The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Truth About The Porn Industry

Blurb: Jake’s exposé about the reality of the porn industry draws the ire of the succubus who runs the whole operation

Chapter 1 — The Exposé

Jake was sitting at his desk in his bedroom, a mug of steaming tea to his left and a pair of headphones on, listening to ambient music, to help him focus. He was reviewing the latest draft of his “sexposé”, as he liked to call it to his small but fervent internet following. Ever since he had his revelation a year ago, and subsequently discovered certain evidence in its favor, he had started espousing his anti-porn beliefs on the internet, and it seemed to be resounding with some people.

With the help of Patreon and a lot of encouragement from his niche fanbase, Jake was well on his way to finishing up a booklet—title to be determined—that Jake was sure would cause a sea change in the world. Or, at least he hoped it would. If his theories were correct, there was not much else that could be done other than to slap the world out of its stupor with a hard dose of reality.

Jake took a slow sip from his tea and read more of his prose on his laptop, checking for spelling errors as well as any improvements he could make to his argument.

First off, we need to set out the foundations for what’s been happening. To put it simply, succubi are real. Our ancestors had it right. For those unaware, succubi feed off the sexual energy and sexual release of human beings. Through this feeding, they accrue power. With this power, they are able to influence people’s minds, and they attain a greater flexibility of shapeshifting. Those that are powerful enough can seduce and enslave any person that’s close enough in proximity to them, as well as have the ability to look like anything or anyone. Because of this process, the power of a succubi can “snowball”—it’s a positive feedback loop that can reach a critical mass where it becomes unstoppable, like a snowball that rolls down a hill and gets bigger and bigger until it’s just an avalanche.

With the inherent isolation of humanity being spread around the globe, as well as the prevalence of mysticism and religion, for much of human history, no succubus could ever hope to achieve that critical mass of power. Succubi could only infiltrate small villages of people and were unlikely to make it on to other settlements—since their ability to survive and their ability to transport themselves are also tied to their power level. Further thwarting their attempts, sexual concepts such as purity, chastity, and monogamy were ingrained through much of human society. This is all in addition to the fact that some parts of humanity were aware of the existence of the succubi, an awareness which can strengthen a human’s resolve and resistance to the succubi’s supernatural ability to seduce and enslave. All that to say: it was not easy for succubi to accrue power. Each of them typically had a small sample size of possible victims, which was considerably lessened since many people had a strong sense of sexual propriety and were aware of the dangers of succubi.

And so they nearly disappeared from human history. I do not believe this was intentional, but rather a result of near-extinction. However, that disappearance ended up greatly benefitting them. With that disappearance, warnings of their existence turned into myths through the generations—less likely to be believed. This was just the beginning of a resurgence in their power.

As the years passed, several other events were conducive to a succubi resurgence. First, the human population exploded, so that there was a greater number of potential victims at a succubus’ exposal. Additionally, there was a gradual fracturing and then waning of religious dogma in the civilized world. With each new religious sect and denomination, as well as with each new conversion to non-religious attitudes, there was much less of a united front of sexual propriety to combat a succubus’ goals. I personally believe it was the counter-culture of the 1960s, with its social turmoil and “free love” ideology, that was the beginning of the end for the spiritual line of defense against succubi.

The final piece of the puzzle, which may be the biggest piece of all, was the invention and development of mass media. Humanity became more connected than ever before thanks to radio, then TV, and then the internet. With these technologies, no longer would a succubus have to travel a long distance in order to interface with a human being.

See, I believe the sole source of energy and power for the succubus is for it to be the cause of sexual release in a human being, thereby taking a tiny piece of that human’s soul for its own purposes. I don’t think intimate physical contact has anything to do with it, despite what our ancestors might have believed. The succubus must only be a direct enough cause of that human’s orgasm for it to “earn” its reward, no matter the method. Rather than risk themselves by directly exposing themselves to one human at a time, the succubi (or rather, one succubus, as I will explain in a moment) could hide behind mass media and use that to distribute sexual material to many humans at once. I am talking, of course, of porn. Which leads me to my main thesis: the entire porn industry is run by a succubus, and because of the way porn has infiltrated our society, that succubus is about to become too powerful for anyone to stop.

