The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Truth About The Porn Industry

Author: BDantes

Chapter 2 — The Discovery

Jake opened the door to find a beautiful, busty young lady standing outside. She had jet black hair, a mesh choker around her neck, a black strapped tube top that provided a very generous neckline for her breasts, and jeans that clung to a pair of well-toned legs in black high heels. Jack froze in shock, and not just at the lascivious sight before him. No, there was also some strange energy in the air that he was sensing. Something that seemed to be flowing into him and ramping up his response to seeing a beautiful woman who was just his type. Within moments, his cock was harder than it had ever been, and his groin ached with an all-consuming intensity that was stronger than even those days when he had just discovered the sexual awakening of puberty. Although his mind was soon clouded with the thoughts of pounding that perfect body before him, of burying his face in that inviting pair of tits, of worshipping every inch of that tan the back of his mind he still had enough sense to realize: This was her.

The woman in front of him smirked, making Jake’s heart melt in the process. “Don’t act so surprised, Jake. You must have known this was coming. Now invite me in.”

It took a second for Jake to respond, he was so busy wishing those lips were wrapped around his throbbing dick.

“Oh, c-come in.”

With that, the woman stepped inside. As she passed Jake holding the door open, he caught a whiff of her scent, further sending his mind into a frenzy. He wanted to cover his house in that heated scent, so he could always feel this strong manly urge. he wanted that scent to linger on him forever so he could live in eternity in an erotic daydream.

Jake closed the door behind her, and in response, she sensually whispered “good boy.”

He felt himself weaken at the praise. He couldn’t help but then get on his knees in front of her, his dick struggling against the fabric of his pants to point at her the way a compass points north. He began to take off his clothing so that nothing could get between him and her whenever she decided to fuck him. She looked down at him with another smirk and laughed.

“I honestly thought this would be more difficult. Surely, the great leader of this latest anti-porn movement would be prepared against the enemy he riles the masses against? Tell me, slave, did you not make any preparations for encountering me?”

Through the distracting sexual fog of Jake’s mind, he couldn’t even fathom why he wouldn’t tell the truth to this beautiful creature. He was too preoccupied with his fantasies of being used by her, of sliding his cock into the nirvana of her pussy, of worshipping and kissing her perfect ass, to give his words any conscious thought at all.

“I had made plans to go off the grid and escape your wrath, but I did not think you would try to find me until after my booklet had been out and gained your attention.”

She laughed again. A shiver went up his spine from her delight. It felt good to please her.

“No, my dear Jake. I’ve been aware of you for some time. I’m able to keep tabs on anyone who’s ever visited any of my websites. Once I heard rumblings of a new anonymous writer spearheading an anti-porn movement—especially one that had so many of the details correct and was gaining a significant following—I knew I had to find you. it was a simple search through my database and my IT slaves were able to pinpoint who you were. They gave me your file, that’s how I know that this body you’re seeing is your exact physical type. It’s the type that you spent the most time watching before you tried to quit watching porn.”

Jake felt utterly helpless, yet turned on by the immense power of the woman before him. She continued.

“Still, I know that there are other body types that you are attracted to. Athletic blondes seemed to hold a placement on that list, if I recall correctly…”

Right before Jake’s eyes, the woman began to change shape. Her black hair—let down to lightly drape her shoulders, was now pulling back into a taut ponytail, and turning lighter in color in the process. The black top she had on was soon trimming itself down into an athletic sports bra that still advertised a plentiful bosom. Those tight jeans that she had on seemed to be growing even tighter into a pair of black yoga pants, hugging an ass that had become even more toned and sculpted into perfection. To complete the look, those heels she was wearing had lowered themselves to the ground to become athletic sneakers, still with enough of a lift to them that her natural standing position seemed to thrust out her breasts and ass in an enticing offering of carnal pleasure. In a matter of seconds, Jake was now kneeling before a petite athletic blonde, perfectly capturing another fantasy he had had. She grinned at his jaw dropping as his now-exposed cock twitched before her.

