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Trophies Chapter 2

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This story was commissioned as an unrelated spin-off story for Decor and is set in the Decor Universe.


Ed uses device to decorate his home with lively trophies.

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Ed’s fingers tapped away at the keyboard, routinely carrying out his usual work, while his mind was busy thinking about the many possibilities ahead. His daughter and wife were frozen at home and soon they’d be given new personalities at his command. Their future together was a life where Kendra happily became a man cave display trophy and Karla took on the role of wife. She’d be better off at home cooking, cleaning, and pleasuring him whenever he desired. Competing for her other career prospects, which weren’t many, was a waste of time and talent. A beautiful woman like her was destined to be a perfect trophy housewife. She was the real prize in the American dream.

“Mr. West, you have a visitor. It’s Mr. Collins.” Ed’s secretary Maria said through the intercom. “Should I let him in?”

Mr. Collins was Kendra’s lawyer, who apparently checked in with her every day. Ed already planned for this confrontation; he just didn’t expect it so soon.

“Please send him in.” Ed said over the intercom.

The sharply dressed lawyer strode confidently in the room. His tailored suit looked like it cost more than Ed’s entire wardrobe. Having a bunch of divorce hungry women as clients certainly helped pay the bills. But Ed knew what kind of slime ball he was. The kind of man who preyed on the weak and fear mongered women into unhappy marriages. A snake that was only in it for the money, among other things. Usually, Ed had respect and fear for authority. However, Mr. Collins’s true nature gave him no power over Ed. All the confidence in the world wasn’t going to change the fact that he was still a sleaze bag.

“Where is Mrs. West, Ed?” Mr. Collins said in an accusatory tone. “I’ve called all morning and received no answer.”

Ed smiled at the lawyer. He had every right to want to contact his client, but his behavior was driven by something else.

“She’s on a shopping trip with Karla, no phones allowed I’m afraid.” Ed said.

“You liar! She would’ve told me about that.”

Ed stood up. He was taller than the lawyer which gave him a psychological advantage and immunity from being talked down to.

“She doesn’t need to tell you everything. And besides, is this really about needing to talk to her?” Ed said.

The confidence eroded. The real Mr. Collins revealed itself with sluggish body language and a nervous tick.

“What are you talking about?”

“I know your fucking my wife, Brandon. You can take one morning off and let them have a little mother daughter time.” Ed said.

“How dare you?”

“You open your mouth one more time, when you take me to court I will happily ask the judge to question you under oath if you have been sleeping with my wife.”

Mr. Collins stood speechless. He said nothing and left the office. That would only buy Ed a day. Mr. Collins was a persistent little bugger. Having the girls frozen was nice, but they needed to keep up appearances if his plan was going to work. Ed grabbed his phone and dialed Michael.

* * *

The coffee shop was busy, yet still quiet enough to think. Ed looked around and waited patiently with his anxious hands wrapped around the hot cup. Michael joined him at the table.

“I told you to wait until you had both items.” Michael said.

“I tried; I really did. But Kendra violated my man cave rule. I had no choice.”

Michael sighed.

“Are there any long-term effects?” Ed said.

“Yes, the body needs to recover like anything else in life. From our studies, it’s a very long time before a subject feels permanent long-term effects, but we don’t recommend you push the envelope.”

“I need that new device then. I can’t unfreeze Kendra like this. She’ll have the local, state and federal police knocking at my door.”

“I’ll see what I can do, Ed. For now, you’re just going to have to keep her frozen.”

Ed nodded. That he could do. With the reassurance that there were no immediate effects to be concerned about, the only issue left was Kendra and Karla’s friends trying to get a hold of them. Easier said than done.