What’s my evidence? First off, you’ll notice that most porn companies are actually all run by the same parent company. It might be difficult to find the connections, but if you dig deep enough into their paperwork and lineage like I have, you’ll reach that conclusion. That parent company, from the intel I could gather, is led by one person, a mysterious figure referred to as L. “Lust incarnal” as one source put it. You’ll find in the appendix to this booklet dozens of credible witness testimonies about this. Witnesses that speak of L’s ability to shapeshift and bend others to her will. Friends and family members of those who got caught up with her business, and now are nothing more than horny husks of their former selves.

The testimony I’ve uncovered paints a vivid picture: a powerful creature who has enslaved dozens around her, and countless others across the globe. How? L’s involvement in the porn industry. Through her company, which she runs, she funds about 95% of the porn that’s out there. It doesn’t matter the taste, or the fetish, or website. The last video clip or picture that you got off to was probably made with her help. Hell, it could have actually been her in a shapeshifted form. Either way, since you experienced sexual release from her actions, that energy that you gave up was in fact given to her, feeding her power further.

Her ever-increasing powers, as well as the subliminal messaging that I’m sure is being put into pornography videos, is engraining porn into human society in unprecedented ways. For example, only relatively recently has the concept of “porn addiction” entered into the public lexicon, and for good reason. More and more people are unable to resist her pull, her constant need for their attention and release. With each release, their will gets weaker and more of their soul belongs to her. It’s a vicious cycle that millions, if not hundreds of millions, are falling into without even realizing it. Have you also felt this pull? Have you had recurring urges to masturbate while watching porn, and then felt “empty” or guilty after you were finished? Listen to those emotions. Please accept that this is happening, as that is the first step to resisting her charms.

As for her end-goal, I cannot say. There’s merit to the theory that there is no end-goal. Her actions are that of survival, much like humans try to have a large supply of food and other life necessities at their disposal at all times. The theory I most ascribe to is that she doesn’t just want to survive, she wants to rule. The nefarious ways that porn and relaxed sexual morals has seeped into society as a result of her actions proves her intent. I don’t think she’ll be satisfied until everyone is cumming to her and her efforts. She is seeking to replace all of human sexuality and attraction with herself—just look at the increasing number of people who NEED porn to get off. What they really need is HER in order to get off. If we don’t change course, and she gets her way, soon everyone will need her, and that’s when she’ll truly be immortal and all-powerful. So powerful, that her succubus-endowed ability to seduce and enslave humans will know no bounds. She will be able to have her way with everyone in the world no matter where they are.

So how can you combat this? First, you have to take a look at yourself. Any itch to watch porn is likely a result of her powers and subliminal messaging. To give in to that is to not only feed your addiction, but to feed her as well. True human sexuality, I believe, should be direct in-person contact with a trusted partner. Anything else beyond that—traditional porn, “amateur” porn, even written smut—is a perversion and is likely a path towards your sexual enslavement, because you can likely never verify the true source of the sexual content you are consuming.

Yes, I know it will be hard to break the cycle. She has content that caters to all manners of interests, and it can be tempting to indulge yourself in fantasy. Keep in mind, however, that even those fantasies have been shaped by the subliminal messages in her content. But, just think of how much happier you could be if you quit. You’ll have more hours to do other, more important things. You’ll have more energy to do those important things as well. Most crucially of all, you’ll be actively resisting a grave danger to humanity. You must keep reminding yourself of these facts.

Another good strategy is to share this message with as many people as you can. As with any addiction, the first step towards improvement is recognizing and acknowledging that there is a problem. Be vocal that this is an issue, share this booklet with others, write your own testimonials of how you fought back from the precipice of eternal damnation. Incorporating this ideology into your social identity is going to reinforce your own resistance, as well as alert others to this ongoing exploitation of the human libido.

As Jake pondered about better and more concrete strategies of resisting, he heard his doorbell ring, cutting through the music he was listening to. He willfully chose to ignore it, figuring it was someone trying to sell him something or other. Someone who would leave when there was no answer. As he readied his hands to begin typing again, another ring of the doorbell. And then another. And then another. Exasperated, Jake decided he’d go shoo away whoever was at his door. This was writing time, and he needed to focus. He ripped his headphones off his head in a huff, got out of his desk chair, and headed to his front door.