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Synopsis: Vampire twins cut a swathe across our land

Twins of Evil

“Get your feet of the dash” Paul said

“Why?” Pam asked

“I can smell your pussy” he said

“My pussy smells nice”

“Well it’s distracting” he snapped back

“Hear that?” Pam smiled, spinning around in her seat

Carol mouthed a muffled protest, the gag in her mouth stiffing her words. Her face was pale and her eyes haggard and sunken.

“Why don’t you just eat her” Paul said

“I want my fun… “ Pam grinned. “You and I are going to have so much fun, aren’t we?” Pam said as she reached back to brush Carol’s dirty face

Carol winced trying to reel away

“See” Pam said to her brother, “We’re good friends”

“Lay her down, at least…” Paul said

“No one’s going to see us out here…” Pam said

Moments later a cop car lit them up.

Paul and his sister Pam were travelling across Nebraska. Pam had wanted to fly to the east coast, but Paul insisted that they drive. He wanted ‘the adventure’. It’s easy to get bored when you’re immortal.

They’d picked Carol up in a diner near Laramie, Wyoming.

Carol was walking down the street pushing a pram, and walking her daughter Julie.

The black Cadillac had pulled up next to her.

Pam opened the passenger door

“Get in” she said

Carol stopped in her tracks. She turned to see Pam there and she was drawn towards her

“I…” she began

“Mommy?” her daughter Mary cried

Pam’s eyes were hypnotic.

From the pram baby Michael started crying

Carol stopped part way getting into the car. The crying… she felt that there was something she was meant to do… get into the car… that’s what she must do.

She got in and they drove away, leaving her two children by the side of the road.

“What’s your name, pet?” Pam had asked

“Carol McIntyre” Carol said

“Open your top…” Pam said

Carol reached down and unbuttoned her top.

“You will call me mistress”

“Yes, mistress” Carol said as she struggled to make sense of why she was doing what she was doing

Pam eyed the full, lactating breasts. It had been a while since she’d fed on blood AND milk.

That night, in a motel in Sidney, Nebraska Pam raped Carol.

Her brother watched, only partly interested. He enjoyed seeing his naked sister.

Carol had never had sex before with anyone other than her husband Ted, and now she was spread-legged with a strange, compelling woman between her thighs.

And Paul was watching Ted’s face on the tv news—appealing for the return of his wife as he and the local PD tried to make sense of why a woman would just walk off abandoning her two kids in the middle of the street.

“Carol… if you’re out there…” Ted pleaded to the camera.

Paul turned to see her… now her attention momentarily on the image of her husband

“Ohhhhh!” suddenly Carol gasped as Pam’s tongue ploughed into her vagina. Carol looked down at Pam’s grinning, bloodied mouth.

It hurt now, as Pam’s tongue drove in eight inches deep. Carol squirmed against Pam, but Pam was strong. She forced Carol’s legs further apart and then she rolled about, and thrust her thighs in-between—scissoring her legs with Carol’s

Carol cried… and she came as well as Pam ground her hips against her.

“Are you going to fuck her?” Pam turned to her brother afterwards…

He got up, and dropped his pants. Carol gasped as she saw his massive cock. “I don’t fuck the food” he snarled as he twisted his sister around onto her stomach and mounted her

“Oh, fuck. Yes!” she gasped as he penetrated her anus.

“Oh, fuck me!” Pam cried as she was pushed into the mattress by the pounding of her brother.

In that moment Carol saw an opportunity and she slid out of bed, her crotch still wet from her juices, and those of Pam’s cunt.

“Where are you going?” Paul grinned

He pulled out of his sister’s ass and leapt at her

“Please, don’t hurt me”

“You will take this” he said as he spun her around. He pushed her up against the door and forced his cock up into her asshole

“I thought you didn’t fuck the food” Pam grinned as she masturbated; watching her brother sodomise Carol.

“Fuck, she’s so tight!” he gasped

“Ow! Ow! Ow!” Carol cried with each thrust.