* * *

Ed returned home from work to his two trophies. Kendra was downstairs, cleaned up from the night before, and on display in his man cave. Her arms were posed behind her head to give a full view of her voluptuous chest and her face was stuck with a big smile. There was no intention of moving her again until he had the other device. Right now, there was only one sex doll he wanted to explore. In his bedroom, Karla remained where he left her, still in her mother’s lingerie and wearing her mother’s diamond ring. If they moved to a new town, no one would bat an eye at them being a couple. She was an eager trophy wife, and he was a rich older man with a lot of money to burn. That last part was completely fabricated, but who needed to know? Before he could explore his daughter again, he heard a knock at the door. Did Michael come through already? He was one efficient scientist.

Ed opened the door and was disappointed to see Roger.

“Hey, Mr. W.”

Ed poked his head out and looked around.

“What the hell are you doing here, kid?”

“You know… the thing.” Roger winked.

“That was a one-time deal.”

“You expect me to keep my mouth shut after only one taste.” Roger said.

Ed knew he was going to be trouble. But he couldn’t exactly freeze and kidnap the college student without arousing suspicion. The best course of action was to play ball and listen to the demands.

Ed shut the door and ushered Roger to the living room out of sight and earshot of the front door. What happened in the house had to stay in the house.

“If you want in on this, we’re going to establish some ground rules.” Ed said. “First you text me before showing up at my door.”

“I don’t have your number.”

“I will give you my number.”

“And second, you fuck my wife and only my wife. You’re not getting your dirty little hands on my daughter.”

“Don’t hear that every day.” Roger joked.

He was a smart ass, but at the very least he seemed like a guy who knew not to push the envelope and wreck a good thing.

“Look, I get it. You don’t trust me.” Roger said, putting a hand on Ed’s shoulder. “Well consider this a peace offering and the start of a beautiful partnership.”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

A knock at the door drew Ed’s attention back to the front entrance.

“Who is that? Did you call the cops?” Ed said in a panic.

“Relax and go open the door, man.” Roger said.

Against his better judgment he nervously walked over and slowly opened the door. Ed’s jaw dropped. The Chanel twins, Ellie and Nika, were the two hottest girls at Karla’s college. Of course, he only knew of them through creeping their social medial profiles. But as Influencers with a public following, was it really creeping or just being a fan? He fought with his mind not to stare at their bodies barely wrapped in their tight dresses. Why the hell were they here?

“Like excuse me sir, we were told there’d be some like, extra circular stuff here.”

“We’re here for the weed.” Ellie said.


“What? You sounded like you were offering sex.” Ellie said.

Ed caught which girl was which and made a mental note. Blue dress was Ellie, red dress was Nika. Roger had obviously lured them here under false pretenses.

“Sure is. Just come inside and I’ll grab it.” Ed said without missing a beat.

The girls stepped inside, and Ed shut the door behind them. He struggled to maintain his excitement like a giddy schoolgirl on a first date. His daughter and wife were one thing, but two hot Influencers who’s lives were built around their bodies, were now at his mercy. New toys like this were hard to come by.

Roger was no where in sight, presumably already balls deep in his wife. He likely wanted in on this action, but was letting the boss have his fun first. Ed returned with the camera behind his back.

“You got your money?” Ed said.

Ellie put her hand out. With them distracted by the inherent nervousness of a drug deal, Ed pulled out the camera and snapped it twice. Ellie’s hand remained outstretched and the twins didn’t move. Ed quickly locked the door and returned his camera to its secure hiding spot. With Roger around, the camera was never left lying around. The last thing he wanted was a kid locking Ed’s frozen ass in a closet so he could fuck Kendra and Karla.

Many Influencers used filters to make them look better on social media, but these girls were absolute dimes. In fact, a filter would probably take away from their beauty. All the staples of an attractive female were present. Perfect symmetrical faces, darker complexion, curvy bodies and amazing assets in the front and back. Not too big, not too small, but enough to flaunt in any outfit. To complete the look, they were dolled up with their bodies decorated in many accessories: rings, earnings, necklaces, and bracelets, which further complimented their Barbie-like look. Two absolutely gorgeous dolls ready to be played with. Roger was a true gentleman for his contribution. Ed adjusted each girl’s mouth into a smile. It was going to be happy times ahead indeed.