“I hope that little caveman brain of yours can realize the true extent of my powers. Just imagine, I can fulfill every sexual fantasy of yours. Whatever you want to see or do, I can be that slut. Or that whore. Or that mistress. And since my companies keeps tabs on everyone’s habits, I know exactly what you want. That nubile brunette pornstar that first led you down the path to watching porn regularly? Imagine the thrill of discovering that reveal of her tits for the first time again, except now it’s in person. I can be her. I am her. Those curiosities of yours with bondage, and control, and submission? I can help you explore that untapped potential within you, as the red-headed mistress that you would check out from time to time on my streaming sites. Or for those times that you want to feel in control, where you don’t care for foreplay or niceties, you just want to FUCK? I can be that submissive Indian pornstar you like so much, ready for breeding and corruption.”

She sauntered up to the kneeling Jake, her clothes melting away just as quickly as her skin was turning tanner, and her hair growing blacker. She bent over and grabbed his cock, advertising breasts with hard black nipples that would have been impossible for the sports bra to hold had it not already disappeared completely. She pouted as she tugged on his cock, and in a completely new voice that dripped with a coy yet affected naivete, said “Doesn’t Jakey want a horny little girl to call his own?”

Jake gasped in delight at the sight before him, falling in love with the potential treasures she could provide him with. Why was he so set against this creature, especially when she could make people like him feel so GOOD? She continued talking in her new character as she milked his throbbing dick.

“See, Jakey is a talented boy. He writes soooo good. It makes me happy how good of a writer he is. He deserves to be played with.”

Jake slumped slightly from the praise and overwhelming sensations. Of course, he was good. Of course he deserved this for how good of a writer he was. Whatever she said was the absolute truth.

She then snatched her hand away from his needy cock, and dropped her voice back to what it was before.

“But, one thing I don’t like is how those talents are being used. Trying to turn people against me? That just won’t do. I’m sure you can see now how foolish that was.”

Jake sighed and enthusiastically nodded his head in agreement and whimpered at the lack of attention his cock was now receiving. He would do anything to get her back on his side, so he can blissfully live out all his fantasies.

“Good boy. I can tell from your writing style that with just a few tweaks, your prose can become some well-written smut, rather than some ill-begotten idea of denying me my proper place. I could use that smut to further aid in building my powers. Don’t you want that?”

Jake nodded again, his brain already conjuring up all the dirty things he could write for his new mistress, so that others would read it online and unknowingly give their sexual energy to her benefit.

“Good, good. That’s what I like to see. You are going to be so happy writing for me, I treat my talent very well. Fetch me what you were writing against me, slave.

Jake quickly jolted to his desk and urgently grabbed his laptop. He didn’t want to be far away from her for too long. He ran back into the room and eagerly handed her the device.

She skimmed through it, and smiled wickedly.

“This is pretty good, slave. And surprisingly accurate. You did your research, I can tell. But, this is no longer going to be published on your website. No, what I want you to do is publish a video file that I will send your way. It has a certain...hypnotic effect to it that will ensure all your faithful followers relapse into their porn watching ways.”

Jake, someone who would have fervently balked at this idea just hours earlier, was now eagerly nodding along to whatever she said. All that mattered was that she was happy, because that would make him happy.

“Now, I think I can still make some use out of this writing. I happen to have partial ownership in a website that caters to people who get aroused from the idea of mind control and mental sexualization. This would fit right in with the rest of the content that my other writer slaves put on there. Perhaps you should write another section about this encounter we’re having, so that there’s a concrete example of my power. Yes, I’m sure the readership would love that extra dose of sinister mental fuckery. Their arousal will only help me grow in power, and I know you want that. Jake, write it as quickly as you can—while still making it good—and then you will be properly rewarded with the fulfillment of one of your fantasies. Then, write more stories of all the fucked up ideas that my powerful industry has helped place in your head, so that you can help me grow with your talent. My deal is that for each piece of work completed, I fulfill another fantasy. That should keep you properly motivated. Now tell me, do you understand?”

Jake smiled, and as the words escaped his lips, any hopes of independence did as well. “Yes, mistress. I will do whatever you command.”

She smiled. “Good. Now get to it. Only once you are published will you be rewarded.”

And if you’re reading this now, he was.