mouth with his rolled-up sleeve. It had become a bad habit to head to the pub after work, but he couldn’t bare being at home longer than necessary. Tonight, he invited his brother out to vent the frustrations stirring in his mind. After another pint, Michael showed up and took a seat.

“Ed, it’s been a while. You’re looking…well.”

“It’s her, Mike. You warned me and I didn’t listen and now she’s going to take me for everything, and I don’t know what to do.”

Ed took a drink to silence his rambling. Michael remained calm. He always was a good listener.

“Tell me what happened.”

“It’s not what happened, it’s what’s going to happen.” Ed leaned in. “I get promoted in a few weeks and then she’s going to slam me with the divorce papers. Karla’s eighteen so she wants that bigger alimony. It’s ridiculous.”

Mike sipped his bear. Ed was surprised his brother was drinking, usually he ordered a virgin cocktail or water, when he really wanted to kill the vibe.

“What’s wrong with you?” Ed said.

“Nothing. Look, I may have something to solve your problem. But it needs to be discrete.”

Ed looked around and leaned in. “I’m listening.”

“My boss just ordered us to destroy this device, but if you can keep it on the down low, I can grab you one off the books.” Michael said.

“What kind of device?”

“You know those cameras at Decor? They have an unaware camera too.”

“You mean I can freeze Kendra and she won’t remember a thing?” Ed said trying to hide his joy.

It was almost too good to be true. Michael nodded. Ed was speechless. He always wanted to take his family to Decor, but being in the next city over killed any desire for his wife and daughter. Besides, why would they want to go to a raunchy and fun place with him? They went with their friends, leaving him with no one to enjoy the experience with.

“Of course, that’s only a short-term solution.” Michael said. “But I think I have another device in mind. Might take me a bit to get my hands on though.”

“Oh, I think I’ll have plenty to do while I wait.”

The various uses of the unaware device ran through his mind. No more nagging from his wife and no more talking back from his daughter. They were going to learn how to be the perfect family.

“Now I need you to promise. You can only use it in the house. Is that clear?” Michael said and Ed nodded. “Because if this comes back on me, you’re not going to like the consequences.”

Ed put one hand on his heart and one hand up in the air. “Scouts honor.”

Michael laughed and finished the last of his beer.

“One more round on me.” Ed said.

He couldn’t wait to get his hands on both devices.

* * *

It was a painful week of Kendra nagging and Karla misbehaving, but the day finally arrived. And just in time too. Ed’s promotion was coming, and he knew Kendra was gearing up to hand him the papers asking him for 50% of his assets and a lifetime monthly payment so she never had to work again.

It wasn’t always like that. They were madly in love in the beginning, even after they had their daughter. But his wife started thinking she deserved better and took it out on Ed. It’s like she expected him to be a millionaire by this point in his life, but it just wasn’t the reality of the situation. The sex life dried up and she started sleeping around looking for her next victim to latch on to.

Their daughter was eighteen now and still living at home. Her rebellious streak started with arm tattoos and continued with bringing boys home. Ed could handle her sneaking boys in, but it was the quality of guy that bothered him. Skinny, tattooed drug dealers. Knowing his daughter was smarter than that, he reckoned she was getting a friendly discount for inviting them over. Whatever the case, he was hoping for the day that he accidentally bumped into the school quarterback in the hallway at night. That he could live with.

Both women were a huge headache on top of his already stressful job. They latched on and sucked the little money he had to spend on himself to use for their own greedy needs. All that was going to change. Now he had the control. Or so he hoped. He just needed the perfect opportunity to test it.

The only thing keeping Ed sane was his man cave. A place where he could cut himself off from his daughter and wife and relax. Most of the entertainment items, and the room itself, were acquired and built during the early days of their happy relationship. They were so in love; Ed spent more time fucking Kendra than actually using the man cave for what it was designed. As the years wore on, he was happier every year that he kept it in good shape. The only thing he really needed to replace was the television, but even the one he had was a respectable size.

With his mini fridge stocked with beer and his feet rested up on his recliner foot stand, Ed leaned back and turned on the football game. Nothing like enjoying a cold one and watching his favorite team in a season they were heavily favored to win.

The rule was, if Ed was in his man cave, he was not to be disturbed. It was the only rule left still in effect from the many rules he established over the years. If it was even still in effect. The idea that his wife and daughter didn’t care to bother him crossed his mind. In fact, they probably liked having the rest of the house to themselves. Ungrateful family.