The dolls were moved out of the entrance and into Ed’s bedroom, where Karla remained in her sex doll position. Unlike his wife and daughter, he wasn’t planning on keeping the girls and needed to come up with a plausible explanation for the missing time. He’d worry about that later. Now, it was time to have fun. Their dresses easily slipped off and fell to the floor revealing their sexy lacy underwear. Always dressed to impress, even if no one was going to see it. Ellie was wearing black underwear and Nika, white underwear. Not that getting them mixed up mattered anymore, they both had the same personality now: blank empty fuck dolls.

The first body to be ravaged was Ellie. Ed fondled her tits while making out with her unresponsive face and frozen puckered lips. Her skin was soft to the touch and her kissable cock pillows provided plenty of room to play with. It was naive to think they focused on their bodies solely for social media. Part of the beauty and enhancements was for when they opened their legs for some lucky guy. That meant… Ed’s hand snaked its way into her panties and found her cleanly shaved pussy. The lips were bigger than he expected, and she was already wet from the infamous frozen bliss. The coveted cunt was uncharacteristically tight for someone so hot. The amount of cocks she must have entertained should have loosened the hole, yet it was tight as a virgin. With his fingers soaked after a few minutes of playing, he put them in Nika’s mouth, giving her a taste of her sister. The arousal of being frozen was soaking both twins’ panties and running down their legs. Unlike Karla to a certain degree, these living fuck toys were highly responsive to sexual stimuli. Their bodies craved more.

To make room on the bed, Ed grabbed Karla and placed her in the basket of dirty clothes off to the side like a discarded toy. He’d play with her later, but right now he had top of the shelf sex dolls at his disposal. With their underwear now stripped off, Ed placed Ellie on her back with her pussy near the end of the bed. Nika was placed on her stomach on top of Ellie with her mouth directly over Ellie’s pussy. Ed made sure that Nika’s pussy was directly over her sister’s face, who’s tongue stuck out for maximum effect. Ed had always seen this set-up in porn movies, and he was excited to execute it with two models whose bodies were built for sex.

Nika’s mouth remained wide open as she watched Ed plow into her sister below. With the first few thrusts, he underestimated how hot the whole scene was and how long he would last. Even looking to his right and seeing his discarded daughter in red lingerie was just as hot to think about. Trying to maintain his libido, Ed slowed down. But the girl’s snatch felt too good. The orgasm was coming! Ed pulled out and popped his erupting cock into Nika’s waiting mouth. It shot immediately down her throat as cum squirted from her nose and out of the sides of her mouth. The model turned cum dump had her mouth plugged until Ed felt his cock had been fully cleaned. He pulled out and left the girls in their positions. The display of Nika’s mouth and nose dripping cum onto her sister’s wet pussy kept Ed’s cock stiff and ready for his second go.

A knock at the door froze him in place as if someone used the camera on him. It had to be Michael. Ed hastily got ready, thankful that his clarity came back in his post-orgasm state. Running down the stairs and rounding the corner, Ed almost collided with the boxer-wearing Roger.

“Who’s here now?” Roger said.

“It’s my brother, get back down there.” Ed said.

Roger didn’t complain. He was a lucky guy to have Kendra all to himself. She was an absolute rocket back in the day and her good lucks and assets carried forward in her MILF body. She was still hot, but for different reasons. Ed took a deep breath and opened the door. He sighed with relief when Michael stared back at him. In his hand was a metal briefcase. Ed let him inside and closed the door to hide the top-secret items soon to be in his possession.

“You’re really coming through, bro.” Ed said.

“Mhmm.” Michael said. “Now where is Kendra?”

“Uhh, you don’t really need to see her, do you?”

There was an awkward tension. Michael must have known what Ed would get up to with her frozen body.

“Has Karla noticed anything strange?” Michael said.