Paul’s mouth opened wide. His canines extended and he bit into the back of Carol’s neck

At that moment she suddenly came.

Her whole body shuddered as she felt him drawing at her blood.

He pulled out of her ass and Pam was onto it in a second. Bloodied, dripping her brother’s semen, she sent her tongue up into Carol’s quivering body.

The two vampires would make love the rest of the night as Carol sat in a chair, trembling in shock from the experience.

She had felt such pain, and joy as she had never known.

She turned to hear her husband’s voice. “Honey if you’re out there” he said on the television “I love you…”

Carol shed a tear.

Sitting bound in the back of a car she had witnessed her tormenters up close. Pam had sucked her brother’s cock and turned to look at Carol, smiling and letting the semen drool from her.

Pam could have forced Carol to comply totally with her. But she felt that was too easy. She enjoyed the risk that Carol might, just might, try and escape.

Pam slurped the semen down and swallowed it. “Yummy” she giggled.

Carol was both stimulated and repulsed

“I can smell her cunt” Pam said, sitting back in her seat, “You ought to fuck her while she’s wet…”

“And let you drive?” he snorted

“I can drive..”

“You’ve not been able to drive properly in over a hundred years!” he chuckled

“I…” she went to protest…

“Remember also, when I let you fly…” he laughed… “You’ve no ability with machinery”

“It wasn’t my fault” she protested

Paul looked at Carol in the mirror “It was 1930”

“1933” Carol corrected

“Okay, 1933” Paul said, looking at his captive audience. “We were flying a plane—well rather my sister was, and I was fucking the pilot….”

“You don’t fuck the food” Carol teased

“Well, okay, but his ass was delicious…” Paul said, “Anyway, it was a passenger plane -a Ford TriMotor”

“It was a deHavilland”

“It was a FORD” Paul insisted. “There were seven passengers on board… and anyway, my sister ploughs this plane right into the side of a mountain!”

“It was a … never mind” she said

“Everyone was killed… we were burned to a crisp… I spent four hours regenerating!”

“At least you didn’t have ALL your bones broken as well…” Pam said

“What was it… a half a day before you were able to walk again!”

“I was in so much pain…” Carol laughed at it now.

Carol looked out at the police car, and the naked cop spread over the front of his cruiser.

Whilst the siblings laughed and joked about crashing a plane Carol thought about the poor cop.

He’s spotted them… recognising something in Carol’s face. He’s lit them up and pulled them over.

Almost immediately upon getting up to the car the cop—Patrolman Charlie Veitch had stood transfixed as a hand came out of the window and undid his fly.

He could not believe it as he watched his hardening cock drawn out and into Paul’s mouth. A mouth that was soft, wet, and cold.

Carol cried as she watched. How easily the cop had come under their power. Was there any hope for her against creatures like that.

Charlie came. Paul greedily sucked down his jizz before exiting the car. Charlie wanted to draw his weapon but something about his hand would not work in that direction.

Paul lead the trooper over to his car and that’s where he sodomised him. Carol watched helplessly

Charlie’s ass was stretched wide against such a huge cock

“Do you want to join in?” Pam laughed


Pam slapped her

“No, mistress” Carol said

“That’s better”

“You seem fascinated by it.”

“I…” Carol began, in a sense she was fascinated… Paul was handsome. His cock was invitingly big

Carol grew wet

Pam could smell it on her and she laughed. As she did her canines extended. She leant over the back of her seat, drawing Pam to her. She fed.

Carol’s breasts were marked by small scars—in pairs. Puncture wounds. She’d lactated, breastfed Pam who both supped at her milk and at her blood.

Paul finished inside Charlie’s torn bloodied asshole. He then fed from the officer before returning to the car.

Carol was sighing as she looked down at the mouth tugging on her heavy breasts.

Charlie was dazed, confused, sore, and drained. He slowly hitched up his pants as the car he’d pulled over drew away.

Something he was meant to do… his mind struggled with what had happened—what his ‘master’ had put into his mind.

Charlie drove home to shower.

The vampires continued on their way….

The End