Two beers deep with the game still in the first quarter, he heard the man cave door open behind him symbolically breaking the last rule standing. The familiar clicking sound of her high heels moved toward him at rapid pace.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

Kendra stood in front of the television, her patented move to maximize his misery. She was dressed to the nines like always, with her tight dress that cut off just below the ass and her low neckline that gave everyone a perfect view of her surgically enhanced chest. He thought the gift of double D’s would make her grateful, but it had the opposite effect. As the attention towards her increased, so did her confidence and entitlement. Of course, having every guy hanging off her also didn’t help either. If there was one thing Ed wished he’d never done, it was getting her those damn silicon tits.

His wife still looked young thanks to Botox, her lips full of filler and her amazing body. He had to give her credit, she worked extremely hard to keep in shape. Of course, she had the luxury of free time and free money. God forbid she goes to work a real job and earn her own money.

“How dare you cancel my credit card.” Kendra raised her voice. “Do you know how embarrassing it is to pull three different cards out at a fucking Starbucks?”

She shot the cards at him for added effect. Always the drama queen. Ed remained calm. He canceled the cards to get her attention and now he had it. All he had to do was use the device, but his curiosity got the better of him. How would she react if he acted like he didn’t give a shit?

“You’re cut off bitch.”

It felt like a video game, where he had an extra life in case he fucked up. She stood incredulously in silence. There hadn’t been much back talk for a while, she wasn’t used to the resistance.

“Excuse me.”

“You want money? Go get a job like the rest of us. Or maybe go open your legs a few times…”

Kendra smacked him across the face. So, getting physical was her reaction. He stood up and towered over her.

“You lay a hand on me, and I’ll have my lawyer down here so fast…”

“Oh ya, is that before or after you take his big load in your…”

Kendra went for the slap, but Ed was equally quick with the camera in his hand, flashing it at her before she could follow through. He recoiled out of precaution. After a few seconds, he looked up at his raging wife, frozen with her hand mid-slap.

“Holy shit.” Ed said.

He waved his hand in front of her face and there was no reaction. She was frozen and completely unaware. Ed bent her arm, so her slap was aiming up and gave her a high five.

“We are going to have so much fun, Kendra. Just like the old days.”

Ed forced her face into a smile. Now there’s something he hadn’t seen in a long time. He grabbed the collar of her favorite dress and ripped it down the middle revealing a black push-up bra and matching thong. That was her get-up for meeting someone to fuck. Even as she was preparing for a divorce, she still had to have her pussy filled. Well, he could handle those duties now. The game’s second quarter resumed. He wanted to play with his wife, but he also wanted to finish the game. An idea formed in his mind.

* * *

The whistle signaled half time and Ed stretched in his chair with his wife’s mouth resting around his cock as she knelt in front of his chair. During commercials, Ed would pick his wife’s head up and fuck it until the game came back on. Then, he would gently put her head down and leave his cock in her mouth. It proved to be a great masturbatory tool during the annoying commercials.

Now he had a bit of time to explore his new doll, complete with all the enhancements he never got to experience before. She really doubled down on the fake plastic look so many celebrities go after. It went perfect with her artificial personality. Ed stood his wife up, now completely naked except for her heels. Couldn’t let her be too comfortable, besides it really did highlight her bubble butt. He heard her talking about getting butt implants, and from the looks of it, she likely went through with it. A firm grab of her ass verified his hunch.

He bent his new sex doll over the end of the couch and spread her legs wide. Ed was never allowed anal when they dated, and that rule carried on into marriage. It was a flat out no, every time. But he knew it wasn’t about her. It was about him. Every other guy had access to her ass. She just didn’t deem him worthy enough. It was one of many red flags he should have seen. If a girl has doubts or limits, there’s something else going on in her in mind, because eventually she’s going to meet someone who will push her over those limits. It took Kendra fifteen years to find that guy. As far as Ed knew, but with her recent track record, there were a lot of other questionable times.

He grabbed her dangling hand and used two of her fingers to start stimulating her asshole. Moving the fingers in and out, with her long acrylic pink nails, he saw results faster than expected as her asshole and pussy became wet. Really wet. Then he remembered. The freeze was like a pleasure accelerator. Anything sexual while in a frozen state escalated quickly because of the technology. Did he ever owe his brother for this. He swung her arm back around and placed the two fingers in her mouth, closing it so they stayed, giving her a taste of her own medicine.