Ed shrugged his shoulders. “She comes and goes with her boyfriend. Never really comes down to the man cave.

“Good. Might be a hard sell to explain to her.”

Ed nodded in agreement. The less his brother knew, the better. Michael opened the suitcase. Inside were two identical smart watches and two identical golden rings. Ed picked up what looked like a normal smart watch.

“This is it?” Ed said with a hint of disappointment.

Michael smiled and picked one up himself.

“This is Kollar Tech’s latest gadget in it’s Control-Tech line. Basically, instead of tracking and all that stuff a normal smart watch does, this one is used to control the wearer. All you have to do is install a pin on the watch, downloads the app, sync your phone and enter their pin for access.”

“Access to what?”

“Personality changes, memory modification, behavioral changes. Stuff like that.”

Ed couldn’t believe this device existed. Although after seeing the Decor camera, anything was possible with today’s technology.

“What about physical modifications?”

“I think they’re working on something. I only have one source. The guy owed me a favor and now you owe me one.”

Ed figured there was a price. It was more than worth it. Michael checked his watch.

“Anyway, I need to get going. Sam’s going to be wondering where I am. One watch is for Kendra and the other items are a back-up. If you have any questions, just text me.”

Ed grabbed the suitcase like a precious gem, thanked his brother and bid him goodbye. Two smart watches and two rings. His plan just improved drastically. An answer to his four problems.

He wasn’t the most tech savvy guy, so downloading the app and setting it up caused him trouble. His twin pile was still in tack with dried cum around Nika’s mouth and Ellie’s pussy. The thought of them moving around and talking dirty aroused his desire, but he couldn’t test it on them. If anything went wrong, how would he able to send them home? His first test had to be his daughter.

Ed scrolled through the app. The interface was user-friendly, even for an old fart like him. Personality was broken down into different types: bimbo, valley-girl, gamer chick, Stepford wife. The list went on. Plenty of options to choose from. Memory modification mimicked the history options on an Internet browser with the choice to wipe memory from the last hour, up to the last 24 hours. As a bonus, the memory modifications also included the ability to implement false memories. The notion of playing around with someone’s memories was interesting, but dangerous. The last thing Ed wanted to do was cause problems beyond his control. The best approach to use that function was with care. Similar to memory modification, behavioral changes reshaped habits, both mundane, like brushing teeth, to sexual, like giving morning blow jobs. If it were programmed in and marked as repeat, the girl would simply do it every day.

Having explored the app and armed with a firm understanding, Ed placed the watch around his daughter’s wrist and set the pin number. Once synced, the fun began, and Ed cycled through the various options. First, he added the implanted memory that she was not missing any time, and everything was normal, a small modification to test the waters. Next, he placed the personality to Stepford Wife and was ready to test his new life companion. With the confirm button flashing, Ed had second thoughts. Why not test all areas? Through the behavior modifications, he added one final touch. Anytime he gave her a command, she needed to respond with, ‘Yes, daddy.’

Ed confirmed his choices and the watch lit up. He fetched his camera and aimed it at his daughter. This could go one of two ways and he hoped, like the first time he used the camera on Kendra, that he was in luck. With the camera flash, Karla’s body moved for the first time in a day. Her hand rubbed the side of her head and she sat in a dazed confusion. The room light flickered in the diamond wedding ring which caught her attention.

“What the hell?” Karla said. She looked down at her outfit. “What the fuck?”

Ed froze in panic. Karla looked up at her dad and then saw the Influencer twins.

“What the fuck is going on?” Karla got up and stood in front of Ed. “And why the hell am I dressed like mom. And what are the slut twins doing naked in your room.”

Karla felt a taste in her mouth as she rolled her tongue around.

“Is that… cum. Did you…”

Ed looked down at his phone and realized he confirmed the changes, but never activated them. Kala’s body moved to attention as the smart watch lit up again. After a few minutes, her eyes opened, and she smiled wide at Ed.

“Hello, honey. Can I get you anything?”

Ed’s nerves decreased dramatically. Although the camera worked, he knew it would from its reputation at Decor. The new smart watches from Kollar Tech had no public reputation. They were complete wild cards. So, to see it work as described was a burden off his shoulder. His daughter smiled pleasantly at him and waited for further instructions. Time to test it out.

“Honey, I want you lick my cum up from that pussy.” Ed pointed to the twins on the bed.

“Yes, daddy.” Karla said.

His new wife walked over, knelt in front of the twins and started licking up the mess. Ed was happy to finally see his daughter move around again. Having her as a frozen sex doll was fun at times, but he missed the interaction. The human aspect. Having her as a modified trophy wife enhanced every area in his life, especially her domestic and sexual duties.

Karla finished her command and waited patiently with traces of semen lining the outside of her mouth. If he wanted unlimited access to the twins, he needed to set them up with Kollar Tech items too. However, there was still fun to be had with their frozen bodies. Ed walked over with his semi hard manhood still out. He placed it in the top twin’s mouth and gently worked his cock in and out to help it regain its thick form.

“Karla, eat out Ellie.”

“Yes, daddy.” Karla said and moved in to complete her command.

His hot wife went to work on the frozen beautiful twin and the sight combined with the wetness of Nika’s mouth made him instantly hard. Ed took his cock out.

“Guide my cock into her hole.”

“Yes, daddy.”

Karla grabbed her father’s cock and inserted it into the waiting twin’s dripping hole. Without instruction, Karla massaged the girl’s clit, like a good obedient wife. Ed could feel the difference in Ellie’s body as she received three different sources of pleasure: the cock deep inside her, the fingers working her clit and the frozen bliss. He’d love to see her facial reaction if it wasn’t buried under her sister’s pussy.

Ed had to be careful. If he got too turned on, he risked prematurely blowing another load. With his wife and daughter, it was a different feeling because he was alone with them. With the twins, not only were they the hottest girls he’d ever seen, but their bodies were the tightest he’d ever felt. Her pussy wrapped around his cock like a plastic glove around a hand. The sight of his daughter didn’t help either. The Stepford command completely changed her body language and facial expression. Instead of a bored, slouching young adult, she was a confident, happy woman. Her back was straight, her bust was out and there was an eagerness to follow any command given. Life was going to be great from now on. What could possibly go wrong?

Wanting to see the havoc his cock was having on the motionless Influencer; Ed pushed the top twin off her sister. Nika fell off the bed onto a pile of dirty clothes like a used and discarded doll. Ed leaned forward and grabbed Ellie’s tits while he railed her. He could tell from her face that the pleasure was overwhelming her mind. An idea crossed his mind.

“Karla, grab me the camera.”

“Yes, daddy.”

Karla handed the camera to Ed, who aimed it at Ellie and unfroze her. As if opening a shaken can of soda, Ellie immediately screamed in pleasure. Her mouth rounded in an “O” shape and her eyes rolled back with an overwhelming feeling of satisfaction. Seizing the moment, Ed quickly froze her mid-orgasm. It was a magnificent sight to see such a beautiful girl captured in a raw emotional state. It was also too much stimulation for Ed to handle. He blew his load inside the frozen twin. Getting old sucked. At least he had all the time in the world now.

Ed pulled out. Now it was time to bring the twins back. Because they already had the latest smart watches, likely to further their authority as an influencing figure, switching their watches would seem too out of place to their fans. That meant the two gold rings were the perfect piece to add to the girls’ collection. Ed put Nika back on the bed and had Karla place the gold rings on each of the girl’s right index finger. With the rings in place, Ed synced the pin numbers. The two new profiles appeared, ready to be changed at his desire. Too hot Influencers under his complete control. Both stared up at the ceiling like blank empty dolls ready to be reprogrammed.