There it was starting at him. The hole that eluded him for so long, now nice, and lubricated. He could tell it had seen better days with the amount of stretch on it. What a whore. He slowly entered her. Not because he was trying to be gentle, but because he was savoring the moment. Like the man planting a flag on the moon, he was planting his ownership on her. The ship had finally landed.

Ed worked his cock as deep as he could go, which was all the way, and felt the tightness wrap around his manhood. His hands rested on her large behind, which became bigger due to her positioning. He moved her up and down as his cock slid in and out of her ass. Ed hoped she was having an orgasm in her mind from his stimulation and the added humiliation of being his sex doll. A few slaps on her ass and Ed picked up speed like he was a jockey on a horse.

Faster and faster he went, simultaneously enjoying the sex and punishing her for holding back this prize for so long. With half time winding down, and Ed getting closer to climaxing, he didn’t want to end it inside her. Not yet. He wanted something humiliating to work with. He pulled out and went around to her face. Replacing the fingers with his large cock, he made sure she knew exactly what she really tasted like, before pulling out and blowing a load on her face.

He stood back and looked at his wife’s open mouth covered in semen. Was this his life now? Open access to fucking his wife whenever he wanted. Ed positioned her kneeling in front of him and carefully, as to not disturb the gobs of cum on her face, positioned her mouth back into a smile. If this plan did backfire, he wanted pictures for blackmail.

Because her lips were so puffy, her mouth was so malleable to different expressions. First there was the smile. Then a seductive look. Then the double peace sign followed by the popular Aheago face. Rounding out the photo set, was the patented finger up nose picture complete with duck lips. He left her finger up her nose while the second half of the game started. At first, he left her kneeling upright, but during a commercial break, he pulled his recliner footrest in and bent her over to use. Why have a normal footrest when you could have a luxurious footrest complete with dangling tits?

Kendra remained like that for the rest of the game. As excited as he was to play with his wife, his team was winning and there were only a limited number of games in the year. Theoretically, he had plenty of time to explore his wife. But what could he realistically do? Michael told him to keep it within the house, so any freezing could only be done in their home. Once the new tech arrived, he could hopefully play around with her personality. He always wanted an obedient Stepford wife. One that hands you a sandwich and then offers you a blow job. He looked down at his wife under his feet. At least she had the look down.

After the game, Ed went upstairs looking for supplementary items to use on his wife. He knew she had a sex toy box, which had plenty of toys to play with. On his way to his room, he passed by his daughter’s room. He stopped and backtracked. What was she hiding in her room and what outfits would look ridiculous on his wife? Ed entered the room with a devious smile.

There were plenty of options and many Ed grabbed for later, but the one he wanted to see the most was his daughter’s old school uniform. When Karla was in high school, she often had friends over after school and they always wore short skirts and tight white tops. He didn’t know how the school tolerated that kind of dress code, but he was now grateful they did. Thankfully, she kept the outfit.

Kendra’s chest barely fit in the top, with her tits ready to pop free. It was the same story with her ass and the skirt. Ed took a moment to admire her long, tanned legs. Somehow the school uniform made them sexier than her previous dress ever could. He placed the butt plug, from his wife’s sex toy box, in her ass to keep the stretch he created earlier. Her ass was his now whether she liked it or not.

Ed placed his wife in an empty corner of the man cave and spread her legs wide apart. He arched her back and pushed her breasts forward, completing the pose by moving her hands behind her head. He sat back down on his recliner and looked at the new decoration. He could get used to that sight. No more nagging. No more spending. Just a trophy in his man cave. Ed examined the trusty camera device. What a great invention. He couldn’t wait for the other one.

As he stared at his trophy, the truth settled on him. His wife couldn’t stay frozen all week. People were going to start asking questions. And so would she, if she noticed the lost time. He needed to think of a plan. Michael told him to wait until he had both devices before using either, but that wasn’t an option. Not with her. He heard footsteps upstairs. His daughter was home earlier than expected. Ed would deal with his wife later, now it was time to teach the brat a lesson in respecting her elders.

* * *

Karla was in the kitchen drinking a glass of water.

“Honey, you’re home early. I thought you’d be gone all night.”

“Just doing an outfit swap then heading back out.”

Karla was wearing a bra she called a top and tiny booty shorts that hugged her ass cheeks. Lately, her clothes left no mystery to her body as everything was essentially on show.

“Like something sluttier?”

Karla rolled her eyes. “Dad, it’s my body. If you don’t like it, stop staring.”