Did he make them both different or use the same settings? The first important change to implement was that they were never to take the rings off. As long as they wore them, Ed could bring them over and play out his fantasies any time he desired. And with the influence they had, he could do the same to many other girls. He just needed more Kollar Tech items. Of course, if the girls he met were new to the city, he could always bolster his trophy collection. The ideas ran wild. Between the camera and Kollar Tech items, there wasn’t much he couldn’t do. Except get caught. That was the biggest hurdle. The changes needed to be subtle at first so over time no one noticed the difference. The twins would be his first public experiment.

Their bodies were a work of art. They worked hard to keep their best asset in top shape. Part of their appeal to fans was the level of perfection. Gifted with a beautiful face and a curvy body wouldn’t amount to much if they didn’t keep it sculpted in all the right places. Having a built-in motivating partner probably helped both of them strive to be better.

Once the ring habit was set, Ed set their personalities to bimbo and activated the programming. The twins were unfrozen. The change was subtle, but their facial expression went from blank to vapid. He could tell there was nothing going on in their brain, not because they were programmed to be blank, but because they were too stupid to think much. Giggles escaped their mouths in synchronized fashion as they sat up in the bed. He wondered if they’d retain any of their other memories in this state.

“Like oh my god.” Nika said. Her lips were stuck together in a permanent duck face like she was trying to seduce any guy that looked her way.

“Like, where is the weed?” Ellie said playing with her hair.

The test confirmed they carried on as normal and paid no attention to their state or the new rings. Had he not done a personality change, there would have been a lot more panic and struggling. The bimbo twins only had the capacity to care about one thing at a time, and prior to being modified, that thing was ganja. Ed scrolled through the app and added a new behavior and belief that the two girls were lovers.

Ellie and Nika turned and smiled at each other. They happily locked lips as their hands explored each other’s bodies. Ed couldn’t believe how effective the app was. Anyone who was wearing a synced Kollar Tech item was at the complete mercy of the app. With the tests out of the way, it was time to start having some more interactive fun. Selecting all three profiles, Ed implemented a command that they were doing a photo shoot together and that he was the photographer. The twins broke their kiss and were told to find lingerie in Karla’s room for their outfit. Once the girls were dressed, they joined Karla standing off to the side where there was more room to pose. Nika wore black lingerie, Ellie wore white, and Karla remained in red, all with matching heels.

“All right ladies, so today we’re doing a raunchy photo shoot. I’m going to tell you how to pose and you’re going to go in that position.”

The models nodded.

“Perfect. Okay, let’s have Karla down on her knees, holding her hands up with two fingers sticking up.”

Karla knelt and did as she was told.

“Now Ellie and Nika, go on either side of Karla and insert her fingers into your pussy.”

The twins complied and let Karla finger them.

“Perfect.” Ed lined up his shot and took a picture, freezing them in place. Using his phone, he wandered around the erotic statue and took photos at different angles as they remained in frozen bliss. The twins’ pussies dripped over Karla’s hands. The littlest of stimuli was still enough to cause a flood. Ed returned to the front and unfroze them.

“Now can I have Ellie and Nika turns towards each other, bounce up and done on Karla’s fingers and make out.” Ed said. He looked at his daughter. “Pucker your lips, honey.”

Karla’s lips pushed together. Ed let the twins make out as he filmed the scene. If the Kollar Tech items ever failed or he had to return them, then blackmail was his back-up plan. The demands wouldn’t be as outrageous, but the twins would have to swallow their pride and his cock from time to time. There’s no way they’d let a video of them making out while being fingered by another girl get released. Of course, they could say it was fake. But there were ways around that. Ed whispered commands into their ears and stepped back. The girls broke their lip lock and looked at the camera.

“Hello, I’m Ellie Chanel.”

“Hi, I’m Nika Chanel.”

“And we’re both total sluts.” The girls said in unison.

Ed saved the recorded video. It would be hard to dispute that admission. He hoped it never came to that. After a few more angles of the girls making out, Ed had the twins pull themselves off Karla’s finger and stand to the side with their mouth’s open. Karla stood up, crossed her arms, and inserted her fingers into the twins’ mouths to give them a taste of each other.

The twin’s bobbed their heads back and forth on Karla’s fingers like they were servicing a cock. With her fingers licked clean, Karla retracted her hands and stepped back allowing the girls to step together and join in a three way make-out session. Somehow Ed knew all the best angles to capture the shot. It was clearly his cock directing the scene of the three lingerie-clad models aggressively kissing each other, and not his brain.

The last two poses Ed wanted to see before wrapping up and fucking the twins one last time for the day, was a pose of them kissing Karla’s ass and a pose with all of them lined up on the bed like sex dolls. He froze them with the camera and eagerly added to his growing collection of tasteful photographs. The fantasy of fucking them both whenever he pleased and then putting them away like an owned toy was within reach with the technology at his fingertips. Reality was never that simple. There could be a way, but he needed to think of a solid plan. After that, he could collect as many as he wanted to service his every need or to decorate his home.

Ellie would make a perfect display in his living room as a centerpiece on his table. Dressed in lingerie that teased her body, but didn’t outright display it would add an elegant piece to his living room. A fine work of art that was pleasure to the eyes.

Nika, the less feminine and bolder of the two, would be a welcomed addition to his home office. A corner display with a drink tray attached for his own personal bar. The options were endless. His first official display, of course, was his wife. The former trophy wife was going to be replaced, which meant she no longer had other duties. He wouldn’t keep her frozen all the time. Using the other smart watch, she could carry out tasks that needed to be done like grocery shopping or for personal items like eating, exercising, and sleeping. He wasn’t a monster. But when she was on display, the man cave was her new home. All Ed needed was a little stand and plaque to denote Kendra as Trophy Wife Number 1.

The photo shoot came to an end. It was time to finish exploring the twins’ bodies.

“Karla, be a dear and go stand in the corner and take a new selfie every five minutes while freezing in each pose.”

“Yes, daddy.”

Karla grabbed her phone and went to the corner. The first pose was the classic peace sign and puckered lips. Once the picture snapped, her body froze and waited for the internal signal to move again.

Ed gave his phone to Ellie along with instructions for a pre-recording they were going to do for their channel. The girls gathered on the bed and starting taping.

“Hey everyone, this is Nika and Ellie. We’re here live doing a fuck session.” Nika said.

“For those of you who don’t know what a fuck session is, basically we have one of our fans come and just absolutely fuck the shit out of us.” Ellie said.

The girls laughed. “I mean he uses our bodies like complete sex dolls.”

“I think getting my throat fucked is my favorite part.” Nika said.

“Really? See, I like when he’s hammering away at my pussy.”

“I guess I just like the feeling of this big thing filling up my throat, like I’m being plugged.”

“That’s fair. Who doesn’t like that feeling?”

The girls looked and laughed at each other.

“Anyway, we hope you enjoy the fuck session, there will be many more in the future and if you’re lucky, it could include you.” Nika said.

“Don’t forgot to like, share and subscribe for all future content.” Ellie said.

Ed was getting ready for his cue. The door burst open behind him.

“Mr. W… we got a prob…”

With his cock in hand and the twins waiting on the bed in their lingerie, Roger froze unsure what to do. The fact the girls were willingly about to fuck was something the young man didn’t consider. Ed used the camera and froze each girl.

“Knock next time.” Ed said.

“I’m sorry, it’s just I got…why are they acting like that? I thought you could only freeze them.”

“Your problem first, explanation later.”

Roger nodded.

* * *

Roger led Ed downstairs into his man cave. On the floor, in front of his naked frozen wife, was an unconscious Mr. Collins.

“He just came downstairs and said he was going to call the cops so I…I… knocked him out.”

“The bitch must have given him a key.” Ed said. “Shit.”

“What are we going to do, Mr. W?”

“I think I have an idea.” Ed said.