She wasn’t wrong. But if she wanted to act like a slut, he was going to treat her like a slut. Ed pulled out the camera and aimed at his daughter. Like his wife, she froze mid-text. Ed walked over and grabbed the phone to read the text. It was to a guy named Roger, telling him to come inside.

“Hey, you ready to go…” Roger said rounding the corner.

Ed was holding his daughter’s phone while he stood close to her. He backed away and Karla remained in her frozen state with her hands still texting on an invisible phone.

“You must be Roger.” Ed said holding up her phone.

“Hello, Mr. W. I’m just here to pick up Karla.” Roger said.

“She’s a little pre-occupied at the moment, you’ll have to come back later.”

Roger looked at Karla. “Babe, you ready to go?”

Ed grabbed the camera and moved towards Rogers. “Like I said, she’s a little pre-occupied.”

“Is that a Decor camera?” Roger asked.


“I’ve been to Decor, and your daughter is literally frozen.”

So much for keeping it a secret. Ed walked behind Roger and shut the door. Now he had to keep a random kid until he got the tech to erase his mind.

“Look Mr. W, I won’t say anything. I promise. But if you got some frozen hotties over here, I’d be down to get in on that action in return for my silence.”

Ed looked at the kid. He was an opportunist; he’d give him that. Was that really a bad deal? Certainly, worth it not to wreck a good thing if the kid was getting a benefit. Maybe there was a way to test his loyalty. A way that further humiliated his wife as well. Ed put his arm around Roger.

“All right kid, I’ll let you in on this little secret, but you got to do something for me.”

“Do what?” Roger said. Ed could hear the fear in his voice.

“There’s another frozen woman downstairs. I want you to do everything your little brain fantasizes about with women.” Ed said. “And I mean it. No limits with her.”

Roger was confused, like he was expecting a difficult favor.

“You for real?”

Ed nodded. “Better go before I change my mind.”

Roger looked at Karla and shrugged his shoulders. He walked downstairs. Ed turned his attention back to his frozen daughter. Her dyed blond hair glowed in the sunlight. Frozen and unaware, there were a lot of things Ed could get away with. He would be lying if he said he didn’t find his daughter attractive. She made it so hard not to stare. He lifted her chin up and looked in her eyes, an idea forming in his mind.

* * *

Ed stood at the foot of his bed admiring his work. Wearing her mother’s red lingerie and diamond wedding ring, Karla was posed like a sex doll with her back against the headboard. She looked like the perfect trophy wife for an older man like himself. Maybe he could make that a reality with the tech Michael was supposed to give him. He pushed the thought from his mind for now. It was time to take out all the frustrations she’d caused him over the past few years.

He hopped up on the bed and hovered over her frozen open mouth. His rock-hard cock slid in. It was a perfect fit. Using the headboard as leverage, he face-fucked his daughter’s mouth, gagging and deepthroating her in the process, until cum drooled down the sides.

He pulled his cock out and stepped back. The red lingerie was the same lingerie Kendra wore on their wedding night, which she had kept as a memento. Little did he know at the time, that he’d be fucking his daughter in the same outfit. Her thong was already soaked from the frozen bliss side effects. He pulled it down and rubbed his cock against her wet pussy. It was decision time. Not that his daughter would remember, but he would know. Karla’s body didn’t help the decision. Her large breasts and child-bearing hips called to him to enjoy her. In fact, ever since she turned 18, the outfits she wore did the same. It was one long tease that under normal circumstances would always torment and never reward. But now he had a chance at the reward.

He pushed the head of his cock in and slid into her love hole. It was a lot tighter than her mother. To have her as a wife he could fuck every night. No not fuck. Make love to. With the new tech gadget from Michael, he could make her into anything he wanted. He moved her mouth into a smile as he fucked her. The new house rules were going to make his life a whole lot easier.

Ed fucked his daughter and then blew his load on her face. His plan was to leave her in bed and check on Roger before really using her properly. He found Roger in the kitchen drinking a glass of water.

“That’s some nice ass pussy you got down there. You think I can make this a regular thing?”

“As long as you keep quiet.” Ed said.

“Fair enough.” Roger walked over and gave Ed a fist bump. “Tell Karla I said bye. See you later Mr. W.”

Roger left the house. Ed locked the door and went down to his man cave. On the floor was his wife covered in semen with writing all over her body. She had ‘SLUT’ written across her forehead and various other derogatory terms everywhere on her naked body. The once proper woman now looked like a porn star who just went through a gang bang. And she deserved it.

Ed flicked the lights of leaving his wife in her dirty state. He’d deal with her later, but for now, he had someone else on his mind.